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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  ABC  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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ucf just got a major victory in their push to build another campus. now there is one final step before millions of dollars are on the way for big expansion in downtown orlando. the provost ucf downtown campus is one step closer to reality. we just learned state lawmakers have agreed to set aside millions for ucf proposed project. ty russell is live downtown orlando. state lawmakers have just
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>> reporter: that is exactly what university leaders were hoping for. the fight for funding to build this is not over yet. governor. scott has the final say . eyewitness news has learned state budget negotiators have agreed to set aside $20 million for the proposed ucf downtown campus but the university leaders sent us a statement about it it reads quote we are thankful for the legislative support for ucf downtown. state budget leaders met on a sunday in hopes of both sides disagreements since the legislative session is scheduled to end friday picked move today. last week we told you the florida board of governors approved a less expensive version of the plan vetoed by governor. rick scott last summer. this one relies heavily on private donations and money from ucf along with the $20 million from the state. budget and governor.
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>> university leaders have not set a date for groundbreaking. they tell us they want to wait until lawmakers pass the state budget. this project is scheduled to be completed in 2018. live in downtown orlando, ty russell, china when it -- channel 9 eyewitness news. last week we told you the university's current plan cost less than the one governor. scott vetoed last year the city leaders tell us they are confident the project will be approved this time . >> our conversations with the governor have been that he is supportive. >> university will work to keep getting private donors to contribute to the plan. >> following breaking news out of daytona beach tonight. police investigating a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. mike manzoni got to the scene at the same time as investigators. you spoke with police about what happened. >> reporter: investigators tell me this is not a hit-and-run. they say the driver stopped. it -- he is cooperating with police.
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burger king behind me. traffic is flowing along north nova road. police had to shut it down for nearly 2 hours between mason avenue and brentwood drive. let's take you to video we shot when we got here picked this happened before 8:00 tonight when we showed up, we saw a person in the road and debris scattered across the roadway. we were there when crime scene investigators arrived and started taking photos. we did not see the driver or the vehicle that hit the man. police tell me that is unclear if the driver will face any charges. we will stay in touch with the investigators overnight and bring you new details on eyewitness news this morning starting at 5:00. live in daytona beach, mike manzoni, channel 9 eyewitness news . >> we put in calls to orange county investigators get more information about a man police say they has hiv and is accused of engaging in a sex act with a child.
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junior went before judge orange county jail. he has a list of charges including sexual battery on a child and lewd and lascivious molestation on a victim between the age of 12-15. records show the incident november. when we get details we will update the story. race is heating up. bernie sanders is expected to win the maine caucuses with more than 60 percent support. the candidates just racked up the seventh debate in flint michigan. the city were struggling since the water systems were contaminated with lead and both candidates are calling for the state's governor to step down amid the crisis. >> at the end of the day, i will trust the people to create a government that works for them rather than wall street or corporate america. >> i want us to have an absolute commitment to getting rid of the lead wherever it is because it is not only in water
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soil and lead paint found mostly in older homes. >> throughout the debate, candidates clashed over topics including gun control, the auto industry bailout, and ties to wall street. marco rubio won the primary to puerto rico but we as the presidential hopeful about his recent losses and other primaries. the senator has been on the ground in florida rallying voters and hope to -- hoping to win in his home state if he win florida the campaign is reset. rubio said he is the only one that can save the republican party and turn the country around. >> i'm running for president because i honestly believe this country needs to change direction. we need a positive, optimistic conservative to unite the republican party and the country and movers ahead after eight years of barack obama. >> rubio told us if he does not win the presidential -- presidency he will leave politics. you can see him in person tomorrow night at his rally in sanford at the airport. florida primary tuesday march florida primary tuesday, march
