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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on eyewitness news collecting evidence after reports of gunfire downtown. estimate investigate is what they know about the people who opened fire. >> the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. how primary results from overnight of putting the pressure now on candidates from both parties here in florida. 6 am wednesday, march 9. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom will watching the roads. getting started with certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 . >> spring is here. >> no summertime humidity. we will be warmer today, 83 this afternoon and partly cloudy. great day on the way. 50s and 60s. it is warmer. if you don't have to be out too long, you can get away without a sweatshirt.
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-- and kissimmee, 70 cocoa beach, lotus, cocoa, melbourne, palm bay grant-valkaria, 59 palm coast. in the 50s through seminole in volusia county. scattered clouds dry and staying dry today. the breezy day. looking at college park as we take it to the day. by lunchtime, inland, approaching 80 degrees and this afternoon we will have 80s around. a couple mid-80s and through the afternoon it is breezy and another spectacular evening. by 6:00 temperatures will be running in the mid-70s the coming up, though, we will track warmer weather but also how unusual this dry weather pattern has been. 6:01 am. looking at i 4 with deneige. >> i 4 coming into downtown orlando at colonial no issues is gone westbound all spots have cleared up. looking good regardless of
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comes to your commute. poinciana boulevard, or brown wrote a crash has one lane blocked. you can get to know me for an alternate. move over for troopers and i will update you in the next seven minutes if they need to close anyone lanes. downtown orlando. police investigating a shooting legs. >> it had been on pine street west of orange avenue. janai norman has been talking with people in the area at the time. what is the latest? >> >> reporter: i was speaking with a couple guys who tell me they heard 6-8 gunshots overnight and it is in this area. was police put down that many markers as they were looking for casings and any other evidence that we have been here for about two hours watching as the investigation was getting underway in the heart of downtown. in the last hour and a half we got an update from police that a 26-year-old man was shot in both legs.
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investigation was continuing and that's when we spoke with a man who says he was on the other side of orange avenue when he heard the gunshots and came out to see the aftermath of what happened. >> i hear and when i came out i see the guy on the floor and i don't know who it was. outstanding here with the police came and i saw the bullet on the floor. i showed the police. >> i spoke with another guy who got caught up in the aftermath of the shooting on his way to work. coming up at 6:30 we will share more from the man and we got an interview with a man who heard the gunshots and i will explain what the other witness, the information he's given police that could help the investigation. live in downtown orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. . three former preschool workers set to meet in orange county court today accused of leaving a child and a hot van for hours but we told you one of five-year-old was found in
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preschool north powers drive in october. the child was later returned to paris. state attorney's office filed charges against the three workers pick the school got a $1000 fine. it opened a bigger facility 1 mile away. the three workers will be arraigned at 1:00 and we will you know what happened starting on eyewitness news at 4:00. florida highway patrol is investigating a crash on i 4 is a -- sending several to the hospital. the crash shut down the eastbound lanes near deltona for nearly one hour. investigators clean up the records including two motorcycles and a car. florida highway patrol says drivers need to be aware there are more motorcycles out there on the roads because of bike week in daytona beach. we will check with sea world this morning to see how the star killer whale is doing. eyewitnesses the first to report that "tilikum" the orca is battling a deadly bacterial lung infection. the 34-year-old whale made national headlines nearly 6 years ago when he killed trainer. after the movie "blackfish" some animal activists believe
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from his captivity. >> it is sad but it is probably not unexpected. >> he has a disease which is chronic and progressive and at some point might cause his death . >> sea world will not say if the infection has anything to do with the whale spending decades in captivity. they say he is being treated with medications. police in sanford are holding a free gun safety class today in an effort to cut down on gun violence. police chief cecil smith express frustration after two children were accidentally shot. a babysitter is accused of leading a gun under his couch and a six-year-old girl found it and accidentally killed yourself and another child was shot in the hand last month. the classes will be held in the police department's community room and police want to remind everyone to not bring a gun to
