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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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this afternoon and brevard county investigators are looking for the driver of the car who hit a man out for a morning jog and then kept going. this morning on satellite boulevard outside of cocoa. the victim's friends were looking for him and when he didn't come home investigators say and they do have one big clue in the search for the driver. melonie holt is following the developing story. troopers say have located pieces of a suspect vehicle. >> reporter: anything the
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after hours here on the scene off of satellite boulevard, looks like they will open the roadway shortly. fhp tells us the victim in this case was out for routine jog around 4:30, 5:30 a.m. and run driver. homicide investigators have been here since trying to driver. person who did that. you have to live with that the rest of your life. even if you get away with it, you still have to live with it. the lord will not let you get away with it. >> troopers are still waiting to release the name of the victim but we know he is a 39- year-old male from cocoa. they are trying to get more information about the hit and run vehicle. they know it is a light gray placer -- chrysler with front end damage probably hoping to get more detail throughout the day. live in brevard county, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news.
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picking up a statewide campaign to try to prevent hit and run crashes. what the agency is doing try to save lives later in the newscast. tracking a chance for a few showers for this afternoon and there is a better chance for rain across central florida for later tonight and into early tomorrow morning. certified meteorologist brian shields has the latest from severe weather center 9. >> we could see some popping later to the date -- later on today. the gulf of mexico, rain and storms will be sliding away for the most part we will the heaviest weather arriving very late, -- tonight. more though the southerly flow of showers or storms palm coast in flagler county. we will see a chance or spotty showers as we continue through the rest of today. there is a look at the satellite radar. we had a few sprinkles rolling through flagler county and elsewhere you see that milky white shading that is thick cloud cover that has been increasing and will thicken over the next few hours.
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73 orlando, 60s around, villages, clermont, palm coast in the 60s, 73 in melbourne. 71 and cocoa beach. this will be the outlook. the next few hours we will have a lot of clouds. one or two showers could develop especially after 4:00 and by 6:00 would not be surprised to see a rumble of thunder. rain chances are not too high through 10:00 but will be after midnight when we see rain chances really increased with online developing back in the gulf of mexico and moving in. the daytime rain chances about 20 percent today and you see the height, 77 orlando, 74 st cloud, 72 titusville and a late shower popping up before we hit sunset. we will track the rain and thunderstorms that will move in for tonight. vanessa? track the rain for yourself at /weather.
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violent agreement headed to work. orange county deputies a three men were brought about 6:00 this morning along orange blossom trail near caley avenue as they walked to a bus stop. roy ramos is live in orange county. one of the men were shot when he tried to fight back. >> reporter: fortunately the victim is expected to be okay. this happened early this morning when the group of men was walking down the sidewalk to this bus stop as they were going to work this morning. they were approached by two men that robbed him at gunpoint and when a man opened fire on one of them. >> i was not looking back. i was praying thanking god they did not shoot me. >> reporter: for todd, a routine want to the bus stop early this morning nearly turned deadly according to orange county deputies, they were on their way to the bus stop on the corner of kelly and orange blossom trail to had to work when they were robbed at gunpoint. >> he approached me and said give me your wallet and i thought he was joking. >> what digital? >> i looked at him and he pulled out a gun and clipped it
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>> reporter: he said one of the suspect told him to walk away after handing over his body -- while about a third suspect and try to fight back and was shot. the victim was rushed to all rmc is serious but stable condition. >> he said do not look in walkoff and that's when we heard the shots. >> reporter: the southbound lanes of south obt were shut down as deputy searched for two suspects. they have reopened. the thieves remain on the loose. as for what gibson had to say to the men who ran off with what little money he works hard for, >> get help. there is help out there. away. >> reporter: suspect described as a hispanic man in black male with dreadlocks. we have put in a request for surveillance video from the area. in orange county, roy ramos, eyewitness news daytona beach firefighters in trouble after an internal investigation found he used the
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use while on duty. we broke the story when we showed you video capturing the firefighter allegedly dropping his children off at a city ambulance. janai norman has followed every development. the firefighter is now being disciplined for the incident. >> reporter: vanessa, the internal investigation found the firefighter inappropriately as the ambulance back in january while he was on the clock. we showed you this surveillance video one month ago from the daytona beach police department where firefighter gregory was accused of dropping his kids and an ambulance sunday, january 10. i confirmed with officials he was scheduled to start at 8:00 that morning at the video captures the ambulance pulling into the police department 12 minutes after his shift began. the video shows him sitting in the parking lot for 15 minutes before you see kids get out of the back, then get into a an suv in the ambulance takes off. i requested 911 calls during the timeframe.
