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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 a m to live look at brevard county. paying attention to the band of rain moving across but it will be out quickly and what a day stewart. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> roads are wet. >> it's been busy. watching brevard county witnessing damage reports. the desk is checking around rockledge, reports of a few issues. they had power outages as well. look at early warning dopler 9 hd, a severe threat done for almost all. watching for brevard county for
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the next 15 minutes officially under a warning. rain in osceola, heavy rain coming down in southern sections a brevard county melbourne, palm bay and markers, green popping up showing strong storms moving off to the east northeast. tornado indications are low at this time but we will monitor. melbourne, palm bay, malabar wait for this to me. lightning as it zooms in but it is going out, clearing soon and gorgeous day that will arrive in the wake of the storms last night and only this one. 50s and 60s, go with your shorts and if it's not raining at your house, you do not need that umbrella. look what happens behind this. 71 at 10:00, this afternoon picture-perfect weather, 75 and may day, 78 at 2:00.
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6:00, temperatures around 73. we have the warning for the next 15 minutes. taking you into southern brevard county ahead and try to storm system moving by and we get into changes for the rest of the week. 5:31 am. checking traffic with deneige. >> i 4, conroy. most of these vehicles are the westbound side but there is a crash as well on the eastbound side that has lanes in both directions blocked and seeing the slowdown westbound. i will let you know if we see major delays. and we have a crash sam lake road, chancellor drive. make sure you are moving over for the emergency vehicles and getting yourself action minutes since the roads are still slick. a lot of entered -- an answer questions about who killed a woman and her 16-year- old daughter. >> and p the man who looks at the home at santa barbara rd. found them yesterday afternoon. eyewitness news this morning janai norman aside in the man ran to a neighbor's house after finding the mother and daughter. >> we spoke with the women.
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the ones whose call 911. he ran out of this house to them saying he found his girlfriend on the floor and he thought she was dead. deputies are saying -- staying tightlipped about the investigation into who killed a year-old daughter. we had crews on the sky and the ground as deputies swarmed the neighborhood confirming the debts a suspicious. -- debts as suspicious. they were the first people to talk to a man who found the mother and daughter dead. >> i was tried to keep him calm and keep him from going in the house. continuing to reject investigators for more information and now more than 12 hours into the investigation deputies have yet to completely cleared the scene and have not said whether they have any suspects. and we are working to find out from investigators the names of the mother and daughter found
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what we learn more about the victims and any word about potential suspects we will update you on air in our wftv mobile app. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. we are seeing some 911 calls from the night three bethune-cookman university students were shot at a party. >> people are everywhere like, oh, i cannot believe it happened in my face. >> police say they got nearly 20 911 calls early saturday morning. lamont postell shot three people outside of a clubhouse at the indigo lakes golf club. 23-year-old johnson died and the other victims are expected to survive. postell is charged with first- degree murder and attempted murder. a couple considered persons of interest in the death of an 81-year-old man are undergoing mental health evaluations. julian gresham was found stabbed to death saturday night inside his home.
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his daughter and her boyfriend. we found out buchan was accused of killing his mother in 2007. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. the two gunmen who robbed people on their way to work and shot one are on the run. it was breaking yesterday on eyewitness news this morning. orange county deputies say the three men were at the links bus stop at kelly avenue when it two men with guns came up to them demanding money. the man who shot is expected to be okay. investigators are trying to get video from the services. the new zika cases confirmed in broward county has brought the state's total to 21 cases. there have been two cases and central florida, both osceola county. roy ramos found out orange county leaders will meet today to discuss how to prevent the spread of the virus. >> reporter: the state of florida leads the country -- leaves the country with the most confirmed cases of the zika virus is. 21 cases in broward county.
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discuss how to prevent spread because the mosquitoes carrying zika do not normally breed in lakes and ponds. control is our aging residents to prevent standing water. tips like turning over buckets and containers discarding old tires in changing the water and hot holding flowers twice-daily are a few of the recommendations to prevent the virus from spreading. mosquito control paying spring will not help and during cool months is less affect it. they say it is the assistance of residents say need to help fight the virus that results in birth defects. that was roy ramos reported. at this point all 21 cases our travel related. mosquito control has been going door-to-door asking residents for permission to look for sources of mosquito -- standing water. we will let you know what plan of action leaders, but the meeting later. president.
