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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. there is a live peak outside for you downtown orlando. a nice mild start but some changes coming our way by the middle of the week. we check in weather and traffic every 10 minutes. but first we're going to update you on some "breaking news" out of orange county. >> a hit and run crash along orange blossom trail, since then janai norman has been speaking with investigators there on the scene.
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>>reporter:in the last 30 seconds we just got updates from state troopers about how this rack happen. all for drivers were stopped at this red light on orange blossom trail and americana boulevard when they were rear- ended and set off a chain reaction. right there you can see the car that looks to have the worst damage we showed you 30 minutes ago. all smashed up, the top is gone. in the last 30 minutes the medical examiner took off but traversal have the northbound lanes here blocks, and they are diverting southbound traffic not allowing cars through this intersection. we know that this all happened around 3:15 this morning, we just spoke with a guy who said he was in this area and believes he saw the driver speeding for this hit and run happens. we do know that the driver, who took off, and this fatal hit and run is in custody. troopers say that that driver is a male and he is at the hospital being treated for injuries. no word on how soon troopers could make an arrest, or when
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the drivers involved in this. we will also, as soon as we wrap up this life shot, we will get an interview to find out how those other drivers involved in this rack are doing and ask questions about when they will make an arrest. as it is we get that information we will update you in about 15 minutes. right now there is information about how you can get around these closures. southbound traffic and turn onto americana you can then take that on over to john young parkway. but northbound and southbound alternates for this crash will be orange avenue or john young parkway since that will certainly be an issue this morning. pulling up our i-4 camera right at 408 you see on the right- hand side of your screen that is the eastbound traffic. you have one lane blocked off from construction, they should be picking up those cones right around 6 o'clock. a very mild start to the day temperatures in the mid- 50s, if you are heading outside early this morning, you might need a light jacket outside. good morning at our friends in the villages, 54, claremont 56,
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little bit of patchy fog. the winds are very light. but as far as the roads go we are looking good as we go through the morning hours. let's break it down hour by hour, make sure the kids are having the light jackets early this morning but by lunchtime, for recess it will be all the way up to 77 degrees with a daytime high today topping off about 5 degrees above average near 80. a 20% chance of an isolated shower after the kids get home. that starts the trend of seeing a better chance for showers, or storms out there. just a little bit of rain this afternoon. coming up in less than 10 minutes i will break down the better chance of showers and storms question -- storms. "breaking news" right now in volusia county, police are investigating a shooting that happened a little over two hours ago. we just got this video into our newsroom in the past five
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investigators are there, on the scene, and washington street just west of us one. injuries have been reported here. but-- we will update you as soon as we get more information into our newsroom. neighbors are waking up to a crime scene on merritt island as deputies investigate two deaths. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eaton is live where investigators have been working through the night. what have you learned about t his? >>reporter:just in the last 90 minutes deputies pulled down the crime scene tape outside this white house you can see behind us here on indian street. what brought them to this home in the first place? they have not said. we can tell you when deputies got here last night they found two people dead inside that house. that is about all they are saying this morning confirming this is a death investigation involving two people. who those people are and how they are connected to one another are questions we are
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we talked with neighbors last night who heard sirens around 8:30. they watched brevard county deputies go into a home follow shortly after by crime scene investigators. a man and his daughter live in the house at the center of this investigation. the girl is about nine years old. for the past few days they have seen other family members,, knock on the door, leave with no answer. we are working to learn this morning if that is what tipped deputies off that something was wrong inside the house or if something else alerted them. when i hear back i will be asking them who the two people are and if they have any idea what may have caused their deaths. reporting live in brevard county, kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning. and orange county sergeant who investigators say was purposely runover by a teenager is feeling good about her recovery. >> anyone knows me, knows that i am going to get through this and be happy again. i've got this life ahead of me. i will make the most of it. >> sergeant mary pierce has several injuries to her head, hands, and feet.
