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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thinking by the probation officer with that deputy likely helped save her life. >> reporter: ma that, she is very lucky to have had someone with her when the car peeled out from right over the grass. you can still see the marks. she ended up on top of the car and eventually right down here on the street where she hit her head. >> it sounded like a car chase or a race. >> reporter: several houses away, the loud car peeling out startled neighbors. investigators say 15-year-old john carlos ortiz was behind the wheel and intentionally hit the sergeant as she tried to arrest him on a warrant. a probation officer was with her and able to trigger an emergency call button on her uniform. >> that juvenile probation officer is responsible for reaching down and hitting the emergency button on her radio and then summoning additional assistance. >> reporter: sergeant marcie
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hospital and residents in ortiz's neighborhood are angry to hear that he has faced multiple felony charges at the age of just 15. >> nine times of ten he shouldn't be out on the street. laws should be changed. >> reporter: another neighbor believe an incident like this is a sign of the times. >> they're not expecting to be get hit. what makes you think they're going to care about your life. >> reporter: of course ortiz is still out there on the run. we will be staying in touch with authorities all evening here and let you know if and when they catch him. reporting live in orlando, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we're told it's likely that sergeant pierce and the teenager knew each other before this morning because of her work tracking juvenile crime. she works with the jam unit arresting and monitoring juveniles. she is a 22-year veteran of the sheriff's office. ortiz has been arrested three times by deputies.
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could mean the end of red light cameras in orlando. a circuit judge just ruled the program was not following the law in the way it was issuing tickets. city is considering an appeal and is not planning to make any changes at this time. we have a crew working on getting a reaction on the ruling. we will have that tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. it's been five days now since orlando police say a local mother abandoned her newborn. tonight investigators have ruled out this retention pond after an exhaustive six-hour search. they have even taken the trash bins at the orlando apartment where they believe baby willow was born. jeanine reyes has been following the story all day. crews just left. >> reporter: in the last hour, for the most part crews have cleared out. there's one lone cop car out there. people would see her walking
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that's why they searched the pond. they came up empty handed and richardson is still not saying where the baby might be. >> only her and god knows where the baby is is. >> reporter: the woman she has known for years has the mentality of a child. we told you about this police report written during the arrest for battery on a law enforcement officer. it details that susan had not been taking her medications for bipolar and schizophrenia. >> she is not stable enough to be a parent. >> has she ever been removed from you. >> no. >> reporter: he says dcf will not allow susan to be with the little girl alone but she spends time with her. >> the couple gave two younger children to a family. >> if you can't take care of a child, give it to somebody who can. >> reporter: zcf was involved
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they cannot say if anyone called for concerns about the latest pregnancies. if they had, they cannot intervene until a baby is born. they planned to give this baby away. >> when i seen her, i was like now who got her pregnant? because of her, you know, mental status. >> reporter: there is some crime scene tape still up around this scene tonight. susan has had no visitors at the jail where she remains tonight under $50,000 bond. rear live in pine hills tonight. jeanine reyes, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> and you can get the latest on the search for baby willow online through facebook and and on tv during eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. the total number of zika virus is now at 26.
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columbia. at this point the virus hasn't made its way into the local mosquito population and officials are working hard to prevent that. many parents have questions about what kind of repellent is safe to put on children to prevent against zika. just click on zika virus. a marion county deputy has resigned because he was caught sleeping while on duty. the gps device given to former deputy remington was turned off so they went to the last place house. he had turned it off several times before. the search for human remains in a volusia county woods is on hold for now. deputies need heavier equipment to find the rest of the bones. surveyor yesterday. investigators believe the
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old gray who vanished after leaving the volusia county jail back in august of 2014. the jail is just a quarter mile from the search site. a florida hospital is accused of using leftover chemotherapy drugs for patients and billing for the so-called waste. the hospital system just agreed to pay out $2 million to settle a lawsuit. karla ray has been working on this case all day. the hospital is accused of putting patients' safety at risk to boost profits. >> reporter: yeah. according to a former nurse in this lawsuit, they even manipulated the drug inventory system inside this hospital here. now, hospital officials since then have done an audit and put several safeguards in place. even though they settled the suit, they say it's exaggerated and they are not admitting guilt. in one of the most vulnerable states while undergoing
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put patients at risk to increase profits. adventist health just paid out a $2 million settlement in response to this 36-page filing from 2013 which describes a systematic overbilling for patients seeking oncology treatment. the suit claims between 2007 and 2011 inside florida hospital east personnel were ordering the wrong size of chemotherapy drugs and that excess drugs were not being thrown away but instead the medication was being used on the next patient. the suit claims once opened, those viles lack antimicrobial preservatives and can be a source of infections. florida hospital told us they don't believe any patients had a negative outcome as a result of the procedures but the suit states one person may have actually died because of the alleged negligence. after being brought here to florida hospital east from another location and allegedly being given leftover drugs. even as the leftover drugs were
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thrown out the suit claims patients were still being billed for unused doses. that means your tax dollars would have helped medicare and medicaid reimburse the hospital system for so-called wasted drugs. florida hospital told us they gave that money back to the government. and florida hospital officials say they have implemented new protocols and training and wanted to settle this suit to get back to their mission of saving lives. we reached out to the woman who blew the whistle and received this $2 million settlement but we did not hear back. karla ray, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> this isn't the first time that add convenient tiff health has been accused of overbilling medicare. administrators may have uncorrectly billed 11 and a half million dollars between 2011 and 2012. in 2012, the health care system paid nearly $4 million to the feds to settle overbilling allegations.
