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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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baby willow is still missing and her mother accused abandoning her is in jail. >> the next steps for investigators as they try to baby. overnight shooting and winter park. searching for any suspects. winter park. 6 am, thursday, february 18. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom following your commute. let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields . >> it is chilly air. temperatures have dropped off 2 or 3 degrees in spots. down into 51 in orlando. 46 in clermont, down a bit in ocala, 41. one of the starch you need a
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have a jacket or sweatshirt this morning. 49 daytona beach and ormond-by- the-sea. satellite and radar is good, this morning and most spots. we are nothing fog issues we had yesterday morning. let me show you what's next. altamonte springs, lunchtime, 69. yesterday. it will be windier. near 70 at 2:00, 69 at 4:00 with mid-60s by 6:00. winds out of the north hour. you can see that. it will be cooler. it will draw in clouds along the coastline. see what it does to temperatures. 64 the high palm coast, 73 st cloud and kissimmee. overall, a decent day but we are getting changes moving in. we will track the chill coming up on the way for us tonight and we will get into the weekend warm-up. 6:01 am. i 4 drive, we have not issues.
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we do not have construction work. good to go. we have a crash at the 408 westbound ramp at colonial drive. working to get indications as to whether or not it is blocking any of the lanes. hopefully we can have that for you in 7 minutes. overnight, 2 men are dead after shooting and winter park. who pulled the trigger is still a mystery. kimberly eiten spoke with the investigators. they have been out several hours investigating this. >> reporter: police said in a few -- about one hour ago there are no outstanding suspects. they cannot say who shot home. they found to go met with fatal gunshot wound on the corner of comstock and capen what you can see police tape this morning. the other man was found behind this white and green home. police cannot tell us how they are related or what may have
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911 calls came in reporting multiple gunshot. investigators have one block of comstock taped off as they try to trace the trajectory of the bullets and search for clues to give them indication into what happened in the moments before the shooting. i asked if anyone was in the house that appears to be at the center of the investigation and police could not say. officers are not searching for any person at this time. they are calling it an isolated incident. police and the joint homicide investigation team will be out here looking for evidence. the lieutenant i spoke with on scene has been with winter park police for 18 years and he calls this an unfortunate and very rare case for the bottom of our 6:00 hour. i'm digging back to archives to find out how rare homicide investigation's like this one are in this winter park area. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. police will not be back out today looking for the
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was discarded by her mother there this week that we have been following the search for baby willow. >> we told you police removed to dumpsters from the apartment complex where they believe she was born. they were trying to figure out whether she is still alive. janai norman is live outside the orange county jail. the baby's mother could post bond and walk out at any time. >> reporter: that is despite officers asking susan richardson be held at the jail without bond until they can figure out exactly what happened to baby willow. a $50,000 bond is the only thing keeping 30-year-old susan richardson behind bars this morning and her boyfriend says he is not bothering her out. johnnie bryant says he has 3 children with richardson but is not sure whether he is the father of the baby girl police are still searching for. wednesday, we watched ongoing search and rescue efforts to find baby willow.
