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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now eyewitness news this morning a man found her mother and 16-year-old daughter dead inside their orange county home. we are asking investigators what they know about a motive or suspects in th e case. strong storms are moving out of central florida as we speak. leaving behind wet roads for your commute. 6 am, we have been here all night keeping an eye on the storms. we were on the air at 4 am when a tornado warning was issued for his parts of central florida. >> strong storms across the area. certified meteorologist brian shields is at severe weather center 9 but if you can see it's blowing off. >> things are settling down. officially attend a watchful brevard county but will expire and i will take down the crawl. we will be in better shape and we had heavy weather last night
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heavy rain offshore. palm bay, melbourne, cocoa beach seeing rain coming down. gusty winds earlier. rockledge, vera, palm shores. we got damage reports out of rockledge. an update on that ahead. southern volusia finishing in county. that will be done and will have a lot of sun in the forecast. looking at rain and storms from last night moving away and it's going to be picture-perfect. we will have sunshine a warming temperatures. 61 in orlando, through the day mid to upper 70s for highs. the planner, 10:00, mostly sunny. 68 and lunch down -- lunchtime, 72. in the afternoon, mid to upper 70s with mostly sunny skies. it's not raining now you do not need your umbrella. we will have the sun working quickly.
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brevard and osceola county and we will get into how much chillier it will be tonight. 6:01 am. checking the drive along i 4 here is deneige. >> no issues a brevard county or brevard -- osceola county. i 4 at conroy in both directions we have issues, crash on one side and emergency vehicles locking lanes on the other. either way, east dunbar westbound you will have one or two lanes blocked off. because see people getting through but you will need extra time. sam lake rd., chancellor drive, a crash to the side. move over for troopers and deputies on scene. there are a few answers to whom killed a mother and 16- year-old daughter inside a home in pine hills. >> a man who lives in the home found them dead yesterday afternoon. deputies do not have any suspects.
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house in orange county. >> the deputy has been here since this morning and he's been keeping watch over this crime scene. >> reporter: deputies have not said much about the search for a killer and that's what has people who live around here uneasy. they know a man found a woman and daughter dead inside of the home but they do not know who did it or why. >> this morning in orange county, deputy has been keeping watch over a home that became a crime scene monday afternoon. sky witness 9 captured the swarm of investigators in this pine hills neighborhood. we confirmed -- confirmed the deaths are suspicious. >> he told me his girlfriend was on the floor and he thought she was dead. >> reporter: neighbor's known a man has lived at the home for two years but did not know others who lived there. two women call 911 when they were showed up destroyed monday they do not want to show their faces and were the only
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camera until deputies told them they were safe. >> so far this morning deputies have not released any additional information. they have not said whether they have anyone in custody for any potential suspects picked have not said how the victims died. we are asking the questions working to learn more about the victims. first coming up at 6:30 talking with neighbors who were some of the first -- first people to talk to the man who found them here. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. the coast guard is waiting for first light to continue the search for a missing fisherman we told you about the search yesterday on eyewitness news this morning with lloyd chamberlains spotted off the coast. he never returned from a fishing trip. his family says is an experienced fishermen who spent most of his time on the water or state troopers are following several tips this one should find the driver who hit and killed a jogger and took
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fhp says jason wrote here was running on southlake boulevard, cocoa yesterday morning when he was hit. troopers believe the suspect vehicle was a light gray chrysler. they say there were no eyewitnesses. his story is one that is happening too often. data shows the number of people died in hit-and-run crashes is equal to one fatality every other day. awareness campaign yesterday. families affected by hit-and- run crashes met with state solutions. troopers say no matter what the reason may be, leaving the scene of a crash is not a good idea. us officials are in cuba finalizing a deal that would bring back commercial flights could soon began. 50 years. summer. health officials will give orange county leaders an update on the local fight against the zika virus. florida has the most confirmed are contracted here.
