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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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on facebook we found heart wrenching words from a mother searching for her teenage son. armando van dyke told family who would be at the fitness gym and he left on the motorbike 3:00 and by 307 troopers were writing report detailing a connection between the motorbike and an suv. armando was unconscious because he had no idea -- id on him and worse but not -- first responders and hospital staff had no idea who he was. they did not have a match on fingerprints and staff named him juniper joe guesstimate -- guessing there may -- age in the 20s but his picture it on eyewitness news this morning and another alert nurse who spotted it did make the connection and she called our station and we conference turned in what apopka police but one hour after that conference call armando's family says officers picked them up at their home and they brought him -- them to ormc and were able to identify the missing son.
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for prayers are answered although now they are praying recovery. i just spoke to them in the last hour and they are on their way back here to ormc and hoping to have their reaction and more information about the wednesday. coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5:00. live at ormc, janine reyes, channel 9 eyewitness news. imagine that belief because even if someone is in the hospital, just to know they are there getting treatment and not lost or worse. it has to be felt -- feel better. >> you the other were think it was because the father looking and was not knowing. following breaking news in lake county right now where police are saying and 89-year- old man shot and killed his wife as part of the pack. >> myrt price learn the shooting happened at the couple's home off dohrs avenue and tavares and police tell you the suspect admitted to what he did. >> reporter: yes and behind this crime tape at this home is
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investigators say the suspect tell them -- told them this was supposed to be a murder suicide pact but before he was able to take his own life, officers stepped in to stop it. around 1:00 this afternoon tavares police got a call from rosemary gets son asking them to come to the psalm on doors avenue and check on his mother. once they arrived officers say they discovered get have been shot and killed by her longtime companion 89-year-old carl lang. police a lang admitted to killing gets as part of a murder suicide pact in which he would kill himself as well. officers actually stopped him life. by keeping him away from a gun on a nearby table. lang was taken into custody and we watched as investigators talked with people and the scene. it was upsetting to hear about the tragedy neighbors say. >> they are wonderful people. >> reporter: they say they cannot believe the victim is gone.
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>> reporter: neighbor's tell us the couple seemed to be in good health and by now we are try to figure out just what made them make the pack. live in lake county, myrt price channel 9 eyewitness news. today's the last day of this year's legislative session and at any moment state lawmaker expected to give final approval to an $82.3 billion budget picked that will be governor. rick scott short of one promise but the house discuss the proposed budget plan today that is not yet voted on it as we speak the full senate is debating it. legislature say the states improving economy helped paul chambers may budget decisions more quickly this year than last. one year of the -- one area did not fare as well is healthcare with the legislature once again chose not to expand insurance 2000 of low-income floridians. the house has taken the position of not expanding medicaid but we are using some resources we have but still
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make sure we cover thousands of individuals to not have insurance in the state. >> a past governor rick scott could you tell this year's budget. as we told you he had been pushing for a $1 billion tax cut package the legislators only agreed to a portion. the tax cut package on the tables with $129 million and makes sales-tax exemptions on manufacturing equipment permanent. it would also take up three-day tax holiday for practice to shoppers and reduce aviation fuel tax but despite being what -- not been what the governor expect me, tax cuts are reasonable old. >> we want to make sure to take a long-term view and that we could leave sufficient revenue for future appropriations shares and presiding officers. >> again both the budget and the tax-cut package are expected to be approved any moment now in tallahassee and we will let you know when that happens. by now a brevard county, firefighters are working to fully contain a 35 acre brush
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road near titusville. the fire closed stable 407 from state road 405 to i-95 because of visibility issues. channel 9 melonie holt has been monitoring the firefight and firefighters are concerned about flying embers causing new fires. >> --. >> reporter: concerned to stage a brush not an engine in the near by neighborhood. the community equipment is gone now but if you look at state road 47 you can see the efforts to contain this fire still continues. it's 90 percent contained at this point but you can see they have a lot of smoke in the area. when i spoke to the fire-rescue cheap, he told me this stretch of 407 between state road 405 and i-95 could be closed on light depending on the conditions. currently no homes are threatened. brevard county sheriff's office helicopter was up for time assisting and spotting of the ground and florida fish and wildlife had a chopper with a bucket to try to douse the blaze.
