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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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news, los angeles. >> popular. >> still captivating people. >> and that's what's making news in ame rica this morning. >> stay tuned for "good morning america." have a great wednesday, right now on eyewitness news this morning orlando police are collecting evidence after reports of gunfire downtown. we are asking investigators what they know about the people who opened fire. >> winner of the florida primary will be the nominee of the republican party. >> and how primary results are bringing pressure on candidates florida. good morning. 9. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. commute. getting over to certified
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>> it is what it is. as the take it to the day warm nice day, 83 degrees warmer than yesterday, yesterday we hit 80. a few degrees warmer than that, partly cloudy still a breezy day and the outlook this morning. night, 50s and 60s, close to 70 brevard county, 66 kissimmee, 63 in orlando dropping 259 deland in volusia county and 60 in daytona beach and palm coast. satellite radar picture, scattered clouds and clear checking in on visibility, dry this morning and looking good this morning with visibility and dry and we will stay dry today. looking at college park, a beautiful day and warmer, 75 at 10:00, 79 at lunchtime and we will have 80s around this afternoon and a police kicking up, 20-25 mile an hour winds. by the evening, 6:00,
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70s and after that i will track how unusual this dry weather pattern has been. 5:01 am. first check of the drive with deneige. >> i 4, 535, he spelled lane. they moved the clones -- comes the one lane blocked before the word 2. construction on the turnpike southbound before osceola parkway. one lane blocked and no major crashes causing alternates. breaking news and downtown orlando this morning, police investigating a shooting that injured a man in both legs. >> this happened on pine 90 minutes ago. eyewitness news this morning. janai norman talking with people in the area.
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>> i was talking with the security guard who said he heard 6-8 gunshots earlier this morning and right behind me pass this crime scene tape we watched the police put down about that many markers as they were looking for casings and any other evidence and just past that you can see clothing where it looks the man may have been shot. we have been here for one hour watching the investigation here in the heart of downtown. in the last 20 minutes we got an update from police that a 26- year-old man was shot in both legs. he was taken to ormc as the investigation was just getting underway and that is what we spoke with a man who says he was just on the other side of orange avenue when he heard about a gunshots and came out to see the aftermath of what happened. >> when i came out i saw the gun on the floor. i don't know. outstanding hero -- i was standing here with the police came. i showed the police. .
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interview so on the web 5:30 you can hear more of what the man tells me he saw. we spoke with another guy who got caught up in the aftermath of the shooting as he was on his way to work. i will explain what he saw helping the investigation coming up in 30 minutes. and downtown orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. . three former preschool workers set to meet in court today accused of leaving a child and hot van for hours. we told you when the five-year was found in the van outside winter springs school north powers drive in october. charges were filed against the three workers. the storm got a $1000 fine. it opened a bigger facility 1 mile away and the workers will be rated at 1 pm and we will let you know what happens on eyewitness news at four. a florida highway patrol investigated a crash on i 4 sending several to the
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the crash shutdown eastbound lanes near deltona for over one hour. investigators cleaned up the wreckage including at least two motorcycles and a car. fhp says driver should be aware there are more motorcycles on the road now thanks to by quick in daytona beach. we will check with sea world this morning to see how it started killer whale is doing. eyewitness news the first to report the orca whale battling a bacterial lung infection. the whale made national headlines about six years ago when he killed trainer don brett show. after the movie "blackfish" activist believed the condition may have come from his captivity. >> it is sad. but it is probably not unexpected. >> he has a disease which is chronic and progressive and at some point, it might cause his death. >> sea world will not say if the infection has anything to do with the whale spending decades in captivity the said he is being treated with
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separate plays holding a free gun safety class today to reduce gun violence. the chief expressed frustration after two children were sent -- accidentally shot. the basic -- babysitter accused of placing a gun under his couch and the growth of it and accidentally killed or so. another child was shot in the head last month. the class will be held in the police department committee room. do not bring a gun to the class. it starts at 4:00. a local shelter is able to help more people involved in human trafficking after nine biggest -- investigates donations make it impossible for this home to add to the best ringing the capacity of it from 46th at the shelter relies on grants and donations one of the only in the state and works to prevent sex trade victims from going back to their temps education. needs. they are not going to be met solely at a domestic violence shelter for homeless shelter or
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they need help ground up, life skills. >> part of the donations go toward buying a new van to help the women get to job interviews and doctors appointments. with less than one week to the florida primary for more states helped primaries last night, the results range from predictable to be surprises. >> angela jacobs has been following the results for us. most notable the battle on the democratic side. >> a split vote for democrats and two primaries and a charge to send his momentum while the gop front-runner mike is a comfortable lead. >> this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> reporter: bernie sanders with the stunner. >> adding a major -- major victory in michigan, the state both democrats and republicans courted. sanders looking to super tuesday part three will contest the floor, illinois, north carolina, ohio and missouri despite last night's tie, his
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still just as excited. >> i want to be the president for the struggling and striving. >> reporter: winning mississippi by a wide margin, scoring a clean sweep across the deep south. clinton walked away a winner last night earning more delegates than sanders. on the gop side, >> thank you very much this was an amazing evening. >> donald trump defeating rivals in hawaii, michigan, and leaving florida senator. marco rubio cost -- stopping in kissimmee yesterday. coming up of the next half hour, what trump says about his opponents trying to block his momentum . back to you. donald trump celebrated the wins in south florida last night holding a rally at his golf club in jupiter where he credited voter turnout for the lead on the republican side of the presidential race. >> we had people come here who have never voted republican who have never even thought about it and they came and they voted republican.
