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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a dentist accused of badly injuring and even nearly killing patients in his care is still practicing tonight. and we found out he's also under criminal investigation for medicaid fraud. >> we got the recordings that show that dentist added under oath he was racing through appointments with kids to get as much money as he could from medicaid. >> how is that dentist still able to treat young patients? he still has a license. >> reporter: i'm still working to find out what kind of
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. >> reporter: michael tafsher was accused back then of having a little girl stop breathing and burn blue under anesthesia one day he want instructed staff members to make no mention of the incident, and no one informed the girls' parents. his dental license was suspended and then reinstated. his latest problems started here. over a year ago, they were still working here when there was a raid connected to alleged medicaid fraud. tarver told me this is the result of a disgruntled employee, it's just something he and his family are
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>> this investigation was flawed from the start. >> reporter: in the same meeting, board members lit into tarver, claiming he sacrificed safety for a profit. >> you're sigh patient every ten minutes. you better slow down. >> you're absolutely right. >> our practice is 90% -- >> so in order to be promptful, you need to see that many, correct? >> honest answer is yes. >> tarver has never been charged criminally. his license was suspended. but it was reinstated by the same board members you just heard there. field sutton, channel 9, eyewitness news. the jacksonville mother whose 21-year-old son's body was found months after he disappeared will spend the next nine years in prison.
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for what happened to her son. her boyfriend will spend 20 years in prison as part of a plea deal. his parents said she is just as responsible for lancy's death. >> true justice are in baby would be an equal amount. i'm never gonna dispute that my son had some involvement, but it wasn't alone. >> prosecutors say hebron told them he hid the body after the toddler accidentally drowned in the tub. a former lake county deputy fired sleeping with a coworker's wife the not get his job back. >> deputy buffington had sex while on duty and even disconnected the gps in his
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. >> >> no, because we still need to have some discussions. we prefer to not make any comment at this time. >> reporter: former lake county deputy phil buff and i think his attorney didn't have much to say this morning. we told you yesterday about the 22-page internal investigation that revealed why the deputy was fired. this all began when he and a fellow deputy decided to have a threesome with vance's wife, alyssa. it never happened, but vance later learned they had had sex numerous times. she went on to say buffington wanted her to come to s.w.a.t. roundup competitions for sex and be his roundup girl.
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they ever had sex but admits they had an inappropriate relationship which is we learned violates the sheriff's office policy. we sent a couple of the internal investigation to law enforcement experts who told us the most troubling thing about this case, and it isn't the affair. >> if in fact sex occurred on duty, that's a serious offense. and the worst offense is if the officer is being untruthful. >> reporter: he also told us because there are allegations that the deputy was dishonest, he could never wear a badge ever again. >> if you'd like to read the entire investigation, we posted it on breaking news right now in the presidential race. republican hopeful dr. ben carson just announced he is suspending his campaign. he addressed supporters at the conservative political action
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within the past 15 minutes. on wednesday he did not see a path forward after a disappointing super tuesday and that's why he wasn't at debate last night. florida is being called the last hope for marco rubio's presidential campaign. on super tuesday he won his first state, minnesota. but here at home, he is trailing in the poles. christopher heath explains why those close to rubio's campaign say time and votes are slipping away. >> reporter: almost half a million republicans have taken part in early voting in that. some in person, some by mail. on the air, pacs attacking trump have gebun ad buys. trump is starting his own series this week as he looks to wrap up florida's 99 delegates and distance himself from the rest of the field. >> we can't win if we've got to spend six months convincing our own to vote for our frontrunner. >> reporter: rubio campaigned today in kansas, but his
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the wagons. >> he needs to focus on not losing florida. >> reporter: not only is he trailing in the polls by double digits, his campaign has yet to invest in advertising, mailers, or phone calls, and may be in trouble in the more conservative parts of the panhandle. >> he's gonna have to hold down the margins in florida where trump looks dominant. and rubio is going to need a big trount out of miami -- turnount in miami daid. a new labor department report showed another strong month for job growth. the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%. president obama says gop candidates are making doomsday claims about the economy but he wants to focus on investing in education, roads and bridges, and increasing wages. the florida department of
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down a time-share scam that was stealing thousands from victims in kissimmee. francisco feliz would tell time-share owners that he had a renter for their property and ask the owner to send money to cover taxes. he just kept the money. he is facing several charges. we've been telling you about a new deal to offer discounted uber rides within the city of altamonte springs. julie has been looking through the plans for the service. sxushgz bersays the service -- and uber says it will reflect the demand. >> reporter: right now you have to wait on average about 10 minutes for an uber to pick you up at the sunrail station. but uber tells me that could change if the demand is there. and city leaders are excited about this new partnership to put more people on sunrail. average low
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juvenile court of riders to orlando. >> they just love uber. >> reporter: he hopes to see a greater customer base in altamonte springs. they announced a partnership on friday. we downloaded the uperapp, which explained riders just have to enter altamonte to get a discount on rides. dhoez starting end anding their trip within city limits will get 20% knocked off their bill. riders going to or from the sunrail station will get a discount. >> people will not use sunrail unless it's convenient to get to sunrail. >> reporter: we checked the app just after 4:30 today. the closest uber car was 7 minutes away. there were a few cars available in the area, but uber's general manager told us as customer demand grow, so will the amount of available cars.
