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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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like even i know that dude is white. it's like -- i just called >> oh, very good, gentlemen. all right, well, that's what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." this broadcast is real time captioned by carrie o'brien. right now on action 9 news this morning, a land surveyor found human remains along the road near daytona beach. today investigators will be at looking for more. >> and there is still no sign of baby willow. where neighbors wang investigators to search. good morning, 5:00 a.m.
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we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields. the forecast is holding through the week. not bad this morning. aslight warmup on the way. afew more clouds today. 52 in orlando. the winds out of the north at seven. acouple 40's -- 40s around. 76 in ocala. 55 in seminole county. now, here is the satellite and radar picture, a couple of clouds rolling in. that's the pattern today. onshore winds will bring in clouds along the coast. so overall, partly cloudy skies lake county today. claremont elementary, 67 at 10:00. 92, 72. and then the mid-70s today. so milder inland. it will be a touch cooler at the coast. at the coast, 60s and 70s.
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coastal sprinkle. inland, in the mid-70s. coming up -- we are going to track how much warmer it will get through the week forecast. our time is 5:01 on the friday morning drive. starting off on i-4 at lee road. we have construction out here. this is blocking one lane in the eastbound traffic. it has not cause could lays. but you can see right there, the right hand lane is blocked off. you need to move over to the left. and in lake county you have a left lake blocked. around 6:00. volusia county investigators will be back out the search for human remains. >> a surveyor spotted the remains yesterday in a swampy boulevard. and kimberly eiten is live. >> reporter: yes.
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search back up later on in daylight showers. yesterday, deputies went 100 feet into the woods on international boulevard looking for bones. yesterday, a land surveyor spotted a piece of skull. that launched a search effort with volusia county digging through pretty rough terrain. the area they are canvassing is very swampy and -- swampy and not a place with homeless camps. investigators know the remains found yesterday have been in the woods for some time. but it is too early to tell who they belong to. >> we are working to locate anymore in the area and get them in for testing and identify the person and bring closure to his or her family. >> reporter: and we did ask investigators if the remains found out here could be connected to unsolved murder cases in volusia county.
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anything out as the search churches. action 9 news, kimberly eiten, action 9 news. now, one of the unsolved murder cases is swar ezand her two children. their bodies have never been found. this morning the man accused of killing them will in court. the trial has been on hold while prosecutors wait for a state legislature to come up with new proceeder for the death sentence. we will let you know what happens at noon. meanwhile, lawmakers are reached an agreement to fix the state's death penalty law. 10 out of 12 jurors would have to recommend execution. new this morning two men
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glitz ultra shooting are in jail. ruzarco is facing murder and other churches. and 22-year-old lopez was left out he was arrested on bond after the shooting. two men were killed in the shooting. today a former brevard county student is going to be back in court. 200 rounds of ammunition in 25- year-old's hotel room and storage unit. he is in the united states on an expired visa. four days after police believe a woman gave birth in a parking lot there is snow sign of a newborn. >> since monday we are following the search for baby willow that spread to an underground sewer system yesterday. this morning we are at the orange county jail. and janai norman, baby willow's mother is there and not helping
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>> reporter: police are saying susan richardson is not been helpful finding baby willow even after their booked her. this morning there is no sign of baby willow every after city crews sent cameras into underground sewers looking for a trace of the infant on thursday. monday police were called out to the apartment complex and found evidence of childbirth, including placenta and blood, but no baby. now, investigators are extending the search every more -- even more. >> she walks through here every day. >> reporter: lewis is saying that richardson would walk behind the apartment on her way to 7-eleven. they have not been able to follow up on richardson's claim. so neighbors are hoping that
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>> they ought to be checking all of that and find the baby. >> reporter: and richardson could walkout of jail every time once she posts her $50,000 bond. we will let you know if that happens. in the meantime, in the next half hour more people know susan richard them. reporting live, janai norman, action 9 news this morning. the south carolina republican primary is tomorrow. three more gop presidential candidates were at a town hall. donald trump, jeb bush, and john kasich were taking questions from voters. this discussed issues including healthcare and immigration. some of them turned to pope francis i on comments he made about trump. he called him not kristin if
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>> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> i don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> and hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded jabs in las vegas. and hillary clinton is the only president to ran against president barack obama. and hillary clinton is saying sanders was not a democratic until he decided to run for presidential. president barack obama signed off on tougher u.s. sangses for -- sanctions for north korea. this is after they launched a rocket carrying satellite into space. the freezes the assets of anyone doing business related to the nuclear programs or human rights abuses in the country. today we will be checking in with city officials to see if they want to make small
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we are giving you a look at the progress from sky witness nine. they were asked to add a grandstand and canopy to the stadium and extra restrooms and concession stands. it will be finished before march of 2017. take a look at the pictures. 7,000 solar panels involved on the daytona beach speedway. so the circuit will rank indian international speedway number four for solar capacity. the team behind the project will be at the speedway to celebrate completion. 5:10. and weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> here is a looked to, the numbers in the 70s for most of us. that average, 74 degrees our high today. average high is 75. and 76 tomorrow. and by sunday the temperatures well into the 70s. 78. and volusia county here is the change.
