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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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stanford police say this woman was teaching while intoxicated. she was arrested yesterday. a police report says she had a bottle on the campus and was seen stumbling to choose a class. kathi belich is live in the school. police say she did not know what day it was. >> reporter: the report says substitute teacher holly jo thought it was monday yesterday, which was tuesday but the report says she knew what year it is and who -- and with the president is but one was asked to present his first name, she said obama. the sanford police report says 52-year-old holly joel fell over against the window when
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her eyes were closing. the school resource officer at bentley elementary said he saw her with the zephyrhills plastic water bottle with the included in it and when he smothered he smelled alcohol. she will face a judge this afternoon on top -- child neglect, disorderly intoxication and interfere with school functions for the officer says the substitute teacher was swaying and had to help her keep her balance and she smelled of our call. the school district says she is done as a substitute teacher for the district because of what happened yesterday. we found out she pled no contest to dui in orange county in 2012. she refused to take a breathalyzer and serve probation. the district confirm she drove herself here yesterday morning. live in bentley elementary, sanford, kathi belich, channel 9 eyewitness news. orlando police are looking for the person that shot a man
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we brought you this is breaking news on eyewitness news this morning. . police gathering evidence was aboard avenue. janai norman read through the report in the last hour. witnesses say this started as an argument that the victim was trying to break it up when he got shot. >> reporter: according to police 26-year-old ryland herbert was shot in both legs and brought here to ormc. they say he is cooperative and stable at this point but does not know who shot him. >> i think it was maybe like -- a lot of bullets. >> reporter: the search continues for who opened fire in a downtown parking lot near back booth nightclub earlier this morning. within one hour and a half of the shots, we took you live to where police roped off pine street and put down markers where they found casings and other evidence. that is what we spoke with the security guard and another man who told me they heard more than half a dozen gunshots and
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>> when police came here it was almost 30 or 40 people here. when i see him, i saw him on the ground. he was bleeding. >> reporter: in the last hour i read through the report showing at first witnesses told police that no one was shot despite the victims line with blood pooling at his legs. hours later police are still searching for the gunmen who likely will face charges for aggravated battery with great bodily harm with a firearm. on the scene i've reported a guy got caught up in the investigation on his way to work downtown. he told me he gave police a statement that as he was driving on garland, he saw a dark gray gray or black lexus coming from pine street driving the wrong way on garland toward i 4. we have confirmed that is a vehicle police are looking for , possibly connected to the suspect. we will keep you updated on the search tonight on eyewitness news at four.
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channel 9 eyewitness news. police have identified a body that was found in the ocala national forest. ocala police say thomas lombard his body was found last friday off forest road 50, reported missing in january. investigators say they matched fingerprints to determine his identity. police are investigating his cause of death. express lanes that will cost to double the added in locations along local toll roads. in the last hour metro plan orlando voted in favor of the so-called toll within a toll lane. that will go up on the 417. sanford and two locations on the 528. lanes will cost more but theoretically would allow you to get out of congestion. a warm day across central florida. the warmest weather of the year around the corner. certified meteorologist brian shields. >> we would see temperatures heating up. we've been talking about it this week that it is beautiful and we are seeing a bit of cloud cover around at times but we will stay dry nice temperatures, you see blue getting through the clouds here
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eola and a comfortable 75. winds south southeast at about 10 miles an hour. it is going to turn breezier as we go throughout the day. we will see gusts over 20 miles an hour. heads up, 2:00-format, the please will pick up. temperatures getting close to 80 in a few spots. 79 whites landing, midway, sanford 78 clermont and kissimmee back through melbourne. northern tier as well, all of us dealing with warmth with 70s to flagler and volusia county, 77 as we make our way over toward the villages. satellite radar picture showing fair weather clouds popping up. southeasterly flow is still with us. the map. we do have some cloud cover which is not completely fake. we are seeing sunshine getting in and it is not going to limit temperatures from getting into the 80s across the inland zones. the we are mount dora, 70 degrees at 2:00. near 80 by the time we hit 4:00.
