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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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first oscar sunday. brandi hitt, abc news, hollywood. >> look forward to sunday night. >> uh-huh. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america."
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it's enough to make neighbors very nervous. why this armored sheriffs office vehicle ran down the door of a southern county house in seminole county. we checked weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's get started with certified meteorologist, rusty mccranie we had a little bit of rain overnight >> yeah, it was in my backyard and that will be the trend as we go through this tuesday and even picking up on wednesday as well. watching a little bit of fog trying to get going early on this tuesday. but everyone right now in the 60s. sanford 63, orlando 62. in orange and seminole counties has the thickest fog three-mile visibility. there is going to be some spots that are less than that the 417 over josip, the bigger bodies
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we've had most of that rain move through the early evening and overnight hours. still left over light showers left over right now. very light to start of the day. in orlando we will pick up better chances of showers and storms later in the day with a daytime high in the lower '80s. come on back msn 10 minutes i will track showers and storms this afternoon for you but look ahead to wednesday with the potential for some severe weather. our first check of the drive. @i-4 approaching 408 you can see of the right-hand side of your screen those are the eastbound lanes, there is a construction vehicle off to the left hand side there. but they do not have any lanes blocked off. volusia county we do have a spot of construction i-95 southbound right at pioneer trail, one they block there. they should pick up those cones in about one hour. three suspects are on the
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a man in his own doorway. >> tried to kimberlee eaton's live were orlando police say the crime started as a potential robbery. officers do not know if the man got away with anything? >>reporter:that is something we are asking police this morning, if this was actually a robbery here inside the spine hills apartment complex or if the suspect and the victim somehow know each other and this was possibly a targeted attack. orlando police responded to pineview apartments just before midnight last night on reports of a shooting. what officers officers got here they found victims with a gunshot wound summer to his abdomen. the 22 is now in serious but stable condition. at the scene he was conscious long enough to tell police three men knocked on his door he answered, and they told him to give it up. he told officers one of the men immediately pulled the trigger. i am asking police this morning if they have any reason to believe the suspects and the
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some way c onnected. if this was a stickup turned into a shooting, or a targeted attack. the victim said he did not know his shooter i could only describe the three as black men. as detectives take on the search for suspects, i will ask police if they have been able to reinterview the victim know that he is in the hospital. to get a clearer picture of what happened here. reporting live in orange county, kimberly eaton, trying to in the next few hours the 15-year-old accused of trying to run over a deputy will be in court. >> we told you yesterday the teenager turned himself in after the three-day search that started on friday and sergeant marcy pierce was hit as she tried taking him into custody. eyewitness news this morning janai norman is live outside the orange county sheriff's office. he turned himself into the crime scene? >>reporter:we found out he called from his mom's house around 1:15 yesterday to turn himself in. deputies from pierce swarmed that area which is the same neighborhood where there sergeant was almost run over. carlos ortiz is back in custody where he is waiting for a 30
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accused -- accused of intentionally trying to run over sergeant marcy pierce on friday morning leaving her with a significant head injury. deputies on the carter years, on saturday, abandoned on goldenrod road and two days later he turned himself in. >> the next thing i knew the swat team was here, and they all went in there and arrested him and brought him out. i don't know if he turned himself in, or what? i'm so glad, imo started clapping. >>reporter:we asked the state how ortiz is case could play out since he's only 15 years old but accused of attempted murder on a law-enforcement officer. we told you about his past run- ins with the law that include charges of aggravated assault on an arm -- on and officer. we found out his past will likely factor into what happens in court later this morning. >> i hope this serves as a lesson to all of the teenagers that travel is easy to get into. but very difficult to get out
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>>reporter:when we last checked the state attorney's office had not made a decision on weather ortiz will be charged as an adult. we will watch what happens when he goes to court later this morning. keeping you updated on our wftv mobile app and on eyewitness news that new bird reporting live in orange county, janai norman, trying to. in marion county woman is expected to be sentenced today for lowering a teenager to his death. amber wright was arrested last month that she and three others killed 15-year-old seth jackson for years ago. her previous conviction was thrown out because she was not properly read her miranda rights. we will have a clear at the sentencing today, we will let you know what happens on eyewitness news at noon. orlando police are saying they need tips on what happened to the missing newborn baby willow. a dive team spent the day searching a pawn inch pond inch by inch near the willowbend apartments. delete-- police believe susan richardson gave birth near the apartments last monday and then discarded her baby girl. investigators say they are
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to it. >> whatever happened with that baby, only the lord knows. and she knows. >> police say susan richardson is not cooperating with the investigation. she is still in the orange county jail on child neglect charges. orlando police asked us to tell you to call crime line if you have any information at all. we put the contact information on just click on web links on the homepage to find it. and investigation is now underway to an incident where police used a battering ram to right on a door. we showed you this not chavarria last night at 11 p.m. neighbors reported the seminole county sheriff's armored vehicle racing down orange avenue. an investigation into an armed robbery on the street early yesterday morning, prompted a warrant being served on the h ome. we know items were seized. >> this could have been a whole different thing. there could have been kids getting off the bus.