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started and the brush and it doesn't take much to spark of fire. they will keep a close eye on things here today. live in north brevard county, melonie holt channel 9 eyewitness news . thin palm bay to brush fires damaged homes not rekindled wednesday firefighters battled a 45 acre brush fire near cogan and sanfilippo drive that melted the siding on homes and forced people to evacuate. another 5 acre fire broke out in the area yesterday and was very street. palm bay fire-rescue has a crew precaution. still no word on what longwood. found flames shooting through the roof of the home on boyer street south of state road 434 last night. two people inside at the time and firefighters said they suffered minor burns.
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deputies to tell us if they have uncovered the motive behind a shooting at a gas station after 11 mac this morning at the cisco on north orange blossom trail in orlando. investigators say the victim was shot at times. deputies have not released the victim's name or if they are looking for a suspect at this hour. it's been nearly 24 hours since we first aired a sketch of a man police say try to lure a little boy away in edgewater but they have not been able to identify the person. here's another look at the sketch and investigators say wednesday the stranger tried to convince a nine-year-old boy to come home with him instead of continuing to edgewater public elementary school. police have increased patrols near the school's. this afternoon volusia county holly hope police hope to identify a pedestrian was killed by a freight train. investigators are not sure what victim was on the tracks near six. the crash left the train walking intersection this morning. for more than one hour. central floridians are
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send to the white house and today there is an opinion waiting and perform a candidate doctor ben carson once called donald trump a psychopath. >> but now he's endorsing him. carson said he and drop have buried the hatchet and the endorsement came after the debate in miami which was the most low-key of all gop debates. marco rubio still says he can wiggle the florida primary next week. his strategy has changed he's now telling supporters to vote for john kasich in ohio. >> the voter in ohio's motivated by stopping trump and coming to the conclusion case it is the only one to beat him than i expect that's the decision they will make. >> democrat hillary clinton took a break from campaigning reagan's funeral. her rival bernie sanders will spend the next three days campaigning in north carolina, ohio and illinois and he says states on tuesday. earlier today orlando candidate in texas senator. ted cruz made his pitch to
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marco rubio in the home state. michael lopardi found out why rubio losing may not be the best thing that can happen to ted cruz. >> reporter: the cruise campaign with you and orlando today hoping to narrow the republican race down to two candidates, cruz and donald trump it but that will depend tuesday. before the votes are even counted, cruz is going to be banking on will be a loss in florida. >> what's clear right now is there are only two candidates who can actually win: nomination. >> reporter: poll show donald trump leading the pack and pressure is on rubio to win in his own state. rubio lost could be the field narrows but trump will also win all of florida's 99 delegates with a victory. >> nobody else has any possible path to 1237 so the choice here in the state of florida is real simple: do you want donald trump to be the nominee or not. >> the rubio campaign is using the same strategy heading out a statement today that rival of the sick and you don't not for rubio is a vote for trump.
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enough votes to carry on much passes with. >> reporter: cruz is using electability as a campaign .. >> at this point our campaign has beaten donald eight separate times. >> reporter: according to the most recent post, cruz is not expected to win the florida primary. the strategy now -- strategy seems to be stopping rubio. michael lopardi, channel 9 eyewitness news. hear more of what cruz at the say at the interview and the website , click on the video section and we will get you caught up on what he has to say. despite trailing trump, rubio vote campaign and central florida this weekend hitting the rohan rec center in the villages sunday to try to rally support. worst of the rally open at 2 pm and you must rsvp if you want to attend the marco rubio rally. it will be a busy weekend in florida. >> absolutely. tuesday is a big day. investigators a man was meeting local high school girls
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for sex. >> coming up, the tricks they say he used to keep the victims from coming forward. perry county deputies say a new drug bust is a big win for children. spent taking them off the streets was a big thing. >> reporter: the community health deputies uncover dozens of pounds of high grade drugs. organizers say it's shaping up to be they told -- daytona beach is biggest bike week ever. you have every kind of do on a motorcycle you can imagine. >> we spoke with fighters about what may have changed on the roads this year. the weather has been very
