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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a local teacher says he sees bowling in the classroom almost every day. but he can't do anything about it. >> i don't have any teeth in my own classroom. >> now he fears for the safety of his students. and orange county middle school teacher says bowling is getting out of hand but he feels like his hands are tied. >> nine investigates person covered bowling allegations that nearly drove two students to commit suicide at two orange county middle schools. mike manzoni spent the past week digging into the allegations. the teacher you talked to today said he feels like the school district is just not doing enough to help. >> reporter: he says our store has got a lot of teachers here at orange county schools talking about bowling. he says he is coming to speak to us tonight only because he is afraid of what might happen
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>> what do i do? >> this woman broke down in tears last week when she told me her daughter got so sick of bullying she tried to overdose on pills at maitland middle school. >> it makes me feel like a failure.>> reporter: this woman told me her son talk about killing himself because of bullying at robinswood middle school. a teacher at the school watch those stories. >> i'm afraid i'm going to lose my job but even talking to you about this. >> reporter: that is why we agreed to hide his face and alter his voice. he told me the bullying at robinswood middle school is out of control and he says he sees it nearly every day. >> homophobic slurs to race- based slurs to fights in the classroom. >> reporter: he said when he tries to stop bullies he doesn't get anywhere. >> i don't have any teeth in my own classroom. >> reporter: he says the school is in clear with how teachers should handle bullying and says the kids know he has
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he says things are so bad now he fears some of his students might feel like they have no way out. >> one day i'm just worried there not going to come to school and we will find out later that they are not coming back because they're not here anymore. >> reporter: orange county public schools since us a policy. i will be part of it to you -- the school district would not comment on the teacher, to speak with us tonight. we're live in orange county with channel 9 eyewitnesses. we're following some breaking news in orange county. and multivehicle crash has killed two people tonight. right now avlon road is blocked near mckinney road in winter garden. here's a look. you can see one mangled car off to the side of the road. we are told the other vehicle
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the woods. you can see the front bumper of that vehicle. orange county fire rescue says two adults were killed in the crash. three children were taken to the hospital for treatment. we will stay on top of this and let you know tomorrow morning the very latest on this terrible crash on avalon road. ucf police say it is all hands on deck for donald trump's campus appears to -- appearance tomorrow. we will be there. police are treating security just as they would at a ballgame and they're getting help from surrounding agencies as well. trump people told us they are expecting 20,000 people to attend. the event start time was pushed back two hours to 2:30 p.m. because of a race in the area and because trump has a morning rally in kansas. you can count on us to bring you live coverage of tomorrow's rally. we will stream live on a website and you can watch it starting at 2:30 p.m. go to the homepage of . marco rubio was making a campaign stop in florida tomorrow.
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susana martinez are holding a rally in jacksonville. they will be at the roscoe shrine auditorium at the same time as trump. legislators who are supporting rubio plan to rally here tomorrow . nuisance 6:00, some video that shows unsanitary cleaning at a disney world resort. an eyewitness recorded this incident at the art of animation resort. you can see the worker using the mop on the floor and then using it to wipe the dining room tables. we are working to find out what type of action disney took against the employee and we will have that coming up later. the wife of a fallen orange county deputy is urging state lawmakers to pass legislation she says will help families who are going through tragedies like hers. deputy scott pyne was shot and killed in the line of duty two years ago. his widow says her husband's benefits are not enough for her
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is pushing for legislation that would increase the benefits of first responders families to 100% of their income rather than half. >> i would like to wring back their father but they can't do that. but something we can do is have this law changed so is can help my family and other families. >> the florida senate passed the change unanimously but the house attached to a two other provisions that the senate opposes which could table of . congressman karen brown is the subject of widespread speculation for for weeks we have been asking questions about a so-called charity called one door and its ties to the central florida congresswoman. with one of the people involved in that group agreeing to a plea deal today, more details could come to the surface soon. we have been uncovering details on this case for weeks. that investigates finding invitations to a golf tournament , inauguration festivities and receptions going back four years.
