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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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smiled and winked at him before taking off. >> reporter: he said it happened as he was sitting near a stop sign at this intersection. he was injured at the time is not sure what it was about. now the eight-year-old is nursing injuries at home. we were on those fine avenue and titusville. they returned home less than 24 hours after the hit-and-run crash that put him in the hospital. the eight-year-old told us he tried to avoid the crash near alpine lane when he was struck by a man. the vehicle stops according to witnesses and moments later and drove on. when he left, his grandmother followed, calling in updates to police. she continue to follow the driver until he pulled into a parking lot where his van sat this afternoon. so far, police are not calling the owner of the van a suspect in this case. they do say charges are pending. >> i was angry but you never
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if other people -- with their lives and in their heads, i'm thankful he's okay. i'm sure it hurts. >> reporter: we do know that police got an opportunity to talk to the driver of that van and it appears he was adamant he did not strike the child but thought he may have hit something in the area. this is not the first time we have talked to today shaun hill. this is the first traumatic experiences have. i've been getting -- digging through archives for more on that but i can tell you this kid is a survivor. more on that on eyewitness news at 5. life and titusville, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. following breaking news this afternoon, 2p -- two more cases of zika reported in florida. one case of broward county and another miami-dade. the total number of cases in florida stands at 37. officials say only for people are experiencing symptoms and all patients became infected outside the country meaning
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local population yet. we told you this week three of the people affected with zika in florida were pregnant. now six other pregnant women nationwide are also infected with the virus that one of the biggest dangers of zika is a severe birth defects it can cause. of the nine confirmed cases in pregnant women, three babies have been born, one had a birth defect. two and in miscarriages, two in abortions and two continuing without publications. remember, find everything you need to know on our website had to and click on the news tab and then zika virus. you probably want to grab it jacket before venturing out since temperatures are going to drop into the 40s and even 30s and some spots. certified chief meteorologist tom terry in severe weather center 9 with who will feel the cool down. >> we will have the usual north western zones the coldest but the one show will make us feel chilly tonight and if you step out the door you may
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area. this is mainly smoke particles and we will see some rather breezy, smoky conditions tonight. the north north west wind at 9 miles an hour in deltona. temperatures in the low 60s and 57 in new smyrna. with the winds factoring in tonight, it's going to be colder. windsor park tonight, evening, friday evening, 42 degrees early in the morning, marion county, well into the 30s including 38 in ocala, 38 in such a but a windchill of 32 and if you will be out late, 2 am, for night owls, 39 the windchill and ocala, 41 in stamford. i will update the actual overnight temperatures and defrost could be a problem late tonight straight ahead. in the final debate before super tuesday, candidates are supposed to tackle key issues. >> the three leading republicans spent the night arguing and yelling at each other. christopher heath dead alive facebook chat during the debate
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is this an indication of what we can expect over the next three days? >> reporter: it's hard to see how it comes down after trumpeted rubio of being a joke artist and accused him of being a liar. the finding moment taking down marco rubio back in new hampshire jumped back into the freight. >> everything is bigger in texas. >> this guy is a choke artist and the skies alive. >> reporter: fighting for the nomination no different on the university of of the houston captain. -- campus. >> anytime anybody. >> reporter: o'donnell records record, donald yells liar. >> reporter: knowledge of taking shots from ted cruz and marco rubio. after the debate, downplaying the barrage of attacks. >> politicians wanted to get elected by doing badly. >> reporter: immigration dominated the night with candidates discussing walls and deportations. a new poll shows marco rubio trailing trump by 20 points in florida which votes in just two weeks.
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came out swinging at trump but was also forced to explain why he voted against helping puerto rico. as he was territory faces crippling debt. >> i think the leadership on the island has to show their willingness to get their house in order and put in place measures that allow the economy there to grogan. >> reporter: rubio, trump, crews dominating the night ohio governor. john kasich and doctor ben carson were given few opportunities with carson at one point lamenting that he wished somebody would attack them just so he could talk. as i mentioned, the other big development today was the endorsement by new jersey governor. chris christie. he is backing donald trump. you may remember chris christie campaigned for governor rick scott in 2014. scott has been suggested as a possible vice president pick for trump. gray, vanessa. two weeks appearing wrapping up in jacksonville regarding a cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. the us coast guard investigative panel her testimony before the two dozen witnesses to discuss the condition of the aging el faro ship.
