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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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only made it a few blocks before realizing there was a child in the backseat. >> it's any parent nightmare a child taken by a complete stranger. this morning it happened to a daytona beach mother taking her 12-year-old daughter to school. she called 911 when she noticed her car with her child inside was gone. >> my daughter is in the backseat. that's what i am concerned about. >> police say the 12-year-old was sleeping in the backseat when the mother stopped at a relative's home to pick up another child. a neighbor that talked to the mom said she left the child for only a few minutes. >> it happened quickly. she went up there to get a kid and when see came back the car was gone. >> the suspect stopped at the eagle park apartments. the man jumped out and ran east. investigators believe the suspect noticed the child in the backseat. >> when the child woke up, he said that i'm going to take you back to your mom, i'm going to
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>> instead the child was left alone unharmed. >> police got in contact with her by cell phone. and she told them where she was. police don't have much to go on in this case but we will give you what they do have. they are looking for a black male with gold teeth, a mohawk and he was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and capri jeans. we will let you know when they track him down. blaine tolison, channel 9 eyewitness news. right now i-4 east in volusia county is experiencing some huge delays after motorcyclist was hit by a semi. he was riding with three other bikers when one of them dropped something and that person stopped and crossed into traffic to pick it up and that's when he was hit. it happened before 2:00 in the lake helen area.
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are concerns about skimming devices and why criminals are targeting gas stations now. >> when you go to the gas station you will find a machine with this kind of reader that you swipe your car and eventually the gas stations will have to get more secure readers that read an embedded chip. until then the these are trying to steal as many as credit card numbers as they can. >> with the swipe of a car your credit card can hand up into the wrong hands. >> it shut my bank account for two months. >> he believes it was stolen, the information last year at the shell station. the same where a skimmer was discovered. the numbers are stolen and sold to someone else.
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gas station in orlando. >> zack says the port sane john neighborhood facebook blew up with people warning about a possible skimming device. deputies believe they are hitting the gas stations hard because they will be the last to get the upgraded readers and the crooks want to cash in now. we don't know how many victims had their information captured on the skimming device on this pump but this is a fairly gas station with cars in and out the day. brevard county jeff deal, eyewitness news. gas stations are supposed to upgrade by 2017. in brevard county that is not the only county that has a seen a spike in this. there were several in osceola county. we saw a kissimmee officer owner gas pump in the city in an effort to keep customers safe and they told us they plan
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as of today florida has a new law that changes the way convicted felons are sentenced to death. it gives juries more power and makes them the ultimate dives. jorge estevez has been following the story since lawmakers pass the law. this ultimately changes a judge's role during death penalty cases. >> reporter: before a judge only recommended wetted the person should be put to death and the judge made the final decision. now it is up to a jury and only ten need to agree, not the full 12 leaving them with a lot of power. >> the new law requires at least ten of the 12 jurors to recommend a death sentence and scratch the current language saying that judges notwithstanding the recommendation of a majority of the jury can determine the final sentence. >> the death penalty is a solemn duty of the governor. >> governor scott signed the law after supreme court struck down the current statute as
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state allows judges rather than juries to make that call. >> i think about the families. a lot of families have reached out to me. they want closure. >> prior to today, a jury had less power. >> the only thing you got from the jury was a vote that recommended death or life imprisonment. >> but now the former chief judge perry that is the legal analyst says the new law changes that and diminishes the judge's role in deciding life or death. so this law applies to cases forward, right? but there is uncertainty, will this apply to the 400 florida death cases pending decided prior. we will have more on that story at 5:00. this afternoon state health officials say there are two new cases of the zika virus here in florida. the cases were reported in miami-dade. that includes four pregnant
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the location of those women have not been announced. today the governor announced fidelity information services is expanding and creating 250 new jobs in jacksonville. its one of the world leading financial firms. governor scott says the tax cuts create the right climate for job growth. with the florida primary 8 days away senator marco rubio is making his way across the sunshine state hoping to win over the undecided voters. he is in tampa right now and marco rubio will make his way to central florida for a rally in central florida. he was urged to drop out of the race following a poor showing in primaries and caucuses but ty russell spoke with marco rubio and he says that he is not going anywhere. >> reporter: and greg he still has plans to come to central florida and speak.
