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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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you've taken down el chapo. you know, i am el-palled. >> reporter: he says it took him hours to shake off what happened. more than anything he's glad his family wasn't home. >> he's got a good sense of humor. he does. he's el-palled. >> new verb. >> he's el debt. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great wedn right now on eyewitness news this morning there is still no sign of a newborn baby abandoned by her mother minutes after she was born. we have the latest on the search for baby willow and what will happen with her mother today. >> pricking my no, deputies are looking for an armed robber who shot an employee at this restaurant. >> good morning. 5 am wednesday, february 17. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following your morning commute to let that --
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meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9. not a bad start . >> chilly but great. sunny, 75. here's a look outside. 40s and 50s. grab a jacket this morning. only one ocala, spots could creep in to the upper 30 this morning. 50 orlando, 51 kissimmee, 50 degrees in melbourne. western tier where watching some patchy fog. deneige and i have been going over the cameras for 10 minutes. we have not found too much but the villages, bush and all, clermont we've seen patchy fog and we will watch to the attractions, celebration, kissimmee. loads of sunshine elsewhere. celebration, 62 at 10:00, 68 by lunchtime. comfortable weather cut comfortably mild this afternoon by 2:00 about 73. by 4:00, warming to 75 and we
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winds west 5 to 15 and staying dry. we will go county by county with temperatures and the changes by this weekend. 5:01 am. first check of the drive with deneige. >> i 4 into downtown orlando, right here at colonial you can see to the left and the westbound lanes you have a link blocked by construction and it has not been causing issues with keep that in mind. they should have the coals until 6:00 get in volusia county, i-95 southbound pioneer trail there is one lane blocked and we should pick up cones about 6:00 and i will let you know the causes problems. this morning we're continuing to follow the desperate search for a newborn baby abandoned by her mother. >> orlando police do not know what baby willow is dead or alive. they believe the woman gave birth in the parking lot of the willow bend apartment complex the pine hills and abandoned the child's minutes later. janai norman is live at orange county jail. that woman will face a judge
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with a bs. >> reporter: the jet -- search lasted for more than one day before officers arrested susan richardson and dr. for child neglect. they are still looking for baby willow unsure whether she's dead or alive. this is the mother of three whose locked up in orange county for a abandoning her newborn baby girl. >> can you tell us whether baby? >> reporter: we were at the jell-o as police escorted susan richardson but she turned away and were not answer questions. >> did you kill baby willow? >> investigators say widgets and is not answering questions about what happened to the baby girl. we learned money police say there was evidence of childbirth in the willow bend parking lot just behind the home richardson shared with her boyfriend and three children. investigators searched extensively but have not been
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says she will not tell him exactly what happened to baby willow. >> the dr. told me she had this -- miscarriage, right? i thought she had the baby in the hospital until i got back and detectives told me that she told them that she had baby in house. >> reporter: not only did we tracked down richardson's boyfriend, but we went digging into the past run and she's had with dcf and police. we are talking with the father of her other children of putting together what we are learning about her mental history for 5:30. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. >> more than 230 newborns have been left at fire stations or hospitals in florida in 15 years under -- under florida law they can bring them to either place and not face penalties. we call that to live saved a newborn life of course and that of the mother as in the case here. we have a mother who is facing criminal prosecution.
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-- safe haven sign outside. >> in orange county restaurant employee was shot and the deputies are trying to find the person who pulled the trigger. >> this happened after 2:00 this morning at the haters dockside south john young parkway. kimberly eiten found dead eyewitness was still -- also taken to the hospital and deputies may have believed in this case. >> reporter: i just spoke with a lieut. on scene 20 minutes ago. so you can see behind me he had a dozen other deputies are going in and out of the restaurant behind us. they have the parking lot taped off and is still in their active crime scene investigation. the restaurant is off john young parkway. the lieutenant says deputies are working a possible second post -- hotel where they believe the man may be hiding.
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call here at 2:15 this morning while an armed robbery was in progress. they say a black man, 22, walked into the restaurant with his face covered and pulled a gun and took employees and demanded cash for something went on in the office spooked the robber and that's when deputies say he pulled the trigger twice he left a trail of cash to the getaway car. because the employee was able to call, a deputy got on scene as the gunmen was driving away and and a white mustang. that's a lead for investigators here who as we said have tracked the car to a local hotel. the employee held at gunpoint is still in the hospital this morning with at least one gunshot wound and deputies believe that person will survive and they tell me a witness saw the gunmen in the parking lot and is also in the hospital for observation but was not shot. deputies are reviewing surveillance video and with a watching them take pictures of
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lot and talk to customers who they say were inside when the shooting happened. i will check in with them and try to talk with witnesses and we will bring you an update at the bottom of the hour. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. heartbreak this morning for the family of a brevard county man. less that the coast guard suspended its search for lori chamberlain friend say was an experienced professional fisherman. he had it on his boat sunday night but it was found monday morning empty. crews search for more than 5000 miles of the ocean from vero beach to flagler. they have exhausted their efforts. brevard county deputies are working to find a man used a stolen credit card and apple pay to buy thousands a gift cards. investigators say the menu see but $7000 in gift cards at several stores. they say he had a credit card reissued in the victim's name and then opened and apple pay account to buy the gift cards. later this morning, students from bethune-cookman university will gather to remember is the -- fellow student killed in off-campus party.