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by 15-year-old john carlos ortiz. who she was trying to take into custody. he is still on the run, investigators believe he is driving a white honda hatchback with black rims two people are dead after a man drove a dirt bike down the sidewalk and hit a woman who was just walking by for this is quite a story, troopers a 30- year-old clay foster lost control of his bike as he rode along powers drive in orange county, 59-year-old marie died at the scene on saturday. foster died later that night at the hospital. the faa is trying to figure out what caused a small plane to land just yards away from the 417 in seminole county. we flew over that's a nasty day you can see just how close that plane is to the toll road. air tracks inc. the company that owns that
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the pilot is okay. we are waiting to hear back from a cessna aircraft company to find out what cause one of their planes to catch fire at oia. this happened saturday while a private cessna aircraft being serviced at a hanger service center. re- people were taken to the hospital, investigators have not told us their conditions. it is unclear weather the fire started inside or outside the plaintiff. the man accused of killing six people and hurting to others in a shooting spree in michigan is expected to face a judge today. investigators say 45-year-old jason dalton who is also an uber driver. all around to three different locations saturday night, shooting people randomly. he has no criminal record for the motive for the rampage is still unclear. witnesses in one apartment complex where dalton opened fire describe seeing a woman out with her kids being gunned down. >> it is my understanding there's about 16 casings out here. her and her kids are very lucky. everyone was very lucky here. but at the other locations not. >> the victim went into surgery yesterday, no word on how she is doing this morning. uber says they are "horrified
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violence." bill cosby's wife is expected to give a deposition today despite her lawyers push to have a delay. the lawsuit was brought on by seven women who claim bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. they say he defamed them by calling them liars after they went public. lawyers for the cosby's argue that camille cosby does not have any relevant information. but yesterday a judge ruled the deposition can go on a scheduled. a volusia county deputy who was once reprimanded for wrestling an alligator is now out of a job. keith beckman was fired last month for mishandling a sex abuse case. investigators say he did not have the proper evidence and change the victim's testimony and the official report. he was also suspended in the past for using his computer to see what female dispatchers look like. some people getting ready to move into a new home are going to have to start their search all over again after the house was destroyed by a fire. you can see this house here on
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cleaning it yesterday. when the fire started. it is not clear if anyone was hurt. investigators say the house is a total loss area no word yet on what caused the fire. officials in fiji now say 18 people have died after a cyclone tore through the islands pretty gutsy cyclone winston here causing power lines to spark and the destruction of homes. more than 6000 people are being forced to stay in emergency shelters right now. authorities are still having trouble reaching some islands. meteorologists say cyclone winston reached winds of 177 miles per hour making of the strongest storm to hit the southern hemisphere since recordkeeping began another falcon nine rocket is expected to blast off from the cape canaveral air force station this week. the rocket will carry communication satellite into orbit. it belongs to a european company the launch window will open at 6:46 wednesday night. if it all goes as planned you can see the launch live right
5:40 am we check your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. couldn't have been any nicer this weekend? >> it was so beautiful outside but now we have changes. here is rusty. a lot more springlike feel to the air, comfortable outside today and early this morning a light jacket start to our day. 56 winter park, same thing up in apopka, lake underhill 56. in volusia county right now a lot of upper 50s as well along with all to my account sitting at 60 and volusia county this morning slightly cooler emlen, pearson 55 deland 54, we will have a light south wind today. slightly more humidity, as well. thicker cloud coverage. there will be the possibility of a scatter shower out there. but a better chance for rain on tuesday. this will be wave one coming and we will have scattered showers out there. then wave two comes in on wednesday and the wednesday
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possibility of stronger storms. highs today above average, upper 70s to around 80 degrees. daytona 78, kissimmee 81, try me back here less than 10 minutes this will be a very powerful storm system coming in on wednesday. widespread showers and storms possibility of severe weather. i will break down the timing of that and the impacts coming up. the live traffic tracker here we do have a couple of crashes out there this one colonial drive at apopka island road this does have a westbound lane blocked off right there. and the turnpike southbound just before 429 we do have a crush here. this one is off to the side. troopers are still on scene you should go ahead and move over for that. there turnpike northbound just after i-4 they have gotten us out of those lanes but you will still see them on scene. the battle continues between apple and the fbi over
