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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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charitable and educational group, the group maintains it was never a registered charity the federal plea agreement spells out cash deposits and withdrawals by a leader of one congresswoman brown. we're going through the plea the congresswoman. we'll have an update for you in the next 60 minutes. o.j. simpson was acquitted of murdering his wife and her friend, investigators say they found a knife on a property he used to. >> channel 9's anchor martie salt listened in to a press conference. >> all three of us, we covered this case from the slow speed chase of the white bronco to the knot guilty verdict. there's no telling what this so-called new evidence will add to this case. >> an alleged knife that may have been recovered, possibly in connection to the o.j. simpson case. >> reporter: today, investigators say an officer who
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given the knife by a construction worker who reportedly found it buried at the los angeles estate once owned by o.j. simpson. >> that item has been recovered. it has been submitted to our lab. >> in 1994, simpson was arrested for the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ronald goldman but the murder weapon was never found. he went on trial in 1995 but after nine months of testimony, 120 witnesses and 45,000 pages of evidence, it was a verdict that shocked the nation. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: investigators are now looking into exactly when this knife was found, if it's actually connected to the murders and why it wasn't turned over earlier. >> i don't know what the circumstances are, why that didn't happen. or if that's entirely accurate. or if this whole story is
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>> reporter: no matter when they find, o.j. simpson cannot be rearrested. >> i'm not an attorney but it's my understanding from being a police officer for nearly 30 years that double jeopardy would be in place here. >> reporter: investigators are looking at whether the officer was still on active duty when he was given the knife or had already retired. o.j. simpson is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence. >> just crazy. with this whole tv show going on right now, makes one wonder, is this a part of a way to get more attention? >> just amazing. all these developments, as you mentioned, right when the division show is halfway through the series. dozens of our viewers already reacting to the story on facebook. you can join the conversation, it's interesting, it's happening right now. go to our facebook page and then hit/wftv when you log on. 10 minutes in orange county, a widow of a deputy killed in
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publicly trying to sway lawmakers in a stalemate over first responder bills. one bill requires that 100% of a fallen first responders pay be paid to surviving family members for 25 years. this matters to bridget pine who has three small children. his attacker took his own life. we're listening in to what they're saying in orlando right now. we'll have that part of the story are on eyewitness news at five. there's a live look at the scene. we are less than 24 hours away from a personal visit from republican presidential front runner donald trump. tomorrow's rally at ucf is his latest campaign stop since his visit to the rosenshingle resort in october. today, channel 9's angela jacobs got a look at the preparations the campus is making for what
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angela, some streets will be closing as early as 6 a.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: and, gregg, one of the main drags is right here, gemini boulevard, that runs across the front of the arena. you can see the block aids at the end of the -- blockades that are stacked and ready to go. we got a look inside the arena where we found the stage and podium front-runner, but the setup itself was far from complete. they did buy some more time today, though, when the event was pushed back to two more hours to 2 p.m. that's after officials realized a conflict with a race scheduled for the same time in a nearby area here. trump's people told us they're expecting up to 20,000 to attend here, so ucf officials encourage everyone to come early and pay close attention to road signs and the bevy of extra officers called in to handle the event.
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for ticket-holders with first come, first served entry. >> i just want to see what the vibe was like and who supports him and what they like about him and what they don't like. >> reporter: do you know where you stand yet? >> i don't think i'm a supporter, i just want to see and get all sides of it. >> reporter: now, back out here live, you're looking at a group group of ucf police gathering in front of the arena. we have seen several ways security measures have already begun and we will have more on this event coming up and eyewitness news at five. we're live at ucf, angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> tomorrow's trump rally begins at 2:00. if you can't make it, we have you covered. we're going to stream it live on or through the wftv news app on your smartphone. let's check in now with meteorologist george
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front will impact our weekend forecast. >> it will only cool us down a little bit. that's because was a weak front. it's dry now but that's the early morning rain that may have woken you up around 4 o'clock in the morning. look at these numbers, 77 in orlando. but if you're in new smyrna beach, daib, daytona beach, you're only -- daytona beach, you're only in the 60s. we'll have a nice calm day at the soccer fields for orlando city soccer club's home opener, temperatures in the mid-70s. just ahead, i'm going to help hour. opening weekend is finally here for the orlando city soccer club, just like last year, more than 62,000 fans are expected to fill the bowl, the citrus bowl, the season. weather for it. the team held practice at the stadium today where channel 9 us. it will be the last time they'll be on the pitch before sunday.