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memorial service. they hope it will help students. he is the third student killed in the last year from gun violence at this year. we will be in touch with the orange county sheriff's office today to get the latest from there investigation into the murder of a mother and her daughter. we found out 36-year-old maria sanchez and her 16-year-old daughter destiny were homeless before they moved into this house and pine hills. investigators say they were shot and killed there monday but so far no suspects have been named. new from overnight, 4 us f- 22 stealth fighter cell phone over south korea amid growing tensions following north korea's rocket launch. the high-tech planes capable of the contest radar undetected were seen flying near you is a brain -- air base near show. these warplanes were sent in time -- race fans will get the
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-- check out the upgrades to international speedway open house from 3-7 as part speedway. you will also get to see racing, sprint cup series practice for the 500 runs from 5-7. students and osceola county will be getting 20 minutes of recess every day when the new school year starts. the school board passed a plan distributes have a working out with parents. starting in august, recess will be back on the schedule for all kindergarten through fifth grade students in the county. read more about the new guidelines at /web links. orange county commissioners unanimously voted to block plans for 2 controversial charter schools in the avalon park area. there is a residents have been fighting the project since it was first announced last night. commissioners said they saw too many issues with traffic and parking and one of the schools would be too close to a bar.
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bought the local winning ticket for that one $.5 billion powerball jackpot. we told you last month the winning ticket was part of the public store near melbourne beach last month. their share of the winnings $528 million. the lucky winner or winners will be revealed in tallahassee. 510 we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. tracking some fog around. 6:00 and you can see in the western zones, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 still fog but my 9:00 it starts to wiggle out of the picture and we will lose it if you happen to have a. flagler county, 72 but now, it will be gorgeous today winds out of the west 5 to 50. summit county running in the 70s, 76 in winter spring, champions gate and kissimmee, temperatures around 77 with a warm afternoon coming up on tracking temperature changes to the weekend and how chilly it
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will have that coming in main weather at 5:17. our time is 5:10 am. checking traffic with deneige. >> starting with construction. in volusia county, i-95 southbound before taylor wrote a spot of construction one lane is blocked there and a brevard county, you have i-95, northbound after stating parkway bluff with one lane of construction and coming into orange county, i 4 at ivanhoe, you have one lane blocked and that will be the westbound lane that is blocked heading into downtown not causing issues. jamie? the failing economy of puerto rico is adding more students to central florida. coming up what officials are doing to handle the influx. some real trouble, officials are asking for help from you about computer -- commuter trains. 9 investigates internal
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nancy alvarez. 5:14 am. alive look at the breaking scene in orange county where a restaurant employee was shot during a robbery. deputies are searching for the
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we're speaking with witnesses and we will have an update for you with the latest at 5:30. 9 investigates whether an orlando internal affairs officer who is currently under investigation violated policy in the past and got away with it. >> last week we exposed officer and a coughlan admitted to drinking and then driving her city issued vehicle. altamonte springs believe it was involved in the hit-and-run super bowl sunday becomes you handle the case chose not to a restaurant giver of field sobriety tests. >> the officer has been relieved of duty and we will see where the investigation takes us. >> 9 investigates found another incident back in august. someone reported seeing officer coughlan city issued impala back into a bowl and another car. altima police told us they found and intoxicated male in the passenger seat that night. obt's policy prohibits purchasing all the hall, unauthorized transport or activity can result in public within inner-city old call.
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no internal investigation was done in the incident. a liquid woman who broadcasted herself driving drunk on the video streaming at periscope struck a deal and will stay out of jail. >> we are. and i am down. >> we showed you this video in october police say people watching 23-year-old whitney bell online reported her to the police and she was arrested. she has been sentenced to 12 months probation and of six- month license suspension and 150 hours of community service. dozens of people got the chance to talk with orlando city leaders and police and workshop meant to open the lines of communication. you see some of the dozens at the orlando speaks event last night. mayor buddy dyer the city commissioners and chief john mina touched on several topics as part of an effort to develop trust between residents and police. university of central florida says in a report from
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ucf said violent crimes dropped 31 percent last year compared to 2014. that includes a 57 percent decrease in the number of reported rapes. burglaries were up nearly 14 percent of the university says overall. orange county commissioners have approved a program that allows using cell phones things congestion. congressman john mica proposed a private program to play centers at intersections professors with use pains from transponders were supposed to count cars going to the intersection. then the lights would change. micah is now try to get federal funding for the program. orange county leaders have also given some stern instructions to residents in an effort to keep people safe from the zika virus. >> in addition to dumping out and eight standing water, they are encouraging residents to of been out of the country to stay inside when they return and away from mosquitoes. so far, all 21 zika cases in florida including one in osceola county, they are travel related.
