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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. right now on eyewitness police are looking for the people who opened fire outside of a home overnight sending a man to a hospital with a gun -- with a gun mount demanded of the victim before shooting him a teenager accused of running over and orange county sheriff's office sergeant is set to face a judge this morning and why his case could end up in adult court. it is enough to make neighbors a very nervous. why this armored sheriff's
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door of a seminal county home. good morning, your time right now 6 a.m. on this tuesday february 23. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. following a foggy morning commute let's get started with a certified meteorologist, rusty mccranie a talk about the fog and everything else coming our way. two rounds of storms, this morning we have had some rain, it is left over fog, but the rain is pretty much said and done for the early morning hours of this tuesday. look at these temperatures on the board, 62 orlando that is one of the cooler spots right now, 63 melbourne, palm coast, the villages in daytona in at 64. it is not horrible outside where to stick us right now is in the heart of the metro, downtown orlando. some of those bigger bodies of water toward st. john's unlike jesup we could see more visibility problems are than what we are seeing a downtown. early morning doppler nine leftover rain in marion and
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and a little bit of thunder this afternoon. with daytime highs very springlike 82 orlando, 82 ocala, daytona and even the coastline will be able to reach the lower '80s. , back in less than 10 minutes, round one of scattered showers and storms will happen this afternoon. we will also look ahead for tomorrow and the potential for severe weather moving to central florida. i spotted fog from this camera long i-4 right here at world drive it has not caused cause too many issues, but just off of this camera we cannot spotted from here there is a crash right at epcot drive coming toward i4. keep that in mind, epcot center drive you will notice if you are about to head in that direction. we do also have a crush cimmaron boulevard right at old cheney highway. this one is causing slowdown 10 minutes ago but it does not seem like it anymore. just make sure you move over for troopers. three suspects are on the run this morning after a shooting -- shooting a man
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eyewitness news this morning kimberly eaton is alive or police say that crime started as a potential robbery. >>reporter:that is something we are asking police about this morning, if this was a robbery gone wrong inside this pine hills apartment complex, or if the suspects in the victim potentially do each other and this could be a targeted attack. we do know orlando police responded to pineview apartments just before midnight last night on reports of a shooting. when officers got here they found victim with ace gunshot wound to his abdomen. he is in serious but stable condition. at the scene he was conscious long enough to tell police that three men knocked on his door but he answered and they told him to give it up. he told officers one of the men immediately pulled the trigger. i am asking police this morning if they have any reason to believe the suspects on the victim are in some way connected. or if this was a stickup turned into a shooting or quite possibly a targeted attack.
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did not know his shooter i could only describe them very vaguely as three black men. i will be asking police if they have been able to reinterview the victim and get a clear idea of what may have happened here. reporting live, kimberly eaton, trying to in the next few hours the 15-year-old accused of trying to run over a deputy will be in court. >> we told you yesterday the teenager turned himself in after the three-day search started friday when sergeant marcy pierce was hit as she tried taking him into custody. eyewitness news this morning janai norman's live outside the orange county sheriff's office. he actually turned himself in near the crime scene? >>reporter:we found out he called around 1:15 from his mom's house to turn himself in. deputies from here swarm that neighborhood which is the same area where the deputy was run
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at the juvenile assessment center this morning where he is waiting for an 8:30 court appearance. he is accused of intentionally trying to run over sergeant marcy pierce on friday morning leaving her with a significant head injury. on saturday deputies from a car used abandoned on goldenrod road and two days later he turned himself in. >> next thing i knew, the swat team was here. they all went in there, they arrested him and brought them out. i don't know if he turn himself in, or what? i am just so glad, i almost started clapping. >>reporter:we asked the state how ortiz's case could play out since he is only 15 years old but accused of attempted murder on a law-enforcement officer. we have told you about his past run-ins with the law that include charges of aggravated assault on a law-enforcement officer, armed burglary and stealing a gun. we found out his past will likely factor into what happens in court later this morning. >> i hope this serves as a lesson to other teenagers that trouble is easy to get into,
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of. >>reporter:when we last checked the state attorney's office had not made a decision about weather ortiz would be charged as an adult. we will be closely watching what happens in court this morning at 8:30 keeping you updated on our wftv news app and on eyewitness news at noon. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. and erin county woman is expected to be sentenced today for luring a teenager to his death. amber wright was convicted again last month. investigators say she and three other teenagers killed 15-year- old seth jackson for years ago. her previous conviction was thrown out because she was not properly read her miranda rights. the sentencing happens today we will let you know what happens on eyewitness news at noon. orlando police say now more than ever they need tips on what happened to the missing newborn baby willow. a dive team spent the day searching a pond inch by engineer the willowbend apartments. it is believed susan richardson gave earth near the apartment last monday, and then just discarded her baby girl.
