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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am on live look over downtown orlando. a cool start this morning and a decent day coming your way. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads. >> we do not strive for decent. we strive for fantastic. >> is going to be nice. >> above average. >> don't set the bar too high to a look outside, 81 for today. warm and 70s and 80s on the way. a weak front moving in. that means more clouds and a strength -- a chance for sprinkles.
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and milder this morning. 50s and 60s around, 58 degrees downtown orlando, 62 kissimmee, 64 and clermont. not bad go with your shorts and short sleeves even with the extra clouds. we are dry now and showers and sprinkles to north florida. we could see sprinkles popping up late morning early afternoon. deltona, going over temperatures our by our, 77 degrees at noon, 78 at 2:00. comfortably mild this afternoon and this evening we was he clouds clearing out quickly as the front sweeps away by 6:00. temperatures 73. it will get colder for tonight tracking temperature changes ahead. 5:31 am. looking i believe that i 4, 408. here is deneige. >> we typically see spot of construction but they have cleared out the cones. one construction vehicle eastbound to the shoulder. it has not caused issues. they are out there a different point of i 4. a spot of
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the turnpike southbound before osceola parkway. the left-hand lane is called for road work that they should pick them up within 30 minutes to juvenile dead from a gunshot wound and police are investigating how it happened. >> a lot of questions. overnight they were gathering evidence along highland avenue sanford near seminole high school. that is where janai norman is live. we do not know much about the victim. >> reporter: we spoke with police in the last five hours as investigators were still here on highline avenue. they would not say whether it was a male or female or the phone conversation, we confirmed police got a call around 8:25 from central florida regional hospital better juvenile was brought in with a gunshot wound. we will ask what brought them out to the area and how they learned it could be connected our captures -- cameras captured crime scene tape and
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juvenile has since died. police say they plan to release information later this morning. i will keep an eye out for that and its neighbors start waking up we will work to talk with them to find out if they know more about what happened last night. live in seminole county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning p only eyewitness news is hearing from the girlfriend of a man killed by palm bay police during a standoff. it happened yesterday at her home on mariposa driver where they live together. the 39-year-old man threatened to kill construction workers and pointed a gun at officers but they also say he had ammunition in his pocket and discovered tells us he suffered from mental illness after being wounded in the military. >> people did not want to do their jobs the right way. they give me a chance to talk and save his life. >> corporal. jason mccoy fired the fatal shot and the man's name has
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we checked with a brevard county jail overnight and the man accused of hitting an eight- year-old boy in speeding up is still in jail. to shaun hill was riding his bike along alpine lane and titusville one-hit last week. investigators arrested 73-year- old thomas gladwell. plus -- he had conflicting accounts of what happened and even try to cling had no memory. he is being held on a $15,000 bond. orange county leaders are try to get the homeless off the streets where the commission meeting where to send jacob asked commissioners to find homeless families a place to live. they are looking for permanent solutions like a low income housing. instead of a shelter. they -- we spoke to a mother of four who is being kicked out of the third shelter. >> walk around, look for jobs, go to the library and take the kids to the park. there is nothing you can do. >> statistics discussed show 77 percent of all orange county families could be one emergency away from being homeless
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their income goes to rent. winter garden mom helped police catch a man who he says -- he says exposed himself outside of her family's home three times. she said she saw the suspect back in december pit she helped investigators get a sketch of him. she caught him in january and again and on sunday she says he was there a third time and this time she stayed on the phone with 911 until police arrived and caught him. >> this is a family place and i children around or abusing someone else. >> garwood finished serving five years probation in in deltona. his family says he's innocent people's we will be in touch with deputies to know -- if they know why a man who killed two people outside the mall. he appeared before a judge yesterday that he shot and killed 20-year-old andrew
