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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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continues right now at 5:30. >> a local abortion doctor is facing drug charges in south carolina. now the state of florida is trying to shut down s clinics here. he owns two clinics in orlando and one in ft. lauderdale. >> tim is live at one of the clinics. they found the surgical tools necessary to perform abortions in the doctor's car? >> reporter: the doctor was not arrested for that, but he was arrested for allegedly having drugs, both pills and pot in his car. and because of that, soon these doors could be closed not only for abortions but all other procedures as well. abortion dr. james pendergraff is no stranger to controversy. >> god uses different things in different ways. it usually is in different ways than we can imagine.
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october when he was pulled over in south carolina for speeding. deputies looked down and saw two pill bottles on the floor so they searched the car and found all the tools necessary to perform abortions. they cannot say if he was performing abortions across state lines. the state can revoke a license if the owner is convicted of a crime. but he did talk to us in 2013 after his office was raided. the seizure was tied to an unpaid $36 million medical malpractice judgment. his license has also been suspended five times. but none of that was enough to shut down the clinics. his lawyer sent the state this response which denies all of the allegations and denies that he owns all four clinics.
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barber, eyewitness news. clinics have closed since 2010. owner's arrest. we're staying on top of breaking news right now. three weeks to the day and an inmate was just found in kentucky. if you were watching at 4:00 we told you that bullock and his girlfriend and children were all located around 3:00 this afternoon. marshalls say they are fine. bullock will face criminal charges for the escape. we have a crew talking with investigators to find out how they tracked them to kentucky. we will have an update for you at 6:00. marion county investigators say a traffic stop led to their largest seizure of heroin ever. deputies also seized three guns, including an ak-47 and more than $20,000 in cash. as well as that one and a half pounds of heroin worth about $100,000 on the streets.
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indicated drugs were in the vehicle during the stop. the two were later arrested on drug and weapons charges. >> just in this one bust, we took a noticeable amount of heroin off the streets. >> officials say heroin trafficking is on the rise and more addicts are seeking it out because pills and meth are becoming more expensive due to tougher laws. a congressman is refusing to drop out of the race for the u.s. senate. we were the first to report that grayson was asked to give up the bid. chris, congressman grayson says the calls for him to drop out are politically motivated. and you discovered he may be right. >> grayson says this may be part of a smear campaign today. reid asked him to end his run for the u.s. senate. he pointed to an off-shore investment fund.
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reid is using it to force him out of the race. harry reid didn't mince words when he called fellow democrat alan grayson a disgrace to the halls of congress. he says his management of an off-shore investment fund to assist the fund should disqualify grayson from running for the senate. in october we asked grayson about the fund. then, like today, he said any questions about it are rooted in political attacks. >> it's all smoke and mirrors. there's nothing to it. >> reporter: grayson who opened the fund has never been charged with a crime, nor has congress found any ethical issues with his involvement with grayson politics. >> it's a nonsensical smear. >> reporter: grayson may have a part. reid who called for grayson to back down is backing murphy in the democratic primary.
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into the murphy campaign. politics may play a role but reid wouldn't be calling for grayson to step down unless there were serious concerns. >> it would be a very dirty trick, i think not characteristic of harry reid if it's because of his support for patrick murphy that he has gemmed up the allegations against alan grayson. >> reporter: and grayson said in a statement this afternoon that quote i never used my office to advance any business interest or for any personal game. to say so is utterly deceitful. bob and martha. >> a seminole county teacher fired fiorina appropriate conduct in 2013 that's officially lost her teaching license. danielle was fired for using inappropriate language with students and using a controversial prop depicting a male body part. she will not be able to reapply
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it's easy to download an app on your smart phone. what do those apps do with the personal details you give them? channel 9's justin gray is live in washington, d.c. on a proposed law on how apps handle your private information. >> reporter: so much personal information is right here on your phone. that's available to app developers and that's bringing some big concerns with it. you can watch your live baby monitor, share photos with the world or pay for dinner. there's not much that we can't do through the apps on our phone. every time that you open an app you're sharing information, sometimes very personal information. >> you have to have some protections for consumers. >> reporter: georgia congressman johnson says his concern is what app developers do with the information they can collect from your phone.
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terms of data collection. >> reporter: johnson's proposed bill would change that requiring developers to inform you about what information they're collecting and set standards for how they secure it. >> i mean, we need to know what the data broker or what the app developer plans to do with that information. we need to understand the security of how it will be secured. and we also need to have the ability to opt out. >> johnson previously introduced this bill back in 2013 but he feels like he has a lot more support, there's a lot more momentum this time around because of the awareness of the problems and the issues with identity theft. reporting live tonight in washington, justin gray, channel 9 eyewitness news. construction on a busy orange county road this weekend could make your trips a little longer. road crews are working on part of the 1792 near the railroad overpass in maitland.