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step on the field, there will be more than 60,000 fans. if you were here last year, you know how incredible that atmosphere was. but this year, the team expects to be even better. they expect to start proving it with a win on sunday. now, orlando city has spent most of the preseason training, practicing on real grass, so head coach adrian heath used today to give husband team a couple hours on the artificial turf. away from practice, the team met their italian midfielder at the airport. he arrived this morning. he's undergoing physicals today but is not expected to lay on sunday. heath -- to play on sunday. heathed is the rest of the team is far ahead from where they were last year. >> we've been ready probably for a week now. physically. and then i think it's just one of those occasions you want it to come around. obviously we're excited about the fact that it looks like we're going to fill the bowl
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>> reporter: as for nochorino, the team said he will be announced publicly tomorrow. >> in 2-1/2 hours from now, we'll air a special preview of the team's second season at 6:30 on tv 27. on sunday, tv 27 will have live coverage of the home opener at 1:30 in the afternoon. thousands of motorcyclists are rolling into daytona beach foreign the 70th annual bike week. there's main street. more bikers are expected to show up over the weekend. bike week indz sunday, march 13th -- ends sunday, march 13th. the annual event pumps more than $200 million in the local economy. if you're on the roads, keep your eyes and ears out for the cyclists. we'll see if an abandoned
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solution for homeless people. the non-profit group will convert it into a shelter for hundreds of homeless families. county leaders are still trying to work on a plan to fund jail. in less than two hours, we can find out in a bill that aims to place new restrictions on abortion clinics in florida will head to the governor's desk. lawmakers in the house approved the measure yesterday. it requires abortion clinics to have agreements for nearby hospitals so patients can be admitted if something goes wrong during the procedure. the bill bans public money from going to organization that perform abortions, such as planned parenthood. some lawmakers claim its goal is to make it harder for women to get abortions. >> how many ways is this going to question about my or any other woman's decision about a legal procedure. >> we'll let you know if lawmakers reach a decision before this evening. orlando police have released
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found dead at an apartment complex. 22-year-old carlton wilson was found shot to death last night at the cypress point apartments. police say no one else was hurt in the shooting. they still have to the released whether they have a suspect or a motive. this afternoon, altamonte springs place say they have a person of interest this a deadly shooting near seminole state college. last week, police responded to the lotus landing apartments and found 36-year-old josi gomez with a shot to the head. last night, joshua gordon, a person of interest, was arrested. altamont city leaders are going to start footing part of your uber bill in an effort to support the sun rail stop. >> coming up, we asked how the city can afford so many rides. here's a live look at the construction project going on as part of the i-4 project.
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all eyes are on cape canaveral to see if the fifth time is the charm for the space x launch. what officials will be keeping extra watch on to prevent another go-go. >> we've already had one front passing this morning and i'm (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security,
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in the next two hours, space x will try yet again to launch a satellite. space. which has tried four times to launch the same rocket since the middle of last week. but as channel 9's melonie holt has reported, there has been a range of problems. >> reporter: right now, we're at cape canaveral air force
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to the observation area for today's launch. it will mark space x's fifth attempt to launch the mission. it will be paired with an attempted landing of the first stage of the falcon 9 rocket at sea. space x has been trying to pull off this liftoff and landing since the middle of last week but the mission has been thwarted by everything from fueling issues to a tug boat that drifted into a restricted zone. this time around, at least weather conditions are looking good. so far, about 90% favorable for launch. >> to some extent, people have forgotten how many issues we had regularly with the shuttle program. i mean, getting into space is hard. doing so safely and reliably is really hard. >> reporter: tonight's launch window opens at 6:35 this p.m. and extends through 8:06. reporting from cape canaveral air force station, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> tonight's launch is scheduled for 6:35.