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75 at 6:00 because the sun is up but as a ghost down we will start to see 16th moving in dropping off -- you see numbers today. mid-if not a few upper 70s along the coast with the onshore breeze with us. as we work back inland you see orlando off toward the west and south and that's where we will have 80s. 83 the daytime high in orlando today. 82 ocala, 81 clermont 80 degrees by the loop and kissimmee. winds today southeast 10-20. i mentioned to gusts around as we head through the afternoon. staying on the dry side for today. coming up, we will track the next chance of rain forecast. jamie? track the warmer weather for yourself at /weather. three days left in the 2016 legislative session and lawmakers are running out of time on several issues. today the senate is expected to vote on a massive education
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delayed for two days. senators are expected to vote on a and abortion bill banning state money from paying for preventative care at clinics. the house is expected to vote on repealing a 148-year-old law says it's illegal for unmarried couples to live together. and a final vote from both sides on the budget is set for friday. donald trump is in the lead in florida topping u. s. senator. marco rubio in his home state. will show trump hose 40 percent to rubio's 24 percent. ted cruz standing at 19 percent. john kasich, 5 percent. democratic side, hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders but as marcy gonzalez reports, sanders snagged one and expected win last night. >> reporter: today bernie sanders celebrates a major upset in michigan, winning yesterday's primary there after polling behind hillary clinton by double digits. >> i want to take this
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of michigan who repudiated the polls. >> reporter: sanders came away with fewer delegates than clinton overall yesterday because of her weight win in mississippi bringing her more than halfway to the delegate count she needs to win the democratic nomination. >> the stakes in the selection keep rising higher. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz picking up idaho. >> at this point our campaign is being -- not once not twice but sometimes. >> reporter: the night belonged to donald trump winning in michigan, mississippi and hawaii calling on other candidates to drop out and unify the party. >> let's come together, folks. we are going to win. i say let's come together. >> reporter: ohio governor. john kasich is if he will win how -- win tuesday and turn the tides of the campaign. >> the first time people are marco rubio is confident he will have home state advantage as well despite trailing in the polls and coming in last in mississippi and michigan. >> we will be here.
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florida with the democrats will be tonight meeting in miami for the second debate this week. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. coming off of a big win in idaho, republican presidential hopeful ted cruz campaigning in south florida he held a rally and miami dade college. he talked about how donald trump is ahead of him in delegates but only by a small margin. he says his campaign has the momentum to win the republican ticket. the biggest news from today's valley one of the cruz is former opponents carly fiorina endorsed her endorsement of him. sanders holding rallies and kissimmee and tampa tomorrow. kissimmee rally tomorrow afternoon osceola, heritage park at 3:00. meanwhile the democratic presidential candidate in miami tonight for the next debate. by debate starts at 9:00. christopher heath will be there and complete coverage starting at 10:00 on tv 27 and 11:00 here on channel 9.
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shutdown i 4 for more than one hour involving a volusia county deputies cruiser. you can see emergency vehicles blocking the interstate near deltona at around 1 am. investigators say deputy was responding to a crash involving motorcycles and a car when his cruiser with it. there were injuries but no word on how seriously anyone was hurt. three former preschool workers are expected to face what a judge accused of beating a child in a hot van for hours for we told you about the five- year being found in a van outside which is pre--- preschool north powers drive in october. the child was fine and given over to his parents. the school was fined $1000. the state attorney's office is filed charges against three workers involved, each could face the days in jail and a $500 fine. a man suspected of shooting a passenger -- pastor and idaho arrested the dc outside of the white house. of the suspect was able to escape police and travel across state lines.
