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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the top two candidates in new hampshire primary. >> the people want real change. >> [ applause ]>> we are going to make america so great again. >> what it means for candidates from florida and who could give up. >> it could happen to anyone on the commute increase protection against wrong way driver is coming to more toll roads. >> tracking temperatures in the 30s this morning. when another blast of cold air will hit central florida. no stopping this. push 6 am, wednesday, february 10. >> checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. deneige broom with the commute let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields. code number two. >> -- cold front number two. >> i want to start with the current temperature of the last 20 minutes.
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sanford, lake mary, 40. 36 deland, 37 daytona beach, below freezing and ocala, 30. 42 clermont, brevard county in the 40s. 40 degrees titusville, merritt island and sharpes. clermont with the winds light and it feels like 39. bundle up, no shorts. satellite and radar picture and scattered clouds. beautiful sunrise and sun on the way. throughout the day, we will be chilly. here is the hourly planner, lunchtime the chill is on, 53. mid to upper 50s this afternoon. temperatures were high, 50 st. cloud, 57 mount dora, eustis, leesburg. winds west northwest 10-20. 608 i will track freeze watches
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colder. 6:01 am. on the drive with deneige. >> construction has cleared out. i-4, lee road one spot we had, 2 lanes moving, 2 lanes blocked. they should get the cones moved out of the way. disabled vehicle blocking a lane john young pkwy., columbia street in a crash on the turnpike southbound before us 441. not getting an indication it is blocking lanes and if it does i will let you know. billionaire donald trump waking up with its first big win this morning as predicted. gop contender and democratic rival bernie sanders on top in the new hampshire primary. >> kimberly eaton has been looking at who else scored high with voters. no question who holds the top spot this morning. >> reporter: i will caucus so close at this point there was still no clear winner but
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the polls have closed in new hampshire. trump, sanders second-place last week and now holds the top spot. new hampshire voters catapulted republican candidate donald trump from political rookie to the gop top white house contender. >> we are going to make america so great again. may be greater than ever before. >> reporter: voters helped democratic candidate bernie sanders rise from a longshot to a challenger taking down hillary clinton in the granite state. across the border from vermont. >> together, we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington. >> reporter: a clear and predictable victory for the outsiders who finished second in iowa last week . little experts say honesty not electability decided the race in new hampshire. for the gop, it shook up second- place which was taken by ohio governor john kasich.
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seatbelt, get one. 4:00 on the democratic side, clinton made a similar promise to her supporters from second- place.>> now we take this campaign to the entire country and we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> a fight proving not to be so easy.>> for chris christie, that fight might be over. the candidate is headed home to decide if he will stay in the race. coming up i will go back to the final numbers and break down how the candidates from florida are holding on. nancy? new evidence this morning that backlog state crime lab's are drastically slowing down. police say this man let -- met his victim in february. dna took 7 months to get
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he was arrested last month fdle blames a loss to higher-paying jobs. the main block following a main break. crews working on the problem since 8:00 last night. it is not clear what caused the break the public works says that could be because of cold weather. in july, water main break in the same area affected the entire town for 2 weeks. no word this morning a whether there will be extra security at in orange county high school where student brought a gun on campus. >> you saw it at four back yesterday. the school was locked down when a tip led deputies to a 17-year- old student carrying a gun in a backpack. no one was hurt in the teen was arrested but has not been identified. thousands will be hitting toll roads to get to work this more toll roads will be warning you about wrong way driver's. janai norman has the list of
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one sign has caught drivers. >> if they come the wrong way to the 408 they cannot help us he decides on each side they are read and light up as a wrong way to get driver's attention. the warning system in place helped a driver know they were going the wrong way. video capturing the car on high velocity road last june, one a 14 vehicles cost going the wrong direction on local expressways in the last year.>> it's too many. 4:00 central florida expressway authority says all 14 drivers were able to safely turn around without causing an accident in part because of a new wrong way detection system. we found out the warning signs were installed on the 408 and beach line as part of a pilot program. be expressway authority is working to expand the system across central florida adding 19 more warning signs to ramps
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dangerous for everybody not just those going the wrong way but people that they are going against. >> reporter: the authority plans to add the warning signs to five more ramps on the 408 and nine more on the 417. 6:45 am we will pulled numbers to show you how big a problem wrong way drivers are essential florida. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. checkout what the next -- where the system to go with both of the list on click traffic news under the traffic tab. elsewhere, 90 minutes, orlando police in orange county will crack down on drivers who do not stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. they will watch 11 different crosswalks from 7:30 am-3 pm as part of operation best look forward. eddie driver caught in violation could get a ticket worth more than 160 worth more than $160.