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he's charged with two counts of third-degree murder and being held on a $25,000 bond p staying on top of the daily updates on the state health department about the spread of zika. two more cases were reported in miami-dade county yesterday bringing the state's total to 44. 4 are pregnant women and officials have not disclosed where in florida the women live. they do say patients infected became sick while out the state. the zika virus is not in the local mosquito population. >> we have uke covered when it comes to the zika virus. to find what you need to know had to and click on the news tab and click on zika virus. the surgeon general of florida who recently went to washington to talk about zika may be out of a job. despite support from governor. rick scott committee voted again yesterday to postpone a vote to keep john armstrong as surgeon general. lawmakers are questioning his performance including how he has handled the spread of hiv in the state to
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state supreme court to review a ruling allowing a 24-year-old -- 24 hour waiting to go for abortions. waiting can now go into effect because of the lifted junction. governor. scott signed this into law last year. the aclu filed a lawsuit claiming it violates privacy laws in the state constitution. push a homebuilder in georgia says they are taking the responsibility for so-called effective home across western -- westar county. action 9 first to show you water damage, mold and what homeowners called improperly installed floor beams. 88 of the 140,000 homeowners have complained. they claim the homes used improper construction methods and want the county to make it harder for homebuilders to get away with some states the a grand jury in volusia county is indicted a man in a finished shooting last month
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postell shot and killed johnson who was a student at bethune- cookman university and injured two others at the indigo lakes called house but they say he had been involved in a fight before the shooting. if you live near daytona beach international airport, you may see a lot of emergency crews and smoke in the area but do not worry, several law enforcement agencies and emergency response units will be out for an exercise. the airport will be open as usual but local roads will be impacted by this. traffic back to normal by about 3:00 peer the race to the white house is on for candidates who took home predictable wins the super tuesday. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are setting the stage for a showdown come november's general election. eyewitness news is morning kimberly eiten breaking down by the race may have gotten chopper4 trump and the republican party. jamie, trump is commending the leaderboard for his party. winning big on super tuesday all -- or as political calls it, the day the republican
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he is not a party favorite. nevertheless, donald trump's takeover of the gop was only supercharged by seven victories on super tuesday. not a sweep but big enough win for the presidential candidate to pull ahead of the republican opponents. he sets his sights across party lines. >> i am unifier. once we get all of this finish i will go after one person and that is hillary clinton. >> reporter: as the steam rolls through the south and northeast the billionaire could be steering uphill. polls show in a matchup against rival clinton, trump will lose but the republicans marco rubio or ted cruz could have a chance at the white house. if they face off against democrats front runner. rubio won minnesota yesterday and cruz claimed texas. alaska and oklahoma. asking voters to now think of this as a two memories. >> so long as the field remains divided, his path to the nomination remains more
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for republicans. >> reporter: saturday, that path will bring him to orlando. eyewitness news will be there as trump campaigns on the ucf campus. and as the republican party decides whether or not to throw its weight behind a man who may represent the party and the november general election. trump and clinton are primary. why experts say clinton cannot be stopped even falling short of predictions at the top of the hour peer complete coverage on air and online and for the full results from super tuesday head to our website and click on the super tuesday button on our home page go --. weak front moving in. with it extra cloud cover.
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not a lot of green it fades away. today on track for a chance for sprinkle's in the forecast. extra clouds will be around . temperatures are nice, 70s to near 80 in volusia county and 80 degrees deltona, 77 toward new smyrna beach with late morning, early afternoon sprinkles. into lake county, 80 today clermont and groveland. mild and temperatures in the 80s and seminole county the 82 winter springs. tonight, turning chilly with 40s and 50s for coming up, tracking front number two for friday and how it will bring changes this weekend. 5:41 am here's deneige. >> and early crash cleared out so we have spot of construction starting on the turnpike southbound just before osceola parkway. you have one lane blocked and in volusia county, i-95 starting i-95 northbound at state road 44 what you have one blocked and not too far north, southbound, 95, pioneer trail
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family supporters lost serious steam in florida coming up y slot machines and other games will not be legalized in the state anytime soon. a man in jail accused of 20 burglaries.