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calling an emergency as the ship approached the hurt and. the second round of hearings with the national transportation safety board is planned for the summer. workers for the i 4 ultimate project are receiving training on safety procedures following the death of construction workers this week. sky witness 9 flew over the construction site earlier today, it was quiet. we told you construction on the multimillion dollar project stopped when a dump truck seeing her backed over a worker wednesday. we are still waiting to find out when construction will resume on the 21 mile project. women will have to wait 24 hours before having an abortion in florida. >> appeals court lifted a temporary hold on the waiting period. michael lopardi reviewed the court's decision. what convinced the judge is to do this today? >> reporter: project -- court was not satisfied with the reason for the delay. lawmakers approved a waiting period the last summer but aclu almost immediate as the judge to put a hold on it and the appeals court removed the hold.
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judge did not have enough evidence to put a hold on the waiting period. supporters of the controversial measure say gives woman time to reflect on the procedure. >> it is unique that in one appointment, woman will have a pregnancy test done, find out she's pregnant, and be able to terminate the pregnancy. >> reporter: opponents say the law creates an unnecessary burden on women by forcing them to go to the clinic twice. >> it is a law that will harm more than it will harm the rich but it will harm everybody. >> reporter: aclu taking the state to court in july and attained a temporary injunction which the appeals court listed today. in a statement from the aclu called the court's decision disappointing is that is evaluating its next steps. atty. gen. pam bondi says she is pleased the court agreed with the state and allow the law to take effect. attorney and wftv legal analyst bill schafer. >> the status of the law right now means a woman has to wait
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can get that abortion gets roughly half of the states require some sort of waiting period before an abortion. florida already required doctors to explain the risks of the procedure before taking part . the court's decision today surrounds the delay of the law but does not rule on the law itself. meaning the legal fight is far from over and we are looking at the next steps coming up of the story at 5:00. michael lopardi, channel 9 eyewitness news. the controversial pastor protection act has made it through both subcommittees and the house and senate. that means the proposal which will allow pastors to refuse marriage ceremonies without threat of legal action is ready to be heard by the full legislature. the house is scheduled to hear the bell tuesday, advocacy groups are pushing lawmakers to vote against it. >> this bill is a dangerous and divisive vehicle for even worse anti-lgbt determination and we hope while the bill is temporarily postponed, we are able to continue meeting with
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concerns about how this bill could move for that and -- in the wrong direction. >> there are two weeks left in the 2016 legislative session. a little more than one week away from the season opener for orlando city soccer. the team says it is getting close to filling though citrus bowl. yesterday we flew over the site of what will be the new orlando city soccer stadium. you can see some of the wall starting to take shape. money, but he will actually hold a ceremony to commemorate the start of the installation of the steel infrastructure. we will be there. right now it is the citrus bowl that orlando city hopes to be able to fill march 6. so far, more than 43,000 tickets have been sold. the team also had the big media day today. it will be before the home opener. christian bruey tweeted photos of kaka at the podium and team founder and president phil rawlins talking about ticket sales. nancy alvarez was also there talking with some players. remember, several of orlando city's awakens will be airing on our sister station central florida's tv 27.
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>> fitting it. orange county deputies with the same man is behind a dozen armed robbers. >> deputies that he was wearing a batman mask. coming up, what investigators are doing to stop this serial burglar for good. one veteran got caught in an endless loop of automated phone menus try to make an appointment with the ba. and it was so bad the video he made of it went viral. if you need assistance at any time during the call. >> what one lawmaker is now pushing to make sure this does not happen again. several titusville kindergartners were sent home because of lice >> you want your child to go to school and are not worry about getting kicked out because you got something in your hair. >> next, why something the bug is even harder to deal with now than when we were kids. season.