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live here on channel 9 or on your smartphone by downloading the free wftv news app. if you recently received a call from somebody claiming to be an orlando police officer demanding money, don't fall for the scam. authorities are asking anyone who received a call like that to call police. nasa astronaut scott kelly said his body is reacting differently now that he's back on earth than it did in his past missions. >> outside of an issue with my, you know, my skin that because it hadn't touched anything for so long, like any significant contact, it's very, very sensitive to -- almost like a burning feeling. >> scott kelly and his identical twin, mark kelly, are part of nasa's twin study.
4:17 pm
body responds to extended stay in space. mark said while his brother was in space, he was the one being poked and prodded. >> i'll spend time in a laboratory hooked up to all kinds of equipment. >> there they are, and this is kind of cool, the one that was in space is two inches taller. nasa officials say it will take six months to release the findings on the twin. when scott kelly came back to earth, they believe you gain the height in space because there's no pressure on your vertebrae. >> i imagine without gravity pulling you down, you can grow. >> that's what i'm going to blame my height on. [ laughter ]. something else hall grow will be the temperatures next he can would. we're talking about some of the warmest air in a year in a week's time. >> already. >> but for now we're okay. beautiful lake eolia, with temperatures in the upper 70s. it was the coolest day so far, march, it's only the 4th day, also, but it was the only day we haven't hit 80.
4:18 pm
is something we typically talk about in the summertime, you know what it is, it's our sea breeze front and we see a few plumes of smoke. southern osceola, polk counties, looks like we have a little fire there. hour by hour tonight, notice how we're going to be in the 60s through 10 p.m.. we'll stay dry overnight but cooler by morning. we're talking low to mid-50s in orange county. but if you're in deland, you'll be cooler yet, in the 40s. so by morning, again, looking in your area, 52 in winter park, stoney brook east, around 52. again, we're tracking the cooler temperatures in northern lake county where the temperatures principle drop in the 40s. if you're in -- temperatures will drop in the 40s. if i didn't pick out your neighborhood, don't worry, you can see it by downloading our
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it will give you your low weather temperatures right down to the street where you live. tomorrow, with that north breeze behind the front that passed this morning, it will be another -- not as warm day. we're talking upper 70s in orlando. notice the cooler temperatures, volusia, flagler counties, low 70s. brevard county, palm bay, melbourne, mid-70s and the warmest weather will go to polk county and clarmont, just shy of 80 degrees. i want to point out that tomorrow we'll have more cloud cover than today. we'll have the onshore wind and notice our beaches tomorrow, mostly cloudy in the afternoon. may drop a sprinkle but no real rain chances here. of the two weekend days, keep in mind, sunday will have more sunshine, especially if you're going to the beach. otherwise, water temperatures are beginning to warm up. right now in the upper 60s as you head into brevard county. all right, again, we had one front this morning, another front for sunday. but watch what happens. very little rain with this.
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think we see any. it will stay offshore. so this will just reinforce the temperatures to don't hit 80 at least for a couple days. but we will warm up into the 80s, by tuesday. late next week, upper 80s. i really think we could hit 88 degrees by next friday. here's your five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. 78 tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds. and sunny, 77 on sunday for orlando city soccer club's home opener. if you can't go to the game, you can watch the game on tv 27. we'll have live coverage starting at 1:30 p.m. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s and warming back to the upper 80s by the end of next week. in the next half, we'll have more on the time line of what you can expect this weekend. we're learning how a girl
4:21 pm
and sister from stealing her cookie money. how the 12-year-old ended up winning in all of this. >> part of a busy downtown orlando road, many of you use, will be shut down for the next 14 months for i-4 construction. coming up, i'll tell you the alternate routes you need to get around it. >> all new at five, we're asking orlando speed world how safety will improve following a motorcycle explosion there.