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the software developer with ties to orlando says he can do how he says it can be done without putting other apple users privacy at risk. i had, what agency they found inside and orlando cities employees home that now has them heading to corporate. we asked winter park city
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we have another update now on that "breaking news" we have been telling you about an
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hit -- killed in a hit-and-run crash. eyewitness news this morning janai norman just got an update from investigators just a few moments ago. >>reporter:we just found out that troopers are investigating weather alcohol was a factor in this crash that they say was high impact but we told you 15 minutes ago that drivers were stopped at a red light here at americana boulevard when a driver came up in an acura, hit one of those cars setting off a chain reaction. there you can see the car we are told the driver, who passed away was in. the car had been sitting at a red light hit very hard but as we were talking with the sergeant, she says when a car is stopped and there is a car coming very fast there is going to be even worse damage but she said investigators were surprised that acura was able to leave the scene because it also had damage. that driver is in custody being treated for injuries. hoping to have the investigation, out here,
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we did find out there are cameras at this intersection and she says that will be paramount to the investigation. he will go back to that interview, you can hear more what she is telling us, about this investigation, into a fatal hit and run coming up at the top of the hour. reporting live in orange county, eyewitness news this morning -- janai norman, eyewitness news this morning we are asking a winter park commissioner if she will return money donated to her campaign after some raised ethical questions. carolyn cooper accepted $2000 from a developer helping to buy city land for an assisted living facility. we told you last week when she returned money from waste pro garbage company that was trying to get a contract with the city. cooper told us last week campaign contributions will not impact her votes she has not responded to us about the developers contribution and orlando employee accused of possessing child pornography is out of jail. they found the images inside 24- year-old eiko becker's home in altamonte springs.
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his linkedin profile shows he works as a web designer. he is expected to court -- in court again in april. the coast guard will hold more hearings this week to find out more about the sunken car osha -- cargo ship el faro. back in october the ship was caught in hurricane joaquin's path. the ship was older and had a few operational concerns. pretty three crewmembers died aboard the ship including a man from orlando. some of the victims families have attended the hearings. >> we have water down in three holes with a heavy lift . we have lost the main propulsion unit. the engineers cannot get it going. can i speak with a qi please? >> the coast guard consider the ship disabled and really did not think it was actually in danger of sinking. passengers no longer have to go through ebola screenings and several in several
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following the ebola outbreak in 2014, five airports including atlanta, new york jfk, chicago o'hare began checking passengers from west african countries. the program costs taxpayers 119 million. airport officials needed to screen passengers, the tested not find any patients. the homeland security says 42,000 passengers, to the us, underwent a bolus greeting. protesters gathered down at the stewart causeway yesterday to fight against drinking water from lake okeechobee >> a record amount of rain the season has caused lake okeechobee to flood with polluted water. city managers have run out of room to store the overflow. high water has threatened river sea life they are now urging city leaders to buy more land to hold the water prodigious shows that what happens with lake okeechobee impacts florida. >> they had helicopters flying up, chew and you can see the
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it looks like chocolate milk. >> another impact of el nio. another chance of showers and storms, some of these could be on the stronger side even severe as we head towards midweek. outside right now in the 50s, lower 60s in brevard county 63 cocoa beach, but mainly the 50s outside 57 sanford, 55 orlando, winds are barely -- fairly light right now. that will be the trend as we go through the remainder of the d ay. just a light southerly breeze around five-10 miles per hour. the light winds with the light winds outside of her continue to monitor the visibility. the possibility of patchy fog. a couple of scattered clouds out there mainly in the northern half of the area. skies will be more murky today. we will pick up that southwind and that will carry and a little more warmth and a little bit more humidity between now and wednesday. it is going to feel a lot more
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winter for us here. you can see late showers possible later on this evening. we will have some rain begin to build them for tomorrow morning and a better chance of showers and storms by tomorrow afternoon. highs today running above average. upper 70s to lower '80s. the normal high in orlando is right at 75 degrees for us, and we will stay about 5 degrees above it. along the coastline coming in at 78, cocoa 75. the great outdoors in titusville 78. very comfortable today with that light southerly breeze. right along the coastline towards daytona you can have extra call coverage out there. but still a very mild afternoon. flagler beach coming in at 76. let's fast-forward to tomorrow, scattered showers, a rumble of thunder. no severe weather is expected force on tuesday that it will be wetter, however starting wednesday we will have route to coming in on wednesday and this one is more potent. this is the el nio storm system coming in. with it a better chance of