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marco rubio also watch the results in florida and st johns county earlier in the day he met voters in kissimmee following a rally in sanford despite the results, rubio maintains he is staying in the race but he said he is not worried about polls and believes election is not going to follow a traditional model. >> if anyone else other than donald trump is the front runner, every candidate in the race would have tremendous amount of pressure on them to to stay in. >> florida voters will head to the polls in less than one week. candidates will be in miami tonight for their next debate starting and 9:00. eyewitness news is morning's christopher heath will be there complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10:00 on tv 27 and at 5:00 on channel 9. congressman john mica it will -- will be in florida to ceremonially handover ownership to the lake baldwin be a nursing center. we told you congressman mica
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ownership of the center. president obama has signed a bill to transfer ownership to the state. the facility are raynor street has been used for training at the lake nona va hospital and can reopen as a nursing home for veterans. 5:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. we have not seen the rain in a while. >> we have been to dry. five threat not high but monitoring one day with wayne in orlando for the last 13. putting together the rain stopped for the next half hour. looking in marion county today, again dry date and plenty of sunshine. mostly sunny skies, 84 in ocala. warmer in the inland zones. we will have mid-80s today. not summertime humidity but the warmth with us. low 80s across lake county, 84 clermont and 82 leesburg. we will see more 80s in spots. a lot of 70s yesterday in lake
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low 80s through seminole county committee to longwood, 83 into winter spring and tonight we will see the fog forming with temperatures around 63 degrees. we will track when temperatures could get close to 90 degrees. 5:10 am deneige. >> on the roads we will see construction that could commuting. i 4, lee road, eastbound by roadwork. live traffic tracker, a couple other spots. turnpike, southbound, before osceola parkway, one lane blocked for 17 southbound, narcoossee road, one lane blocked. lots of people are working on tax returns. the new research showing what happens to people who call or write the irs for help. cyber criminals stole private information of hotel visitors for two years.
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alive look over downtown orlando. a decent start. springtime weather pattern coming back again a full check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. orange county officials say it is time for a local home builder to step up and give homeowners answers to problems action 9 first showed you last month. the people who live in brookshire police say putte homes is responsible for faulty stucco and they are dealing with water damage, with rotting walls and mold. homeowners as the county to help. the vision of building and safety sent a letter to mediate the residents worry it will not be enough. >> we need them to give up the check it to give up the check we can go in and help -- fix the home. >> county says it cannot stop the company from building in central florida.
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inspections and repairs at the brookshire place if residents lake county residents recovering actors sick with a virus. one dozen residents in clermont were affected. two taken to the emergency room for dehydration. health officials visited the place to clean the facility and sake. 9 investigates discovered a threatening letter of police chief send to his department complaint outside the officers in ocoee claims supervisors are playing overtime opportunities. they set the plates to the city manager, police union, and hate eight -- head of hr asking for investigations. the police chief said he would open an investigation only if proof is handed over. meeting county investigators are looking for the person who dropped off a goodwill. we watched as the meeting county bomb squad took the grenade and dug a hole in a
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employees at the 27 location found a military like best in a basket truck used for accepting donations to goodwill was not evacuated and no one hurt. parents of florida could have the final say on which school other top -- child attends and who teaches children if the bill is passed by state lawmakers. that bill will allow parents to transferred to another classroom. it will also allow them to pick any school in the state as long as it is not overcrowded. some parents like the idea what orange county school leaders say the bill is unfair to local taxpayers. lawmakers must act by friday when the legislative session is set to end. state lawmakers gave more money to the controversial best and brightest teachers bonus program. lawmakers set aside $45 million to reward highly effective teachers based on sat or act scores. that is $5 million more than the past and critics say there is no evidence that teachers high school test scores prove they are more effective in the classroom. you will see more parking spots labeled superhero a brevard county.