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out of school for their role in what police they may have been a gang turf war. you found details of the attack if you are watching yesterday. investigators say 17-year-old dallas tried to break up a fight when he was that off sheridan rd., daytona, monday night. police were alerted when they called 911 and hung up on dispatchers. please come now. >> i need to know what is going on.>> he got shot. >> 16-year-old major and 15- year-old wheeler arrested both charged with felony aggravated battery pick the fat -- offensive is too early to tell if they will be charged as adults. a bacon va nursing center in orlando one step closer to treating patients . us house of representatives passed a bill to transfer the lake baldwin va nursing center on raynor street to the state in
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the facility has been vacant for two years and is being used for staging and training for the lake nona va hospital. 6:10 am, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 in the middle of the cold front 2. >> tracking temperatures. this is orange county as we look at current temperatures, 41 winter park dropping 2 degrees from the last hour, 40 in apopka, 45 downtown orlando toward the size center. 45 wekiva springs, lake brantley high school, cold and volusia county, deland, 34. ormond by the sea, daytona beach, port orange running in the 30s. in the 30s and debary. today chilly and sun is nice but 59. breezy. tonight colder. near 38 orlando, slightly lighter winds meaning a better chance of frost.
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sumter, marion county, likely freeze by the morning. send me the temperature, we will pass it along i'm tv pick see the information find a twitter, instagram, facebook. at 6:17 am i will look at the frost outlook tonight and how another front will impact the upcoming weekend. 6:09 am deneige. >> not seeing many issues starting i four -- water main break that nancy was talking about, five minutes ago eatonville, it has kennedy boulevard between college avenue and why more shut down. a disabled vehicle columbia street at john young parkway, blocking one lane. i will let you know if they block off of the lanes. traffic is driven by toyota of orlando and the all new toyota of clermont..
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could force changes at the olympics.>> fees using skimmers to steal from drivers what
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experience the fun of with the florida resident 4-day disney select ticket. nancy alvarez 6:14 am. look at your screen and look at the temperatures, chilly start again. it will get colder. we will let you know what to expect. a full check of weather and
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a series of reports from 9 investigates, an audit of the orange county property appraiser's spending asked even though county auditors found nothing illegal they had criticism over the money the office spent on travel to the audit the comptroller launched found $94,000 spent in less than two years on travel and meals. auditors say the staff had questions on how the audit process worked. >> they give us everything we asked for but they wanted things done in a particular way. we found instances where travel expenses probably could have been reduced.>> the auditors recommended changes including keeping travel at a minimum and we repeatedly ask to speak to break thing about the auto but he did not respond. agents looking for information on seized computers to see how much money and illegal sports betting operation was taking an. investigators say it ran inside a latino food and grocery in orange blossom trail. agents say they placed bets on
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foreman facing charges of racketeering and turning a profit off criminal betting. the homeless remain a problem for lucia county. >> the newest solution from leaders involving a special commission for the issue. two weeks ago daytona beach police removed a large homeless camp that briefly shut down some county government offices. the commission will be made up of nonprofit providers and government officials who would make joint decisions on helping homeless. and brevard county, a proposal to expand the school district nondiscrimination policy to include lgbt students has been tabled for further review. supporters of expanding the policy says it will ensure no student is discriminated against for the sexual orientation or gender identity. they hope it will encourage students to come forward if they have been bullied and ask for help. should you tax dollars pay for privately run charter schools is the question facing lawmakers the state house budget proposal sets aside $90
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a bill that passed committee demanding another 63 million from school districts were charter school construction and other expenses that the governor is a huge scar -- charter school supporter and an analysis found $70 million was spent on charter schools that later closed. was state lawmakers want to make it hard to find who is hunting black bears should another hunt happen in florida but yesterday a senate committee approved a bill blocking the public release of names of people applying for hunting licenses. supporters say the measure protects the privacy of gun owners. opponents say the bill is just a way to protect famous people who apply for the hunt. tomorrow seminole county officials are scheduled to visit i-40 to determine if an thing is necessary to keep bears away. now that bear proof trash cans are being used in areas bears frequent commissioners worried the animals could move into new neighborhoods.