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charged with possession of ammunition as an illegal alien says his rights were violated and he wants his statements thrown out. he convinced a federal judge to delay the trial so they can review five hours of fbi recordings and more than 1500 pages of documents. investigators say he did several things to raise suspicion. he illegally obtained a hunting license. the chiropractor gets to be at home to wait for trial. investigators say he raped a girl younger than 12. steven summerville bonded out of jail last night. he has been charged in a case that dates back to 195. the alleged victim came forward three years ago but didn't decide to press charges until this month. investigators do not believe there are any other victims. teachers at several seminole county schools are working the minimum hours required by contracts as a protest against stalled contract negotiations.
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demonstrating with signs in front of spring lake elementary. the other part of the protest has teachers coming in right before the first bell and leaving right after the last bell. they told us that papers are going ungraded and e-mails unanswered but they say classroom instruction has not been affected. >> in order to be an effective teacher, you have to stay late. they're not paying you for the extra hours you stay late. >> the district hopes to have the contract dispute resolved soon but no date set for the next round of negotiations. if you have gassed up in st. cloud your credit and debit info may be at risk. members of the police department and state department of agriculture checked 16 gas stations in the area for skimmers. 15 were clean but one was found on the corner of 192 at a 7- eleven. >> it's terrible. we are working hard, you know, for a living. these people steal your money just like that.
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>> in the last two weeks we have told you how deputies and police have found skimmers throughout osceola county. there have been no arrests. a seminole county woman is accused of lying to steal thousands of dollars in food stamps. how investigators say she got away with it and what she said when we confronted her. plus, this father says his daughter's adoption should never have happened. the latest hitch in the custody battle for the daughter he has never met. our recent weather pattern
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>> we found out one of the men arrested in connection with the night club shooting has bonded out of jail. we were there when he was
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he was arrested yesterday along with the other in connection with the shooting at the nightclub. two people were killed and ten others injured. a woman is accused of forging documents in order to steal thousands of dollars worth of food stamps. >> eyewitness news uncovered records that said she had been stealing from taxpayers for nearly four years without anyone noticing. we asked her about the allegations. >> reporter: when we found out theresa hamilton was accused of stealing from taxpayers, we went to her house, her family's house and her work to ask her questions you would want answered. >> we've got to ask you. you're accused of stealing thousands of dollars from taxpayers. it says right here you are accused of stealing thousands of dollars from taxpayers. >> reporter: state officials say hamilton reported no income available to her household from august of 2012 to august of 2014.
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she was working at this day care making more than $30,000 a year. investigators say hamilton forged documents to bring in an extra $4,000 in food stamps she was not entitled to. >> did you give the money back. >> it's getting paid back. >> it's the taxpayers' business. >> i pay taxes too because i work. >> reporter: we asked dcf why it took four years to uncover the alleged fraud. there are more than 37,000 households receiving food stamps. hamilton says she did nothing wrong. >> $4,000 is a lot of money. >> reporter: reporting in seminole county, tim barber, channel 9 the, eyewitness news. >> hamilton's next court appearance is on march 8th. three people sentenced to federal prison for trafficking cocaine from mexico.
