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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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new video and information this afternoon about a deadly deputy involved shooting in marion county. a cold front pushing into parts of central florida right now. could mean rain over the next certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> it will turn wet and heavy pockets of rain. the timing is bad. evening commute a different times. heads-up. keep you posted throughout the hour and have the weather and go with you. the front will move in this afternoon and evening with rain and if you thunderstorms. as part of the same system
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it is a weakened version which is good but moisture and we need to watch it carefully for a possibility of stronger thunderstorms today. the team is here. looking at now, clouds increasing we had sun this morning early warning doppler 9 hd, rain pulling back to the nel and showers moving in the o'kelly may get speckles, looking at heavy rain markers circles. lightning and we will see things downhill a marion county over the next 2 hours. a slow mover so it will be a while as it works in. greatest threat is heavy pockets of rain and be mindful of the lightning. winds as well over 40 miles an hour and if you thunderstorms. on top of that we are warm, a cold front but it is not here yet. 78 orlando, 82 cocoa beach, 77 daytona beach, deland, the
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altamonte springs, the outlook across seminole county, still mainly dry by the time we hit 2:00. lots of clouds and 79. once we had about 3, 4:00 the critical time across i 4 in seminole in orange county for a better chance of rain and then we get it good bid of rain and storms by the time we hit 6:00. if you have plans or part of your commute it will get stormy and after that showers will continue to linger. we will track the front on future track have it updated on the computer now plus we will look at how much colder it is going to be behind the front. martie? track the storms for yourself as they continue to move in. do it at /weather. breaking noon american airline type -- flight from orlando to charlotte, north carolina made an emergency landing flight 608 left oih shortly after 10:00 over south georgia smoke within the
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about 11:15. fire crews on the tarmac try to smoke. video capture the moments leading up to a deadly shooting at paddock ocala gas station parking lot. we have learned a suspect who died. since it happened last night baseline road, we have been telling you deputies say the suspect was threatening to kill on them. at noon, channel 9's janai norman got a hold of video gunfire. witnesses say deputies were trying to be patient. >> reporter: vanessa, that is pretty clear in the video we got from an eyewitness you can parking lot and hear them pleading with the suspect to put down his weapon before the shootout that left these bullet holes behind. tense moments captured on cellphone video show 3 marion county deputies with their guns
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the man they are pointed at is 31-year-old christian debris know who sounds agitated and you see him waiting one of the 2 guns deputies say he was armed with. ( indiscernible ). >> the video you will see on channel 9 only shows he put a gun to his head as deputy say he threatened to kill himself at this point we are working to find out who originally called deputies and why he was at the gas station. as deputies tried to negotiate and get him to drop the gun he pointed it at them and fired forcing deputies to shoot back. >> he was taunting him hiding behind the car coming up reaching into his pocket after the first minutes we were talking, he wanted to get killed. >> reporter: more video we got shows first responders taking him to the hospital in critical
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he later died. patrol sergeant. daniel tramel was shot in the leg in the gunbattle and he's expected to be okay. on probation and had charges for fleeing from police and resisting arrest get family member reaching out this morning she did not want to comment but the family is grieving she said. we will dig into dubrino, has passed and check out tramel is recovering and we will have that for you on eyewitness news at 4 live in marion county, janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news developing this new, tens of thousands of ucf students staff, faculty had the personal information compromised and a massive data breach. officials say they just caught a problem in january. tim barber found out what officials are doing now to fix the problem and make sure it does not happen again. >> reporter: user president
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students, staff, faculty members had their information stolen. it is not clear when the criminal hacked into the network but law enforcement and a national digital forensic breach. officials say names, social security numbers, student ids with the main target card information, financial record of medical records have been compromised if anyone who has been targeted will get a letter in the mail next week. to make sure they make improvements in the meantime, if you have questions, visit slash data security where there is a call center answering questions at 877-752- 5527. it is open from 9 am-9 pm. we are heading to ucf to ask more questions and we will bring you the latest on the story coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. in the newsroom, tim barber, channel 9, channel 9 eyewitness
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closing arguments underway in the court fight between a woman and her ex-boyfriend over $1 million lottery jackpot. howard browning claims he pay for the $20 ticket and made a verbal agreement with lynn porier to split the winnings as long as they were together but porier says they were not together and yesterday she testified that she alone bought the ticket in 2007. rounding testified he lived in a home that porier owned until she affected him and 2008 after she hit the jackpot. debbie's are try to figure brevard county tax office. >> 2 people in the hospital and shots fired yesterday afternoon at the ttc tax refund visited that is unclear the road, unincorporated cocoa. a 3rd person was graced by stray bullet at a business next- door . deputies arrived, they found one of the victims critically wounded and the shares office is not releasing any names until -- and they tell us they are not looking for anyone else in connection to the shooting. a group of moms wants to keep open carry illegal and
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them do it. kimberly eiten was there as they brought a petition to the office today. kimberly, they say they'll propose gun legislation could be bad for business in orlando. >> reporter: the legislation will be decided at the state level not at city hall but it could have an impact on tourism and that's why moms want mayor buddy dyer to weighing in. the group called moms rising is asking mayor dyer not to back a bill that would allow open carry in florida. instead moms wanting to take a stand against the proposed legislation. they say defend families and florida. moms delivering petitions to the office carrying more than 25,000 signatures they also potential vacationers living outside of florida saying they may not visit orlando is open carry becomes legal. >> best case scenario what this? >> best case scenario i want to see this go away. i don't think we need this in the books in florida.