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caller daytona beach and firefighters were not dispatched. today in a release -- in a release, the chief wrote an appropriate use of the city- owned vehicle without permission is a violation of city policy. firefighter bowed and has been given a written warning and a charge of 20 minutes leave equal to the incident. this morning i picked up these 99 pages of the firefighter's personnel records. we will pour through this, working to learn more about him and what happened for eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news. investigators say they have located the car of two persons of interest in the stabbing death of an elderly man. tessie gresham and david buchanan are both being held for mental evaluations and are persons of interest. the beatty's essay questions grant -- father was found dead in his mobile home saturday night. daytona beach man in jail
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disabled man. please arrested come in over the weekend. victim tell investigators he would punch, kick and choke one of them to force them to use a fake 20. authorities found more fake bills and a printer where they made the arrest. us coast guard searching for a boater. so it -- off the coast of satellite beach and 10:00 last night when i got a call he had not returned from a trip. early this morning the coast guard tweeted they found his boat but no sign of him. as the search continues, we will bring you updates on and our wftv news app. one person is dead after an rv went up in flames around 1:00 this morning off us 1 near i-95 in ormonde beach. investigators say the driver hit a tree and the rv exploded. witnesses say they heard the explosion and saw flames. we spoke with a woman who said witnesses rushed to help a
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>> i was here smoking a cigarette and i heard a big pop and we saw fire. we see the fire and a tree knocked over and i saw people running in pull the guy and he was trying to get out. >> the victim was taken to the hospital with serious burns. the second passenger did not make it out. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the red cross is working to find a volusia county family a home after fire destroyed bears. we were there as fire rescue put out the flames. this fire started at 1:30 this morning at the home on south stonestreet, deland. everyone escaped the house safely and no word on what sparked the fire. the man accused of shooting a deputies and a wwe performance that will have to wait until next month to see if you will actually go on trial. a competency hearing for
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march 14. surveillance video captured him outside the wwe performance at last august. he was not supposed to be there since he was trespassed from the area but he told investigators he was there shooting a reality tv show and expected to get hit with a taser not shot. when hrc deputies. his lawyers say he is not competent to stand trial. last november we spoke with his father was at the same thing. a teen accused of hitting in orlando police officer with a car was also in court for hearing today. investigators say 18-year-old edward kelty ran over officer william anderson during a traffic stop last july. officer. anderson is still recovering from his injuries. county is charged with attempted murder. his codefendant angel me of this showed up at the hearing and was immediately arrested on a warrant. counties next hearing april 11. a new national report says florida is not making the grade when it comes to teacher misconduct. was the report says some school districts are not doing putting teachers and classrooms who should not be there. arctic air is moving out in
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new weather concerns for 20 states coming up. we will see rain and storms working in. here is future (phone ringing)
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates,
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this afternoon the florida highway patrol is asking you to be aware of the growing number central florida. earlier this morning troopers kicked up a statewide campaign about hit and run script nancy alvarez has more on the campaign meant to save lives. >> reporter: the florida highway patrol has the annual campaign because troopers say control. the news conference wrapped up in florida highway patrol headquarters in orlando. we did not just your from troopers we heard from family lives to hit-and-run crashes. we talked about the impact it has had on the families. officers across the state of florida investigated 92,000 -- plus hit-and-run crashes in those crashes, 186 people were killed. the numbers are up from 2014 and that is why troopers in these families are doing all they can to raise awareness
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the consequences. >> to call no one wants to get. there is no preparing a parent forgetting that call ever. >> reporter: a motion in the news conference today. troopers did not just talk about the consequences for hit- and-run but they also talked about the reason people flee crashes that they cause. we will go through the interviews and much more this afternoon starting at 4:00. outside fhp headquarters, orlando, nancy alvarez, channel 9 eyewitness news. several hearings are expected to start tomorrow as part of the investigation into el faro. the coast guard expects to week. we have told you about the ship since october when he got joaquin. the wreckage was found at the bottom of the ocean one month later. all 33 crew members died including a man from central florida. sundays until the south carolina primary. it could be a critical moment for many of the campaigns. this afternoon as we purport a battle over the supreme court
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tom lammas has more. >> reporter: the gop candidates agree on one thing, the senate president. antonin scalia. >> is called delay, delay. >> reporter: the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the us supreme court for some candidates still recovering from what many are calling the nastiest debate yet. >> donald trump was building a reality tv show. my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i'm proud of what he did. he has had the gall to go after. >> the world trade center came down that >> more than once the crowd booed donald trump saturday night as he and jeff locke warns during the debate. >> out to tell you they lie. they say they were weapons of mass destruction and they were
