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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. there is a live look at a pine hills neighborhood where three men knocked on a man store overnight when that man opened the door, he was shot. kimberly eaton's live there we will have the latest from her coming up in just a few moments. we also checked weather and
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mccranie we have aarti seen some rain overnight. >> we have, that is causing fog girly this morning. keep that in mind if you are an early-morning driver. it is not too dense you can see it hanging over the city, is fearful right now. but as far as the roads go everything is pretty good. we are keeping a close eye on that. it is restrictive but it will not cause headaches on the roadways. anytime you get near a big body of water even over st. john's in the northern sides of seminole county there could be visibility lower than where everybody else is going to be. low 60s tomorrow -- this morning it is a very mild start to the day. a springlike feel to the air, the showers left over right now are in marion county. a little bit of light rain towards bellevue, a couple of scattered showers across i 75 as well. volusia county let say hi to our friends at pineridge high school for today. grab the umbrellas because there is not rain outside, a
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and then again look at the daytime high all the way up to 80 degrees. along the coastline a better chance for it little bit later in the afternoon. come on back in less than 10 minutes we will have an earlier start to the rain here in the metro. i will time that out and look ahead to our wednesday for the potential of severe weather moving into central florida. i have not spotted any of that on our dot cameras here, pulling up i-4 at colonial drive we do not have issues coming into downtown orlando are heading into the seminole county area. you are looking pretty good. we do have a spot of construction four-way eastbound ride at west moreland drive, we do have one lane blocked in that area. it they should be picking up those cones right around 6 o'clock. i will let you know if anything does pop up. one man is in the hospital after police say he opened his door and came face-to-face with a gun man. >> eyewitness news this morning
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alive. conscious long enough to tell police he did not know the three men who knocked on the door of this pine hills beyond that he could only describe them as three black m en. a very vague description for morning as they continue to search for suspects. they responded to pineview apartments just before midnight to a shooting. right now, that man is at the hospital in serious, but stable condition. police were able to speak with him on scene and get an idea of what may have happened here. the victim told officers he answered a knock on an apartment door. one of the men pulled out her gun and immediately fired one shot. the victim told police he did not know the shooter, or his accomplices. i am asking this morning if
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to believe there may be some connection there, or if this was possibly not an attempted robbery but a targeted attack. i will ask police if they have been able to reinterview the victim in the hospital and develop any new leads as to who they may still be looking for this morning. in orange county, kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning the man accused of causing yesterday's doubly hit and deadly hit and run will face a judge now in a few hours >> we told you investigators say never had a legal us drivers license, and had been drinking before the crash on obt. janai norman brought us live coverage of this situation yesterday. that is when he found out he allegedly admitted to leaving the scene >>reporter:that is one of the things working in the favor of state troopers who are still investigating this. they told us orange county deputies here later found him still in his car come after the crash, that he later admitted to leaving. right now the suspect is behind
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waiting to go before a judge for a first appearance. it was this time yesterday we were live out on orange blossom trail and americana boulevard watching fhp investigator crash that left a 42-year-old brett adams that. troopers say the suspect had been drinking and never hit the brakes. we found out there are red light running cameras at the section that troopers help further help their case. but they also have witnesses who say they saw what happened. we found out prosecutors wanted the suspect held without bond because they believe he is a flight risk. we will keep you updated on what happens in court later this morning on our wftv mobile app. in orange orange county, janai norman, trying to >> grief counselors will be in merritt island today after a 13- year-old girl and her father were found dead in their home over the weekend. relatives say they have been trying to reach 42-year-old [ name indescernible ] and his daughter for days. they say he recently talked about going back to thailand