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>> mayor dyer was not in city hall today to receive the petition. we are told he is out of the office of it staff took it in debit we ask it mayor dyer has a stance on the issue and we are waiting to hear back. more on that on eyewitness news at 4 pm in orlando, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news controversial rally to support legalizing rape will no longer happen in orlando this weekend. yesterday we told you a website return the kings plan to rally for lake eola park saturday that now the meeting and several others have been canceled. citing safety concerns. orlando police tell us any group is allowed to meet under the first amendment and officers would have kept a close eye on them. the website creator has written books about being a pickup artist and how to have sex with women and is making comments rape should be legal and 8 private home. a chance that weather could
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weather is 40 percent for the launch. the 90 minute window opens at 8:38 am if it goes you can watch it on channel 9 and online at because of the strong showing gop presidential candidate marco rubio now has a target -- target into new hampshire. democrats will face off to again -- in another debate. marci gonzalez in manchester with the latest. >> reporter: today marco rubio moving up in the polls. the latest showing the florida senator now in 2nd place behind donald trump and other candidates are taking aim. >> his the first term u.s. senator and no experience at all of managing anything. >> reporter: trump going after in iowa. the billionaire businessman also running into some unexpected drama on the trail.
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nashville because of mechanical problems. trump eventually making it to his campaign stop in little rock. >> my guys said that is okay, we can go back to new york, mr. trump, we will come another day. i said there is no way. i love arkansas. >> reporter: the front runner and other candidates are campaigning across new hampshire today. democrats after taking on questions and last night cnn town hall, hillary clinton defending being paid big money for giving speeches. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i do not know. that's what they offered. >> reporter: sanders defending his plan to raise taxes to pay for universal healthcare. >> yes, you will pay a little more, but your health premiums will disappear. face off in a debate tonight. this 2 days before the big republican debate here on abc10 marci gonzalez, abc news, manchester new hampshire. remember the republicans weekend before the new hampshire primary next tuesday.
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on channel 9 and join christopher heath on base -- facebook for live in else is doing the debate. stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11. keep up with developments in the election by downloading our free wftv news app should the summer olympics virus? prominent voices calling for the summer games to be called off the >> under advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> lawmakers question a drug ceo -- former ceo who jacked up the price of drugs by 5000 percent. underwrite on twitter. and what does oj thing about the miniseries airing about his murder trial. look at the wet weather moving in by the time we hit
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orange county officials say a small hole on a neighborhood road does not appear to be a sinkhole. skywitness 9 flown the scene on piney point circle about 6:00 yesterday evening. county officials tell us it
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leaky pipe under the road. the area has been secured and repairs will continue today. palm bay city leaders glad to discuss an ordinance aimed at better protecting lisman, gay, transgender residents will be discriminated against the city will be the first and ordinance. the meeting begins at 7:00. severe weather hammered the deep south for the 2nd night in a row sparking tornadoes, twisters damaging homes and businesses and in 4 states, megan hughes has more on the damage. >> reporter: for the 2nd day in a row, tornadoes hit parts of the south in crockett county, tennessee surveillance cameras at a school showed a moment an ef tornado came through crash rooms -- crashes. >> no one was hurt. everyone was home. >> reporter: in the area around the schoolhouses are left with visible damage like the home. >> cosmetic to the house shingles and stuff like that
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roof is gone and doors are gone and contents inside are destroyed and soaking wet. >> reporter: despite the destruction, the end of her says there is a silver lining ask a great day. family was safe. all of this money will be billed. >> reporter: in georgia, twister came through the base. frightened parents and children could not believe their eyes . >> the military had to move 50 people from new homes -- 2 new homes dozens of vehicles destroyed and in north carolina, jeff considers himself lucky. >> my mom called and told me she saw a tornado came through and the garage imports were gone and buildings were gone but the house was fine the national weather service will be out to assess the storm damage and determine if it was caused by a tornado for straight line wind >> megan hughes, abc news, washington. always amazing.
