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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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with caution next time he's here. in hillsdale. >> we've got loads of deer here also. >> reporter: we'll get to them next week. kimberly richardson channel 7, eyewitness news. >> we know where to go for thanksgiving dinner. >> there you go. >> that's what's making news in america this monk. >> stay with us for "good morning america," everyone. have a great thursday. it's been 4 days since the disappearance of baby willow. the mother is still in jail this morning and her longtime boyfriend told us he cannot afford to bail her out. >> what investigators are doing to try to find a newborn. a double shooting at home and winter park. what we found out about it over and. 5 am, thursday the february keep it we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following your
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certified meteorologist brian shields . another cool start. >> cooler today but still looking nice. nancy, we will see great weather on the way. this forecast is for you, my friend. >> 53 degrees out of the north at several miles an hour. looking at temperatures, 50s around in spots spots had 40s, 45 palm coast, 40 deland, 49 clermont, 52 into osceola county. chilly this morning. have a jacket. i checked in on disability. not many problems not like yesterday morning. -- checked on visibility. not many problems. 71, 72 for a high. yesterday we had mid-70s. by 4:00 69 and 6:00 temperatures, 65. tracking winds and temperature changes city by city and we
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the weekend forecast. 5:01 am. a first check with deneige. >> 408, construction along 408 eastbound approaching i 4 you will see the lights in the distance. they are blocking a lane at this point. i will let you know the causes issues. one lane is blocked. 417, southbound. and offramp is closed at university boulevard. you will need to get off before university boulevard or after until they are able to reopen the ramp. people will not -- police will not be out looking for baby willow this week. we have been following the search. >> we told you police removed to dumpsters from the apartment complex where they believe she was born try to figure out whether she is still alive. janai norman is live outside the orange county jail. the baby's mother could post
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>> reporter: that is despite officers asking that susan richardson be held here until they are able to figure out what happened to baby willow. a $50,000 bond is the only thing keeping ,30 susan richardson behind bars this morning and her boyfriend says he is not bonding her out. >> johnnie bryant says he has 3 children with her but is not sure if he is the father of the baby girl police are searching for. we watched search and rescue efforts to find baby willow. police removed dumpsters from the complex where they believe richardson gave birth earlier this week and discarded the infant. while we checked with police for updates they told us she said she left the baby at a random apartment. >> do you think she's lying about that? >> we do not know at this point. we are expecting the best and the baby is still alive. >> reporter: brines tells us the they plan to give the baby
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>> do you think she killed the baby? >> the baby was born deaf it's a different thing but killing the baby, no, she's not that kind of person. she's not going to kill the baby. >> reporter: staying in church with jail officials and we will watch all morning to see whether richardson does post bond and walks out of the doors. we will let you know if that happens. we are finding out where richardson's other children are now and had dcf is involved in the case. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. altamonte springs police are hoping you can help them identify 2 men who they say are responsible for smash and grab robbery at a verizon store while customers were inside. look at the surveillance pictures. the customers were inside the store out for 36 just after 7:00 last night where the 2 men started breaking display cases. detectives believe these got away from thousands of dollars with the phones. brevard county, state
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out of a damaged suv they found and a car involved in a deadly hit-and-run in cocoa. jason rodeghier was killed when the driver hit him early monday morning as he was jogging on satellite boulevard. the vehicle was identified as jeep cherokee. troopers said -- said a tip led them to a vehicle that had them is consistent with the crash. they were checking for evidence. overnight, 2 men that after the shooting winter park but who pulled the trigger is a mystery. kimberly eiten spoke with the investigators. they tell you they are not looking for any suspects right now. >> reporter: investigators tell me there are no outstanding suspect that at this point they cannot say who shot home. when they got here they found 2 men with fatal gunshot wound. one of the corner of comstock and capen what you see the police tape is still up this morning. the other behind this white and green home. winter park police cannot tell us how the men are related or what may have led up to gunfire around 10:00 last night.
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investigators have one block of comstock taped off as they try to check the trajectory of the bullets. or clues that could give an indication of what happened in the moments before the shooting. i asked if anyone was in the home and it appears to be at the center of the investigation. officers are not searching for anyone at this time. they are calling this an isolated incident. police and the homicide investigation team will be out here looking for evidence. a lieut. i spoke with has been with winter park police for 18 years and called it a rare case. i'm taking back through archives to find out how rare this investigation is in this area. and winter park, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. >> today was a find out the volusia county leaders agreed to a plan for a homeless shelter in daytona beach. last month we showed you just have rapidly growing camp and
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briefly shut down county office building. daytona beach is asking leaders to provide the land and pay for million dollars -- $4 million to build a shelter. city leaders submitted a plan to pay to operate the shoulder is built. they can budget $400,000 toward the safe harbor grant agreement for the next 5 years. the county will review the proposal today. framework republican presidential candidates are trying to sway voters in south carolina 2 days before the state's primary. if they getting busy. candidate dr. ben carson and senator. ted cruz and marco rubio got a chance to speak one-on-one with members and moderate -- audience members. the event came to perfect timing for rubio who was endorsed by nikki haley. >> the direction we're headed now is not the direction for greatness. it is the direction of the client. if we do not win that means the next president of the united states will be named either
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>> ted cruz barron trump to go with his right to sue him for defamation. an ad showing him in an interview speaking in support of abortion rights. trump says he opposes abortion. trump, jeb bush, john kasich will take the town hall stage tonight. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is expanding her campaign and to central florida. yesterday the campaign opened an office the international union of patrons and allied trades on oak ridge road orlando. the campaign also has offices a jacksonville, tallahassee and pompano beach. florida's primary election is less than a month away. the amount of money spent by super pacs and other outside groups in the race for the white house has reached over $200 million. more than 3 times as much money spent by this time in the 2012 campaign. the list includes 8 million is from florida, donors can send unlimited amounts of money on super pacs their contributions to candidates have a limit of $2700 per election. the white house is expected to announce today that president.