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keep track of all politics and came pains by downloading our wftv news app co. the accused daytona beach bank robber who ditched the money outside of the bank is behind bars but we haven't showing you this video wells fargo seabreeze boulevard yesterday. detectives say the man wearing the blue cap is anthony williams, 44, arrested earlier today. detectives say he stashed the money he stole in the bushes outside the front door of the bank. a shakeup at the ocala police department. two sardis have been devoted following two separate investigations. 27-year-old better at mitchell is a patrol officer after being accused of racial profiling and making inappropriate remarks also sergeant. scott wrote demoted after accusations of having a relationship with a subordinate officer. 1000 drivers who use garland avenue in downtown
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another route starting tomorrow. garland avenue from colonial drive to just before orange avenue will be shut down for more than one year as part of the i 4 ultimate project. crews will be building bridges and an omron from colonial drive to i 4. >> to make state road 50 better, flow better and ease congestion. we act reconstruction state road 50, it is a huge road for i 4. >> magnolia avenue and orange avenue will get you around the construction and we have you covered throughout the entire i 4 ultimate project to go to and click on the i 4 ultimate link in the traffic section. orange county deputies say they are not sure yet whether a dark-colored suburban could be connected to a shooting last night. >> you heard some gunfire starting at 11 at mr. gyro's. law enforcement was on scene
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complaint when the shots rang out. the shots reportedly came from behind the business. shortly afterward, the suburban in question was seen speeding away. and amber alert out of miami for a one-year-old boy has been canceled. within the past -- past few hours investigators called off the search. the woman caring for the tiger says his mother does not have custody and took him overnight. firefighters to try to figure out what sparked the fire that spread to two storage units in orlando. the two units caught fire at michigan's feet. eyewitnesses say they thought they black smoke coming from the building before 6:00. they quickly put out the fire and no one was hurt. she may be gone but the lasting legacy of former first lady nancy reagan will never be forgotten. the wife and confidant of president ronald reagan died today at her home in california. she was known for being fiercely loyal to her husband and wielding her influence
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house and across the country. >> nancy reagan died in her california home sunday morning. a family spokesman says heart failure was the cause. she remains spry in stylish to begin and grinning at her 94th birthday party last a medical step son michael a tweeting that hurts mother is where she always wanted to be with her running. condolences pouring in. barbara bush writing, code, we take comfort that they will be reunited once more. from former california governor, arnold schwarzenegger as well. >> she was one of the greatest first ladies, extraordinary human being. >> well-wishers dropping off flowers. those close pulling into the family estate sunday to pay respects followed by a hearse. the reagans have been living at this home for a quarter of a century pick this is the same place where ronald reagan died 12 years ago. nancy was his -- as devoted to him as an life. it was at this great site this minute -- image was taken. year after year visiting the
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2014. >> california's governor atty. gen. pam bondi one of several state officials who issued statements first lady today. she said apart, call, today our nation lost a great woman who served our country with compassion and grace. nancy reagan was a true public servant. covering marion county, troopers are trying to get to the bottom of a deadly crash along 182nd avenue. this afternoon. 1:00. state troopers say the driver of a motorcycle dana peterson of palm beach county lost control of the bike and was ejected. no one else was hurt and no other vehicles involved. orange county deputies, we are asking them about what may have killed a person at a homeless camp. investigators responding to a wooded area near the
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the victim did not wake up after drinking with friends at deputies have not released the person's identity. orlando city's first game of their second season is in the books. >> i walked out to put these out and they are taking off my hands. >> what vendors say the games are bringing to orlando besides the crowds. central florida enforces business it has been so good it needs to expand and the impact the upgrades could have on taxpayers. 48 and deland right now. i'm updating how much farther temperatures fall by morning
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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more than 60,000 people packed into the citrus bowl for orlando city season opener today. not only was it an exciting event for spans -- for fans as roy ramos found out it was a big boost for the bottom line. >> we love soccer. most of all, now, we love orlando city parks thousands across central florida came together for orlando city soccer club's home opener in the second season in major league soccer. fan fest us at the citrus bowl was in full force as fans filed in two packed the stadium. >> we sit in the support section where the most happens. yelling. >> 60,147 fans filled the ball while many look for a win with the key players like kaka san antonio know to be known out.
