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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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you see a lot of rain still on the way. i'm tracking a lot and a big drop in temperatures in just the next 12 hours. >> see you again shortly. covering orange county tonight, police believe a rocky relationship and anger issues led to a deadly shooting in the accused gunman paul neff said he fired in self-defense. this jenine reyes is live at the orange county jail right now. neff was investigators this morning. >> reporter: at this point he did not know they filed this 39-page arrest affidavit that landed him here behind bars. in this affidavit several messages authorities recovered in which neff threatens to shoot his roommate with a .357.
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look bothered. >> dick tracy lived beside neff and sean davis. he didn't know if they were lovers. there. >> november 5th neff fired a single shot that killed davis. self-defense because his partner, davis attacked him. >> i didn't know if it was on purpose or accident. fighting. earlier. >> text messages revealed days of disputes. three days before the shooting neff told davis not to come home, telling him he would be waiting up with a .357. he later said it's my mission now to exterminate you. >> not only did police discover those text messages they say neff fired that deadly shot from about 8 and a half feet away. that's the distance between me and the camera. police say it's just not close enough to pose a physical threat and davis was not armed.
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months after this shooting before he finally moved out in december. >> he was jovial, joking with people. >> reporter: just like those threats suggested, davis was shot with a .357. authorities discovered that neff waited anywhere from 5 minutes all the way up to an hour to call 911. he's in jail with no bond. we're live at the orange county jail, channel 9, eyewitness news. today governor scott expanded the public health emergency because of the zika virus. coming up at 6:00 channel 9's steve barrett talked to a local doctor about how unborn children are affected by the virus and he has a first-hand account from one woman. developing right now at 5:00, a jury in seminole county just awarded a man half of his ex-girlfriend's million dollar lottery winnings. roy ramos has been following this legal fight
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the woman clearly wasn't happy and just walked right past you after that verdict was read. >> reporter: we did try to speak to her but she did not wish to comment. her ex-boyfriend did. he told us that there was a relationship between the two, there was an agreement to split the winnings if either of them were ever to hit that jackpot. he is just happy that the jury was able to see it. >> was there a breech of the contract on part of the defendant which was the legal cause of death to the plaintiff? >> yes. >> the verdict was in on day four of the civil trial in seminole county between a former couple fighting for lottery winning. >> the jury found there was a verbal contract between lynn poirier and howard browning and browning should receive half of the winnings. >> jesus christ watched over it
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>> they played millionaire raffle in 2007 when poirier hit the jackpot and won $1 million. browning said they would split the winnings. they haven't been together since 2003. >> it was about the lottery ticket and the commitment. >> we tried to speak with poirier about the verdict but she refused to comment. >> we nolin poirier bought the winning ticket. mr. browning said that, his family members said that. >> the jury sided with browning. >> $291,000? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: and i did ask browning what he was planning to do with that money. told us he was going to take a few days off, relax and let the tension between the two families die down. outside of the seminole county courthouse, roy ramos, channel 9, eyewitness news. new at 5:00, we're learning
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breaches like the one that just compromised 63,000 people at ucf. at 4:00 we told you university officials found out about the breach on january 8th but just alerted the entire campus today. tim barber talked to someone who specializes in computer security and he explained why universities can be more vulnerable to hackers. >> businesses usually crack down on what employees can and cannot do but students have more freedom. we've been looking and everyone has some kind of computer or phone that could let in a hacker. >> next week 63,000 people will get a letter telling them they're victims. >> it's tough. you trust this campus to be secure with your information. >> current student athletes from 2013 to 2015 are effected as well as current and past employees. >> it only takes just one little misstep, one weak area.