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seemingly untouched and one next door is gone. >> part of the same system. that was spawning tornadoes last few days and we are seeing that working in across which means heavy rain. >> like cold front's. >> we will see a few more on the way in the next few days. we have 3 lined up one this weekend, another early next week so a lot of changes will be moving in but front 1 moving in on time we expect rain in the afternoon starting to move in you see the western zones a little of rain is popping up as we head to marion county diving and. we had sun heating is up and that gives us extra instability we will watch for stronger westbound 75, still tracking rain and this pocket 28 minutes. there's lightning, heavy rain with that as it starts to move in. temperatures are warm, 78 orlando, 82 cocoa beach, 75 new smyrna beach, and breezy winds
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warm, 23 mile an hour winds in titusville and energy and big system working at the 2:00, apopka, already rain and storms just starting. for, 5, 6:00 when you see tom terry at 4, he will be tracking the rain. timeframe across i 4, you see rain but filling in by the commute, 5:00, rain, storms and forward into 8:00, all the way through early tonight after that when i see you tomorrow morning on tv, we will start to clear out after that point but big chill is moving in. the weekend, this is saturday night, you see the rain a quickly moves out of the picture and that is front number 2 another round of rain for this weekend. today, afternoon evening, rain and storms, temperatures about 80 wanted upper 70s and low 80s and we get the rain working in in spots northern zones could see .5 inch to 1 inch of rain. showers ending but look at the
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in titusville, 43 leesburg, 42 and the villages wind chill tomorrow spots could feel like the 30s as soon as tomorrow morning. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, tomorrow yes we are clearing out cool, windy tomorrow. to 60 degrees. on saturday night. i showed you a fast-moving system. not a lot of rain with a. at least the duration moves in saturday night late saturday early sunday, getting to 66 saturday, most of the day is dry saturday night watching out for rain but cooler again on sunday. sunday high around 60 back to 65 on monday before another front works in the coming up at the bottom of the hour we will do 2 things, look at the rain totals, we can expect that across central florida for today and i will update you on rain and thunderstorms starting
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see you at the bottom of the hour. facebook celebrates his friends day. the social networking site is giving friendship a large videos by using photos already posted to the nearly 2,000,000,000 users. if you do not see the option to preview the feature this morning facebook said most of you will have it in your feed by noon today. mark zuckerberg created the college dorm room. security will be tighter than ever at the super bowl this year. what is done to protect 75,000 people expected to pakistan >> a twist in the $63 million lottery jackpot remaining unclaimed. one man says it's his. why the lottery says it is not
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the john mina seminole county out of jail this afternoon. allen davis posted a $3000 bond late last night after being arrested for felony littering. this past september the county called 31 tons of trash from his house. he has been fighting with the county over the junkie stores years. he has racked up more than $2 million in fines. this is the 2nd time he's been arrested for felony littering. he was sentenced to a term in was seminole county third- filled with sex and bad library. a mother complained in the school district agreed the book tamaki should not have been in the 3 elementary school >> district pulled the books and is trying to figure out how they ended up in the schools. >> in terms of the overall collection usually they are well screened and they only check out books age-appropriate for the students. >> the book a new york times
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the story on facebook. join the conversation now at flash wftv. a new petition circulating getting ridesharing company like uber more freedom in florida. the florida house has passed legislation related to uber. this new petition from a group called speak up for uber calls for lawmakers to pass a bill to keep uber from being regulated like taxi companies so far they have collected 3000 signatures. city leaders expected to vote on a major incentive package to bring a ucf campus to downtown orlando. the city will hand over 15 acres of land and a building at creative village had the deal is valued at $75 million. the project still needs money from the state and approval from order of governors. the mayor wants to see city commissioners act before the board meets next month and the boat is set for monday. monday, orlando commissioners are expected to talk about a controversial industrial park the neighbors have been fighting. the residents had challenged plans for the project near john young parkway wd judge drive they are concerned about
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impact on the wekiva river basin neighbors did not present enough evidence. solano county leaders are going to see if fencing is needed along i-4 to keep bears from crossing the interstate. commissioners are concerned neighborhoods now that an ordinance will be making it garbage cans. the fence guards part of i-4 in volusia county already. calls to take even more extreme measures when it comes to controlling the zika virus. why some say the olympics set for brazil in the summer should be canceled what o.j. simpson is saying about the controversial series about him airing now on tv. >> this tower camera shot is
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daytona beach as we track rain moving into parts of central florida. certified meteorologist brian shields has the latest from severe weather center 9. >> wet later. in the midafternoon and evening hours we will see the rain working in for most of us but some seeing the front now as we look at the broad picture satellite and radar all the wage rate through the gulf of mexico. mexico. marion county and elsewhere clouds are getting thicker. show you the shot daytona beach, do now, rain is picking up the reddick as well. gradually moving in more of a kick at 2:00, 3:00, working across for the evening drive. watch for lightning in marion county. the rain we expect a broken line by the time it gets to brevard county.