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for this to happen, it was incredible. >> police would not say if anyone was taken into custody during the incident. republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the nevada caucus. arco rubio has the endorsement of -- formal presidential candidate and us senator bob dull, he told dull he was sorry to see jeb bush drop out of the race on saturday but he believes rubio is committed to growing the republican party. rubio and ted cruz are trailing donald trump in nevada. >> donald has a basic score, for the majority of our party -- >> ted cruz fired his communications director saying he spread a false rumor that rubio belittled the bible. on the other side of the democrat all -- the democratic presidential candidates preparing for the townhall meeting in this week's primary in south carolina. voters will hear from actor morgan freeman as the voice of
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ads, film director spike lee also just endorsed bernie sanders now that jeb bush is out of the 2016 presidential race and voters across florida are wondering if they can get a do over on their absentee ballots. we told you the former florida governor dropped out of the race over the weekend, but now supervisors of elections across the state said they are say they are getting calls from voters wanting to change their ballot. supervisor say what you cast your vote you cannot change it. >> it is what people think their vote is, do they believe their vote is picking a winner? or is their vote picking their choice? >> supervisors they candidates who have suspended their campaign does not mean your vote is lost, it means the person is less likely to win. so far, no one in the presidential primary has vowed to withdraw their campaign. florida's primaries march 15. ocala city leaders are telling some residents to boil their water well crews work to fix a water main break. southeast 17th street yesterday.
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they say only the homes that have completely lost water should boil it once it is restored. leaders say they expect that water to be restored sometime today. today you will get a chance to hear apopka's plan to bring high-quality restaurants and retail stores to the area. the city council plans to hire a consulting company for $100,000 over three years. residents say they want to see more done to the downtown district and more activities for children. they also want the area to have more high-paying jobs. the meeting will be held at apopka's highland manor on main street it will start at 6 p.m. we checked weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, rusty mccranie we could have some severe weather today? >> we could, mainly tomorrow but we will watch out for some storms today. it is going to be a better chance for us here, a lot of the springlike feel to the air with temperatures in the 60s. 64 the villages. we will not drop nearly as cool as we would generally be this time of year.
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night we have been watching a little bit of fog forming mainly in the heart of the metro not too dense outside right now, but some of those outlying areas you could see some fog going and is something i will monitor. a better chance for rain mainly in the afternoon hours. scattered showers developing right around lunch time. and then drifting up to the north. there could be an embedded thunderstorm but generally some showers out there today. maybe more prominent along our east coast as we go into late afternoon and early evening hours. that is round one of storms and better chance of severe weather is tomorrow with round two. as we go through the day a lunchtime temperature of 80 degrees, best chance of rain in the metro will be in the early afternoon and then fading as we go into the early evening hours. coming up in less than 10 minutes much more on the risk for tomorrow, the timing of those storms for your wednesday. we still have a few spots of construction out there starting off in lake county. on the turnpike you do have a southbound lane shut down just
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there in the coming into orange county right at 408 eastbound out west moreland drive you do have one lane blocked off and then even coming from the other area you do have one block -- one lane blocked off. right here i-4 at maitland, they were planning to have someone blocked off this morning it looks like they actually cleared out those cones earlier than usual. look at the next big addition to the disney theme parks. when these brand-new renderings of star wars theme attraction will become the real thing. another case of the zika virus in central florida. what health officials say all of the patients have in common. the safety changes a family
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you are watching eyewitness news this morning, covered you can count on. i'd morning, your time right now 5:15 on this tuesday morning as we take a peak of the layer of fog hanging over downtown orlando. he had showers overnight. we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the day. we have a full check on weather and traffic every 10 minutes. the family and friends of a man in brevard county who was run over while jogging on the
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want changes made to this road. 39-year-old jason roe digger was killed on satellite boulevard in cocoa or we saw no posted speed limit in very poor visibility as you can see. the father and his fiancie's family wants a petition to prove -- improve the road either by paving it, adding sidewalks, or putting up lights >> this man was out jogging to better himself or his family and he was struck by a vehicle. he was then left alone, in the dark, to die. >> how sad. >> the neighbors told us the roads current state is a vast improvement to what it once was but a push to get the trail along the side of the road has had resistance because of the cost. meanwhile the person who has hit this man has not been identified. the troopers do have the vehicle that person was driving. osceola county deputy's are trying to track down two men who they say robbed a publix while families were inside shopping. the man in sunglasses and a hat approach the counter and handed
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cash. deputies say he and another man got away with a handful of cash. ucf got another huge donation for its proposed campus in downtown orlando. the florida hospital gave the school $1.5 million for that project. the university needs $20 million for the campus. school leaders are set to give their proposal to the florida bar leaders next month. in volusia county, some people are concerned with halifax to expand outside of its taxing district. we spoke to a person with a volusia tax reform is that halifax would not have to pay property taxes which would leave crews are already working at the site at i-4 and howard boulevard which is just 5 miles from an existing hospital in orange city. on its website halifax as it will not use public funds to build or operate the hospital. utility company's are trying to convince state regulators to lower your monthly electric
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decrease because natural gas prices are cheaper than expected. both companies are set to meet with the state next month, if approved duke customers -- duke customers who use electricity a month would see a drop of about five dollars per month. other customers within about two dollars a month. residence in a lake county neighborhood one a noise wall to block out the noise from a major road project that is going to near their homes. crews are working on a six and a half mile road project along us 27 in clermont. dot says 66 decibels or higher is not enough for a noise wall but they are not going to build one peer they say study was done nearly 20 years ago and found it is unnecessary. it's a foggy start out there. >> seeing a little bit of that getting going with the rain going.