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congresswoman karen brown. emails show herself was involved in planning or at least aware of the happenings. we recently showed what we uncovered two former federal prosecutor brian phillips. >> the thing that jumped out of me would be a large volume of uses of the congressional seal on what looks like nonofficial congressional correspondence. >> reporter: today this news, carla wiley, the head of one door come a cut a deal to fill in the blanks in the case and will soon tell investigators where all of the money raised by one door actually went. wiley along with two other people who were only listed in the plea deal as a public official and a person who works for the public official or implicated in raising $800,000, paying out only one scholarship for $1000 and withdrawing $290,000 using that money for personal expenses. one door called itself a charity,
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opportunities. also according to the plea that same public official received $150,000 from one door for cost associated with events including money for a cake and alcoholic beverages. >> a reporter from jacksonville tweeted tonight that she called the congresswoman this evening for comment and brown hung up on her. new tonight, one of the siblings accused of stealing money from a girl scout has bonded out of jail. nicholas delridge and his sister ashley winters faced a judge on sunday they were both caught on surveillance camera at a downtown walmart stealing the cashbox from a 12-year-old girl scout. last night they turned themselves in winters is now back home after posting a $2500 bond. tonight the melbourne police department has numerals after two detectives got in trouble for drinking on the job. we uncovered an internal investigation that shows detectives ron anderson and eric gould about 212 packs and
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prostitution spring -- sting. anderson was suspended for 80 hours without pay. gould received a 40 hour suspension without pay. it was reassigned to patrol. this is by no means the way the police apartment operates. that is way the chief took a hard stance upon it. >> we asked why the detectives were not fired. officials told us those suspensions are the same as a major fine. officials also told us they added numerals to prevent this from happening again . we found out a children's dentist from ocala has opened an office in claremont after being accused of hurting his defrauding medicaid. michael tarver's medical license was suspended in a case involving a four euro girl who anesthesia. it has been reinstated. last year his ocala office was raided during an alleged medicaid fraud investigation. now he's running gulf stream
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states medicare did -- medicaid administrators say they have no record of a. a juvenile arrested in the dead. we told you about this last month. according to please 24-year-old jordan ingram and 46-year-old shootout. tonight police say juveniles facing first-degree murder charges in the case but they information about it. we will stay on top of this and try to dig up some more information. circling on facebook. and other social media site, claims his sex trafficking ring target a woman and her daughter at a target on norfork parkway in brevard county. this post says a man scopes them out in the store and another man asked them for help with his car in the parking lot. law enforcement in west melbourne, brevard and orange counties investigating these claims and have not found any evidence of a sex trafficking
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spacek successfully delivered a commercial communications satellite into orbit sniper the satellite will provide more coverage over southeast asia but an effort to land the first stage of the falcon nine rocket that lifted the satellite into space was a mess. the rocket landed hard on the drone ship. spacek's ceo tweeted we can expect this one to work but the next light has a good chance . starting monday drivers who use a stretch of garland avenue to get to and from work will have to find another route. that is when garland avenue from colonial drive to just before orange avenue will be closed for more than here. it is all part of the i-4 ultimate project for crews will build bridges and the on-ramp from colonial drive to the new and improved i-4. >> a critical point to make state road 50 better, flow better and work and start with easing congestion. >> it takes patients. if you normally take early northbound you can take magnolia avenue instead. if you normally take garland south you can take orange avenue to get around this construction.
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get updates on that project right on our website, a collaboration of nonprofits hopes to fill the citrus bowl with homeless people and change their lives on easter sunday. the group is hosting an event called he got up. organizers are working now to invite the homeless who are living in motels, cars, camps in the woods. during the event they will offer an easter sunday church service followed by food, health screenings, haircuts and job opportunities. you can see more of the orlando foundation on the central florida spotlight. it will air right here on channel 9 ride after eyewitness news at noon on sunday . a cleaning crew at a disney world resort was caught on camera mopping the floor. moments later using the same mop to wipe the dining room tables. >> it is discussed in. >> what we uncovered we searched the state inspection records.
