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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am a live look of downtown orlando. checking weather and traffic. deneige broom watching the road tax let's begin with certified meteorologist brian shields. feels cold next having a winter this winter. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, cold. look at volusia county, 36 deland, dropping 1 degree, 39 and holding steady and daytona beach and daytona beach shores, 40 debary. across the st. john's river basin and run -- jumping to sanford, 42. temperatures around, 32 freezing point in ocala, 40 feet clermont, 47 orlando, kissimmee, 44 melbourne. a chill in the air and wind chill 42 getting close to the 30s and 39 the wind chill in
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go with your jacket. scattered clouds. a lot of sunshine and chilly. 54 at noon, 57 and 2:00. we will look at freeze watches for tonight. 5:31 am. traffic with deneige. >> i four, lee road. construction blocking lanes eastbound lanes down to 2 lanes while they have these right lanes closed have not seen issues because it looks like we may get ready to pick up cones. live traffic tracker construction volusia county state road 44 and we have a vehicle fire orange blossom trail near 42nd street locking one lane we will let you know if they shut down more. results in new hampshire helping central floridians decide who they want in the white house. bernie sanders and donald trump
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florida candidates show in opposite directions as jeb bush finished strong and marco rubio fell. completed going back to the concession speech is. both revealing bush on a collision course toward florida. >> reporter: an uphill against gop contender donald trump and democratic bernie sanders. florida's candidates fought for a third, fourth and fifth place finish . you can see it with much less support from voters >> oh, wow. >> reporter: donald trump gecko want to thank you. >> reporter: bernie sanders. >> thank you, new hampshire celebrating big wins yes i went you to understand something. i want you to understand something. not on your. it's on me. >> reporter: marco rubio licking his wounds, his strong
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poor showing in new hampshire. rubio admitted the loss was a result of it stumbles in the debate that aired on eyewitness news this weekend. >> he had momentum and now he seems to be flatlining. >> reporter: wftv political analyst says sanders, trump, rubio are the big story lines out of new hampshire but he eight yet. >> he is not dead. he is doing better than expected and because the bar was loper him, it would be considered a win for him. >> reporter: bush and rubio finished behind this man, ohio governor john kasich took second in the granite state. abu the doctor says keeps the gop -- a move the doctor says keeps the gop grounded. on the democratic side, sanders and opponent hillary clinton have one win each under their belts. >> while the candidates focus attention on the next primary in south carolina, new jersey
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call it quist --?. he's deciding on if he will stay in the race. see the results along with where the candidates are today, -- go to the winds app mess club shooting, the club could be shut down. a letter on the door to the glitz ultralow warned the owner to pay $82,000 in rent but we can only may have to leave. it came hours after the shooting eyewitnesses opened up to our reporter. >> you want to the bishop, the hero, bullets flying, bottles being broken and people crying and people passing out within the last couple of seconds of death.
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three gunmen shot 11 people , killing 2 but no word on who the suspects may be or if any have been arrested. osceola county deputies need your help finding a registered sex offender. the met on your screen is 55- year-old anthony wanted in connecticut for violating probation in failing to register as a sex offender. he was convicted of sexual assault in 1988 and investigators say he was last seen at the knights inn hotel on you was when i took monday. this morning no word on whether an 18-year-old will face charges for killing his cousin when he lost his balance, hoverboard. at first he told investigators someone else brought the gun to the home and accidentally shot fisher but he and -- later admitted he had a gun while writing the hoverboard. he was arrested. one of six shootings across weekend. eight people have died. evidence a system where you
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like the one you see behind me is actually working for the system has turned around more than one dozen long way drivers of our. eyewitness news this morning transport -- janai norman and iowa zero. it is working well that more armored be installed. >> state troopers tell us they received 300 calls in the last year and half about drivers going the wrong direction so now more signs are going up to cut down on that. >> the technology is already installed at five reps along the 408, beach line to let drivers know if you are headed in the wrong direction. the pilot program was launched last year and has helped to prevent one dozen potentially tragic incident by allowing drivers going the wrong way to turn around safely.>> how can people not realize they are going the wrong way? >> state trooper say wrong way driving is a big problem. fatalism drivers catch themselves in turn around but others, but if they can be deadly.
