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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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when i will on eyewitness news this morning and heartbreaking mistery. newborn baby who police say was abandoned by the mother. baby willow? >> we are not giving up hope. >> what officers are doing today to find baby willow. breaking news in orange county, deputies, what they know about a man who restaurant -- rhonda restaurant overnight. >> descartes -- gators dockside a popular restaurant. 6 am, wednesday, february 17. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. travel to following your commute. lifted over to certified meteorologist brian shields . >> a lovely start. >> chilly this morning and patchy fog after that plenty of sun moving in. orlando. 49 conway, union park, orlando,
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50 in clermont. 50 kissimmee st. cloud toward harmony, 49 melbourne, seminole, volusia county, mid to upper 40s and 50 and palm coast, 43 chilly and filed in marion county. visibility troubles from the attractions disney swinging toward sumter, lake, marion counties. fog this morning use caution it will last for a couple hours. satellite and radar picture, after you lose the fog it will be awesome. celebration, as we plan the day. lunchtime, mid to upper 60s as we warm up and sunny. sunny this afternoon and mid- 70s by 4:00, temperatures around 74 degrees. we will look at futurecast for the fog outlook and we will get into the temperatures city by city. let the changes as we approach the weekend forecast. 6:01 am. the drive with deneige. >> rings have cleared on i 4. we had spots of construction blocking different lanes but
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ivanhoe boulevard, they have cleared out of the cones. you don't have to worry about that on i 4. orange blossom trail at rosamond drive if that is part of the commute near john young parkway, you will need an alternate and there is a crash at the intersection and it looks like it has shut down northbound lanes at this point working to confirm the direction but edgewater drive will need to be your north south alternates. they are able to clear it out looks like a pretty serious crash out there. another update in seven minutes. sending sky witness 9 now. following a debit -- desperate search for newborn baby abandoned by her mother. >> orlando police do not know if they be willow is dead or alive. they believe the woman gave birth in a parking lot of the willow bend apartment complex in pine hills and abandoned the child minutes later. eyewitness news this morning janai norman live at the orange county jail. that woman will face a judge this morning, so far she refuses to say with the baby is. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel the
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day before officers arrested susan richardson and butter at the jeffrey child neglect. at this point, they are still looking for baby willow and unsure whether she is dead or alive. this is the mother of three who is locked up in orange county for abandoning her newborn baby girl. >> can you tell us where is baby willow? >> we were at the jail as police escorted susan richardson tuesday night. she turned away from the cameras and would not answer any of our questions. >> did you kill baby willow? >> reporter: investigators say richardson is not answering any questions about what happened to the baby girl either. we learned on monday police say there was evidence of childbirth in the willow bend parking lot just behind the home richardson shares with her boyfriend and three children. investigators searched extensively but have not been able to find the infant and even richardson's boyfriend says she will not tell him exactly what happened to baby willow. >> the dr. told me she had a miscarriage, right, so i'm thinking she had the baby in
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until i got back here and detectives told me that she told them that she had the baby in the house. >> not only did we track reports about we take into past run-ins with police and dcf. talking more with the father for children breaking down what we're learning about her mental health history for 6:30. reporting live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. we found out more than 230 newborns have been left in fire stations or hospitals in florida in just the past 15 years. under florida law, parents can bring the newborn up to seven days old to either place and not face any penalty. >> we call that to lives that are saved, the newborn life of course, and that of the mother as is in the case here we have a mother facing criminal prosecution. >> facilities are marked with signs that are outside of hospitals in fire stations.
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story on the air and online and update you on the search for baby willow indugula latest developments with the mother on eyewitness news at noon. breaking bread now in orange county, a restaurant employee was shot. deputies and try to find the person who pulled the trigger. >> it happened after 2:00 this morning at the gators dockside on south john young parkway. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten found an eyewitness was also taken to the hospital and deputies may have a lead in the case. >> reporter: vanessa, we got here two hours ago. deputies had evidence markers off to the parking lot of gators dockside off john young parkway. in the last 30 minutes we've seen them move the investigation largely inside the restaurant as they continue to search for clues. i spoke with a lieut. in the last 90 minutes tells me right now deputies are also working a possible second scene at a hotel with a believe a man who robbed the restaurant may be hiding.