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from the willow bend apartment complex where they believed richardson gave birth earlier this week and then discarded the infant. when we check with police for updates, they told us she said she left the baby at him up -- random apartment. >> you think she's lying about dropping the baby off? >> we do not know and we are expecting the best that the baby is still alive. >> reporter: bright told us he and richard and -- they plan to give the baby away at birth and does not understand what happened. >> do you think she killed the baby? >> if the baby was born dead, that's different but to kill the baby, she's not going to kill the baby. >> reporter: we will watch all morning to see whether richardson post bond and walks out of the jail but in the meantime, we are finding out where richardson's other children are. and for 6:45 am, learning how dcf is now involved. reporting live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. right now altamonte springs police are hoping you can help them identify 2 men who they say are responsible
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customers were inside. look at the surveillance pictures. police tell us customers were inside the store off for 36 after 7:00 last night when the 2 men dirty breaking display cases. detectives believe the thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of phones. a brevard county, state troopers are working to find out if a damaged suv they found is a car involved in a deadly hitting quote -- hit and run cocoa. he was killed when a driver in an early morning hit him while he was jogging pay the bills identified as a jeep cherokee. troopers say an anonymous tip led them to the vehicle that had damage consistent with a crash. alas check they were processing it for evidence. we could find out in volusia county leaders agreed to a plan for a homeless shelter in daytona beach. last month we showed you how a rapidly growing homeless camp in the heart of downtown kept growing and shut down the county office building. they are asking leaders to provide the land and pay $4
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shelter. last night daytona beach city leaders admitted up -- committed a plan to pay to operate the shutter if it is built. if they can budget for hundred thousand dollars toward the safe harbor grant agreement for the next 5 years. the county will now review the proposal today. 3 more republican presidential candidates will try to sway voters in south carolina 2 days before the state's primary. last night candidates doctor ben carson and senators ted cruz and marco rubio got a chance to speak one-on-one with audience members and moderators at a town hall event in greenville. the event can with perfect timing for mobile who's endorsed last night the south of the governor nikki haley. >> the direction we're headed out is not the direction of greatness it is the direction of decline. if we do not win that means the next president of the nicest will be named bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> ted cruz also dared donald trump to go through with his threat to sue him for defamation. cruz tv ad shows a trump in the 1999 interview speaking in
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trump says the abortion -- opposes abortion. they will take the stage tonight. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is expanding her campaign into central florida yesterday the campaign opened an office the international union of pages and allied trades oak ridge road, orlando but the campaign also has offices a jacksonville, tallahassee, florida's primary election is less than one month away. mima, the amount of money spent by super pacs and other outside groups in the race for the white house has gone over $200 million. that is more than 3 times as much money spent by this time in the 2012 campaign. the list includes 8 millionaires from florida, donors can set unlimited amounts of money on tobacco contributions to candidates campaigned have a limit of $2700 per election. today the white house is expected to announce president obama will visit cuba next month as though 2 countries continue efforts to normalize relations. that visit with me present obama the first us president to
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the obama administration has been working to build trade and diplomatic ties with cuba before the president leaves office. for the 50 in a row, florida's expected to break the record for the number of tourists who visited our state. according to preliminary estimates from the state's tourism marketing arm, 105 million tourists made their way to florida last year beating the previous high of 98 with 5 million. the governor will make a formal announcement at disney world today. will have a full breakdown of numbers on eyewitness news at noon. 6:10 am. 11 -- we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> through the weekend, very nice weather. yesterday we had 75. we will be cooler today. 72 daytime high average 74. not far from average. again, a jacket this morning and it is chilly and you may want a sweatshirt or light jacket this afternoon. marion county, anthony, 71, 72
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winds breezy 10 to 20. low 70s, sanford by the riverwalk, 71. 72 oviedo. bedbug elementary, castleberry, winter springs 72 for high. portage county running in the low 70s. 73, oakland, 73. lake bonavista, windermere. 73. in main weather, we will track the warm up for the weekend. 80s will return and when we get the chance for rain with the next front arriving. 6:09 am. updating a crash along 408, 408 westbound ramp at colonial drive does not seem to impact your commute. move over for troopers on scene try to get it cleared out. far away cameras, cimmaron, traffic heading eastbound and this is downtown orlando traffic. looking good in both directions.
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pretending to be a doctor and opening the clinic is talking about his arrest. the charges he is now facing. deputies arrested kissimmee man after a street race. the precious cargo in the back seat of the speeding car that led to more serious charges. the powerball millionaires from central florida finally
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6:14 am. alive look over downtown orlando. it is dark and chilly this morning. we will let you know what the rest of the day brings.
