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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> reporter: we also heard from experts here at sea world that say orcas out in the wild are susceptible to this disease. whatever the case may be, veterinarians say timma come's condition is getting worst. >> it was sad. >> reporter: it was sad news for the residents when we told them of the deteriorating health of tillikum. he has recently been diagnosed with a deteriorating condition in his lungs. >> he has what we believe is a respiratory condition that is difficult to treat. >> reporter: veterinarian scott gear hart said there is no cure for the disease. >> obviously you look at the captivity and the size of the
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place, would it have this, you know, diagnosis if it was in the wild. >> reporter: gearhart said orcas are suscept -- orcas are susceptible to the disease in the wild. >> if he had shown up with this disease in the wild, there's no doubt he would have been gone a long time ago. >> reporter: you may tillikum from the documentary "black fish." tillikum has also been associated with the deaths of three trainers. and we also asked seaworld what the life expect as he of a
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the wild is, which is how old tillikum is. outside of seaworld orlando. >> so many people wondering about the fact he was in captivity made it worse. >> now, this story has already been shared more than 500 times from our facebook page. let us know what you think by going to we've had the perfect beach weather but for those of you starting or already on spring break, chief meteorologist tom terry has rip current warnings for you. >> this is what it looks like in daytona. it's pristine on the sand but in the surf we have rip current channels and much higher risk for rip current over the next couple of days. the rip current risk will be up and down the coast and probably through at least the end of the week. before we're going into a more favorable lunar cycle.
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little bit rough out there but the temperatures are fantastic. right now, we're 74 degrees in daytona. we're down from near 80 across the interior but it is really going to warm up this week. i'll show you why we're going to feel more like late spring than late winter coming up. prosecutors fighting to block bond for a man accused of killing another man who investigators say made sexual advances toward him. prosecutors want the man to stay behind bars until his trial. police say masarro was offended when the victim approached him. the mystery gun man behind orlando's latest murder is on the streets this afternoon. we first told you about this shooting as it was breaking last night on eyewitness news at 11. police say it happened just after 8:30 outside an apartment complex on north terry avenue. officers found a man shot who
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in an effort to help win over local voters, u.s. senator marco rubio made another campaign stop in in central florida this morning, this time kissimmee. >> reporter: at this campaign stop in kissimmee, florida senator marco rubio said if anyone other than donald trump was leading this republican candidate would feel tremendous pressure to drop out but because it is donald trump the only pressure he feels is to stay in. >> we hear from people all over the country saying don't let donald trump be the nominee. . >> reporter: his own advisors -- we asked him if any
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are you tiring of those reports? are you tiring of hearing -- >> no. it's politics. when you run for president, it's hard, but being president is even harder. if running for president is too hard, then you can be president. >> reporter: this undecided voter went home with a signed baseball but admits he's still on the fence. others told me they've heard enough. >> we have what he needs to be president. >> reporter: po support like that in florida will bring rubio back soon. >> you hear talk all the time about the i-4 corridor, it's important in florida, it's important in the country. >> rubio's bus left to kissimmee to head to the gulf coast and the stop currently underway in sarasota. he'll be back across the state tonight in st. john's county.
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on by donald trump's campaign takes aim at rubio. >> corrupt marco rubio has spent years defrauding the people of florida. >> wftv analyst rick fogle song said those words are tough political talk but specific claims about marco rubio using a public credit card for expenses are mostly true. >> the allegation made at the top of the ad is political language. it's the spin on the facts, but the underlying facts in two of the three allegations are true. in that respect, that's about as good as these kind of ads get. >> and we can expect to see more tough ads like that before the florida primary, which is one week from today, next tuesday. voters in four states headed to the polls today. front runner hillary clinton is supposed to win the two states voting for democrats today. on the gop side, donald trump is supposed to win four states.