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this weekend, thousands of you will need to find a new way around downtown orlando because of a new and very long road closure for the i-4 ultimate project. starting mondays, crews will shut down garland avenue for the next 14 months. and as channel 9's deneige broom will be asking what crews will be doing, she also learned that's not the only closure drivers will need to deal with. >> reporter: we're only talking about an 8-mile stretch but 8,000 of you drive through here every day, that is, until monday. there's bound to be some confusion in a few days. >> every person has their own routine. they're used to the same roads they take each morning. we recognize that, no matter how
4:25 pm
need to be aware. >> reporter: both directions of garland avenue between colonial drive and orange avenue will be shut down. so crews can build bridges and the onaffirm from clone -- on ramp from colonial drive to state root 50. >> state road 50 is a huge arterial road for i-4, so this big road meets up with another huge interstate, so we have to flowing. >> reporter: in the present, need to find another way around for more than a year. if you normally take garland northbound, you can take magnolia instead. also this month, the city of orlando will shut down mark street, which is right in the middle of the garland closures. >> all in a grid with you we want to make sure we don't veer people too far off from where
4:26 pm
say they will be having some rolling road blocks along i-4 in the overnight hours starting later this month. >> and remember, we have you covered when it comes to all of the i-4 ultimate projects, go to, click on the traffic tab and the i-4 project. republican presidential front runner donald trump has a new target. >> donald trump will ruin our economy. he's a stupid person. >> still ahead at four, the problems trump could face coming into the next round of prime area e- primaries. >> coming up, why her boyfriend's parents say she should have gotten the same sentence. >> then the city of altamonte springs wants to pick up part of the tab when you ride uber in an
4:27 pm
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central florida has really embraced our plat storm and our -- platform and our technology. >> altamont city leaders want to help you pay for your rides. >> this is a cost-effective, local exclusion. >> but we're asking how the city can afford to foot the bill for so many rides. today, altamonte springs leaders announced they'll pay for 20% of your uber rides as long as you stay within city limits. >> they'll cover even more if you get dropped off at the city's sun rail station. julie, the move will make altamonte springs the first full integrated uber city in the country. >> reporter: and it's part of a pilot program that will last a year and their goal for city leaders is to get more people on the sun rail, on the commuter train and i checked the ridership numbers for the
4:31 pm
ridership was up last month but the numbers aren't always consistent. angela brooks has been a uber driver for the past six months. we took a ride with him today. >> the majority of the people go to downtown orlando and then step out to i drive and disney. >> reporter: brooks said the demand for uber is obvious in downtown orlando but today, altamont city leaders want to get more people using uber. they announced a partnership with uber where the city will pick up part of the bill on uber rides. they hope this will ease congestion on roads, get people more flexible transportation options and get people on sun rail. >> interstate 4 is under reconstruction. sun rail is struggling to get riders. >> reporter: if uber riders start and end their trip within city limits, the city will take 20%, taking uber to and from the sun rail station in altamont,
4:32 pm
we downloaded the app where the riders enter the promo code "altamont" to get the discount. >> . the city manager says the money has been set aside for one year. >> we project this to be about $500,000 and we also have private sector funding partners who are also contributing. so this is a community-wide effort. >> reporter: and i asked the city manager about safety as well as background checks for uber drivers. i'm going through that part of the interview right now and i'll have his answer coming up at five. reporting live in altamonte springs, channel 9 eyewitness news. the volusia county mother whose mother and grandson drowned under her supervision won't be charged for their death. investigators say martha jenkins was asleep when they are 2-year-old daughter and 1-year-old grandson slipped into
4:33 pm
the state attorney's office said there's not enough evidence to support the charge. the mother of the jacksonville toddler who disappeared will spend the next five years in prison. we have followed every development in the lonzie barton case. then detectives said they let ebron lead them to lonzie's remains in a wooded area, that was in january. ebron agreed to a plea deal for 20 years in prison and as our sister station reports, prosecutors say lonzie's sister was traumatized and it's all lana barton's fault. >> reporter: the defense attorney said that little girl was in ruben ebron's car with her brother's dead body. the lead prosecutor said it's the mother's fault those children met ebron in the first place.