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different dogs led them to it. >> whatever happened with the baby, the lord knows. and she knows. >> police say susan richardson is not cooperating with the investigation. she is still in the orange county jail on child neglect charges. orlando police asked us to tell you to call crime line if you have any information at all. we put that contact information on just click on web links on the homepage to find it. an investigation is now underway to an incident and along what home where police used a battering ram to break down the door. we showed you the snapchat video last night at 11, neighbors reported the seminole county sheriff's armored vehicle racing down orange avenue paid according to police of the investigation into an armed robbery on the street, early yesterday morning, prompted a warrant being served on that home. we know, some items were seized.
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different thing. if there would have been kids getting off the bus, i'm sure they would not have done it then. this is a tiny neighborhood. for this to happen, it was incredible. >> police would not say if anyone was taken into custody during the incident. republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the nevada caucus. this morning, us senator marco rubio has the endorsement of former presidential candidate and us senator bob dull. dull told abc news he was sorry to see his good friend jeb bush drop out of the race on saturday but he believes rubio. >> donald has the basic support and with the majority of our party doesn't want him as our nominee. >>reporter:ted cruz fired his communications director saying he spread a false rumor that rubio had belittled the bible. on the other side of the fence, the democratic presidential candidates are preparing for a town hall meeting in south carolina, both candidates are working to get the black vote in the state and they're getting
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at-- spike lee just endorsed bernie sanders now the jeb bush is out of the 2016 presidential race, some voters across florida are wondering if they can get a do over on their absentee ballots. we told you the former florida governor dropped out of the race over the weekend. supervisors at elections across the state said they are that they are getting calls from voters wanting to change their ballots. supervisors say once you cast your vote, you cannot change it. >> it is what people think their vote is. do they believe that their vote is picking a winner, or is there vote picking their choice? >> supervisors say candidates have suspended their campaign, it does not mean there vote is lost, just means the person is less likely to win. so far, no one in the presidential primary has filed two with another campaign. florida's primary is march 15 ocala city leaders are telling residents to boil their water while crews work to fix a water main break. crews are working on southeast 17th street yesterday, city
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affected by this, and only the homes that have completely lost water should boil it once it is restored. they expect that water to be restored sometime today. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. speaking of water -- >> yes. >> we are going to see some? >> you are on it, my friend, we are going to have two rounds of storm coming in. today you will want the umbrellas temperatures on the board right now we start off in the lower 60s it's a very mild start to the day. the extra clouds and rain that we have had during the late evening and overnight hours for us here. leading to a little bit of fog this morning but also very warm start. you can see on our future track, stuck -- not a lot of sunshine. notice how widespread already by 2 o'clock, nothing too heavy out there. hit or miss showers across central florida. the rain will then shift a little bit more off the coastline and that is where we
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not expecting any severe weather today, but there could be heavier rain at -- along our coastline especially along the i-95 area. whatever is out there will move away from the area as we go through the late evening hours. in orlando, the best chance for rain in the early afternoon hours. there could still be some scattered showers around for the drive home. keep that in mind for this is round one, round two is much more potent with the potential for severe storms for tomorrow. you want to stay weather aware for your wednesday, i'm going to timeout those times for you tomorrow when i see you back here at 6:17. let's check our drive we do have three crashes out there that you should be aware of, avalon park boulevard at the golden raintree boulevard you still have this on scene it looks like they have been able to get that out of the roadway though. epcot center drive at the i-4 entrance we do have a crash
