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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they had a $92 million contract with the county. the last 30 minutes, we watched as they made their way through this street and emptied nearly all the cans. they missed this one because of that car in its way. but then a neighbor went and complained to the hauler and they empty the this bin as well. >> i'll be the first to call if they don't. >> reporter: charles garcia called solid waste a number of times since january 1st because they missed his northbound. the recycling is not too bad. but >> reporter: orange county documented thousands of work orders for the five zones and three haulers handling them. most work orders are problems with service. of all the companies paid millions to pick up your trash, newcomer fcc has had the most issues. their two
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calls, nearly half of all the calls recorded for all 3 haulers. >> it looks like they have the biggest problem. >> i haven't looked to see that's that's true. >> reporter: other haulers protested the contracting, saying the company underbid for the job. >> it makes you wonder how these contracts are given out. >> reporter: a representative for fcc says they have the most customers and the most improvements since service started. >> i guess if they had the most calls, work order, you would assume they provided the worst service but maybe they just needed some help in getting started and their customers might have needed that help as well. >> reporter: haulers will now be fined for missing pickups, throwing waste back into people's yards, and other problems. >> reporter: i did try to go right to the top and talk to the mayor about these trash troubles. she did not have time in her schedule today. i also reached out to fcc who could not
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they were the first to use automated trucks and that contributed to the complaints. a sanford man's mental health could play a role on his child neglect case. investigators say the gun this girl shot herself with belonged to eric williams in. 2006 he was arrested for possession of a weapon by a felon. but a judge dismissed the case because a doctor said williams was not competent to stand trial because he is mentally disabled. williams' mom says her son is innocent. an orange county reserve deputy has been taken off the streets for now while the sheriff's office determines if he violated policy moments before a deadly crash. a young father was killed on southbound morning when -- sunday morning
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from a traffic stop. the agency has taken away that deputy's gun and badge. >> reporter: reserve deputy mike vincent is a full-time civilian forensic specialist but he volunteers every month as a reserve deputy. now he's sidelined from both as the sheriff's office investigates him. >> reporter: now the reserve deputy who was trying to pull her over is also under investigation by his own agency. the sheriff's office won't say why, but the highway patrol report raises questions about how reserve deputy mike vincent handled the stop. he told fhp he tried to stop her on presidents drive near john young parkway
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an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. she kept going, turning north on john young. she moved to the right lane and he said he thought she was stopping. instead she kept going, and more than a half mile later, she floored it. he realized then she was trying to outrun him and broke off the pursuit per policy for nonviolent crimes. but he said he could still see a mile away that she was running the light at americana boulevard and saw her broadside garrick's vehicle, crushing it to half its width. garrick's mom told us if the reserve deputy did something wrong, she's sure he'll pay for it one way or another. but she still blames saint seer. asking edgewater investigators if anyone is going
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crash that left a motorcyclist dead. authorities say two other cars were involved in that crash, but the people in those cars were not injured. asking investigators if the motorcycle rider was planning to be part of bike week. a mother claims a dentist mistreated her autistic daughter. she said she was in the office with dr. james with her older daughter when he began shouting and slapping her 9-year-old little girl, madison. that mother said she called sanford police who we found out charged dr. james with simple battery. >> i don't know if she'll ever be able to get through it again. but i'm just -- my main concern is that this man isn't around children anymore. >> eyewitness news reached out to the florida department of health who said dr. james was placed on leave. palm bay police confirmed
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killed by an officer. we told you about the shooting on mariposa drive on tuesday. a neighbor called them to complain about corsino threatening construction workers at her home. he eventually came out of the house pointing a gun at them. the officer who shot him is on leave while they investigate. police believe an unwanted advance led to murder in a downtown mel burn parking lot -- melbourne parking lot. >> his death has been ruled a homicide. melanie holt spoke to police about the man in custody. and he is in the country on a visa. >> reporter: his family owns a restaurant here in downtown, just a block or two from the homicide. with the help of an italian translator, he faced a
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>> he's currently out on a bond for a pending dui. >> reporter: he is an italian national and charged with the death of 53-year-old kent willbanks. he was found unresponsive in a downtown parking lot after the super bowl. investigators believe he made a sexual advance toward the suspect and was struck repeatedly. >> and it opens the door for closure for the people that loved him and adored him. because he had the biggest heart. >> reporter: police tell us surveillance footage puts him in the area of the crime during the time of the murder. the suspect's family runs a restaurant nearby. investigators believe the suspect took a taxi on the night of the murder. the driver remembered the suspect was disturbed and his knuckles were visibly red. i asked police if willbanks' murder could be considered a hate crime.