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called out here around 2:15 while and armed robbery was in progress. a say a black man, 22, walked into the restaurant with his face covered in pulled a gun. he took an employee to the office demanded cash. something went on in the office and spooked the robber and that's what deputies say he pulled the trigger twice. that man ran out leaving a trail of crash to the getaway car. because the employee was able to cause as it was going on, a deputy got on scene as the gunmen was driving away and they say and a white mustang. that is a major lead for investigators here who as we said may have already tracked the car to a hotel. the employee held a gunpoint is at the hospital with one dr. -- gunshot wound. deputies believe that person will survive. they tell me a witness saw the gunmen in the parking lot and is in the hospital for observation. but was not shot. deputies are we being surveillance video for 6:30 am
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them indications on what turned the robbery into shooting and if the government walked in here not expecting to encounter a restaurant full of witnesses. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. there is harper this morning for the family of a brevard county man. the coast guard suspended the search for boy chamberlain friend say with an expense professional fisherman. he had it on his boat sunday night and was found monday morning empty. crews searched over 5000 miles of the ocean for -- from zero beach the flagler but they have exhausted efforts. brevard county deputies apportioned -- working to find a man who stole a credit card and i will pay two by thousands of gift cards. look at the photos. the man you see there for 7000 out the gift card in several stores and they had a credit card that was reissued in the victim's name and opened an apple pay account to buy the goods cards. students from bethune- cookman university will gather to remember a fellow student who was killed in an off-campus party. the university hopes the memorial service for 23-year-
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learn the importance of andy gun violence. johnson is the third bcu student killed in the last year from gun violence. 10 other students have been injured. the service starts at 11:30. 4 us f-22 stealth fighters have flown over south korea amid growing tensions. the high-tech planes capable of sneaking past radar undetected were seen flying near us airbase near seoul. the us sense powerful and sophisticated warplanes to south korea and times of tension with north korea. a lot of students and osceola county will be getting 20 minutes of recess every day when the new year starts. >> the school board passed a plan district leaders of working with a group of parents starting in august, recess will be back on the schedule for kindergarten through fifth grade students in the county. read more about the new guidelines at /weblogs. on county commissioners unanimously voted to block lance for two controversial
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parents and residents have in fighting the project since it was first announced. last night commissioners said there were too many issues with traffic and parking in the area and one of the schools would be too close to a bar. today we will find out who bought the local winning ticket powerball jackpot. we told you last month the winning ticket was bought at the publix store near melbourne beach. their share of the winnings is about $528 million. they will be in tallahassee this afternoon. you will hear from them at eyewitness news at 4. 6:10 am to that you were watching. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. >> this morning whale watching for patchy fog. you can see 7:00 on the future fog outlook. 8:00, 9:00 we start to lose it
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in the western tier is out of the picture. 75 average 74. average good time of year with the weather. 75 deltona, debary, lake helen, comfortably warm. low 70s along the coast and sumter county around 74. bushnell, think after, brevard county, a big difference from yesterday morning, low to mid 70s by this afternoon. coming up we will track changes on the way by the weekend and when will see the next chance for rain ahead in main weather. 6:09 am. deneige. >> sky witness 9 over the scene of a crash orange blossom trail at rosman drive and it has all northbound lanes of obt blocked. northbound traffic is being forced onto the road and you can see one southbound lane is able to get through. you will certainly need an alternate while they get this cleared up. live traffic tracker, edgewater drive alternate. that will get you have found a southbound. in case you don't want to deal
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get back onto orange blossom trail. a crazy florida story, a florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor. >> malachi, they say you been practicing medicine without a license? >> why it took so long to make an arrest after he opened his own clinic. >> i did not expect so many people. >> hello, cacao. >> new effort to fill the citrus bowl in purple. what travelers need to do
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sky witness 9 over the scene of a serious crash on orange blossom trail north of the road and it has northbound traffic shutdown now. i will have the alternates coming up in five minutes. jamie, nancy. 9 investigates whether an orlando internal affairs officer who is currently under investigation violated policy in the past and got away with it. >> last week we exposed officer coughlan and into drinking and driving the city issued vehicle. police believe it was used in hit-and-run on super bowl sunday. the officer then book -- to handle the case chose not to arrest her or give appeals party test. >> the officer has been relieved of duty and we will see what investigation takes us. >> 9 investigates found another incident in august. someone reported seeing officer coughlan city issued impala back into a pole and another car., please tell us they found and intoxicated male of the passenger seat that night. opd policy prohibits purchasing alcohol unauthorized transport
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the public criticism in a city- owned car. chief mina tells us he's looking into why there was no internal investigation. oligomer when who -- woman broadcasting herself driving drunk on periscope struck a deal and will stay out of jail. >> we are. and i am done. >> you may remember this story we showed you the video in october. lycie people watching 23-year- old with a belt online reported her to them and she was arrested. she has been sentenced to 12 months probation, six-month license suspension, and 150 hours of community service. dozens of people got the chance to talk with orlando city leaders and police and workshop meant to open the lines of communication. you can see some of the dozens of people at the orlando speaks about last night.