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every 10 minutes. . >> 9 investigates uncovered new details in an alleged extortion plot aimed to intimidate a woman out of filing for divorce. ousted deputy wheeler says he never used this fake dea credential but in a recorded conversation with real dea agent, he admitted to posing as an agent and phone calls to the friends and family of michael mays estranged wife. >> whose idea was to identify yourself when he called? >> it was mine. >> 9 investigates hours of recorded interviews named wheeler to indicate the estranged wife was under investigation for drugs. both men expected a quarter march. in the next 2 hours a man accused of shooting a manager during a robbery and a restaurant full of customers is expected to face a judge but the stories breaking yesterday on eyewitness news this morning. investigators say craig kerry junior opened fire at the gators dockside on john young parkway on the restaurant was
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deputies were able to which we find it because he was on -- they responded to several calls early in the day about him causing problems at the same restaurant. >> guests were cashing out and we were closing so a brazen move in my opinion while they were having just inside. >> the victim is expected to be okay. we will let you know what a judge decides the his court appearance. residence need to open up about crimes so policing close cases. investigators looking for lead and 7 unsolved murders in 2010. the omission or velma williams is witnesses may not come forward because they fear retaliation. she called out the state attorney's office and what she calls and a willingness to move forward on cases with potentially unreliable witnesses. a proposal that would use the teachers own sat scores to determine bonuses as the forward in the house. best and brightest program offers bonuses to teachers who are rated highly effective and
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sat or act in high school. some teachers have called the plan ridiculous. the same plan is to clear several steps in the senate. university of central florida police say they have hit a dead and try to find a place hateful signs around campus. we told you and a member, anti- semitic stickers and flies were found near residence halls the police reviewed surveillance video and followed up on tips but cannot make any arrests until investigators get more information. the case has been listed as an active. after nearly one month of melbourne couple finally came forward to claim their share of the record-breaking powerball jackpot. >> 55-year-old david kaltschmidt and his ,70 wife maureen will take home a lump sum of $329 million. i have a good idea the first thing they want to bite. >> my truck is going to fall apart.. >> i want to get a massage. >> [laughter]. >> every minute of every day
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>> she's been playing the same numbers for almost 30 years. the couple did not tell anyone they were powerball winners including members of their own family. they did noah to the gut legal advice. >> they look and shock. >> that will not and -- it will not and. >> great day on the way and a warm up for the weekend. a look outside quiet in daytona beach. 49. that is why you want a jacket. it is chilly. like yesterday morning, ocala, 41, 48 the villages, 51 in orlando, baldwin park, audubon park, 60 cocoa beach, onshore breeze in cocoa beach helping with temperatures. milder my friends a brevard county, inland but i
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the inland. rainbow elementary 69 degrees. comfortable and not as warm. 70 at 2:00. temperatures drop off and mid- sixties by the time we hit 6:00 this evening. cooler before sunset. bay hill, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, temperatures in the 50s if you have plans in the evening. future track through the day, stopping at 6:00, flagler, brevard you may see clouds. don't be surprised if you catch more as you have the flow coming from onshore. great tomorrow. onshore flow will stay with us tomorrow. it gives us more clouds. partly cloudy skies tomorrow
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along the coast. otherwise mainly dry. winds northwest east. they are breezy. 19 miles an hour in orlando. gusty, choppy and the seas are elevated 4-6 feet. 72 today, breezy and cooler. sunny and 60s and more than 2 years. 70-72 is the overall range today. 40s and 50s and cool by the time i see you friday. tomorrow warmer and 74 in orlando. setting the stage for an incredible weekend. have this app on your telephone. icflorida app. you will get a hint of what's going on. five-day forecast, where the
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picture-perfect 76 and warmer sunday, 78. action today through the weekend. the speedway as well. races are going on. monday, near 80 and the next chance of rain is moving and tuesday. 6:20 am. the drive has been okay. here is deneige updating you on a crash. >> blocking on lane in apopka. by clay springs elementary. no indication if it is a complete shutdown but there is one lane blocked. 408 westbound ramp, colonial drive, that crashes to the side. osceola county, vineland rd., poinciana boulevard, the crash does not seem to be blocking all lanes. move over for troopers. traffic is driven by toyota of orlando and the all new toyota of clermont..
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>> winter park police investigating a shooting leaving to go dead. what investigators are not looking for suspects. the next stop in a plan to expand sunrail is put on hold.