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none. there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> in a battle between cruz in libya started on immigration and ended in a different language. >> marco went on univision in spanish and said he would not present president. obama's illegal executive of amnesty on his first day in office. >> first of all, i don't know how he knows what i said because he does not speak spanish. and the other thing -- >> tangling with trump and what . >> he supports federal tax funding for planned parenthood and i agree on that. that's a matter of principle. >> you are the biggest liar. bush. >> former president. bill clinton will be a south florida in the next couple of hours campaigning for his wife
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south florida is so important to her campaign. for the next two days a busy orange county 15 minutes why south florida is so important to her campaign. for the next two days a busy orange county rd. will be open to drivers again. we told you friday, cruise close the south on lines -- lanes of 17-92 over the weekend from park avenue in winter park to monroe avenue in maitland. the lanes reopened at 6:00 this morning and crews will shut them down again this weekend to finish the work here work is officially underway for new and improved fire station and kissimmee. >> we were there is this morning as officials in calculators help to break ground on a project event station 64 are pleasant hill road will be billed using a new form they design. it is unlike the temporary station where -- which has been there since 90 not get the new one will be built to withstand weather events with wind speeds up to 150 miles an hour. the upgrade will allow fire crews to stay in the community during storms providing a coworker response in the aftermath. important with this weather we have to we will see another
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some could be strong. gusty winds and heavy downpours through tomorrow morning. looking at the clouds continuing to thicken and lower and that is what we will see for today. mainly cloudy skies with us across central florida, 73 winds out of the south southeast, breezy and warm for the rest of today. a chance of a couple showers and you see the numbers, 60s, 70s around. 72 sanford, 70 kissimmee, 71 toward cocoa beach. winds shooting in and out of the southeast about 10-20 miles an hour with some higher gusts picketing is one. cloud cover back to the northwest of us and the west. that is where the next storm system is coming from. the mess atlanta to dc with freezing rain and snow. for us looking after the change for rain. later today a few showers and storms are possible. most willing in tonight's. this is 4:00 when you see tom
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showers and storms this evening . a better chance tonight mainly dry criminal act but look what happens at 3 am. western zones, line of rain storms sets up and moved in and brighter colors we could see strong storms, gusty winds to 6:00, 7 am just in time for the drive but eventually sweeping out and we will see a nicer day moving in for tomorrow. heavy rain a threat for tonight. we will watch out for the lightning and winds gusting over 40 miles of -- an hour. watch up pop-up shower or storm, 50s and 60s water temperatures seas 360 strong risk of recurrence. today temperatures in the 70s for most of us. a few 60s in the nose and -- northern zones 20 percent chance of rain during the day and staying warm and breezy but tonight a better chance of rain and storms with the line we are tracking and then it wraps up early tomorrow and we will clear out not much in way of cold air behind it. 78 for tomorrow. five-day forecast where the
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wednesday a gorgeous day, 75 and sunny. weak front moving and thursday. thursdays highs in the upper 60s and a low 70s and look at the sunny skies wednesday and thursday and friday and saturday. very important for the race fans by the speedway this weekend. a warming trend for the weekend. saturday, still sunny. temperatures around 76 in on sunday, temperatures around 78. we will find tune that for the 500 as we get close. we mention the rain and storms moving in tonight. coming up at the next half hour we will look at one of the computer models to pinpoint how much rain we could see overnight. vanessa? 9 investigates learned dozens of orange county firefighters are earning more than $400,000 a year because over time. 9 investigates why more workers cannot be hired and why one she
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a man suspected in the triple shooting that killed a dozen cookman student remains in jail. >> hostile appeared in court yesterday with had in bandages. police say was involved in a fight at the indigo lakes called court before shooting and killing johnson early saturday morning. johnson was the father to a five-month-old baby. 2 other students were shot. pastel was charged with first- degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. -- >> he cherished her. and now she will be without her father. >> two other students were shot in expected to survive. pastel shards -- charged with first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. we are working to find out from the volusia county sheriff's office when an escaped inmate and girlfriend who brought her son on the run with him will be back in
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gary bullock junior and natasha quigley were arrested in conducting friday. investigators say quickly help bullet take off his gps monitor and escape from a work release site in daytona beach shores. they have been on the run for three weeks. the boy is now safe. i watch news at night and i see these tragedies unfold and thinking, god, i cannot imagine how the field -- feel. now i do. >> the us marshal say the couple surrendered peacefully when they were caught. she is charged with aiding and escaping. two dozen bills filed in tallahassee to compensate people hurt by the mistakes or negligence of government agencies in the state. they include wrongly convicted prisoners, children abused by foster parents, and football players who died during practice. right now those victims can only get the maximum of $200,000 or the families of the money regardless of the long- term cost of the injury. covering lake county this manatees -- manatee is being nursed back to health.