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this airport hangar in sanford. now two hours ago marco rubio tweeted supporters will hear solutions but one of his opponents unleashed a war of wars. and donald trump worth marco rubio is scalping florida and he is a light weight and dishonest. this past saturday marco rubio failed to win any states during primary voting. marco rubio has 151 delegates. he needs nearly 1100 more to clench the nomination. but after a poor showing for marco rubio saturday. trump called him to jump up but marco rubio won puerto rico and he hopes that will boost him in florida. he says he is not leaving the race. >> it is part of the game that people play. the bottom line is i have as good of a chance as anybody else in this race.
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rubio about allegations that he is a no show in senate. now coming up at five. why marco rubio says that is not true. live in sanford, ty russell. if you are not able to watch marco rubio's speech we will post it on republicans fighting defendant's are trying everything to derail the front runtedder including airing ads targeting trump university. >> ads have started to pop up. we are asking analysts what type of effect it could have. federal lawmakers are turning their attention to the heroin epidemic.
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attackalling opiates and heroin misuse. here in orange county we have been telling you about the efforts from the sheriff's office. they are equipped with an anecdote to confront the judge. last year 82 people died from overdoses. heroin doses are supposed to increase next year. police are waiting to the extradition of a who took off with her child forcing officials to issue an amber alert. logan hernandez was located. she took off despite not having custody. charges against her are pending. thousands of drivers had to find a new way to get to work now that garland avenue is closed. here is a live look. we told you garland avenue would be shut down between colonial andom avenue part of
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it will be closed for year. bridges will be built to the improved i-4. investigators say a convicted felon opened fire on a car with children inside. that sounds like a mad man out on our streets. why investigators believe the family wasn't the real target. >> new for four. drivers were caught off guard by bills from the central florida expressway authority. the changes could increase the tolls if your account is not updated. the one signature that could be a difference between breaking ground and heading back to the drawing board. i am looking into some of
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the forecast.
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eyewitness news at four. coverage you can count on. the future of the new ucf campus in downtown orlando understand the hands of governor scott. lawmakers approved a plan to set aside $20 million but the governor has denied the request once before. we spoke to the governor and angela jacobs reports he didn't give hints as to what he plans to do this time. >> on paper it looks like everything could be falling in line for the proposed downtown campus here but the man that has the final say, the governor that vetoed the plan is not showing his cards. it will still be a wait to find out whether this million dollar plan becomes reality for a downtown ucf campus. lawmakers must sign off on a proposed state budget setting aside 20 million-dollars to the project jet. we caught up with governor scott in jacksonville and he will have
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>> i know it has gone through the board of governors meeting. >> scott vetoed a plan last year but when there was a less expensive version and relying on more on private money and after lawmakers suggested that budget, university leaders showed their gratitude when they said we are thankful for the legislative support for u c f downtown where governor scott stands on the issue is still anybody's guess. if and when ucf downtown campus gets that final stamp of approval from the governor, the university hopes to start construction here in 2018. reporting in orlando, angela jacobs. channel the news. we reached out to mayor dire's office for anything but have not heard back yet. storms fueled once again by el nio have brought deadly weather to parts of california
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two drivers died in sacramento after being caught in rising floodwaters. heavy rain and strong winds downed power lines that blocked the records and damaged homes. the el nio storms have led to landslides that left some homes, look at this and condos and apartments on the edge of a cliff, wow. don't look down. >> so far the 50th annual bike week is no fatal crashes. florida highway patrol says it has been safe this year. troopers say there were no fatal crashes. we are monitoring one crash that happened along i-4 in volusia county. but that appears to be a motorcyclist that got off the bike. they remain cautiously optimistic. there are thousands of bikers in and around daytona beach. be careful, they are everywhere. it is start of the spring break season and here is a live look at daytona beach and you can see from the flags it is pretty breezy out there right now. the national weather service says there was an extreme rip
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water temperatures are cold so you may not want to go in. rescue urges anyone to venture out in the water to be cautious and swim near a life guard tower. but abundant sunshine. >> we have a lot of the visitors from out of state and they may go in the water. so that's an alert for them. >> it's our version of the polar plunge. breezy but check it out. down orlando high serous clouds and temperatures are in the low to mid-70s depending on your location. 75 in orlando, kissimmee, st. cloud and sanford and 71 in daytona beach. if you are in ocala. 79 degrees. some of the warmest weather is in the inland here. sumpter, lake and marion counties. all near 80s. now if you are wondering the warmest we have been in orlando is 84 but by thursday i'm going for 86.