12:26 pm
may sit longer and thunder and lightning. could see spots about 1 inch. a variety. overall one quarter of an inch like we see popping up in sanford to .5 inch of rain which is what most will see. we will get a few higher totals. today, 81. very warm the front is not here winds out of the south, we are jumping into the 80s but again, afternoon and evening storms and some rain will linger through tonight and overall late tonight, showers come to an end and look what happens, northwest. we was see a big drop by tomorrow morning down to 49. a good day to have the weather and go with alerts on it and live radar. if you're running errands, picking up the kids from school, check the live radar and see if it is raining where you live. coming up we track a 2nd front moving in for the weekend. vanessa? high drama today and a white house -- a house hearing
12:27 pm
cost of prescription drugs. lawmakers questioned a former drug ceo who gave no attack -- notoriety for jacking up the price of the drug by 5000 present. jacqueline fell reports, we need -- we did not hear much from them but he's not been quiet on twitter. >> reporter: after leaving the house here -- hearing march rally tweeted quote hard to expect -- except these imbeciles represent the people in our government and he's re- tweeting people who set he made the house committee look silly. >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination and respectfully decline answering questions for pharmaceuticals. he became the poster child for greed when he raised the price of an hiv drug from $13.50 per house lawmakers were upset telling the panel of current and former pharmaceutical executives that they were
12:28 pm
that people were dying and getting sicker while they boosted profits. the rally was dismissed after he invoked his 5th amendment right. his attorney spoke afterward he says his client is frustrated he cannot answer questions and he was not trying to disrespect any of the committee members. >> what you saw was nervous energy by the individual who very much would like to explain what happened but is agreed to listen to his lawyer. >> reporter: that was before the last week was sent. he's facing security fraud charges in a separate case.'s attorney says squarely will not talk while the cases pending. in washington, jacqueline fell, channel 9 eyewitness news. a computer glitch at the irs temporally stop people from filing taxes . >> the technical failure started yesterday preventing the agency from accepting any
12:29 pm
the where is my refund tab and other services when not working. it will cause a probable we log onto the website earlier today and found it has since been fixed and everything seems to be up and running hearing from players pretrade in the people versus oj system -- simpson. >> bringing back memories of decades ago. kato kaelin and says it is filled with inaccuracies. what the simpson think about the show? friend and former manager spoke this morning on good morning players thoughts on the series. >> personally he does not care other than his parole. this is going to be a big effect next year but his kids. i think they are having to relive something that they don't want to do murder victim ron goldman father asks anyone watching to watch it is a fictionalized version of the story. >> we expect to learn more about how the state plans to attack the zika virus.
12:30 pm
declared a state of emergency in 4 counties. around zero is brazil which is struggling to contain the outbreak. richard besser reports prominent voices are calling for this summer's olympics to be in rio to be canceled. >> with millions of tourists in rio for the start of brazil's carnaval tomorrow, millions more expected for the olympic games, controlling the zika crisis is more urgent than ever. >> brazil's president is saying the virus has gone from a distant nightmare to a real threat. the government scrambling to start developing a vaccine. until one is ready she says mosquito prevention is the best course of action. now this morning some who doubt whether brazil can get zika under control by the summer are calling for the real olympics to be canceled -- real -- real olympics to be canceled. >> i'm not sure if it is up to the epidemic control at the same time.