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>> a group of whales in the ocean. they were having a hard time getting out. 6:17 am i am a little stressed.>> here's a look this morning and daytona beach. there is a look at the temperatures, 37 dropping off 2 degrees from the last hour, i was out of the south hill at 3 miles an hour there are the numbers below freezing and ocala, 30, 36 of the villages, all of us with the chill. bubble up. no shorts -- bundle up no shorts. 40 degrees effort, debary, lake helen, cassadaga, the chill is on in a wind chill feeling like 39 and clermont, 40 orlando, a little . of wind giving us exabyte.
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calm conditions, patchy frost. we talked about that yesterday morning. winds out of the northwest breathe today but not as certified meteorologist brian shields as yesterday. clouds around in southern zones scattered clouds and sun and cool 53 volusia county in deltona mid 50s this afternoon mid to upper 50s in the forecast. rolling through 11 am through the afternoon scattered clouds is it staying dry for today. at 2:00, 50s when you see tom terry at six mack 7:00 widespread study that setting the stage for cold night when i see you in the morning, more in the 30s and a better chance of frost breezy, sun, 59 orlando,
6:20 am
took , lotus, temperatures in the 50s. -- sharpes, lotus, temperatures in the 50s. almost all of the 30s. northwest winds. frost tonight and light winds. all across central florida protect your plants. don't forget your pets. better chance of frost in the morning. tracking changes, five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view 64 tomorrow and we get 70s around 72 friday 70 saturday and another front working in this weekend does not look like a big one. cold air to the north. mid 60s for highs on sunday. at the bottom of the hour we will track an update and wind chills before you head out. 6:20 am.>> pulling up the camera i four the road. i watched as they cleared calls off of the eastbound lanes good
6:21 am
traffic in downtown orlando. no business to add extra time. a couple of things turnpike southbound before 441 you have a crash and no indication at this point it is blocking lanes. a vehicle fire 441 shader road with one lane blocked. central florida house if the missile wild parties including sex, guns and loud music.>> osceola county is try to shut it down. voters in new hampshire giving trump and sanders landslide wins coming up what the results mean for the
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6:24 am these are using skimmers to rip you off of the gas pump hit we were there yesterday as investigators opened every pump it kissimmee to look for devices that can empty your wallet this was a
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police a they didn't find any skimmers but they discovered someone tampered with cables inside pump boxes. they say a man thieves will probably play ms. to come back and install a skimmer later. best use a new technology is making it tough to break the boxes -- break the boxes to steal money. >> if someone uses the key to install a skimmer the pump shuts down, both sides shutdown. >> kissimmee police say they will continue to do random that -- test looking for skimmers. push celebration is pushing for high-tech device they think will hype -- help fight crime license plate reading cameras are not get past the board. a new effort gaining support online. the cameras with screen everyone who comes in and out of the community.>> we do not have the gates like a gated community pick it prevents serious crime and i think it is a good thing.