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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week in daytona beach's history. tens of thousands of people will hit the road but blaine tolison learned their have only been a few accidents he talked with bikers about what may have changed on the roads this time. >> reporter: is only friday in daytona beach for the last weekend of in bike week and crowds are credible. i spoke with people here and met with a group that came from paris, france, people coming from all over and saturday is going to be busier. >> i've been coming for lack five years -- for at least five years in this is the biggest. it's crazy. >> reporter: bikers are converging i daytona beach. some are willing to ride motorcycles across state lines even if it takes all they and into the night. >> we got here 14 hours from washington dc born and raised and i have never been to daytona. >> reporter: roads can be treacherous last night police say a car hit a biker dragging
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before stopping. fire. police say the motorcycle rider went to ormc. most of the party. safety is on the minds of many i spoke with walking up and down main street. >> this is this drinking weekend so stay cool with a beer and do not drink liquor. just have fun. do not be an idiot. >> reporter: there have been only a few bad crashes. so far according to troopers this could not only be one of the most crowded bike weeks ever but also the safest. >> if you plan to hit the road this weekend, troopers say tonight will be one of the busiest times as well as sunday morning when people start heading home to watch out for bikers and for them to ride safely the daytona beach blaine tolison china seven -- channel 9 eyewitness news. >> local agencies on the number of crashes and we will have that and more on eyewitness news at five. flagler county investigators say they just uncovered a major "chop shop" operation in the now. detectives say they were
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tractors and trailers along with several student items in the property along sawgrass road. state troopers helped deputies identify the vehicles that were told the property was leased by two palm coast residence but no arrests have been made at this point. 39th annual cycle warbirds air sure began today brevard county and officials say fans are in in for a treat skywitness 9 over the airport in titusville caught this shot of a b-29 super fortress taking a practice run. the event runs through sunday but officials hope the -- to host an evening show tonight. expected to illuminated airplanes, as the sun sets and checking in with tom in a minute and we will find out the weather. more than 100 soldiers are back with their families today. >> these pictures captured the homecoming. friends and family greeted 130 national guard service members as they return to daytona beach. welcome back. yesterday following a tour in afghanistan.
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operation freedom central to provide artillery and protection. more on the emotional homecoming on the website go to /slideshows. great weather, by quick. -- bike week. spring break in full swing searchers well, the airshow and orlando city getting ready for another soccer match warm as expected. 84 degrees cloud lake keeping temperatures that they but still warm for this time. more in line with first week of may. temperatures 70s along the east coast and in the 80s inland. winds brisk not as gusty as they were yesterday. they will pick up by tomorrow so high fire threat heading
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baldwin park comfortable and warmer tonight. 70 degrees at 10:00, the 60s early saturday morning. we will be here at 5 am. watching storm systems to the west and it is stuck in a rut. upper level low over south texas and this is a disjointed weather pattern. this is not the way things are supposed to be in march with a big blow stuck here springlike temperatures here so no wonder we have all of the flooding issues which i will have more on coming up at 4:30. incredible stories with flooding in the deep south. for us we could use rain fall a couple of isolated showers tomorrow and i think the forecast is looking at about 10 percent rain coverage in the western zones, hopefully more than that but generally relatively quiet saturday was arrested sunday afternoon because of scattered seabury showers developing moving from west to east with scattered rain five 5:00.
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higher rain chances. sunday looks good, latter half of the day will get showers may be thunder not expecting severe weather. titusville, tico warbird airshow, mostly cloudy skies for the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures approaching 80 degrees and orlando, back in the low 80s with more clouds and isolated showers and rain chances were to be slim sunday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. with an hour of sleep that we get one hour of daylight in the evening. 85 sunday, increasing afternoon showers and we clear out and back to old-fashioned warm spring weather into next week with more on the flooding in the deep south coming up in the next half hour. ability to buy house, make sure you pay extra attention to inspect it. the mistake that could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars. two people in connection with a dogfighting ring code -- ring.