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and it looked like an accounting file. >> computer security expert george grafa said universities can be more vur nerable. >> ucf officials are working to make the network user accounts and passwords better protected. >> we want to look at everything and see what we can do better. >> the university said criminals are making new software so quickly it's hard to project their next strike. >> if you want to see how big this problem is, this is a live feed of the chinese hacking into american computers. thousands per second. >> school officials discovered the two-week long breach on january 8th but did not alert the campus until they figured out who was effected. >> i get it that it's not that easy but it is a hefty matter. >> if you happen to get one of
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up the letter and inside you will see an application to get free credit monitoring for a year. tim barber, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> ucf has created a website to get any questions you might have answered. we put the phone number of a call center that's now handling concerns as well. you can find all this information on our website at the lake county day care worker who made headlines will not get out of jail. kimberly reid was arrested on child abuse charges in clermont. a coworker reported this video of reid striking and dropping a 4-year-old boy. today a judge in orange county ordered her held without bond on the probation violation. there's now a new system being used to help parents find out about day cares before they trust them with their children. the early earning coalition of orange county took it upon itself to rate child care facilities using a five star
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officials spend an average of 4 months looking into each child care facility to see the quality of the care a child receives there. >> a lot of folks drive up and say, oh, i'm not going to place my child here. it's less what's important on the outside of the building, more important what's on the inside of the building. >> so far 24 facilities have been scored. to see those grades log onto even more drivers probably just had their debit card information stolen while filling up in kissimmee. a skimming device was discovered on a gas pump at a 7-eleven on vine street in kissimmee yesterday. three area kissimmee 7-eleven stores were targeted as well. shannon butler is following this investigation. an alert employee found the new one. >> reporter: the employee was just doing a routine check. employees all over at 7-elevens all over osceola county are being extra vigilant.
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introduced many loved the idea of convenience. you never had to go inside the store. now as easy as it is to pay here it's just as easy to have your that's pays cash. >> yesterday the osceola county sheriff's office said this skimming device was found by employees at a gas pump at a 7-eleven store on champion's gate boulevard in kissimmee. three devices were found at three 7-eleven locations this week along. not one find at this one on vine street. a routine check by employees found it at one of the pumps. >> kissimmee police don't know if it's the same person but video is being used. in the meantime police are having people that may have stopped at an area 7-eleven to check not only for those card reads but also your bank statements.
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>> reporter: now, it used to be easier to look for skimmers if you were at the pump. you could tug on the card reader and the all these found in osceola county were inside the pumps. use cash or a card that's meant for gas. if you use a credit card use one shannon butler, channel 9, eyewitness news. a controversial rally at lake eola supporting legalizing we first told you about the website return of king canceling saturday's rally. the website creator has written books and wrote that rape should be legal in a private home. a local veteran said he didn't think twice before grabbing the gun of a man trying to rob a store. >> it's not the worse experience i've had. >> all new at 5:00, the other message for that would be thief.
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sun rail these days. we spent the day asking local governments how they plan to pay for the system if more riders don't climb aboard. >> frustrated residents say gunfire is taking over their normally quiet neighborhood. >> never in my life did i dream this. >> why wildlife officials can't do anything about it. >> very heavy storms moving
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we're using early warn doppler 9 radar to track storms pushing through central florida right now. tom terry is monitoring who is getting the worse of it. he'll bring you an update in less than 5 minutes. people who live in one normally quiet orange county
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idea that duck hunting in their backyards was legal. julie salmone asked wildlife officials whether anything can be done about it. >> neighbors tell me the loudest thing they've heard out here are fireworks on the 4th of july but this past weekend there were hunter out on the lake just beyond these cat tails. you can see on lake conway the area is surrounded by homes. >> rick wilson moved into the neighborhood nine weeks ago. his home sitting on lake conway like several others on the block. >> they were back in the weeds. >> wilson never thought hunt ers would enjoy the view too. >> never did i dream we had a hunting zone near by home. >> neighbors called police after hearing gunshots in their backyard on friday and again seasoned. according to a police report three hunters from lake county were shooting ducks on the lake. a neighbor took these photos. >> i had my 2-year-old grandson, my daughter, the whole gang. it's just scary.
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checked with wildlife officials today and the last day of season was sunday when those in an e-mail they told me, yes, it's legal to hunt in the belle isle, lake conway area. they had the they said they eat the birds they shoot but are cautious of the homes near by. >> neighbors called it dangerous and disrespectful. >> i think out of common courtesy you should understand that you shouldn't be blasting near our homes. >> neighboring worry about upcoming hunting seasons, one that starts in february, another that starts in september. reporting in belle isle, julie salmone, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> of course we want to know what you think about this story. you can leave us a comment at orange county deputies are still working to find the man who attacked a windermere woman at her home early yesterday morning.