6:25 am
about break-ins and car thefts osceola county sheriff's office is the crime stats are down in celebration. department of health is threatening to find seminole county because the clerk of court was smoking in her office. >> some people who work with marianne moore's complained about the smoke and health officials everyone to another dispensable for deciding whether to fine her. the case of a teenager shot and killed by his cousin. >> coming up white hoverboard is a piece of evidence in what happened the night of the shooting. presidential hopeful's fellow behind yesterday. who is celebrating the winkle and clinging after a rough day. we dropped further in volusia county, all in the 30s plus a wind chill. i will give you temperatures as we head out and how chilly it
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the win and clinging after a
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with havertys furniture, your even when life isn't. is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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6:30 am a live look from sky eyewitness above i four, chilly air in the middle of cold front 2. we check weather and traffic . >> is getting busy. let's begin with brian. >> it is called wind chills tonight and in the morning it will be colder.>> here is a look at the current temperatures 40 winter park 45 downtown orlando 40 apopka and zellwood, alafaya trail and waterford lakes, bundle up do not go with your shorts, wear pants. chilly and below freezing and ocala, 34 land, 45 kissimmee, brevard county, running in the 40s and a wind chill this morning, 25 is what it feels like and ocala, 39 now in clermont. satellite and radar scattered clouds.
6:29 am
planer for the day, 54 at noon. titusville. temperatures this afternoon, 2:00, 57 and upper 50s by the time we hit 4:00. as i mentioned tonight we will be colder so coming up i'm going to show you a map that pinpoints how cold we will get a the freeze watches that have been issued for tonight. ahead of 6:30 7 pm -- 6:37 am. >> deneige. >> a couple of things a crash turnpike southbound before you get 441, a crash but troopers have not indicated it is blocking any lane. you may see them to the cited a vehicle fire 441, shader road blocking one lane you should be fine. a quick check of your try for drive from seminole county, ultima springs, florida 36 downtown orlando, no issues along i-4. results from new hampshire
6:30 am
decide who they want in the white house. donald trump and bernie sanders one colbert respective parties exit results show florida's candidates going in opposite directions as jeb bush finishes strong and marco rubio fell. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eating going back through the concession speeches last night. both are on a collision course toward florida. >> reporter: an uphill battle as they face off against donald trump and bernie sanders who both finished first for their parties in new hampshire. florida candidates fell behind fighting for a third fourth and eighth place finish and you can see much less support from voters in the granite state. >> donald trump and bernie sanders. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: they were celebrating big wins yes i want you to understand something. our disappointment tonight is not on your.
6:31 am
>> reporter: marco rubio was left licking his wounds . a strong finish in iowa one week ago is erased by a poor showing in new hampshire. mobile admitted the loss was a direct result of his stumbles in the debate that aired here on eyewitness news this weekend. >> he did have momentum and now he seems to be flatlining. >> wftv political analysts say sanders, trump and will be are the big story lifetime new hampshire but he says jeb bush is not out of it yet. >> is not dead. the bar was over him so this would be considered a winkle for him. >> reporter: bush and rubio finished behind de smet, ohio governor john kasich who took second in the granite state. a move doctor says it keeps the field crowded with candidates seemingly jockeying for position behind trump.
6:32 am
and clinton have one winkle each under the belt. >> they focus on the next primary in south carolina, new jersey custom -- chris christie may call it quits back in his home state deciding on if he will state in the race. see results from the new hampshire primary along with where they are today go to be . major development in the math club shooting women covering eyewitness news this morning for three days now. the back love could soon be shut down. last night a letter on the door to the glitz ultra lounge warned the club's owner to pay more than $18,000 in rent the weekend or he may have to leave. we spoke with a witness that saw the shooting.>> to watch people get shot and to hear all the commotion, bullets flying, bottles broken, people crying.
