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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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time now 5:30. there is a live peak outside for you over downtown orlando. anice cool start out there this morning. but we have changes. that's going to mean rain. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. all right. deneige broom watching the roads this morning. all right. don't talk rain now. it is for later. >> all right. we have to talk about weather. let's not talk about weather. >> just skip it. you can't. i'll go to traffic. >> okay. 77 today, warm and breezy, an isolated shower, not a lot to
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a decent day shaping up before tonight. apop-up shower will be possible. 40s, 50s and 60s. daytona beach in the mid-50s. clouds will increase. acouple of sprinkles last night. manly dry. clouds build and a warm day. 73 at noon. 74 degrees by 2:00. and 33 at 4:00. the highs today, 76 in leesburg. 75 today deland. and saint cloud will be running in the mid-70s. winter garden in the mid-70s today. coming up we will talk about the higher rain chance tonight, rain and storms arrive with the next front. 5:31. and a check of traffic here is deneige. most of our i-4 construction has moved out the way this morning. looking at fairbanks heading towards downtown orlando. we don't have issues eastbound
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have a crash at lake under hill road, this is blocking the northbound trail. so for now one of your alternates is woodbury road. jamie. new overnight one person was killed when an rv crashed and end up in claims. >> eyewitnesses pulled a second person out of the wreckage. action 9 news this morning, janai norman is live. and investigators are still there trying to piece together exactly what happened. >> reporter: and nancy what is left of that rv is behind me here blocked off by yellow crime scene tape and police cruisers 4 1/2 hours after it happened. crews are trying to lift up a tree that fell over. the rv crashed into the tree before it exploded around 1:00. one person has died. i was on the phone with a woman who was out here and saw when the rv went up in flames.
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then told me or witnesses rushed to help the man trying to escape the rv. >> we were trying to figure out if anybody else was in there. and i don't know if there was another person or not. the guy that they pulled out, like, he had cuts on this face and burnt on his arms and back. they made sure that he was okay and got him calmed down. >> reporter: and it looks like crews really have their work cut out this morning. one officer doesn't know how long they will be out here. but it will be a process getting all of this cleaned up and reopening at least one of the lanes here where the cruisers are blocking it off. police are very busy so far. we haven't had a chance to talk to them. when we do, we will ask how about how investigation it, because that is all that is left of the rv and any idea what caused it to runoff the road in the first place.
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action 9 news. also new from overnight a family in volusia county was awakened by flames that destroy their home. the fire started at 1:30 this morning on south stone street. now, everyone scaped the house safely. the red cross is helping the residents. in orange county detectives are speaking with two people in death of an 81-year-old man. >> action 9 news', ray ramos interest knew that victim. and roy, one of them has a violent criminal mystery. >> reporter: jamie, his name is davidbukeen. in the past he has been charged with aggravated battery and in 2007 second degree murder. neighbors that we got a chance to speak with tell us that both the couple was living with the man when this happened. you are looking at the faces of tesy grisham and her boyfriend, had two are persons of interest
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grisham was found stabbed to death inside of his home after deputies responded to a well- being check. we work to find out who made the call, we spoke with neighbors who say the couple moved in with grisham. and over the weekend, they searched for the couple in a beige ford taurus, the couple of baker acted by a deputy who didn't realize they were persons of interest. and late last night, they are the same people from the bulletin they released. they are both in custody. we looked into the criminal history of the victim's daw answer did not find anything in orange county, david on the other hand, was convicted of robbery, battery, and threat in the '90s. in early 2007 he was charged
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he was found not guiltiy by reason of insanity. and orange county sheriff official has not made an arrest yet. ray ramos, action 9 news. we are asking the volusia county sheriff's office when an escaped inmate will be back in florida. they were arrested in kentucky on friday. investigators are quickly helped him release. they were on the run for three weeks. the boy is safe. >> i watch news at night and see the tragedies unfold. thinking, god, i can't imagine how they feel. now i do. >> u.s. marshals are saying the couple surrendered peacefully
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quickly is charged with aiding an escapee. well, this could be a make- or-break week for several presidential campaigns. >> yeah. voters in south carolina go to the polls saturday for an important primary. republican candidates will be in the state throughout the week trying to win overs a many voters as possible. democrats in nevada doing the same thing for the democratic caucus on saturday. both sides are discussing what they think should be done in the death of justice scalia. >> there is no way the senate should confirm anyone that president barack obama. >> president barack obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing and leader mcconnell should follow the constitutional process. >> the next republican debate is february 25th. and democratic is march 6th.