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commission rescued the manatee from lake harris and leesburg yesterday but they say its way from the st johns river and somehow got through several locking mechanisms and got it from the cold. >> due of basic health assessment on it and depending on that table either give it medical care it needs. >> nwc believes one more manatee made its way through the locking mechanisms. get a look at the manatee rescue and share the video by going to facebook .com/ wftv. this afternoon thousands of sharks are gathering of the southeast coast of florida. professors found the shock hovering around palm beach and riviera beach during a surveillance flights. in this frame all the gray specs add up to more than 150 sharks. officials say they work -- migrate warmer waters for mating season.
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high marks when it comes to teacher misconduct the national investigation grading schools unchecking teachers backgrounds and sharing misconduct information. how florida fared. former president though clinton coming to florida today. where he will be will be key to
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former president bill clinton is in south florida to campaign for his wife. >> hillary clinton originally scheduled to attend the rally but now she's sending her husband. michael lopardi is in riviera beach. >> this allows her to spend more time in nevada where she's locked in a race with bernie sanders.
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away so she can afford to skip the event it will be held in a building -- building behind me. do not underestimate the appeal of the former president. he remains popular with democrats and is known to fire up a crowd. the event allows the clinton campaign to get an early start in florida estate that is key to the general election likely. democrats are stronger in south florida so it's not surprising. riviera beach a predominantly of african-american community at clinton, sanders a try to capture the boat. today seems to be the day of former presidents. former president bush will campaign with his brother. the connection can have a complex situation because while it can help they can bring baggage with it. we will begin at 4:00. in riviera beach, michael lopardi channel 9 eyewitness news. florida's presidential primary is one month from today and tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote or update your information like address, party
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party has a close primary meaning you have to be registered with a specific party in order to vote for candidates in that party. you can keep up with all the development of the 2015 election by downloading our free wftv news app code tracking a chance for showers this afternoon in a bigger chance for rain for later tonight. certified meteorologist brian shields brian shields has the latest. >> pop-up variety for today. tonight line of rain and storm so we will see grain late tonight and early tomorrow morning daytona beach clouds around and pockets of drizzle and a few sprinkles popping up and we have been dry. winds south southeast at 30 miles an hour with temperatures near 70, sunset 6:14. after that we will watch the gulf of mexico for the next line of rain and storms.