6:33 am
last couple second of death. >> three gunmen shot 11 people killing 2 but there is no word on who the suspect may be or if any have been arrested. osceola county deputies need your help finding a registered sex offender 55-year- old anthony burchett up wanted in connecticut for violating his ovation and failing to register as a sex offender. he was convicted of sexual assault in 1988 and investigators and osceola county says he was last seen at the knights inn motel, us 1 i to, monday. no word on whether an 18- year-old will face charges for killing his cousin when he lost his balance on a hoverboard. brandon lewis told investigators that first someone else but the gun to the home and accidentally shot fisher that he later admitted that he had the gun while riding hoverboard hit the gun belonged was uncle who was arrested because he was a convicted felon. this is one of six judith
6:34 am
weekend where now 8 people have been killed. this morning, orange county teachers are fighting back against the states in the way of having them evaluate. we told you last week 81 percent of the district's teachers were marked highly effective in the last school year. after changes were made in the way teachers are evaluated, only 2 percent of teachers got the same high mark. >> if the evaluation is flawed, then that means the way we compensate teachers and the way we measure our teachers success is flawed. >> orange county was the only district in central florida to see teacher evaluations scores go down drastically. in germany, rescuers say one person is missing in the wreckage of 2 trains that crashed into each other head- on. mess it's a try to figure out why both trains wound up on the same track the water people were killed and 80 others were hurt officials say the trains were both going about 60 miles
6:35 am
next week the us coast guard will start a series of hearings to investigate the seeking of el faro. we told you develop within the investigation since the ship sank during hurricane walking in october. it left him jacksonville headed to puerto rico and all 33 crew members including a method central florida died. the hearing starts next tuesday. the same osceola county millionaire convicted for molesting a young girl said to be formally charged next month in a murder for hire plot yesterday a judge postponed the first appearance for moments wheeler since he did not have a lawyer yet. he owned ports world and kissimmee i was spending life in prison for the molestation . this past december investigates a he plotted data hitmen kill the person who put him in prison. if you have a child in college, you know how expensive books are. >> i don't know if you want to hear the numbers of study shows they are paying more than ever. us public interest research group says the price of textbooks has jumped 73 percent
6:36 am
also undergrads spent about 3 billion per year on books even with financial aid for tuition and housing. advocates a more textbooks the to be made available online. no word on why the florida department of education delayed yesterday's release of school grades. the grades are meant to determine individual projects, teacher performance of school performance, but for months, we have been reporting on the technical glitches with the new florida standards assessments which calls into question the test validity. in one hour from now a school leesburg is set to be up in filing a flu outbreak it st. paul's catholic school is got sick. have officials say they are lake county. a flu shot will help to protect so many people sick. on our wftv facebook page, we want to hear whether you've seen issues with the flow in your child school. simon. 6:38 am.
6:37 am
>> it is cold..>> a cold front working in this weekend. hope for sure, 40 harmony, who about 40 feet in assessing city, cable, kissimmee . a few counties in lake county, 44, mineola, groveland, howey-in- the-hills, 42 lake lewis up and clermont, 30s and leesburg and back to the villages to show you what is next we will stay chilly today, 59 so you want at least a sweatshirt this afternoon and breathe and sun and tonight it will be colder. 38 degrees in orlando. with that we have freeze watches up for more for tonight flagler, marion, sumter counties nash county a freeze watches up for tonight hit send me your temperatures. find me on twitter, instagram, facebook and i will pass them along and coming up we will look at front 2 for the weekend
6:38 am
you who needs to protect the plants. i-4 osceola county near 429. you can see the backups are starting to build eastbound. maybe one lane blocked at this point but with more getting on the road, we will see delays picking up in volusia county, a crash new york avenue, kepler road, into land does not appear to have road blocks but if they close late i will let you know. eyewitness news this morning, a cruise ship battered by rough seas back it was on his way to port canaveral and it will talk in the home port today. coming up, passengers opening up about terrifying 12 hours at sea. what police officer is accused of doing while on duty and how it started. taking a look at the issue of wrong way driving in central florida. breaking down numbers to show how big the problem is in
6:39 am
contribute to it. this tower camera shot is
6:40 am
6:43 am. special system when you about wrong-way drivers like this person is actually working, the system has turned around more than one dozen wrong-way drivers but janai norman joining us live at the 408 ramp to hiawatha road where an incident happened. it's working well enough that more will be installed. >> reporter: jamie, state troopers tell us they received 300 calls in the last year and a half about wrong-way drivers. now you will notice more of these warning systems going up to try to cut down on that. the new technology is already installed at 5 g along the 408, beach line to let drivers know
6:41 am
the pilot program launched last year and already helped to prevent more than one dozen allowing drivers going the wrong way to turn around safely.>> how can people not realize they are going the wrong way?>> state troopers a wrong-way driving is a big problem. they tell us some drivers catch themselves and turnaround but for others, the mistake can be deadly. >> most of the time you get the ones that are confused but a lot of the time, it is people something. >> reporter: study show more used incident happened at night with drivers that are imperative to keep you safe the expressway authority is adding the warning system to 90 more rants throughout central florida.>> you will see more signs at five more ramps along the 408, nine more along the 417, we found the systems are so sensitive one snapped a photo of a bike rider heading the wrong way up the ramp. in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning.