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it doesn't look like it's causing too many issues. once again make sure you do move over. and then summer on boulevard at old cheney highway it looks like they might have just cleared this in the last couple of minutes. i will let you know if it starts to cause any more slowdowns. we are getting a better look at the next big addition to the disney theme parks. when these brand-new renderings of a star wars theme attraction will possibly become the real thing. another case of the zika virus in central florida. what health officials say all of the patients have in common. the safety changes a family
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6:15. we will let you know what you can expect for the rest of your tuesday. we will have a full check on your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. covering brevard county this morning the family and -- and friends of a family who was run over jogging on a road last week want changes made to this road. 39-year-old jason roe digger was killed on satellite boulevard and cocoa where we saw no posted speed limit and as you can see some poor visibility. a father and his fiancie's family have launched a petition to improve this road either by paving it, adding sidewalks, or lights. >> this man was out jogging to better himself or his family and he was struck by a vehicle. he was then left alone, in the dark, to die. >> neighbors told us the roads current state is a vast improvement to the run in lane that it once was. they say a push to get a trail along the side of the road has been met with resistance because of the cost. meanwhile the person who has hit jason has not been identified.
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but not the person who was driving. osceola county devotees are trying to track down to mendes they robbed a publix while families were inside shopping. a man in sunglasses and a had approached the counter and handed the cashier a note demanding cash but it happened at the publix on cypress parkway sunday afternoon. deputies say he and another man got away with a handful of cash. ucf got another huge donation for a proposed campus in downtown orlando. florida hospital gave the school $1.5 million for that project for the university still needs money million dollars for the project. they are set to present the proposal to the florida board of governors next month. if you approve the campus should open in the fall of 2018. two utility company's are trying to convince state regulators to lower your monthly electric bills. duke energy and florida power and light are asking for the decrease because natural gas prices are cheaper than expected. companies are set to meet with the state next month, if approved duke customers to use
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drop of five dollars per month, after pl customers would save about two dollars a month. residence in la county neighborhood want a noise wad -- a noise wall to block out construction projects going on around their homes. shall i get to stop having conversations away till the noise goes by. >> resolver get on a six and half mile road project on us 27 in clermont. we reported readings of 80 decibels, 66 decibels or higher is loud enough for a noise wall but they are not going to build one. a study done 20 years ago found it is unnecessary. we already saw the rain, we've seen fog, >> yeah, two more rounds of storms coming in. grabbed the umbrella as it is to get kind of wet for us right here is a live look outside, the fog has alleviated itself in downtown. the visibility is actually improving and most spots but it does not look like the fog will
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widespread. otherwise, look at the very mild start to the day. temperatures in the lower 60s, that is where we will bottom offered we've had a little bit of light rain in marion county whatever was out there earlier this morning is said and done for . the first arm system is moving through the south and heading up towards the east coast. the second much more powerful and potent storm system that will really impact us by daybreak tomorrow is developing in the southern plains and will race across the golf and is headed our way. today, with the southerly flow and the very warm humid atmosphere for this time of year, we got our spark off some showers even a rumble of thunder. notice how widespread they will be today. grab the umbrellas you will want them if you are running an afternoon errand and for the kids for the bus stop home there will be rain. could see a heavier downpour along the coastline as we head to the mid and late afternoon hours beginning to dry out by 4
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counties. not expecting any severe weather for today, there is a 50% chance for showers and storms, daytime highs upper 70s and lower '80s. it will be warm. let's look at the storm system moving through the southern plains into the off coast states today. severe weather outbreak is possible. that will drive a line of showers and storms through central florida looking -- into tomorrow. they will be into our i-4 corridor by 10 a.m. those storms could be severe, as they race across the metro, northern sides of brevard this is lunch time tomorrow you through the mid afternoon. the timing of these heavier storms for they race off on the east coast. there is a risk for severe weather tomorrow, one of those days you will want to stay weather aware especially for highlighted in yellow. miles per hour we are going to