12:31 pm
tells abc news it is keeping an eye on the situation and team usa participants will be made aware of the cdc's recommendations regarding travel to brazil. especially for olympic athletes like michael phelps who's pregnant fiancie is among the most at risk population. zika has linked to a severe birth defect microcephaly when they get infected with the virus while u.s. women's soccer team is focusing on qualifying for the real olympics, head coach bill -- head coach tells concerning. over the next 2 weeks rizal has a trial run for what crowd into it is carnaval season and visitors are coming from around mosquito season. we will have to see what it does to the zika epidemic..-- richard besser, abc news, governor scott will talk about how the state is preparing to fight the zika virus. a news conference is scheduled for 1:30 pm we will let you know what he says
12:32 pm
orlando police chief now that means fairs well in the race for the 10th congressional district that she has a 20 point lead in a new poll commissioned by her campaign but conducted by third-party. senator geraldine thompson was 2nd and longtime democratic fundraiser bob poe is in 3rd. deming's ran for office in 2012 and lost to republican daniel webster. windemere residents are on high alert this afternoon after a woman was attacked by a stranger on her own front porch. >> it happened at the venues community when she went outside for a smoke victim who did not want her face shone says she drugs. she says he asked to use her phone and when she said no, he pushed her inside, ripped off her shirt, started hitting her. >> for one 2nd i close my eyes because i knew it was going to be a pretty bad blow to the head. >> the woman says her dog barks and started to attack the man and that startled him. she was able to kick him and get him out the door. the man as not been caught
12:33 pm
afternoon about the dangers of doing what you are probably doing now. we all are sitting down. was i to say about sitting down
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working seafood into that could reduce the risk of alzheimer's. older adults who have the most
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alzheimer related damage to their brains than those who ate less seafood researchers say fatty fish, fish oils associated with cognitive then if it's for aging adults. .assessing acupuncture may relieve side effects of breast cancer. xmas a more than 60 percent of women with early-stage breast cancer experienced hot flashes, depression. they say since acupuncture often helps patients with discomfort, it may also work as medication. this can potentially help them have symptom improvement. >> i was sleeping better and pain was reduced. >> doctors say acupuncture needles may stimulate the body which can relieve pain. you probably know by now too much sitting can be bad for your health. >> now there is more evidence suggesting it can increase your risk of diabetes. researchers in the netherland from those who spend one extra
12:36 pm
percent more likely to already be diabetic. they also found for every hour you are not active, you have a 39 percent higher chance of having metabolic syndrome including belly fat, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure. oklahoma university is requiring all incoming freshmen to wear fitbit tracker's for course credit. >> or robert university says the program is to educate students about mind-body and >> -- they will have weekly physical activity department of 150 minutes and will have to take 10,000 steps per day. information about a 63 million-dollar jackpot unclaimed even though one man says it is his. why the lottery says not so fast. >> unprecedented measures being taken to protect thousands of fans headed to the super bowl.
12:37 pm
it is near janel coming over toward reddick about to go into ocala and for the rest of us we
12:38 pm
security is tight as we get ready for the super bowl. it's 3 days away held at levi's stadium santa clara, california 75,000 people will be packing in sunday night and abc's peter thomas has an inside look at how the f.b.i., homeland security are making sure they stay safe. >> reporter: from this heavenly -- heavily armed tactical team preparing to confront terrorists. >> we will not be far from any large crowds. >> reporter: to the coast guard and big machine guns firing bullets, this morning no one is taking any chances with this year's super bowl. the potential threat of terror is present. >> we try to anticipate things
12:39 pm
directions but we are always informed by recent events for security always tight for the big game but this year threat assessment points to the paris attacks where a stadium full of vince -- fans were targeted and the san bernardino massacre of evidence of what it happened during the super bowl. >> that achilles' heel for us is rather an active shooter or a lone wolf terrorist event. >> reporter: bomb sniffing dogs and undercover police already everywhere. and monitors are searching for chemical and biological weapons have been secretly deployed these x-ray machines are checking every item being delivered from the food, beyonci's wardrobe. during the game, military fighter jets u.s. customs and border control blackhawks will the -- patrol the sky.