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a local shelter able to help more people involved in human trafficking cases after 9 investigates expose the need for funding. donations made it possible for the orlando home to add two new breads -- but bringing the capacity from 4 to 6 estimate of those. it relied on grissom deletions and one of the only ones in the state and works to prevent sex trade victims from going back to their pimps. >> we have to meet all of their needs. they will not be met solely at a domestic violence shelter for homeless shelter or drug treatment center because they need help ground up , like life skills. >> part of the donations will go toward buying a new van to help the women get to job interviews and doctors appointments. with less than one week to the florida primary, 4 more states held primaries last night and the results range from the somewhat predictable to big surprises. >> eyewitness news this morning angela jacobs has the following results and most
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>> reporter: a split vote for democrats in two primaries, that added a charge to bernie sanders momentum while the gop front-runner maintains his comfortable lead. >> this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> bernie sanders with the stunner adding a major victory in michigan, state both democrats and republicans courted. sanders looking ahead to super tuesday par three with contests in florida, illinois, north carolina, ohio and missouri. despite last night's tie, his opponent hillary clinton is just as excited. >> i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving. >> easily winning mississippi by a wide margin, scoring a clean sweep across the deep south. clinton walked away a winner last night earning more delegates than sanders. on the gop side, >> thank you very much, everyone, an amazing evening. >> donald trump defeated his rivals in hawaii, michigan, and
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idaho leaving florida senator. marco rubio stopping in kissimmee yesterday empty- handed. coming up in the next half hour, what donald trump says about opponents trying to knock him down. back to you. donald trump celebrated the wins in some florida last night holding a rally at his golf cup jupiter where he credited voter turnout for his lead on the republican side of the presidential race. -- >> we had people come over here who have never voted republican who have never even thought about it and they came and they voted republican. >>senator. marco rubio also watched the results in florida and st johns county earlier in the day he met voters in kissimmee following a rally in sanford the night before despite last night's results, he maintains he's staying in the race. he said he's not worried about tulsa police the election is not going to follow a traditional model. worried about the polls. the election is not going to follow traditional model.
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pressure but the pressures to stay in. florida voters will head to the polls in less than one week. the democratic presidential candidates in miami for the next debate a debate starts at 9:00 at eyewitness news this morning christopher heath will be there with complete coverage of the event starting a 10:00 on tv 27 and 11:00 on channel 9. congressman john mica said to be a florida to hand over ownership of the lake baldwin the nursing center. we told him congressman mica push for the state to take ownership of the center since that president obama signed a bill transferring ownership to the state. the facility on raymond street was used for training at the lake nona va hospital. it can be open as a nursing home for veterans. coming up at 6:10 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. the spring without the rain. >> we have been to dry even for the dry season. in the last 13 days in orlando,
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would look over rainfall numbers in the next half hour. today another dry day. marion county, mid-80s around, deland, ocala, anthony, temperatures touching 84. seminole county, low to mid 80s, longwood, wekiva springs, of myspace, printers, winter springs, casselberry, 82, 83 today and along the coast cooler, still warm and more the way of mid to upper 70s because of the strong onshore flow. be mindful of rip currents for today. tonight, patchy fog developing. we are getting started with a warm up. tracking a big warm-up as we get close to the weekend forecast pick 6 10 am deneige. >> a crash with one lane blocked poinciana boulevard at one brown road sending skywitness 9 to get a better look. at this point move over and take extra time.
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parkway, slight slowdowns through the area with people getting on the road. no lanes blocks but since people are moving over, keep in mind. move over. people working on tax returns, what research says about people who call the irs for help. >> cyber criminals stealing personal information for hotel visitors for two years.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together,
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a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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jamie holmes, 6:14 am.