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air this year be by the end of the week. mid 60s by ten p.m. in the 60s for most of the night. but in ocala things will be cooler. notice we will drop in the 50s after ten p.m. and in palm bay and melbourne will be more mild. temperatures will bottom out in the low to mid 60s by morning. pick out your location on the map. this is what the temperature will be right before sunrise. 56 in daytona beach and palm coast. and deltona around 57. tomorrow a little warmer. many of us will hit 80s. you are most likely to hit that if you are west or south of orlando. but many neighborhoods within the metro will hit that. daytona beach and new smyrna beach 74 and at cocoa beach, 75 will be the high temperatures. and it only gets warmer from
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we are at 86 and friday 86 and saturday we will stay warm through next weekend as we wait for our next front. here is the setup. you see the high, that high is sinking air. has air sinks it warms and dry and difficult to get rain in that pattern so we are stuck without rain through friday. the southeast wind will warm us up. the next front behind me and it will approach on saturday and sunday. the timing of the front is up on the air. so it looks like saturday or for a quick round of showers and thunder. i don't think we will get rain on both days. a reminder on saturday night you lose an hour of weekend. this will be the shortest weekend of the year you can say clocks ahead saturday night. all right. this week if you are going to the beaches, dangerous rip
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and they are headed towards the beaches, give them the heads up if they plunge in the cool water. it will be choppy as well. here is the five-day forecast. there it is, the warmup and dry weather all the way through friday. and we will get a little windier and the 30% chance for rain on saturday and sunday and temperatures will stay warm. the icon on friday's forecast. the next orlando city again. >> osceola county commissioners are expected to review tougher rules for which organizations receive county grants. coming up, why one commissioners says the rules are not strict enough. a measure to increase security could end up costing you on at the tolls. coming up, the information you need to update to make sure you won't be over charged. the man winterpark police knew he had hiv and had sex
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you will want to make sure your e pass is up-to-date. expressway authority would let you know when your account is low. drivers. >> so when i went through sun refilling like i expected. >> in early january kevin hall mark got a new chip card. he didn't realize it was not paying tolls as expected because the red and green indicators lights were gone. >> i have four unpaid tolls for 375 and if there had been indicators on there i would have noticed the issue and filled up my sun pass immediately. >> it wasn't until he got this bill in the mail from the central florida expressway authority that he realized what happened. >> they put $3.40 fee and when i saw the lights were missing and the chip cards coming out i saw a potential for a lot of customers to get burned.