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will be in south florida this morning campaigning for his wife. and hillary clinton spends the next few days in nevada. it starts at 2:00. full coverage for you today at 4:00. florida's primary is one month from today. tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote or update your information, your address and party affixation. there is a closed primary, you must be registered with a party same party. remember, you can keep up with all of the develops in the -- developments in the election. a man in miami contracted zika virus months ago before the outbreak hit the u.s. he is a medical student at florida international university. he was on a mission to haiti back to november. he felt the worst headache that he experienced and he had a fever, felt weak, had pain
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try to figure out what was wrong with him. >> i had no idea what it was. i just knew that i was sick. so i thought it might be another kind of disease. back then i never heard of it. >> he says he plans to go back to haiti next month to help educate people about the zika virus. especially pregnant women. there are two confirmed cases in osceola county. marion county deputies need a man who might be in danger. this is william aaron. on friday he walked away from the assisted living facility. he was allowed to leave, but deputies are saying he has mental health issues and needs his medication. if you see him call 911. a series of hearing will start tomorrow for the sinking of the coastguard ship, el faro. in october it was caught in the
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the wreckage was found in the bottom of the ocean a month later. there 33 members die. the first daytona 500 in the renovated speedway is six days away. >> yeah, events at the track all week leading up to the 500. chase elliott will lead the field. the 20-year-old is the youngest to win the pole for the daytona 500. >> a lot of people are excited seeing the new speedway. 5:39. and weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> all right. certified meteorologist brian shields is in severe weather center 9. >> now, for today a 20% chance of a shower. so mainly dry in the daytime hours. one or two showers popping up later today. but by tonight overall we're looking at a 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms for tonight. some of those could have gustier winds. so if today we go county by county, 76, again a pop-up
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hour and gusty. developing. in orange county today you see the numbers in the 70s. rain and storms. we're going to track it at 5:47. traffic. you need this detour for the next 20 minutes. 17 to southbound is shutdown. so in this time you should take i-4 to lee road to get to 72 southbound or take some local roads, park avenue to denny drive to webster avenue. but they will be reopening the southbound lanes at 6:00. and then we have the trail at lake under hill. one of your alternates there
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hundreds of sharks are -- coast.
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went up in flames off of u.s. 1. this morning, janai norman is live. up the wreckage. janai, two passengers here, but only one made it out alive. a.m. witnesses heard an explosion and then saw flames. now nearly five hours later we have been watching investigators search what is left of that rv here that we're early this morning. in the last few hours with spoke with a woman who was nearby. witnesses rushed to help one passenger who was already trying to escape the recross examination v. at the time they were about sure whether there but in the last hour or so i did confirm with the police that one passenger died. we haven't been able to ask too many questions they have had their hands full. but we will be asking where the investigation stands and why the rv left the roadway and how that surviving passenger is recovering this morning.
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action 9 news. a local abortion doctor is now fighting to stop the state from shutting down his clinics after he was charged with drug peception -- possession in another state. he had pills and marijuana in his car in south carolina. and they found surgical tools in this car. the state is trying to shutdown the clinics in orlando, ocala, and fort lauderdale. a bill that passed the state senate will keep personal information blocked from public records. they pasadbill that has exemptions for investigators. making the addresses and numbers public will put them in danger. a crash sent a car into a home in new smyrna beach. on saturday night this truck
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home and left a big home in the bed room. the woman was not hurt. a car crashed into a kitchen of this home. a driver of the white chevy lost control. the crashed into a wall there. the homeowner was not home at the time. but this is not the first time this happened. >> this the second time they have gotten into the house. two other incidents where they have also come through the hen row. >> the homeowner has gone to the county to get a guardrail installed there, nothing has been done. investigating the -- crash. >> the second time. researcher say that the purpose of the python hunt was to remove them from the
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friday, wildlife officials counted one hundred. but the official tally will be announced next friday. yikes. and thousands of sharks are gathering off of the southeast coast of florida. professors found the sharks hovering around palm beach and riviera beach. in the still frame, they are saying all of these add up to more than 150 sharks. wow. wildlife officials are staying blab tip sharks migrate to warmer water for mating season. love is in the water. >> stay away from the babies at the beach. sharks are watching tv nothing morning. good morning. 5:48. >> good morning. >> do you have coffee? >> she needs more. >> here is a look in daytona beach and volusia county. this morning 56 degrees and warmer along the coastline. wins east-northeast at three