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but it is not per statute a hate crime. he did not speak out mr. willbanks based on any sort of religious, sexual orientation, or anything along those lines. >> reporter: live in downtown melbourne, melanie holt. there are new questions tonight about where orlando city commissioner regina hill really lives. in a bruchgs filing -- bankruptcy filing, she lists another residence. the homestead exemption could keep creditors from taking that home but she's not supposed to claim it if she doesn't really live there. >> it's also curious that there's a question on the paperwork, have you filed bankruptcy before, and on that she checked no. but clearly she has. >> this is the third time hill has filed for bankruptcy. the
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with believes she keeps filing to prevent a bank from foreclosing on her house. but regina hills that denied that. the polk county school district has racked up nearly $41,000 in legal fees to investigate its former superintendent. that bill comes from a tallahassee law firm. they were hired to investigate catherine leroy after she was accused of sexual harassment. she was cleared of wrongdoing. residents are fighting the city's plan to build a sidewalk for them. city leaders. to spend $2 million on 25 miles of sidewalk, some of which would go along bluestone drive. miles more than -- more than 20 people who live there signed a petition saying they don't want the sidewalk because they feel it will
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properties. >> they violate money to spend on sidewalks but the city told the family there's no money in the budget to fix the drainage problems. >> city leaders say they picked the locations because it's within a mile of elementary and middle schools. thousands of runners getting ready for tonight's purple pride 5k. here's a look at that crowd forming. the race is set to start in less than an hour. and you could be affected if you're downtown. here's a look at the roads that are closed . tv 27 is the new home for orlando city.
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tomorrow night at 6:30 for our preseason special . i'm baffled. i can't understand it. >> what the police announced just a couple of hours ago. >> this father was arrested accused of abusing his stepdaughter. >> high clouds making for a beautiful sunset. we have showers in our forecast early tomorrow. tracking that and how
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(west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. an orange county an orange man an orange county an orange county man arrested for child abuse twice in as many months was just arrested again. >> december the first set of charges were dropped.
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been accused of abusing his stepdaughter. carlo ray found out in a rare move today, the state decided to refile those charges. and you learned the evidence from his second arrest may have given prosecutors a stronger case. >> reporter: officials told us in january during that second arrest, it dealt with allegations that he abused his three biological boys. and today prosecutors told me that one of those boys said he witnessed the abuse of the stepdaughter as well. >> reporter: this latest is a rearrest after charges against him for allegedly abusing his stepdaughter were initially dropped. the 5-year-old girl's real father and stepmom have kept meticulous paperwork, showing repeated requests for injunctions, dating back years. even after claims that mr. todd would wake the girl up at night
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that he hit her with a hose, it took this january arrest connected to abusive his three biological boys to give prosecutors enough evidence to file charges on behalf of all four children. >> the second case had an older victim who was able to tell us more information. >> reporter: he didn't want to talk to us when he bonded out of jail in the second case in january. but we found an injunction filing accusing him of hitting those boys with his hands arc i hose, a vacuum, and a water bottle. one of the boys told investigators he witnessed his dad abusing the stepdaughter in the same way. that's why he's now facing strengthened charges for alleged abuse on all four kids. >> it's a rare instance when the state drops charges and refiles the case .