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account balance is low but that means you could still go through tolls with a negative balance. >> what you were charged was almost doubled. >> it was only 35 cents left for the fees and then the actual tolls. it's going to cost you ten cents per toll and three dollars per mailed invoice. the fees are small but when multid by thousands of drivers they add up. >> there are a lot of customers that will pay a lot more because cfpolk county chose to remove the lights. >> officials say to make sure you don't get charged make sure your account is up-to-date with credit card and license plate information. reporting in orlando, ja nay norman. we found out the expressway authority is working on a way to minimize the fees that do
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still ahead. donald trump's real estate school is under fire in a series of new ads. at trump university, we teach success. what we found when we looked into the claims of whether donald trump was a fraud lent company. and orange county officials say duke energy installed the wrong lights. how the mistake cost taxpayers big time. a family of four was
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first place. >> this is channel 9 eyewitness news at four. coverage you can count on. this man has been arrested more than two dozen times. and investigators say his most recent arrest was after he opened fire on a car with children inside. >> that is sad because you never know who you could have
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>> we are asking if there is anything can be done to keep him behind bars. >> the gunman thought somebody else was in the car. >> and since the suspect is a convicted felon he should have never had a gun at all. the shooting happened on pearl street near 436 in altamonte springs. tim barber is there right now. it is amazing that no one was hurt. >> four people were in that car. the car was driving right up pearl street here and when they got to this intersection the bullet starting flies. 11 shots were fired. five of which hit the car. >> looking at mario hall's mug shot it is easy to understand why his nickname is scar face. eyewitness news dug through his history and this scar face has been labeled a dangerous drug dealer time and time again. investigators say that on february 28th hall opened fire just a block from state road
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detectives believe that hall was targeting a man in a white nissan that he had a beef with. instead a family of four was driving the sedan. 11 shots were fired sending all of them ducking for cover. it's amazing that no one was hurt. the victims were not home but the neighbors say that gunfire is not unique in this neighborhood. >> come home one morning and i saw about ten cop car. it is a dangerous area here. >> reporter: we also found out the suspect was in a court ordered gp s monitor for another previous case. i'm digging into that case for eyewitness news at 5:00. reporting live in altamonte springs, in seminole county. tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news. a florida teen's escape from a kidnapper caught on cam. the suspect drove up to the 13-
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suv and asked if she was walking home from school when she ignored him he got out to grab her and she pushed back and screamed as we see on the video she ran for her lifeway she did was exactly the right thing. the kicking and screaming and yelling, anything that she can do to draw attention, get away from her would be kidnapping. she saved her own life. >> the victim was able to help police with this sketch that investigators believe is detailed enough to help them track down that attempted kidnapper. this afternoon the butler county sheriff's office needs your hope locating a man that is a sex pred ter. billy sill cres ter byrd has failed to maintain his court residency requirements. out on bond for failing to follow his registration requirements as a sexual predator. he could be in the cocoa area. covering orange county
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duke energy to fix a mistakes. till denville was supposed to get new street lights but as shannon butler reports the mistake may cost taxpayers. >> this is a town of few hundreds of people and they notice everything right down to the street lights. >> half of the time they stayed out and you would call and no one would come to change the bulbs. >> but recently workers were here from the electric company replacing them. the problem is that they weren't supposed to be. county commissioner scott boyd was looking at using a grant or other funding to get the lights redone and he tells channel 9 that a work order mix up beat him to it. the paperwork shows it would add 20% to their bill. that's only 73 cents a month but that adds up. >> we are an old community and a lot of elderly and people on disability is here, social
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>> reporter: according to city the median income is around $26,000. according to their financials, duke energy made 2.2 billion last year. commissioners boyd says it is easy. duke should pay for the mistake. if an agreement could not be made the only option may be to take out the bulbs and start over. commissioner scott boyd is holding a community meeting tomorrow night. not only to let residents know what happened here but also to gauge their interest. to see if they will be willing to pay for all of this or not. in tilldenville, shannon butler. duke said they did make a mistake and installed it without county approval but are not charges the customers. they are waiting to go through the process and deciding then. the coast guard stopped
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fell from a cruise ship. on saturday 46-year-old david mostman fell from the 10th deck. a chopper and plane covered the 2500 square nautical miles looking for mostman but last night the coast guard suspended the church. we got this video of a coast guard crew rescuing two men fromst. pete. they used flares to call the attention of the coast guard chopper. no word on why the boat sank but the two fishermen were not injured. tomorrow mark two years since the malaysian airlines flight disappeared with 239 board. >> and the deadline approaches for the families to take action. was a memorial and a voice about the deadline. a rule that forces them to file
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the date the plane to arrive is unfair. >> anything you do is a gamble at this stage. you only have this limited options and your put in a tight corner with a very tight deadline. >> right now investigators are also looking into a piece of debris that was found last week near mozambique that may have came from that plane. the secret to success can be yours for the right price. this drew in 7000 students. >> as the school faces three lawsuits its namesake running for president and his opponents are using the university against him. christopher heath says this hits donald trump on his core message. >> telling students what they lost as part of the university, the school was an online course with occasional meeting in a hotel ballroom promised to teach secrets of real estate investing but the real secret was there was no secret. >> i was duped by the donald.