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this next story might make your head itch just a little bit when you talk about or think about it. when you send your children to school, one of the last things you want to get a phone call or note about is that they are being sent home because of lice. >> last summer we heard about a bug called super lice hitting schools across country including florida. the bug is seemingly immune to treatments and we learned it is now been found its way into some titusville elementary schools. angela jacobs as officials about the problem but they tell you they think they haven't on the control. >> reporter: they do. in just a few days, school officials contacted parents of kids who were found with live lice at the school and others in the county to try to keep it from coming back to which is
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dog can do. -- bob can do. head lice, schools are buckling down to handle the latest model. >> lice mutated specifically to those chemicals basically they have been used so much that it does not work anymore. >> jennifer berman with lice doctors, nation wide removal service that says the breed is so strong it is immune to over- the-counter remedies. we heard from parents on facebook this week, worried about cases of life at imperial states elementary and other routt county suspect officials show us this letter sent monday from the assistant superintendent to parents reiterating policy regarding kids with lice. via email, this will confirm the existence of recent cases at imperial which did not surprise them. it stressed whole family treatment. >> it's all or nothing. if you do it half way, they will come back. >> reporter: for paris, getting
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challenge but the necessity in school. brevard county elementary and secondary campuses have known that houses. parents, guardians must submit a form and have a child clear rechecked before coming back. i heard back from the cdc today that confirmed having lice is not a health hazard because the bugs do not carry a disease but they are of course a nuisance and coming up at 5:00 we will tell you why they are so hard and continue to get harder to knock them out. live in titusville, angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. word your child will come home from will with lice, we posted this infographics at on our facebook page, share it with other parents to help keep everyone's family lice free. >> to manatees back in their natural habitats. we were there to witness them being returned back to the wild.
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officials say the waters are warmer even with a qualified but they will put trackers on the manatees to make sure they do not wander into the freezing waters. >> it allows us to do medical assessments, check on animals and track where they will go. make sure they are going where they should be at this time. >> rescue teams say they are hoping it will be easier for the manatees to find while manatees to swim but since they will be looking for warmer waters. if you want to see more of them released into brevard county or return to brevard county, return to /slideshows. always cool to see them do that. i'm trying to warm things up. >> not getting too hot to fast. >> winds get you. >> very dry now. a good day for hairstyles. smoke in the distance from a 1600 acre plus or minus controlled burn yourself what
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apopka. 64 degrees downtown, winds dying down temporarily take a look at radar, smoke originating here and that is all smoke particles headed out for 41, 429. if you are there and see or smell smoke, that's where it's coming from. dry air makes for high fire danger is across the area. that's why we have controlled burns. we learned from the wildfires in 1998 which were all over the place. we had an entire county evacuation in flagler county. it was a crazy year. right now low humidity and the breeze is up a bit tonight. temperatures pleasant. 10-12 degrees below seasonal average for example, first- rate, french avenue, nice temperatures falling into the lower 40s. a pleasant evening on the brisk side up around the estates in
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a good time for a trip there. winter garden, lower 40s by 6:00 in the morning. elsewhere winter springs 30, altamonte springs 43. and in the sweetwater club area, longwood over -- lower 40s and getting to 30s from clermont to the villages, ocala, 34, 38 deland, again the breeze will factor in and this is what the windchill, cold, was a sinner, 3738 was aired mid-30s leesburg, upper 20s briefly if you get a wind gust in ocala. almost march and we are starting to run out of these cold, by our standards, winter mornings. you have cool, dry air filtering through it's not just dry air we have a trough of low pressure swimming -- sweeping by the base of the trough and you can see this dry air moving east to west and that is a secondary search of cool, dry air and it will continue to keep us cool and to stop the upcoming weekend, but good luck getting rainfall.
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anywhere near the state this weekend. wall-to-wall sunshine from outdoor, temperatures in the mid-60s for you tomorrow. 59 degrees at 6:00, rip currents. a long time without rip current inches -- issues. cool, nice beach we can in a while. 67 for orlando, for tomorrow, 67 leesburg, how about 62 and palm coast. we have another storm system where we talk more about coming up in the next half hour and it will prompt us to bring more rain to the middle part of next week. a prolonged period of dry weather taking us through early next week as well. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. 67 for tomorrow, back into the mid-70s on sunday. how about 80 again. just like that on tuesday. great weekend, lots of events port canaveral music fest now to sunday and a lot. chance of rain and maybe frost
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a major airline refused a ticket refund request after a woman's sudden-death. >> i was frustrated. it was suggested for me to go to -- >> action 9 shows you when the challenge denials from airlines. another mass shooting of the us, this time in kansas. what investigators think set off the suspect and the crimes he was once accused of here in florida. although at five, along a busy
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the nation is reeling from another moment mass shooting. this time in kansas where a man opened fire on innocent drivers and coworkers at a plant. >> martie salt has been following the story. records show cedric ford was no stranger to law enforcement in south florida. >> over the last decade, cedric for it was arrested for burglary, grand theft, and fleeing from an officer in different parts of south water. this time it appears industry protection order may have been what set him off -- mystery protection order. >> investigators getting closer to what understand yet
4:25 pm
this time, in kansas. >> the gun was strapped to him and he was ready to go next the gunmen identified as 38-year- old said larry ford was served with a protection order at work less than two hours before his rampage yesterday. officials say he opened fire from his car on other drivers, wounding two in separate locations. then he drove to his workplace, excel industries and has been, kansas, armed with an assault rifle and handgun. >> shooter then takes that victim's car, travels on up here to where excel is. >> investigators say he shot one person in the parking lot of the industrial plant before going inside. >> everyone is trying to get out of the shooting. >> rico -- three people killed, 14 of his interest before a deputy took 4.>> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> nearly 150 employees escaped the building, surrounded by ambulances and s.w.a.t.