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going to see a few more coastal clouds rolling in. winds up to 20 miles per hour. and back into seminole county we will have the 70s. again, the coastal clouds rolling in to brevard county. 69 in titusville. acouple of 40s tonight. and staying dry. and the outside shot of a coastal sprinkle. coming up -- the weekend and our next chance for rain and storms in the forecast. 5:09. we have a crash in saint cloud. and troopers have been able to get this one out of the way. keep in mind, you will still see troopers on the roadway. keep that in mind.
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4 -- or i-4 this morning you will see construction. there is one lane blocked. jamie. brevard county residents had enough, the toxic water they are being forced to live
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good morning. i'm nancy alvarez. here is a live look at downtown orlando. 5:13. 72 degrees right now. we will let you know about the day and weekend. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. is coming up. and orlando police knew about a possible policy violation by an internal investigator who is under investigation. action 9 news uncovered this video of offer coughlin after she aid mitted to drinking and driving her city-issued car, which police believe was used in a hit-and-run on super bowl sunday. we found an incident at the same place in august of 2015. she had a drunk passenger in her city car that violates policy.
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new from overnight, a local chiropractor accused of raping a girl 20 years ago is out of jail on bond. he raped a girl younger than 12 over the course of years. the young victim came out three years ago. a measure that would guarantee rapid dna testing in sexual assault cases is moving forward in the florida house and state. fdle had 13,000 untested kits piled up. if it becoming law, they would be submitted to lab within 30 days. man is in jail without bond.
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to 22-year-old craig carry after he reviewing his yesterday. he had adonis -- had dozen arrests since he was 12-year- old. a man responsible for a crash that killed three utility workers will not face criminal charges. 92-year-old call well pulled out in front of another car and caused the crash. it man was not drinking or driving illegally and he will probably get a traffic citation. residents in lake county can apply or renew their their concealed weapon permit. the 22nd in the state to offer the service. there are 30 places now in florida. when deltona residents leave their homes this morning they won't have to drive-by an eyesore for years. you can see crews tearing down this home on north covington yesterday.
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this the first of many that city leaders are going to demolish. well, the ntsb is sending a crew to hawaii to investigate artourist helicopter crash that was caught on camera. >> unbelievable. five people, including a family of four were onboard when it went down. >> oh, my god. >> if fell right out of the sky. you can see the video. the helicopter hit the water short of land and then rolled over in the water. this happened yesterday morning near the u.s.s. arizona memorial. eyewitnessed jumped in the water and pulled the victims to shore. >> someone said there is somebody still in the aircraft. so i dove through from the pilot's side in the back seat and saw him and then the seat was twisted so instant. >> now, officials are saying a 16-year-old passenger is in critical condition. two adults in stable condition. afourth person was treated and released.
