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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this man facing the charge of attempted manslaughter or homicide? >> reporter: well, the charges he's facing are already quite serious. as you just mentioned, he's being held here without bond tonight. in order to charge someone with an even more serious crime involving a death you'd have to prove he intentionally had sex with someone in a deliberate effort to kill him. >> 24-year-old richie smith, junior's social media pages made it clear he's been looking for relationship. sex with a teenager landed him behind bars. >> he's accused of not only having sex with a minor but possibly infecting the teen with hiv and syphilis. >> especially in the case of a minor. that's ruining a life right there. >> customers at this stake n' shake where smith worked and was arrested told us they were disgusting at the allegations. we wanted to know why the charges weren't more severe since hiv can lead to aids and death. >> the problem for the state is
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intentionally had sex with another person with the intent to kill them. >> in fact, wftv legal analyst bill sheaffer while working as a defense attorney got an aggravated attempted manslaughter case thrown out for a client who had sex with others with hiv. >> at smith's home a woman who lived here told us she couldn't comment because she didn't know much about what smith is accused of. days before his arrest he posted my days are numbered, going away on twitter, showing he may have known about his warrant. >> reporter: within the last hour winter park police told us they hope to release more details about this case tomorrow. when they do this we will pass those details along the you.
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carla ray, channel 9, eyewitness news. now if 10 members of the jury vote in favor of the death penalty the defendant gets put on death row. detectives with to marion county sheriff's office are trying to learn more about to sets of human remains that were found. the most recent case reported yesterday when a hunter came along human bones along the northern edge of the silver springs shore area. in the other recent case the medical examiner confirmed it was a man's body and remains that were found last week in the ocala national forest. investigators are still trying to figure out his identity. they got a tip on thursday that he was in a grave there. daytona beach police are on the look out for a suspect who stole a car with a 12-year-old in the backseat. the mother of the child was picking up another cold on white court when the man
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he only made it a few blocks away before realizing that that girl was in the backseat. the mother called 911. >> somebody just stole my car out of my cousin's yard with my daughter in the backseat. >> the suspect were being told has gold teeth and a mohawk. marco rubio less than two hours away from addressing the sunshine state is a must-win for rubio if he has a shot of getting 1237 delegates to win it won't be easy. right now he's trailing ted cruz and donald trump in the delegate count with 99 delegates up for grabs here in florida. rubio is spending a lot of time in his home state. ty russell is live in sanford. rubio believes a win in florida could reset the race for him. >> reporter: greg, rubio told doesn't win florida that means republican front runner donald then we asked rubio what's next
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miami and be a private citizen. tonight senator rubio is supposed to take the stage at orlando sanford international. just 30 minutes ago supporters started to line up. we talked to some of them off camera. optimistic. he told the crowd in tampa he believes mainstream media wants him out of the race even though it was two opponents calling for him to quit this weekend. he said he's the only one that can beat clinton. >> i can unite the party and grow it and win. i give us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. she knows that. that's why they attack me more than anyone else. >> reporter: we just talked to rubio's camp moments ago. rubio was scheduled to take the stage at 7:45 p.m. but they say that has been delayed by 15 minutes.
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ty russell, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> about 8:00 then if you're not able to watch rubio's speech in person in sanford we'll post it for you, the live rally on it will be at the top of home page. click there. 9 investigates is learn ing ing more about what's next in the federal investigation with a charity with ties to corrine brown. daralene jones found out the unnamed public official described is likely the big target here. >> greg, congresswoman corrine brown has not been name in this plea deal. a former federal prosecutors told us the unnamed public official in this agreement will likely face charges for conspiracy, money laundry, bribery and up to 50 years in prison. first the feds are likely trying to get one more person to talk. >> carla wiley and said she and
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over 4 years in the name of one door for education. they told donors it was going to scholarships for needily children. >> wiley said it really paid for a host of personal expenses for herself and two others only mentioned as person a and person b. >> the next step is for the government to make a deal or not with person b. >> former federal prosecutors bryan phillips believes person a is the primary target. person a is only described as a public official. person b is described as someone who worked for that public official. >> the feds found person b took cash from the one door bank account and it was sometimes deposited as cash into the public official's personal account on the same day. >> it would be the most this incredible coincidence or a plan or scheme to launder or high the proceeds of the fraud. >> 9 investigates has uncovered invitations to fundraisers for one door using congresswoman's corrine brown's name.