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says that this is have to send them an important message to the community. and artist was attacked in front of gas a university will show you chilling the video that report at the moment the victim tried to run from his if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message
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a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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the judge sentenced to people who in connection with the major dogfighting bust. we've been telling you about the trial for bell and cumberland. police say 2014 they found more than 30 injured and starving dogs. julie salomone was in court today were both suspects defended themselves understand. >> reporter: a judge with clear in court today he did not believe the testimony renaldo bell gave earlier this week about his involvement in and about the dogfighting ring. >> i will be candidate, mr. bell, i did find it -- a jury found bell and mona cumberland county in fighting abating animal in may 2014, officers arrested more than two dozen people and rescued more than 30 dogs from in apopka home. prosecutors say the dogs were bloody, weighted down by metal chains and used for fighting. then about one hour after the
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both to one year in jail, cumberland says she lived 1000 of the time with her boyfriend and knew about the dogs but not about the dogfighting. i got with somebody who i thought i loved and was a good person. >> reporter: bell testified earlier this week he went to the home at the center of the case to buy marijuana and he got caught up in the bust. his defense attorney said bell did not take an earlier plea deal in january because he says he was innocent and she shocked over the verdict. >> i think the judge clearly wants to send a message about dogfighting and partaking in dogfighting. i think that was extreme. >> reporter: -- >> julie salomone reported state attorney jeff ashton tell us cases like these are depressing picture will have more on that today a 5:00. marion county sheriff says he suppressed by the drug bust
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>> orlando city filled the bowl a second time with another record crowd. coming up looking at how large the crowd reaching for the second match of the season later tonight. investigators say a man was
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cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. investigators say girls in orange county high schools are being pulled into the sex trade right now this man is in jail, accused of trafficking two of these girls who could be anyone's daughters. >> they were not dropouts they attended school and live at home with their parents and they had jobs after school. >> we told you investigators started working the case -- case when two girls went to school leaders for help. >> ciencin channel 9 janai norman read through the court documents outlining the case to understand what the victims allegedly went through and how
4:30 pm
>> reporter: it was tough to read the 19 page document but it centers on this man, 23-year- old mark thomas white the third and the nearly 3 dozen charges he is facing that include human trafficking of a child and child pornography. his favorite shows the work at a local pizza hut, family dollar and shoe store and one of those jobs court records show he asked the worker if she wanted to make extra money and investigators say that led to have a raging the instrument with sex -- for sex taking money and physical force to control at least two counties. >> he would offer them ways to make money and he would entice them, he would manipulate them into beginning to do ask they were not comfortable doing. >> reporter: duck key michele wright would pick up his 16- year-old victim from school and she would have to speak out of her parents house to meet him at night. >> they were not dropouts, they were attending school and
4:31 pm
had jobs after school. from the outside, this could be someone who is sitting next to someone else a class. >> reporter: the 18-year-old try to stop working for right and he said her car on fire, slashed tires and put sugar in her gastric. investigators found dozens of explicit advertisements posted on of the teenagers and i learned that is one of the struggles in combating sex traffic if it open market for young girls opted by simply posting a picture to any number of websites. >> they have an open, advertisement and marketing campaign that goes worldwide as soon as they put it on the internet. it's easily accessed and that is difficult to combat because of there is no control over that. >> reporter: orange county, janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news . he is being held without bond in the orange county jail in the investigation is not over. we found out mbi thinks that
4:32 pm
but am so they are looking for anyone with information. marion county investigators say they took down a drug dealer who was so good at it he was running a major operation from his house and silver springs. detectives say the high-grade marijuana is worth $86,000 on the street, 27 pounds of pot. investigators say doesn't talk was selling pot out of his home along with prescription drugs. deputies say they confiscated $65,000 in cash which they put on display. they say it shows how lucrative the operation was and taking him down is keeping a lot of drugs on the streets. >> where taking a proactive measure and we will with them communities safer. it is about the children that we have coming up in the community so they do not get their hands on this type of product. >> brock is being held in the marion county jail with bond set at $80,000 but he was drug case. he was arrested for selling pot to an undercover deputy.