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month as the 2 countries continue efforts to normalize relations. the visit would make president. obama the first us president to travel to cuba in nearly 90 years. the obama administration has wanted to build trade and diplomatic ties with cuba before the president leaves office. for the funeral, florida is expected to break the record for the number of tourists who visit the state. according to estimates from the tourism marketing firm, 105 million towards me there with florida last year. beating the previous high of 90.5 million the governor will make a formal announcement about this and walt disney the world today. a full breakdown of the numbers on eyewitness news at noon. coming up at 5:10 am, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields over in severe weather center 9. >> it is cool . >> it will be cooler today but a very nice day on the way. with the as well. 72 will be the high. advertising 74, slightly below average.
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way in time for the weekend. in marion county, ocala, anthony, low 70s today, 72 in dunnellon, citrus, 72. we will see that similar temperatures because of the breeze through orange county. it will be nice, winds and the north northeast 10 to 20 and they will be gustier. osceola county, harmony, holopaw, 73. 72 is a cloud, celebration, 73. four corners, champions gate, poinciana, so la veta with a touch mid-70s today. those winds will kick around. on the dry side. tonight chilly, a pattern with 9 days and chilly nights. temperatures around 53 tonight. coming up we will track how much warmer we get this weekend and when rain returns to the forecast. our time is 5:10 am. and offramp close along 417 southbound. this is at university boulevard so in the meantime out -- exit out a local colonial. and deland we have a crash
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plymouth avenue and this hasbro damage at the area. you do not need to take an alternate but if you would like to to avoid the road damage, spring garden avenue is your alternate. state lawmakers want you to have a new way to get medical help. what it could mean fewer trips to the hospital and a lot of savings. it will take longer than expected to get the mail to osceola county. details 9 investigates uncovered an so hay,o i
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atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
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nancy alvarez. you time right now 5:13 am. taking a lie. to downtown orlando. we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day. a full check of your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. excuse me. 9 investigates uncovered details in an alleged extortion plot aimed to intimidate a woman out of filing for divorce. ousted seminole county wheeler actually use a fake dea credential in the composition with real dea agents.
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phone calls. >> whose idea was it? >> it was mine. >> 9 investigates obtained hours of recorded interviews and phone conversations, agent saying -- and her new boyfriend were under investigation for drugs and both men are expected back in court in march. a man accused of shooting a manager during a robbery at a restaurant that was full of customers is expected to face a judge but that was breaking yesterday on eyewitness news this morning. investigators say craig kerry junior opened fire at a gator -- gator's dockside john young parkway what is closing up at deputies were able to find them because they responded to several 911 calls earlier in the day about him apparently causing problems at the same restaurant. >> guests were cashing out and we were closing at the time so brazen in my opinion and happened while they were guests and employees inside. the victim is expected be okay. we will let you know what a judge decides during his court
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sanford police and city officials say they need residents to open up about crimes so they can close cases and get people closure. investigators are still looking for leads and at least 7 unsolved murder since 2010. commissioner velma williams is witnesses may not come forward because they fear retaliation. she also caught -- which he called and a willingness to move forward on cases with unreliable witnesses. a proposal that would use a teacher's own sat scores to determine bonuses in florida house. best and brightest programs offers bonuses to teachers who are rated highly effective and scored high on their sat or azt when they were in high school. plane ridiculous. the plan is to clear steps in the senate. university of fitchett -- central florida police hit a dead and try to find who placed hateful signs but anti-somatic citizen flyers found the they were viewed videos and
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make arrest until investigators get more information. the cases listed as an active. after nearly one month, and melbourne couple came forward to claim their share of the record-breaking powerball jackpot. >> 55-year-old david kaltschmidt and his 7-year-old wife maureen will take home a lump sum of $329 million. have a good idea of the first things they want to buy. >> my truck is going to fall apart. i needed a vehicle. >> i do not know yet. i want to get a massage. [laughter] >> every day for the rest of your life. she's been playing the same numbers for almost 30 years. besides getting legal, financial advice they said they did not tell anyone they were probable winners 90 the members of their own family. >> surprise, everybody. >> look at the numbers on that check. >> if i -- i have those numbers
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decimal. >> it will be cool and windy. a warm up into the weekend. we will get into that and track the next chance for rain. daytona beach, everyone is in bed. 52. winds out of the north at 6. folks will get out shortly and we will show the camera again to watch the sun,. 40s, 50s, some 60s around the onshore flow cocoa beach, 61. 45 ocala, 45 palm coast, one of the mornings a lot like yesterday. we want the jacket or sweatshirt and maybe throughout the day. conway, union park, azalea park, temperatures around 53. winds light in the northern tier. checking in on the visibility, no issues but we are seeing a northerly flow and a northeasterly windy later today. that will keep us slightly cooler for the day ahead and the winds will kick around. looking good on the satellite radar picture. overall, nobody complaints in the weather forecast.