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>> he said[inaudible] i'm not ready right now, because i want to enjoy my life. >> investigators believe the father killed himself, they still cannot say what happened to his daughter. orange county deputies need your help to find a thief who stole an assault rifle and ammo for marine veteran. the surveillance video shows that crook in the act. kevin mason is a single dad who kept that gun for protection. he told us he went away with his family for a night when they came back they found a broken window and many valuables had been taken by mason says he thinks the guy made have taken everything and even a county issue trashcan. the lake county teacher accused of having sex with a student on the campus of eastridge hi. yesterday we reviewed marshall personnel file. we found out he was arrested in
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resisting arrest. while he taught at leesburg high he was accused of being drunk at a track meet and hitting an athlete from another school. he resigned yesterday. if you live in holden heights you may see some armed security guards around today. the orange county sheriff's office is trying out private security to try to curb violent crimes. taxpayers are not paying for this extra security, instead the money is coming from property and cash that was seized from criminals. the sheriff says he may expand that private security force if this is a success. the white house is expected to submit president obama's plan to shut down guantanamo bay to congress today for the president says it is a recruiting tool for terrorist that is too expensive to maintain. his proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. the ones i deemed too dangerous for travel will be sent to a detention facility here in the us. the so-called shawshank fugitive who was captured in melbourne nearly 60 years after
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79-year-old frank freshwater's was captured, he scape -- he escaped an ohio present in 1957 where he was serving time for violating probation. he pleaded guilty to second- degree manslaughter after hitting and killing a young father. he has a parole hearing, in ohio, thursday. protests are planned across the country today in support of apple's refusal to unlock the phone of a san bernardino shooter. ceo tim cook says it would set a dangerous president. families of the victims want to know why their loved ones were targeted and how a massacre like this could happen. the fbi believes there may be seven weeks worth of data leading up to the attacks on the phone. they say the scale of the attack, which left 14 people dead warrants looking into syed farook's phone. it is not asking for a master key to apple's phones, but software for one particular phone for this after that apple can keep, or destroy the software. >> this is a very emotional
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case. the pain is still very palpable. >> there is no limit to what the government could require apple to do if it succeeds this way. >> tim cook says if such a software is created, it would put every single iphone and ipad user, around the world, at risk of a data breach. cook is now vying for congress to sit -- sort through this legal issue. you can head to brevard county to see a young turtle return to the ocean for his name is steve. [ laughter] i don't know why, but that is his name. a family found him airport canaveral with fishing hooks and one of his flippers. he is all healed now, the zoo is releasing steve today at 2 p.m. at coconut.park and melbourne beach. >> steve's family is going to be so happy to see him. [laughter] we track weather and traffic every 10 checked weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we have more rain coming our way >> i doubt steve the turtle is
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a very mild start, it will be a very springlike feel to the air all day long. in the low to mid 60s outside right now, but not dropping off much more than that if at any right now. still watching light rain in our northern areas you can see a sprinkle in the metro but that would be about it. that is for the morning hours. we will have scattered showers and storms develop in the afternoon. you will want to the umbrellas if you are running any errands, make sure the kids have the raingear as well there will be rain around for the bus stop time home. we dry out by 5 o'clock out west but still some scattered rain around i-4 and off towards the coastline. this will wrap up relatively quickly for today. this is round one with non- severe weather, with a high of 282. coming up, tracking the potential for severe storms tomorrow, the timing of that and the impact you need to know but tomorrow is the day you need to stay weather aware and we will get that coming up at 5:47.