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county jail. plus the state has ownership of center in orlando. what this means for local veterans. it's the dry season but way
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it took us 20 days in washington and our leaders in florida say the bill is ready to benefit central florida. transferred baldwin hearts be a nursing home to the state jumpstarting a -- plan to reopen. angela jacobs caught up with congress and mica to push for the day. >> reporter: handing the missing home over to the state is opening in tallahassee with congressman mica says only make sense for central florida. >> why should it stay empty. why should we sit on the valuable federal asset. we should open it up. the quickest way to get it open as to give it to the state. >> reporter: new legislation believed to be passed in record time does exactly that for baldwin park's va nursing home. early, just two-thirds vote action will begin to put the 120 bed facility back into full- service, officially canceling initial plans to close it to the opening of lake nona medical city location.
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not just take millions but bring 150 jobs and most of poorly provide local resources to the aging veteran population >> coming to central florida, they are aging in central florida but there is no reason loved ones have to go across the state or distances to visit their loved one. >> reporter: this one in baldwin park the eighth one in -- angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. former first lady nancy reagan lay to rest on friday, three days of mourning began today for the former first lady including a small ceremony in santa monica for family and friends. public viewing will happen after that at simi valley's ronald reagan presidential library. nancy reagan lay to rest next to president reagan on a hillside to facing the pacific. spacex landing barge back in port canaveral after having an unsuccessful landing attempt to fix you can see them barge
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you as it was towed back to port. falcon 9 successfully launching last friday with intent to land failed. the next launch early april. nasa has set the date for the launch tomorrow launching the window for the inside mission to march -- mars 18 for a november 18 for a november 26, 2018 -- deep interior of mars. to help understand how the rocky planet formed and changed. the magic's road trip continued on california last night in a game that did not end until after midnight and not well. in the second game of a back-to- back the magic started strong. aaron gordon had spectacular slam dunks and that's why they call him that. them magic fading to the lakers in the second have losing the third game in a row 107-98. start posting strong numbers on the board, though. how are we?
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>> not summertime humidity. >> that's optimism. >> that's what we do. >> sometimes. >> getting you outside. dry weather pattern with us. one day so far in the last 13 days with rain. that has been it. i will put other rainfall numbers for the next half hour. we have been to dry. it is the dry season but we expect more rain. we will not see more of a sprinkle of the next few days. clouds around, puffy clouds, maybe a sparkle popping up but the most part we are to dawn drive. 70 -- 75, wind out of south southeast 10 miles an hour. temperatures close to 80. 77 titusville, 77 in cocoa beach near 80 melbourne, coast and inland is warm because of the southeast flow, so the component to the tredwood
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winds are picking up up to about 16 in spots gusting over 20. extra cloud cover and high- pressure anchored offshore. no system dropping in. weather and severe weather is back to the west in louisiana. that will stay away from us. as we go throughout the day, looking good. 79 at 4:00 and dropping into the 60s once the sun ghost town. 2:00 today through the afternoon, -- the sun ghost town. straight chance of a sprinkle popping up on future track. winds near 20 gusting over 20 throughout the day. southeasterly flow keeping us mild tonight as well. the beaches water temperatures in the 60s big issues strong risk of rip currents with us the next couple of days. they will be an issue at the beach. warmer with 83 6 degrees above average. fair weather clouds around
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the coast but low 80s and land touching 81 george lake louisa and 79 kissimmee. 50s and 60s on the way nice night however, one of the changes will be patchy fog developing and the best chance of fog tomorrow morning married, sumter, lake western zones, and waterways. visibility troubled in spots by thursday. thursday and i stayed near 80 at the coast and inland we are going to be into the 80s most in the 80s. we could make a run at 90 in spots if we get sunshine, 80 tomorrow in the villages, 86 orlando, 85 sanford and low 80s new deland and de leon springs, volusia county. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. there is 86 tomorrow and friday warm finish to the week and
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we was the a front approaching and not giving us a chance of rain until sunday. sunday, 30 percent chance of a shower or storm. time change weekend, saturday night we spring ahead one hour. losing one hour of sleep. set the clocks forward it to the weekend. coming up at the bottom of the hour we will look at unimpressive rainfall totals. jamie? brevard county woman claims a used car dealer we possess to drop even though she had not missed one payment for a year. how it happened and how action 9 was able to help. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight
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by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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we know more about how sea world start till well is doing. we told you yesterday "tilikum" the orca whale is battling a lung infection.