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investigating how juvenile want him dead from a gunshot wound. they gathered evidence from a home on highland avenue just blocks from seminole high school. janai norman is live this morning. you have been calling police to find out what led them to this area. >> reporter: the neighborhood was full of investigators and yellow tape after police got a call a juvenile showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound. so far police have not told us which house they were gathering evidence in here or why they believe it is connected and we spoke with a media contact overnight she would not confirm whether the juvenile is male or female. she did tells us the juvenile has since died. they will release more information later this morning and in the meantime we are try to talk with neighbors we seek to find out more. in seminole county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. thousands of new homes may be built near lake nona on land. it was once used to test sponsored the plot of land off lee road sits behind odyssey
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of it. we have done stories of old bombs been recovered there within the last decade. the district refuses to build there. 4000 new homes are set to go off on the land and some residents said they are worried for safety. >> i knew there was a bomb range here somewhere but i never thought my elected officials would allow for a development on a former bomb range. >> officials say they have the most qualified team in the country to ensure that the site is clear. the county approved the project saying orlando's population is expected to jump by 24 percent over the next 15 years. osceola county detectives say they have caught the man they believe is responsible for at least 20 burglaries at vacation rental homes. the suspect luis has been seen on video wandering house to house looking for homes or families -- where they are gone for that. they tell him for one with before they caught him in the
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they found more than $50,000 in stolen merchandise insight his home peer two controversial plays a marion county are still said to go on despite residents protest. the vagina monologues and vintage style burlesque show scheduled to be held in two venues. some residents say the placer to escape to be held in place is held by taxpayers. they heard complaints but decided to not take any action. we know now when the next hearing over pay raises for sumter county teachers will be pick the seminole county teachers union will meet with the judge and school district on march 31. the last offer the district tape teachers before reaching an impasse was a 2.5 -- 2 1/4 percent range. after a judgment of recommendation, the school board could make a different decision. supermarket giant publics is sub -- sponsoring a new police force -- police horse. >> mr. george iii is the third
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the previous ones were mr. george and mr. george ii. we were there at the downtown orlando publix grocery store for the naming ceremony. >> we feel like they do a lot for us so we want to help them. >> mr. george iii is picking up where mr. george ii left off before mr. george mr. george ii dive. mr. george iii is carrying on the legacy. >> will work from apples -- four apples. >> free apples from publix grocery store. a front is moving and we will be chilly are but still a warm day on the way. despite it's not huge. 2 fronts, many fronts moving in as we go through the end of the week. look and downtown orlando, 58 winds at lasalle southwest at six. there are the numbers running in the 50s and 60s 660 daytona beach and daytona beach shores, 61 deland, 64 in clermont,
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winds out of the south west and that is the reason we are milder southwesterly, westerly windy keeping us on the warm side even with extra cloud cover. you can see it here clouds moving in. there is a weak front to the north not a lot of rain with it. there was a severe weather toward atlanta but you see all of that weakening. for us it feels more cloud cover and a chance for sprinkles for today. 72 at 10:00, windsor park a couple sprinkles not that this afternoon with temperatures near 80. future track, 9 am, watching the front dropping in and you see the clouds and green. this is by 1:00 and through 3:00, format, clouds are around out for tonight chillier weather for tonight. beaches with with your day. moderate chop intercoastal 60s water temperatures, air temperatures in the 70s. a couple 87. 81, weak front with sprinkles with over numbers in the 70s
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low 80s southern sections winds 10-20 miles an hour. 40s and 50s tonight on the way. when i see you in the morning, it will be chillier and a beautiful thursday forecast on track. mostly sunny skies tomorrow and highs around 82 orlando, 81 sharpes and beer and 76 a palm coast for our thursday. the rest of your five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view, as we hit friday we do it again. that is one front 2 rolls in. and temperatures around 80 and not a big drop-off he had it. that is going to set the stage for a nice weekend. saturday, mostly sunny skies and highs around 78 and 80 on sunday. 5:50 am. traffic tracker with deneige. >> we had a crush the last 10 minutes pop-up updating this year lancaster mill, orange trail. northbound slowing down.