4:33 pm
uncover his moving truck business. deputies confiscated a lot of marijuana and money. if you want to see the rest of it download our free mother goose app and click on the video tab. and we just checked and in the last five minutes we found out there is a 200 cases nationwide. what happened tracking the spread of the virus in florida he was a good look at a map that counts things down. 60 cases and for all pregnant women. yesterday health officials pleaded with congress to provide almost $2 billion to combat the zika. congress turned down the request saying the leftover money used to fight evil a can be used in this case. at genetically modified mosquitoes in key west to combat the spread of zika. the lab has modified mosquitoes with synthetic dna so if they try to reproduce, the offspring
4:34 pm
the goal is to reduce populations of mosquitoes that spread not only zika but dengue and chicken done your virus. doctors are searching for cures facing lots of obstacles while asking congress for funding looking at why federal lawmakers are getting on board and we will have that part of the story for you later in the simulcast -- in this newscast. push -- of the day of flooding across the u. s. >> six dates under flood watch with louisiana and mississippi and states of emergency. tom terry has been following the storm system. the flooded areas are bracing for even more wet weather. >> what -- wind to the west coast guard performing rescues sharing images from earlier during the past week using bolts, helicopters they have saved more than 3500 families
4:35 pm
louisiana has been getting hit particularly hard the memory reins turning roadways into rivers and forced into swamps. this is a flooded neighborhood in shreveport and closer to the gulf, residents say the storms caught them off guard. >> cars are running into each other, flooding just draining into each other. it is crazy. we just got a house full of furniture and it's gone. >> part of the state has seen as much as 2 feet of rain fall in the past two days. in mississippi, a driver found herself trapped in high waters last night. you can see her turning the car around before getting even deeper into the flooded roadway between those players as the than any hurricane. >> last time we had waters the side was in 2008 when gustav hit us. this is an epidemic amount of water.
4:36 pm
i will review the forecast and i will understand how the storm impact central florida. rain in the forecast that part of the story for you in 10 minutes. national academy of sciences engineering and medicine says it is now possible to predict how climate change affects extreme weather events. the academy says he plans, droughts heavy rain are examples this site is can make a better educated guess on the likelihood of extreme weather events happening and how intense it can be based on climate change. vanessa? for politicians to hollywood start, hundreds gathered in california to say goodbye to nancy reagan this afternoon. >> you may have watched some of that on channel 9. the former first lady will rest next to her husband president ronald reagan. michelle obama, hillary clinton, former president george w. bush attended the funeral. it was held at the ronald reagan presidential library. emotional moment came when former canadian prime minister when a love letter that reagan
4:37 pm
>> i love you, firstly, mommy, sentimental you, the fun you and the peewee powerhouse you. merry christmas you all with all my love, lucky me. >> very nice with mrs. reagan was 94 when she died sunday of congestive heart failure. reagan foundation says she planned every detail of her own funeral pic she wanted to be, quote, short, sweet and memorable. mission accomplished. the ceo of one of the nations largest and most well- known veteran support groups has been fired amid allegations of wasteful spending. but the ceo and cfo of the wounded warrior project accused of using 40 to 50 percent of the organizations money on extravagant parties and overhead. our employees also accused the group of making money off the injuries.
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when you get a chance, take a look in your freezer because thousands of frozen pizzas and entries are being recalled because they may contain pieces of glass. nestli voluntarily recalled frozen pizza projects from weakens in, stubborn and volusia were no. check the production code on the products and go to public section of to find a list of the products. orlando city soccer club returns to action at the citrus bowl tonight. >> the second match in less than one week and they host the chicago today with the cost for 7:00 looks like a weather and sports anchor christian bruey is at the citrus bowl. orlando city lines expecting another crowd not 62,000. >> reporter: not the 60,000 we saw sunday but upwards of 30,000 expected for tonight's match with chicago. that is in line with what they average. the average in 2015 was second- best in major league soccer. that has orlando city officials
4:39 pm
the soccer capital of the south. it was further established on sunday, 60,000 plus was the fifth-largest crowd in the world. for any soccer match over the weekend. most of those 60,000 were still in their seats for the dramatic finish by orlando city. head coach adrian heath credits the crowd for the team's miracle comeback. >> managing within the stadium and supporters they go over the line. they made us keep going. that's how important supporters are and i only say we should never take support for granted. >> reporter: we will see if the lions have lately magic. for more coverage check out the season premiere of orlando city insider aaron tomorrow night at 10:35 on central florida's tv 27.