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we'll have more on that part of the race in 30 minutes. next april, orlando will become the first city to host wwe's wrestle mania for a second time. the last two years, forbes has ranked wwe's wrestlemania amongst the stop sport event and it's something mayor teresa jacobs said will boost the local economy. >> we are keenly aware of the economic impact of this entertainment phenomenon. it is estimated that wesselmania will generate nearly $100 of economic impact for our region and local economies. >> guess that takes mer a fan. organizers talk about what to expect if the fans want to attend the event, including when tickets are on sale. we'll put that part of the story together for you for eyewitness news at 5. no new cases of the zika
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today. bringing the state total to 50 cases. now, four of those involve pregnant women. although their locations have not been disclosed. so far all of florida's patients have been infected while traveling out of the state. a bill that would revamp florida's controversial money laws just now need governor scott's signature. the new formula is based on the number of years a couple was married, while the amount of the payments will rely on the couple's gross income. opponents say stay at home mothers will be targets. >> she's not built up zs and retirement. she's expected to start the next chapter of her life under this bill at a great disadvantage. >> the bill contains a
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children will spend equal time between the mother and father. state lawmakers also passed a bill to crack down on crooks stealing your information from scanners. it increases penalties for those caught using skimmers. state investigators say they found 190 skimmers statewide since the beginning of 2015. we showed you yesterday a state inspector found a skimming device on a pump in port saint john. this particular case, they're working to find out if the people involved were caught on surveillance video. permits were issued for several projects. the city said it approved permits for more than $80
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include the ocean front westin hotel, the first building at embry riddle's technology park and a com theater across from daytona international speedway. >> thanks to a bill, parents will soon be allowed to pick the teachers that teach their children and the school they can go to. >> school leaders warn this move isn't a smart one. >> next, lake county investigators say they dismantled a massive grow house in the middle of a neighborhood in clermont. who they're crediting with helping them find all this pot. >> well, spring break kicking
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lake county investigators are crediting a crime line tip for helping them shut down a large grow house worth about $300,000. detectives say they seized 288 plants and why the suspects should not even have been at the home in the first place. >> i'm shocked, because i have two little ones. >> reporter: this mom couldn't believe that lake county deputies busted a marijuana grow house next to her home. deputies say afternoon a two-month long investigation, they got a search warrant and once inside, they found this, 288 marijuana plants weighing in at about 25 pounds with a street value of around $300,000. >> it was very sophisticated. there was no furniture in there.
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just for the grow house. >> reporter: deputies arrested steven moss and eric lum and hit them with a list of charges. investigators say this all began when they got a crime line tip about possible drug activity at the home. deputies raided the place last night and found the drugs. neighbors had no idea what was happening inside this home. >> it's very quiet. that's the whole reason why i moved out here. >> reporter: deputies are grateful for the tip that launch the investigation. >> those drugs are not going to hit the street and that's the important thing. >> investigators say both suspects actually live in orange county, so the deputies are now working with the orange county sheriff's office and opd to find out how big this drug operation is and if there are more people involved. daytona beach police are still looking for a man they say
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in a back seat. neighbors say the mother of the 12-year-old left the child for only a few minutes before the man jumped in took off. they said he ditched the car in a nearby parking lot when he realized the child was in the back seat. police are still trying to find a driver who crashed a stolen car into a family's house on lakeland avenue. the home was badly damaged. two people were home when the driver of the silver eclipse hit a tree and then crashed into the living room. no one was hurt, good thing, but police say the driver took off leaving behind that stolen car. a jacksonville robber will probably think twice before targeting his next victim. >> yeah, police say the suspect got the surprise of his life when during a home invasion, a deaf man stabbed him with a sword. he tried to rob an apartment.