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alternate i will let you know. pulling up another camera here i 4, orange blossom trail looking good on i 4 and want to get farther north at obt, i will let you know in the next 10 minutes if you need alternate spear a controversial charter school could be coming to orange county becoming of the complaint that has been some holds peer leesburg improvements.
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a new interim director at the harbor house is morning after the former director was ousted from the organization. last month we told you longtime ceo carol wick was fired from harbor house. alan siller will fill the role of director while harbor house looks for a permanent replacement. she's been the ceo of the state certified domestic violence center and the ball a baker county but she will return once harbor house find a new ceo peer a bill regulating the controversial mining system known as fracking has been withdrawal in a senate committee. the practice of drilling and impacting water, sander chemicals into the round rock to increase glass production. it faces strong operation -- opposition claimed fracking will lead to contamination the following yesterday's withdrawal, the bill is most likely dead. two proposal that would admit major change for florida's gambling industry are also likely dead in the water
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one of those proposals will allow slot machines across much of the state and the other would have solidified a deal with the seminole tribe of florida to add we led to the casinos. the second in a decided not to take up the bill yesterday because republican senate leaders in washington are now saying they will block any supreme court nominee endorsed by president obama. the present expected to announce a choice any day now. the spot of the nation's highest court with me bacon last month with the death of justice antonin scalia. gop leaders say the nomination should come from the candidate who winkles the presidency in november peer the last will of some -- osama bin laden released in the former leader of the taliban claims to open a wealthy man. leaving $29 million which he wanted spent on jihadist after his death. his will was among the many documents seized in 2011 seal team six great on his compound in pakistan that led to his death. the wealth came from his father who ran a construction company
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the whereabouts of the money are unknown. florida will attempt to move 81,000 more homeowners off its property insurance and into the private market. it's a process called takeouts allowing three private companies to consider taking over a certain number of citizens insurance policies. the policyholders can accept or deny the private insurers offer -- offer over the last three years, though, the number of policies held by citizens has been reduced by 1 million peer federal investigators are finally making public the results of a series of investigation and the wrongdoing of va hospitals and clinics across the country. the investigations were done in 2014 but are now being released. look at florida va centers found employees manipulating data, showing how long veterans were actually waiting for appointment the daytona beach. more results are expected to be released in the coming months. one of daytona beach's most popular amusement parks is about to get a $2 million upgrade. daytona lagoon has a water park, putt putt golf, and arcade. tomorrow the park's parent
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plans to revitalize the property to leaders. the city of leesburg is set to get $6 million for new improvement projects around the city and that money comes from gas fund reserves. it will fund projects like a new swimming pool, community building, and unification products -- purification projects the you may be saving some money the next time you send a letter because the life -- price of the state going down. >> the price of a first-class stamp will drop from $.49 -- price of the state going down. >> the price of a first-class stamp will drop from $.49-$.47. in 2014, the post office temporarily reached the price to bring in $4.6 billion for the last time the cost of a stamp went down, 1919. that was a good year. ucf is still fighting for funding to build the campus in downtown orlando. >> the big donation that just came in and critical approval
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right now on eyewitness news this morning police in sanford are trying to find out what happened but -- when a juvenile showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound and later died. we are asking about the evidence uncovered at the scene overnight. >> i will go after one person, hillary clinton.
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the final results came in overnight on the super tuesday primary when the votes -- what the both mean for candidates moving forward 6 am, wednesday, 6 am, wednesday, march 2. >>where the weekend is always in view. -- we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. why do i introduce you? >> let's get started with shields . >> it's formal. morning. a look at temperatures and cocoa beach, 50 degrees orlando, 64 clermont, comfortable this morning. 60 degrees as we get toward daytona beach shores ormond beach, 64 in palm coast. spots over 20 degrees warmer marion county, in the 30s at this hour. 22 degrees warmer and it will be a warm day. you see cloud cover working on. there is a front to the north of us but not a lot with it as it drops in a slight chance of


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