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air and updating but another front is going to do to our weekend forecast. response of a former sheriff deputy when we asked
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(west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. we uncovered disturbing video of unsanitary cleaning practices as added -- at a disney world resort. the worker was coming camera using them up on the floors and
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>> this happened at the art of animation resort. we talk to the guest is all the dirty work. >> anybody with common sense can see that is unsanitary. >> reporter: jesse of california got out his cell phone and started recording. a member of the cleaning crew at disney world's art of animation resort can be seen mopping the floor. she then takes the same mop to wipe off restaurant. >> it was really disturbing that they're doing something like that and exposing us to diseases. there are thousands of people that walk those parts of day. >> reporter: areas complained the resort manager but it still bothered him. he started writing letters this week and never got a satisfying response. >> a spokesperson told me when they found out about the incident they immediately took action. they call it an isolated incident. disney tells me the woman in the video is not a cast member but rather she works for a third-party vendor and is no
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property. show the video to paul cook, a retired health inspector. he told us he is never seen anything like it. >> i would immediately close that place and have them come in and say you have to retrain your employees are properly cleaning, sanitizing, food service equipment, properly cleaning the floor. >> reporter: channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we searched records tonight and found only a few minor violations involving the art of animation resort since it opened in 2012. area. dozens of viewers are already at -- reacting to the story on facebook. you can weigh in on the conversation by going to . a formally county deputy fired for sleeping with a coworker's wife will not be getting his job back. phil buffington had nothing to today. told you yesterday buffington
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have a threesome with deputy shawn vance and his wife but ended up having an affair with vance's wife instead. a law enforcement expert told us accusations of sexual under the being dishonest or serious offenses. >> he will have a very difficult time to ever gets hired as a police officer or deputy again. >> buffington admitted having an inappropriate relationship which we learned violates the sheriff's office policy that bans employees from having a nonprofessional relationship with a coworker spouse. city leaders announced they have set aside about half million dollars for a one-year pilot program. we first told you about it yesterday. it is a partnership with uber that will save you some money. starting march 21 the city will pay 20% on a ride starts and ends density limits for 25% on a ride that starts or ends at the city central station. you can get the discount by downloading the uber app and entering the code altamont . right now daytona beach is packed with motorcycles as the
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this is main street. it is shaping up to be one of the biggest bike weeks ever. hopefully save as well. be careful. they are all across lucia and orange and seminole county's were thousands upon thousands of bikers have descended on daytona and it -- and thousands more are expected to show up. tourism officials say the annual event comes in more than economy. bike week ends sunday sunday, march 13. tonight they got to where there leather jackets. >> i got mine ready. >> [ laughing ] >> we have 40s on the map. here is the citrus bowl where on sunday afternoon it is going to be wild. orlando cities home opener. right now down to 56.
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dropped 220 between this afternoon and right now.: between now and the morning. 40s ocala. 55 in the villages. the nine new smyrna beach. low 60s in melbourne and calm -- and palm bay. by morning across orange counties low to mid 50s. 51 winter park. in marion county a little cooler. mid-40s from rainbow springs and ocala morning. the 40s will spread into northern sumter county and fruitland park and the villages. lake george, if you are in brevard county a little breezy along the beach right now. cocoa beach all the way down toward satellite beach with temperatures more mild than the rest of us in central florida. all in all a little cooler tonight. tomorrow we are back to 79 in orlando. sanford with a high tomorrow 76. a couple of things, not quite
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low to mid 70s up-and-down volusia and brevard county coastlines. that includes daytona beach. in flagler county we don't even hit the 70s. palm coast in the 60s all day. hour by hour the rain will stay offshore. clouds along the brevard county coastline in the morning and gradually spreading inland. plan on partly cloudy skies in orlando tomorrow afternoon. a front passes that will clears out on sunday. not calling us down too much. it will reinforce our dry weather. we had a little when this morning. no more rain for more than a week. that means sunday for the orlando city home opener things are looking great weatherwise. the kickoff temperature is 76. if you like the heat this is a summerlike weather pattern by the end of next week we are talking mid-to upper 80s. i'm going 88 next thursday and
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that means 90 isn't out of the question. you will want to stay tuned to the forecast over the next few days. for now we are okay in the five day forecast. this weekend looks wonderful. upper 70s each day.