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women whose unborn children are at greatest risk because of potential birth defects. this increases also taking steps to warn passengers about the virus. in an email sent to customers, disney recommends passengers wear longsleeved shirts and long pants in visiting countries in the caribbean and latin america. they also ask them to use insect repellent containing the ingredient deet. we have of course dedicated a very special section of to help answer any questions you have about zika. click on the news tab and click on zika virus. a lot of good information on a lot of good information coming from you. >> good stretch of weather. we was a comfortable temperatures, a pattern where you have cool but nice nights and then you can open up your windows in the afternoon. i did well. picking a nice picture. that's what i like to do. downtown orlando, and the clear skies this morning, some spots
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50 in orlando, winds southwest that at three. visibility down the western zones over toward the villages. not a lot of visibility we are next to nothing in spots. we will watch out for that and we are watching a polk county, close osceola county, the chance for fog. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. chilly this morning. the kids do not mind the next couple of hours of a chill they can get away with shorts because on the flipside, we will have 70s this afternoon. one of those days where a split day with temperatures but overall, looking good and we have a lot of sunshine and dry air in place. you see the sliver of orange on top of us which is the mid- level of the atmosphere showing dry weather with us. we will see that, sunny skies, 69 at noon, 73 at 2:00 toward winter springs and seminole county. going through the timeframe, and he plans, recess for the kids, get them on doors and get outdoors yourself. we will be dry.
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we go to the future track temperatures. this afternoon, 4:00, we will see a lot of mid-70s around and a little cool along the coastline and then by tonight it will get cool by 9:00 and we will start to see a few more 50s working in with a chance for 40s on the way. beaches, water temperatures chilly, 58 to 63, seas 3 to 6 feet and a strong risk of rip currents. picture-perfect, sunny and mild going over numbers, 77 kissimmee, 76 st cloud, 74 degrees and titusville. tonight it will be chilly and 40s around to near 50 degrees for tonight. tomorrow, another nice day although it will be cooler, upper 60s to low 70s for our highs as we hit thursday. a bit of a cool down over the next 24 hours for five-day forecast, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , by the weekend, we will warm up sunny on saturday, 76 and sunday temperatures around 78 and mostly sunny. we will go over the daytona 500 forecast coming up in the next
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5:20 am checking traffic with deneige. >> pulling up cameras along i 4, we just of construction going on at this point. here i 4, 436 eastbound, alain in each direction is blocked for the i 4 construction. it has not caused slowdowns at this point. toward downtown orlando, i 4 here at colonial, this is your traffic heading into the downtown area. you can see the left lane blocked off by the cones the ship. -- they should pick this up at 6:00 i will let you know if it changes of causes problems. university of central florida wants to protect students from hiv but drugs made available to students. a mother accused abandoning her newborn is sitting in jail. we're talking with the father of her other children and finding out more about her mental health history. next florida's famous for its oranges at some growers are
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share urto. publ. ershpi is pase. 5:24 am in ocala teenager accused of shooting his next- door neighbor because apparently they recognize him during home invasion just the day before. investigators say bronson heart was one of five people who stormed an apartment on sunday.
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recognized hard as the next- door neighbor. the next there is a hard return to the home and shot a family member. he is now facing attempted murder charges. transportation officials hope in the survey will help them find out more people -- why more people are not using some the commuter trains. they are blaming gas prices for low ridership if they want to know what changes are attracting new passengers. if you want to take the survey go to and click the yellow web links box. some citrus growers in florida are looking to make a big move away from the crops that made the state famous olive trees are being tesco in areas including a 20 acre growth. citrus greening has went out of the percentage of citrus trees in the state and this all- important volusia county says the trees require far less water, fertilizer and pesticides. in the consumption of olive oil in the us is up. they hope to go to market with florida olive oil later this year. interesting story.
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up a second season in two weeks and the team was to see another sellout crowd for the first game. >> yesterday, the club announced campaign called fill the bowl again. last year more than 62,000 people packed the citrus bowl for orlando city's first mls game. brazilian superstar kaka was to see another big crowd. >> i hope this year weekend fill the bowl again. it will be nice as i said before, it's a motivation for us when they see the crowds and the supporters. >> i love him.. >> i think you said that before jack's the lions open march 6 at citrus bowl. tickets are sold out but single- game tickets are now on sale. 5:26 am. code enforcement build into the millions were not collected. >> -- rarely collected. >> continuing to follow a desperate search for an abandoned baby girl. at 5:30 what we are learning about the infant's mother's criminal past and metrohealth
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temperatures are dropping off an osceola county down to 45 st cloud, 47 holopaw, i will show you a nice warm up on the way. 5:26 am.
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5:30 am on live look of orange county outside the gate as dockside restaurant where there was a robbery overnight and a restaurant dish klatch restaurant flu shot we understand the suspect may be cornered thanks to a 911 call. details coming up and moments. weather and traffic every ten minutes. travel to keeping an eye on the roads for you. >> we begin with brian and perfect forecast. >> 75, sunny later today but chilly outside this morning. we are watching some patchy fog for you. >> i like when you quote. >> and happy about it. looking at the numbers. 50 orlando, 49 separate, 46 deland.


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