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make things a lot worse on 1792. >> a couple minutes i'm going to be late. >> reporter: it's a long wait for those that didn't know or chose to drive 1792 south from maitland to winter park today. about three blocks of the roadway is torn away right now as the pavement is being replaced with asphalt between monroe avenue and glendon parkway. >> how long has it taken you. >> i've probably been on the road for 20 minutes now. i'm just getting down the street. >> too long. >> way too long. i had no idea what was going on until i seen all the trucks. >> reporter: the work began last night and will continue through the weekend. then the road will be opened only to close again next friday. the mix of big trucks, construction workers, and thousands of cars was enough to leave drivers wishing they had not come this way. >> i'm not coming back until you're done. >> can't blame him. that was steve barrett reporting.
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orlando international airport >> transportation officials opened a fly-over intersection. about a fifth of the airport's traffic comes from the south and drivers used to get stuck at the light at 1417 to the airport. this means no lights and a lot less congestion. >> there's a lot of stuff happening around here. a lot of growth, a lot of activity. this will be one of the key pieces of the puzzle to keep people moving. >> they expect the number of drivers through the stretch to double when the expansion is finished. investigators in oregon are searching for evidence and explosives a day after the last four holdouts surrendered following the standoff. they demanded that the government turn over local land local control. that area is now considered a crime scene.
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our goal has been to end this peacefully. we are able we're able to do so today. >> last month the leaders were arrested during a traffic stop but one was shot and killed when he reached for a gun. the mom of one of the columbine massacre is speaking out. >> i keep thinking, constantly thought how i would feel if was the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i did. >> she talked about the relationship she had with her son, the victims and what happened in her home before the shooting. watch 20/20 right here on channel 9 at 10:00 followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. a mail carrier is accused of dropping off packages at the wrong houses. residents say it's been happening for years.
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what is being done to fix the problem. and firefighters across central florida with working serious overtime that is costing millions. and the firefighters union says it's because of an employee shortage. 9 investigates asks one chief why he can't hire more firefighters. an absolutely spectacular temperature day.
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>> 9 investigates learned that dozens of orange county firefighters are earning over $100,000 because of overtime. >> the chief says some overtime
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says it's because of a shortage. daralene jones dug deeper and found out that departments are spends tens of millions in overtime and it's your money. >> reporter: firefighters have no time to waste when responding to life or death emergencies. in orange county they responded to 15,000 calls last year. some of the critical work requires overtime. >> built into each position is 156 hours of overtime perraer. >> reporter: some firefighters are earning more than $100,000 because they collected overtime. and 9 investigates reviewed the numbers and found that the top earners collected $44,000 in overtime alone. >> enough to hire another person. why can't you do that. >> well, you can. and in some cases we do. but if you look at the positions, they're the battalion chief positions. >> reporter: overtime costs the department $15 million in the
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$3.5million last year. >> it's a very quick, easy knee jerk reaction to say that seems out of whack. >> reporter: the chief says some overtime can't be avoided because federal law mandates anything over 52 hours a week is overtime. orange county firefighters work a 56-hour a week. the chairman of the tax watch says the federal mandates put the departments in a tough spot. >> i think you will probably see it stay around there or see it go up based on cost of living increases. >> reporter: we compared the others to other counties. firefighters racked up between 6 to $20 million in overtime across the area. seminole county firefighters earned even more those in orange where the agency is working to keep the costs down. firefighters now use this biometric system to clock in and out. the goal is to ensure that employees are actually working time claimed and keeping track
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not one person is able to rack up. daralene jones, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> the fire chief told us off duty overtime work is reimbursed to the fire department. orange county just graduated a class of 28 recruits. another class of 30 just started. the union president told us in a statement over the last three years more than 108 firefighters have left for other agencies or jobs that pay more. that doesn't count the firefighters who retired or were terminated. sea world orlando employees are getting a raise. the theme park announced yesterday it will increase the minimum pay for employees to $10 an hour from $9.50 an hour. wages for about 100 positions will also be increased. the increases take place on july 1st and apply to current and future employees. a statue of a confederate general at the u.s. capitol may be removed soon. the statue of kirby smith may be replaced. under a bill passed by the florida senate. right now that statue represents the state of florida
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washington, d.c. three recommendations will be made as replacements. the statue has been there since 1922. this may be a first, a van crashed into a plane today. >> yeah. this is different. >> yeah. >> passengers headed to tampa from boston were delayed because of the crash. a worker at logan international airport in boston had gotten out of the service van thinking it was in park but it wasn't. the van started rolling toward the jet blue plane. the worker tried to hop back in but fell and got hurt. >> a big bang and a jolt. the van lifted it up and came back down. >> no one was injured. jet blue quickly put them on a different flight and they were delayed only an hour. today was so nice. >> now it's time to cool things back down. >> that's how it works, huh? >> yeah. we have a cold front coming in.