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one that are confused but a lot of the time it's people under the influence of something. >> reporter: studies show most incidents happen at night with drivers who are impaired. to help you can -- keep you safe the authority having the warning systems in 19 reps across central florida. you will see more signs popping up along the 408 and 417 and we found the system is so sensitive it snaps a picture of a bike rider heading in the wrong direction of the rent. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. checkout with the next systems -- where they will go. we have posted that on click traffic news. orange county teachers fighting back against the state being evaluated. 81 percent of the district teachers marked highly effective in the last school year but after changes made to the way they are evaluated only 2 percent of teachers got the
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>> if the evaluation is flawed and that means the way we compensate teachers and measure teachers success flawed. >> orange county the only district in central florida to see teacher evaluation scores go down. in germany, rescuers say one person is still missing from the wreckage of two trains that crashed head-on. investigators are try to figure out why both trains ended up on the same track. 10 people killed, 80 others hurt. officials say the trains were going about 60 miles an hour when they slammed into each other. next us coast guard will start hearings to investigate a thinking of a cargo ship. we have until you about that since the ship sank during hurricane joaquin in october. the left from jacksonville headed to puerto rico in all 33 crew members including man from central florida died. the hearing will start tuesday.
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millionaire convicted for molesting a young girl is said to be formally charged next month in a murder for hire plot. yesterday a judge postponed the first appearance for the alert since he did not a lawyer. he owned moore's world and was letting -- spending life in prison for molestation. he plotted to have a hitman killed a person who put them in prison. if you have a child in college, you probably know how expensive books are. >> a new study shows they are paying more than ever. us public interest research boat says the price as john -- jumped over the decade. $3 million are spent per year on books. advocates say textbooks need to be made available online. this morning no word on why the part of education delayed yesterday's release of school grades that the great are meant
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project, teacher performance in school performance but for months now, we have been reporting on technical glitches with the new florida standards assessment which called into question the test the bill -- validity. 5:39 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , 47 degrees on the screen. >> not that you are paying attention. certified meteorologist brian shields .>> it is called right now. osceola county, 40 think about 42 harmony and holopaw. lake county we will take you through all the counties 37 villages, and colder with the wind. 59 have your jacket with you for the afternoon. a breeze tonight a better test -- chance apache prospect temperatures in the 30s and freeze watches are up. send me temperatures. coming up i will show you the
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on the way. changes in temperatures the weekend. 5:40 am deneige. >> live traffic tracker and volusia county, we have a spot of construction state road for four, unless lanes blocked which has not been causing issues. orange county, a vehicle for 41, shader road, blocking one lane in a disabled vehicle columbia street vehicle columbia st., john young parkway blocking one lane. neighbors stuck living next to the wildest local party house. >> a place to come and be yourself. >> i spoke with the social media*who is racking up star
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lady lake officer will be able to get another job as an officer even he knows he is accused of exposing himself and threatening a family ask kevin thompson met melissa collins to a craigslist ad advertising six in uniform. it was pleasuring himself with
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photo was taken to they say he made up a fake criminal so he would have a reason to park behind her work and have sex. she threatened to tell his wife, he threatened her family.>> thompson resigned before he could be five in the state attorney's office decided not to pursue the case against him. was brevard county taxpayers paying emergency medical care bills someone else did not take it county commissioners wrote off $6.8 million in unpaid ambulance bills pick officials say medicaid, medicare only pay for one portion of the fees and privately insured and uninsured patients also owe money typicality will likely recover one fraction of the won the collection. push the same issue an autopsy, three years had a total of $41 million in unpaid ems bills.
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that it only helps to -- tax payers pay the rest of the cost. was waiting for a ruling from a florida court of appeals regarding the controversial abortion bill. the court heard arguments yesterday. the law requires women to have a 24 hour waiting period before following through with an abortion. last summer circuit court judge said it was unconstitutional because it violates a woman's right to privacy. push the presidential candidates back on the campaign trail this morning fighting for every vote after a shakeup in new hampshire as expected gop contender donald trump and sanders won the primary. eyewitness news this morning committee eaten is looking through who came behind in the outsiders, a big wake over the republican candidate surprised second-place -- place finish big push behind donald trump, ohio governor john kasich unexpected winner of the parties second-place spot.
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campaign that did not as much of a showing in the last pair mary. on the democratic side, bernie sanders claiming win over click here. one week after a race and i will so close it was undecided 12 hours after the polls closed. candidates from both parties set sights on south carolina. one gop contender may call it quits. more on who is in and out at the top of the hour. k-9 deputies some volusia county sheriff's office is back on the voice after making a full recovery from a gunshot wound. >> we were there as he was awarded the purple heart and medal of valor forest service. the german shepherd shot in the neck during a domestic disturbance does -- call and try to chase down the suspect still. after he got his award he take -- helped to take down a suspect brevard county of it they spotted the suspect driving dangerously and when they tried to pull him over he took off and crashed in titusville.