4:37 pm
>> i made a human mistake. >> students from donald trump's former school. >> i spent $30,000 at trump university. >> each person looks in the camera and with soft music in the background tell us how they online university. >> donald trump started the university in 2004 and closed it down six years later. all told more than 7000 people took part in the course work designed to reveal real estate secrets. the school is facing three lawsuits including one from the attorney general where students say they were defrauded. the ads playing across florida highlight the school's trouble. >> they address an important political issue. >> dr. rick vocal song says the ads hit trump on his core message. they only show the student's perspective. dr. vogelsong says the ads come close to being true.
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the group is not backing a single candidate but have run attack ads going after john kaisch and ted cruz and donald trump. we are looking for another group of ads that could hurt marco rubio chances. i will have that in 45 minutes. a union pension fund is pledging $25 million in loans to help solve the water crisis in flint, michigan an mayor karen weaver says the union labor life insurance will provide low costs loans to replace the water pipes. residents were exposed to led levels after started a new program to save money. according to the associated press poll only about 47% of people are confident about water that comes out of the tap. half says they want the federal government to do more to make sure that everybody's drinking water is safe. if you were around volusia county today you probably
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there is no need to be concerned. we found out it was a control burn. sky witness 9 flew over the scene. the flames were out but you could see the smoke. if you own a mack computer. malicious software has successfully targeted apple computers for the first time. computer. there are steps taken to stop this. two cosmic events during a solar eclipse. the moon shadow will travel across the earth into wednesday. people in in dee media will be able to see it. it is expected to be about 3 million miles or so away. so unfortunately you likely won't be able to see it. approach as close as 15,000
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i think it is fortunate we can't see it. ahead at four. coming up. major sporting event with royal tie. families. the evict tus game allows us to serve our country. the goal this amputee hopes the games will accomplish. we hit 78 in orlando. i will tell you who will be in the 80s tomorrow county by county and the warmer weather to follow. osceola county commissioners wants to crack down on how grants are used. the stricter rules are still not enough. us stocks closed mostly higher wall street, another jump in the price of crude oil brought energy companies back in favor. the dow increased 67 points and
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7. today osceola commissioners approved tougher rules to make sure that groups get your tax money are using it properly. >> there have been tens of thousands of dollars for community. >> thousands of tax dollars have been given to community programs. commissioners say it need more accountability. each commissioner gives up to $150,000 a year and the require them to follow up with the county to show how the money was spent but leaders acknowledge today that reporting rarely happens.
4:45 pm
want to make sure it goes to where it is supposed to. >> commissioners approved a new set of rules for groups that receive more than five thousand dollars and less stringent for groups that received less. i think the people are asking to see where it is going and whoever is receiving the dollars are staying in touch with us. the county manager says spending hours to track small amounts of money may not be cost effective but the majority of commissioners voted 3-1 to make the changes. in osceola county. michael laporte staff was attending the meeting and today's decision is retroactive. the bar released a mobile app called just adulting dot com. the idea is to help people being charged as adult with a
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explain laws requiring worker safety for those new in the work force. the orlando magic raise the $650,000 to help the community. the black tie event was held on saturday at the amway center. you see alex martin. on top of the money raised. victor ogadollbe for his efforts to give back to the community. you may have noticed those guys had tennis shoes on. they are actually on the court and can scuff it up. a denver quarterback hanging up his jersey. >> peyton manning announcing his retirement. going out on top five time nfl mvp. he is only one of two to beat every team in the nfl.