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she went outside for a smoke a man pulled her hair, punched her in the face and jumped on top of her inside her doorway. she was able to kick him and get him outside. he ran off and has not been caught. if the florida house gets its way we could see more sales tax holidays. the house panel approved a package with 20 tax cuts and credits and they include a 10-day back to school sales tax holiday and one-day tax holiday on some electronics, guns and out door equipment. the package would reduce the taxes on businesses that make sales. we enjoyed a couple of nice days here and now the rain is coming in and we have cool temperatures moving in. >> we're back to winter. we had more winter than last year. it was warm in 2015 as well. here's a live look outside. the rain starts to move back into
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temperatures back near 80 earlier today with a light breeze ahead of the rain. we're at 76 there now. our cold front will certainly make a quick work of these 80s. we will be back in the 40s tonight, only 50s for most of us tomorrow. you can see that heavy slug of rain with some heavier thunderstorms on the northern leg of this. let's zoom in on early warning doppler 9 radar. we talked yesterday about all bets being off for dry weather after noon. towards the drive time the rain is still settling in. it's going to be heavier along the i-4 corridor, north of apopka from deland. here's highway 44. that continues to move northeast towards daytona beach. more heavy downpours yet to come. some of the heavier downpour from apopka, kelly park is moving north at about 30 miles per hour. that's not the only batch. there's more back behind it. in groveland and out into
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one more beach. there's a lot of areas that has not gotten rain yet but you're next because it's moving east. the rain totals so far, heaviest up in dunnellon, 2.5 inches of rain. the villages 1.5 inches. we had a quick downpour at the wftv studios in downtown orlando. at 6:00 scattered storms still here. at 7:00 i'll update you on facebook from titusville down to osceola county. all the rain starts to move out after midnight. 44 in ocala tonight, 46 in orlando. we're going to try our best to launch an atlas 5 rocket tomorrow morning at 8:38. not much rain but wind will be picking up. that and cloud cover. only a 40% probability of a launch. we will get get some sunshine back but it will
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degrees cooler than today with upper 50s and low 60s. that's it for highs tomorrow. rain tapering off after midnight, 46. plan on rain for the evening. much cooler, gusty and 59. that's where we stop tomorrow for the metro orlando area. here's your five day forecast with the weekend always in view. a slight chance for rain on saturday. mainly to the south and along the east coast. i'm updating future track with that in the next half hour. maybe a sprinkle early but more sunshine and 60 for super bowl sunday. monday and tuesday the cold fronts keep coming as temperatures stay in the 60s. i'll be at the mount dora art festival this saturday. it looks cool and breezy but nothing we can't handle. i'll track more coming up. a former cop is accused of protecting a dangerous gang but a year later there's been no investigation. coming up, 9 investigates is asking if a case of corruption was ignored. >> plus, these men are accused
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and disabled senors. new at 6:00, what we learned about the massive medicaid fraud scheme. >> low gas prices could be hurting sun rail ridership. we
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sun rail said low gas prices are hurting business. new numbers show the train missed its ridership goals again last month. michael laparty asked local leaders how they plan to pay for the service if ridership doesn't improve. >> while most drivers are celebrating low gas prices sun rail is not. operators say cheaper fuel is dragging down ridership. >> when gas prices go down that gives me leave to get in my car and drive as much as i want. >> sun rail averaged 3,300 daily boardings last month, missing the goal from 1,000. >> it hope it stays. it gives me another option for commuting and i think it's good for the city as a whole and all the events. >> the state spent tens of millions on the service last year. >> it's so new and people struggle with new ideas. >> local governments are set to pick up the cost of operating on
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today we called them up to ask how they plan to pay for the continue with ridership. >> most said it was too early for details but seminole county is planning for a variety of prepared. osceola county plans to is people who build near the stations to pay more taxes. orange county and volusia county said they will cover the cost in the general budget. >> we spoke to commuters that come into town for work. it does help. >> the cost of operating this if ridership doesn't go along with it local the bill. michael laparty, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> sun rail's board will be required to come up with a transition plan before the state hands over control of the service. there's still no funding for phase 2 of sun rail in valentine county from debary to deland. they got an update from fdot
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commissioner attended the council meeting to insure that they're going to extend into volusia county. the county needs an additional $30 million. at 4:00 we told you the man has died. what we uncovered about that suspect's past and what led to this deadly show down. >> he presented the opportunity and you took it. >> a military veteran turned the tables on a guy who tried to rob a store. at 5:00 how he said instinct took over even though that weapon wasn't real. >> right now still tracking some heavy rain and some thunder from deltona north towards deland approaching daytona beach
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we are not getting a break from rain pounding the heart of central florida right now. this is a live look at our daytona beach tower cam. you can see some drops on the lens there. we've been tracking those showers for the past 90 minutes. >> apparently we can expect them to stick around for hours tonight. let's get back to certified meteorologist tom terry in severe weather center 9. >> the heaviest rain and
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