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touched on several topics as part of an effort to create and develop more trust between residents of police. wise county commissioners have approved a program that allows using cell phone pings to relieve traffic congestion. we told you last november congressman john mica propose a pilot program to place sensors at intersections. the sensors will use paying from toll transponders or cell phones to count cards going through the intersections and the light to change. mike is now trying to get federal funding for the program. wise county leaders have also given some stern instructions to residents in an effort to keep people safe from the zika virus >> in addition of dumping outstanding warrant, they encourage residents who have been out of the country to take precautions were coming back. so far all 21 zika cases in florida including one and osceola county our travel related, none include pregnant women whose unborn children are at greater risk because of potential birth defects. disney cruises are also taking steps to warn passengers about the virus. an email sent to customers
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shirt, long pants, if visiting countries in latin america or the caribbean. they are asking them to use insect repellent containing the ingredient. we want to remind you we dedicated a special section of to answer all questions about zika. it is helpful. click on the news tab and then zika virus. right now warmer temperatures will help people that office will cover from around of snow, sleet and ice. the storm caused a massive pileup on the road and grounded more than 2500 flights. in pennsylvania, icy roads caused a chain reaction crash. eight tractor-trailers slammed into each other. only minor injuries. hard to believe. 1 foot and a half of snow close schools in new york. me while it is spring for us. >> the pattern where you have cool nights, chilly, and you can open up your windows through the day. >> lovely. >> good news. outside, tracking temperatures and get you to the weekend.
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jacket this morning. down to 49. a tricky day. the kids do not mind shorts for one hour in the cold, they will be okay with them throughout the rest of the day. we have patchy fog around. western sections but i have reports on facebook of fog through the disney property. the villages are low toward fruitland park, lady lake with fog. 43 ocala, 49 sanford, titusville to my beautiful merritt island, all in the 40s this morning. that is why i mentioned jacket weather for now but overall, look at the broader picture. high clouds to the south. we will have a lot of sun in the forecast for today and temperatures will respond 69 at noon the winter spring. seminole county. 73 by 2:00. in the mid-70s by 4:00. future track, this is 11 am emma going through the timeframe. we are staying dry if you work outdoors and you want to get
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lunchtime, most temperatures in the 60s and then by the afternoon, by 5:00, we will have more 70s around. that we take you into john night by 11:00, in the 50s and we will trade for more 40s when a few in the morning. the beaches, low 70s, water temperatures 50s and 60s, seas elevated. 3 to 6 feet strong risk of rape parts. picture-perfect, sunny, mild going over numbers, clermont, citrus towers, 75 today over toward groveland kissimmee 76, in the low to mid 70s around volusia county bentonite, it will be chilly, 40s with a few 50s around. he will need a jacket tomorrow morning and tomorrow will be cooler. a lot of sun. you see 60s in the northern tier on thursday. elsewhere, low 70s for tomorrow. a cool down for thursday. here is the five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. once we hit friday, 74, and we
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sunny saturday, 78 on sunday. warmer by sunday with a few approaching 80. looks like the next chance of rain does not arrive until tuesday. coming up at the next half hour, daytona 500 forecasts. our time is 620. this is a problem with deneige. >> sky witness 9 over the scene orange blossom trail at rosslyn drive, north of the road. northbound lanes of orange blossom trail are shut down atlee road. one southbound lane is able to get by. i plotted an alternate because some time. edgewater drive alternate northbound and southbound and can cut back and get back on orange blossom trail. the fbi says they need apple's help to get critical information about the san bernardino terror attack. new from overtime -- overnight
6:22 am
breaking -- >> a woman accused abandoning her newborn is in jail. what we uncovered about the mental history. fewer passengers are using software. how officials are turning to
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6:24 am. transportation officials hope a new survey will help them find out why more people are not using the several commuter trains. sunlamps is blaming falling gas prices for low ridership. it wants to know what changes can attract passengers. if you want to take the survey, go to click the yellow web links box. citrus county's are looking to make a move away from the crop been made florida famous. olive trees are being test ground including in a 20 acre grow. greening has wiped out a big percentage of the trees in the state that this all of global olive growers says trees require less water, pesticides. the consumption of olive oil is up in the us. they hope to go to market with florida olive oil later this year. colorado city soccer kicks off the second season in two weeks.