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off a tie in the final sections -- second of the game with about a score 2-2 against real salt lake. >> we are here to support the entire team. >> reporter: support has proven to be an economic boost for the city of orlando. we watched as fans stood intricate lines to make their way in and merchandise fly off the racks. >> i did not get a chance to put them up. people are grabbing them. >> not only does it bring the money to orlando, but it brings notoriety to the game and the city and that is what we want. >> reporter: roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news . >> the teens texting is friday, 7 pm at the chicago fire at the citrus bowl. highlights of the match for you later in sports. officials are expected to announce 4 new nonstop flight in orlando sanford international airport. we told you the airport has plans to expand over the next few years. the ceo wants to add new domestic gates and an expected
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officials say most of that will be covered by fees collected from plane tickets and $9 million coming from taxes. the expansion is to be approved by the faa. two men who walked away from a plane crash are doing fine tonight after landed on a golf course. you can see the small plane damaged a wing when it came down at the separatist group country club yesterday. the 18-year-old pilot and his hurt. the plane left lakeland and experienced mechanical problems while on the way to manatee county. -- >> we did not know the plate of the basic it was all right i did not hit the plane. i was worried about that. >> it was taken apart and hold off several hours after the emergency landing. the faa is looking into what caused the mechanical problem. the search and rescue mission for a texas man who
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we told you last night about 46- year-old david mossman who fell about 100 feet from the deck of the navigator of the seas yesterday morning. the coast guard is using a helicopter and plane to try to find him. they are searching twice the square nautical miles as yesterday. florida senate expected to take a final vote on a bill that legalizes full strength medical marijuana for terminally ill patients. the state house approved the measure revamping a 2014 law that made non-euphoric cannabis available to patients with cancer or chronic seizures that the game bogged down legal challenges. three more families of workers who died when the cargo ship el faro sank have settled cases with the ship's owner. the ship sank in the bahamas during hurricane joaquin in october. in a series of hearings, the us coast guard try to determine whether anyone was negligent. the owner of the ship has settled with 14 families of the 33 crew members who died. one crew member was from in central florida.
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helping to wrap up a second phase of a project and titusville. and the trail and pedestrian bridge are being built on the street. that roadway has been shut down from drawer road to canaveral avenue. today was gorgeous. hours. >> deland dropped 24 degrees from this afternoon to now, degrees. in the upper 40s. >> that is wetter weather. >> lake helen, ore city, northern neighborhoods, deltona in the upper 40s now. 54 sanford, 50 orlando, low 60s kissimmee. it is not far. the spread from 40 to 60 up-and- down i 4. 60s a brevard county. time lapse of the sun setting. the temperatures tanked. one more daylight today,
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get warmer. cool morning temperatures as you had to work in the morning, deland, de leon springs, nor county, ocala, bellevue, the villages in the upper 40s. claremont, 49 early morning temperature. titusville, sanford, orlando, 53, 54, 55, 56. to begin with brian shields 577 -- 5 am-7 am. 75 lunchtime. no rain but one difference, more cloud cover especially in the morning. if you were out for long periods of time along the beach, daytona beach, cocoa beach, it was windy. not as gusty tomorrow but we will have an east wind. near 80 clermont. daytona beach cooler. high temperatures in the low 70s along falluja in flagler county coastlines. high temperatures, upper 70s and downtown orlando, ocoee,
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visit, hunter's creek, 78. seminole county, 74 tomorrow, winter springs, 76, longwood, 77, lake mary, magnolia plantation, 76. cooler temperatures daytona beach in new smyrna, low 70s and gustier on the beach in volusia county. high pressure keeping us dry all week. not until the weekend we see a chance for rain. temperatures will be the warmest on thursday and friday. the southeast winds will pick up later this week. that will help to warm us up and you see this front approaching as it does, we will have a chance for scattered rain on saturday and sunday. temperatures, 87 on thursday, 86 on friday, and we stay fairly warm in the five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. on saturday and sunday, 30 percent chance for afternoon rain each day. tomorrow looks good. back to the 80s on tuesday.
