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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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donald trump wants to have it deported. >> the audience liked it. >> you can never go wrong, immigration and donald trump. right? they sure do that one well. well, that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." it's friday. have a great weekend. we need to discover that they would need this kind of tone. >> personalty to a minimum in miami. good behavior is refreshing. >> 5 am friday, march 11 next jamie holmes, we check weather
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let's get to wftv -- deneige first and then went ahead and that concludes our day. >> let's get you out this morning and want to start temperatures in the 60s and 70s go with your shorts and short sleeves you may want to sweatshirt, 62 degrees now in orlando. 66 clermont, groveland, howey- in-the-hills, daytona beach checking in at 63 and 64 and palm coast. the fog is not widespread but around waterways, debary, sanford, st. johns river basin is where we have some fog this morning. we will watch out for that but could get sick around the waterways. be mindful. elsewhere, scattered clouds in the western tier and it will be a beautiful start to the morning and we will see another good-looking day. partly cloudy skies years deland, 82 afternoon and this afternoon mid-80s around and it
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by the time we hit the evening we will have temperatures running in the 70s, mid-70s around. temperatures along the coast warm pushing 80 in spots and 78 in cocoa beach, details of -- daytona beach near 81 and winds selfies 10 to 15 but 87 in the villages and ocala. we do have some of that warm weather that will be pushing in. we will check why it has been so dry and when we will get some storms back in the forecast. the time is 5:02 am. deneige. >> a crash that had all eastbound lanes of i 4 shut down before fairbanks but looks like they may have reopened one the right side of the screen, it looks like you may be able to get through at this point. checking all the other cameras to double check. looks like they are diverting traffic off the road so you can eastbound. anytime before that.
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and i will tweet updates at wftv traffic. orange avenue, orange avenue, weatherby wrote, a partial roadblock no word of an alternate get i will update the clashes in the next seven minutes. -- crashes in the next seven minutes. data breach police investigating a fiery crash involving a motorcycle look at the video you can see the motorcycle wound up underneath the car in both the car and motorcycle were badly damaged early this morning on nova road near international speedway boulevard. we are told nova road is open right now and we have crews asking police how the motorcycle -- motorcyclist is doing. alive update coming up later in the newscast. seminole county fire officials a two people suffered minor burns in a house fire. firefighters say they arrived to find flames coming from the roof of the home on boyer street south of state road 434 last night. officials say other person was
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county fire investigator is working to figure out what started it. apopka police need your help finding a missing teenage boy. look at him, 16-year-old armando van [ null ] who was last seen wednesday afternoon riding a scooter on piedmont park boulevard wearing the jordan shirt and black shorts and police say he was on his way to the gym but never made it. a student at wekiva high school. call police if you see him one day after the genocide is make their final pitch to voters before the primary, gop contenders took the turn. >> angela jacobs continues our political coverage. this round between the republicans was much more simple. >> reporter: a nice change. we have seen personal attacks lead the way past debates but early on last night the candidates stuck to issues in miami.
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no name-calling at last night's most civil gop debate. >> do not talk over one another. >> reporter: and they did not. >> so far, i cannot believe how civil it has been. >> reporter: on the cusp of a crucial primary in florida and ohio the republican presidential candidates focus more on the economy and policy issues like social security. >> we will do everything in our power to leave social security. >> reporter: entitlement reform and immigration. >> we have to control borders walking. violence in the middle east. >> we need to do whatever is isis. >> reporter: trump was put on the spot again over recent events. >> oh. encouraging it. >> i hope not. >> reporter: the front runner is bracing for an upcoming contested convention. >> i think whoever gets the
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delegates, that is what makes florida with 345 delegates and all states. in the next half hour why pundits say florida senator. marco rubio had a strong night back to you. >> donald trump may be getting an endorsement from another former rival republican presidential race today abc news reporting retired no sir ben carson is to endorse trump and palm beach. endorsement of new jersey governor and formal candidate chris christie. democratic candidate bernie sanders to -- spoke to 4000 people during a stop in osceola county yesterday. phone number show him with a double-digit loss going into the florida primaries but some say he lacks of the first group. clinton is to did with immigration and women's issues. senator. sanders says the fact is not hurt him in michigan and he says it will not hurt him here .
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we compete, the start of way behind. >> reporter: senator. sanders spoke about giving new mothers more paid leave after they give birth. he also asked voters to stand together -- to the united quoting the gettysburg address and tell them not to let the donald trump's of the world divide them. remember for results and the top headlines for florida's primary tuesday, head to our website and click on the elections tab. funeral services for former first lady nancy reagan will be held today. she died of congestive heart failure on sunday. former president george w. bush is expected to attend the funeral of his -- and his wife laura bush and michelle obama, rosalyn carter and hillary clinton are expected to attend. the former first lady will be buried next to former president ronald reagan and his presidential rod -- library company state lawmakers expected to vote on their more than $82
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on to rick scott. we told you earlier state lawmakers reached a deal on the state budget lawmakers agree to use that money to fund dozens disabled and controversial bonuses for teachers who scored well on the college admission test. this morning rake in -- managers are taking pictures of young girls skirts at a busy orlando public is free on bond. parents? >> scott erwin had nothing to say to the cameras when he left the orange county jail last night. police say he put his phone and a basket and recorded the girls last month at the publix on meeting place in baldwin park. a shopper caught him doing it and told officers and we are working to find out if there may be more victims. orange county, in a few hours a jury will continue to deliberate in a trial accused of people involved in a major dogfighting ring. they deliberated until almost 11 mac os x police say they arrested more than two dozen people and saved 33 starving and injured dogs in 2014 monday but said the operation.