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roy ramos for fourth split -- can -- mosquito control is limited and how to fight the virus. >> reporter: the new case to pop up a broward county has brought the state total to 21 cases. orange county leaders are scrambling with how to fight the problem. for mosquito control spraying will not necessarily help and during cooler months, the treatment is less affect you. experts -- less effective. they don't breed in normal places like ponds and lakes. for some reason health officials say the zika caring mosquitoes thrive in breed and man-made containers you can find in your yard like buckets, birdbaths and pools. mosquito control workers have been on the lookout for these breeding grounds because the same mosquitoes also carry the dengue virus and other viruses. orange county administrators will hear from health care managers today.
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pregnant women who can pass the zika virus on to their unborn children resulting in severe birth defects and miscarriages. roy ramos, eyewitness news this morning. is important to note so far all 21 florida cases our travel related. >> after more than six decades, the families of these 4 young black men in lake county will receive a public apology. 67 years of 4 black men in lake county with charge with raping a 72-year-old white girl pics is that time documents have been released that prove they did not do it. we sat down with the author of a book written by then. much of it focuses on the sheriff explaining how he frames of young men in 1949. >> he made an implicit deal with the people of lake county that he was going to deliver swift justice. when the supreme court came and overturned the verdict, he took it on himself to take on capital punishment and attempted to execute two of the
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>> and stored moment in. the city council is set to issue a proclamation calling for exonerations for the 4 men. the owners of a japanese restaurant will try to convince orange county commissioners to allow them to sell alcohol across the street from the school. the restaurant on lake underhill road was denied a liquor license because of its proximity to the school. the hoosiers was there previously as old alcohol but the zoning board said it was there before the school was built. the coast guard will again hearings and the sinking of the el faro it went down near the bahamas after going to hurricane joaquin. they found the record -- wreckage at the bottom of the ocean. all 33 crew members died including a man from here in central florida. the coast guard says the hearings will last until next week. points county commissioners will vote to show support for new way to help alleviate traffic and downtown orlando. the city of orlando is testing traffic trackers that have
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when you drive by the sensor is says a signal to your cell phone to see how well traffic is actually flowing. >> interesting. storm system had is worried about tornadoes through the early morning hours spawned tornadoes in the panhandle. this is from escambia county. it tore down power lines in the neighborhood. one man's home was damaged and he moved in two days ago. no word if there were any injuries. 6:08 am, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , jonathan tieu severe weather center 9. >> is blowing offshore. >> severe weather threat over. good news to pass along. still rain so take it easy. tracking light to moderate rain in brevard county better than earlier member palm bay, i-95 seeing the rain working to the north it is coming down in a big way earlier.
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rockledge is seeing regular showers moving in and southern volusia county was doing better pick the showers were wrapping up eastern sections of orange county and osceola and we will have channel 9 eyewitness news the forecast, clearing, warm, 79. moses sunny tonight and chilly. getting down to 52 and tracking bigger changes for the rest of the week just ahead in main weather. 6:09 am. sky witness 9 over i 4 at conroy. road blocks on both sides. eastbound traffic, to left lanes are blocked and the west sign one leg is blocked. eastbound is saying delays. light traffic strecker, a crash that popped up -- live traffic tracker, crash popped up at a colored. a man accused of stealing from his church faced a judge.
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caught red-handed pulling cash from plates. what investigators say insurance agent it with money taken from the bank account of a senior citizen. i know you care about your son and i believe you will do the right thing. >> 9 investigates a complaint against the school board member
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on nancy alvarez. 6:14 am. if you look at the screen you can see the radar tells the story. the system producing severe storms overnight moving off the coast. we will let you know what to expect for the day ahead. a full check of weather and traffic coming up. 9 investigates can discovered that the complaint
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father who felt threatened by an orange county school board member who works as a campaign manager in the city council race. leroy bell has gone door-to- door to help politicians meet voters in south apopka. he said he reviews to support sam ruth's bid for reelection. two foreign desk school board member more is running the campaign. bell claims she made comments about a special school for graham that his son participates and when he refused to show support. he worries his son could be moved out of perry lake elementary. >> my son is thriving and for her, chris christie more to take and try to intimidate me about my son being moved, that don't set well with me or my wife. >>wftv legal and hazmat belvin perry file the complaint.
