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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to the baby. today, maintenance crews cleaned up ed of child birth in the willow apartments. searching into the night for a missing baby girl, they're now calling baby willow. this afternoon, the mother, 30-year-old susan richardson, is headed to jail, on aggravated child neglect charges. >> when i came home, i just seen blood and i asked her what had happened and she told me she was all right. i said, i'm going to call the ambulance. you know, she said no, don't call the ambulance. >>reporter: johnnie bryant told us he didn't know what happened here. the police told him the terrible news. the girl was born here, and was missing. >> i know they can't find her, that's all i know, they can't find the baby. >>reporter: bryant says he has three other children with richardson, he doesn't know if he's the father of baby willow. richardson is known to wander the area, some said they didn't realize she was pregnant. but now, the people here are saddened by the news. they're wondering why the mother
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>> pretty sad day, she just had the baby in the backyard and left it. she could have called for help. 911, anyone, everybody around helped. >>reporter: again, the police girl is alive or dead. they just say right now, they the best. reporting live in orlando, jeff deal, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> of course, we're all hoping for the best. the suspect mother in this case, has three other children, as you heard, and tonight, the man who says he's their father, told us he has custody of them. new for 5:00, our live team coverage and you confirmed that dcf has investigated this family before. >>reporter: when we spoke with dcf in the last hour, they said they'd not been notified on this case, but that could change. we do know, however, when susan richardson was charged with aggravated battery in 2012, dcf investigated. 30-year-old susan richardson is
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to giving birth to a baby girl in this willow bend apartment parking lot. she's charged with aggravated child neglect for the missing newborn. police brought in a blood hound, cadaver dogs and a scent dog to search for the baby, but this afternoon, she's still missing. the mom's on again, off again boyfriend has called the police on richardson before. she has three children with johnnie bryant. she stabbed bryant in october 2012, the report indicates that the department of children and families was notified. bryant said the argument started when he asked her to get their daughter ready for school. dcf confirms their investigation, but says the outcome is not releaseable. two months later, on christmas eve; police arrested richard fwen, charging her with aggravated assault for throwing
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we also found charges filed years earlier in 2009 that indicated richardson is mentally ill and charged with battery on an officer and told the police she had not been taking her medications for bipolar disorder schizophrenia. >>reporter: the state attorney's office did decide not to prosecute on those prior cases, against richardson, again, tonight, bryant says that his three children are with him, in his custody, and again, he's not sure if baby willow is his. we're live in orlando tonight, channel 9 yns news. and we know many of you are talking about this story, leaving well wishes for this little girl on our facebook page. >> and and certainly, our prayers are that she's going to be found okay. we're going to keep you updated on this search and have another live report from jeff deal later in this newscast. seminole county teachers are rallying outside of the district headquarters now asking for raising after months of contract negotiations.
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left district and union leaders at an impasse. channel 9's field sutton talked with both sides today and the school board will get an update on those negotiations tonight. >>reporter: and that meeting starts at 5:30 and all of these teachers and employees are going to be going in their lobbying for more money, they've got a big crowd that's growing by the minute, students have come out to show their support, they say the concessions that the district has made so far are not enough and worried good teachers are going elsewhere. union representatives were cautiously optimistic about better benefits and higher sal ray ris after negotiations had -- salaries after joegss had dragged on for months t. devil is in the details. the district committed 2 million dollars to load health savings account, $500 for each employee each year. some teachers say being eaten up
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education. >>reporter: susan told us she loves her job, but the strugglings are just too much. she says her salary is only $900 higher than a new hire. that's why she went to the last board meeting. >> you had teachers up there talking about kids being being teachers and their kids were on free and reduced lunch. teefrps having three and four jobs to make do. >>reporter: employees started by asking for a 6% raise, they feel like they've been generous knocking it down to 4. but the district is stuck at 2.25% and rutherford is worried failure to come to an greerment could cost seminole county good teachers. >> we're worth more than 2.25% and after walking out of that meeting, teachers had enough. >>reporter: just while that story was playing, probably another 20-25 people have joined the group out here, now, i asked to sit down with somebody from the district to talk about this. they told me that we r going to have to wait and see what is
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it starts in about 25 minutes. live in seminole county, field sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news. recess is back on the agenda at tonight's osceola school board meeting and next fall, it could be back on the schedule at every elementary school in the county. tonight, board members are voting on a plan that requires 20 minutes of recess every day, for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. a group of parents worked with the district to draft that plan. board members have already gone on record saying they support putting recess back into schools. >> orange county commissioner got the latest update on the zika virus. dump the standing water on their property, the mosquitoes, that can carry zika, only need a few hours to reproduce in buckets or pots. we're going through our interview with orange county's may r yor about fighting the illness here in is central florida, we'll have that story at 6:00. the university of central florida says crime is down on campus.