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stabbed that man with a sword. >> that's ironic, a sword to fight somebody off with, but whatever works. >> you think? the suspect is expected to be okay and was arrested for robbery. the victim was not injured. orlando city officials say well-trained staff and volunteers are working hard to protect nesting season at lake eolia. we saw several swans out there, including one with eggs in the nest. more than 80% of these babies usually survive and i posted those pictures on my facebook page and people love to see that. >> they'll set up shop wherever they want to set up. >> there's one outside world of beer right now. talk about convenient. >> why not? got very close to 80 today in downtown and it's going to
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let me show you live current conditions. we're at 77 degrees. 75 in volusia county, the largest city there deltona, 75 melbourne and palm bay. so it's been warm today. we're going to really get a boost, though, toward the end of the week. we start talking about this all last week and how this week will get much warmer. winds out of the east and southeast. we'll get more of a southerly flow plus a big ridge of high pressure is going to build us. right now, warm temperatures and a mix of clouds and sunshine, overall, very nice. we do have a fairly large storm system back here to the west but a strong high pressure area right here. this is what's going to be amplifying the next couple days giving us this warmer pattern but it's keeping the cold front, jet stream, tornado watching, warnings, all that way back to the west. we may get a scrap of some rain
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still working on more graphics on. overall, we're still in this hot and dry pattern. well, warm and dry pattern. we'll be in the lower 60 foss for palm -- 60s for palm bay and melbourne. mix of clouds tonight. overall temperatures falling into the upper 50s to mid-50s, mostly clear skies and we are still warmer than average by a few degrees and we'll be as much as 10 degrees above average by the end of the workweek. we'll keep a few clouds during the afternoon but generally dry weather over the next few days. even drier on thursday as that strong ridge of high pressure builds overhead and evaporates what moisture we have. ocala, back in the lower 80s by 4:00 tomorrow. daytona beach, bike week, it's been great weather for this and
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look at these highs tomorrow, so we had about 80 today. 84 tomorrow and we're not finished yet. five-day forecast, the weekend always in view, how about 86 degrees thursday and for orlando city's game on friday evening. 86 degrees. there's that slight chance for rain over the weekend, which we'll talk more about. just ahead with the mid-80s moving in surprising records how hot we could get later this week. you might not think of ucf when you think of the war on terrorism. but coming up, hear how the university is using explosion to neutralize chemical weapon threats. if you have to talk to the irs, good luck with that. the problems that are causing a major back-up when communicating to the agency even if you're trying to respond to something the irs sent to you.
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of getting a response to a coin flip. justin gray is live in washington d.c. it's a problem that's been getting worse each of the last four years. >> reporter: it's a problem the irs is not denying today. the head of the irs saying on capitol hill here today that, quote, this was totally unacceptable. you reach out to the irs and wait, chances are, there could be no response for weeks and even months. >> just radio silence. crickets, they get no response. >> reporter: a new government audit finds 49% of the time the irs doesn't respond to mail correspondence within 45 days. that includes people reaching out because they're identity theft victims, tax payers filing tax returns around customers responding to requests from the irs. brandon arnold from the national tax payers union. >> it's a coin flip, 50/50 shot you're going to hear back.
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>> reporter: nearly half of all calls go unanswered, testifying before the u.s. senate, the head of the irs didn't deny the problem. >> the level of taxpayer service last year was totally unacceptable. >> reporter: he puts the blame on budget cuts, and forced the irs to cut staff by 15,000 employees. >> if we have additional resources, we'll hire the people, we'll be able to answer the calls. >> reporter: president obama is asking for an extra $1 billion for the irs in next year's budget. the irs commissioner saying today that some of that money would go to hire more staff for customer service. >> thank you, justin. the irs has a new warning about the thieves who are targeting you at work.
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ceo's and sending requests to human resources asking for w-2s to try to access your information. >> hundreds of organizations are currently being tricked to send w-2 information so that the bad guys can use that for essentially for bogus tax returns. >> investigators say the thieves were using linked in, the social mediaed in work, to try to find who works where and make the scheme believable. the city is going to reserve parking spaces for super heroes. we'll tell you who gets to park there. >> then a first of its kind when
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very disappointing and a terrible idea. >> some local school leaders are concerned about a bill that would allow you to choose who teaches your children and even where they go to school. >> i think it's convenient for the parents. >> we wanted to know how this would work when so many central florida schools are already at capacity. that measure would allow parents to move children across county lines but orange county leaders say they're already struggling with growth and don't know if they can handle any more. >> michael, the orange county school district said it's already adding thousands of new students each other. >> reporter: the districts said dozens of schools are already over capacity. those buildings would not have to accept new students and others would and parents we spoke with like the idea of choice. students in orange county can already transfer to other schools within the district as long as the school has space. but lawmakers are considering a measure that would allow students to cross county lines. >> let's take care of our children, let our children have the future they deserve and
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to be best for them and convenient for the parent. >> reporter: the proposal would allow parents to request a new teacher for our child. the school district isn't supportive. >> it's a terrible policy and an absolutely horrible idea. >> reporter: the school board chairman said the district is already adding four to five thousand students aer use. he doesn't know how -- students every year. the pleasure would allow parents to pick any schools across the state as long as the school is not overcrowded. supporters say it would give more children better access to schools. >> this open enrollment philosophy makes it impossible for school boards to plan for budgets and enrollment. >> reporter: opponents say the bill would benefit the wealthy who can afford to drive their
4:32 pm
lawmakers still need to approve the change. the time is running out. the session ends on friday. despite opposition, the controversial best and brightest teacher bonus program will continue for at least another year. state lawmakers set about $49 million to reward highly effective teachers. that's 5 million more than in the past. critics say there's no evidence that a teacher's high school test scores are effective in the classroom. a bill that would tighten restrictions on abortion clinics is still moving in the house and senate. that bill bans public money from going to organizations that perform abortions such as planned parenthood. lawmakers say the bill forces clinics that provide services other than abortion a choice, state funding or elective abortion. >> if they would like to have state funding to help them keep the lights on, they cannot provide the elective abortions.