4:26 pm
friends anxiously waiting outside. >> oh, my god. >> i finally got to see him. i was just -- i did not want to let him go. >> forge coworkers say he was a mellow guy and easy to talk to but others say he was a hard guy to get to know. >> i am -- really quite a did not say much. >> reporter: investigators say the protection order came from somebody who did not work with ford that they did not elaborate further. of the 10 injured, only one is in critical condition. everyone else is expected to recover. vanessa? the video went viral showing how infant that was have to navigate to an automated system to see a doctor -- doctor jack's the plan one lawmaker had to chase the way appointment to make it was the oscars are going to unfold live on channel 9 sunday night. controversy surrounding the nominations. coming up, house on a nice host chris rock is responded to claims that hollywood is not diverse in a. investigators say this man
4:27 pm
identity during some of the eight armed robbers is accused
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investigators say he looks like batman but he's held up a different stores and businesses, robbed employees, and he's still on the run in orange county. new at 4, we asked investigators have a plan to stop this mystery man in a mask . >> investigators say the suspect robbed dollar stores, food stores, and possibly even a paint shop across the county. >> for julie no one has been robber of course could strike kathi belich spoke with the investigators today. he stopped using the batman mask is on the video after only a few of these robberies. >> reporter: that's right, orange county sheriff's investigators believe he backed off of that after getting a lot of publicity about that mask. they say they caught a break
4:31 pm
here at the family dollar on is colonial near forsyth road. they say the government did not cover his face at all here and the clerk was able to help an artist, with the sketch. this video from one of the first holdups shows the gunmen wearing a batman mask. days later he was not wearing it but this video shows the terror the owner of the food mart on south bumpy face. you can see the gunmen holding the gun and moneybags in the same hand as he stuffs cash with the other and. investigators said that gun could have gone off accidentally and she could have been killed. she is a regular customer. >> i come this way a lot to put gas in my truck or car and i ran up the street. it's a big concern. >> investigators want you to look at the sketch. if you recognize him they want to hear from you. they want to catch him before the ninth attack. >> these victims are looking down the barrel of a gun.
4:32 pm
gun. we believe it to be a real gun. >> reporter: investigators say he is hispanic, left-handed, wears a glove on his right hand. all the stores were hit 27-10 at night. investigators say heat demand store cash but has also robbed some of the employees of their belongings. >> he's brave and stopped wearing a mask. >> reporter: investigators say that batman mask may help crack the case even though he is not wearing it anymore. we are digging into those details and report back to you at 5:00 on what we have found out. live in is orange county, capitals, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we left messages with investigators to find out if they are looking for anyone else in a major drug trafficking ring in central florida investigators say 12 people were part of a massive organization that brought in roughly $100,000 drought orange county per week. the group will make appointments on a so-called
4:33 pm
they would meet and parking lot, i drive area to sell the heroin. a video showing a veteran stuck on an endless automated phone look for almost 5 minutes just to see a doctor has now gone viral. >> by the time he was able to get to someone who could help them cover the phone call was kicked back to the loop. george colley found out what one lawmaker is doing to make sure veterans never have to wait to schedule doctors appointments. >> reporter: army veteran now works for congressman says moulton after two day to try to set up an appointment to see a ba doctor, he told his boss about the expense and the decided to record the next attempt. >> if you need assistance. >> reporter: is not just frustrating to watch what you're trying to get healthcare. >> reporter: he ends up in an automated cycle. >> will come to the vet for ba. >> reporter: moulton says this experience not unusual. >> it's not an extraordinary video about amid a situation. this is a real challenge that veterans face everything with a. >> reporter: he says it has nothing to do with the va center but the weather system
4:34 pm
pushing a bill to fix it. >> the bill will allow veterans to set up doctors appointments straight from their mobile app and getting bipartisan support in congress and from veterans groups that's a perfectly in line with iata's top priorities which is a form of the department of veterans affairs and make sure the department works effectively. >> reporter: washington congresswoman says this is a common sense fixed. >> a solution available and doctors offices and should be available through the va. the call ends where it started with no appointment for mike masco. washington, george colley, channel 9 eyewitness news. after the video and viral, the veteran finally got his appointment setter. residence of flint, michigan are receiving some help from the government to help them pay for their water bills. flint residents were exposed to dangerously high levels of lead after the city switch to river water to save money. governor. rick snyder authorized spending $30 million to pay for water bills claiming visited should not have to pay for water that they cannot even drink.