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of us with this line, a complex system bringing freezing rain earlier near atlanta and snow upwards of 5 inches toward the dc area. typical winter storm and we get the tail and when tom gets in her later at 4:00, i will update the showers and storms and see that development back in the gulf of mexico and what we are watching for. head of it, you see one or two showers and storms popping up this afternoon. you can seemingly cloudy skies in a couple of showers early a flagler county and in volusia. a lot of us in the 70s and more in the 7072 in sanford, 70 kissimmee, harmony, holopaw, 73 in melbourne. be in the 70s today in the late shower is popping up and then tonight we get a line of rain and storms and some of those could be gusty. temperatures in the 60s, custody or winds and heavy downpours. if you're part of the early morning risers in the early morning commute, you could walk
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we will go to the timing and how much rain you can expect in this half hour. vanessa? arctic air is moving out of the country and millions of americans are trying to warm up. a new storm is moving through. there is rain, snow, ice and concerns for 20 states from georgia to maine. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: the nation's capital under a winter storm warning bracing for up to 6 inches of snow overnight, more snow fell in chicago after a weekend of blinding white out conditions. leaving roadways littered with wreckage from indiana to pennsylvania, multiple pileups killing three and sending dozens to the hospital. incredible images are emerging from the record-breaking cold. firefighters battling a blaze in philadelphia, leaving this car completely frozen in ice. in boston, subzero temperatures shattering a 60-year-old record
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coldest valentine's day in 100 years. finally, in new hampshire, the wicked cold led to dramatic rescues at a ski resort. 48 people trapped, hanging more than 40 feet off the ground. >> swinehart them back and -- it swung hard and back and we knew there was a problem. >> reporter: everyone was rescued after three hours. looking ahead there is some relief from this dangerous cold. forecasters say a storm moving from the south and up the coast will bring warmer temperatures by midweek. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. florida can do better when it comes to teacher misconduct. usa today grading schools, florida got a c. the state scored high for transparency and laws requiring misconduct to be reported. florida did not do well because
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are not required. and not all reports of misconduct are sent to a national database of teacher discipline. this afternoon we're hearing from a florida man who says he contracted the mosquito- borne zika virus months ago before the outbreak hit the us. medical student at florida international university was on a medical mission in haiti in november. he says he felt the worst headache he had ever express while he was there and said he had a fever and felt weak and had pain behind his eyes and had a rash. he looked through notes to find out what was wrong with him. >> i had no idea what it was. i knew i was sick so i thought it might be some other disease. back then i had never heard of it. >> he says he plans to go back to haiti next month to help educate people about the zika virus especially pregnant women. there are two confirmed cases and osceola county. a new health trend, you can chew.
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researchers think they may have found a way to treat a rare devisees confused with early alzheimer's. >> seven, what's next? >> eight. >> yes yes no. >> keep going.
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>> it is called primary progressive aphasia. instead memory, experts say patients have lucid thoughts but struggled to communicate. researchers say there are certain rain scans that can help them to identify the disorder and they are researching brain stimulating technology that may be able to treat it. one out of every for three americans has had their healthcare records stolen last year and most of them were completely unaware of it. officials say health current record hacking increased by 11,000 percent in 2015. more than 100 million people fell victim to healthcare record theft. they are usually sold online for criminals to use to buy prescription drugs, pay for treatment and surgery, and file false tax returns. a new green juice loaded with salad, granola and to near -- nutrients promising you will feel fuller. >> that's right, chuice is
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diabetics, people with drugs -- blood sugar problems should steal -- their career -- steer clear. sold online for $48 for six bottles. an old allegation against payees in manning. why the charge against the star has come up again in a new lawsuit. firefighters are working overtime in the union says is because of a shortage of employees. we asked why departments cannot hire more. tracking rain and storms on
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we learned dozens of firefighters earning more than $100,000 per year because of overtime >> overtime cannot be avoided the jesus but the union says it is because of the shortage.
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learned department across florida are spending tens of millions on overtime. >> reporter: firefighters have no time to waste one responding to like -- life or death emergencies and an orange county they responded to about 115,000 calls last year. some critical work requiring overtime. >> they tend to each position 156 hours of overtime per year. >> we learn more than 40 firefighters are earning more than $100,000 per year because they collected over time and 9 investigates review the numbers and discovered the top five collected between 28-45 28- $45,000 last year and overtime alone. >> almost enough to hire another person. when i do that? >> you can and in some cases we do but if you look at the positions, battalion chief positions works overtime
12:42 pm
years, 34 $5 million last year. >> that is a very quick, easy knee-jerk reaction to say that seems out of whack. >> the chief tells up some cannot be avoided because federal law mandates anything over 52 hours per week is overtime. orange county firefighters working 56 hours. chad chairman of tax law says the mandates put the department in a stuff -- tough spot yes you will see it go up based on cost-of-living increases. >> reporter: we compared the numbers to other than to florida counties and firefighters racked up between six and $20 million in overtime across the area. seminole county firefighters earned more than those in orange county. the chief says the agency is working to keep costs down. firefighters uses biometric system to clock in and out. the goal is to ensure employees are actually working time and keeping track of who is earning overtime so in theory no one person is allowed to rack up. daralene jones, channel 9 eyewitness news.