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sellout crowd of the first game. >> the club announced a campaign called fill the bowl again. last year more than 62,000 people pass the citrus bowl for the first lsk. the car was to see another big crowd. >> i hope we can fill the bowl again. it will be nice. is a big motivation for us when they see the crowd and supporters. >> i will be there, cut, -- i will be there. >> they open march 6. single- game tickets are on sale. >> if only kaka anchor the nose -- news. changes to collect money.
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search for an abandoned baby girl. coming up, we are talking with people close to the infant's mother and breaking down what we're learning about the criminal past and mental health. chilly to start, volusia county, mid-40s around. jacket weather now but later today but temperature changes pick 6 20 6 am.
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this is a live look at orange blossom trail northbound north of the road which is shut down because of a serious crash. tracking alternates. does not look good. >> we checked weather and traffic every ten minutes. deneige watching the roads. over to certified meteorologist brian shields . better news. we were tracking a mess with the rain and storms and now a great payoff. a lot of sun in the forecast but it is cold now. grab a jacket for this morning
6:31 am
daytona beach, port orange, ponce inlet in the mid-40s volusia county, cello, orange, upper 40s. longwood, orlando, winter park, winter garden, 49. 15 clermont, kissimmee is clouds 49 melbourne, palm bay. 49 titusville and chilly 43 ocala. that's what we have patchy fog in the western zones. two hours with fog if you haven't and then we would see ample sunshine moving in. sunny skies for today. here is the planner. look at the screen. 10:00, 62. by noon, 69 degrees. and this afternoon, sunny with temperatures running in the mid- 70s by the time we hit 4:00. coming up, i want to show you how cold it will be tonight and also bigger temperature changes on the way. we will go county by county and then we will get into the weekend including the daytona 500 forecasts. that in this half hour. 6:31 am. the problems of the drive this morning with deneige. >> sky witness 9 over orange blossom trail at rosslyn drive. this is north of the road and
6:32 am
orange blossom trail shut down atlee road. northbound traffic being diverted. southbound one lane but i plotted an alternate because they will be unseen for quite some time. an alternate can be edgewater drive, this will get you northbound and southbound and can cut back across to get to orange blossom trail. you can see the lights. they have a lot of work to do traffic. jamie? the latest on the heartbreaking search for baby willow. she is a newborn who was abandoned somewhere in orlando minutes after she was bored -- born. >> her mother gave birth in an apartment complex parking lot. she will not say what happened after that. eyewitness news this morning, janai norman where a mom will see the judge. she has been arrested in a basket by dcf before. >> reporter: this is not susan richardson first time in being booked in orange county jail.