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and the low and risk for tornado make sure you download our wftv weather app. low '80s and then behind the storms, winter returns, highs for days in a row just in the 60s. we have a new crash here on live traffic tracker john young parkway at south circle. epcot center drive right at the i-4 entrance you do have this crash this has not blocked that ramp to i-4, just keep that in mind. "breaking news" at world drive here, you can see it is starting to lift and has not caused too many issues on the roads. heartbreak for the local family of a man they say was killed by a drunk driver. >> what they will do to try to keep other drunk drivers off the road. orlando police are investigating a home invasion
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this afternoon we will find out if there are any more confirmed cases of the zika virus in central florida. the 2 p.m. update comes after health officials announced a second case of the zika virus in orange county yesterday. that brings it to 28 cases around the state and for here in central florida. the other two local cases are in osceola and brevard. all reported cases of zika virus in florida are travel related. resident obama is asking congress to spend $2 billion to help fight the spread of zika virus. many of you have told us you want to know more about the zika virus. we just posted this graphic on our facebook page. it describes the differences and in symptoms between the virus and a lot of other symptoms the people are fighting right now. a lot of good information here to share with your friends and family just like us on facebook. we are digging deeper into the subpoena the federal prosecutors have served to a local congresswoman. we found out they may be
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corine brown's ties called one group for education for that organization claims to be a nonprofit which raises money for scholarships but, we found out it is not register with the irs or the state of virginia. we reached out to browned and the organization and other local lawmakers dealing with legal battles what is washington dc, the other is right here at home in the ongoing fight against his ex- wife. us representative alan grayson is fighting to get nearly $10,000 in legal fees covered while oleta grace ember and she lived with him, as his wife, but during their divorce came to light that they were never legally married because she was still married to another man. congressman's attorney says lolita has not been cooperating with the judges orders. >> and mr. graceland's view, she has been obstructive on every issue. it is our hope with her new attorney that we will reach some accommodation and level of
6:27 am
washington comes from an offshore hedge fund, the house ethics commission is investigating its legality. grayson says it is a politically charged attack we have been telling you about the battle between the fbi and apple. over breaking into a suspected terrorist smart phone for another fight now their fight is coming to public streets. why that part -- request will spark protest all across the country later today. >>reporter:three men are on the run after an attempted robbery turned into gunfire at this pine hills apartment complex. coming up the three words they said to the victim before pulling the trigger. severe weather is in the forecast coming up, the newest information on the other side
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before mars. before space stations. before shuttles. before one small step. before rocket rides. before flat tops, freeze-dried, and flight suits. back when what went up, still had to come down. we challenged ourselves to change everything.
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awaits at the spot where our journey to the heavens began. kennedy space center visitor complex. always exploring. a live look at a pine hills neighborhood were overnight there was a knock on the door, a man open the door to three gunmen. kimberly eaton's live in that neighborhood with the latest on the investigation.
6:31 am
rain once overnight and it is coming back. get ready for what is going to be a wetter afternoon for there is a live look outside right now. doesn't it look like a springlike start to the day? a little bit warmer and a little bit on the human side outside this morning. a lot of low 60s and this is a very mild start. i have been watching the visibility, this is actually improved, so fog will not be an issue on the roads this morning. right now, the rain is said and done for the early morning hours. a couple of light showers trying to develop. mccoy elementary it is going to be a very warm day, already the upper 70s by lunch, a couple of scattered showers will develop are the best time in the metro today will be in the early afternoon.
