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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday at Noon  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: the presidential hopeful showed up with a few of his usualum? >> s [ cheering and applause ] >> we will build the wall! who's gonna pay for the wall! [ cheering and applause ] >> protestors instrumented trump more than a dozen times, holded doctored signs. in one
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sign and threw it at candidate. >> get out of here. >> reporter: outside, more protestors spoke up. >> everything he says, he is baiting hate spooech. he is preach -- speech. he is telling us to hate people who aren't us. >> reporter: inside trump thanks the police for restoring order, and told floridians he will do something to help. >> you can hear more from the protestors at today's rally. in line of trump's rally, two local lawmakers are warning residents not to fall for trump's antics. they say trump is a con artist with a string of
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the country better . he says trump is attempting to scam florida voters like he scammed those who signed up for trump university. >> conservatism is not how loud can you be, how many ridiculous things can you say on television. that is not conservatism. >> rubio will be campaigning in tampa on monday. ted cruz has won the kansas caucuses, moving onto the doubles now, hillary clinton -- democrats now, hillary clinton is hoping to shrink bernie
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>> reporter: the 74-year-old stirl has huge crowds, and getting lots of donations, but also needs to start winning some delegates. >> bring your neighbors and friends and cork woerz. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: there are fwiks up for grabs in halaand kansas, where sanders stopped. hillary clinton is taking ache at her republican rival, along with her husband. >> i don't what to call it, i guess debate. >> it was like watching a 6th grade recess fight. i didn't know what to make of that deal. i was speechless. >> reporter: and while some democrats welcomed the spectacle that they are turning away from the controversy, there is cause
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irk voters to -- democratic voters to participate . >> orange and lake counties have already been accepting early ballots. voters who are already registered only may custody a blood in the primaries. a woman behind burs after stheefs -- bars after she was drunk and partly cloudy try campers and cars this morning. >> reporter: of the wents we spoke to -- witnesses we spoke how
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path of destruction slamming into rv's, cars, and people. it was just after 2:00 am when these two fans were heading back to their camp site when they saw a blacks purp headings toward them -- black pickup heading forward toward them. >> she saturday -swiped the back of that rv, that white car, pushed that trailer into that monitored home. >> reporter: two admonish r admonish people were -- two more people were hit. she careevened into -- careern the into more-- careened into more vehicles. snoop it was right where he were standing. >> reporter: we got a hold of
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told an officer she had three beers . >> it was pretty bad. >> reporter: all four victims have been released from the hospital. trials have been set for three men accused of gunning down a woman outside of a nightclub. investigators say they are responsible for the
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three men who pointed a gun at a 2-year-old during a robbery have been granted bond . detectives say voss tried to rob two women. the women fought back. voss ran into a nearby getaway kaufr. the women -- car. the women chased the car and rammed it. troopers are investigating a crash that killed two people in orange county. neither one was wrashg a seatbelt -- wearing a seatbelt. the driver of the vehicle is robert hughes from winter garden. he ran a stop
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next week downtown orlando will have another road closure. garland avenue will be shut down from colonial drive to orange arrive and it will be chosed for more than eye year -- a year . >> if you travel northbound, you should take magnolia for an alternate. if you travel, southbound, you should take orange avenue. >> drivers can also expect the intermittent road closures to continue. you can get updates on our website. police need your help trying to identify the man who
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dropped the money outside the frovenlt door -- front door. that man had a note that suggested he had a gun. another customer found the money nip some bushes -- in some bushes. one of the people accused of stealing a cash box had his bond revoked. he was initially granted bond, but it's been taken away. he and his sister stole the cash box from a 12-year-old girl scout last where could. orange county still some lane closures. at the toll plaza airport thursday. there
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a warning about a scam hitting parts ever central florida in which one woman was duped out of sthnds of dollars. and -- thousands and of dollars. details on the season opener and the newest addition. >> as the sun goes down, another cool front. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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a woman says she lost hundreds of dollars after falling for an irs scam. >> reporter: she says it started with a voicemail and ended with depose pulling her over, just moments after she