6:42 am
systems will go. we posted the list on click traffic news under the traffic tab. lady lake officer will be able to get another job in law enforcement even though he is accused of exposing himself inside his patrol car and threatening his mistresses family. >> investigators say kevin thompson met melissa collins through a craigslist ad that advertised sex in uniform. desiccator say thompson made up a fake criminal to have a reason to park behind where she worked to have sex. he says -- he threatened her family when she threat to tell his wife. >> he did tell me he was a police officer. i set i would to show her. and it went south from there we are fast. >> thompson resigned before he could be five. state attorney's office decided not to pursue the case against him. was a k-9 deputy from volusia county sheriff's office is back on the boys after making a full
6:43 am
>> we were there yesterday as transport was awarded a purple heart medal of valor. the german shepherd was shot in the neck during a domestic disturbance call in deltona in november and still try to chase down the suspect.>> later that day, he actually chased down another suspect. >> you don't mess with indo. >> do not do it .>> five minutes ago, a delta 4 rocket blasted off from california. >> onboard a classified payload for the us military, take a look. >> lift off of the united launch alliance delta 4 rocket. >> so there you go, the rocket lifting off from california, the payload put on board last month. the secret satellite will be used by the national reconnaissance office, the 31st delta 4 rocket launch. they have flown 17 so far. beautiful for those in california. >> hours are better. >> very true.
6:44 am
>> i hear that. >> putting together my forecast. take a look at this. power washing this morning and daytona beach. he's 80 times tougher than me. and i am tough. 37 and he is doing that. winds out of the southwest at 3. hard worker. 28 in ocala, 47, 40 titusville, heavy jacket. he was bundled up. 45 kissimmee, 42 into clermont. wind chill this morning. feels like 39 now and clermont. we had the wind chill on top of the actual temperatures., wind northern tier and we may have patchy frost this morning elsewhere winds are light pulling out of the west northwest. either way, cold for sure. scattered clouds and will make for a nice sunrise. cloud cover from yesterday is scooting down to the south. a lot of sun today.
6:45 am
stinko. 54 and noon, this afternoon, mid to upper 50s around. future track if you're working outdoors or thinking about the playground for the kids, high, dry for today. numbers are going to be chilly. this is 3:00 today. mid to upper 50s by pickup time. 7:00 after you see tom terry, lots of 40s will begin. if you have plans, it will be chilly. tomorrow morning colder when i see on tv right here. breezy, chilly, plenty of sun in in the 50s for highs near 60 kissimmee, wind northwest 10th- 20. breathe and not of wind a . of wind chill but look at all of the 30 senator 42 and cocoa beach and elsewhere in the 30s which means a better chance of patchy frost with lighter winds especially west of indo -- i
6:46 am
pets and protect your plans for tonight. five-day forecast, the weekend always of you, gorgeous abs -- after the cold start. 64, 70s return friday, 72 and 70 saturday. thursday dropping back some but running in the mid-sixties. 6:50 am. a look at a crash with traffic tracker in deneige. >> in deland, new york avenue. kept the road there is a crash and troopers have been able to get back to the side which should not cause issues make sure you move over and we have this crash i-4 eastbound at 429, you can see this color red where we see the eastbound slow down because of the crash. you may need an extra five minutes to get through. pulling up the camera i-4 maitland, there is a report of a crash along maitland boulevard at i-4 you cannot see from the camera but if you come across it make sure you move over because you may need extra minutes. neighbors have worked for
6:47 am
famous for its wild parties but nine investigators -- 9 investigates why the party will not and without an expensive fight for taxpayers. 4:00 presidential hopeful's and the campaign trail. a rocket launch in california, checking to make sure there were no other
6:48 am