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elementary, 68 by lunchtime, 70 by 2:00. stay in the low 70s, around 70 this afternoon. dropping off into the 60s by the time we hit 6:00. teacher chart, 10 am, you can see how we -- future track, 10 am. northeasterly flow, flagler, volusia county brevard, a few more clouds started to filter and not a lot but a couple more clouds is afternoon showing blips of green on the map. dry today. tomorrow cannot rule out a stray chance of a sprinkle along the coast. this is our friday, a few more clouds again with the easterly flow and one or 2 sprinkles cannot be ruled out along the coastline. no appreciable rainfall until tuesday next week. winds today you see the speeds turning from the north northeast upwards of about 15 to 20 miles an hour and higher gusts for the day ahead. beach forecast seas elevator 46 feet if you have the week off.
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4 to 6 feet 4 the seas. inland waterways are choppy with windy weather. 72 degrees today. northern tier will see highs staying in the 60s. a touch cooler, deland, 72 st cloud. 40s and 50s tonight. tomorrow, warmer. we will see more in the way of mid-70s and forecast. into the weekend, do not forget about the new icflorida app or checkout a lot going on this year. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view a couple more clouds tomorrow, 74 and warming this weekend, 76 on saturday, 78 sunday, 80 monday. the next chance for rain arrives by tuesday. 5:20 am. a look at the 4 -- 408 deneige. >> downtown orlando at the eastbound traffic approaching the i 4 ramps, we have construction in the distance blocking one lane but it should
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coast at 6:00. along for 17 southbound, we have an offer enclosed here at university boulevard. until they do get the construction out of the way get off at paloma or at colonial. we have another spot, alafaya trail, mcculloch, this does not seem to block any of the commute but i will let you know if they need to block the lane. jordan zimmermann ex- girlfriend in sharing her story after he tweeted out nude photos of her >> i never thought he would do that to me. >> why she says she never thought he would share her personal photos online for the world to see. the mother whose newborn is missing could bond out at anytime. coming up what we are finding out about her other children. a kissimmee man sitting in jail accused of street racing. what deputies found in his
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you time i-95 20 4 am. kissimmee father still in jail this one facing child abuse charges for a late night street backseat. >> orange county deputies arrested crespo and floras during a crackdown. crespo accused of driving the
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of the infant and toddler in the backseat. the mother of the children told us they are fine and she is working to get him out of jail. >> what happened on saturday was a mistake he did. everybody makes mistakes. nobody can judge and. >> the sheriff's office says it will continue the street racing crackdown on random weekends. department of transportation says it will take longer than expected to expand the summer commuter system to osceola county the the train was supposed to start taking on osceola county passengers by the end of 2017. that has now been pushed back one year. the state says it is taking longer than expected to work out the contracts the federal government is covering half of the construction costs. the project must be completed before 2019. a central florida transgender woman has filed a lawsuit the federal government the commission was unjustified from her job. >> cheetos that she lost her
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the same time that she was becoming a woman in 2013. she claimed she was threatened to other present herself as a man while working as a security officer or be terminated. >> to be let go. it was a blow. i cannot believe happened. i'm hoping my case will help other transgender people. >> the us equal employment opportunity commission ruled she was discriminated against on the basis of her sex. it also stated that advanced tactical denied the allegations. players will have the first training practice at this is wild world of sports saturday. it could be the left of central florida for the braves. the team is exploring a possible move to the treasure coast for next year. the braves would not say when they make a decision. wise county dr. accused of running an illegal pain clinic. >> why he will be allowed to practice medicine again. 2 people are dead but no suspects are wanted to coming up what police are saying about a double shooting in this
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we dropped off into the 40s northern orange county by apopka and phil wood and lake county, lots of 40s around. we will track start and changes in temperatures plus windy day. 5:26 am
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal
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1-800-royalcaribbean. 5:30 am. alive look over downtown orlando. we had chilly starts and nice warm day in store. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . tran40 watching the roads. >> let's begin with brian. >> complicated when you get dressed on a day like this. >> you need a jacket this morning and by the afternoon it will be pleasant. no doubt if that kids can get past the next couple of hours we will be okay with shorts. 53, winds out of the north 7 miles an hour, 40s and 50s


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