6:32 am
summer -- thunder are possible. come on back in less than 10 minutes, two rounds of storms i will show you future track we will timeout the storms hour by hour for today. but a look at the more potent storm system for tomorrow. and the threat for severe weather across central florida. pulling up our camera i-4 at john young parkway, the severe traffic heading toward the turnpike you are looking good in both directions. really all across i for at this point. you do have an issue at another spot of jyp, that is john young parkway at consulate drive this does have one lane blocked for a crash in that area. i will have that update in about seven minutes. one man is in the hospital after police say he opened his door, and came face to face with a gun man. >> eyewitness news this morning kimberly eaton's life where a search for the shooters and to
6:33 am
-- shooter and accomplices. >>reporter: he can only describe them as three black men . a very vague description for orlando police to go on this morning. as they continue to search for the suspects, that is all they could get from the injured victim on scene before he went to the hospital. police first responded to pine view apartments just before midnight on reports of a shooting. they found a 22-year-old victim abdomen . he is in serious but stable condition. as we said police were able to speak to him on scene to get an idea of what may have happened here. the victim told officers he answered a knock on his apartment door, three men were standing outside and told him to "give it up", that is one one of the men pulled out a gun and fired a shot. the victim told police he did not know the shooter or his
6:34 am
they have any reason to believe there may be some connection or possibly not an attempted robbery but a targeted attack. i will also be asking police if they have been able to reinterview the victim in the hospital and develop any new leads as to who they may be looking for. reporting live in orange county, eberly eaton, trying to grief counselors will be at tropical elementary school in merritt island today after a 13- year-old girl and her father were found dead over the weekend. relatives say they have been trying to reach 42-year-old [ name indescernible ] , and his daughter for days. they say he had recently talked about going back to thailand where his wife still lives. [inaudible] >> investigators believe the father killed himself, they still cannot say what exactly happened to his daughter. orange county deputies need
6:35 am
stole an assault rifle and ammo for memory veteran. the surveillance video shows the creek and the act. kevin mason is a single dad who kept that gun for protection. he told us he went away with his family for a night when they came back they found a broken window and valuables taken. nason says he thinks a guy may have taken everything away in a county issue trashcan. the county teacher accused of having sex with a student on campus at east ridge high. trouble before. yesterday we reviewed marshall's personnel file we found out he was arrested in the '90s on drug charges and resisting arrest. while he taught at leesburg high he was accused of being drunk at a track meet and hitting an athlete from another school. he resigned yesterday. if you live in holden heights you may see some armed security guards around today for the orange county sheriff's office is trying out private security to try to curb violent crimes in azalea park. taxpayers are not paying for the extra security, instead this
6:36 am
from criminals. the white house is expected to submit president obama's plan to shut down guantanamo bay to congress today. the president says it is a recruiting tool for terrorists and it is too expensive to maintain but his proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries for the ones deemed too dangerous for travel will be sent to a detention facility in the us which has not yet been chosen. the so-called shawshank fugitive who was captured in melbourne nearly 60 years after escaping prison may be a free man again. us marshals cut 79-year-old frank freshwater's, he escaped and ohio prison in 1959 where he was serving time for violating probation. he had pleaded guilty to second- degree manslaughter after hitting and killing a young father. freshwater's has a parole hilly -- hearing, in ohio, thursday. protester plan across the country today in support of apple's refusal to unlock the phone of the san bernardino shooter.