12:40 pm
drones, f8 -- faa releasing a warning. peer thomas, abc news, washington. california man is suing the state and state lottery claiming his winning ticket was never honored. we told you yesterday the winner of a $63 million lotto ticket has until today to come forward. randy says he turned in the winning ticket at the lottery sent him a letter saying it was too damaged to be reconstructed. he says he was told the lottery was not able to process his claim but a california lotto spokesman says there is no record of the man trying to file a claim. consumer experts say people are expected to spend a little more expressing their love on valentine's day. >>'s choppers will spend $174 on gifts this valentine's day and that is a 3 percent increase from last year. nationally, valentine's day expected to generate about $20 billion in revenue. the way through your crushes
12:41 pm
stomach. top gift is candy. >> you get the gift of me. >> we are good . >> i will get you chocolate. rain come a storms pulling in active afternoon. front number one pushing a now are ready rain coming down in marion county. we will see it picking up as we go through the rest of today. through the evening bad timing. the rain is pulling back into marion county, sumter county you see some rain in the western zones continuing to work in. a little of a close look as you get to do now, million water radar, heavy rain and lightning 40 strikes over the last 30 minutes. while this is not severe we need to watch out for the threat of stronger storms with lightning and gusty winds. that's potential we are looking at.
12:42 pm
warm with wind out of the south and cloud cover but the front has yet to arrive. through today, especially at 2:00, deland, things go downhill 4-8 the best chance of getting wet weather moving in. 3:00, showers and storms are working in widespread by the time you -- see tom at 4:00 or 5:00, 8:00, watching rain and bright colors showing heavy rain and showers by 11:00, sweeping out after that and we will be much cooler for tonight . wind chill by the morning winds could gust over 40 miles an hour but a couple spots could see half an inch of rain or more. by the time we get into saturday, this is saturday night. 10:00, a quick moving system was in and the next best chance for rain is after today, saturday night. afternoon and evening rain storms on the way for today. temperatures, 70s and the 80s with us. 80 degrees in st. cloud, titusville. 79 deland, again, rain is a bigger store. watch father wind gusts you
12:43 pm
tonight at showers come to an end but if you're looking away from your screen, take a peek, these are the numbers we will have when i see you tomorrow morning on eyewitness news this morning i will be tracking this from 5-740s around for most, still a few 50s and brevard county. we will have when chills tomorrow morning. -- wind-chills tomorrow morning of the 30 >> tomorrow itself will be a cooler day. stuck in the 50s. 59 degrees for tomorrow. we will see more sunshine but again one of those cool, windy days in the wake of a front and we get into the weekend and the rain chance as i showed you late saturday early sunday. saturday night, quick moving system. we get to 66, saturday before it rolls in, back to 60 sunday back to 65 on monday. signs of another stronger system knocking down temperatures again by tuesday. nothing warmer about the forecast. overnight lows will be staying in the 40s. huge changes on the way, weekend included. from cornerback to
12:44 pm
the nfl is considered most attractive money spent on a
12:45 pm
a look at stories coming up on eyewitness news at 4. following a deadly ocala gas station she got caught on video. we learned the suspect has died. we are asking investigators will lead to the competition with marion county deputies. also we are looking into a major data breach involving tens of thousands of ucf students and faculty. we will explain more on the kind of information compromised
12:46 pm
court fight wrapping up between a woman and ex- boyfriend over lottery winnings but we will break down final arguments and look at how much the woman can end up paying years after cashing her jackpot ticket. many people consider quarterbacks to be the most attractive players of the team. >> a study suggests they may not be everyone's taste. sports illustrate teaming up with researchers at tufts university in massachusetts. they wanted to know why so many associate quarterbacks had good looks. they asked people who are not football fans to rate football players looks. >> we took photos, media photos of quarterbacks had a random sample of people who were not big fans looking at them on a scale of 1 to 10, how attractive are they. quarterbacks did not, on topic they came at the bottom. >> part of the study separated athletes by position. the results show wide receivers were considered the most attractive. researchers say quarterbacks may be considered so attractive because of the halo effect
12:47 pm
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cloudy and in for changes yes here is certified meteorologist brian shields in severe
12:50 pm
>> tune into tom at 4:00 because this is what he will track the rain into ocala and storms this afternoon. some could be happy to the evening drive. 81 tonight turning colder. when i see you in the morning on tv, we will track wind- chills in the 30s. big changes moving in and another system by the time we get into the weekend. yes, vanessa, wind-chills in the 30s. thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at noon . >> the chill is next
12:51 pm
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