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wednesday morning sun is coming up. warmer this morning already. it will get a lot warmer. a full check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. 9 investigates orange county officials say it is time for a local home builder to step up and give homeowners answers to problems action 9 first showed you last month. the people who live in brookshire police say pulte homes is responsible for faulty stucco and because of that, they are dealing with water damage, rotting walls, and mold. homeowners asked the county to help in response the division of building a 50 cent a letter to both sides try to mitigate for residents worry it will not be enough. >> we need pulte to give up -- give us a check we can go in and fix the home. >> the county says it cannot stop the company from building in central florida. it will oversee any permits or expections at -- and repairs at brookshire place if they get
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residents say of highly contagious stomach virus. two taken to the emergency room for dehydration. officials visited the facility and separated the healthy from the sake. 9 investigates discovered a threatening letter a local police chief said to his department after officers took the complaint outside the department. officers and ocoee claims supervisors playing favorites when it comes to overtime opportunities. they sent complaints to the city manager and the police union and head of hr asking for an investigation. the police chief said he would open an investigation only if proof is handed over. parents of florida could have the final say in which school the child attends and is passed by state lawmakers but that bill will allow parents to request students be classroom. and allows them to pick any school in the state as long as
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parents say they like the idea but orange county school leaders say the bill is unfair to local taxpayers. lawmakers must act by friday when the legislative session is set to end. state lawmakers gave more money to the controversial best and brightest teacher bonus program. lawmakers set aside $49 million to award highly effective teachers based on their sat or act scores. that is $5 million more than in the past. critics say there is no evidence that teachers high school test scores prove they are more effective in the classrooms. new see more parking spots labeled superhero. cocoa began offering spots for military personnel and veterans last year. the brevard county sheriff's office says it will be joining a movement and adding around 10 of the signs. >> fantastic. >> great idea. everywhere. >> also. spec so is the weather. >> great. a little bit too dry and we
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a look outside as the sun comes up. a few scattered fair weather clouds, 64 downtown, 58 deltona, if your kids or yourself have to wait for the bus to work or school this morning i have to wait outside to get into school, you may want a sweatshirt so if you are out for the next hour or 2, a cool feel but 50s and 60s are not bad considering we are -- were in the 40s a couple mornings you. ocala, 59 palm coast, 69 in melbourne and palm bay. winds pulling onshore southeast very light northern tier more of a breeze and brevard and that is why we are warmer in brevard county. satellite and radar picture showing a few scattered clouds around this morning like we showed you in the tower, the -- high pressures and control. the dominant feature so again we will stay dry for today and gradually warm up. highlands elementary, osceola county, 78 by noon, 82 -- 80 by 2:00, later this evening falling into the 70s. teacher track, late this morning a few cut scattered clouds along the coast, doctor
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offshore a few speckles and dry today. right to the evening hours even when you see my good friend tom terry. 10:00 this morning, winds picking up and by the afternoon, you work outdoors, winds 15, 16, 70 miles an hour and we will have gusts over 20. we will have a mild -- 17 miles an hour. beaches in the 70s. cooler along the coast, seas 4 to 5 feet. strong risk of rip currents will stay with us. 83, warmer partly cloudy, let's go over temperatures the 78 today, daytona beach, daytona beach shores, 77 cocoa beach and cocoa, 82 st. cloud 84 claremont. warmer inland. tonight, 50s and 60s and patchy fog will be developing for tonight. we will see that especially marion, sumter lake and around the waterways. tomorrow, partly cloudy, warmer along the coast, 70s and low 80s. inland, well into the 80s.
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catherine, temperatures around 87. titusville through melbourne, barefoot bay, near 80. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. on your screen, take a peek, well into the 80s tomorrow and friday and into the weekend, looking good. temperatures in the low to mid 80s, front tries to get closer but only 30 percent chance of shower or storm sunday. the time change weekend, saturday night before bed, spring ahead one hour. 6:20 am. volume on the road and a few issues. >> skywitness 9 over the scene. poinciana boulevard, or in brown world. northbound lanes -- five minute delay on poinciana boulevard at this point. no need for an alternate. you will need extra time to get through.
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is not causing issues on oran brown. john young parkway, they can get this one out of the way. have not caused major delays. no need for an alternate. the citrus bowl is seeing huge crowds in the multimillion dollar makeover. when the event that holds the record makes the return to orlando. gunfire in a downtown orlando neighborhood. what sparked the violence sending one to the hospital. expect them to be maybe in the hands of terrorists.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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6:24 am. if you stayed in a rosen hotel in the last two years you could be a victim of identity theft. they found someone stealing customer name, credit card and personal information from the data network. and may have been happening every time a card was swiped for check in. if you have stayed there since september 2014, you should monitor your credit card bills and credit reports.
