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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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fright now fire crews are still monitoring hot spots after are a wildfire raced through parts of a neighborhood threatening homes. >> we've been keeping a close eye on the flames since eyewitness news at 4:00 today when we told you the flames were burning homes near palm bay. chris russell is live there now. the fire is 100% contained, but it damaged four homes. two of them severely. >> yeah, i talk told the palm bay fire chief who told me at one point tonight, there were up to 80 firefighters out here battling this blaze.
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hours now, and it's still relatively smoky, and we've been monitoring this smoldering area hereby that has been flaring up. some neighbors say it may still be hard to sleep tonight because of the smoldering. michael did whatever he could to protect his 65-year-old mom's palm bay home. >> how close was it? >> it was right next to that tree in the yard. >> florida forest service took us down smoky quinton avenue, and stopped fire a place where the spokesperson said the fire crews don't know if it began at a home or in the woods. palm bay fire told us was a 45 acre blaze, and it wasn't 100% went down. that left concerned friends and loved ones waiting for hours until roads reopened. >> i want to go check it out and see if it's all right, but
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>> firefighters told me about 100 homes were ex-possessioned to radiant heat, but no important evacuations, and i'm standing next to one of the homes damaged by the fire, and according to from there forestry, they told me this home was damaged by the radiant heat coming from the woods only feet away. now crews want to make sure no other homes are in harm's way. >> when will we know the cause? >> i'm hopeful we'll hear something tomorrow. i just don't know. we know where the point of origin is, we just don't know
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we found out the mother at the center ofage amber alert out of do georgia has been arrested in ocala. investigatesser found her and the children at a relatives home in ocala tonight. the children were unharmed, and tonight are in dcf custody. >> a woman is out of jail after accused of teaching while drunk. >> reporter: have you taught before anywhere else? >> sanford police say holly joel had a plastic water bottle containing pink liquid that smelled like alcohol in her in her classroom. she said she stumbled and didn't know what day it was. joel has since been fired. new tonight, a private school in orange county has now hired an independent firm of
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you the school didn't have working fire alarms. an school worker with agape christian school said there are now people in uniforms wig walkie-talkies monitor it will the fire and church, but we found out the fire marshall is still fining the school $500 a day until they come up with a suitable solution. tonight a man is recovering after being shot in downtown orlando this morning. pine street. witnesses say there was an argument before someone fired into the air. police say when someone tried to calm every down, the gunman shot him in both legs. >> i'm southern prized because he's not that type of a kid. we've never heard of him being in any kind of trouble. >> the victim's family told us that area. officers say when they arrived, several people told them no one had been shot.
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those were two of the topics tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are on stage for the final debate before florida votes on tuesday. chris, after a sunning loss last night for hilly clinton in michigan, she is looking for help in florida to wrap up the nomination. >> she is, by winning florida, as well. 246 delegates at stake. if you look behind me, you know can see the debate just watched up a couple of seconds ago with people beginning to file out of the auditorium. what these debates do is give each candidate a chance to address key issues, but also specific issues to that state and region, and tonight immigration heavy on the hearts of many people here in south florida and across the entire state. the debate began with questions over hillary clinton's e-mails, with her say sheering did
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mails by other secretaries of state. both candidates were asked about donald trump, and each dismissed trump, referring to his rhetoric. they did spar over mast votes and past positions on immigration, with sanders going after clint for being against driver's license for undocumented immigrants in new york. >> imagine where we would be today if we had a chief comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago. imagine how much more secure families would be in our country. >> not only do we need compressive immigration reform, if the congress does not do its job, as president of the united states,ly use the executive powers of that office to do what has to be done. >> more than half of the two-
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other topics covered tonight, climate change, specifically how much sea level rise will affect not just florida, but specifically right here in miami-dade county, and tuition. with both candidates talking about the importance not to overburden students with too much debt when they do graduate. >> and bernie sanders is staying in the sunshine state after tonight's debate. he's planning to insure kissimmee tomorrow afternoon, where we'll be sitting down with him one-on-one. you can see that interview starting on eyewitness news at 4:00. and then tomorrow night, it's the republicans turn to stake the stage for the debate at 8:30. christopher heath will be there, as well. we'll have complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10:00 on tv 21, and right here at 11:00. attorneys could make closing arguments tomorrow in the case of alleged dog fighting. more than 30 dogs were found at
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years ago. many were injureed ore emaciated. 26 people were arrested. two are now on trial, accused of dog fighting. tonight, marion county deputies know the identity of a man whose body was found buried in the ocala national forest, but they still don't know hour he got there. the victim is 44-year-old tommy lombardi. investigators say he was last seen at a marion county hotel where he is staying. he was supposed to be moving back to marion county, but when nate didn't happen, his mother became concerned and told deputies and some that led to the body's discovery. in the former teacher who traded a 16-year-old girl candy