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jurors different stories. i walked up and try to buy some weed. >> had bought weed there before? >> i went and bought weed in that area before. >> i am coming to the conclusion about a lot of things going on in my house that i was not aware of. >> the jury will start deliberating again at a: 30 this morning we will let you know if they reach a verdict at noon. firefighters are continuing to monitor a selfies palm bay neighborhood after two brush fires in two days. yesterday fire crews were to contain a 5 acre fire. winton avenue and w. berry st. that is about 3 miles from the massive fire they were fighting wednesday that damage for home. palm bay fire marshal is still try to figure out what caused the fire's. if you are looking to check out some highflying excitement this weekend, the 39th annual cycle warbird airshow starts today in brevard county >> skywitness 9 caught the b-29 super fortress taking a practice run yesterday afternoon. that is the only b-29 in existence that is still flying. this plane and dozens of others
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airshow in the space coast regional port connectors on the 5:10 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. owing to be a good weekend to look up. >> weather looks great and sunday. this has been the pattern high- pressure keeping all the storms and a huge mass off to the west but high-pressure breaking down and giving us a chance of thunderstorms by the time we hit sunday. not today, a warm, nice a winds of the southeast and sumter county, bushnell, webster 87 today and it will be warm by the afternoon. warmington and seminole county temperatures around 86 in oviedo, 86 winter springs a casselberry and osceola county, celebration champions gate 87, 84 harmony and holopaw. we will track when the storms will develop. 5:10 am deneige. >> a big issue on i 4 eastbound
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forced off of i 4 eastbound at year around fairbanks current so you are forced off and then you can get on to the on ramp for fairbanks eastbound. keep this in mind. we are seeing this traffic back up so go ahead and get on eastbound at fairbanks so you try to exit. we have a crash pulling up live avenue, whether the road, you have one lane in this area blocked off checking with troopers to see if you will need an alternate. volusia county man fed up with what he calls nuisance neighbors. >> i'm not getting help. it's like we're on our own. >> the sign he posted to make sure everyone knows the crime scene claims are going on the next-door. new flights bringing more travelers to orlando. white officials say it is easy to convince them to come to the city beautiful.
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by o this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early at that time it cost approximately $180 for the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. we're going to make sure i'm hillary clinton and i
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good morning happy friday 5:14 am on this friday morning, 62
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weather and traffic every 10 minutes. this morning, the georgia mother accused of concealing the death of her two-year-old daughter and then taking off to florida with her others three children is in the meeting county jail, a disturbing story. clarion garrison denied bond when she faced a judge yesterday. police in georgia issued an amber alert after she took off with her children. they contacted marion county deputies who showed up at garrisons relative's home and arrested her pick the three children were taken to state custody. volusia county deputies are working to find out who called in a bomb threat two daytona beach courthouse and forced it to be evacuated eyewitness news is there as deputy searched the with bomb sniffing dogs officials say nothing was found cases that could have been be revisited. there is no word on the seriousness of those cases. county landfill considering testing air-quality inside people's arms after never say
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smell is getting trapped in their houses. for months we have told you about the large amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas coming from the landfill. yesterday we learned some neighbors believe the cast is collecting in their homes and not leaving. new draft to the older control plan calls for outdoor testing only. >> i have been the -- looking forward for some complete solutions not half-baked solutions. >> the plan also allows the landfill to continue taking so- called human waste biosolids which contributed to the problem in the first place but also calls for drop off of the materials to happen before 3 pm in the landfill says that gives you more time to cover it up and stop the state to residents who are fighting a new believe high school in west orange high school -- county say they gave up the so. wednesday we told you the neighbors dropped all lawsuits. their attorney tells eyewitness injunction to stop construction -- constructive thing plan.