4:35 pm
the water portion of their bills. this afternoon, we are still working to find out the name of the victim killed on a moped in orange county. troopers say just before 10:00 this morning, 29-year-old slammed his jeep into a woman onto a moped along universal boulevard near the shingle creek resort. he was visiting from deerfield beach. troopers have not said if he is facing charges. officials are working with the help apartment to make sure a bad stomach but does not spread from the assistant living facility to the outside to me. we told you about the norovirus type of stomach bug yesterday. so far, 20 residents and a dozen employees have gotten sick at heart chase assisted living facility and sumter county. us officials aren't stopping at ocala man from sending and unapproved your for herpes. officials say james hill was selling a product called for broke so he marketed as a natural herpes medicine that can stop herpes outbreaks.
4:36 pm
approved by the fda. he will have to ask the fda permission anytime he wants to sell any product. this afternoon bill cosby is dropped a lawsuit against one of his accusers. his lawyers say he cannot fully participate in court proceedings against model beverly johnson because of the criminal case against him in pennsylvania. cosby had originally filed a lawsuit against johnson claiming the woman lied by saying the comedian dropped her. in the past several months, as many as 50 women have come forward with allegations of drugs and assault. against the comedian. volusia county's first ever indoor shooting range combined with a restaurant and bar officially opened its doors. yesterday, the owner of pollution top gun in daytona beach says custom -- customer ids will be scanned at the bar and at the gun range. the owner said if you order even one drink, you cannot enter the gun range until the next day. staff will also be using a surveillance system. the final countdown to the oscars is underway in spite of threats from directors and celebrities who plan to boycott
4:37 pm
the lack of diversity. while the debate goes on, everyone behind the scenes is working hard to get ready for the historic hollywood award show that start at 8:00 sunday right here on channel 9. the red carpet is out and final preparations underway for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards. >> i feel lucky. >> eight films are nominated for best picture. the revenant leads the pack with 12 oscar nominations, including d -- leonardo dicaprio with us this acting nomination. >> i'm a fan of film. >> is that the gov.'s ball, celebrity chef wolfgang puck's team is preparing more than 50 digits for 1600 guests including a new doughnut recipe. >> a little bit of raspberry liquor on her and then we flame them. >> final rehearsals underway for two-time most chris rock. >> i think it's going to do a great job. is done before. it's anybody's guess what he will say. i imagine he would discuss the diversity controversy.
4:38 pm
backlash because for a second year in a row, all 20 of the acting nominees are white. the spotlight this year shining bright on who will be and will not be walking the oscar red carpet. actors will smith and his wife david pinkett smith had openly boycotted the oscars but and directors michael moore and spike lee are following their lead. some actors are shifting the blame from the oscars to hollywood and the industry itself. the president of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences who was an african- american woman says she was, quote, both heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion that she also says since the oscars have received so much backlash, new changes have been made including altering who gets to vote on the wards. we will have live coverage of the oscars sunday night on join me and also jorge estevez and ashley from our radio partner canine to fm. we will be live on our facebook page. it starts sunday night at 8:00 followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. it looks like it will be fun. state atty. gen.