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have had three crashes pop up here on live track it -- traffic tracker. you do have that crash off to the side keep in mind troopers are still there unseen for this one looks like it's causing a little bit of a slowdown old cheney highway possibly one lane blocked here while troopers still work to clear that crash. on this one at oak shire boulevard this one is also off to the side. you probably saw the incredible video of that helicopter crash in hawaii. coming up, and update on the family inside that helicopter when it crashed into the water we got some answers about why a powerful drug that is usually prescribed by doctors, is now linked to hundreds of deaths in florida. it looks like a real launch, but that rocket did not
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knew from overnight one man is in the hospital and three others on the run after opening fire in a pine hills apartment complex. kimberly eaton's life. police say that victim open the door right to his attackers? >>reporter:yeah, the victim told police that he did not know the shooter or his accomplices that they knocked on the door of his apartment here last night, and he answered. that was just before midnight at pineview apartments. orlando police say the victim
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told him to "give it up", they immediately fired one shot hitting the 22-year-old in the abdomen. he is still in the hospital listed in serious, but stable, his attackers are still on the run. he described them to officers only as three black men, a very vague description that i am asking police this morning if they have been able to add to after investigating this crime overnight. orange county, kimberly eaten, trying to -- eyewitness news this morning. the number of people dying from the pain reliever is drastically rising. overdose deaths in florida topped the 500 and 2014, that is a 140% increase in the orlando area is also seeing a sharp r ise. law enforcement agencies across the state saying rise in popularity came after several large pill mill busts across the state. we spoke with officers in
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think they are getting heroin but and up using fentanyl. >> it is not until later that we discover it's actually a combination, or just 100% retinal. >> of the potency of a hundred times, more potent than morphine, you're much more likely to overdose. >> us customs and border protection have now made it a priority to intercept that not coming from overseas. a teenager on board that taurus helicopter that crashed in hawaii last week near pearl harbor has now died. the 16-year-old and his family were on vacation from canada and were taking a helicopter toward the island of oahu. two of the other family members are recovering and the hospital, another has aarti been released it is unclear what caused that helicopter to go down. federal agencies are investing. a private security company at the sanford airport will have to go extra training after one of their exercises caused a bomb scare.
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employees accidentally dropped a bag of fake explosives in the parking lot. an airport employee eventually found the bag and called in the bomb squad. he reached out that trinity technology group have not heard back convention center just released the approval for nearly $12 million in upgrades. back in november we told you how the convention center is already in the middle of getting a $187.000000 makeover. city leaders hope the improvements will help attract even more events to orlando as soon may be part -- city officials are expected to me today to discuss an ordinance that calls for limiting those and zoning specific parts of the city, or even banning them altogether for this comes after some business owners and residents argued they do not want the clubs around because they bring in crime. property damage and lower property values. a vote could happen next week orange county school officials will begin holding meetings tomorrow to explain the new school grades to parents. the new grades are based off
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release last week. school officials will hold nine meetings for parents to come find out about the new grading system. if you are interested in attending we have a list of meeting times posted on our website just head over to links today the state senate is scheduled to vote on a bill that would give terminally ill patients in florida access to medical marijuana. that law gives certain patients access to drugs that have not yet been approved by the fda. we will bring you an update on that boat later today a falcon nine rocket is set to blast off from cape canaveral air force station tomorrow. it has passed a crucial test. take a look at this picture from the static fire test yesterday for the rocket fired its first stage rockets but was still bolted to the pad to the engine test was a success, the rocket will carry
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satellite to a year -- for a european company into orbit. that launch window is expected to open at 6:46 tomorrow night. if it goes up you can watch it live right here on channel nine and is always on >> i get choked up when we talk about space, too. it's okay. you do not have to hide your inner geek area. [ laughter] the rain is coming out too. >> some scattered showers today, looking out tomorrow as well. potential of severe storms. this is a very potent storm system that will move through. right now we are watching for visibility issues right in the heart of the issue. sky witness nine is actually grounded because of the fog which will continue to develop between now and sunrise. it is okay as far as going out on the roadways this morning. but again something i will closely monitor for you. we start off this morning very mild, it will be a springlike feel to the air today. temperatures right now in the lower 60s. orlando 62, clermont 64. we are relatively done for the rain, we did have some scattered showers during the late evening and overnight