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headlines six years ago when he killed trainer after the movie "blackfish", some animal activist believe his condition may have come from his captivity. >> it is sad. but it is probably not unexpected. >> he has a disease which is chronic and progressive and at some point might causes death. >> sea world will not say if the infection has anything to do with the whale spending decades in captivity process is being treated with medication. if you stayed at a rosen hotel in the last two years you may have read a victim of identity theft. the company says it found out one month ago someone with stealing customer names, credit card numbers and other personal information from their data network. it may have been happening every time a card was swiped for check in. if you stayed there's in september 2014, you should
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and credit reports. a bill changing the way alimony payments are calculated in florida is now headed to the governor's desk. the house approved the measure on tuesday which establishes formulas for alimony payments. the formulas will be based on the number of years the couple was married. the couple's gross income will determine the amount of payment. the bill also includes a controversial provision about how much time children should spend with their divorced parents. governor. scott will also look over bill intended to protect your rights from law enforcement agencies but that bill will require law enforcement officers to arrest someone before they seize their belongings. rhino officers can seize property if they believe -- right now officers can seize property they believe was game through illegal means. 40 to pay citizens of the court decides assets were improperly seize. orange county officials are saying it is time for a local home builder to step up and give homeowners answers to problems that action 9 showed you last month.
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place essay pulpy homes is responsible for faulty stucco and say because of that they have been dealing with water damage, rotting walls and mold. last week homeowners asked the county to help and in response the division of building and safety sent a letter to both sides trying to mediate and residents worry it will not be enough. >>we need pulte to give us the check . if you give us the check we can go in tomorrow to fix the home. >> the county says they cannot stop the company from building in central florida. they say they will oversee any permits or inspections on repairs at the brookshire place if residents get that far. parents in florida may soon have a say in which school their child attends and who teaches their children if a bill is passed by state lawmakers. that bill will allow parents to request the student be transferred to another classroom. it will also allow them to take any school in the state as long as it is not overcrowded pick
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idea but orange county school leaders say the bill is unfair to local taxpayers. lawmakers must act on this by friday when the legislative session is a two and. sanford police holding a free gun safety class later this afternoon in an effort to reduce gun violence the police chief cecil smith expressed frustration after two children were accidentally shot. a babysitter in one case accused of giving a gun under his couch a six-year-old girl found it accidentally killed or so. another child was shot in the hand last month. that class is going to be held in the police department community room. police want to remind people, do not bring a gun to the class. it starts at 4:00. this afternoon marion county investigators are looking for the person who dropped off a dummy grenade one ocala goodwill. bomb squad took the grenade and dug a hole in a landfill with a very good and blew it up. employees at the star on 27 avenue found the military like best as well in a basket truck used for accepting donations. that goodwill was not evacuated.
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new problems this afternoon for a chipotle. the illness that forced one of the restaurants to close. and why prosecutors a brevard county are fighting to keep
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video former marine taken into custody elantra by the secret service without a fight. police say heat through flash drives and other items of the white house fence.
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down in idaho, pastor a day after the pastor spoke at a ted cruz rally. i just talk with local police and i've heard and learned before the suspect boarded a plane to the city to fred -- flats tried to present media outlets. it contains 30 pages of various theories and him had including a list of members of congress >> i would say this probably has a dozen u.s. senators and maybe twice the amount from the u.s. house and probably half the amount from the israeli government. >> reporter: is not clear how he was able to board a plane by police were looking for him. i have learned that odom had issues in the past with mental health. police were not explain anymore. in washington, jacqueline fell channel 9 eyewitness news. a man charged in connection with a downtown melbourne beating death try to bound out of jail but fail. 21-year-old has been held without bond since his arrest last week.