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one sent to a high ranking orlando city employee in 2013 was sent from an official account. they were directed to make checks payable to one door and to vonnie simmons. that's corrine brown's staff. >> why should people at home care about this? >> when a public official don't follow the rules it erodes everyone's trust and confidence in the government. >> bryan phillips said they're not naming the public official or the staffer because they vice president been indicted. ed -- haven't been invite edd. d -- indicted. everyone who made a contribution has to change it to
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today a skimming device was found at a gas station. deputies believe they will be the last businesses to get the more computer chip card readers and they want to steal as many credit cards before the switch. >> complete disregard for a fellow. everybody is out here trying to make a buck to feed their families and you have someone who doesn't work to work. >> neighbors say their community facebook page blew up with dozens of people complaining. lake county is updating its 911 system to a scientific system that will allocate resources. it will effect how ambulances and fire trucks are dispatched. based on a set of questions it will determine the appropriate number of emergency resources needed based on the severity. they will be fully implemented by next year. after years of debate the florida house could vote as soon as tomorrow on a bill that revamps the state's alimony laws.
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measure last week. it would establish formulas for alimony payments that includes a controversy provision about time children should spend with their divorced parents. four lake county high school students were arrested accused of bringing weapons to school. last friday a south lake high school student was arrested for bringing a butterfly knife. to weeks ago another student at the same school was arrested for having a knife. two days before that two students were arrested for having a gun. new at 6:00, why el nino is expecting to make things a lot worse for mosquitos. >> how changes on local toll drivers more. >> the weather is nice and calm right now but i'm tracking the
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concerns about the zika virus are putting a strain on resources. leaders in osceola county said the el nino weather pattern is not helping their efforts. michael la party is live in miskey. they -- kissimmee. >> reporter: the local mosquito population has not gotten out of control yet but said the warm weather will catch up with them. >> osceola county has one confirmed case about zika virus. >> typically in the month of february we see had see -- we had zero. >> they are doing duve -- doing surveillance and trapping. >> am i concerned about budget and staff?
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be short sided not to be. >> the other concern is the weather. the el nino pattern is hard to predict. >> el nino has changed our weather pattern this winter. wet. we have seen drastic changes and by haven't had many cool downs to kill off the mosquito population. >> the county said this year is last season. >> last year we had the season that never ended and now we're into this year. >> the difference, the year we had a zika. while none of the cases were acquired locally that has not stopped the concern. >> reporter: the state said the two cases are in miami-dade andr and
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party, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> clermont is also spraying for mosquitos and using larva to irradiate mosquitos. there's been 43 cases of zika virus throughout the state. make sure your e pass account is up to date or it could cost you more than you think with a bill in the mail. we spoke with a driver with a new chip card in the mail and didn't realize his account wasn't paying tolls because the red and green indicators are gone. he was charged 10 cents per toll and $3 for the invoice, doubling the fees. >> when i saw that the lights were missing and the chip cards were coming out i saw a potential for a lot of local customers to get burned. >> cfx officials say instead of the indicators they use e-mail to let you know if your pass account balance is low. they said to make sure you're not charged fees to update your account with credit card and
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metro plan orlando will take up the express lane proposal this week. the state is looking to put a toll within a toll at three locations in three central florida locations to allow folks to get around the locations. you could pay extra to get home faster. it has lots of opposition and could be voted down on wednesday. we're asking orlando city leaders what's being done to help homeowners protect their property. crews spent the day cleaning up this massive oak tree that collapsed in the middle of lake eola heights. no one was hurt. the damage was limited to a fence and power and cable lines. the people who live on the streets say the force of tree coming down shook their homes. the city paid half a million dollars in 2011 for a inventory. the tree that fell