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so happy,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
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the father in jail facing child abuse charges for a late night street race with 2 children in the back seat. >> crespo and floors were arrested during a crackdown saturday night. chris polk accused of driving the car and endangering the lives of an infant and toddler in the backseat. the mother tells us they are fine and she's working to get him out of jail. >> what happened saturday was a mistake. everybody makes mistakes. nobody can judge him. >> the sheriff's office will continue the street racing crackdowns on random weekends. department of transportation says it will take longer than expected to expand the sunrail commuter system to osceola county. the train was supposed to start taking on osceola county passengers by the end of 2017.
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the state says it is taking longer than expected to work out contracts that the -- the federal government is covering half of the cost. it must be completed by 2019. a central florida transgender women filed a lawsuit now that the federal government determine she was unjustly fired from her job. >> rachel we can tell that she lost her job as a security officer at the same time she was becoming a woman in 2013. she claimed she was threatened to the present herself as a man while working as a security officer or be terminated. >> to be let go was just -- it was a blow. i cannot believe it happened. i hope my case will help other transgender people. >> the us equal employment opportunity commission ruled she was discriminated against on the basis of her sex and also stated her employer and best tactical denied the allegations. prosecutors accused in orange county doctor of prescribing thousands of painkillers. >> why the charges were
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may be allowed to see patients again. 2 men are dead. who shot home is a mystery. clues and what police called the first homicide investigation winter park and years. we dropped off a few more degrees in apopka. tracking changes in tents. 6:26 am.
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good morning 6:30 am. live look at an active scene and winter park were 2 people were found dead. we have a reporter kimberly eiten is gathering information on the investigation that is still ongoing overnight. a complete update coming up. we start with weather and traffic. we do that every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads. brian is here as well. >> jacket weather, hard to
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>> you may need your jacket by the afternoon it will be nice. it will be cooler. before sunrise, downtown orlando, 55 downtown orlando, 5510 was out of the north at 8 miles in ocala sunup at evan oh 1 am. to make the 40s and 50s around -- 7:01 am. ocala 41, 40s through volusia county. sam sulla back toward ponce inlet. 57 degrees and titusville. brevard county milder with onshore flow. i checked on disability no trouble -- i just checked on visibility no trouble. lake county, hour by hour, lunchtime, 67 degrees. we are not as warm as yesterday. upper 60s and low 70s by 2:00, 68 at 4:00, 62 one we hit 6:00. i put together a map.
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will get this weekend ahead at 6:37. let's see how the drive shapes up. deneige. >> goldenrod, 408, this is traffic heading into downtown orlando on the right side. no issues in either direction at that spot but reports of a crash goldenrod road, no issues in either direction at that spot but reports of a crash goldenrod rd., lake underhill road. seems to have one lane blocked. sending sky witness 9 for us better vantage point to figure out if you have alternates. police are trying to figure out what led to good -- deadly gunfire. office confirmed 2 people are dead in a winter park neighborhood and no one wanted. kimberly eiten spoke with the investigators. they are searching for evidence. >> reporter: in the last 30 minutes we have seen the police and firefighters tearing down a large crime scene. you cannot see it from where we are standing because his fire engine pulled up at police
6:33 am
white house at comstock and capen last night.. one-man was found in the front of the other men died behind the home. winter park police are not saying who pulled the trigger and what happened in the moments leading up to the gunfire. 10:00 life flight 911 call skimming reporting multiple gunshots in the neighborhood. officers got on scene and found 2 men with fatal wounds. they can ask a male -- they cannot tell me how they are connected or if they are connected. they are not looking for suspects. together with the joint homicide investigation team, they are searching for clues and try to trace the trajectory of the bullet. i spoke with a lieutenant early this morning who has been with winter park pee dee for 18 years and says -- winter park pee dee and he's been with them for 18 years. i've found the last
6:34 am