4:39 pm
against a florida business selling high school and college alumni directories over the phone. pam bondi's office received more than 800 complaints about alumni research inc. in pinellas county. the state investigation found the company either failed to send the directories at all or delivery was greatly delayed. some 26,000 customers were affected by this. the company can no longer sell directories or engage in telemarketing of any kind. evenflo is recalling thousands of child sees because children may be able to loosen the harnesses themselves when buckled in. the recall covers transitions three and one combination booster seats made from december 2014-january this year. it is on your screen. the company says the front adjuster button loosened the harness may be within a child which to unlock or it evenflo will send owners a repair kit so it is important to contact them. ocala firefighters are investigating what caused a
4:40 pm
damaged five vehicles. fire crews responded to the local auto body shop along 21st st. around 1:30 a.m. once there they say they found a car and you can see this picture engulfed in flames, 4 others the damage. the fight also damaged part of the business and no other injuries were reported. we have all seen shows like candid camera and what would you do on television. where unsuspecting people are caught on camera. consumer advocate clark howard shows you what to do if you happen to get recorded on camera for a show or a podcast. good information. >> interesting. another surge of cool, dry air is here. drop into the 30s. after her husband died in orange county woman claims a company took her money for a headstone it never delivered. todd aldrich from channel 9. >> she signed a contract and paid for a headstone -- headstone and september.
4:41 pm
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stocks are mixed on wall street today after the release of some fourth-quarter earnings. the dow fell 57 points, nasdaq up about eight and s&p 500 fell a little more than 3.5. local women who ran into consumer nightmares after their husbands diecast orange county woman could not get the cemetery headstones she paid for and kissimmee widow claimed a major airline refused to refund for tickets she could never used it they both turned to action 9's todd aldrich for the results. >> first airline tickets, we all the refund policy for the carriers are far more restrictive now than ever. but for certain tragic event you can still make a case for common sense. >> reporter: this kissimmee woman and her husband have first-class tickets to trinidad, pay for on american airlines. but then her husband died after a sudden illness she thought
4:45 pm
since it's a trip they could not take. but it would never give her an answer. >> i was very, very frustrated than it was suggested for me to go to channel 9. >> reporter: one week after we contacted american airlines it told us the customer would fear -- receive a full refund nearly $1600. >> i am happy and relieved to know that there is someone out there that can help. >> reporter: several months after her husband died, debra hamilton wanted a headstone for his cemetery plot she chose superior design monument in orlando. she picked up the stone and paid in full $1000 last september. >> where is the headstone for your husband's grave? >> i do not have it. and i have not heard from the company gets according to deborah, she started calling in november and even went to the company's office, but never got a return call.
4:46 pm
>> todd aldrich from channel 9 you to sign the contract and pay for a headstone back in september and she cannot get any calls back about delivery. >> reporter: the manager tracked down her paperwork. he blamed delays on equipment and phone failures. then he told me the headstone would be delivered to greenwood cemetery in one week. an answer deborah could not get on her own. >> and here we are and of february almost march and still not done. >> reporter: for funeral services paid in advance, you can also complain to florida to visit a funeral cemetery and consumer services. and american airlines said it intended to refund the tickets before we contact did the airline. right >> we reminded them thank you. we would get final numbers tomorrow from florida second burmese python hunt. look away, but a separate the numbers will be released at an awards in davie. prizes were removing the most and the largest pythons will be given out. the hunt ended earlier this month and the goal was to remove pythons from the
4:47 pm
wildlife and officials counted 102 captured pythons. that is about 40 more than the first time -- hunt last year. vanessa turned them down for the ansi as the award show. spacex does not know when they will try to launch the falcon 9 rocketed they are trying to find another day to send the satellite in orbit after the mission was scrubbed twice. concerns over the liquid temperatures stop it from blasting off into space with it and yesterday. a national release a new image from the dwarf planet pluto. the new horizons spacecraft photographed it is a different from earth because it has a series of frozen can use. the biggest canyon is about 45 miles wide. you know the old modems that with dial-up? essentially that have old modem on that spacecraft. it is still standing -- sending that stuff back.