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working with the mexican drug network to import cocaine by the truckload. it came to an end back in 2012 when the two were arrested during a traffic stop. next week the battle over gay marriage in the state will continue on tuesday. the state senate will consider a proposal dubbed the pastor protection act. it would give pastors the right to turn down performing marriage ceremonies that go against their believe. the landmark ruling said that same-sex couples have a fundamental right to mary. the brevard county man's parental rights have been terminated but he refuses to give up the fight to regain custody of the daughter he has never met. vincent has been in a long legal battle losing cases in family court and the fifth district court of appeal. today he was back in court asking the judge for the return of his daughter. at some point the judge will
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a deputy who was reprimanded for wrestling a alligator was fired. former deputy keith bowman was fired for failing to gather evidence in a sex abuse case and changing the victim's testimony in his report. in seminole county, sanford is affecting like a big city by looking to form a public arts commission. orlando has something similar, responsible for the sculptures around the lake that have drawn mixed reviews. san informord will be reviewing tampa's setup and will review proposals for public art and apply for art grants. look at this, we got our hands on this video. firefighters putting out this blaze in brevard county. crews say a piece of scrap metal somehow caught fire in an industrial area along sitco road in cocoa. no one was injured. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and you still have that control burn out there. >> yeah. it started as a marsh fire that
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started it and tried to keep it organized. now it's a big burn. 3700 acres. beautiful sunset as we take you outside. there's the beautiful citrus bowl. everything is newly renovated. nice and new here. 67 degrees with an east/southeast breeze at 9 miles per hour. and the burn was right over in here. and the smoke has trailed all the way through. i've heard from twitter fans in winter park of some ash and smoke and we will continue to see this move through parts of lake county. that will settle closer to the surface. we will deal with that later tonight. they're going to let the trucks go round and round around in daytona. temperatures in the mid 50s by daybreak. we will also see perhaps an enhancement of the smoke and kind of a smoggy issue here across parts of seminole county from the fog development and the smoke across the area.
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satellite picture, one batch of rain heading into the area. not as chilly as last evening. temperatures in the morning will be in the mid 50s in orlando. 49 in ocala. back into the mid 70s tomorrow. wouldn't be surprised to see 76, maybe 77 for daytime highs around 3:00 p.m. on saturday. and yes, low 70s back along the east coast. we're not as cool saturday night. back into the mid 60s. light jacket there and a start nice on your early sunday morning. here is future track showing an isolated shower mainly in the southern zones. can't rule out an isolated sprinkle but the personal of most of the area getting rainfall will be very, very low. we will keep it out of the forecast. looking good over in volusia county for daytona. if you're new to the races go early, especially on sunday because every one of the dogs will be on the road trying to get into and near the speedway.
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weather with temperatures warming back up. we'll be in the mid 70s tomorrow and mid to upper 70s by sunday afternoon. and, again, keeping mostly dry conditions. i do have another storm system i'm tracking for late tuesday into wednesday of next week. may actually come in two phases. rain chances going up there. until then we will have to deal with nice weather. daytona 500 starting at 1:00. that's when the race starts. one of the nicest weekends for outdoor events no matter what you have planned. watch for rip currents. the winds will die down by sunday afternoon. here is your five-day forecast the weekend always in view. there we go 80 back in the forecast for monday with a chance of rain increasing tuesday and wednesday of next week. we will update as we get closer. if you have kids, they love trucks. it's time to touch a truck outside of the arena on saturday.
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weekend. >> that sounds fun for the little ones. we're digging deeper into the history of a 15-year-old on the run after he intentionally plowed a car into a deputy today, injuring her. we're learning the lengthy list of crimes he has committed. we will have more on that
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>> welcome back. speed week continues to roll along here in daytona. we're less than 48 hours from the great american race. tonight though victory lane prepped and ready for the truck race which gets underway at 7:30. as for the daytona 500, we had a pair of practices this afternoon leaving just one more tune-up before the green flag drops on sunday.
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the man to beat. he won last night's dual and is driving the same car last year. he named that car amelia. >> we still have practices to get through. anything can happen. we're not guaranteed that we have this car for sunday just yet. we will go more into saving the car mode now that there's not a trophy on the line on friday or saturday. >> reporter: back in orlando, the magic return to action at amway center. the front office didn't get any rest during trades. both newcomers are expected to play tonight against the mavs. >> i'm definitely excited. i'm definitely excited for the opportunity. to be able to come here and do something big. the main thing is to finish the last 30 games strong and prepare for the future. >> reporter: clippers versus nuggets.
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their first two meetings were decided by less than ten points. the ucf baseball team starts the season tonight. a perfect 7-0 in season openers. we will let you know if it gets to 8-0 later. >> good starts. thanks, christian. thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00.
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tonight, the showdown in the south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, apple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada.


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