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old wilbanks multiple times in the hours after the super bowl will wilbanks made an unwanted sexual advance. witnesses testified massaro was not a danger to society nor a disagreed. a warm day across central florida. only getting hotter. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest. >> thursday and friday starting tomorrow we can see a few getting closer to 90 degrees. outside, fair weather clouds and 75. winds are breezy out of the south southeast 10-20 miles an hour. numbers in the 70s to near 80. close to 80s in sanford i have not seen much of a changing temperatures in this hour but we will be warmer overall inland with low 80s throughout the afternoon. tracking batches of cloud and the sun is getting through. it's not a dense overcast but osceola county, orange, seeing extra cloud cover popping up
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. all of us seeing some of that mainly dry today, a couple speckles are possible the next couple of days not much more than that and we are in a dry pattern. one day in the last 13 have we had rain in orlando and he did not give as much. although we are in the dry season and expect to be dry, running almost 1 inch below for this month. we need rain and that means we need to monitor the fire threat. it is not too high overall winter has been on the wet side but we need to watch for it because things change quickly especially as the temperatures heat up 83 this afternoon, warm afternoon and tonight one of the changes will be patchy fog that will be developing late temperatures are pretty nice, 50s, 60s around and fog forming by early tomorrow morning. coming up we will track how much warmer we will get as we approach the weekend forecast.
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at least nine firefighters injured in a natural gas explosion in seattle. a fire department spokesperson said all the injured firefighters are being treated for minor wounds and hospital. the firefighters were investigating a report of a natural gas leak at the time of the explosion. at least one building had heavy damage and a lot of people who live nearby were evacuated from their homes. legendary producer who worked with the beatles has died. sir george martin worked with the beatles from the start and through the transformation and musical and cultural revolutionary >> many people called them the "fifth beatle". is behind the apples like abbey road, work with elton john, celine dion and he was 90 years old. a series of attacks and israel has left five people dead including american citizen. mollie hunter is in jerusalem with the latest. >> reporter: the attacker sprints up the road, swinging a knife stabbing people at random as he goes.
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weaving in and out of traffic after nearly 20 minutes, police officers close in, 10 gunshots rang out. the attacker shot dead. i -- identified as a 22-year- old palestinian from the west bank. and a member of the islamic group hamas the group tweeted. he injured 12 people and killed american graduate student taylor force, 20. first-year mba student at hand -- vanderbilt university said. he was in israel with classmates on a school trip and an eagle scout and graduate of west point. he served tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. 1 mile away vice president joe biden was meeting with former israeli president paris. >> we take seriously in the u. s. as you do here the death of every incident -- innocent civilian that comes as a consequence of acts of terror. >> after meeting with benjamin netanyahu biden voiced his
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>> let me say in on -- no uncertain terms, the united states of america condemns these exports over the last five months, volunteer has killed nearly 30 israelis and more than 180 palestinians. most while attempting attacks or suspected of attempting attacks and in the last 24 hours alone, 8 people have been killed, seven palestinian assailants in addition to american tourists. mollie hunter, abc news, jerusalem. a new case of norovirus is chipotle restaurant to close temporarily after one of its virus. restaurant are suspected of back in december, more than 150 customers in a nearby to norovirus. the restaurant chain is still trying to make a comeback after e. coli outbreak affecting country. a local shelter is able to
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expose the need for more funding. donations made it possible for the orlando home to add two new beds bringing the capacity at samaritan village from 4-6 with special to rely solely on grants and donations and one of the only in the state working to prevent sex trade victims from going back to their pimp for lack of life skills or education. >> we have to meet all those needs. they are not going to be met solely at a domestic violence shelter for a homeless shelter or drug treatment center because they need help ground up, life skills. >> part of the donations will go toward buying a new band to help those women get the job interviews and doctor appointments. a team from ucf will spend the next five years looking at ways to neutralize chemical weapons of mass destruction. the team want to find out what will be needed to contain a chemical agent if it is released. the current is using simulated chemical agents and placing
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was there the team sets off a kind of exposure to see how much the chemical agent remains there after as shockwave -- after a shockwave. >> we are not using a bomb or chemical weapon. we are looking at compounds that are similar structures. if you want to make sure that they are destroyed and as of right now we do not have that information. >> we want to make it clear there are no chemical weapons used. these are only similar compounds. a department of defense grant will fund the testing for the project for the next five years. multitasking is part of our daily lives but it can also affect your health. why juggling so many things at once can apparently do more harm than good. and the food you can eat that new research says will increase
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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the risk of lung cancer could increase if you have a sweet tooth even if you do not smoke. doctors say people who eat more sugary or starchy food increases their risk of lung cancer by 50 percent. these types of foods have a higher glycemic index which can lead to more insulin production in your body. the increased insulin can lead to a higher risk for lung cancer. you can reduce your risk by cutting out the sugary snacks and junk food from your diet. if your kids are speaking -- skipping us they are probably skipping vitamins and minerals from me a 7-20 percent of children ages 4-18 skip lunch at least one day a week.