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tell investigators exactly what went wrong. that is unbelievable. >> it is amazing that people jumped into help. >> yeah, thankfully. >> i hate flying. >> you're not a fan. >> that's the last thing i want to see. okay. the weather is good, too. >> beautiful. >> it is great, holding. warmer we will track the next storm system moving in. breezy on the coast. 53 degrees. the wind out of the northwest, there are the temperatures 40s, 50s, and 60s. in between volusia county, seminole, and osceola counties a lot of temperatures in the low 50s. asweatshirt this morning. and winds trickling down to the north and east. again, we'll have that easterly wind today. still breezy. and bring a new clouds. most of us see sun. and today the clouds will build.
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we cloud up a little bit in cocoa beach. 70:00 at noon. 66 at 2:00. and a touch cooler at the coast. and inland you can see the coastal clouds they march in. acouple of blips of green. cannot rule out a chance of a sprinkle today. and next week, the next front that will arrive by tuesday and bring us a chance of rain on tuesday. so partly cloudy skies. and temperatures around 74. get a look at the numbers again, upper 60s and 70s at the coast with mid-70s across the interior sections. and then tonight, a few 40s. and low to mid-50s and near 60 into brevard county. and tomorrow, a sunny day. 76 in orlando, 75 in stanford, picture perfect stuff. and the speed way today, tomorrow and into the weekend we're looking good. it is looking on the dry side with the temperatures running in the 70s. five-day forecast with the
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there's our warmup -- 76 tomorrow to 78 on sunday. overnight lows in check this weekend. running in the mid-50s. and then into next week a few more clouds on monday and warmer ahead of the next storm system. afew of us touch 80 on monday and tuesday. later on the day on tuesday, a better chance of rain and storms. and then by the middle of next week behind that system we are going to cooldown some. all right. 5:20. friday morning drive. how is it doing. deneige. we are just dealing with construction. you have one left hand lane on i-4 blocked off by construction. and then in lake county we have construction on the turnpike, southbound after you pass u.s. 27, a left lane blocked there. and this crash popped up on live traffic tracker.
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jamie. a man hired for a roofing
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time now is 5:23. the effort to clean up a historic cemetery is in a holding pattern. organizers want to clear the over ground brush and trash therefrom the grave. some of the head tones date back to the sib war. until volunteers get permission from the owners the county says they are not allowed to work on the property. if you want to look at the cemetery there are pictures on we have a new warning about a scheme that involves the merritt island hg tv dream home. construction finished in december. someone has been calling people telling they are the winner of that dream home. but it is not true. we called hg tv yesterday, the
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until the end of the month. tourists are flocking to florida in report numbers. governor scott announced the numbers yesterday. last year, 105 million people visited the sunshine state. the fifth year in the row, the state set a tourism record. 1.2million people work in the tourism industry. walt disney world attacked monday of the people to florida. but this week a number of workers will go down to a 32- hour workweek. the economic problems come from halfway around the world, where billion over budget. guests could notice fewer character meet and greets and some parades will only run once a night. they could see more hours in the coming weeks. well, soccer fans mark your calendars. >> that's right, we know when orlando's new professional women's soccer team will play their first home game.
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citrus bowl on april 23rd against the dash. they open on the road against the portland thorn on april 17th. >> wait until you see the girls. >> i can't way.
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time now is 5:30. alive peak outside over downtown orlando. abeautiful, cool start out there this morning. but we have changes for your weekend. i'm so happy for race fans. >> me, too. >> they really win.
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>> the action yesterday, today, tomorrow through sunday looking good. sometimes we have issue. >> it is great. >> we have a lot of issues. weather-wise, the weather is not one of them. we have partly cloudy skies, coastal clouds, 74 degrees today. the temperature check, 46 in ocala. so a little bit on the cool side. 52 in orlando through winter garden. kissimmee 51. and volusia county in the 60s. and 60s in brevard county. we will get extra clouds, with the cloud cover on the coast we will stay cooler later today. inland, we will be warmer. here is orange county, 70 degrees by lunchtime, 2:00, 71. and many of the highs squeaking into the mid-70s. and there we are, partly cloudy skies, this evening 6:00 the temperatures in the 60s. winds northeast at 10 to 15. we will be cooler in the


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