4:34 pm
shackled, lana layer more barton walked into -- -- she stuck with her story that she was at work the night her boyfriend ebron dumped her son's body in bayard. >> making her ride from the car with her dead brother. >> reporter: another bombshell in court, her attorney revealed his client faked a jail pregnancy we told you about months ago. >> she wanted mr. ebron to believe it because she thought if he had a notion of attachment to her, he would eventually tell her where lonzie's body was. >> reporter: the seven revealing rib fractures that prosecutors say were caused by his sister pushing him down the stairs a month before his death. jenna bourne, channel 9 eyewitness news.
4:35 pm
sentenced to 20 years in prison. he showed investigators where he buried the toddler. today ebron's parents said lana barton is just as responsible for lonzie's death and she should have received the same punishment. barton has 30 days to appeal her sentence. we learned that three more families of the sailors who died in the elfaro -- earlier this month, the u.s. coast guard wrapped up a series of hearings to determine whether anyone was negligent. the company settled with the families of the 14 of the 33 that died. all eyes are on north korea after the country's leader reacted to sanctions. he ordered his military to be ready to launch nuclear strikes at any time.
4:36 pm
by -- hydrogen bomb test have made this threat even more credible. the u.s. state department says that they are closely monitoring the situation. right now, the lead pipes that caused a water crisis in flint, michigan are starting to be removed. residents there were exposed to dangerously high levels of lead after the water supply was changed to river water. residents say they obviously are relieved. >> feels great to know that people still care and are not ignoring us. >> right now, congress is also debating proposals for a $200 million federal aid package to help fix all of the city's infrastructure. living together without being married may finally be legal in florida. the law has been on the books since 1968 but a bill to repeal it passed the senate today.
4:37 pm
mississippi, by the way, are the only states that still outlaw co-habitation. state senators liked starting the session early that they want to do it again. the senate voted to start the 2018 session in january. normally the legislation begins in march. now the state constitution says a session must begin in march in odd-numbered years but lawmakers can change it in even numbered years. this afternoon a quarter of the people expected to vote in florida's primary have, in fact, already voted. >> turnout especially on the republican side has been up across most of the state since the republican delegates are up for grabs in florida. the ongoing reports from channel 9's christopher heath have been helping florida voters decide who should go to the white house. >> mr. donald trump! >> reporter: the tune used by
4:38 pm
dynasty welcomed donald trump to their state. the republican front runner continued his criticisms of ted cruz and marco rubio, saying his chief rivals are afraid to take a stand on water boarding, an issue he fully supports. >> these guys can't think without the polls. >> reporter: the polls look good for trump over the next week while the state prepares to vote. while trump was in michigan, ted cruz was in maine, where polling has been limited and voters will caucus on saturday. >> clearly i'm here to ask you not to vote for him. >> reporter: meanwhile, marco rubio was in kansas. that state will also caucus on saturday. rubio's campaign has identified the sunflower state where the senator from the sunshine state might pick up his second win. >> the democrats will also vote in six more states between now and march 15th.