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will be a safe, flexible transportation option. >> uber has agreed to do background checks, they've also agreed to have very substantial insurance in place. so we are exactly where we need to be. >> reporter: and the pilot program will last a year after that. if it is successful, the city tells me they'll open it up for competition, which could ultimately drive the price of rides down even lower . >> do you think the partnership will work? join the conversation at facebook. tala hasy lawmakers are -- tallahassee lawmakers are rejecting bills that legalize fantasy sports in florida. 25 years ago, the attorney general labeled them as illegal gamblingling. they're being criticized in other states. the
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monitoring tonight's scheduled launch of a falcon 9 rocket from cape canaveral. >> what's threatening to delay the launch this time? >> and orlando city soccer claub saw a huge growth last opener. we're looking at expectations for turnout. >> and the terrifying moments after a motorcycle exploded at a local racetrack. >> why was a medical helicopter delayed in responding? >> gusty north winds, whipping the flags around at daytona beach. cooler air coming in with this wind.
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officials are looking into
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picking up a burn trauma patient. only channel 9 got this video showing the moments right after a motorcycle exploded at a local drag way, leaving a man covered with third degree burns. >> the bike exploded earlier this week on east colonial drive. >> reporter: you hear the sounds of running engines, the light turns green, and within 4 seconds, you see the flames. >> a motorcycle explode, the driver is severely burnt. my paramedic is calling for a helicopter. >> reporter: an employee quickly called 911. >> what parts of the body were burned? >> all. >> his entire body? >> he was -- he was completely engulfed in fire. >> reporter: we got a hold of the video from the rider's family who identify him as jose medina but says he goes by ito. he was on fire for nearly a full
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of his body covered with third degree burns. we came out to speedworld to ask about safety precautions and we found what looks like an unmarked ambulance, and we're told they do have medical personnel on hand. >> the paramedics got him near the ambulance at this point in time. >> he is with a pairramedic right now? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: orange county fire rescued called for a helicopter because medina was considered a trauma burn patient. now officials are looking into why that helicopter was delayed forcing responders to drive medina by ambulance 20 miles away to ornc. that's where his brother tells me he still is, stable now, and lucky to not have any broken bones from jumping off that motorcycle that exploded. we reached out to ornc and the company that provides their service and confirmed the helicopter had to be swapped
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been on a trauma call and needed to be decontaminated. drivers who use the beach line near orlando international airport can expect another seven days of nightly lane closures. last night was the first night that crews began shutting down lanes near the toll plaza. you can expect one lane closure from 8:00 to 6:00 am until next week thursday. investigators say he led a group of three men who last year in north carolina stole nearly $5 million in gold bars. incredible story. the team used a gps tracker and a remote controlled pepper spray launcher to subdue the truck drivers who
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two other men have not been captured. many of us can relate to this story. >> you get the alert on your work computer to change your password. now technology experts at the federal trade commission say changing passwords may do more harm than good. the reason? the more often a password is changed, the harder it is to come up with a strong password, making a hack more likely. >> we're seeing that there's not a whole lot of value in forcing people to change their passwords. >> so the ftc is recommending that companies allow people to keep just one password for long periods of time, but it should include at least 12 characters, including a number and a symbol. >> it is one of life's aggravations. [ laughter ] >> you log in and that box pops up. >> gotta go to 12. >> 78 was our high today, 78 degrees. wonderful day. >> beautiful.