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have access to any of the four children. he does have access to a baby that's still in his care. they asked a judge to remove that child. the judge refused. we stopped by the home listed on his arrest report but there was a no trespassing sign. a sanford woman says she's been trying to organize a gun buyback for years but hasn't gotten the help she needs. sanford police held a buyback in february of 2013 that got 126 guns off the streets but haven't held a similar event since. she doesn't understand why she hasn't gotten help. >> with all of the crime and murders and gun violence in the community, how can we not have funds in order to do a gun buyback when there's -- it's so critical right now. >> gun buybacks are expensive,
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the $50 gift cards cost more than $6,000. they are planning for an event next month. in orange county, some florida residents can now go to disney during spring break without worrying about blackout dates. the company says people with florida resident disney select tickets can visit the theme parks from march 19th through aprim 1st. other blackout dates will still applyl 1st. other blackout dates will still apply. this video from the sheriff's helicopter showed us how deputies took down a suspected drug dealer. you can see the driver trying to pull up next to a house and hide. when police arrived, they say he bailed out and ran. the suspect jumped a fence, fell, tried to crawl to a hiding spot. he had him. police are still
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hazardous materials ended up on ifour and shut down the -- on i-4 and shut down the eastbound lanes for an hour last night. several bags labeled with asbestos were found scattered along i-4 between fairbanks avenue and lee road . i almost thought about turning right around. [ laughter ] >> hopefully better luck on the roadways. beautiful sunset coming up, and we have a nice shot of the citrus bowl there, getting ready for orlando city's debut on sunday. 77 degrees, very nice weather today. and again on sunday. we'll kind of jump ahead in time here with kickoff at 76 degrees. 2:00 pm. of course you can watch it live on tv 27
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here through central georgia, all weakening as it moves farther to the south. the atmosphere relatively stable. drier over central florida so it evaporates. right now 1:00 in the morning. a sprinkle to the north. forecast model shows a little bit of rain around 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. brian shields joins us at 5:00 am, and we'll have a few scraps of showers left over at that time. the farther north you are, the better your odds of getting at least some measurable rainfall, something to help wash the pollen out of the atmosphere. the count as we know is extremely high. the trees are going crazy here. and we're warming back up. winter park, temperatures in the middle 60s, and a very mild evening tonight. there's the shower line, what's left television at 7:00 in the morning, pushing south. we do get a northwest wind, despite a cold front, it's going to stay on the warm side tomorrow. the extension will be along the beaches. 70 degrees, cooler than the mid to upper 70s than today.
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returns after a very early shower in the morning. 68 in palm coast. 80 to 81 degrees in the south. the only thing different now, we have the cooler water temperatures that will be warming up by this summer. but i looked at the long-range forecast models, and here we go. this is a very summerlike pattern. if we had this pattern with high pressure building over florida in july, we would have 100 degrees or close to it. so fortunately we don't have summer. but we're gonna be easily into the middle 80s. maybe some mid to upper 80s toward the end of next week. this is a very warm and dry pattern. just in time for bike week and spring break. otherwise temperatures toward the beach will be steadily warming up throughout the upcoming weekend. tonight 61 degrees, high clouds pretty thick overhead. 5-day, 78 for tomorrow with early showers,
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tuesday, 80 degrees. after that, it is gonna climb! mid-80s for the end of the week. tonight we uncovered filthy conditions at a local school. students say stained ceilings and holes in the walls have them concerned about their health. >> a safety concern we uncovered that could be putting children's lives at risk,
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more than 3,000 runners lining up for the orlando city purple pride 5 k. this is the second of three big events leading up to sunday's season opener. unfortunately starting centerback david mateo is not gonna be doing any running today or sunday. he pulled up with a ham spring injury during tuesday's train and expected to miss the next four to six weeks.
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tommy redding or mls wet ian cullen. >> we already know formation strategy. and the tactic, we'll be ready, you know? and the new players are gonna come, and they know the field where we're playing so much even if new players come in, they'll be ready. >> reporter: kaka has been called back up to the brazilian national team for a pair of qualifiers in late march. a change to the mls schedule this year will allow him to play for brazil while not missing any matches for orlando city. he has scored 4 goals and dished out 4 assists during the lions' preseason. we'll have more on the orlando city captain tomorrow night at 6:30 on our season preview special on tv 27. then it's game time! coverage begins on tv 27 southbound at 1:30 -- sunday at 1:30. the runners ready and rearing to agricultural we'll have the winner for you tonight at 11:00.
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channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00.
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tonight, donald trump under attack. the republican revolt under way. mitt romney taking aim with a blistering new attack on trump. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> trump tonight, firing back. >> mitt, drop to your knees. . >> and don't trump about to face someone else. fox host megyn kelly after a very public feud. breaking news tonight. a young police officerer charged


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