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were down 31% last year from 2014. and that includes a 57% reduction in the number of reported rapes. burglaries were up nearly 14%. but the university says overall, property crimes were down. the flagler county sheriff says he's reviewing a decision by the state commission on ethics, two complaints against sheriff jim saying he misused his position when he used the agency credit card for personal purchases, and failed to disclose the gift worth more than $100. the state recommended he pay a $6200 civil penalty and and face public reprimand. brevard county tonight, a teenager charged in the shooting of a state trooper and the death of her boyfriend, was just sentenced as a delinquency child. she won't be going to jail for her role in the shooting that claimed the life of zane t reshgs rr -- terryn. >>reporter: both prosecutors and
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shooting asked for adult sanctions in this case, recognizing that the judge could always provide for a downward departure, but the judge felt juvenile sanctions were best. at 16 years of age, morgan mcneil avoided being sentenced as an adult, even though she was charged with one, attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence. she entered a conditional plea of no contest. provided juvenile sanctions were imposed. her attorney argued it's where she could get the best mental health treatment. >> i just didn't see the severity of it. of what's wrong with her. >> last june, the defendant and her boyfriend, 15-year-old zane were at this pilot gas station near cocoa. they were approached by lieutenant channing taylor of the florida highway patrol about a headlight issue. terryn opened fire and taylor was injured. but was killed when the trooper returned fire.
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to ohio, to fulfill a suicide pact. and today, taylor told the court mcneil needed long-term help and juvenile sanctions were not enough. >> try to kill me, or anybody who stopped them and their plan that stop them from doing what they wanted to do. >>reporter: added she lacked the social skills and maturity for a person of her age. in the end, the judge opted for juvenile sanctions. >> i just hope that shaes she's able to -- she's able to learn her lesson and this doesn't happen to anybody else again. >>reporter: mcneil will be in a maximum risk residential program until she reaches the age of 21. after that, post release, she will still be approximate under juvenile supervision for another year. now, i'm told if she violates during that time, she will be brought back to court where she will face adult sanction. live here at the brevard county courthouse, channel 9, eyewitness news. a state senate committee is taking up a bill right now, that
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this bill is also moving through the house. and right now, the divorced spouse in florida can get lifetime alimony. however, if this bill passes, alimony would last from 25-75% of the length of the marriage. we'll let you know what happens sglchlt we now know the identity of an elderly man who dieded in or monday beach. yesterday, yns news this morning, police say the rv hit a tree and exploded along highway 1. 78-year-old craig lee of south carolina died and can william byrd of georgia suffered serious burn. soon, we'll find out the lucky florida winner from the historic 1.5 billion dollars powerball jackpot last month. we will have a reporter at the announcement in tallahassee tomorrow afternoon when the winner had be revealed. the winning ticket was bought at a publix near melbourne beach. the other two tickets were sold in tennessee and california. it's been called central
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the groveland four could finally be exonerated. >> we had no hope that this would come to this point. >> brand new at 5:00, what else their family members are pushing for. >> plus, how one county is cracking down to clean up screen. >> and this old golf course has hosted well-known people from gangster al capone. why people who live near it call plans to build 100 homes there a good compromise. . >> early morning tornado warnings and heavy rainfall, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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we're following breaking news in orngs live pictures right now from sky witness nine. official thes are on the scene -- officials are on the scene of
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it's 5 by 3, blocking the road, this is happening at south apopka vine land road. the fire officials there, in the middle of your screen, are standing by waiting for the folks from road and drainage to come out and take a look. they may be down there now. the hole does not appear to be growing at this point, but we'll keep our eyes on this one and let you know when traffic can get through, and how they plan to fix that. this doesn't look like much now, but this old golf course, played host to star athletes, and even gangster al capone. lake county commissioners voted to build at least 100 homes on top of it. we're worried neighbors -- worried neighbors tell myrt price say it's a good compromise for the plan. >>reporter: voiced their concerns about the proposed development that could put nearly 200 homes on the old mount policewomen mouth golf course.
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>> designed by -- who also built dubs dread golf course in orlando. along with the golf course, it had a famous hotel that attracted celebrities. the hotel burned down in the 80s, and the golf course began to decline. dloezing back in 20 -- closing back in 2007. today, twopers were -- developers were hoping to get commissioners to okay the project. many residents were against it. >> the character, the flavor, and the rural village feel will go away forever if you allow this developer to follow through with their proposal. >>reporter: after hours of discussion, both sides were able to come up with compromises on everything from how wide the home plots would be to giving residents a voice on home designs. >> we've got a laundry list of needs and wants that are being met?
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working with the developer and the commissioner. >>reporter: residents say if they had their wish, they would turn this back into a golf course, but since that's not going to happen, they decided to get on board with this plan, because they believe it was probably the best development option they would ever see. in lake county, myrt price, channel 9 eyewitness news. and you can get a closer look at what's left of the old golf course and clubhouse by going to shows. orange county pleaders have approved a resolution that would allow the use of cell phone pings to help ease traffic. we told yous last november, a pilot program to place sen source at intersections, the sensors would use pings from toll transponders or cell phones to count cars going through the intersections, then the lights would be adjusted. trying to get federal funding for the program. sea world's new shark themed roller coaster are is starting to take shape. a sneak peek of the cars on the coaster. each will told 28 passengers on the train.