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game, see details on that on next on eyewitness news, major changes in the works for state employees insurance costs. the plan that will call forward is to pay higher premiums. getting ready for monday morning, brian shields, tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, we will track changes to the weather pattern
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central florida congressman john mica addressing plans for orange county. start tomorrow evening at 5:30 was because the university club of winter park the n. park avenue. he is going to focus on the efficiency of lynx bus services and plans for upcoming sunrail stations. he will discuss the i 4 ultimate project and improving roadway safety for pedestrians and cyclists. you will be able to add your input on ideas to expand the 408 this week on tuesday. residents will be able to meet with central florida expressway authority leaders to talk about possible expansion plans. the idea is to expand the expressway to state route 520. develop as an extension is needed to help local roads to handle heavy traffic as the community grows. the meeting starts at five the back is . felt the church colonial dr., orlando. thousands of high-ranking state workers will continue to keep low health insurance premiums including governor. rick scott while lower ranking workers will have to pay five
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an agreement has been made on the benefits package for high- ranking employees at little more than eight dollars a month family coverage will run about $30 per month. that is much less than lon exec -- nonexecutive or average state workers who will pay $50 a month for individual coverage coverage. we may be getting more clues about missing malaysian airlines flight 370. amanda found part of the winnings last july found another item in the same spot. he turned over this piece yesterday to officials on the french island of reunion. this latest discovery came days after an american found a plane parked on another coast of the indian ocean. tuesday, march 2 years since the jetliner disappeared with 239 people aboard. a scuba diver is suing power found it -- florida light after being -- after being stuck between intake. of south florida resident says
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your port st. lucie last summer when he was suddenly sucked into the pipe. he says he tumbled through it for five minutes thinking he was going to die from a massive blade. >> you just gone. it would kill me. i contemplated, do i pull the regulator out of my mouth just die? >> he says the pipe eventually spit him out into a pond at the nuclear plant. he fbl says the diver visibly warning people to stay away. florida bar creating a new way to help young adults navigate the legal system. officials just released a mobile app. the idea is to help people being charged as adults crimes signing contracts and laws concerning worker safety for those new to the workforce. osceola county will start a new $5 million renovation on the library tomorrow. the buenaventura lakes branch in kissimmee will be closed tomorrow. set to reopen in the middle of april. you can pick up holds at the
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renovating the poinciana branch on april 15. thousands of fans started leaving the citrus bowl before the end of the game. those missed a once-in-a- lifetime finished similar to last year's season opener. no kaka out with a strained hamstring. 60,000 fans in house close to matching last year's record. picking it up in the second half, both playing with 10 men, real salt lake, of 1-0. drop plot of making the run to the back post making it to have his or rsl. orlando city in serious trouble, the crowd start to leave for the few minutes to go which was mistake, 94th minute, brek shea, kyle where, reigning rookie of the year put the top corner and less than a minute later, colossal launches of the ball. adrian winter at the other end.
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city gets the two-to draw. it's a great feeling i want to say thank you for all of the support today, thank you for the energy to fight until the 95 minute scoring at 2-2. >> we scored he came back and it was coming the crowd was there from the first to the last minute and i got my first one and the team was ready we pushed forward. >> the next game for orlando is friday, they will not have daron wint -- darwin sharon budd this guy antonio low to middle receiving a kid from the silver and halftime. the 30-year-old italian midfielder spent his career playing in europe. in italy's top lake. a quick reminder, season debut of the brand-new weekly show orlando city insider this saturday at 10:30 p.m. on wrdq central florida's tv 27. it will be fun.
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