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degrees cooler than yesterday. daytona beach didn't even hit 70 today. but the winds blowing out of the north, bringing some of that cooler air in. a front passed this morning. along with all that rain before sunrise. 62 degrees in daytona beach. we're still in the 70s, mid-70s in orlando. upper 50s in polk county. and 69 degrees right now in clairemont. no rain in the forecast for this evening. here's the front. north winds along the front. it's gonna be breezy tonight, especially if you're near our east coast beaches. in orlando, not too terribly windy. we drop into the 50s by 10:00. a light jacket, not too windy. by morning in orange county, we're down to 50 in apopka, winter garden around 52. look at this, mid-40s,
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45 degrees your early morning temperature. it won't be quite as cool. some locations in brevard county don't even drop into the 50s tonight. but watching that wind. tomorrow high temperatures at 78 in orlando, 76 sanford, 77 in the villages. palm coast, we stay in the 60s tomorrow, daytona beach, georgetown around 73. the next few days, upper 70s. the winds will gust over 15 miles per hour in the afternoon . mid to upper 80s by the end of next week. here's your 5-day, the weekend always in view.
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weekend, not terribly windy. a little bit of an afternoon breeze. and we keep rain out of the forecast. then monday, tuesday, wednesday, look at that warmup. by tuesday, back to the 80s. upper 80s. new information on breaking news. we told you the head of the charity with ties to congresswoman corinne brown just took a plea in a federal fraud case. we're asking if the evidence could lead to legal trouble for the congresswoman. and this woman's deputy husband was killed in the line of duty and she is fighting for her family's future. >> what she's doing get benefits for the families of fallen first responders. and two local officers were caught
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orlando city's season opener is less than 48 hours away. and the team says there are only about 6,000 tickets left. joe was there as the lions practiced today at the citrus bowl and explains why the team says it plans to be much better at home this year. >> reporter: last year orlando city set an expansion franchise record averaging more than 32,000 fans at their home games. this year they believe they have the players to reward those fans way trip to the playoffs. orlando city held practice here this morning. the laf time they'll be on this turf before sunday's season opener. last year it took the lions more than two months to get their first home win.
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seven victories at the citrus bowl. and they've only practiced on the artificial turf one other time this preseason. but adrian heath is confident about sunday's match. >> we did it every game last year, and we'll do it again this year. i think that we have enough weapons going forward to cause teams problems. >> reporter: the club has been holding events all week to get ready for sunday's opener. they have one more tomorrow with their second annual pub crawl. as for sunday, tailgating is supposed to start in the parking lots at 9:00 am. tv27 is the new home for orlando city, and we're getting you ready for sunday's match. joining us for the preseason special, and the first game sunday. a judge reduced bond for two volusia county siblings accused of stealing money from a girl scout.
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when they faced a judge. on sunday they were caught on surveillance cameras at a dell tona walmart stealing that child's money. they got away with it but after investigators received several tip, they turned themselves in. >> i understand why it's such a big deal. it's girl scouts. >> his bond was reduced, his sister from $50,000 to $2,500. following breaking news for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> the head of a charity with ties to winning woman corinne brown just took a plea in a federal fraud case. >> plus why two police officers caught drinking during an the job. >> and the concern for spacex as it tries for the fifth time
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>> reporter: today one of its founders, a virginia resident named carla wiley took a federal plea deal and will soon tell investigators just where all the money raised by one door actually went. for weeks we have been asking questions about one door and its ties to congresswoman corinne brown. brown is not named in the plea, however the feds do identify a person who is described only as a public official. that public official solicited money for the group. also according to the plea, the same public official received $150,000 from one door for costs associated with event, including money for cake and alcoholic beverages.


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