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donald trump -- a supporter who try to heckle him during a stop in florida. >> i remember when he called me to say how terrible the republicans have been to me and hillary how unfair they were and what a brilliant job completed. >> eyewitness news was in riviera beach yesterday when the former president made a campaign stop for his wife, hillary clinton spent the day nevada. another former president the campaign trail to draw support for his family. george w. bush was in south carolina. ahead of the primary, to encourage people to vote for his brother jeb. he sharing experiences and does not doubt that his mother has what it takes. >> we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors in the flames anger and frustration. -- and -- [ applause ] we need someone who can fix the problems. >> the former president took a
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he will do what's right for the country. keep up with the 2016 race for the white house by going to into the on news and visit the election section. attorneys the deltona man accused of killing his wife and children while the trial to happen in 60 days. toledo shot was supposed to have been this month but was continued after the us supreme court ruled the state's death penalty system is unconstitutional. the state still plans to seek the death penalty of toledo is convicted of killing soiries and her children. federal 29th hearing. we will find out if a man accused in a deputy involved shooting at a ww training facility in orange county will be confident to stand trial. a hearing was supposed to happen yesterday but it was pushed back and not clear why. investigators say they had to shoot montalvo in august when he charged the deputies who showed up to remove him from the center in his lawyers say he is not competent for trial.
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daytona beach police sergeant. is under investigation. we told you when sergeant. joseph seles was suspended for making sexual remarks to a female officer. suspended again a few weeks ago for sexually harassing another female officer. he's on administrative leave and under investigation. officials are nothing why. 9 investigates dug into orange county records in front of the last year the county has lost over $300,000 worth of equipment. >> including ice machines, of an, and portable generator. an audit by the comptroller's office shows 163 items disappeared. the majority were lost at the orange county jail as specifically computer equipment. >> when equipment gets transferred, forms have to be filled out and sometimes employees do not fill out the correct forms. so we cannot locate the items. >> the county manager believes the majority of equipment is still in the county. they plan to meet with jail officials to improve the
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5:39 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. it is hard to believe it's going to be a beautiful day. >> it's blowing off the coast quickly. certified meteorologist brian shields. >> pinpointing yesterday it would be early in the morning or late at night. early warning dopler 9 hd tracking one warning after the next six minutes brevard county. the severe warning osceola county is better. kissimmee, st cloud, harmony, holopaw, severe threat over brevard county which will watch the next few minutes. melbourne, palm bay heavy rain. it's moving offshore most offshore now of melbourne beach and moving away but heads-up it is coming down the rockets in spots. rockledge, showers moderate rain and roy ramos is headed there. we will get an update shortly.
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heaviest weather in the last hour. clearing, warm, 79. 52 and we track the changes for the rest of the week ahead. 5:40 am deneige. >> with the rain we have been having a brevard county none has impacted driving a brevard county. looking at i 4, i 4 westbound convoy, you have a number of emergency vehicles on scene from a crash blocking 2 late and eastbound, one leg is blocked and has not caused issues -- one leg is blocked. if you are headed we have a crash to the side 528 westbound after 407. you may not know all you should about your child's teacher. how florida ranks when it comes to sharing information about teacher misconduct. a woman caught on video stealing jewelry from six stores who investigators say trained her and used to for the crimes. strict guidelines a local
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>> reporter: the deputy cruiser has been here since we got here this morning and the crime scene tape has been up since investigators were called out yesterday afternoon. sky witness 9 flew overhead capturing the investigators who swarmed the neighborhood. we confirmed they believe the depth are suspicious and this -- suspicious deaths that were not murder-suicide. they have not said how they were killed or whether they have any suspects in the case. those are questions we will continue to ask as we work to learn the names of the victims. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a lake county coach will not be allowed to coach his team next year because he says his academic standards were too high. >> to various high schools coach's box says he wants players to work on and off the court. he put strict standards in place. the school allows them to play
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tougher he was benching players went e's and t's and classes. >> i have kids ds-- and cs. >> a new report shows florida may be slacking when it comes to sharing histories of teacher misconduct. a report came out from usa today and give florida and t in conducting teacher background checks and sharing misconduct information with others. it said teachers who had problems in florida do not get listed in the national database. it made it easy for them to get hired to teach elsewhere. volusia county deputies have arrested a man they say is responsible for beating to disabled man. deputies arrested a man on saturday after his alleged victims reached for help. he was spending money -- counterfeit money and would
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the brevard county man offering to sell legal medical marijuana licenses to the public is headed to prison. we told you about the story last year when 9 investigates spoke to cunningham, mr. for 20 about his so-called legal like to -- licenses he was offering licenses from the -- for medicinal purposes. he was spent four years in prison for selling possessing candidates. daytona beach firefighter using an ambulance for troubled -- personal use because it's ex- wife was late. gregory boutin violated policy when he used his ambulance to drop his kids off at his ex- wife's home. he claims his ex never came up to pick up the children so he dropped them to avoid missing work. he received a written warning and up to 20 minutes of leadtime. a multimillion dollar plan from some state lawmakers to clean parts of the endangered river level. the house was 21.5 clean parts of the endangered river level. the house was $21.5 million for
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county getting rid of the month. -- 5:47 am. 1010 -- we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> speaking as a dad you have kids sleeping. you have to wake up kids and bring them down and can be scary with a nighttime storms. getting damage reports and rockledge. heading out to check that. a thread is ending now, no warnings. the warning a brevard county has expired which is good news. heavy rain so if you can hold off for 30 minutes in brevard county that will be your best bet. it will be slow. melbourne, palm bay with heavy rain and the color red offshore
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moderate rain is coming down toward rockledge will be have damage reports. we will let you know new information in this is the back edge. light showers waterford lakes, lake nona, meadow woods. hunters creek. late showers to st cloud in kissimmee. people have a gorgeous day -- we will have a gorgeous day on the way. tracking a possible -- severe weather done. 50s and 60s, 62 orlando. lots of sun and warm. 75 and noon at 2:00, altamonte springs near 78. this is what we can expect as we go forward. 8:00, a couple left over clouds. eight, nine, 10, clear. clear skies tonight and turning chilly.