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those storms could be strong to severe. the best timing looks to be during the afternoon and early evening. the severe weather risk goes all the way from norfolk from the virginia, washington, dc area back down to central florida. this is going to be a widespread potential severe weather threat. we cannot rule out the possibility of winds over 50 miles per hour. even an isolated tornado especially for the northern half of the viewing area. you can always get weather on the go on our wftv weather app. 5day forecast with your weekend always in view. again, stormy wednesday, 70% chance we will stay in the low '80s by them. behind it much cooler weather, highs in the 60s thursday through saturday. just got an update from janai norman on scene of this fatal crash at orange blossom trail and americana boulevard. she said the southbound lanes are able to get through here now but you will still need a northbound alternate. orange avenue or john young parkway will be your alternates
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clear out that intersection completely. i-4 at 408 you can still see they do have one left-hand bind blocked off for construction. in the next 10 minutes they should be picking back up. orange county has its first case of the zika virus. coming up with orlando international airport is doing to keep the virus from spreading. what a florida
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congresswoman karen brown says she will not answer any questions about a subpoena she received from federal prosecutors. this weekend representative brown was in jacksonville to promote amtrak for we told you last month and she received the subpoena sources told us federal prosecutors conducted interviews in orlando they have been reviewing records related to an organization called, one door for education. when we asked brown about the investigation she refused to answer our questions. >> this is the first time i do not feel safe in my own district. i am dealing with it through my attorneys. >> representative brown is required to notify the speaker of the house that she has been subpoenaed. she has not said if she has but she did say, "i follow all of the rules or regulations pertaining to the house of representatives." and antivirus software expert says he may be able to
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iphone. investigators say information on the phone, could help them find out more about the shooter's plans. apple believes this could give hackers an easy way to get their customers information. antivirus expert john mcafee says it would only take them three weeks to get data from the shooter's phone. >> using social engineering, plus the hardware and the software, we would perform our magic and it would come out. this is how it works. >> it digitally unlocking the -- the device he says he should take apart the shooter's phone for there's no word weather the fbi's considering his offer. listen up, coffee lovers, that is everyone here in this building. doctor say sadie could help you reduce your risk of developing liver disease. a new study shows people who drink two cups of coffee a day,
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developing cirrhosis and alcohol related liver disease by 44%. the doctor say more research is needed to find more ways to fight against liver disease. this week, jobseekers can visit with 30 employers at a job fair in orlando. job news usa will hold a job fair near sea world orlando on wednesday. the event starts at 10 a.m., dress professionally and cannot bring children. you will get the chance to share a cup of coffee with claremont police. starting tuesday morning at 8 a.m. you will be able to meet officers at coffee with a copy event. residents can sit face to face with police officers for the department says they hold these type of events to strengthen relationships with residents in the community nasa says more than 18,000 people have signed up in hopes of fulfilling their dream of becoming an astronaut. >> that is nearly three times the number of people who apply to nasa's astronaut training program in 2012. only 14 people will be selected for the class of 2017.
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like spacewalking, and learning russian. graduates will be assigned to one of four spacecrafts. >> not spanish? i could get in if it was spanish. >> you have a leg up. it is the first day back for some osceola county students whose goal was put on lockdown because of a threat. at the top of the hour we are reaching out to the school to see what they are doing about keeping students safe today. two people are dead, but how and why investigators aren't saying. the unanswered questions surrounding this home on merritt island. our next storm system
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right now on trying eyewitness news this morning, deputies in brevard county are trying to figure out what happened to two people found dead in a home on merritt island. what neighbor saw, at that house, late last night orlando police drained a retention pond and search for baby well over the weekend. we asked what they are going to do next as the infant has been missing for more than a week. good morning. we are going to get right to some "breaking news" right now out of orange county, janai norman is live at a scene of a fatal hit and run on orange blossom trail.


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