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tonight orange county mayor teresa jacobs is refusing to discuss problems the county's new automated trash service. we have been telling above problems with that service
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here's an example. problems range from trash piling up outside homes to yard waste being left behind. yesterday we discovered newcomer fcc, one of the three companies taking care of trash pickup, is responsible for about half of these issues. reached out to teresa jacobs yesterday and today she called the problems operational issues that would not discuss them with us any further. drivers who use the beachline the orlando international airport can expect another seven nights of nightly lane closures. last night was the first night crews began shutting down lanes to the toll plaza as he worked to take it down. you can expect to see at least one lane closure every night of 8 pm until 6 am until next thursday night . in ormond beach mother whose toddler was run over the families suv is now facing charges of child neglect. we told you on tuesday the toddler was airlifted to the hospital following the incident. police say ashley wilson left the child inside her suv and winter break groceries. they say the boy shifted the
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suv and was run over. the child is expected to recover . the florida department of agriculture says it has shut down a timeshare scam that was stealing thousands from victims in kissimmee. investigators say francisco police would sell -- tell, rather, timeshare owners he had a renter for their property and would ask them to send money to cover taxes. however, he just took the money.& facing several charges including grant that . if you live in mount dora will probably save a few dollars on their -- on your electric bill. the city says the power cost of charge on your bill will decrease on april 1. for example, if you use 1000 kw per month is easy says you will save around five dollars per month. the city says the cost reduction is due to declining natural gas prices. lucia county beach rescue says is stepped up patrols in preparation for spring break season for beach rescue told us the area isn't quite the chaotic spring break spot it
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recurrent risk is low right now, but could increase over the weekend. be careful if you are going to hit the water. orlando magic owner rich devos turned 90 today.'s team is about to embark on a tough four-game road trip. tonight's game against phoenix is not want the magic afford to waste. the suns have lost 28 of the last 31 games. viktor was out with a back bruise. the magic heather ego bruised in the third quarter. price, the former musician with a block the rim. he sneaks around, rips it away from duane dedman and 70 fee later he dumps in the easy layup. sums up 21. starting the second half on a 17-2 run. in the fourth alex land doing whatever he wanted in the paint.
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rebounds later in the fourth offered peyton with a nice defense and theft and down but too little too late. too late. sums into a 17 game road. losing streak 102-84. >> the boys in blue are often the weekend but you can get your basketball fix with the nba on abc. dwight howard and houston rockets visiting the chicago bulls tomorrow night. tipoff at ajax 30 right here on channel 9. orlando city says there remaining for their season opener. those fans won't get to see cities new italian midfielder. the coach says it will have to beat real salt lake without them. antonio stepped off the plane at about 11 am, dozens of fans were there to show him the love. the lions acquired the 30-year- old midfielder from ac milan two weeks ago. he will only get one practice before sunday. the head coach said he will not be available for selection. however, orlando city could have
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21-year-old colombian twisted his ankle on tuesday. by his reaction it looked like it might be severe. he was back at practice today. as for the rest of the roster heading into this year, they have the one thing missing from 2015. >> the togetherness of the group is a lot further down the line. last year we have at 27 new players. this year we have four or five. everybody's comfortable in their surroundings. >> for more purple are stephen -- are season preview special, the game is at one:30 on sunday
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by 4:30 temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. it will be calm and quiet. also dry for saturday. here's the five day forecast. after cooler start the high tomorrow is 79. for orlando city's home opener on sunday, 77. we warm up and back to the 80s on tuesday. >> tonight eyewitnesses this morning tomorrow starting at 5:00 for live coverage of the major stories from overnight.
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what did you think of j-law's dress? which white people did you go after, bro? >> chris, over here, talk to us! >> jimmy, jimmy kimmel, what are you doing out here? >> jimmy: my mom got me this camera, i figured i'd get a few shots. >> don't you have the "after the oscars" special tonight? >> jimmy: yeah, but -- did you get a gift basket? can i get some of that


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