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alimony payments are calculated in florida is on its way to the governor's desk. the house approved a measure on tuesday which establishes formulas for alimony payments. there will be based on the number of years a couple was married. the couple's gross income as well determining the amount of payment. the bill includes controversial provision on how much time children should spend with divorced parents. governors scott revealing a bill intended to protect rights from law enforcement agencies requiring officers to arrest someone before base's belongings. officers can seize property right now if they believe that person got it with money maker illegal means. the bill forces law enforcement agencies to pay citizens to the court decides the assets were improperly seized. a team from ucf spending the next five years studying ways to neutralize chemical women's -- weapons of mass distraction. a team wants to find out what would be needed to contain a chemical agent if it is police. using simulated chemical agents
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the team said so -- off an explosion to see how much of the chemical agent remains after the fire. >> we are not using any bombs or even chemical weapons. we are actually looking at compounds that are similar structures. we want to make sure they are destroyed and right now we do not have that information. >> again we want to make it clear there are no chemical weapons used. these are only similar compounds. department of defense grant will fund the testing for the project. hundreds of mature pot plants in a home in lake county. >> what investigators are doing to find out if the operation is connected to a much larger drug ring. following breaking news, shooting in the heart of downtown orlando. a 6:30 we hear from witnesses and explaining how a man on his way to work got caught up in the investigation. a few 70s along the coast ormonde beach, daytona beach,
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see temperatures take off. 6:26 am this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and
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it is stopped.
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6:30 am. take a moment to look at your screen and see this beautiful shot of the coast. isn't that pretty. 64 degrees right now. we are looking at quite the warm up. i know i'm getting older because when i want to tell people the temperature eichel like this. 64 degrees. -- i go like this. 64 degrees. >> well-done. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes. travertine watching the roads. >> spring is here. warmer for today. 80s around, more mid 80s inland people start downtown orlando. a few clouds around. not a big issue. dry and warmer day. enjoying it. 64 in orlando, winds light east southeast at five no visibility troubles. 50s and 60s. a sweatshirt optional start to the day.
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63 ocala, the villages. in the mid-60s through clermont, altoona, groveland mount dora, 64 kissimmee champions gate, 69 and palm bay and the melbourne area. satellite radar picture like we showed you, a few scattered clouds the high-pressure in control. it is going to be another dry day. the planet today, look at numbers, lunchtime, 77 degrees and this afternoon, some 80s in ocala in the low if not a few mid-80s through the afternoon and another gorgeous evening dropping off into the 70s by the time we hit 6:00. just getting started with a warm up. we will track how much warmer we get an the lack of rain, usually -- usual dry weather pattern we're locked into. 6:31 am. volume bills, a couple issues here is targeting. >> skywitness 9 poinciana oren
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at this point. you have a slight delay in the area, five minutes northbound on poinciana blvd., oren brown road has not been affected too much. we have a shot of i 4, sam lake road, either way, whether heading toward the attractions or downtown orlando, sing typical delays. avelino if we end up having any of the crash as part -- i will let you know if we have precious poppa. downtown orlando, police investigating an early morning shooting senate budget the hospital. >> we told you at 26-year-old man was shot in both legs on pine street west of orange avenue. i assume this morning janai norman watching -- eyewitness news this morning janai norman watching what's happening. >> reporter: i am talking to more than one person who said they heard between 6-8 gunshots in the area. we watch police putting down evidence markers and crime scene tape. one guy says he may have seen the shooter hightailing it from
6:33 am
police report to the shooting around 3:30 this morning. it appears to have been part of a competition between people and a parking lot near back booth nightclub. i was speaking with a man who works in a building near this area and he gave police a statement saying he was driving down garland when a dark gray gray or black lexus came down the wrong way the wrong way, don dowland -- garland toward i 4. police talk to another man who says what looks like -- he he heard gunshots. >> when the police can hear it was like almost 30 or 40 -- 30 or 40 people here. i saw the gun -- he was shoot him. i do not see no car or anything. >> reporter: police say the 26- year-old victim is stable at ormc.