6:33 am
arrest going back 10 years but none of those cases is serious as the one she's facing now. the search continues for baby willow. she's accused of abandoning her infant an apartment complex parking lot. behind the home she shares with her boyfriend and three children. >> if she took the baby with her, she was dripping blood through the parking lot. >> reporter: as the search continued for baby willow tuesday, we took a closer look into susan richardson's past. court records show she was arrested for things like drugs, domestic violence and has had dcf investigator -- investigate her. we found while facing charges of battery on an officer come she told police she, quote, had not been taking her medications for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. >> can you tell us where is baby willow? >> drug-related charges police say is nothing what happened to baby willow but that is not stopping efforts to find her. >> we will continue the search. >> reporter: richardson will go
6:34 am
morning. on child neglect charges. we will be closely watching the first appearance and let you know whether a judge grants her bond and what else happened first on our wftv mobile app and today on eyewitness news at noon. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. we will be posting all of the search updates throughout the day here to your smart phone or tablet on our free wftv -- free wftv news app. breaking news, deputies working to find a robber who held up a restaurant and shot an employee. gators dockside, discrete closed at 2 am this morning when investigators say the robber came in. deputies signified two shots at the employee and even though he was complying with his demands. the work is expected to survive. kimberly eiten is getting new details into the investigation and she will have an update into minutes. working to find out of a daughter of an 81-year-old
6:35 am
for his death. we were there when her boyfriend david dugan was taken to jail. he is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing and killing 81-year-old julian gresham over the weekend. he was initially taken into custody with the victim's daughter. both were held for mental evaluations. the 15-year-old girl will avoid going to prison for her role in the shooting involving a state trooper. yesterday morgan mcneil pleaded no contest and was sentenced as the juvenile. last june mcneil's boyfriend, the same parent, 15, shot fhp lieut. pennington avenue cocoa. taylor shock at -- shot back and killed. >> very surprised. i expected something more severe . >> mcneil will be in a maximum risk residential program after she reaches the age of 21 and she will receive mental health treatment. a local lawmaker says a bill to exonerate the groveland four may have a better chance now that the city issued a
6:36 am
last night the mayor issued the apology to the surviving family members of the groveland four. the 4 black men falsely convicted of raping a white teenager and nearly 70 years ago. to went to prison, the other two were killed. family members say they are hoping the state will exonerate the men. we have been through so much. you know how to handle it so this is a bump in the road. >> we will keep on moving on. >> eyewitness news anchor greg warmoth will have more on the groveland four on this weekend's central florida spotlight sunday, 1230 sunday, 12:30 pm. osceola county is about to come out after property owners who have not paid code enforcement finds. there are more than $8 million in unpaid fines right now. now commissioners have approved tougher limits on how much they can be reduced in order to get to people to pay up. the longer the violation sits, the smaller the discount you can get. numbers show donald trump is ahead of his fellow gop candidates going into saturday's primary.
6:37 am
criticism of trump. ted cruz says voters need a president who will not insult others. former florida governor jeb bush took a jab at trump was begin to support yesterday. >> it's not what he says is just the fact that he says it louder and louder. you have to keep the talking through it. it's not a skill set and never envisioned being necessary to aspire to the presidency of the united states. i have gotten better at it. >> in the latest cnn poll, trump leads with 38 percent in south carolina. the senator from florida, marco rubio intercut with 14 percent. bush at 10 percent. >> enough political games for me. we deserve better. we have bernie sanders as the next united states president. >> that was robert killer mike encouraging people to vote for sanders but he's taking heat for comments he made about clinton at a rally.
6:38 am
does not qualify you to be president and quote but he says he was quoting activist jane elliott. a bill allowing concealed weapons permit holders to carry their guns and airports is now moving through tallahassee. senate committee passed the bill yesterday it will allow people to take guns into areas like ticket counters. they would be prohibited pass security checkpoints. 6:37 am. for 40 years, the historical society has taught this is -- visitors about the city of orlando but 9 investigates uncovered issues on how they handle money and who they hire. an alternate found the society wasted nearly $300,000 by accidentally double in sharing their building. auditors say the biggest issue is that independent contractors hired a supervised children were not given background checks. >> we have 90 percent of the things that we had addressed in the audit are in place right now. and the other 2 percent are on the way. we are getting there.
6:39 am
director also confirmed with us that most of the issues in the audit have been taking care of. a rough month for florida. we have seen our share of severe storms across the state because of el nio. we haven't very lucky not to get hit with a tornado in central florida but other parts of the state have not been as lucky. look at this. a tornado hitting the panhandle monday. the national weather service says it was an ef 3 with winds over 150 miles an hour. the first tornado to hit the area and that strength over 45 years. an elderly woman had to be pulled from the rubble after home was flattened. damage in south florida, and to -- two ef1 tornadoes in popovich. a driver caught it on camera as he was driving toward the twister. the second one happened in miami near sun life stadium. in 2016, there have been 17 tornado so far in florida.