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and continued while the high school was in legal limbo. timber creek high school parents say they are worried computers were infected by a virus because they followed instructions in a school newsletter. a newsletter sent to parents about my future scholarships contained a link to a website that could impact computers with a virus by visiting the site. a school district spokesperson says the missing word in the late caused the problem. a bill requiring colleges and universities to tell students at a time if any proposed tuition hikes is now a governor. rick scott desk. if approved schools will notify students 20 days before trustees plan to vote to raise tuition or fees. the measure is a far cry from the governor's original proposal he wanted to get rid of taxes on textbooks and hold the line graduate school and professional school tuition. a $1 million grant from florida department of economic opportunity will help the veterans memorial ctr. in brevard county to expand. the center will at a two-story military museum, revamped
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facilities for disabled americans support program going to a larger memorial plaza. more than one just soldiers waking up at home in florida after completing a tour in afghanistan. >> great to see them home. look at the pictures yesterday 130 florida national guard soldiers were charged two daytona beach from a nine-month appointment. the 100 and -- 265 air defense artillery went to afghanistan in support of operation freedoms sentinel peak the primary mission while the plot was to provide artillery and mortar protection. welcome home to those heroes. >> good photos. >> 5:18 am. an important question about the weekend. this is serious for bringing this up to remind you of the time change sunday, of course, but also my birthday sunday. when this happens, will i be younger for an extra hour? >> you spring had, when were
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>> march 13, 8:30 am. >> i think you lose one hour of use? >> [laughter] >> we look at the algorithm. happy birthday. >> spring forward this weekend. one hour of sleep lost in theory. downtown orlando, good start to the day, 62 winds of the east at six. 50s, 60s, 70s dropping off into the 50s and marion county, 59 ocala, 70 cocoa beach and melbourne, 63 daytona beach, 64 now and palm coast. there are the winds again light the most part but today they are out of the southeast keeping us on the warm side. we will have mid-80s again in the forecast today. a little bit of patchy fog debary along st johns toward sanford we will monitor that and we've seen reduced
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scattered clouds around this way, up and around pattern, showers and storms still staying off to the west for now. rainbow elementary, 81 by noon, mid-80s this afternoon and it's going to be a warm one. we will have 70s on the way by late this evening. future track for us, taking you through the day, going through the timeframe, 9:00 all the way through the early afternoon partly cloudy skies and you see how his stay dry we will watch another day. for tomorrow, saturday, high- pressure in control by the time we hit sunday especially later in the day sunday, sunday afternoon, we are going to see a 50 percent chance of some showers and some thunderstorms developed and boy do we need it, hopefully you get some later in the day. water temperatures running in the 60s today, still some rip currents around. pushing 80 along the coast 86 inland, partly cloudy, so -- one.
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leesburg mount ord eustis umatilla 87 in clermont. 50s and 60s tonight around we will see more patchy fog redeveloping and tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds, 70s of the coast and 80s and then tomorrow mainly on the dry side cannot rule out a stray shower for saturday but your five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. there is a 50 percent chance of showers and storms sunday afternoon could see a lingering one monday and no cool air for next week. 5:21 am deneige. >> we don't have any major backups at this point surprisingly but it's mostly because we don't have many people the roads but all lanes of i 4 eastbound are shut down at fairbanks. they are forcing all traffic off at this exit ramp at fairbanks and then you can reenter eastbound right at fairbanks to completely avoid this backup that will grow here i'm sure. you can get on eastbound fairbanks to avoid that and pulling up live traffic tracker, we have a crash here orange avenue, weatherbee road,
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police are looking for the gunmen who shot a man outside in orlando nightclub. with the victims that happened both legs. daytona police investigating a crash between a car motorcycle coming up we are asking them put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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5:24 am orange county storage facility facing nearly $100,000 in code enforcement fines has finally cleared up the property. the owner of the lake fairview ministorage facility was notified by the department of environmental protection that contamination found on their property is now cleaned up. we told you dep found contamination and soil surrounding the property back in september and they believe it came from unlicensed businesses working out of the storage facility. orlando tourism is getting a boost from middle eastern travelers and realtors say they have seen an increase in the tourist looking to become residents. some realtors marketing properties in orlando as offering expedited visas to foreign investors who sank $500,000 into the u. s. emirates airlines fly directly from dubai to orlando lasseter
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-- >> not just from the million and the middle east of course but we found as far as numbers from emirates a lot of coming from other parts of asia. >> the expedited visa is a congressional program designed to encourage foreign investors to sink their money into the u. s. if you are planning a trip to disney world it could cost you more. in an email server the theme park is asking guests if they will pay a $15 resort fee during their stay. disney officials say this is just a survey and there are no plans to add the additional cost that it would cover things like fast pass, extra magic powers which are currently free. polk county deputies say a special needs student walked 30 miles home after his bus driver forgot he was on the bus. >> coming up, their response deputies say the student got from the driver when he told her he had been left alone. we are asking police about a fiery crash overnight in daytona beach. we will show you the damage
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dry tracking another warm day but a storm system to the west, eventually it is moving our way. coming-out storms in the forecast, 526 and
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5:30 am on live look over downtown orlando. a mild, comfortable start right now. springtime pattern will stick around. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , deneige broom watching the roads . >> did i give too much away? >> no, that's good. >> let's get over to brian to do the forecast. a look in daytona beach, a great start to the day, 63 winds of the south southeast at three. sunrise, 6:38 am that will change this with them at the time change weekend. temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s, 70 cocoa beach, 62 orange county, orlando and winter park a comfortable start, a few scattered clouds and a little bit of patchy fog


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