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son is being removed. there could be months before the ethics committee takes action. astrology in accused of running over police officer has been pushed back. both sides told the judge yesterday they need more time to prepare. investigators say kelty ran over officer william anderson during a traffic stop last july . kelty is charged with attempted murder. officer anderson is recovering. the trial date has not been set. kelty's codefendant was arrested for the hearing yesterday. investigators say he is the person running away from the car and this dashcam video before officer anderson was run over. outstanding warrant charged as an accessory. residence in eatonville do one. the boil water notice was lifted yesterday. of the story last week when we showed you a flood along e. kennedy blvd. after a water main break.
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, county commissioners will discuss plans including a battle over and abandoned golf course. most of the daily thousand homeowners around the sable point country club have approved plans to develop part of the property. it includes more than 250 apartments. leesburg police are taking another step to stop crime in a troubled part of town. police have created a task force of officers to focus on carver heights. they are bringing officers on bikes to bring -- keep an eye on the area. it comes after a string of shootings last year. we will be a volusia county when leaders try to figure out what to do about a homeless shelter. the city of daytona beach has submitted the 20 page agreement holding the city responsible for paying for the operation of the shelter. the county has to provide the property and pay $4 million to build it. the agreement does not require a specific location. speak with, daytona beach will cause disruptions for those using bus services.
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thursday to avoid the traffic at the daytona international speedway. service daytona beach airport, and the flea market are temporary shutdown. riders on route 11, 18, 19 will see delays. service will return to normal next monday. 6:17 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. i came in early and you know who was here? >> this guy. >> you were here early. >> there is a lot going on we had heavy weather and we had what could have been a tornado of a rural areas. we are here to keep you covered in the threat is done. tornado watch, forget about it gets threats to the south dropping a crawl and in much better shape. we are seeing rain in brevard county. it will not last too much longer. if you don't leave the house until 7:00, you will hang with us. he will not need your umbrella. rain, melbourne, palm bay.
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heavy weather, stronger storms, severe weather offshore. malabar, grant-valkaria, seeing the rain. wrapping up in rockledge and merritt island. we have accrued on the way roy ramos headed to rockledge to see if we had damage from earlier. heavy weather from last night. you may have left over cloud cover. that will clear out and will be picture-perfect later today. 50s, 60s around. low 60s around i 4. upper 50s, mid 50s and ocala, 55, go with shorts. mid to upper 70s. the planner, which is race, seminole county, 75 at noon, 78 at 2:00. we will make a run at 80. warm and in the low 70s when you see tom terry at 6:00. 9 am, timeframe, heaviest weather is gone leaving us soon.
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clearing out by midday into the afternoon. nothing but sunshine in the forecast and clear skies tonight and that will allow temperatures to drop further. 79, sunshine, a warm day and bit breezy winds 10 to 15. a couple of us could clip 80 degrees for today. tonight it will be chilly. 40s around in the northern tier in southern sections could be in the upper 40s and a mix of so -- low 50s. a perfect day tomorrow. wednesday, sunny and temperatures in the 70s low to mid 70s humidity in check and loads of sunshine on the way. not just tomorrow but the next several days. how about that forecast. there's the five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view a dry season pattern moving in after this crazy el nio weather. thursday, cooler, 72 at the
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flat out sunny and into the weekend looking good and mostly sunny saturday, warned me -- warmer, 77 and for the 500 sunday, plenty of sun. could see clouds with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for the second half of the weekend. 628. here is -- 620 years deneige. >> i 4, either direction by conroy slowdowns. one lane is blocked and eastbound lanes, two lanes are blocked slowdowns are starting at the turnpike because of the crash that has caused slowdowns. you will need extra five minutes to get to the stretch. pulling up live traffic tracker, a crash here hiawassee road, this is not blocking lanes. move over for troopers until the clear it out. lake county coach lost his job but not for anything he did on the corporate the standards he set for players in the classroom that got him fired.