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information about the possible shooter. we will ask whether the victim says he is expected to be okay is giving police a name or identifying information that could help them make an arrest. live in downtown orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. . u. s. defense officials are trying to determine if a senior isis commander died in an airstrike. defense officials say the u. s. targeted the leader last week in an attack in syria and a syrian town once dominated by isis and captured last month by democratic forces. a team of investigative journalism students is asking why in orange county man is still on death row 40 years after being convicted of killing his wife, her parents and another man. persecutor say tommy ziegler shot himself to throw off winter garden police. he told us 20 years ago his handyman was the shooter. the group of students from northwestern university one more dna testing gun pit we ask
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why a dave ward still has not been signed but we have not heard back. the woman at the center of the case of a missing five-year- old girl is appealing her drug conviction. mr. crossland was billing with haley cummings father and 2009. the girl disappeared. investigators believed she is dead. yesterday crossland appeared -- appeal her conviction in st johns county pic she says she was misled by her attorney and would have asked for a jury trial instead of taking a plea. sentencing for a former nasa employee boys and girls club volunteer has been delayed while he undergoes a psychological evaluation. we told you last year when donald watson pled guilty to child porn charges that fbi agents found thousands of images on his computer what was fired from nasa in may. the u. s. atty. gen.'s office has 30 days to have a psychologist evaluate him. he is facing up to 20 years in prison. lake county deputies are now working with investigators in orange county to figure out if they grow houses connected with a larger drug ring. deputies found nearly 300
6:36 am
than $300,000 in a house on action 9 wrote, clermont. two men from orange county resident deputy said they got a tip about it and began a two- month long investigation. >> it was very sophisticated and you never know what you will get when you have a search warrant and you know there is something but you don't know what it is but evidently they knew what they were doing. >> great -- they bonded out yesterday. investigators say they used the house strictly to grow drugs. volusia county, asking who will replace the county's tourism chief after he resigned amid allegations of offensive comment about gay people and the holocaust. he was investigated in november after finding out about the alleged comments. the report shows in one case he told an employee he look like comical, the gayest guy here. also accused of joking with another employee saying the holocaust was, quote, a good thing and supposed to happen. the driver who crashed a stolen car into a family's home is still on the run.
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if you are watching eyewitness news this morning.. it happened at a house on lakeland avenue in orlando. you can see damage of the house with one side boarded up. two people were inside and luckily they were not hurt police said the driver ran off leaving a silver mitsubishi eclipse behind. the mayor of debary says he is going to visit cuba and come back home on a makeshift raft to better understand what cubans go through when crossing the florida straits. mayor clay johnson planning the trip for next month he says he will build the raft himself and plans to get material to -- get material to be. public to reach key west in today's. staff members and volunteers for city of orlando and doing everything they can to protect nesting season at lake eola. we were there yesterday seeing swans including one with eggs and investment official said they do not fence off the next area because swans are territorial and shrinking the territory could be bad for babies. more than 80 percent typically to survive. 6:37 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes.
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>> we had really dry over the last several days, the last couple weeks really. only a touch of rain this month and so far this month running almost 1 inch behind in the rain bucket. still the dry season. we expected to be dry but it's been two dry. we will watch out for the fire threat of the next couple of days and over the next few weeks as we get into fire season. flagler county, along the coast, not as warm as inland but still well into the 70s. palm coast, the hammock, flagler beach, a couple upper 70s and breezy and strong rip currents today if you happen to be on break. lake county, warmer, the villages, clermont running at 84 today. a few of us getting into the 80s. lots of sun and a few scattered clouds around orange county as we get toward winter garden, independence, windermere, lake buena vista, millennia, in the 80s southeast breeze picking up
6:39 am
a nice day, staying dry today. coming up, two things, a warm- up as we approach the weekend and we will look at when we can see the next chance for rain and thunderstorms. 6:38 am. >> heads up for anyone in the osceola county area who would normally take poinciana boulevard at oren brown road. blocking off a right lane as you come through at oren brown road. you have a five-minute delay northbound on poinciana boulevard. watching, you don't have any issues on oren brown road. i will let you know if it changes. would you pay an extra tall to ride on tolla highway that already charges a -- a toll. florida primary days away, looking at last night's results.
