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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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1-800-royalcaribbean. 5:30 am. alive look over downtown orlando. we had chilly starts and nice warm day in store. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . tran40 watching the roads. >> let's begin with brian. >> complicated when you get dressed on a day like this. >> you need a jacket this morning and by the afternoon it will be pleasant. no doubt if that kids can get past the next couple of hours we will be okay with shorts. 53, winds out of the north 7 miles an hour, 40s and 50s
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milder in brevard county. we swing back to parts of marian and flagler counties where we have 40s, 45 now and palm coast and deland, de leon springs, sam sulla, 46. 49 toward clermont, 50 celebration, kissimmee, think about. we have been watching visibility and nothing like yesterday morning. people keep tabs on that for the next hour or 2. we will be okay past that. more of a winds this morning. do not expect visibility problems. lake county, 61 a 10:00, 67 at noon. cooler today and most highs upper 60s and low 70s. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. i put together a map and i will show you a warm up on the way 5:37 am. looking at 417 deneige. >> 470, university. southbound traffic. at this exit ramp they just reopened this 5 minutes ago.
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to get back on. you will not need an alternate anymore because they have the ramp shut down overnight. wherever crash alafaya trail mcculloch wrote, they haven't move this to the side. you will need to move over for troopers while they clear the crash. police are trying to figure out what led to deadly gunfire and winter park. officers say they found 2 people inside of a home off airbags avenue. kimberly eiten spoke with the investigators. they are looking for evidence. >> reporter: want to step out so you can see behind us how large the crime scene is. police say they had found 2 men dead outside of his house at comstock and capen. there are evidence markers this morning. police are not saying who pulled the trigger and what happened in the moments leading up to the gunfire. 10:00 life -- 911 calls
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what officers came, they found and with fatal ones. they cannot tell me how the men are connected or if they are connected at all. police say they are not looking for any suspects. together with joint homicide investigation, they are looking for clues and tracing trajectory of bullets. i spoke with a lieut. who's been with winter park pee dee for 18 years. this is the first investigation of this kind he has seen and 3 years. i what back through the archives and found the last homicide death investigation dating back to june 2013 and the area. i will work to confirm that with the media contacts when we get into the office later this morning. into daylight hours i will check with neighbors to see if they had any idea what led to this double shooting. live in winter park, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. the mother accused of giving birth to -- and abandoning a baby girl could walk out of jail at any money. >> police have not found baby
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not know if she's dead or alive. janai norman tells us 30 minutes ago the mother's boyfriend says they planned to give the baby away at birth and he says that is what they did with the 2 other children. >> reporter: he says they gave the youngest children away to relatives and we found out until please find baby willow prosecutors can have a tough time proven their case against susan richardson who is still behind bars this morning. >> we got word from orlando police there is no planned search for baby willow today. on wednesday, we watched investigators hall dumpsters with crime scene tape away from the apartment complex where they believe her mother gave birth and then discarded hurt. >> she said why did you do that i said i freaked out and panicked. >> reporter: we told you richardson's boyfriend said they planned to give the baby away at birth. >> i told her -- i was going to give the child away. that's why i wondered why she did what she did.
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gave younger children to family members at birth and our legal analyst did not find it a law making it a crime giving a child to a relative. it could be tougher prosecutors to prove the child neglect charges richardson effacing without investigators first finding baby willow. >> it is going to be near impossible to prove the charges for which she has been arrested without discovering where that they be is. >> reporter: we have continued checking in with dcf and confirmed yesterday they got a call about richardson abandoning baby willow and have opened investigation. we will continue watching to see if richardson posts bond and let you know first on our wftv mobile app it she walked out of the jail here this morning. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend's dad to death is facing the judge and 3 hours.