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the 50th annual bike week has not had any fatal crashes. troopers say there were no fatal crashes in volusia county over this busy weekend. they're asking drivers, especially those behind the wheels of cars to remain cautious. bikes are everywhere. thousands upon thousands of bikers not just in volusia county but in and around daytona beach but across the area. the event ends this coming weekend. volusia and brevard county beaches experiencing extreme rip currents. this is a live look at daytona beach from our tower cam. what a beautiful night with the sunset. it's gorgeous. the national weather service said the rip current risk is high today. beach safety is warning residents and visitors who get into the week to swim near lifeguards. >> we need to take our show on the road and be live from there. >> students will be there on spring break this week. our sunset time in orlando is 6:29 tonight. next week at
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more than an hour later. the reason, because this weekend daylight savings time begins and saturday night you'll set your clocks ahead one hour. it felt like spring though. in the 60s in palm coast, daytona beach. cocoa beach at 69. polk county at 72 in winter haven. just a few passing clouds in orlando, baldwin park, colonial town north. we stay in the 60s until around 6:00 in the morning and then we may briefly dip to the upper 50s by morning. 59 in downtown orlando by morning, 58 in ocoee, winter garden 57. a little cooler in winter park by morning also. it will be cooler in our western zones. i want to take you to lake county where clermont will be 56. 55 by morning in bushnell, ocala and towards belleview around 52 by
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those will be the coolest temperatures in central florida. tomorrow basically draw a line between sanford and orlando. if you're south or west of that line you will hit 80 tomorrow. 80 in orlando, 79 in sanford and deltona. the cooler temperatures along the coast. remember the cooler waters keep those communities just a little bit cooler. so if you're in volusia county north and east of deltona look at this, low 70s in new smyrna beach, bethune beach 74 tomorrow. bike week on going. not quite so cool but up per 70s in brevard county tomorrow. a gustier wind along the beaches. it will be breezier tomorrow and this high pressure will keep us dry through friday. we're not going to see rain through friday. then the weekend we'll introduce rain to the forecast. look at these temperatures. with a southeast wind mid 80s. the warmest air yet this year. that's thursday and friday. then here comes that next front with rain approaching for the weekend. the timing of that front is up in the air.
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here's what i want you to know, a lot of stuff going on this weekend. go to if you need ideas. temperatures in the mid 80s in orlando. if you're going to the beach this weekend temperatures in the low 80s. it will be breezy but not terribly windy this up coming weekend. rain saturday or sunday. not both days. the reason i have that or in there is because that timing of the front is up in the air. it's something we will watch all week. here's your five day forecast with the weekend always in view. look at that warm up, 80 tomorrow, 83 on wednesday, 86 thursday and friday. a little breezier but still dry for the orlando city game number two. that's friday evening. then saturday and sunday still warm and we add that 30% chance for afternoon rain on saturday and sunday's forecast. >> that's a nice forecast. thank you, george. we are still watching the crowds grow in orlando sanford international airport. >> the doors open in 20 minutes
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the stage at 8:00. his message for central florida voters
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two goals in the final minute of the first game of the year all numbers that make orlando city fans smile. 60,000 fans saw it live at the citrus bowl. if you were one of the few who left early you missed
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with a 2-2 draw. 60,147 was the official number in attendance. that was 20,000 more than any other game in major league soccer yesterday. only games in europe, mexico and south america had more. adriene heath talked with about the out come. >> at the end of the day we'll take some positives but we weren't as good as we should have been frp >> they play again friday. orlando city insider your home for unique contest with orlando city that starts march 12th every saturday night at 27. if going to spring training games pay attention or bring a dad. this is a picture of shawn cunningham blocking a bat that could have hit his son landon in the game. it was landon's first
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west coast. that means a late tip off that. i will try to warriors. >> that's been difficult for anyone. in sanford marco rubio has been delayed 15 minutes from the stop in tampa. his talk tonight at this airport hanger at the at 8:00. we'll stream it live on our website, it is basically empty through but ty russell tweeted out a picture with a long line. a new poll shows that marco rubio is gaining some ground on the leader donald trump here in florida. it's a winner take all state. voting happens in that primary of course on the 15th. we'll stay on top of this. it's a big night for marco rubio as he tries to win that i-4 corridor and win florida. thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. >> abc world news is next. for updates in between our news casts
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we have several breaking stories this monday night. the race for the white house. michael bloomberg says he will not run because it may help donald trump win. trump, and his message for ted cruz. and hillary clinton, what she just asked of bernie sanders. and a major victory for erin andrews. the $55 million verdict. after suing her stalker and a major hotel. deadly storms tonight,


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