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6:42 am. candidates for president are taking a look at the brenda primary results that came in from overnight. >>eyewitness news this morning. angela jacobs the following results and what it will mean for florida boulder -- voters in next week's primary. the hunt for delegates is intensifying. >> donald trump seems to be turning screws tighten lead in the gop while a split vote for the democrats turned heads in michigan. >> we have one code 3 caucuses in the last week. two were with breaking turnouts. >> sanders celebrating a big victory in michigan, clinton considered herself the tories earning more delegates from sanders after collecting 82
6:44 am
mississippi to sweep the south. on the gop side, donald trump continued his chair wrecking of hawaii, michigan and mississippi. >> we had people come here who have never voted republican who have never thought about it and they came and voted republican. >> we caught up with the front runner in jupiter last night celebrating his big wins and one of his properties flight by trump water, trump wine, and trump steaks. trump blasted opponents attempts to stop momentum. >> $38 million worth of horrible lies, but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is because they knew they were lies and it was just really amazing to watch it. >> trumps rain -- main model senator. ted cruz battling out for second base in machine with john kasich. florida senator. marco rubio stopped in kissimmee yesterday for -- scoring 9 percent of the great lakes state vote. rubio came up empty last night
6:45 am
his home state of coming vote and confident to win florida according to the division of elections website, 1.2 million floridians have already cast an early vote either in person or by absentee ballot. back to you. regretted presidential candidates in miami for the next debate starting at 9:00. eyewitnesses this morning christopher heath and complete coverage starting a 10:00 on tv 27 and 11:00 here on channel 9. there is still no sign of the man who daytona beach police stole a car with a 12- year-old steeping in the backseat. residents who live along white court say the child's mother stepped out of the car for only a few minutes before the man hopped inside and drove off. police say he ditched the car nearby when he realized the child was in it. they do not have much of the discussion of the man, the girl described him and had -- as having a mohawk and gold teeth. a new law place to crack
6:46 am
skimmers. gas stations are required to have more security measures, penalties will be increased for could -- crook to use devices pic of alaska state investigators say they found nearly 200 skimmers in florida. we told you earlier this week about a skimming device found a brevard county the state vector -- inspector found it in port st. john. sheriff's office says they have seen a lot and are looking to see if the people involved in the case were caught on video. we will keep an eye on the pickup day. hopefully another day of no new cases that we told you yesterday the state health officials say they had no cases in the state that were new. there are 50 cases that our current. 4 involving pregnant women and officials have not disclosed where they live. allstate zika cases have been travel related. after 9 investigates the exposed staggering number of poor children forced to go without dental checkups, we found the problem can only get worse. two out of every three children of florida who were on medicaid to not see a dentist. probably because not enough
6:47 am
state lawmakers had passed the bill removing dental services from medicaid by 2019 that the bill has to go to governor. scott. expect to see more people flying into the orlando sanford summer. to seasonal routes to which texas. adding two year-round flights including akron, ohio, starting may 19 and evansville, indiana, starting june 2 it flight expected to bring more than the orlando area. mitchell plan orlando expected to vote this morning on a type of express lane that will be added and at least three locations along local toll roads. the toll within a toll lane going on that for 17 year sanford and two locations on each end of the 528. the lanes will cost more but allow you to get out of congestion theoretically. we will let you know what is decided on eyewitness news at noon. city of orlando wants pedestrians and bicyclists to
6:48 am
crews are working on it offstreet bike lane along the east side of bundy from rosedale road to coring drive. construction has been going on since last april. this is a rendering of the past. it will be a 10 foot wide asphalt path in the city's right-of-way set to open next spring. a legendary producer who worked with one of rock 'n roll's greatest bands has died. >> george martin worked with the beatles from the start and through their transformation to musical and cultural icons. many people called him the fifth beatle. he is the man behind problems remaining influential today like the fifth beatle. he is the man behind problems remaining influential today like abbey rd., sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band. he worked with elton john, celine dion and he was 90 years old. what a life and career. >> seven beckett, he produced 700 records. >> amazing. >> some of the biggest names in music. we are in a springlike pattern. >> nice and warmer but not the
6:49 am
good. getting you out in daytona beach, a beautiful picture. nancy was showing this area. you see the sun over the pier. an awesome picture. great way to start the day. 50 degrees and not as cool as the last couple starts. 40s a few mornings ago in marion county. now 63, 64 audubon park, orlando to colonial town, 64 into kissimmee by the loop and 69 in melbourne. onshore breeze a brevard county that's why we are warmer. elsewhere winds alike pulling out of the southeast. we would talk about winds in the second. scattered fair weather clouds making for the nice sunrise. send in pictures i will tweak them sharing them on facebook and instagram. high pressure offshore keeping us dry. we will see that dry weather pattern today.
6:50 am
80s metrowest elementary, another great evening which have -- they have been nice. mid-70s by we hit -- by the time the 6:00 future track, timeframe early afternoon, partly cloudy skies a couple more clouds along the coast. staying dry all the way through the evening hours. winds picking up. out of the southeast keeping us warm and they will keep up this team, 60 miles an hour, some gusting up to -- over 20. -- 16 miles an hour. the top of the intracoastal and a strong reciprocal remaining through the end of the week as the weather pattern is locked in. 83, warmer day, partly cloudy skies. over numbers, 84 today villages, ocala one spot and 70s along the coast. tonight, patchy fog developing, 50s, 60s around tonight. fog most likely inland zones and around waterways.