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that's the high, 70s in the northern tier 80. a front is not dragging anything in the way of by tonight, clear skies and chillier. will have 40s and 50s when i see tomorrow morning and tomorrow a perfect day. sunny, 75 on wednesday. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view another chilly night wednesday early thursday, thursday is cooler with a secondary front moving in. temperatures around 72. 72 thursday. sunny friday 73 and look at that weekend. milder and nothing hot or cold. sunny and saturday and 77. still mid to upper 70s on sunday. mostly sunny skies with the overnight lows, camping weather. an update on heavy rain parts a brevard county in osceola.
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let's look at i 4. flashing lights. deneige. >> the camera has not done better . this is i 4 at conroy, you have lanes in both directions blocked a crash on one side and emergency vehicles on the other. one and two lanes of luck to both directions. it's causing slowdowns and you can get through just keep this in mind and wet roads. light traffic chakra, precious to the side. 520 westbound, after 407. a christmas, to have a crash subside. sam lake road, chest the drive, also a crash -- chancellor drive. wet roads. another big step in the case of the four young men frame for a crime in 1949. the apology the family members of the groveland for will get today.
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the volusia county inmate escaped to kentucky with his girlfriend will face a judge on thursday. >> gary bullock junior and go for natasha quigley arrested in conducting friday and investigators say he helped the look take off his gps monitor -- she help them escape from a work release site in daytona beach shores.
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hearings in jacksonville to get answers and the sinking of el faro. the ship went down in the bahamas after it went through hurricane joaquin last october. they found the wreckage at the bottom of the ocean one month later. all 33 crew members on the cargo ship guide including a man from central florida that the coast guard said the hearings will last until next week. the largest health insurer and central florida has teamed up with local dr.'s to provide better care for the community. they spoke with bill nelson of florida to find out how the so- called accountable care organizations work. >> you get a group of doctors together that can share information about patients electronically >> he says a network of $1000 around central florida working with united healthcare. plans like this and affordable care act save the country from going back up to two medical costs. another plan saving floridians money for medical expenses. emergency care center in
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it opened doors for the first time yesterday. it's located in winter park, florida accountable care services office on or tomorrow boulevard. a deland woman whose husband was run over by a former police officer is pushing for an overhaul on states grand jury system to crystal brown's husband was killed when a former officer ran him down individual car while he was running away back in 2013. the officer was fired but a grand jury chose not to indict him of the crime. brown started a petition for the state to stop using grand jury if the accused works in law enforcement. seminole county commissioners will discuss plans for -- over a golf course. homeowners around the single point country club have approved plans to develop part of the property. part of the plan includes more than 250 apartments. the fbi believes they have caught the man responsible for jewelry high stretching from
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>> 24-year-old abigail camp was arrested in georgia in connection with the heist after she was caught on camera stealing from six jewelry stores. fbi investigators believe it is her brothers larry and michael gilmore who are the real masterminds. they say they trained her to carry out the robberies. investigators say the trio stove $4 million in jewels. -- stole $4 million in jewels coax a job fair for nurses. job fairs at eight hospital campuses with managers on site to conduct interviews. starts at 9 am-1 pm. head over to /web links. veterans and spouses will have an opportunity to find jobs today. third annual veterans business initiative will begin the 10 week program. the program kicks off later at the central florida disability chamber of commerce. the program has a success rate of more than 50 percent by
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it could be a solution for heavy traffic through downtown orlando. >> the new technology using your cell phone to figure out how many people are on the roads. tracking heavy pockets over brevard county.
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right now eyewitness news this morning a man found her mother and 16-year-old daughter dead inside their orange county home. we are asking investigators what they know about a motive or suspects in th e case. strong storms are moving out of central florida as we speak. leaving behind wet roads for your commute. 6 am, we have been here all night keeping an eye on the storms. we were on the air at 4 am when a tornado warning was issued for his parts of central florida. >> strong storms across the area. certified meteorologist brian shields is at severe weather center 9 but if you can see it's blowing off. >> things are settling down. officially attend a watchful brevard county but will expire and i will take down the crawl. we will be in better shape and we had heavy weather last night


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