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get back. this woman was embarrassed to give us her name. >> i am really gullible. >> reporter: someone claiming to be with the irs in virginia left her a message. she called back, and the person told her she owed the feds money. >> you have to go to court on the 8th of march. and they're coming for you now, or they'll take you to jail. >> reporter: she wired the cash to the person on the phone who she now says was nothing but a con artist. >> i should have hung up. i should have known. >> reporter: the scammer on the no one told her because she took too long to send the money, she needed to wire over another $6,000. but that's when deputies stepped in and pulled her over after her husband called them and told them he was worried. >> thank god he called and got
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>> reporter: the sheriff's office and titusville police are checking the status of this investigation. a major national story. los angeles police are saying they deny that knife that was found at oj simpson's former estate was the murder weapon. the knife will still be examined for dna evidence. it was reportedly found in 1998 . the proposal would require the cdc to issue new guidelines for prescribing it the drugs. it could also ask the fda to pull its approval of oxycontin for
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a parent who lost a child to cancer says it should still be an option for children in pain. >> the tendency to regulate sometimes means you overregulate. and by overregulating, you're creating another problem. >> the senate is likely to vote next week. drivers need to know about an important street closure this weekend. construction continued for a new trail and pedestrian bridge on garden street. it will be shut down from draw to canaveral avenue while the work continues. the second phase is expected to be finished tomorrow. therein 24 hours before orlando city soccer club holds its first game of the season. the players had their last practice yesterday.
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welcomed their new midfielder. the fans don't expect him to see action tomorrow. heel be presented with his jersey during halftime. the weather could be really nice for it. >> terrific weather. just a bit of a breeze, otherwise perfect. you can see that here at daytona beach, north wind approaching 20 miles per hour. see this crowd here in front of the city hall, this is part of wmmoee dealt concert -- downtown concert series.
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70s in orlando and kissimmee. 60s alongside the coastline. and we have that breezy northeast wind . 50s by morning. no rain in the forecast. we'll have a lot of sunshine. palm coast, orlando, the western zone, you'll drop to upper 40s overnight. you can see we stay in the low 50s by monday. orange county, downtown, winter garden.
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you'll be at 49 for tomorrow morning. same thing for the villages. tomorrow with a lot of sunshine, we warm back to 77 in orlando and clairemont. upper 60s in daytona beach. bike week, 71. the only thing, the winds out of the north, 10, 20 miles per hour . late next week, south wind. upper 80s. here's your 5-day. the weekend always nuview. a couple of nice days ahead. by tuesday, the low 80s. and by thursday, 87 degrees.
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orlando city, coincidenting the hours. >> and the tickets. fewer than 4,000 away from selling out the sifrom us bowl -- citrus bowl. a 19-year-old will be in the starting 11. tochly redding. -- tommy redding. this kid is good. antonio was at practice for the first time today. the taenl star
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the gaper still has high expectations. >> everything was new at this time last year. so we're breerped for that -- prepare forward that. looking forward to it. >> orlando city's second annual pub withdrawal is wrapping up downtown. pregame coverage starts at 1:30 tomorrow. victor oladipo, missed the magic's humiliating loss last night. good enough to participate in practice today. the rockets are in chicago. dwoird trying to keep his -- dwight howard trying to keep his team in the playoff race. florida state finishing the
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five minutes ago, the 2-handed finish, with 32 left, orange still hanging around. after a missed three that would have tied it, the x man comes through! game-listening layup. they'll be the 11th seed in the acc tournament. 7th ranked hurricanes needing a win and a north carolina loss to clinch the season title. virginia tech didn't want to play along. knocks down one of his five threes in the 2nd, miami trying to climb back in it. -- -- hurricanes only down 6. miami fall (donkey sound)
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welcome to "world news tonight." super saturday. five states voting and the early results are coming in. tensions rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans are eating their own. >> republicans teaming up to take down one man. keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone has to stand up and punch them back. >> at this trump rally -- >> but are donald trump and hillary clinton now on track to win it all? the fbi closing in on the band of thieves who made off with millions. new details on their high-tech heist, how they tracked the


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