4:47 pm
exhausts an experience, they can't help but revere it, i revere football. players. omaha. >> he end the the press conference with that famous tag line and said god bless football. he says the end of his football career is something that he hasn't discovered yet. >> you mentioned he beat every >> you said that. >> yes. >> i don't think he beat every college team, ofer against the gators. >> when you exhaust every experience, perfect thing to do, head to the beach. >> right here in florida. >> doesn't that look nice? >> dangerous rip currents. looks good at daytona beach. water temperatures in the 60s and some universities have spring break so the beaches will be picking up in action. 71 degrees. we have an east wind or onshore
4:48 pm
the winds are the gustyist along the beaches from flagler to melbourne and because of that the cool waters are just cooler. daytona beach is 71. the villages, 80 in ocala. there are smoke brushfires here. there is some pockets of fog that could develop near the fires. keep your wits about you if you are by the wildfire zones. otherwise clouds offshore. if you are need the coast you will have more cloud cover through tomorrow morning and you can see that here. inland zone should stay clear tonight through tomorrow morning. no rain on the map through tomorrow. really through the week. this is a dry week. temperatures fall to the 70s by
4:49 pm
by morning 57 and sanford, orlando, kissimmee 55 by morning in deland and leesburg your temperature at sunrise 56 and same for palm coast and in melbourne and palm bay the morning temperature is 62 degrees. tomorrow it gets warmer. talking 80 in winter garden and ocoee. williamsburg and lake beuna vista. 80s and 79 in winterpark. so your temperature does depend on your location. deltona 80 and new smyrna beach the temperature reaches 72. remember the winds will be stronger near the beaches from ormond beach to beth tune. >> if you want information on
4:50 pm
the mid-80s will return to central florida by the end of the week and just so you know that is the warmest air yet this year. here is the five-day forecast. the weekend in view. you can see the warmup, 80s in orlando and a little warmer for areas west of orlando. 83 on wednesday. 86 on thursday and friday. gets windy on thursday and friday. saturday and sunday we are still warm. and we have a chance for scattered showers on saturday and sunday as well. and friday night for orlando city's game, things look good. in the next half hour, more on how the rain will impact your coming weekend. george, not all transportation officials are on bored with the plan that would force you to pay double in tolls on some roads. new at five, the alternative idea they have to help you dodge busy traffic without shelling out more money. a massive oak tree in downtown orlando crashed down on power lines leaving dozens of homes in the dark. why officials tasked with preventing it say the dying
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6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. the vehicle in vic tus games giving the wounded to fight for a chance for their country in a different way. it is giving some of the wounded men and women a reason to keep living. >> october 17th. 2012 is the day that brett's life changed forever. >> i was shot off base while breaking up a robbery and collapsed like a load of bricks and expecting to die that day. >> he was prepared for wars but the biggest battle began more than three years ago in jacksonville.
4:55 pm
his leg because of that bullet. >> adaptive athletics have changed my life. >> part of the volleyball team in the in vic tus games. >> it is like the para olympics. >> it is wheelchair basketball and swimming and track and field. >> they play for their country just like olympians. >> the first games in london in 2014 and in two months disney wide world of sports will host to 1500 athletes. >> we lose 22 veterans a day to suicide. if they knew there is something else out there, you have a purpose and a chance to serve, i think that number would be reduced.
4:56 pm
the games run from may 8th through the 12th and the tickets went on sale and could by them on hopefully people will cheer them for the way they helped the country. a great honor to host. another presidential hopeful is making a stop to rally voters. next at five, how this could keep marco rubio in the presidential race. three death penalty cases in central florida were put on hold. we are asking what will happen to the cases now that a new system is signed in law. winterpark police say a man hiv positive sexually assaulted a teenager. new at five, what he did
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
this man is accused of having sex with a teenager and possibly infecting that teen with hiv.
4:59 pm
still aren't saying if there could be more victims. >> we have been working all day to get new details about the man accused of knowingly having sex with a minor without disclosing that he's hiv positive with syphilis. >> carla ray is live. this man is not get ing -- getting a bond tonight. >> reporter: he's been in jail since saturday. it has to do with an incident that took place in november. we still don't know if there are more than one victim in this case and we also don't know how that teen met this man in the first place. >> just days before this mug shot was taken 24-year-old richie smith, junior posted my days are numbered. a sign he might have known about the winter park police department warrant accusing him of sexual assault and lewd molestation on a teenager and failing to
5:00 pm
>> state your name, sir. >> richie smith. >> he was picked up at work in this stake n' shake. so far they're not releasing details about the man came in contact with the alleged victim but we found several social media pages where smith posted about his pursuit of a relationship. >> it's awful. i don't know how to re act. >> one of those social media pages is the messages app kik. fbi warned parents about predators trying to solicit kids for sex. >> we stopped by smith's home and a woman who lives there told us she couldn't comment because she didn't know many details about what he was accused of. >> reporter: now to be clear, it is not known if the alleged victim in this case did contract


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