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tried to run away.>> do not mess with endo. 5:47 am. >> still cold. look outside and daytona beach this morning. 39, winds out of the west southwest the mouth an hour and you see temperatures below freezing and ocala. 30 degrees. 36 villages, palm coast, 39 daytona beach. dropping, 47, chilly, orlando and winter garden, 47, kissimmee, celebration, 44, melbourne, joon park. all of us feeling cold and jail. 42 orlando, feels like 39 and clermont. a wind chill this morning,
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zones and i expect some patchy frost a better chance tonight in the north westerly flow keeping us cold. scattered clouds cloud cover to the south and offshore. a lot of sun and we will stay cool. 54 at noon, 57 at 2:00. ridgewood park elementary in this evening when you see tom terry at six, chilly. low 50s at that point. future track rally through the timeframe. scattered clouds every now and then staying dry dry. -- get the kids on the playground. 56 seven, 57 orlando at 2:00. this evening, a few 40s at 6:00 colder. most in the 30s when i see you in the morning. forecast. 58 think about, 59 titusville, 57 daytona beach. winds west northwest 27.
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tonight, 31 ocala, 36 leesburg, 38 orlando and a breeze and lighter winds better chance of frost tonight. protect your plans and do not -- plants and don't forget about your pets. five-day forecast, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . 64 nice in the afternoon. 72 friday, 70 saturday does not look as chilly sunday. 60s by sunday. 5:50 am. i four, lee. >> eastbound you have a couple lanes blocked off for construction. keep in mind as we see volume build we can the back ups. not too far, live traffic tracker. a block people cannot drive on because of a water main break between college avenue and
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they have not said when they will get it cleaned up in a disabled vehicle, john young parkway, one lane blocked. investigators had to wait nearly one year to arrest man accused in a teenager's rape and seminole county. why it took 7 months to get dna results when the evidence was sent in one day after the crime. neighbor say they have had enough of a party house known
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5:53 am. a notorious home in florida fighting for the right to part of it the sausage castle on 5 acres is a cloud well-known on social media at the place you can shoot guns, party like a rock star and have a lot of sex. despite the area the sausage castle is across street from a subdivision. six years later osceola county is going after the owner mike abuse the on code violations they say he owes $1 million in fines and foreclosure. >> they will have to drag me out and i'm not the lightest guy so they may need to bring 34 guys asked he has a ravenous following starting a gofundme account is save his home. the county says it too late and
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see the full 9 investigates on your phone if you have the free wftv news app more and more americans are giving up their passports to start a life in a new country. a recent analysis by cnn shows more than 4200 people turned in their passports giving up their us citizenship to had a broad last year. experts say the trend is increasing with americans living overseas is in the process to pay taxes while living abroad is too complicated. basket is looking into the water crisis in flint, michigan, they say government officials could face manslaughter charges. unbelievable. the city switched to river water and 2014 at the same time an outbreak of legionnaires claimed several lives. they are concerns it was caused by the contaminated water. the city's mayor has proposed a $55 million plan to replace the cities lead laced -- they spawning.
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highlighting the agency and universe. >> nasa's study of the cosmos and robotic expiration of the solar system is unlocking the mysteries of places like pluto, jupiter, europa, sun, saturn, mars. >> the president of the united states recommending a fund. they will use the money to develop kitted. -- capabilities to get a spare by the 2030 squished delta 4 rocket one last -- in our away from liftoff. the tank has been filled and everything is on scheduled for launch get it should happen at 6:40 this morning and it will carry a classified payload in orbit. >> and try to figure out how old i will be in 2030. push a proposal to expand the school districts nondiscrimination policy to include lgbt students has been tabled for further review.
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it will ensure no student is discriminated against for sexual orientation or gender identity. they hope it will encourage students to come forward if they have been bullied and ask for help your disney's quarterly earnings report is out in the cupboard he says they earned more this quarter than any other. >> earnings report shows disney smashing expectations by earning more than $15 billion in revenue. a 14 percent increase from last quarter . executives credit the success of the latest star wars film. one of epcot's most iconic ride shutdown for renovations . the 20 minutes circle of life ride teaching part goes about conservation is getting an update. disney has not said when it will be open. orange county high school suddenly lost down yesterday.
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the top two candidates in new
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