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dead in their home. coming up we're hearing from neighbors about the man who made the terrible discovery. >> and love to these kids. they have been with me for -- since they were babies.
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6:24 am. the state is trying to shut down in orange county home daycare business after the owner admitted a child inappropriately touched another chapter she has been caring for children in her apopka home for nearly 20 years and in december dcf filed a complaint to provoke the home daycare's registration. she claims the reason dcf found out about the incident was because she reported it to the child-abuse hotline herself. >> i was upset because this is crazy. now they're threatening to shut me down because of this. i was very upset. >> she says she did not see the abuse because she left the room for about four minutes to clean a mess. she's asking for a hearing to share her side of the story. investigators are working to see if there are more
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of stealing is stealing from a customer. >> investigators say he took a $3000 from a 66-year-old woman never bought insurance within him -- money. is accused of taking more money to buy policies the woman ever ordered. the state division of insurance fraud says it is looking into two of the cases. the victim talks about why she trusted the agent and has a warning for others. listen to her interview on to click on the video section. a disney cruise ship made an unscheduled stop in the way to the cayman islands on sunday may the disney wonder stopped to pick up twelfth man stranded on a makeshift boat in the water southwest of cuba. they were turned over to authorities was a cruise ship reached grand cayman. orange county says it's missing thousands of dollars worth of equipment. >> 9 investigates what happened to think that gladys, batteries and computers that seemed to disappear. orange county deputies have not cleared the scene where her mother and daughter were found dead.
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about the man who found them. tracking rain but spots are clearing. the change in temperature is on
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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6:30 am to live look of the doppler can you can see storms moving out of the area, back across the coast. a busy morning. it's been rough strong storms moving across overnight. we have winds roach this morning. >>deneige we will check in with you in a moment to see the delays. we have a crew also heading to the coast . to see if there was damage overnight because a lot of the storms when it -- golden when it was dark. >> we had heavy weather. the severe threat is over that is the headline. nor tornado watch or tornado threat anymore. i want you to have the information. no crawls are running. severe threat is done. that is the headline to take away from now. we have wet weather in brevard county, so the brevard, heavy
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moderate rain now. melbourne, palm bay, take it easy on the drive through palm shores, satellite beach, vera is seeing rain as well. heavy rain zipping in last night possible tornado in rural sections of osceola county. gathering information on that but no more severe weather and we will clear out quickly. a gorgeous day on the way. 50s, 60s now, 61 sanford, orlando, kissimmee, 59 the villages leesburg devotional in clermont in the 50s and 60s flagler, volusia county's. the planner, mostly sunny and 10:00 and it's going to be that nice. 75 and sunny and noon. that will be picture-perfect in mid to upper 70s with the sunshine hitting the afternoon and evening hours. much better shape, much better weather moving in. we do not have crawls running or anything like that.