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overtime work reimbursed to the department. orange county graduated a class of 28 degrees in another class of 30s darted. >> super bowl championship peyton manning has named -- with saint denis sexual harassment lawsuit. >> six women filed a lawsuit against university of tennessee claiming the school violated title ix with acting with quote the elaborate a difference in its response to sexual assault. one of the incidents about the former trainer who claims peyton manning sexually assaulted her in a locker room in 1996. even if it is 20 years old, even if he was in college, as though fake it resonates in large part because of the image that he has created for himself. >> mani explained the incident in his autobiography as a crude but harmless exchange. the trainer filed a defamation lawsuit against manning and his ghostwriter and 21 /2001 who
12:44 pm
negative light. waiting on final numbers from the second statewide burmese python hunt. >> it ended yesterday officially. researchers say the purpose of the hunt was to remove pythons from the everglades that are destroying native mammal populations as of friday officials counted 102 captured pythons. an official tally will be announced in an awards ceremony next friday. there are thousands of pythons in the everglades. they got 102. >> you want the stories to end. >> we need to put her on assignment. >> not enough money in this world. >> oh, goodness. a decent day. tom terry will have information at 4:00. we will get little model runs
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that will work in tonight. cloudy, 73 winds out of the southwest at 14, 73 in orlando. you see the 60s and 70s with us, 60 clermont, 71 cocoa beach, 70 and new smyrna beach. winds are pulling out of the southeast. breezy 10 to 20 miles an hour. even though we have the clouds the southerly flow will keep us on the warm side. there is a cloud cover, showers earlier, parts of flagler, volusia county. not a lot now. we will see some popping up. most of the action is to the west and of the gulf of mexico and that's what we will look out for. today during the day, 20 percent chance of rain in up to 70 percent chance for late tonight early to market clouds increase, the chance of a lay shower or storm. temperatures in the 70s for highs of the sick these by this evening. here's your timeframe 4:00 when you see tom, spotty shower or storm to the evening. by midnight we will watch to the west and that is when the line starts to move in. heavy rain with it. it will not last long the heavy
12:46 pm
look at that four, five, 6:00 in time for some of the drive. i will be here tomorrow morning tracking it from 5-7 on eyewitness news this morning. then we clear out but the threats we are looking for tonight, a period of heavy rain and winds dusting over 40. the rainfall we can expect most of us around half of an inch of rain because it will be a fast mover. a few spots and heavy downpours could pick up one inch. temperatures today, 60s, 70s, the 60s northern tier, a lot of clouds around in a chance for an isolated shower. tonight rate -- rain and storms with a line arriving at 63. after the early shower or storm we will clear out. not a front bringing cool air. 78 the height tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, gorgeous. the rest of the five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view wednesday picture-perfect, seven -- sunday -- sunny, 75 a mini front moving in. cooler thursday nobody cool down over seven days. low 70s on thursday. nice friday, the weekend, mid
12:47 pm
the speedway. we will watch that as we get close to the daytona 500. how a man managed to skip
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12:49 pm
stories were working on today for eyewitness news at 4:00. right now state troopers are looking for the driver who hit a man while he was jogging and just drove off. it happened this morning on satellite boulevard near dean avenue just outside cocoa. toopers believe the car is a light gray price of the front end damage.
12:50 pm
name and details about the car used in the hit-and-run. orange county deputies say a man was shot on his way to work for fighting back against armed robbers. investigators a three-man walk into the legs bus stop on orange blossom trail went two men robbed them at gunpoint. one put up a fight and was shot. at 4:00 we are asking deputies crooks. wastewater treatment supervisor and -- in spain skipping six years of work and no one took notice. >> how does this happen? garcia was nominated -- that's the other part, nominated for an award. commemorating his 20 years of service in 2010 but employee said they had not heard from him in years. his former manager contacted him to ask where he had been. he claims he was reading philosophy at home instead after a hearing for his appeal, the court ordered him to pay $30,000 fine equivalent to one year's salary.
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we will track showers and storms, a couple later today but best bet late tonight early in the morning i will be here 5 to 7 on eyewitness news is murder. a lot thanks for watching eyewitness news at noon. >> 'the chew' is next.>> see ya!of sunshine by midweek -- thanks for watching eyewitness news at noon.
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>> announcer: a crime has been committed at "the chew." the pantry ransacked. vital ingredients stolen. the kitchen covered in clues. everyone is a suspect. was it dastardly daphne oz? corrupt clinton kelly? mischievous mario batali? criminal carla hall? or menacing michael symon? the fabulous fran drescher is on the scene, can you figure out
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