4:39 pm
clinton holds a double digit lead. of course, things can change in two weeks. coming up in the next hour, what marco rubio needs to do to have a shot at winning the state of florida. tomorrow, voters in brevard county can start casting their votes in the florida presidential primary. election officials there say almost half of their votes are now either choosing -- voters choosing to vote by mail or are voting early. florida's primary, of course, a week from this tuesday. we've been updating you every day as new cases of zika appear. new research from the journal stem cell is supporting that. the lab tests show the zika virus infect cells that help form the brain in a developing baby. as of right now, there are no new zika cases in florida. the statewide tally stands at 44. six of those cases are in central florida. all of the patients became infected while traveling out of
4:40 pm
yesterday, health officials with the cdc sent another 500 zika testing kits since florida has more cases than any other state. the u.s. government say brakes can fail on ford's f-150 pickup. there's 33 complaints about the problem, including reports of the brake pedal not operating properly. the agency will check into whether a recall on this is necessary or not. from social media and e-mails to online banking, many of us have a lot of pass words to keep track of. >> coming up, though, what many of us do to protect our pass words that could be helping the hackers gain access. >> we have a calm weather day right now but i'm updating your outlook and a big warm-up. next, how high the temperatures are going to climb. >> every day when you tune into eyewitness news, you hear what's
4:41 pm
that sadly reports crime. next, hear how investigators say that girl scout tried to stop the siblings who took her cookie cash. >> an encouraging jobs report helps send stocks up a bit on wall street. the dow rose 63 points. nasdaq up more than 9 and the s&p 500 also saw a modest gain,
4:42 pm
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now, to a story that upset many of you. we learned that the volusia county siblings accused of stealing from a girl scout will be allowed to bond out of jail. >> they were recorded on a wal-mart security camera stealing the girl's money and today's blaine tolison was there when they faced a judge. >> reporter: investigators say
4:45 pm
delbruge before he allegedly snatched money from a girl scout. deputies say the 12-year-old new he was up to no good. >> the 12-year-old girl put her hand on the box because she thought he was suspicious. >> reporter: he was with his sister, ashley winters, who we believe drove away in this suv. police say winters brought her daughter along for the alleged crime. >> the two suspects sort of casing out her -- casing her table, going into wal-mart, hanging out for a while, coming back out. >> reporter: they left for north carolina but investigators say a new smyrna beach detective recognized delbruge in this video. winters' own husband, who called the sheriff's office and identified his wife, winters, and their daughter in surveillance pictures. today a judge reduced delbruge's
4:46 pm
and winters' 50,000 to $2500. officials say the 12-year-old girl scout is getting back what she lost and more because the community is donating to her troop. a judge reduced the bond for ashley winters because she did not have a criminal history. delbruge has been arrested only a few times for misdemeanor cases but was never convicted. in the court of public opinion, this is a battle, taking from little girl, no. 1 and on top of that, girl scouts. >> those girls work hard, too. >> you were a lifetime member of the girl scouts. >> that's right. spring break is right around the corner and a major travel business ranked orlando as the no. 1 sprang break destination. it has plenty of theme parks, resorts, festivals and shopping. the famous volusia county police dog who survived a
4:47 pm
arrests and this time even the suspect gave him some credit. last night, endo chased down a suspected drug dealer and pulled him out from underneath a house. the suspect tried to hurt the dog by pinning him to the ground but was unsuccessful. he told the deputies, that's a good dog. that's a great picture right there. >> it's fun to go on facebook, too, and see all the comments. >> yes. and we've been getting a lot of good comments on the weather, 77, 78 today. >> beautiful. >> big soccer match on sunday. >> huge weekend, and we have great weather for orlando city soccer club's home opener this weekend. this morning, rain may have awakened you. we had 0.07 of an inch. i hope you enjoyed it because we are getting no more rain for the week. but the temperature, that's where it gets interesting.