working to find out with media contacts. into the daylight i will check with the neighbors near the crime scene to see if they had any idea what could had led up to the shooting. live in winter park, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. the man accused of stabbing his girlfriend had to death will face a judge in 2 hours. we were there as he was brought to the jail on tuesday. investigators say he stabbed 81- year-old julian gresham over the weekend. the victim's daughter, tessie, was initially a person of interest but we found out yesterday she is not facing any charges. the person who killed a mother and teenage daughter is still out there. the bodies of maria sanchez and daughter destiny were found in the home on monday. we were told they just move there after living at the coalition for the homeless. we spoke with some of destiny's friends who were taking the
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>> her mom was my other mom. she cared for me. they are gone now. i they could come back . >> so far investigators have not named any suspects. covering brevard county. the health department confirmed a case of the zika virus. >> first case a brevard county in the 2nd and central florida. we first told you about this as it was breaking at eyewitness news at 4. the patient that likely sick during a trip to haiti. mosquito control inspectors are going to homes and businesses to help teach people about how to prevent it. there are 22 confirmed zika cases in the state and all our travel related. to learn more about the drivers go to and click on the news tab go to zika virus. hospital handover $70,000 sacristy regaining control of
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the computer network for hollywood presbyterian medical center. the hospital set it paid the ransom because it was in their best interest. the fbi is investigating. 2 people who robbed 3 ucf students at their apartment near campus are still on the run. this happened tuesday night at the collegiate village in apartment on university boulevard near the wolof. investigators say a man and woman forced the way inside the many money and drugs. they see the man punched one of the students and woman threatened them with a taser. they took of a laptop cell phone wallet. >> the president and first lady will visit the supreme court tomorrow to pay respect to justice antonin scalia who died saturday. he was the high court's longest- serving justice joining in 1986. he will lie in repose at the court tomorrow. the funeral will be held saturday. a white house spokesman says president obama will not attend but vice president joe biden and his wife will be there. state lawmaker working on a solution to the states death penalty system.
6:37 am
unconstitutional last month saying judges had too much power. lawmakers are considering a proposal that would require future death penalty cases to have at least 10 out of 12 jurors vote for the detriment is. if 3 or more objects the defendable get life in prison. past cases will not be affected. a local doctor who ran into -- ran an illegal pain clinic may be allowed to practice again. >> john r who pleaded no guard -- contest to running on unregistered pain management clinic. he's also been accused of prescribing thousands of painkillers. prosecutors abandoned the case because of what they call key witness problems. the state is allowing him to keep his license as long as he pays a $5000 fine and he's banned from prescribing certain drugs. orlando city leaders are taking a big step to help the fast-growing hispanic community and also help the local economy. the city is now offering a spanish version of the small business digital permitting side. that's when you can go for information about zoning
6:38 am
the number of his panic owned businesses in orlando has a 20 percent and will grow as hundreds of puerto rican families move here each month. a new bill hader for the house floor changes have families are notified of their right to skip the daily pledge of allegiance at school. students must recite dispatch -- the place right now unless the parent asked for in writing for them to be excuse. they will approve a bill allowing notice that they don't have to recite the pledge to be put in a handbook we were honored to be part of it teacher of the year of that at the wilson center. >> on teacher from every school was recognized. 5 finalists and teacher of the year is joe hana lopez. she is from colonial high school, a spanish teacher is gone above and beyond in the students have completed more than 2 is gone above and beyond in the students have completed more than 2000 hours of community service. she was behind the voter registration drive at the
6:39 am
students passed ap spanish. >> in honor of her achievements, brian shields with a the forecast in spanish. >> good luck. >> [laughter] >> not happening. did not see that company. 72 and cooler, advertise 74. -- the average high is 74. by the weekend it will be warmer. 76 degrees hitting saturday forecast. 60s today to near 70 in volusia county. windier along the coast. winds north east 15-20 miles an hour. could draw in clouds. lake brantley, temperatures around 71. gorgeous day and breezier tour brevard county. 60 titusville, cocoa beach, 75 the high.