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deficient in vitamins a, d, e and k along with essential minerals. pants need to make sure kids have something to eat before they leave for school. researchers say contrary to popular belief, multitasking may actually make you take longer to get things done. experts say when you switch between tasks you're more likely to make mistakes especially if they involve a lot of critical thinking. researchers at the university of california say both the physical act and the can cause more stress. something my failing a test or not performing well at work can also lead to self-esteem issues and even depression. police use of football organization in the u. s. is selling a major lawsuit. the reason the mother is blaming pop warner for her son's death. a cocoa woman did not miss her truck payment for a year but dealer repossessed her vehicle.
12:44 pm
woman claims a used car dealer repossessed her truck even though she had not missed a payment for one year. she called action 9 for help. todd aldrich found out how it can happen after eight by here, pay your dealership sells your loan. >> melinda nelson just lost one of the few things she owned, this 2003 ford pickup truck. repossessed by carnation in cocoa. >> have you ever missed a payment? >> no i have not. >> 165 every two weeks. >> right. >> she had poor credit so she went to a buy here pay here daily. she says he sold her contract to a traditional letter, sterling credit. >> we want to better your credit and we will put you with the sterling credit corporation. >> reporter: she made payments to stalin was says last month
12:45 pm
>> i said i will be honest with you, the truck has got problems. >> reporter: she heard she'd no longer qualified and how long was being sent back to carnation. that same day, her truck disappeared. >> i was dumbfounded. i thought somebody had actually stolen the truck. >> reporter: she says carnation repossessed her truck without giving her a chance to make payments due that week at carnation, she said her car was we publish never missed a payment. the manager did not respond. was alone sold to sterling finance. did she miss a payment? one? >> the company said she was four days late, that is why sterling called to check on the truck melinda said she was trying to pay and claims carnation's manager blamed her for complaining to the new lender. >> if i had not told them about the condition of the truck and that it needed this work, i would still have my truck. todd aldrich, channel 9 eyewitness news. carnation said when third-
12:46 pm
rejected it rewrites the risk but worth the advisor second chance. the largest lose -- youth football league is making changes after settling a lawsuit with the family of a young man who died after playing the sport. he started playing with pop warner when he was 11 years old. at age 20 very committed suicide. after he died, he was diagnosed with a brain disease caused by head trauma. in the lawsuit, his family claimed pop warner did not enforce limitations on hitting during practice and had a deliberate disregard for their son's health. >> i just could not understand why a happy kid turned into someone so depressed. >> we want children to play. we do not want children to engage in combat. >> since 2010, pop warner benches any child who is suspected of having a concussion and they are unable to play again until they are cleared by a doctor. self-drving cars are soon becoming a reality and now
12:47 pm
the perfect tire. the company presented new spherical tires for self-drving cars hypnotize will be able to navigate tight spaces like parking spots and city traffic. they will connect to the car using magnetic levitation but the concept is far from finished. goodyear is working on traditionally shaped smart tire for smart driving cars going on the market by the end of the decade. >> like that little dude from star wars. >> right. >> i cannot remember his name. >> this is a trick. >> bibi eight -- bb 8. >> there was no trick. >> here we go. [laughter] waiting for the graphic. downtown orlando, warm and deltona, close to 80 degrees winds out of the south
12:48 pm