6:40 am
been two confirmed tornadoes in the panhandle and 15 in south florida. >> to go back to the video, don't drive toward twisters. >> we don't get the rain in january and february but not only are we getting rain we are getting strong storms. certified meteorologist brian shields , today it is beautiful, yes. >> nice to pass along a break. we are tracking fog around. by 10:00 here you can see it mixing out by 10:00 in much better shape and plenty of sun on the way. i posted this on facebook at instagram. chicago is colbert 30. we will be sunny and 75. marion county, mid-seventies, ocala, anthony, 75. sunshine winds and the west at 5 to 50. stoneybrook west, winter garden, independence,
6:41 am
orlando, 77 mild weather -- weather. 70s through osceola county, 77 poinciana, 76 holopaw. we will track bigger temperature changes this weekend including by the speedway. 6:47 am. it's been busy. here's deneige. >> a serious crash on orange blossom trail that has shut down northbound traffic atlee road. rosman drive, you cannot get northbound. you can past southbound. i plotted out an alternate pulling up live traffic tracker, edgewater drive around the northbound and southbound. they will have it shut down northbound for quite some time. another crash popped up 408 at goldenrod, west. to go right lanes blocked. a new scheme to make money. "good morning america" has cyber hackers demanding millions to put hospitals back online. >> red light cameras watching
6:42 am
suddenly disappear. >> reporter: and armed robbery turned into a shooting in a restaurant with the gunmen still on the run. coming up, what deputies said
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so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. 6:44 am. new details breaking news with the following since friday. gators dockside employee shot during an armed robbery in hunter's creek just after closing. emily eaton is live in south orange county. deputies may have tracked down the suspect. >> reporter: orange county deputies say that is thanks to a 911 call that came from inside gators dockside while in armed robbery was in progress. that was more than four hours ago but crime scene investigators are still here at
6:46 am
close that could lead to an arrest. as we told you in the last hour, this is one an armed robbery in the gunshots. a black man, 22, wearing a mask walked into the gators dockside on john young parkway around 2:15 this morning. he took an employee at gunpoint to a back office where he demanded cash but the robber got the money but deputies say something happened in the office and it spooked him. he fired twice, hitting the employee and ran out leaving a trail of cash to his getaway car. deputies say he did encounter a witness in the parking lot. that person was not shot but is also in the hospital this morning for observation. they and the employees are expected to survive. because someone called 911, all of this was going on, deputies got here in time to see a white mustang driving away. they believe that is the getaway car and may have attracted to a local hotel. for the top of the 7:00 hour on tv 27, i'm asking deputies if that lead has led them to an arrest and as they look to
6:47 am
any indication of what may have scared the robber into opening fire. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. one of the victims of a deadly rv crash and explosion in ormond beach is a recovering and it hospital this morning at investigators say quigley, 70, a passenger william byrd pressed their rv into a tree. the rv exploded, killing lee and burning birds. the cicadas have not said what caused the crash. portraitist failing economy is driving some students to the sunshine say to seek a better education. osceola county school district leaders say 1000 students from the island enrolled in their schools this year. leaders say they are prepared to handle the influx of non- native english speakers thanks to the large by legal staff and classroom language programs. the world is getting close to opening but it says will be the tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster in orlando. >> we got a look of the new
6:48 am
be able to handle 20 people beach. is expected to open the summer. if you want a close look behind the scenes pictures of the new mako coaster head over to /slideshows . >> i can picture myself screaming. video roller coasters, up and down all over. rain and now dry beautiful. >> now we are winning. >> daytona beach, a lot of sun outside. temperatures at 46. calm conditions with us leaving to fog around and you can see where we have it it is set around 75. watch for that. it will stick around for another couple hours. it will leave us with sun. 49, chilly in orlando toward pine hills. 49 sanford, 46 deland, de leon springs.
6:49 am
brevard county and osceola. jacket now, by the afternoon, short sleeves. a split day on the way with the sunshine and high clouds for the south. we are dry no big time storm system working in. daytona beach, 67 at noon. low 70s this afternoon. again, pleasantly mild as we take it to the day. dropping off in the mid-60s by the time we hit 6:00. midday, zooming through. working outdoors? good shape. sports practice tonight, not a hitch in your plants. 1:00, temperatures approaching 70 degrees. taking you through the afternoon. comfortable come a 70s around still by 5:00. tonight it will turn chilly. toward the evening temperatures dropping off by 11:00, lots of 50s and when i see you tomorrow morning, we will have 40s around. beaches. seas 3 to 6 feet. looking good. a strong risk of rip currents for today.