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candidates back on the trail identifying for votes after a shake up in new hampshire. trump and sanders won the primary. we look at who came behind them. was also a big win for the republican candidate with a surprise second place. >> falling behind trump, john kasich was the unexpected winner of the party's second place spot. coming out of new hampshire with a loss to trump but a win for a campaign that didn't have as much of a showing in the last primary. on the democratic side sanders claimed a win over clinton. just a week after a race in
6:51 am
undecided 12 hours after the polls closed. candidates from both sides set their sights on the next primary in south carolina. one gop contender may be calling it quits. more on who is in and who is tv27. this morning residents of one of the most known homes in central florida are fighting for their right to party. this is the sausage castle saint cloud. it's known as a place you can shoot guns, party like a rock star and have a lot of sex. despite the rural area the castle is a cross the veto from the subdivision. the county is going after the owner on code violations . they say he owes a million dollars in fines and they have started foreclosure. >> they will have to drag me out of here. i'm not exactly the lightest guy. they may want to bring two or three or four guys to drag me
6:52 am
>> he has a following on social media. he started a go fund me account. the county said it's to late and he could be out the by the spring. you can see the report on your cell phone right now if you have the free news app. >> a wild story. we have a crew checking in on a water main break-in eatonville blocking part of the road. here is a live look at kennedy boulevard. you can see what we are talking about a lot of water still gushing in. this happened around 8:00. it's not clear exactly what caused the break but public works said it could be because of the cold weather. back in july a water main break affected the whole town for two weeks. it was a headache for them back last summer. one of the best women soccer players in the world is threatening to skip the olympics over fears of the zika virus.
6:53 am
children some day and doesn't want the virus . health officials briefed the united states women's national soccer team about the threat last night. check out the new away jerseys for the rest of the orlando city soccer team. we told you the team was read by to reveal the new shirts. you can see the purple sleeving and collars and the new 3d crest. thousands showed up to watch the open practice. they look good. sorry. the cruise ship that was caught in 100-mile an hour winds will be back in port by the end of the day. this picture showed the damage from that storm. anthem of the seas will be back in cape liberty new jersey by nine tonight. it was supposed to stop on monday originally but instead cruise officials decided to sail back home. sears is struggling to make money and now though are closing 50 of its stores.
6:54 am
they had first thought to shut temperature over the next few months but they are speeding it up over poor holiday sales. stock is down from nearly $45 a share last may. there is good news for job seekers out there. the number of jobs in united states is nearly record high. the labor department said there were 5.6 million unfilled jobs in december. the downside is many united states workers don't have the skills to fill them. many require training such as truck drivers or plumbers. falling oil prices could mean some drivers could see 99 cent gas. the cheapest gas prices in more than 12 years are showing up in some states like wisconsin, michigan and illinois. 99-cent gas prices will still be isolated because of the regional nature of refining costs and shipping. disney's quarterly earnings report is out and the company said they earned more this
6:55 am
company history. >> the first quarter earns report showed that they smashed their own expectations by earning more than $15 million in revenue. it's a 14% increase over last quarter. executives credit star wars. fans of frozen will soon have a broadway version. that announcement was made on the new frozen broadway twitter account. it's targeting a opening in spring of 2018 following an out of town tryout in the summer of 2017. all right. your wallet. let it go. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> all right. >> tracking the chill. 30s and 40s around but look at some 20s. down to 28. 41 orlando. have the heavier jacket through the day. its going to stay on the chilly side. 50s for highs today. more of -- a frosty night tonight. down to 38 and then mild by the end of the week. hope you have a great morning. stay warm.
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