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next 27 years of his life in prison. this sentence is longer than prosecutors actually asked for. last september, 59-year-old greg vaughn pled guilty after agents found pictures of the 16- year-old girl and others on his computer. vaughn's attorney is now planning to appeal that long sentence. a federal grand jury will determine whether more people will face criminal charges because of a bogus charity with ties to congressman core were brown. >> donors today testified about how they were duped into thinking they were racing money for scholarships. investigative reporter darlene jones talked to one of them. >> were you told you were giving to a nonprofit? >> yes. >> reporter: steve padgett said someone asked him for a check to help raise money for scholarships. he's a jacksonville attorney, former state law maker and candidate governor. he gives millions towards scholarships for college, and he had no reason to believe one
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it was tied to someone he knows. congresswoman corinne brown, who has not been named a target of this investigation. >> what kind of questions did they ask you about congresswoman brown? >> just about my contribution, really. >> last week, the director karla wiley pled guilty as part of a plea deal. wiley told prosecutors she had help from an unnamed public official, and someone of the official employees employee, and they used the unnamed official's name and seal to obtain donations pain cording to the plea deal, they put money into their personal account, use something for personal expenses. this is wile by here with congresswoman brown on the front page of the organization's website. and 8 investigates showed you last month these fund-raising
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by brown using that u.s. house seal. >> you always want for it to work out well when you make charitable contributions. >> congresswoman brown has had no comment. an attorney for one of her former staffers to testified today told us he was told by prosecutors not to comment. the grand jury testimony is expected to wrap up sometime tomorrow. >> orange county sheriff tellings is thanking lawmakers in tallahassee for a bill. his widow, bridget pine, said the system was set up, their family has really struggled to try to make ends meet with three children. the new charges will inch crease monthly benefits from families, and give them the option to transfer into a pension plan. >> a local mayor owes the city she serves thousands of dollars for not mowing her lawn. >> it's insulting to the city. we all pay our bills. >> we're asking her why she's not paying. >> a warm breeze is blowing out
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we'll update how close we'll gets to 90 degrees, and when our next chance for rain moves back into the area. >> plus a dire warning from the coast guard for this local
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the owner refuses to mow the laurens. >> field, you found out the mayor filed a personal bankruptcy and that could be the issue here. >> reporter: and that is the reason that this house is under are the control of a bank for the time being. this is not where the mayor lives, by the way. when we came out here, we found one notice from the city's code enforcement office on the garage door, and i weren't and found in the rest, to the notices of liens all dating back to 2013. decent. grass well under the required 8 inches, and just a few stray weeds growing over the highlight limit. one neighbor said he has seen it a lot worse, with grass up to its knees. he said that left the neighbors scratching their heads. >> they drive the boom truck team. according to these documents,
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time month after month, and the city issued 11 leaps over the course of about two years, and now the title owed is more than $3,000, and 9 investigates find out 0 it recently came up at a heightly attended city counsel meeting. >> i just want to ask again, are you planning to pay this bill? we sure wish you would. >> this is being handled by attorneys, and i'm following the rules i have to follow, and i will continue to do that. >> reporter: i asked the mayor how she can take her $14,000 parted time salary from the same city she owes money. she sent a statement saying: tonight one of the mayor's lawyers called and said that
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means that borders is just not in charge of who she pays or when, that that is in the hands of the court. the mayor of deberry is planning a trip from cuba to florida on a home made raft next month. he said he is still going to do it despite the u.s. coast guard telling him a trip like this could have grave consequences. the coast guard is urging him not toker bark on such a dangerous journey, saying it could result in a search for him. today the mayor said he may consider having a chase boat follow him. he said he is doing it for adventure and to show a firsthand story of what it's like. >> there is going to be a difference of opinion, but all i can do is do it out of the most respect possible for those who have tone it. >> he built a replica raft in he this backyard. right now that trip is planned for april. >> tonight state lawmakers are crashing down on the crooking
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information at to the gas pump. it would force gas stations to up their security. this after another skimmer was found at a popular station person we asked the better business bureau why stations are not using chip card reader tuesday protect their customer. >> so anytime you have to buy technology, of course there's an expense that comes along with it. in this case, businesses really can't afford north to do it. >> we asked 7-eleven if they'll help owners cover the cost of additional security measures. they did not respond to our question. and that was one of those stations where there was one of those skimmers. >> we're getting ready tomorrow for the warmest day of the year so far. >> yeah, so far. this reminds me of el nino 1998. had really wet weather, and then warmed up really fast in the spring. yes didn't get a lot of rain in the spring request, so lot of tender underbrush and fires everywhere. that's why we have so much mitigation now with the controlled burns that you see us talk about all the time. of course we had a 45 acre fire
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homes, and just a sign of we are getting closer to the start of the fire season. right now downtown orlando is on the warm are side. we will end up at a higher temperature in the morning. warming up morn during the afternoon. we're still 70 degrees in fact at kissimmee. winds out of the east, southeast, light over the interior, but still breezy. of course that's where the fire was earlier today, near palm bay. so a fairly high fire danger are all think way to the start of the weekend. warm temperatures, which causes a higher evaporation rate. so we start drying out faster. in other words, 20-plus mile per hour wind gusts. lower humidity levels. that's a recipe for fire, but also for chamber of commerce weather. tomorrow we'll get up to 83 degrees at 3:00.