6:51 am
better chance of fog. thursday, near 80 at the coast and well into the 80s inland. orlando, 86 toward hunter's creek, lake nona, 86 tomorrow. harmony, holopaw back into downtown st. cloud. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. another 86 friday, a great finish to the workweek. some of that whether carrying over into the weekend. saturday weak are -- a weaker front approaches. just as storms this weekend. only 30 percent overnight lows 60s time change weekend, spring forward one hour saturday night. 6:51 am. flashing lights with deneige. >> i 4 westbound, 436 a crash blocking a left-hand lane. this is adding to the typical delays you see from 434 area.
6:52 am
live traffic tracker, we have a couple crashes apopka, vineland road, northbound lane is blocked and colonial drive, dean road partial roadblock. working to find out if you need alternate. florida hospital switched up their roles between patients and doctors. a new program teaching sick children how to become healers. >> -- >> reporter: on top of an early- morning shooting in orlando's biddy downed -- busy downtown district that what we are finding out from police that may have led to gunshots. cocoa woman said a local dealer repossessed a car even though she did not miss a payment.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
we are following breaking news in orlando. police are investigating a shooting that left a man with gun shot wounds to his legs. we are live on pine street and spoke to people who were downtown and said they heard the gun shots. >> reporter: two people who said they recalled hearing between six and eight gun shots early this morning. that's what brought police out to this area where they have
6:56 am
investigated our this happened. we found out they got a call a 26-year-old was shot in the legs and it may have stemmed from a confrontation in a parking lot near back booth nightclub. they haven't released any information about the shooter. i spoke to one man who gave a statement about a car he saw that may be connected to the shooting and another said he helped locate some of the is shell casings on the ground. we are still working to get more information about the victim and potential suspect. working to find out from police if that victim is helping them id the shooter. we will keep you updated on the automobile app as we learn more. reporting live. tax day on april 15th only a month away but you may have trouble reaching the irs if you run into problems. auditors found 49% of the time
6:57 am
that mail includes identity theft, looking for help, taxpayers, filing and tax returns and customers irs. >> it's a coin flip a 50/50 shot if you will hear back in that window. >> the irs said that budget cuts have decreased their staff by 15,000 over the last five years. the president is asking for another billion dollars for the irs in next year's budget. >> and they have announced a new warning about those targeting you at work. payroll departments are received e-mails by thieves posing as ceo's and asking for a list of employee w2's. security exbe period of times say hackers then target companies computer systems to try to access your personal information. orlando hosts one of the biggest sporting events for a second time. wrestle mania is coming back this fall.
6:58 am
together to make the announcement yesterday. that was the mayor i don't know. the last one was here in 2008. attendance. it broke other records for food and drink sales. the event april 2nd 2017, tickets going on sale later this summer. the braves may soon have a new home more spring training after negotiations to move from central florida to is sarasota. leaders negotiating terms for the design of training facility along united states 41 in north port. the magic's road trip continued last night in a game that didn't end until after midnight. the magic started is strong. gordon had fantastic slam dunks. that's why they call him air gordon. the magic faded in the second
6:59 am
game in a row. all right a few junior doctors spent the day on the job at a children's hospital. >> patients at st. joseph's swapped places with their doctors and nurses to preform check ups, fix broken arms and diagnosis stomach aches. it was put the onto help make doctor visits not so scary for them. >> something she can do to get more familiar with her environment and get closer with the doctors. that they aren't here to hurt her. >> the children's hospital has put on the event for the past 13 years. >> all right. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. spring is here. >> no doubt a nicer day. not the summertime humidity. it'll be a little warmer. is still nice. partly cloudy. well into the 80s thursday and
7:00 am
have a great morning. crash i-4 westbound at 436. that's blocking a right hand lane and causing some delays. give yourself another 15 minutes from lake mary to 436. a dealer repossessed a woman's car even though she good morning, america. trump triumphs again. the gop front-runner winning big in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. now calling on the party to unite behind him. >> so, what i say to the republicans is embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> and bernie sanders stunning hillary clinton. >> this has been a fantastic night in michigan. >> a major upset defying predictions. the race tighter than ever. our team breaking it down. donald trump and john kasich both join us this morning. also right now, severe storms hit the south.


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