4:33 pm
bill to clarify some provisions, so it still faces a final senate vote before heading back to the a were toer volusia county health department manager was forced to resign because she had one of her employees picked up her son from school. an investigation found she misused her power and public resources and lied to investigators when confronted about the issue. channel 9's blaine tolison spoke with the former director. >> reporter: an internal investigation from the volusia county county health department shows one of its managers used her power repeatedly. it confirmed allegations that the manager asked one of her employees to pick her son up from deland high school during work hours in a state-owned vehicle on six occasions. but our own investigations showed that vehicle was at deland high 15 times last year. we started looking into the
4:34 pm
saw the pictures of the suv in the pickup loop at school. we kept pushing and after three months of records requests, we received mcintosh's 10-page investigative report. gps records show the matching suv stopped at deland high school six times between august and september. when mcintosh was questioned, volunteered. the employee told investigators she asked me to pick up her kid, yes, i did. phone. do you have anything to say why you were doing that? she flatly denied any employees picked up her child from school. what she told me today investigators.
4:35 pm
were a few hundred miles put on the suv. and she told me she is going to seek legal advice. she signed an agreement to resign with the health department and that is where it stands right now. reporting live here in daytona beach, blaine tolison, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> you can read the 10-page internal investigation for yourself at the mayor of debary from cuba to the u.s. to better understand. mayor clint johnson said he'll make the trip next month. he will build the raft himself and hopes to reach key west in about two days. a maryland court of appeals said a baltimore police officer has to testify against all five of his fellow officers in the freddy gray case. we told you william porter's trial ended with a hung jury.
4:36 pm
gray who died in police custody last year. porter is awaiting retrial. today marks two years since a malaysia plane disappeared with 230 people on board. families are being asked to decide to settle compensation claims or bring lawsuits. the search for the plane will be called off this summer if nothing is found. a florida man accused of being part of a team that stole $4.9 million in gold bars will stay in jail without bond. the f.b.i. believes alberto perez and two other men intercepted a truck carrying the gold in north carolina. then they say perez pepper sprayed the driver and passenger of the truck to carry out of the robbery. both parties will vote in mississippi and michigan while just the republicans will cast ballots in idaho and hawaii. >> it's the battleground state of michigan that will be the big prize for the night with 59 delegates for the gop.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: democratic front runner hillary clinton is expected to win tonight while donald trump is predicted to take home four wins. as for the rest of the gop field, ted cruz is in north carolina, a state that votes next week asking for republicans to consolidate. >> maybe now you're supporting marco rubio or john kasich. none of them have a path to beating donald trump. >> reporter: john kasich made the wolverine state a focus of his campaign. >> have the state of michigan send a message and launch me into the state of ohio where we will have a whole new day in american politics. >> reporter: and robo calls from mitt romney may have given him a boost. >> i'm calling on behalf of kasich for america. >> reporter: romney did another one for rubio in florida today. >> buckle up your seat belts. >> the latest poll shows trump walking away with all four wins tonight. but when he's put head to head
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reports of injuries or health problems. florida is among the worst states in the nation for pedestrian, something we know all too well here in central florida. new numbers show a 10% increase in pedestrian deaths. the governor's highway study looks at the first half of 2015 as compared to 2014. researchers say cell phones can be to blame for distracting walkers and drivers. >> we are really almost obsessed with our phones and when we start looking at them, we don't focus on anything else. >> nationwide, the study found more than 2300 people on foot died in crashes during the first six months of 2015. we're getting our first look at the terrifying moments when a garbage truck fell off an i-95 bridge with the driver still inside. have you seen this? troopers just released the video from last month's crash in miami. investigators say the driver lost control and look what happens here?