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chilly it will get for tonight. changes behind some rain. 6:31 am. an update on the drive with new information. here's deneige. >> a crash since 5:00 this morning, i 4 and conroy involving hazardous materials impacting both sides of traffic. eastbound and westbound directions of traffic have one lane blocked while they are trying to get the crash cleared out. seeing slowdowns and the next camera, i 4 at the turnpike, you can see the slowdown heading into downtown orlando because of the crash at the turnpike and we are getting reports of a crash on the turnpike onto the i 4 eastbound ramp blocking one lane. updates about the questions in the next seven minutes. a lot of and answer questions about who killed a woman and her 16-year-old daughter. >> man who lives at the home in santa barbara rd. found them yesterday afternoon. an awful story. eyewitness news this morning
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the main ran to a neighbor's house after finding the mother and daughter. >> -- >> reporter: we spoke with amendment who say they called 911. they say the ran got -- the main route of the house and found the two. orange county deputies are staying tightlipped about the investigation into who killed a 36-year-old woman in her 16- year-old daughter. we had crews in the sky and on the ground monday afternoon at deputies swarmed the pine hills neighborhood, confirming the deaths as suspicious. we spoke with women who did not want to show their faces but say they were the first people to talk with a man who found the mother and daughter dead. >> i was trying to keep him calm. >> reporter: continuing to reach out to investigators for more information and now more than 12 hours into the investigation, deputies have yet to completely clear the crime scene and have not said
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this morning we are working to find out from investigators the names of the mother and daughter found in this home. as soon as we learn any new information we are hoping to get information after 8:00, we will update you on air and on our free wftv news app go. in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. we are hearing some 911 calls from the night three but then cooked and university students were shot at a party. >> there are a lot of people everywhere. like, oh, my god. i cannot believe this happened in my face. >> daytona beach police say they got nearly 20 911 calls early saturday morning. lamont postell shot three people outside of the clubhouse at the indigo lakes golf club. johnson, 23, died in other victims are expected to survive. postell is charged with first- degree murder and attempted murder. a couple considered persons of interest in the death of an 81-year-old man aren't going --
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evaluation spit julian gresham outside -- shot to death in his home. investigators are questioning his daughter, tessie gresham and boyfriend, david bucket. we found he was killed of -- down killing and his mother 2007 but found not guilty of by reason of it -- insanity. breaking yesterday on eyewitness news, orange county deputies say the three men were at the links bus stop on obt and caley avenue with two men with guns came up to them and demanded money. the man shot is expected to be okay. investigators are try to get a hold of the video from a local business. president. bill clinton turned the tables on a donald trump supporter who try to heckle him during a campaign stop in florida. clinton described trump as a longtime supporter. >> i remember when he called me to say how terrible the republicans have been to me and
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were in at what a brilliant job hillary did. >> eyewitness news was in riviera beach yesterday with the former president made a campaign stop for his wife, hillary clinton spent the day in nevada. of the former president hit the campaign trail to draw support for his family. president george w. bush was in south carolina headed -- ahead of the primary. encouraging people to vote for his brother. he shared his experience in says his brother has what it takes. >> we don't need someone in the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration. >> [ applause ]. >> we need someone who can fix the problems. >> the former president joked he was quote ms. underestimated most of his life. he was taking a shot at donald trump saying he will not call names and do what's right for the country. keep up with the race for
6:37 am and clicking on news and visit the elections section. attorneys for the deltona man accused of killing their wife or children once the trial to happen in the next 60 days. toledo trial was supposed to happen this month but with continued after the us supreme court ruled the state's death penalty system is on cost to show. -- unconstitutional. he has a hearing set for february 29. we are expecting to find out next month if a man accused of the deputy involved shooting at the wwe training facility will be confident to stand trial. a hearing was supposed to happen yesterday but was pushed back. it's not clear why. investigators say they had to shoot armando montalvo in august when he charged at deputies who showed up to remove him from the center. his lawyers say he is not competent. why sergeant. is under investigation. we told you sergeant. seles was suspended for making sexual remarks to an officer he was suspended for sexually
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weeks ago he's under investigation and officials are nothing why. 9 investigates dug into records about over the last year the county has lost $300,000 worth of equipment. >> including ice machines, of an and portable generator. an audit by the orange county comptroller's office showed 163 items disappeared. the margin -- majority were lost at the orange county jail specifically computer equipment. >> when equipment gets transferred from one location to another forms have to be filled out and sometimes employees to not fill out the right forms so we cannot locate the items. >> the county manager believes the majority of equipment still in the county and they plan to meal -- meet with officials to improve the inventory procedures. florida mina begetting ice and snow hitting the northeast but the massive winter storm is bringing dangerous weather. >> snowplows moving to clear roads up north, residents in
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are picking up debris from tornadoes. tornadoes were brought into the panhandle destroying 10 homes in escambia county and for the west in mississippi and louisiana where buildings were ripped apart by the twisters. i saw is coming at me. it was scary. >> people up north are feeling record lows. cold enough to shatter a railroad tie. temperatures are filing -- getting above 50 in new york today. they could use a break. 6:39 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> after a rough night we're getting a break. here's certified meteorologist brian shields. >> 6:30 am. a long day. things are getting quite, no tornado threat, nothing like that anymore. the rain is moving away. dry for the rest of the day. just finishing up showers in brevard county melbourne, palm
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valkaria showers are winding down. elsewhere, channel 9 eyewitness news is moving in. as we go through the rest of the season, where the weekend is always in view moving in. you can see we are toggling on alerts. we don't have anything waking you up. 79, clearing and warm for today. sunshine is in the forecast. behind the mask, tonight, clearing again -- behind the mask clearing again. 40s and low 50s. when i see you tomorrow morning, cold. i'm going to track temperature changes on the way for the rest of the week. stay tuned for the awesome forecast.