deltona even with a few extra clouds and we will see sun squeaking through helping to warm us up. there are the numbers close to 80, clermont, sanford, 76 toward palm coast, 70s along the coast onshore breeze out of the southeast and we will stay in the 70s because of that along the coast but inland we was the 80s and note winds 17 modern art sharpes, vieira, titusville, indian river city, dust over 20 to 25. a breezy day base clouds i have had popping up. dry high-pressure offshore anchored in and when you have high-pressure, you have dry weather and that's why we are locked into the batter. we could use a little bit of rain at this point none of the short term forecast for good this afternoon, 80 at 2:00, sanford, riverwalk, late evening once the sun goes down we drop into the 60s. future track, throughout the afternoon, scattered fair weather clouds tom will check
12:49 pm
generally speaking, but we will see some patchy fog developing late. winds pulling out of the southeast and breezy to the afternoon and by tonight, settling down some and as they do, we can see some fog developing. even warmer this afternoon partly cloudy with temperatures around 83 downtown, 80 sanford, 76 titusville and the breeze with us all the way through this evening. tonight, a little bit of patchy fog especially where winds die down more than western zones, 50s, 60s and close to 70 with the onshore breeze a brevard county the cocoa beach tonight, 69 and we had a few mild starts this week. tomorrow, partly cloudy, gorgeous day, not some humidity but nonetheless warmer. inland, 87 in clermont tomorrow. 86 orlando, kissimmee, st. cloud. and along the coast we push 80, daytona beach, daytona beach shores, ponce inlet, port orange, 80-81 tomorrow. a reminder this weekend, time
12:50 pm
forward one hour saturday night. in theory, we lose one hour of sleep. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. warm weather and dry weather the next few days. 86 tomorrow, and friday. into the weekend, a front from the west approaching but it's hard to drag the front completely through so we will stay bibi this weekend. by sunday, the front enhancing 30 percent chance of a shower or storm. jamie? one flight when you did not need an in-flight movie. the show that was going on outside, lucky viewers who got to see one of earth's greatest
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top stories coming up on eyewitness news at four. the second grade substitute teacher sanford police showed up to an elementary school intoxicated will have to answer to a judge today. 52-year-old holly joel arrested at valley elementary school. police say she had a bottle a campus i was in the blink. we will let you know what the judge decides at 4:00. orlando police are try to track down the person responsible for shooting a man in a downtown parking lot and police say 26-year-old ryland herbert was shot in both legs on pine street while trying to break up an argument. we will tell you how police tried to find the gunmen. only a look if you got a front row seat to witness last night solar eclipse. millions of people watched as the moon align perfectly between the earth and the sun briefly blocking the race. alaska airlines pushed back the departure time for a flight to
12:54 pm
could witness the eclipse at 37,000 feet. >> it was like a tidal wave. amazing. >> like christmas, easter, new year's combined. >> isn't that incredible. we will not see another total solar eclipse until august next year. stocks up on wall street. a look at the numbers today. we were closing figures tonight
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march 9 meaning it is winter still in central florida. >> do you hear that? >> winter. >> close to nine by the end of the week at 83 today, no summer humidity and warming up thursday and friday. staying on the dry side. we expected to warm up this time of year but these temperatures will be 510 degrees above normal by the weekend. low to mid 80s chance of a shower and storm by sunday. enjoy the rest of your day. jamie? they do so much for watching eyewitness news at noon.
12:58 pm
she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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>> announcer: hope you saved room for dessert, because we're bringing you an hour of surprisingly simple sweets. mario's firing things up with a decadent chocolaty hazelnut creation. then, want to know the secret to making the perfect chocolate chip cookie? carla is revealing all in a baking school 101 you won't want to miss. plus, chef roble is going for the grove. >> i love oranges, i love orange juice. so today, i'm meeting up with a third generation farmer -- he's going to teach me a thing or two about oranges. >> announcer: the fun starts right now, here on "the chew."


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