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and 40s and 50s inland. 50 in the villages and leesburg. 60 in kissimmee and 60s in brevard county. patchy fog is possible. too, now, extra cloud cover is starting to roll in. the clouds increasing today. a dane day and a slight chance of a shower by this afternoon. now, here is palm bay. you can see the 70s through the afternoon. now here's when we get chances, 10:00 this morning a coastal shower is possible. there is your time frame. through the heart of the day by 3:00, most schools are out today. aslight chance of a shower popping up this afternoon through the evening all of the way through 7:00. and tonight, midnight, still mainly dry. look what happens by late tonight. this is in the -- 4:00 in the morning. and a line of rain and storms by 8:00. and everything is wrapping up and clearing out after that. for tonight, stronger storms
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possibility. possibility. the winds over 40 miles per hour. the have the weather radios for tonight. and through tonight a lot of fast-moving showers and storms. a quarter inch of rain. afew spalls with a heavier down pure. and if you have the day off at the beaches watch out for a strong risk of rip currents. the seas are elevated today. so today, 77, swarm breezy with an isolated shower. tonight, 63, rain and storms arrive late. and then tomorrow the early showers clearing out. still warm tomorrow. this front that works in tonight will not bring the cooler air. asecondary front on wednesday will. so here it is. your five-day forecast. again best chance of rain and storms over smoke and -- overnight and warming up on tuesday. and then cooler behind wednesday's front, and 72 on thursday.
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plenty of sunshine by warmer by the weekend. mid to upper 70s. of course we're thinking about the daytona 500. 5:50. and a crash. here is deneige. this has the northbound trail blocked at this point. until troopers can reopen that, the alternate is woodbury road. and the camera here, no issues eastbound or westbound across 408. i will let you know if anything pops up.
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5:53. we are waiting to hear from stanford police about what led up to a convenience store shooting. on sunday morning. crime scene units responded to a shooting at this 7-eleven. one victim was taken away in an ambulance. police have not told us what lead to the shooting. families in need could get more help after florida's public housing system received money from the florida government.
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towards improvement on state- funding houses like roof replacements and energy efficiency. florida farmers are safe from a fruit fly. florida department of agricultural eliminated the insect. they set 56,000 traps throughout the state. they will monitor them to handle future infestations. former nfl tight end aaron hernandez settled a civil lawsuit. bradley filed a lawsuit after he claims that hernandez shot him in the face. he lost sight in his right eye who he was shot three years ago. right now, hernandez is serving a life sentence for the murmur ofode -- murder of odom lloyd. restaurants might be required to post calorie counts
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but there is a new list that requires it on website and mobile apps. that plan could mist lead customers on serving sizes. well, freak clinic officials are asking state lawmakers for more money in the budget. 125 free clinics receive $425 million. and lawmakers approved a plan to the crease it to $9.5 million. the was vetoed by governor skate. covering marion county, today is the deadline for parents to apply to have their child attend a school out of their zoned area, for the 2016- 17 school year. they will consider the safety issues and medical needs and the number of students. parents must include documentation of eligibility requirements. despite the popularity overbooks, sales are up in bookstores for the first time
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>> it rose by 2 1/2%. the number of e-book sales declined in 2015. sales in paper back books grew by 13%. a teen in utah has been making headlines across social media. he made valentine's day special for close to 800 ladies. >> hayden godfrey decided to buy a flower for every girl at sky view high school in salt lake city. he spent $500 that he saved from his job as a bagger at a local grocery store. the high school senior spent the day on thursday handing out the flowers making sure that every girl had a carnation for the long weekend. >> i want to make as many people happy as possible. i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day. >> the manager is saying he spent a year saving up money valentine's day treat. >> wow. now full.
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many minute now a busy road in
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it was already on fire and flames were shooting. >> right now on action 9 news this morning investigators just told us a crash and fire in volusia county killed one person overnight. what witnesses say they saw and heard. >> two people will be questioned this morning to find out what they knew about the stabbing death of an orange county man. good morning. you time is 6:00 a.m. on this monday, february 15th. >> all right. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom is watching the morning commute. let's get started certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. >> a nice start. >> yes. exactly. abetter chance of storms for tonight. here is daytona beach. have a light jacket this morning. 54, kind of cooling around central florida.


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