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on i 4 at this crash at conroy is outside, you have one lane blocked off and was palm bay been able to get the crash to the shoulder. causing slowdowns in both directions. you will need an extra five minutes to get through the stretch. life traffic tracker, lakewood avenue, no indications of a roadblock. i will let you know patient two lanes. a sudden death of a supreme court justice is creating a lot of controversy this morning. coming up on "good morning america", a political firestorm created by the vacancy. >> lawmakers want to clean up the indian river in brevard county. with a plan to remove and why it will cost millions. a friend from the zika virus grows in florida. why officials say it is hard to
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the new zika case confirmed in
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total to 21 cases so far. two cases and central florida, both in osceola county. roy ramos found leaders will meet today to discuss how to prevent the spread of the virus. >> reporter: the state of florida leads the country with the most confirmed cases of the zika virus. 21 cases. the most recent a broward county. orange county leaders plan to discuss how to prevent the spread of the virus today. the mosquitoes carrying zika do not normally breathe in the usual places like lakes and ponds. mosquito control is urging residents to prevent areas around their home from collecting standing water. tips like turning over buckets and containers, discarding old tires in changing the water and this is in pots holding flowers twice-daily are recommendations to prevent the virus from spreading. mosquito kurtosis spraying will not necessarily help and during the call must is less effective. they say it is the assistance of residence they need to fight
6:46 am
birth defects. the mosquito control says they haven't going to door to door asking residents for permission to look for standing water. we will let you know what leaders, but then the meeting later this morning. a lake county coach will not be allowed to coach the team next day because he says his academic standards were two hijacks the coach says he wants players to work hard and -- the school allows students to play sports if they have an overall 2.0 gpa. the coach standards were tougher and he's been benching players with tran40 an individual -- c's and d's in individual classes. >> i have many kids that have a's and b's. >> the district leaders says his approach went too far saying quote instead of encouraging and motivating students it has the opposite effect on many. >> of report shows florida may be sacked -- lacking when it
6:47 am
cannot from usa today saying florida had a seat in conducting background checks and sharing misconduct information with others. it says teachers who have problems in florida do not get listed in the national database making it easy for them to get hired to teach elsewhere. the daytona beach firefighter in trouble for using an ambulance or for personal use says he only did it because his ex-wife was running late. officials say gregory boutin violated policy when he used an ambulance to drop his kids off as it -- at his ex-wife's home. if x ever picked up the children so he dropped them to avoid missing work. he received a written warning and got 20 minutes of free time. a multimillion dollar plan from state lawmakers to clean parts of the indian river lagoon. the house wants $21.5 million or a plant help the county get rid of the mock building a part of the lagoon and banana river. if it is approved, brevard county will have to put up one $.5 million to examine the
6:48 am
6:47 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. our producers said it best, the blob is exiting the state. >> severe weather threat is done. good news. you can see the storm in the distance leaving us. a lot of sun in the forecast. in early overnight event with heavy rain moving in. we had warnings and that potential tornado in rural sections of osceola county moving into brevard. we were given i on if we had damage. the rain moving. melbourne, palm bay, malabar moving offshore. showers now that lighter rain and it is within a few minutes of leaving. heavy rain from last night.