6:40 am
the weekend warm-up, returning 80 and when the next system will return with rain. 6:39 am. >> a crash on goldenrod road, southbound at the 408 overpass. they been able to get the crash to the side onto the shoulder looks like a car hit the overpass. if you had in that direction you will see them to the right. apopka, canterclub's jail -- canterclub trail, one lane is blocked but i'm not getting indications if it is a complete shutdown. the may take you action minutes. to get through. florida teenager accused of being a doctor by pretense. the exclusive 18-year-old. pictures astronaut scott kelly wants everyone to see before he comes back to earth
6:41 am
seeing if the mother accused of discarding baby willow will walk out of jail. finding out why it could be tough to make the charges she's
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a mother accused of giving birth and abandoning her infant they walk out of jail. >> we have not found baby willow and they don't know if she's dead or alive. janai norman tells us 30 minutes ago the mother's boyfriend plan to give the baby away. he says that is what they did with their 2 other children. >> reporter: he and susan richardson gave their 2 youngest children's away at birth. we're finding out until police find baby willow, prosecutors may not have much of a case
6:45 am
>> we got word from orlando police there is no planned search for baby willow today. on wednesday, we watched investigators hope dumpsters with crime scene tape away from the apartment complex where they believe her mother gave birth and then discarded her. >> she said she freaked out and panicked. >> reporter: we told you richardson's boyfriend said they planned to give the baby away at birth. >> i told her i was going to give the child to my 2nd oldest son mom but she wanted so that's why i wonder what she did what she did was he said they gave the 2 younger children to family members at birth in our wftv legal analyst did not find a law making it a crime to give a child to a relative and it could be tougher prosecutors to prove the child neglect charges richardson is facing without investigators first finding baby willow. >> it is going to be near impossible to prove the charges
6:46 am
without discovering where that baby is. >> reporter: we continued checking in with dcf and confirmed yesterday they got a call about richardson abandoning baby willow and have now opened an investigation. we will continue watching to see if the mother posts bond and we will let you know on our wftv mobile app if she walks out of jail. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. jordan zimmermann's ex- girlfriend is now sharing her story to warn others about revenge porn. >> you may remember them's twitter account was suspended last year when he posted nude photos of the woman. she admits to sending him the pictures in the first place. many have criticized her for taking the photos and dating a man with a checkered past. she says she never thought he would post the photos online for everyone to see. >> listening to him i felt
6:47 am
they made how -- him out to be. >> zimmerman has not been charged with a crime. the images are still alive. last year a law passed banning -- a new way to pack -- could soon be sponsored by your employer. concierge doctors overseeing medical care for the patients with this is up to 90 minutes. rhino lawmakers in tallahassee are debating whether employees or employers should help provide innovative services to their employees. one doctor says the idea could save time and money. >> if you catch them when they are sick and you can treat them quickly, not spending all day to walk in clinic. >> right now the cost for a like this varies from $1500 to several thousand dollars per year. nasa astronaut scott kelly has nearly completed his year- long residency aboard the international space station. >> before done orbiting he showed pictures of what it is like looking at the world from the outside. he posted these pictures on his
6:48 am
he holds the record for the longest time and space for any us astronaut and he will finally come home next month. >> i've been a groupie and assessed with the posts -- i really like the posts. >> his twitter feed is awesome. >> the weekend is better. downtown orlando, sunny. no fog. 51 and a little bit chilly. temperatures 40s and 50s, milder in brevard county, 60 toward cocoa beach, grant- valkaria, melbourne, upper 50s 40 one ocala, 45 deland, sanford, 62. a jacket this morning or
6:49 am
calm winds inlet in a northerly flow and they will pick up. we would see winds gustier. looking good outside. plenty of sun. kissimmee elementary, 68 at noon, 2:00, 72. we could want. future track, looking good. onshore breezes and a couple more clouds are popping up flagler, volusia, brevard may see more clouds develop. five-day forecast, partly cloudy. onshore flow persisting for another day. friday, a few more clouds are popping up. mostly sunny -- instead of mostly sunny will be partly cloudy and you cannot rule out a sprinkle along the coast otherwise mainly dry. 10-20 winds along the coast. may be 25-30 miles an hour from
6:50 am
temperatures at the beach 60s, water temperatures also in the 60s. low and high tide. winds causing choppy on intracoastal. breezy and cooler, 71 and ocala and anthony, the villages 72 toward bush and all, -- toward lake ann. 73 clermont, 40s and 50s around. st. cloud through boggy creek, narcoossee, lake nona, 70s. 73 tomorrow, leesburg, 74 orlando, partly cloudy skies. warmer for tomorrow, a warm up by the weekend including sunday. daytona 500, the races later today, speedway to the weekend, they look excellent. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view up on your screen, 74 tomorrow,
6:51 am
sunday, up to 78 with an onshore flow cooler at the coast and warmer inland. we will see that pattern. overnight lows in the weekend. monday, 80 degrees in the next chance of rain will arrive tuesday. 6:50 am deneige. >> goldenrod, southbound at the 408 overpass. you can see the car headed part of an overpass. looks to be a hit-and-run. they will be to the side. should not slow you down. we have a crash in apopka, canterclub trail at wekiva springs road by clay springs elementary. one lane is blocked. state road 472, i 4, volusia county, a crash here. no word it is blocking lanes. move over for troopers. f.b.i.