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offering spots for military personnel and better as last year. the brevard county sheriff's office says it will be joining the movement and at around 10 of these signs. how awesome is that? >> fantastic. >> nothing but accurate. >> you cannot have one and the channel 9 parking lot. >> i can wear my tights. >> that scary. -- that is scary. weather. looking outside and downtown orlando, 63 deltona, 59 winds out of the east southeast. light breeze this morning and another warm day on the way. temperatures nice. we had 40s in marion county but now at 63. 59 deland, de leon springs, sam sulla, new smyrna beach, but soon beach running near 60. a good start to the day. winds are light except in
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if you work outdoors today, it is going to be a windier day. breeze picks up this afternoon. i will show you that in a second. scattered clouds and looking good, broad picture, showers and storms to the west and another dry day on the way. you do not need your umbrella. highlands elementary, osceola county, 78 at lunchtime. and by this afternoon we start to see some 80s popping up. 9 am, timeframe, a couple of clouds along the coast other than that partly cloudy skies, showers offshore. good-looking day to the evening hours. looking nice and a few scattered clouds into the afternoon. winds will pick up. southeasterly flow will keep us very warm but you can see the winds 15, 16, 70 miles an hour, gusting over 20 as we head to the afternoon. some folks on springs -- spring break seas fortify feet and a strong risk of rip currents today and the next couple of days.
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around 83, going over numbers, 70s of the coast, 79 today, merritt island, sharpes, titusville 77 palm coast, deland, 80, orlando, orange county, baxter winter garden, apopka all in the low 80s. tonight, we will see patchy fog develop especially marion, sumter, lake. we could have fog by the time i see you tomorrow morning and then tomorrow even warmer, how about these temperatures, kissimmee tomorrow, 86 degrees pick no summertime humidity but definitely warmer for our thursday. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. 86 friday, the weekend fine- tuning that the front approaching the we will stay in the 80s and saturday looking good. sunday, 30 percent chance of a shower or storm and the time change we can we spring had one hour saturday night. 5:20 looking at construction deneige. >> all you will deal with at this point if you are leaving in the next 30 minutes. turnpike southbound before
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blocked for construction and we have spots of roadwork along for 17 southbound at narcoossee road. on i 4, i 4 eastbound at 535, you have the right lane blocked and they should pick up the cones within the next 30 minutes. i will let you know if it changes. citrus bowl seeing crowds since the multimillion dollar makeover. when the event that holds the record will make the return to orlando. gunfire in a downtown orlando neighborhood. but investigators say sparked the violence that sent one to the hospital. you can expect them to be in the hands of terrorists.
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5:24 am. if you stayed in the rosen hotels in the last two years you could be the victim of identity theft. they found out one month ago someone with stealing customer names, credit card numbers and personal information from the data network. it may have been happening at the time the card was swiped
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if you stayed in september 2014 you should monitor your credit card bills and credit reports. a bill that will change the way alimony payments are calculated in florida is now on its way to the governor's desperate the house approved the measure on tuesday which establishes formulas for alimony payments. the formulas will be based on the number of years a couple was married in the couple's gross income determining the amount of the payments. opponents say the bill targets stay-at-home moms. governor. scott will also review a bill intended to protect your rights from law enforcement agencies that the bill will require law enforcement officers to arrest someone before they seize their belongings but officers can seize property right now if they believe that person got it with money made through illegal means that the new bill forces agencies to pay citizens if a court decides assets were improperly seized. a team from ucf will spend the next five years finding ways to neutralize weapons of mass distraction. the team was to find out what will be needed to contain a chemical agent if it is ever
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using simulated chemical agents and placing them in a giant metal tube. the team sets off an explosion to see how much of a chemical agent remains after the fire. >> we are not using any bombs or chemical weapons we are looking at compounds that are similar structures. we want to make sure they are destroyed and right now we do not have that information. >> we want to make it clear again there are no chemical weapons used. these are some of the compounds and department of defense grant will fund testing for the project. hundreds of mature pot plants inside of a home in a lake county neighborhood. >> what investigators are doing to find out if the sophisticated operation is connected to a much larger drug ring. temperatures jumping up. osceola county, a good-looking day. 82 kissimmee, 83 poinciana, we will track windy day and warmer weather.
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5:30 am. 63 degrees. it is going to get warm later. that's all i got. >> [laughter] that's all we need. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads for us. >> i like that. you are tired, aren't you? >> here's a look at daytona beach. winds, calm side, flags are not flying toward the peer. 60 degrees -- sunset 6:29 pm numbers are nice short sleeves and 50s and 60s, 63 degrees audubon park, orlando. 66 kissimmee, camera, intercession city, 61 through the villages, leesburg, lady


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