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holding you in your seat, is simply a lap guard. going to go upside down with a lap guard? i might stay on the ground. it will separate their attraction from the rest. mako has no inversions and it's a relentless time machine. it's a chance for guests to be an sxaenl to feel the power of a shark. >> all right. you heard that. you get to be an animal. >> the coaster will be part of the shark realm which will let the visitors learn about the sharks. last season, the orlando city soccer club was able to pack the citrus bowl with 60,000 fans. >> they launched a new plan to make sure that the fans come out again in full force. orlando city mrars signed off on the campaign called fill the bowl again. the teams star play e says a packed stadium for the first
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>> it's amazing for us, every time that we can play, with the stadium full, and our supporters there is so nice, they're so good. >> the lions open the season on march 6th at the citrus bowl against salt lake. >> can't wait for soccer to start back up again. >> keep the weather right where it is. >> we usually have a high risk of tornadoes. we had a tornado warning, perhaps your tornado radios, and our, your wftv severe weather center 9 app went off with a tornado warning on the coast. no reports of a tornado, but we had rotation. in addition to that, we had two reported ef-1 tornadoes in south florida and just in now, from the scene, 150 mile an hour ef-3, that hit escambia 24 hours ago a. so that is one of just roughly over 30 ef-3 we've ever had in
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we have been very fornlt, knock on wood -- fornlt, knock on wood, that we have not had a major loss of life with tornadoes. so those were the storms that moved by quickly today. giving us this glorious afternoon with sunshine, and rain totals, down by kissimmee, 2.4 inches of rain. rock ledge, 1.7. the villages coming in with 1.39. so what about tonight in we're going to clear things out, already doing so. some patchy fog. 40s and mainly upper 40s to near 50 degreess in the morning. we have 70s across the area right now, 73 deland, 73 in new smyrna. downtown orlando, fantastic weather for tonight. normal for this point in february, despite the front coming by, in the upper 40s to low 50s. high clouds and patchy fog, very, very nice. heading towards the beach tomorrow, melbourne, palm bay, cocoa beach at 72. we had wind gusts over 51 mile
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74 in titusville, a nice day for new smyrna, daytona beach and flagler at 70 degrees here in february. we are going to be one of the best destinations in the country for weather for the next couple of days. temperatures mid 70s for tomorrow. lots of sun for daytona tomorrow with highs in the lower 70 and getting ready r for racing, thursday, the twin 125's t can am dual, 61 degrees, a dry track, going to be fantastic weather. continuing the nice stretch of weather through the upcoming weekend. the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, 75 for tomorrow. a little bit cooler thursday. a few more clouds, look at the weather stretch, very nice, and dry, through the upcoming weekend. martha. brand new, coming up at 5:00. >> homeowners called action 9 after a company promised free roofs. so we put it to a test. >> did you find hail damage on this house? >> did i find hail damage?
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>> coming up, the inspection you won't believe and how it could impact your insurance bill. >> a seminole county driver is accused of hitting a woman here twice. new at 6:00, what the victim did to help the police track the suspect down. >> and we learned osceola county has more than 8 million dollars in unpaid code enforcement
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osceola county has more than 8 million dollars in unpaid code enforcement fines, but commissioners say they won't be so generous anymore in forgiving the fines for properties, like this one. channel 9's michael --. >>reporter: a damaged sign on this property along 192, led to code enforcement fines of $250 a day. by the type it was fixed, those fines had grown to $68,000. with the owner only paid a fraction of that. that's because county commissioners reduced the fine earlier this month. the practice isn't new or unique to this property, but it's now changing. >> the commission is -- has taken a more aggressive stance on the liens that we have in the county. >>reporter: commissioners just approved tougher limits on how
5:26 pm
the longer the violations sit, the smaller the discount. the goal is to get people to pay sooner, and fix the problem sooner. we did the math, and found that county had forgiven hundreds of thousands of dollars in liens last year. >> the county does need to do something tougher or have a tougher penalty to get people to pay these, do you think? >> well, again, it's not about the money as much as about the compliance of it. >>reporter: the county's ultimate goal is to correct the problems, but the property owners have come to assume the county would just forgive them after the violations are eventually fixed. regardless of how long it takes. >> i think people will think twice about allowing that to occur now. >>reporter: not long after approving the changes, commissioners denied two requests to reduce fines on properties in st. cloud, looking at ways to get these problems fixed before the fines exceed the value of the property. reporting in osceola county, michael l -- channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we want to know what you think about the tougher rules, let us know at
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it's a startling number, 13 bethune-cookman university students have been shot in 12 months, all new for 5, what the university is doing tonight to crack down on gun violence. plus. >> each morning again in america. >> florida senator marco rubio launched this ad that is supposed to be all about america. but the video shows canada instead. how it's just one campaign ad causing controversy tonight. >> and these four men were accused of a rape they didn't commit.
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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 5:30. >> it's been called central florida's biggest shame, four men charged with rape, a rape that they did not commit. now, tonight, decades later, an apology is finally in the works. >> in less than two hours the city of groveland will take an historic set that will right a wrong for nearly 70 years ago. >> the mayor will issue apology to the groveland four. angela, you spoke with one family member about what this means for his older brother's legacy. >>reporter: and he says


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