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leftover showers in marion county, but that is false returns from the radar right now most of it is said and done. first storm system fairly disorganized moving off toward the east east coast. the second storm system is a doozy. you can see the classic, shape developing right now in north texas. i am going to track it for you, that will bring us the potential for severe storms tomorrow. today with the southerly flow and moistening up the atmosphere, we are going to shake out the atmosphere and a rumble of thunder. grab the umbrellas we will have a 50% chance of showers, and the potential for an isolated storm mainly east of i-4 today. the eastern sides of seminal, orange and osceola counties the best chance of a rumble of thunder. that rain will be around by 6 o'clock, pick it up for you starting at 4 p.m. today per the rain . the rain will be done by the evening hours for us. it will be very warm today, friends, highs in the lower '80s, even along the coastline
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be some areas that touch 80 degrees. let me show you the storm system. i will track it out from starting this morning, watch a blast to the gulf coast states. we will see the potential for a lot of severe weather today. a severe weather outbreak is a possibility of potential of southern sides of mississippi, alabama and our western panhandle. this will drag in a dragon a line of showers and storms across central florida early tomorrow morning just after daybreak prayed by eight-9 a.m. we could have storms moving into our western zones. wash the storms coming out of tampa lifting up to the north and east. this is the same scenario we had a week ago when we had severe storms in that tornado warning. we have to watch out for that. some of the storms will rotate as they come on shore, the best chance will be late morning through the early afternoon hours. storms moving off the coastline as we go through the day. but after that we are done. the best chance from the metro to the metro to the north, better instability the further north that you go. all of central central florida
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tomorrow. the main more widespread threat will be winds over 50 miles per hour. we will see some hail, and to get an isolated tornado risk as well. your five-day forecast, low '80s for storms tomorrow, behind it winter does return. highs fall into the 60s for days in a row. i was able to spot some of the fog from one of our cameras right here i-4 at world drive, it doesn't look like it has been impacting too much of the commute, but right in this area we do have a crash. pulling up live traffic tracker, the entrance from i-4 to epcot center drive you do have a crash. keep that in mind if you are about to head in that direction. we still have this one at cimmaron boulevard it looks like they have only been -- only needed to block off one lane right there.
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the florida primary still several weeks away, coming up why some people want to change their absentee ballots even before those votes are counted. next, it is a mystery that has lasted for decades. what created this strange sounds heard by an apollo crew
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there is a new proposal from state lawmakers to keep drivers convicted of dui from making the same mistake twice. the proposal aims to have an admission interlock device installed on the cars of drivers with a previous dui charge. i spoke with one local lawmaker who storing support behind the bill after her son was just killed by a drunk driver two weeks ago. >> he had a lot of fractures, his brain was bleeding. how come you can make that bad decision in life to drive so irresponsible? >> the dui proposal could pass the house floor as early as next week. if you would like to see the full interview with the family of the drunk driving crashes can download our free wftv app and click on video. school officials say classes are back to normal after several fights and threats brought to school to a halt last week.
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the fights that broke out in the school last week. a post on social media also disrupted class and caused a schoolwide lockdown. the campus was closed friday. marker calendars december 1 is the day disney will open its new star wars attraction. 24 hours ago we showed you these renderings, since then we have learned you will be able to step aboard the falcon and that is only one of the adventures out there. you can either droids and all of the other folks who live on the street markets in star wars when you had to the local cantina. for a closer look at some of the attractions of the star wars experience coming to disney studios go to >> i am fiercely concerned my kid would actually faint if he steps on side -- on the mobile -- millennium falcon. audiotapes from the apollo 10 mission reveal a strange sound coming from the dark side of the moon. >> no, it is not pink floyd but
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did call it space music. creepy. nassau technicians say that almost windy sound there is actually caused by two radio frequencies interfering with one another but they say the radio signal coming from two different parts of the ship can sometimes disrupt each other creating a very creepy sound. orlando police are still searching for a missing newborn. >> why investigators say they need your help, more than ever, to find out what happened to baby willow. in a few hours, the teenager accused of running it -- running over a deputy will be in court. we are asking how his criminal
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. right now on eyewitness police are looking for the people who opened fire outside of a home overnight sending a man to a hospital with a gun -- with a gun mount demanded of the victim before shooting him a teenager accused of running over and orange county sheriff's office sergeant is set to face a judge this morning and why his case could end up in adult court. it is enough to make neighbors a very nervous. why this armored sheriff's


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