4:48 pm
we have an onshore wind. remember, the water temperature is still in the 60s. because of that, all of our beach communities are in the 60, with the exception of melbourne beech at 70 degrees. there's the rain from this morning, long gone. that was along a front and with the front, some cooler air moving in from the north. so hour-by-hour tonight, ivanhoe village will be in the 70s through dinner time. it's a little breezy out there. you can feel the winds along the coastline but the winds will die down overnight. by tomorrow morning, it will feel cooler. if you're in deland, the villages, ocala, you'll be in the 40s. brevard county, tonight will be no exception, you're typically mild, upper 50s, low 60s. hour-by-hour, 76 by 2 p.m. in orlando. notice how in palm bay, turkey
4:49 pm
going to be quite as warm. we'll have more cloud cover, too. keep that in mind if you're in brevard or volusia county, you'll have more cloud cover tomorrow afternoon and cooler temperatures. georgetown and daytona beach, only making it to the low 70s for the high temperatures. there's a lot going on. one of the events that's free series. and.38 special will be headlining around 8:30 p.m. tons of things going on this weekend. tonight, the winds die down. tomorrow, more cloud cover, sunday, dry and beautiful for orlando city's home opener. next week, we have a ridge -- this is an upper level ridge building. this is a summer-like pattern and we're talking mid to upper 80s next wednesday, thursday and friday. this will be the warmest weather yet of 2016. i know it's only march, but still, we've already hit the mid-80s already. here's the five-day forecast, the weekends always in view,
4:50 pm
a light afternoon breeze, but not windy. remember, you can catch the game live on tv 27 at 1:30 p.m. on sunday. kickoff on the pitch will be 2 p.m. on sunday. look at the temperatures climb. tuesday, 81, wednesday, 84 and next thursday and friday, we're talking mid to upper 80s. in the next half hour, county-by-county look at where the temperatures will climb. ahead on eyewitness news at five, the new effort underway to get the local homeless population connected to critical services. this is important information. >> also, a pediatric dentist was accused of abusing patients in ocala. we found out he has a new practice in lake county. we asked why he was allowed to
4:51 pm
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with so much being accessed online, a lot of us have a lot of pass words to remember and it gets even worse when you have to change them regularly for security reasons. but a federal g consumer watchdog said you might be better off not changing your password after all. channel 9's justin gray looked into the claim. what do they suggest we do instead? >> it turns out one very good password that doesn't change might be better than companies requiring employees to change their passwords every few months. in most offices, it's part of the routine, every couple months, change your computer password. >> it has been to characters, numbers, capitals, symbols, trying to remember those is really tough.
4:55 pm
technologist at the ftc said changing your password may actually be a bad idea. >> we're not seeing a lot of value in people changing their password. >> reporter: the reason is more often you have to change a password, the more likely you start coming up with bad ones. >> because people will change their passwords in very predictable ways, the attackers, once they know your old password it's easy for them to guess the new password. >> reporter: she suggests companies let you keep one password but make it a good one. croner suggested you come up with a sentence, but not a famous one, and grab the first letter or two from each word at least 12 characters. >> i use numbers and symbols and capitals and lower case. >> reporter: numbers and symbols also a good idea. just since the ftc posted a blog on this on their site thursday, croner told me she's already hearing from people interested
4:56 pm
some companies are moving beyond passwords, adding another layer of security, in other words koidz texted to your cell phone each time you log on along with your password. >> i always forget my new password so i have to reset the password and it's a mess. >> he said 12? that's a lot. we broke the news at the top of the hour, a leader of a charity with ties to congresswoman corrine brown accepted a plea deal. >> then they never found the murder weapon in the o.j. simpson murder case but now there's potential new evidence. where investigators say a knife
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
of a fundraising organization with ties to congresswoman corinne brown just took a plea deal in a federal fraud case. and now she's agreed to cooperate in the investigation. >> we broke the news at 4:00, that carol widely admitted moving money from the fundraising organization into her personal bank account. >> christopher heath has spent the past hour reviewing the court documents. and you've been trying to get a comment from congresswoman brown. >> reporter: so far nothing from brown's office. it is important to note that nowhere in this 33-page federal plea deal is congresswoman brown's name mentioned. however the federal probe does describe a public official who used their position and title to raise money and take money from the supposed charity. we've been following this investigation into one door for weeks now. the group called itself a charity,
5:00 pm
has been associated with corinne brown for years. she even lent her name and clout to the group to raise money. in the plea deal, one of the leaders of one door, carla wiley, admits to helping organize one door. she is along with two other people listed in the plea deal as a public official, and a person who works for that public official, way paying just one scholarship, and withdrawing about $290,000, using that for personal expenses. brown is not mentioned in the plea deal. but on page 5, it talks about a golf tournament featuring that public official at tpc sawgrass. that's the exact same time and same golf course that brown was featured at for one door as a fundraiser. there is so much more in this plea deal. and the questions it raises, still going


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