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the jail tuesday and we were there. investigators say he stabbed 81- year-old julian gresham over the weekend. the victim's daughter cassie was initially a person of interest but yesterday we found out she is not facing any charges. the person who killed a mother and her teenage daughter is still out there. maria sanchez and 16-year-old daughter destiny were found at a pine hills home monday. they just move there after living at the coalition for the homeless. we spoke with tiffany's friends who obviously are taking the loss of their friend hard. >> she cared for me. they are gone now. i they could come back . >> investigators have not named any suspects. covering brevard county. the health department confirmed
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>> the first case in brevard and the 2nd case and central florida. we told you about this is breaking news at 4:00. we're told the patient most likely got sick during a recent trip to haiti. mosquito control inspectors are going to homes and businesses throughout the county to teach people about how to prevent it. 22 confirmed zika cases in the state all of those travel related. to learn more visit and click on the news tab and zika virus. overnight, hospital in los angeles has handed over $70,000 to hackers to regain control of its computers. a group of hackers reportedly infiltrated and disabled computer network for hollywood presbyterian medical center. the hospital set it paid ransom because it was in their best interest. the fbi is investigating. 2 people who robbed 3 ucf students at their apartment near campus are still on the run. the 2nd tuesday night at the collegiate village apartments at university boulevard. a man and woman who the victim
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writing money and drugs. the man punched a student and the woman threatened him with a taser. they took off with a laptop and cell phones and wallet. president. obama and first lady will visit the supreme court tomorrow to pay respects to justice antonin scalia. scalia died saturday. the high court longest serving justice joining in 1986. he will lie in repose at the core tomorrow. a funeral will be held saturday. a white house spokesman says president. obama will not attend but vice president joe biden and his wife will be there. a controversial bill with tougher restrictions on abortion providers is now one step closer to becoming law in florida. yesterday the state senate committee approved a bill that would strip funding from any group that provide abortion services. florida already banned state money from being used for actual abortion procedures. opponents say if the bill passes it will restrict medical services for women. state lawmakers are working on a solution to the state
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the us supreme court ruled it unconstitutional say judges had too much power. lawmakers are considering a proposal to require all future death penalty cases to have at least 10 out of 12 jurors with a death sentence. has cases would not be effective. a local dr. who ran and a little plain clinic in orange b allowed to practice medicine again. he pleaded no contest to allegations of running and under -- unregistered pain management clinic. he's also been accused of describing hundreds of thousands of painkillers. prosecutors abandoned the case because of key witness problems. the state is allowing him to keep his license as long as he paid the $5000 fine. he is also banned from prescribing certain drugs. orlando city leaders are taking another big step to help a fast-growing hispanic community and will also help the local economy. the city is now offering a spanish version of a small business digital permit site where you can go for affirmation about zoning regulations, cost estimates and
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number of hispanic owned businesses in orlando is 20 percent. that is growing as hundreds of puerto rican families move here each month. 5:39 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >>certified meteorologist brian shields over in severe weather center 9 . >> a good start. a great finish to the day. i want to show you warming temperatures as we get into the weekend. advertising 74 degrees. we will be below it. 72. 74 tomorrow and by saturday, 76. we will warm up further by sunday into monday. i will put together maps for that. winds picking up today. notice the change and not as warm as yesterday. in the 60s in flagler county winds north port the 15-20 with higher gusts. north northeast 10-20 into lake county. 69 2 lyft, paisley and lake catherine -- lake catherine. seminole county, temperatures in the 70s. 71 today, longwood and sable point, wekiva springs.