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are trudging northward. aka eastbound there. winds out of the west. that warmed us to a fantastic 76 degrees after a low of 40 this morning. and that west breeze keeping us warm along the beaches as well. all the way down to cocoa beach and in toward rocklidge. here comes our front. this will slide through with a few clouds. morning hours. as you plan your evening jacket. otherwise we will keep temperatures in check, in the low and mid 50s as we get the evening started tonight. in seminole county, 53 at sanford international. a lot of these temperatures will be rather warm until the front slides by. then we get the quick cooldown around daybreak. the front moving by in the predawn hours tomorrow. back to 49 in ocala. 52 about average for this point
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we have it rough this time of year. they are racing over in daytona. instead of 57 today, how -- 75 today, how about 59. that's where we will stop. we will keep it mainly in the 60s throughout the area tomorrow. on average, about a five to 10 degree temperature drop over what you saw today. a little bit more along the east coast. instead of mid 70s, you will be in the upper 50s to near 60. future track shows a few clouds tonight and a front coming on by. pay no attention to the showers. we won't have any as the front moves by tonight. we may get a quick coastal shower on sunday. for the most part tomorrow, we will be mostly sunny and dry. here comes the on shore flow. the model traditionally likes to overdo the rain showers. a spotty shower on sunday and still cooler but not too bad. here is the 5-day forecast the weekend always in view.
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we're warming right back up though. the south wind on monday. monday night into tuesday, a better chance for rain. but a quick-hitting storm. and right now next week looks to be mostly fantastic. >> sounds good. the police chief just revealed new information about the deadly shootout inside an orlando nightclub. >> this is top priority for us. new at 6:00, what he told us about possible ties to puerto rican gangs. and how the donald is changing his message as he brings his campaign to the sunshine state. a officer is accused of crashing her city-issued car and taking off. 9 investigates why she wasn't arrested even though she
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>> it's a reunion more than eight months in the making. >> a lake county firefighter is being honored for his quick thinking while off duty. we told you last year when 4- year-old taylor thomas was found at the bottom of a resort pool. lieutenant bush jumped into action, performed cpr and saved the girl. the firefighter is going to be honored as a hero tonight. the two have stayed in contact since the rescue. >> reporter: they have talked on the phone and facetimed each other. but today is the first day that they have come face-to-face since that day that little taylor thomas nearly drowned. now, that near drowning happened in this pool back in may. firefighter shannon bush was
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so was thomas' family. thomas was found at the bottom of the girl. he performed cpr and brought her back to life. taylor's family is the first ones he called when he found out he was being rewarded as firefighter of the year. >> when you found out about this event tonight. >> we had to come. we wouldn't miss it. >> the family drove 14 hours to be here tonight. in fact they just got here about two hours ago. they will stay at bush's home until they leave tomorrow. in fact, those two families tell me they now refer to each other as family. reporting live in lake county tonight, jeanine reyes, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> horn general loretta lynch is meeting with communities to talk about repairing relationships with police officers. he says the younger generation has the most concerns. >> there are young people facing the issues of how to
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how to relate to violence in their community, who are facing the issues of how to feel safe. >> lynch honored the police department for its efforts on community policing. he will visit six police departments nationwide that could serve as national role models. we were on top of breaking news at 6:00. what we learned about an escaped inmate who was on the run for weeks.
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>> channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 6:00. >> orlando's police chief says his detectives are working day and night to make arrests in a nightclub. >> we're going to investigate all aspects of this crime. >> and new for 6:00, we asked if he is worried about rumors that this was a puerto rican city. tonight only one person has been arrested and he's already out of jail. >> we just found out about that
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was made sunday night when the gunfire started inside glitz nightclub. earlier this week, we broke the news that federal drug agents were asked to join the investigation. yesterday we uncovered one of the victims was suspected in half a dozen violent crimes in puerto rico. we reported this gun battle could have ties to the drug wars there. kathi belich questioned the chief about the potential connection to puerto rico. you asked if he is worried that we could see this kind of violence right here. >> reporter: well, puerto rico's failing economy is driving as many as a thousand hardworking people every month from the island here to florida. we asked if the chief if it is also sending more criminals and drug gangs our way and whether that has anything to do with the shooting. an orlando police report just released today says a security video shows a fight broke out inside the glitz ultralounge between two groups of hispanic men and immediately some pulled


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