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at 4:00, and the official high, about 86, maybe 87 for orlando, which would put us the warmest 30th. if you just came to central florida, we had a really hot year last year, culminating with nearly 90 degrees by the end of the year, ocala, you'll be warming up, too. tomorrow. 88 over in ocala for tomorrow. it's so hot, it doesn't want to stay. 88 clermont. 84 in sanford. so well above our season average, which is about 77. nowhere near records, though. today's record was 96. fortunately not even close to that, as we keep it warm all the way through the weekend, though, we'll stay about 8 degrees above and, but not fire the record. big flooding event going back here to the west. almost a foot of rain near shreveport, louisiana. another not a possible near new orleans. we will get a little bit of
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not the flooding part, but a little bit of rainfall, and maybe a rumble of thunder as another weak front approaches. we have some rain deficit, that we need some rainfall to help take care of. temperatures stay well into the upper 80s for tomorrow. and through you see temperatures staying on the warm side throughout the weekend. greg, a little preview of summer. >> coming up, a misunderstanding could soon make your toll road trip faster, but more expensive. >> and getting you ready for you're thursday morning. tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, we're going to fine tune the temperatures, the big warmup on the way, and the changes that system will bring
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for are the first time in florida, health officials say an infection from zika hack because transmitted sexually. officials say one of the new cases in polling county was sexually-transmitted. the rest in florida were infected from traveling outside of the country. there are currently 52 cases of
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expression tolls are still coming to the 417, thanks to a misunderstanding by the entire metro plan board. today the board members thought they were going to vote down a plan by the department of transportation to widen and put in express toll lanes along the 417. some thought that the time wasn't right. others did not want to see folks being tolled on top of a road they already pay to use. the state is expected to start construction now in june. tonight police are calling a gun safety class a success. earlier today, officers hosted a class teaching both adults and children how to properly secure firearms. the two-hour class came after the key center death of a six- year-old who died after police say she accidentally shot herself with an unsecured gun. police officers say they hope this class will help prevent again. >> disney remains tight lipped about possible negotiations that would move the atlanta
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sarasota county. we told you sarasota county leaders are discussing construction of a stadium and training facility in the west vimmages along u.s. 41 and north port. today, disney, which owns the current training facility for the team said it's focus is only on this year's spring training. >> florida state did not do enough in the in regular season to make it to march madness, so trying to get in the old- fashioned way by winning their conference tournament. fsu taking on virginia tech in the second round of the acc tourney. first half, seth allen rising up up on on the break. final seconds of the half, ahead to booker, yes, sir, 10 points in the first. seminoles trailed at the break. last check, fsu still down by
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in that one. back hear in orlando, the american athletic conference is borrowing the amway center this week. ucl is the two seed and will play tulane tomorrow, trying to beat the green wave for their third time this season. the nights have only one one of this last nine games, but that was against tulane. >> both games have been close games, but i think coming in her today, both of us know the value of this game to move forward, so i think our guys will be ready to play. in socker, as we get closer to orlando city's next game, we appear to be getting closer to the day buy, as well. adrian heath saying today, the italian mid-fielder is fitting in well and playing even better than expected. day way from practice, kids at the front line outreach youth center are playing soccer themselves. the orlando city foundation kicked through the ribbon on a new mini pitch today. the foundation is also extending its soccer for
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mentoring kids, helping to promote healthy lifestyles. that's the second mini pitch the foundationpy has installed in central florida. coming up saturday, we'll talk mortgage about the foundation in the new orlando city insider, airing saturday nights at 10:35 on tv 27. in international soccer, u.s. and germany playing in the final game of the she believes cup. first half, u.s. down 1-nil, but alex morgan, can't wait to see her too things like this with the orlando pride. 64th goal of her career. team usa goes a unto win 2-1, and finishes the she leaves cup a perfect 3-0. three florida state pitchers campaigned for a no hitter against toledo tonight, but the knolls still needed this squeeze bunt to pull off the win. it was the 9th 'noles hitter in
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be sure to watch eyewitness news this morning tomorrow morning starting at 5:00. >> thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. until then, take care and enjoy
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