6:49 am
south this is some of what we had earlier, heavy rain in south florida with the tornado potential down there for the next couple of hours but not for us. on the flipside now. lots of sun moving in. 50s and 60s, 61 sanford by wiese lindy, altamonte springs, 75 and sunny at noon. 78 degrees by the time we hit 2:00. future track, 9 am, if you have left over clouds, they will leave and then to the day, no green on the map. dry for the rest of the day. forecast, 79 with the sun in one day. the system is moving in and not dragging down cold air. we will be chillier for tonight. mixer 70s and a few of us could touch 80 degrees. 80 degrees a crowd, melbourne. 77 leesburg, mount dora. 77 daytona beach. tonight, clear and chilly, 40s and 50s on the way for tonight.
6:50 am
when i see you in the morning a chilly start but tomorrow midweek, picture-perfect for wednesday. low to mid 70s for tomorrow. sunny. if you like the sun it will stick around. typical dry season trying to move and finally after a crazy winter with el nio patterns. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view i cannot remember when i had a five day last like this. 72 thursday, sunny. mostly sunny friday and to saturday, temperatures in the low to mid 70s. warmer for the race fans this weekend. sunday, 78. on the dry site with sunshine that in the forecast and low temperatures down in the 50s. 6:50 am. deneige. >> i 4, convoy, eastbound and
6:51 am
flames that was blocked off eastbound. -- cleared out the lanes that were blocked off on eastbound. is causing delays in both directions and we haven't /-- crash we have a crash eastbound. kirkman road kirkman rd., old winter garden road, the crash leaving one lane blocked. getting an update on troopers. changes for cuba now that the us normalizes relations. what the company will do in cuba for the first time in decades. live outside the pine hills home where a woman in teenage daughter was found dead. what we're learning from deputies about where the investigation stands. a local deputy working to take over the department he retired from. it will cost thousands of dollars per month for taxpayers.
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obama administration has approved the first u.s. factory to be built and operated in cuba in more than 50 years. alabama-based company that builds tractors for small farms was notified it could open a facility in cuba.
6:56 am
are thinking pope francis for visiting their southern state. the people say his visit called attention to their culture which often goes ignored. the pope authorized their language to be used for catholic rights. the group is holding an unprecedented two days of talks on economic and security issues. it is the first u.s. gathering for the ten members of the southeast nations. central florida is teaming up to local doctors to provide better and cheaper care for the community. we spoke with senator nelson to find out how these so-called accountable care organizations work. >> you get a group of doctors together that can share information about patients electronically.
6:57 am
around central florida are working with united healthcare. plans like this and the affordable care act save the country from going bankrupt due to healthcare costs. new rules are expected to be announced to increase food stamp access to healthy foods. retailers accepting food stamps will have to stock a wider variety of healthy foods or face the loss of consumer. the stores have to stock 168 items the department of
6:58 am
we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. what a huge change over the last couple hours. >> showers all wrapping up in bravard county. you don't need the umbrella today. temperatures around 79. chilly tonight. a nice night. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. when i see you tomorrow morning we'll track a chilly out the door start. how about this five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. 75 and sunny on our wednesday. it gets better. low 70s on thursday. still sunny. lots of sun. we'll see a slight warm up by the weekend. saturday temperatures 77. 78 degrees by sunday. overnight lows in the 50s. i hope you have a wonderful day ahead.
6:59 am
good morning, america. weather whiplash. a wild swing in temperatures and slick roads spark major accidents. a massive pileup overnight. 17 reported tornadoes in the south destroying homes, businesses, and cars. and a new batch of bad weather moving in right now. just four days until the next showdown, jeb bush calling on his brother to charm voters. >> i've been -- misunderestimated most of my life. >> as donald trump unleashes a tirade against the bushes and


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