6:50 am
70s in the northern tier. most in the mid-70s for today. about average and comfortable. tonight, colder side. 40s, 50s around. winds out of the north 5 to 10 and tomorrow cooler, 60s and 70s and the outlook for tomorrow is still great. sunny but you may want a light jacket or sweatshirt. getting into the weekend, take a look. daytona 500 sunday, temperatures near 70 degrees. looking dry. good stuff. don't forget about your sunscreen for the weekend if you are out there. on your screen, five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view cool down for tomorrow. we warm up as we approach the weekend. friday, sunny, 74. sunny saturday, 76. 78 sunday. great camping weather. overnight lows running in the mid-50s. 6:50 am. looking at a crash with deneige. >> a crash orange blossom
6:51 am
sky witness 9 moved to because of fog. pulling up on live traffic tracker, northbound lanes of orange blossom trail at lee road shut down at this point. only one southbound lane can get through so the alternate with the edgewater drive. northbound and southbound as well. we had a crash pop up on 408 looking at your westbound traffic and this is just after you with past goldenrod road. one lane is blocked off along with what looks like a ramp lane. causing delays and you will need extra 10 minutes to get through there. the pope will visit the border between mexico and the us today. what happened to his jet is at the center of an investigation this morning. we are staying on top of the search for baby willow. coming up, what we're learning where the investigation stands and what happened when we question the women behind bars. homeowners called action 9 after a roofing company
6:52 am
27, the in (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r
6:53 am
we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle
6:54 am
share urto. publ. ershpi is pase. we will find out in two hours in eyebeam who said she abandoned her newborn will break her silence. police don't know if baby
6:55 am
we are live at the orange county jail and that mom will face a judge this morning. >> reporter: police say that susan richardson hasn't opened up about what happened after she gave birth. she is now booked here at the orange county jail for child neglect. the search lasted more than a day before orlando police arrested richardson. only we were there as she was taken to jail we asked richardson what happened to baby willow. we showed you she wouldn't answer any questions. investigators say she gave birth monday and abandoned the baby in the apartment complex in pine hills just behind the home she shares with her boyfriend and three other children. her first appearance is at nine. we will tell you what happens on the news and at noon. reporting live in orange county.
6:56 am
to hack into the phone of one of the california shooters. tim cook said that his company will resist the order. the first of it's kind ruling is a significant victory for the justice department in a debate that pits digital privacy against national security interests. cook argued such a move would create a back door to the privacy that could be used on other future devices. the american band that was on stage when terrorists opened fire inside a paris theater returned to the city of lights for a emotional show. >> the eagles of death metal played in front of a sold out crowd. >> let's take a moment to remember. >> 89 seconds of silence. outside the concert hall there were rows of security and streets were blocked off before the concert. there were also counselors in case of panic. the fans said finishing the
6:57 am
>> a lot of tears the president said there is more than enough time for the senate to consider a nomination for the supreme court this year. they black crepe has been put on the chair and bench of justice scallia. a the pope will have an audience on both sides of the border today. some 30,000 plan to gather today to watch the pope speak is just across the border in mention do. the mass will be dreamed live screens. trip. and some tense moments on approached mexico city. the pilots reported they were light. the jet landed safely. with the laser the florida house is going
6:58 am
use of red light cameras in florida a house committee barely passed a bill banning the use of cameras starting in july of 200019. o -- 2019. asian stocks were mixed overnight as investors hear about a possible deal to cap crude oil production in an effort to raise prices. news of the possibility sparked another rally on wall street. the dow gained 223 points. whole foods is recalling a speciality cheese sold in florida and new york. the grocery chain is recalling it because it may cause potentially fatal food poisoning. the cheese is only sold in west palm beach and new york city. customers are asked to throw it out. an 18-year-old has been arrested in south florida accused of pretending to be a doctor.
6:59 am
was so successful at this he was running his own medical clinic in west palm beach. he gave a example to a female undercover officer. he held a grand opening for his clinic last month. after that concerned residents started calling the health department. >> i'm hurt because of the accusations and allegations but this is not the first time where i have been accused and i will pursue this. >> love robinson is charged with practicing without a license a teenager. >> 18 . the dogs of the 14oth dog show started their show yesterday for the judge. only one can take home the title best of show. >> this is cj. the germam short haired pointer. he is the first of his breed to win the title since 1987. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes.
7:00 am
>> i see what you did there. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. chilly this morning. 75 today. sunny skies, little cooler tomorrow with low 70s. enjoy the weather. we have a big issue on orange blossom trail. just north of lee road. northbound lanes are shut down right now. edgewater drive will be the alternate. >> we good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. it could affect everyone with a smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the


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