4:48 pm
let me show you the beach. >> about as calm as they had been. heading into a busy beach weekend, a little bit cool. we have not been able to see the lineup or the water conditions with warm temperatures but either way, no complaints from folks up north where it is mighty chilly and snowing right now. we have the sunshine, temperatures 62, a bit of a breeze blowing on the beach is up at, officially at the airport. international airport and daytona by the track. watching controlled burn around zellwood. you can see the smoke if you step outside tonight and as the winds will ask tonight and come -- temperatures cool down, the smoke particles will go down toward the earth server so it will smell smoky. humidity levels very low right now. temperatures comfortable in the low to mid 60s and again, just show you how dry the air is. when we get a dew point anytime
4:49 pm
getting down into the mid-20s, this is a measurement of how much moisture is in the air the lower the number, the dry, dryer the air, it will make it feel cool tonight and temperatures spoke with lee out of the dry air region. miles an hour. so windchills will be dropping steadily hour by hour into the mid-30s, the forecast model stops around 35 and when you do the actual calculations, it may actually be closer to 30 on the windchill and ocala, briefly in the morning. we got colder mornings but we are getting closer and closer to spring so unless gas of winter. 42 the low in orlando, coldest of the wicked 39,, 34 ocala, 37 the villages of a 38 to the north. will we get frost works i do not think so because the air is very dry make -- may get patchy prospect dry air blown through getting secondary school search
4:50 pm
for today. over in eustis tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the middle 60s may have a few high clouds drifting on by but overall, very nice day tomorrow. 67 orlando, leesburg, 66 in the land, 62 palm coast and talking about the patchy frost tonight, may get conditions here north of ocala, maybe around leesburg but generally we take moisture directly out of the air and converted over into frost. it is called sublimation goes from water to frost. no liquid in between. there's not a lot of moisture in the air you will not get a lot of frost. we will continue to monitor from good condition strike. future track showing high pressure area in our backyard meaning all of the rain is somewhere else. use your five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. temperatures stay in the upper 60s for tomorrow and mid-70s on sunday and another gorgeous weekend and still coming up at 5:00, more on our next one system around the corner and the weather for many of us we have going on this weekend. greg? ucf is facing a second
4:51 pm
by a former student blames the university for letting someone train his bank account. plus today is a milestone in the construction of an oasis for traveling soldiers. oia. we're showing you the latest plans for the airport's new uso center. these days, there can be a
4:52 pm
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production companies are often out and about in public sometimes surprising and unsuspecting special guest for the television or podcast. a lot of times it was used to sign a release form. deceptive consumer advisor clark howard has a warning for you before you sign anything. >> there is no shortage of online video showing people getting duped during a recent visit to best buy, bill hines became one of those people. >> i went to the counter and
4:55 pm
bit of headgear on and told me that best buy was selling the headgear and then he got me to try and use my brain waves to change the channel on the tv like he did. >> that's when the employee revealed his true identity. >> he said i have a television show and i'm a magician and you are on the tv. >> they were secretly filming him the entire time and need his permission to use the video so they asked him to sign a release. bill the client. attorney gerry weber says bill did the right thing. as soon as you sign that release, they can use the video however they like. >> they say let me look at it let me talk to somebody and i will get back to you because realistically, they do not need it signed then and you should not sign it immediately. >> where he says it is important to understand when you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and when you do not. in bill's case, he did not. >> best buy and the production
4:56 pm
and here's the thing, what are you doing with the scammer her? that is the question you want to ask. when a camera shows up in your face and they put a release in front of you, the release is key. if the release is really brought and they can use the video anyway they want, well, you might find yourself someday in a video or a commercial that you don't want to be associated with. so only sign that release if you are comfortable with how it is going to be used. i'm clark howard. >> and maybe get paid for it as well. for a boy and titusville, recent hit and run is not first time he survived the scary situation. >> we will show you his other remarkable story. we told you at four about new developing stories forcing women to wait 24 hours before getting an abortion of florida. breaking down the next steps in
4:57 pm
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>> this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00. coverage you can count on. >> it's a ruling that impacts millions of women across florida. the state appeals court ordered a woman has to wait 24 hours before she can get an abortion. >> at 4:00, we told you the court overturned that temporary injunction that banned the waiting period. >> the rule went into effect immediately today. new this hour we found out how the legal challenges are far from over in this case. michael, this new ruling does not address the law. >> right. the court decided there wasn't reason to delay that further-- further. opponents say the fight is just beginning. the group calls the measure an unnecessary burden on women,
5:00 pm
>> the ability to come back the next day depends a lot on where you live and what your resources are, whether you're the boss or whether you have a boss. >> reporter: lawmakers passed the 24-hour waiting period last year but the aclu asked for a temporary injunction immediately to block it. the appeals court lifted the injunction but didn't rule on the law itself. >> you can bet that opponents are going back into court and redrafting an attack as to the constitution alternate of the statute. >> reporter: numbers from the state show 24,000 abortions were performed in 2014. >> the reality is that in most medical procedures a patient gets to hear details about the procedure and any risks involved before actually going through the procedure. >> reporter: today the attorney general says she is pleased the


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