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and the next chance of rain and the weekend. i was you ahead. 5:40 am. deneige. >> a crash troopers have gotten into the side. alafaya trail, mcculloch wrote, they have been on scene for one hour. they should wrap it up at this point. a quick shot of i 4 408 spot of construction into the downtown orlando area. we have one truck to the side. clearing out cones. move over for them. 6:00. livedoor grayson could become a thing of the past a brevard county. gambling. a push to convince state lawmakers that fewer teams should be thrown in jail. >> jordan zimmermann specs
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dozens of evidence markers as police investigate the double shooting. they found 2 men with fatal was outside of the house last night. kimberly eiten spoke with the investigators. they say there are no suspects in this case. >> reporter: they are not searching for anyone this morning. they are calling it an isolated
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outside this winter park home. they got here at 10:00 last night after 911 calls started coming in to report gunfire. officers found 2 men dead. one in front of the house and the other behind all. they cannot say who shot whom or what led to the gunshots. we asked how the men are connected and if it was perhaps a family argument that escalated the police cannot say. we will check back with them as they are here on scene investigator. we will update you at the top of the 6:00 hour. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. jordan zimmermann's ex- girlfriend is sharing her story to warn others about revenge porn. >> you mima called zimmerman's twitter account was suspended last year when he posted nude photos of a woman. she admits to sending him the photos in the first place and many criticize her for taking the pictures and dating a man with a checkered past. she says she never thought he would post the photos online for everyone to see.
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i felt like this is not the monster they made him out to be. >> he has not been charged with a crime. the images are still online. last year a law passed in florida banning posting nude images with identifying information. school leaders in bethune- cookman university are taking steps to stop gun violence has led to several shootings -- 13 students shot in the last 12 months. most recently last week. students gathered at a school performing arts center yesterday to most recently last week. students is johnson who was shot and killed saturday at an off- campus party in daytona beach. a new bill headed for the house floor that will change how families are notified of their right to skip a daily pledge of allegiance at school. students must recite the pledge unless the parent asked in writing for a child to be excuse. yesterday a house panel approved a bill that would allow a notice telling students they do not have to recite the pledge is --
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medicine to keep you from having multiple doctors visits. concierge doctors oversee medical care with patients over -- with visits over 90 minutes. they are debating whether employees should provide the innovative service to their employees. one dr. says the idea could save time and money. >> if you catch them when they are sick and you can treat them quickly, they are not spending all day to walk in clinic. >> the cost for a doctor like this varies from $1500 to several thousand dollars in a year. 5:47 am. nasa astronaut scott kelly has residency aboard the international space station. >> before he's done orbiting the earth he showed pictures. he posted hose -- his pictures on his twitter account. it is the view from the iss. he holds the record for longest time and space for any us
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come home next month. i followed him on facebook. i'm going to miss him. >> i know. >> is an innovator. i hope nasa says, scott, do you want to go back and he says yes and they will listen. >> he probably will not say yes. >> he's been there for a while. >> he puts great stuff out there. also forecast into the weekend we will see nice temperatures. looking in downtown orlando, 56 degrees, winds out of the north, 7. cool start. sunup 7:01 am, sunset 618.. you see temperatures. chilly toward marion county and ocala. 52 now and kissimmee, 49 clermont george bush no, titusville, 58. milder onshore breeze but we will track went out of the north keeping us cooler overall. you may want a light jacket into the afternoon.
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and radar picture. we will take care for the planner. rainbow allergy, 69 at noon. by 2:00, 70. around 69 by 4:00. cooler than yesterday but still pleasant. 11:00 this morning, again looking great. loads of sunshine for today. 6:00, onshore breeze we will see a few more clouds, flagler, volusia county blvd. don't be surprised to see more clouds popping up. tomorrow looking good again but throughout the day this is friday, stopping at 1:00, you will see a few more clouds the onshore floor with us. partly cloudy skies for friday and a tiny chance of a sprinkle along the coast. future track you can see the train was coming out of the north and northeast today. you see that sustained to 15 to 20 and higher in spots. we could have a few gusts, 25 to 30 miles an hour today. pointing that out because you have outdoor plans. water temperatures in the 60s for the coastal sections. low and high tide.