6:37 am
would set a dangerous precedent . families of the victims want to know why their loved ones were targeted and how a massacre like this could happen. the fbi believes there may be seven weeks worth of data leading up to the attacks on the phone. they say the scale of the attack which left 14 people dead warrants looking into syed farook's phone. the government says it is not asking for a master key to all of apple's phone software for one particular folder they say after that, apple can keep and destroy the software. >> this is a very emotional issue for the victims in this case, the pain is still very powerful. >> there is no limit to what the government can require apple to do if it succeeds this way. >> tim cook says it's such a software is created, it would put every single iphone and ipad user, around the world, at risk for a data breach. cook is now calling for congress to sort through the legal issue. and may soon be harder to go to bottle clubs in palm coast. city officials are expected to meet today to discuss an
6:38 am
for limiting them or banning them altogether. this comes after some business owners and residents argue they do not want clubs around because they bring in crime, property damage and lower property damage. ava could happen next week you can head to brevard -- brevard county to watch a young turtle return home to the ocean. meet steve. that is his name, his name is steve. not sure why. he has been in the care of the brevard zoo since november. they found him airport canaveral with fishing hooks stuck in one of his flippers. he is all healed now, the zoo is releasing him today at 2 p.m. at coco no.park. >> way to go steve. >> i tried googling it to find out why his name was steve. it did not come up. here is rusty, which is also a great turtle name. >> it is, you should also ask bob and tina turtle why his name is steve? >> we will start a petition. >> take it away, rusty.
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63 ocala, ocala also in at 63, kissimmee 62. we are said and done with the rain right now. we still have some clouds left over. as we go deeper into the afternoon the possibility of a few rumbles of thunder mainly along our eastern seaboard, noticed that there will still be some rain across i for it could be a wet commute home. starting at 4 o'clock they will be tracking round one of these storms which will then move out of the area during the afternoon. round two comes in tomorrow and that will be the more potent storm system. today would be a great day to download our wftv app ahead of the storms. you get the life radar, the customized alarms tab specific for your area. it is a great tool to have on the go. i will timeout those storms, and the impacts we will see here in central florida.
6:40 am
about this crash on john young parkway right at consulate drive a were able to get this crash out of the lane right there. you will still see some slowdowns in the area but you will not have any actual roadblocks through there. this crash popped up at orange blossom trail at ginger mill boulevard this one is also off to the side just keep it in mind. you probably saw the incredible video of that helicopter crash in hawaii. coming up, and update on the family inside the helicopter when it crashed. ahead, it looks like a real launch but the falcon nine rocket did not move an inch. the key test done before space x could take a satellite into orbit. is the man the manic use of yesterday's fatal hit-and-run crash will be go -- will go before a judge later this morning. coming up we are -- we will find out what is helping prosecutors in the case against him. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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the man accused of causing yesterday's deadly hit and run will face a judge in a few h ours. investigators say he never had a legal us drivers license, and had been drinking before the crash on obt. eyewitness news this morning's janai norman brought us live coverage of the investigation at this time yesterday. you found out he allegedly had admitted to leaving the scene. >>reporter:that is one of the things working in favor of state troopers as they continue their investigation. we found out orange county sheriff's deputies found him still in his car after the crash and he later admitted to leaving the scene. right now the suspect is behind bars with a 45,000-dollar bond waiting to go before a judge for a first appearance. it was at this time yesterday we were live out on orange blossom trail and americana boulevard watching fhp investigate the crash that left 42-year-old brett adams dead.
6:45 am
drinking, never hit the brakes. >> for a rear end collision we typically do not see any fatalities for the severity of the crash did kill that driver. >>reporter:there are red light running cameras that troopers hope help their case for they also have witnesses that say they saw what happened. >> his car ended up lifting from the back, and turned onto the other one. unfortunately, the driver, this car, ended and it up in the passenger side. he ended up taking off that way. down americana >>reporter:we found out prosecutors wanted the suspect held without bond because they believe he is a flight risk. he will let you know what happens in court later this morning on our wftv news app. live in orange county, janai norman, trying to nine investigates the number of people dying from the powerful pain reliever fentanyl, and it's drastically rising. nine investigates found overdose deaths in florida topped 500 and 2014.