4:40 pm
through the guard wray, fell 100 -- guardrail, fell 100 feet. amazingly the driver survived and is now out of the hospital. if you live in brevard county, don't be surprised if you see parking spots labeled as super heroes parking. >> the brevard county sheriff's office is joining the movement. >> when we saw it, you know, we absolutely love our veterans, our public safety officers and wanted to make sure we recognized them. >> the sheriff says for now, roughly 10 of these signs will be added to precinct parking lots. what a fabulous idea. >> that's right. they are super heroes. we're hearing from the 13-year-old girl who was able to fight off the man who tried to kidnap her. >> i just [ indiscernible ]. >> how her backpack helped her escape and the new evidence to help track him down.
4:41 pm
spring. way ahead of schedule. i'll tell you what's causing our big warm-up. >> how ucf is using explosions
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huge drops in shares of companies like shake shack ending the longest winning streak since october. the dow dropped almost 110 points, the nasdaq was down more than 59 and s&p 500 dipped 22.5. the university of central florida is playing a unique role in the war on terrorism looking into ways to neutralize chemical weapons threats. and it involves explosions. >> reporter: with the constant whir of machinery in the background, this lap at ucf is the testing ground for fire and
4:45 pm
>> we want to know what this chemical and how they break apart when you destroy them and what is left over. >> reporter: the department of defense has given the uniformity a grant to -- the university a grant to study how to you neutralize chemical weapons. how could it be contained. the best answer is fire and the team are conducting many explosions with many simulated agents inside the tubes to see what happens when they come together. >> you think of this burning and making them into products that are not harmful. >> reporter: so fire destroys? >> exactly. >> reporter: essentially, the team sent off a shock wave and the goal is to determine if a bomb is released, how much toxin
4:46 pm
it's a unique test, one d.o. d is desperate to get their hands on it. >> they're willing to use that against western [ indiscernible ] and we want to make sure the soldiers and our country are safe. >> just to be clear, there are no chemical agents on campus. the test involves simulated compounds. the department of defense grant will allow this research to continue for five years. >> glad you cleared that up. investigators say a 13-year-old girl escaped an attempting kidnapping. >> he grabbed me around my waist and i [ indiscernible ]. >> we're not showing you her face to protect identity but you can see the girl running down the street screaming. she said a man drove up to her as she was walking home from
4:47 pm
grabbed her. >> i was like, pulling away from each other and i guess he gave up and i kept running, he ran back to his car. >> the teen ran to a relative's house and called police. they're now looking for that tan-colored suv seen here in this video. the police also have the sketch of the attempted kidnapper. very frightening stuff. she fends him off and figures that's done, but no. >> police said she did the right thing because she made a lot of noise. >> right. it's going to be pretty busy here along the beaches. just wait. the 8th of march? give it another couple of weeks, we're going to load up the board walk but it's already busy. we'll have spring breakers from all over the world going through daytona beach. 74 degrees and not a cloud around. right now, the onshore breeze continuing to stay with us. we'll get more of a southerly flow.