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intercostal and inland waterways because a windy day. 72, breezy, cooler than yesterday, a few 60s northern tier, elsewhere in the low 70s. tonight, like now, 40s and 50s around winds and the north 5 to an hour. 74 degrees tomorrow in orlando. daytona 500 plus a lot of action in the speedway today through the weekend. but -- by sunday, nice with temperatures running near 70 degrees. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view saturday, 76, 78 sunday, what a weekend with overnight lows in the 50s and near 80 degrees by monday the next decent chance for rain rolling in tuesday. 5:50 am. deneige. >> 408, crystal lakes drive. this is the traffic heading eastbound and this is downtown orlando. looking good eastbound and westbound. live traffic tracker, a crash
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the 408 westbound on rent. have not been able to get an indication from troopers if it is blocking lanes on the ramp i should have the update contaminants. state troopers say they have a big break and that case of a fatal hit-and-run crash. the anonymous tip they got and how it could help them find the driver. >> orange county residents dealing with the case involving lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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orange county residents dealing with the state from a landfill will have to wait until september to get rid of the smell. the county landfill manager spoke about a plan created by an outside company to manage the smell. residents tell as part of the plan requires 10 more feet of garbage piles up so crews can enclose things about it. devices can be used to back them -- back in the smell and they will be installed. , police officer who was badly burned at a super bowl party is being moved to a hospital in gainesville to recover. also -- officer crews was standing by a bonfire on super bowl sunday when a gas tank exploded leaving him severely burned. his family says he's in stable condition and on his way to a
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disney world is reached a settlement with a woman whose husband was killed during a test run for a ride out of animal kingdom. russell roscoe died in 2011 when he was hit on the head by a car. it was shut down for 6 months after the incident. his family sued disney for his death. details of the settlement are confidential. a new push from florida's legislative act -- black caucus to get lawmakers to pass a bill keeping teenagers out of jail. >> the civil citations proposal requires law enforcement officers to issue more citations instead of arresting teams. we told you how orange county deputies are reviewing their own citation policy for teenagers. supporters say it will give teenagers a 2nd chance. >> this gives an opportunity for you to actually have what we call restorative justice and allow them to have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. >> the bill still faces one house committee and companion bill in the senate has to go through 2 more committees. brevard county may soon be losing his dog races and
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committee approved a compact yesterday allowing for withdrawal -- dog tracks to quit racing thoughts but keep poker tables and slot machines if voters approve. the compact will be approved by the state house in full senate. a sunny -- study revealed residents of flint, michigan were paying top dollar for their water. a recent study from the food and water watchdog group found flint residents paid about $864 per year for water. that is nearly double the national average. researchers say that water should not exceed 3 percent of the household income. charges totaled 7 percent of household income inflict. -- income in flint. >> the infamous drug lord el chapo says he's not happy with the way he's being treated in jail. >> he was captured last month after his 2nd escape from prison. according to attorney -- at any he is being treated to roughly. he says is being woken up every 2 hours depriving them of sleep
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quote, a zombie. a new campaign from the us government is stop people from using food stamps out restaurants. justin said they are using food stamps posing as grocery stores. they want to change the rules so in order for food sure to be eligible to accept food stamps, only one 5 percent of sales can include food that is cooked on- site. opponents say the proposed change could hurt but the access of low-income families will. orlando city soccer club's parting with jetblue. >> jetblue passengers will be able to play soccer at its flight terminals. every game day at the citrus bowl jetblue will give 2 fans round-trip travel certificates to any jetblue destination. the promotion starts sunday, march 6 during the home opener. >> in the terminal? >> write there. -- there?
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>> city leaders have a solution at the top of the hour at the plan they came up with to come up with a permanent shelter. police are searching for clues outside a winter park home where 2 men were found shot to death last night. the reason they are not looking for who pulled the trigger. temperatures have dropped off further this morning. we will track the altidore
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baby willow is still missing and her mother accused abandoning her is in jail. >> the next steps for investigators as they try to baby. overnight shooting and winter park. searching for any suspects. winter park. 6 am, thursday, february 18. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following your commute. let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields . >> it is chilly air. temperatures have dropped off 2 or 3 degrees in spots. down into 51 in orlando. 46 in clermont, down a bit in ocala, 41. one of the starch you need a


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