6:46 am
orlando area is also seeing a sharp rise. law-enforcement agencies across the state say the rise in popularity of fentanyl came after several large pill mill bust across the state. fentanyl fill the demand left by those pill mills, but we spoke with officers in orlando who say most victims fatally overdose because they think they are getting heroin, but end up using fentanyl. >> it is not until later that we discover it is actually a combination, or just 100% fentanyl. >> at the potency of a hundred times more potent morphine. you are much more likely to overdose. >> us customs and border protection have not made it a priority to intercept fentanyl coming from overseas. a teenager on board that forced helicopter that crashed in hawaii last week near pearl harbor has died. the 16-year-old and his family were on vacation in canada, and were taking the helicopter tour of the hawaii
6:47 am
you may remember the good samaritans who jumped in the water to try to help, it is still not known what caused the helicopter to go down. federal agencies are investigating. to orange county convention center just received the approval for nearly $12 million in upgrades back in november we told you how the convention center was already in the middle of getting a 187 million- dollar makeover but this new funding will be used to renovate the convention centers all room and entranceway. city leaders hope the improvements will help attract even more events to orlando president obama will visit florida just a few weeks before the presidential primary the white house says the president will visit jacksonville on friday he will tour a battery plant that was funded with the stimulus act in 2009. cruz officials on a port and avril say passenger traffic has been down for the last for months they had about a 9% dip in passengers coming through from october through january and they did the previous year. port officials say the decrease in traffic may also be from the temporary drydock of the disney dream ship.
6:48 am
hear apopka's plan to bring high-quality retail stores and restaurants to the area. the city council plans to hire a consulting company for $100,000 over three years. residents say they want to see more done to the downtown district and more activities for kids for they also want the area to create more high-paying jobs. that meeting will be held at apopka's island manor on main street it starts at 6 p.m. this afternoon. falcon nine rocket that is set to blast off from cape canaveral air force station tomorrow has passed a crucial test. take a look at this picture from the static fire test yesterday per the rocket fired its first stage rockets but was still bolted to the pad. the engine test was a success, the rocket will carry a communications satellite for a european company into orbit. the launch window is expected to open at 646 -- 6:46 p.m. tomorrow night if he goes up you can watch it live right here on channel nine and wftv. com
6:49 am
our way and some severe stuff tomorrow. we are going to have to keep a close eye on a round of storms coming in per there was still be some to be some rain out there later today, as well. we start off this morning of the lower 60s it is a very mild start to the day. the extra clouds in the rain around during the overnight hours leaving us with a just lows in the lower 60s. orlando 62, titusville 63. watch the visibility. a little bit of fall trying to develop that it is not thick out there, and your morning drive should be no issues. you go cross lake jessup you might run into a patch of some fog that would be about it. first storm system moving out of the area not a big deal. the second storm system is a doozy. look at the classic, shape developing in the southern plains this will blast across the gulf states today and then onto our area tomorrow. today with the warm humid atmosphere in place in the southerly flow we will shake out some showers may be a rumble of thunder. this will generally be in the
6:50 am
downpours and thunder and lightning especially as the storm gather along the east coast and late into the afternoon. at 5 o'clock there's a fairly wet drive along i-95. still scattered rain along the i-4 corridor. that rain will then exit the east coast during the evening hours and then we will look ahead to daybreak tomorrow for the storms to be moving in. it is going to be worn today, highs in the upper 70s to the lower '80s. let me show you the storm system, because again very potent. it will bring an outbreak of severe weather to portions of the gulf coast states this afternoon. as we go over night that line of storms will be moving into the gulf coast taken its way into our to our area by about daybreak tomorrow into marion and sumter counties read that line of storms will push across the i-4 area as early as 9 a.m., watch back down towards tampa as more storms could be moving in. storms could be heavier in nature they will work their way off the east coast as we go into the afternoon hours of your wednesday.