6:52 am
cell phones used by a couple accused of or terror attack. why apple says a court order could jeb is that -- jeopardize the privacy for almost 1,000,000,000 iphone users. police took down tape at a winter park home where 2 men were found shot to death. the ongoing investigation with no search for a suspect lope, crumbling facilities in the state prisons causing taxpayers $40 million. coming up on central florida's
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
time now 6:54. police investigate a double shooting. they found two men with fatal wounds outside that house last night. we spoke with investigators. they say there are no suspects in this case. >> reporter: and they tell me this morning they are not searching for anyone. police are calling this an isolated incident as they just finished searching for clues outside this winter park home. officers found two men dead. one on the corner in front of
6:56 am
they cannot say who shot whom or what lead up to the gunshots. we also asked how the two men were connected. we will be on scene as police wrap up. we'll update you at top of the 7:00 hour on tv 27. eyewitness news this morning. a new report found a suicide hot line allowed crisis calls to go to voice mail and the callers didn't always get immediate help. they received more than 450,000 calls in 2014, a 40% increase. about one in six calls were redirected to back upsetters. upgrades are planned to provide
6:57 am
disney world reached a settlement whose husband was killed. he died in 2011 when he was hit ton head at the mimeeval ride. details remains confidential. we know the owner of the sunken cargo ships ships ceo phil green testified it was only sent out for danny because it was the first storm of the season. all 33 crew members including a person from central florida died. a fight continues between apple and a federal judge between homeland security and your privacy rights. apple has been ordered to help the fbi hack into the iphone. apple's ceo says doing so would make it more vulnerable to
6:58 am
the white house disagreed says it would only have an impact on the one iphone. toyota recalling possible problems with seat belts. it is one of those vehicles effected along with the vanguard. the company says a flaw could cause some rear seat belts to fail. the daytona 500 is only a few days away. international speedway been busy. it result until a multi-car pile up. two of the drivers will have to use back-up cars. the daytona 500 kicks off this sunday. the orlando city soccer club is partnered with jet blue the move into parts of orlando international airport.
6:59 am
able to play soccer at the flight terminals. jet blue will give two fans round trip tickets to any destination. >> i would play soccer in the hallways every day. >> soccer fever. an 18-year-old charged with impersonating a doctor is now in jail. >> yes. he was arrested tuesday after investigators say he performed an exam on an under cover officer. he walked out of jail on a $21,000 bond and it didn't take long for him to make a public statement. >> i would simply ask if you can simply pray for us in this time that everything that happens that we get the truth of out of it. >> you can hear what he has to say right after eyewitness news.
7:00 am
cooler, still nice with temps warming up through the weekend forecast. enjoy our gorgeous weather. >> we have a crash blocked at i- 4 in sanford and in apopka. it is partially blocked. the state prison system is plagued with good morning, america. dead heat. a brand-new national poll shows ted cruz and donald trump tied as trump takes aim at jeb bush. >> this guy, why doesn't he just give up, go home. go home. go home to mom. >> and hillary clinton trying to avoid another upset striking a pose in "vogue" just two days until the next big showdown. breaking overnight, president obama will travel to cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years and the huge events in the works in havana from major league baseball to beyonce.


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