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system knocking on the door , this time tomorrow morning. let's get you caught up. first of all, the visibility right now is dropping in the metro, it is where the fog has developed. we will continue to monitor a buried right now you're getting on the roads, most of them are just fine. getting near a big body of water like just up, you can have an issue. mainly in the 60s outside for us here. 64 ocala, deland, palm coast 64, daytona beach 65. there is early morning doppler nine for you right now you can see some light rain in our northern zones. this is what we will have on the board this morning, not a lot of rain early today, but near the ocala area over towards reddick and back down towards bellevue a light passing shower as p ossible. this is on the tail end of store number one which is very disorganized and moving up the east coast. the more potent, store number two with a severe weather likely in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama and
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early tomorrow morning. we will get some showers and storms developing today. you can see scattered in nature, nothing too heavy at 1 o'clock. we want the umbrellas as we go through the afternoon hours. we could see the possibility of thunder from i-4 corridor off to the east as we go into the afternoon hours. showers and storms push off the coastline, we will dry out before the main one comes in tomorrow morning. it will be another very warm and somewhat humid afternoon. daytime highs will be in the lower '80s. let's pick up future track for your wednesday, tomorrow is the day you want to stay weather aware, watch the storm began to fire up. at 8 a.m. we could have heavier storms in marion, sumter, and lake counties and that we will see another wave pull through and osceola county and moving right through the heart of the metro around lunchtime. the best chance for some stronger to severe weather in the metro will be late morning through the early afternoon hours.
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we will see some clearing. we will be wrapping things up rather quickly. but again the storm is there. cannot rule out the possibility of winds produced over 50 miles per hour and even an isolated tornado. those will be your main threats out of the storms for wednesday. in our southern areas that is a possibility. watch out for the winds and the lightning, even hail and tornado threat as well. still low '80s tomorrow, behind that a lot of sunshine and much, much cooler. highs on friday only in the lower 60s. we are off to a pretty good start this morning, the only things we have out here are spots of construction. volusia county i-95 southbound at pioneer trail you do have one lane blocked off where roadwork is going on there. on the turnpike assembled -- southbound and lake county just past us 27 you also have one lane blocked and then coming in orange county along 408 what east on the always -- you also
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heartbreak for the family of a local man who was killed by a drunk driver. what they will do to try to keep drunk drivers off the road. orlando police are investigating a shooting from overnight. officers say they didn't have a very good description of the suspect. a local congressman is the
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this afternoon we will find out if there are any more confirmed cases of the zika virus in central florida. the 2 p.m. update comes after health officials announced a second case of the zika virus in orange county yesterday. that brings it to 28 cases throughout the state and for in central florida. the other two local cases are in osceola and brevard. all of the reported cases of zika virus in florida are travel related. president obama is asking congress to send to billy -- spend $2 billion to help provide the spread of zika virus. a subpoena federal prosecutors served to a local
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group called one group or -- the group claims to be a nonprofit which raises money for scholarships. but we found out it is not registered with the irs or the state of virginia. we reach out to brown and the organization but neither has commented and other local lawmakers dealing with legal battles one is in washington, dc on and the other is here at home in the ongoing fight against his ex-wife. us representative alan grayson is fighting to get nearly $10,000 in legal fees covered by lolita grayson, she lived with him as his wife, but during their divorce that came to light that they were never legally married because she was still married to another man. the congressman's attorney says lolita has not been cooperating with the judges orders. >> and mr. grayson's view, she has been obstructive on virtually every issue. it's our hope with her new attorney that we will reach some accommodation and level of cooperation. >> grayson's issue in w ashington, comes from an offshore hedge fund, the house ethics commission is investigating its legality.
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politically charged attack we have been telling you about the battle between the fbi, and apple over breaking into a suspected terrorist smartphone. >> their fight is coming to public streets, why that request will spark protest all across the country later today. >>reporter:one man is in the hospital and three on the run after a shooting at this pine hills apartment complex. coming up, the order the shooter gave before opening fire. a very springlike -- like feel to the air. storms moving in, especially tomorrow. timing out the possibility of severe weather in central florida. on the other side of the break. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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