6:51 am
look at the bull's-eye for t oday, as we go into tomorrow that will go across the east coast all the way up into the carolinas . in our area it is a slight risk of severe storms but again some of those storms could produce winds of over 50 miles per hour and the tornado risk will be on the lower side tomorrow. it is not nonzero it is something to keep a very close eye on. midmorning through the mid afternoon hours of your wednesday. behind the storms, winter returns with highs in the 60s for days in a row. we have a couple of crashes here on live traffic tracker that are causing some delays but right here on state route 46 at glade road you have one lane blocked there and that is causing some slowdowns in the area. along the beach line was found just before you would get to the 417 at that toll plaza you do have the cash and change lane blocked we are going to find out from troopers if they will need to close any other lanes in that toll plaza.
6:52 am
lasted for decades. what created this strange sound heard by an apollo crew landing on the moon. >>reporter:three men are on the run after police say they shot a man standing in the doorway of his pine hills apartment. coming up what crime the men may have been trying to commit before the gunshots. the florida primary is
6:53 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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6:55 am
new, one man is in the hospital and three on the run after opening fire at an apartment complex that's where kimberly is live. police say that victim opened the door right to his attackers. >> reporter: the victim said that he didn't know the shooter or the others but they knocked on the door of his apartment last night and he answered. that was just before midnight at pineview. police say that the victim opened the door to three men who told him to give it up. they fired one shot hitting the 22-year-old in the stomach. the victim is in the hospital listed as serious but stable. his attack es are still on the
6:56 am
black men, a very vague description that i'm asking police this morning if they have been able to add too after investigating this crime afternight. reporting live in orange county. eyewitness news this morning. also new, two were killed in a motorcycle crash. they crashed into the side of a truck in oak hill about 7:30 last night. their identities haven't been released. that crash is under investigation. there is a new proposal from state lawmakers to keep drivers convicted of dui from making the same mistake twice. it aims to have an ignition interlock device installed. i spoke to one local mom who is throwing her support behind a bill after her son was killed by a drunk driver just two weeks ago. >> he had a lot of [inaudible] his brain was bleeding.
6:57 am
decision in life to drive so irresponsible? >> reporter: the proposal could pass the house floor as early as next week. if you would like to see the full interview with the family of that victim from that drunk driving crash you can down load the free wftv app and click on yellow classes back to normal after saint cloud after fights brought it to a halt last week. we showed you these videos on thursday a post on social media disrupted class and caused a school wide lockdown. the campus was closed friday for rodeo day. tomorrow orange county officials will hold meetings to explain the new school grades. they are based off the fsa test. nine meets will be held to learn about the new system. we have a list of the meeting times posted on the website.
6:58 am
to pay for people's uber rides. the sun coast transit authority said it'll cover up to three dollars of the cost of uber rides taking people to and from public bus stops. they think it'll help riders get places that aren't on the bus routes which is a common complaint. mark your calendars, star wars land may bee a few years away but the force is ramping up a new star wars themed stage show will start april 4th outside the chinese theater and will feature the most extensive fireworks in hollywood studios history. 24 hours ago we first showed you these rendering of the new star wars land. no date has been announced for that opening. for a closer look at some of those attractions and that new star was experience go to the website. some new audio tapes the apollo10 mission reveal a strange sound from the dark side of the moon.
6:59 am
was called space music. creepy. >> outer space. >> that almost windy sound is caused by two radio frequencies interfering from one another. think the real mystery is why it took so long for it to get out which only hypes the conspiracy ideas. >> heard this on the news in 2016. we have the rain on the way. >> we do. two rounds of storms. today more garden variety but still you want the umbrellas. tomorrow the weather action day. severe storms are possible across central florida a 70% chance and then winter returns. grab the jackets. morning lows over the weekend.
7:00 am
colonial drive at kirkman flood a lane blocked there and then one blocked right at -- then along the beach line westbound just before you get to 417 you have a lane blocked off in the toll plaza for a crash. a 15-year-old accused of running over a deputy on purpose. why the teenager could be charged as an adult. >> your news continues on eyewitness news this morning on tv27. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick. severe weather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an


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