4:48 pm
pressure will be just magnifying the heat across central florida giving us a warm end to the week. average high around 76, 77. we're down from 80. live conditions over lake county, minneola, 81 degrees. off to a good start tonight, warm, high pressure is building across the southeast and it's really keeping the temperatures very comfortable not only during the day but at night as well. winter park taking in an evening out. temperatures in the lower 60s, eventually back into the upper 50s as we head toward your early wednesday morning. the hump day approaching rapidly, future track showing mix of clouds and sun along the east coast. also has some green speckles in there for good measure. the rainfall looks very minimal, though. we'll keep it officially out of the forecast. better chance for clouds along the east coast but once we clear
4:49 pm
skies on thursday, so we'll have a full head of sunshine to keep the temperatures boosting. for orlando tomorrow, noon, 74 degrees. 2:00, 83 or 84 degrees. three to four degrees warmer than today. 85 in clermont, 84 in the villages and this is just the beginning because high pressure is building in the upper atmosphere. if you were to imagineically go up -- magically go up up in a hot air balloon and go up 5,000 feet, it will be five degrees warmer than it was this afternoon. it's going to get warmer. i expect mid to upper 80s for the next couple of days. 10 to 12 degrees above average. we'll break this pattern down just a bit in time for a couple of showers by the weekend but overall looking pretty nice. we don't have to go too far back. we'll be as warm as 86 degrees on thursday. but march 4th last year, we already hit 86.
4:50 pm
forecast, weekend always in view. here come the boosting temperatures, 84 degrees on wednesday, 86 on thursday, 86 on friday. we continue to see some nice weather. by the way, that game for orlando city is on friday, not sunday. it is going to be very nice indeed with a 30% chance for rain holding off until the weekend, george. >> perfect for that game on friday. brand new at five, a lake county nursing home on lockdown because of an outbreak. >> we feel like we're in jail. >> what the staff is doing with the residents to contain a highly contagious virus. >> and help could be coming to those families where the boys were found. >> next at four, consumer
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lost or damaged jewelry can be expensive and difficult to replace. consumer advisor clark howard shows us one way to make sure you get the replacement you want. >> it was beautiful. >> reporter: unfortunately, for faith jones, the ring she loved was also damaged. >> when i went to get it inspected, they noticed it had a chip. >> reporter: jared, the store that sold her the ring agreed to replace. >> with something equal or better. >> reporter: faith rejected the first ring. when the second ring arrived, more disappointment. >> the carat is a little bit bigger, the width is bigger but the sides of it, the length is shorter. >> reporter: it also has strong blue fluorescent. >> it can have a tendency to give a hazy or climie appearance. >> reporter: steven turner is a
4:55 pm
he did in some cases, strong fluorescents reduce the value 10% to 15%. >> they said they're going to keep it nine months and send is back to their corporate offices. >> reporter: after we asked jared about the ring, they sent us this statement saying in part we take guest concerns very seriously. we're reviewing additional options based upon the guest's most recent feedback. the whole key with a diamond, don't expect to get it covered by where you buy it. get it insured with your own homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. you have to get it scheduled separately. you want one to replace your diamond or pay you the cash equivalent of its current market value. that's the only way you can feel safe you're getting a fair shake. i'm clark howard. >> clark howard helps our action
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like you. he's posted even more consumer resources online at brand new for five, a man is accused of committing a sex act in the middle of the day outside a local apartment complex. >> he really was actually naked. >> the biggest concern from residents who said they had no idea where he came from. >> wrestlemania never goes to the same city twice so we asked why it came back to orlando for a second visit. we're working to find out what
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
this registered sex offender is back in trouble tonight because a woman says she caught him performing a sex
4:59 pm
there were a lot of children in the complex. >> we're live at the kensington cottages in orlando. the suspect was still naked when deputies found him. >> the woman that called 911 with your throwing trash away when she spotted the man, 39 years old, completely naked standing in that area. >> were you scared? >> yes. he kept going back and forth. from one end to the other. >> this woman asked not to show her face and could not believe her eyes yesterday afternoon. she said she spotted julius cooper in the act. she called 911 and deputies found him quickly. >> they caught him doing what he was doing. >> the officer charged him with exposing sexual organs. the woman worries for the kids
5:00 pm
>> she does not think they did -- but she thinks julius cooper had no clothing with m. we found out he lives at this car wash about a half mile away. >> the owner tells us he would watch the facility at night. and he did know that julius cooper was a registered sex offender. it is not clear if julius cooper walk from the car wash to the complex with no clothing on monday when authorities handcuffed him. they had to put him in the police car naked. >> the business owner who led julius cooper stay here for years says he is now not allowed back. >> he will have to find someplace else. >> tonight cooper is behind bars able to get back with $1600 bond. >> cooper has been charged with a very similar crime to this one. not far from here a few years ago. he is a registered sex offender


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