4:40 pm
in the siege. -- thousands tailgating. live in downtown orlando, christian bruey, channel 9 eyewitness news. in the state bill that would require colleges and universities toward students before they raise tuition is sitting on governor. rick scott's desk. if he signs it, schools will have to notify students 28 days before trustees plan to vote to high tuition or these. the measure was not what the government are proposed. he wanted to get rid of taxes on textbooks and hold graduate school tuitions where they were. time running out for more than 1 million federal taxpayers to claim their share of $950 million. taxpayers have not filed returns from 2012 leaving refunds unclaimed. federal law gives most taxpayers a three-year window to claim refunds but if the return is filed within that time, the money goes into the u.s. treasury. the wind over 2012 closes --
4:41 pm
we told you another case of zika has been reported in orange county. >> we are working now to get more information on that case plus why federal lawmakers will not set aside more money to find a zika vaccine. we showed you the funding of louisiana. here is a big storm bringing that. updating our own rain chances this weekend straight ahead. if you're buying a new home and think about who to hire as an inspector, listen up, important information and what
4:42 pm
this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost
4:43 pm
10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
4:44 pm
students -- dow rose by nearly 220 points. nasdaq boosting 85 points and s&p 500 goodbye more than 32 --
4:45 pm
with homes comes inspections in this afternoon consumer advisor clark howard warns choosing the wrong inspector could cost you. >> if you're looking to buy house, you had better start looking for a good inspector. it is something stephen it's an wished he had done when he bought his first home. >> we did not check out the guy. >> reporter: a mistake costing him tens of thousands of dollars. >> we started finding more things. >> reporter: from the roof to the foundation, stephen and his wife spent years making repairs the inspector never told them about. >> it felt like we were never getting ahead. >> when you deal the largest purchase that a person may ever make in their life, there needs to be some agreement as to how high the bar should be forced even if the inspector's license, it pays to look at reviews and ask for references. mike parkman president of the
4:46 pm
inspectors at this home buyers need to look for an inspector certification and level of education lets anybody that wants to hold themselves to a higher standard would typically join some type of an organization. >> reporter: organizations like the american society of home inspectors require members to adhere to a code of ethics and standards of practice and when it comes to cost, go the extra couple hundred dollars if you see a guy well rated. >> reporter: a lot of people were lying on a recommendation for an inspector or from the real estate agent. but that is not enough that you have to make sure that inspector really is qualified before you hire him or her. and if they tell you there are all kinds of problems, do not -- ignore because they become your problems. i'm clark howard. >> clark howard helps action 9 unit look out for consumers like you. he has posted more resources orlando is not only huge tourism magnet the city is now
4:47 pm
we told you orlando broke the tourism record for the funeral with 105 million visitors. forbes magazine ranks the city as the seventh fastest growing in the country. austin texas took the top spot. voters back to slow down about florida springs. we show you hundreds amenities piling into three sisters springs crystal river. a bill on the way to the governor's desk allowing officials to set up speed zones to protect the animals. a big weekend for voting -- boating one driver noticed something blocking the road. >> a speed bump and turns out an alligator was trying to cross. >> a big one. he was not happy being poked by the state. wildlife officials try to move him out of the southbound lanes
4:48 pm
officials say the gator turned around and went into the everglades. >> move it. >> that is quite the road block. here we are over the weekend i would be remiss if i did not show you where we want to be right now. daytona, folks enjoying the beach for the upcoming weekend. schools getting out of spring break and beach going from this to the impact in a week and a half. daytona, nice day 78 degrees pretty as a postcard winds 8 miles an hour heading to the rich -- beach. there, tolerable this new members. 70 degrees in press, most of the rest -- natural springs 72 year-round. there risk and moderate chop.
4:49 pm
the average for march and april more like metal part of may and will continue this warm cycle through the weekend but augmenting it with rainfall which we desperately need more toward sunday lake day, 80s and 70s along the coast and orlando getting far behind and we are well behind only half the annual rainfall or monthly rate for february and february dry, march so far is dry we will to try to put a dent in the rain deficit with showers on sunday. download -- downtown orlando good late night across city beautiful, mid-60s tomorrow. cloud cover clouds drifted through the bleeding edge of heavy rain is being held at bay. flooding has been a huge mess storm systems starting to lift out and look at rain close to central florida. especially during the day sunday. isolated shower during the afternoon. maybe 1020 percent range as not
4:50 pm
tomorrow. we cannot rule out an isolated shower moistening of the environment getting ready force some showers and with daytime highs in the 80s we will see rain sunday afternoon and evening better chance of rain stacking along the east coast and we will have more on this coming up hour by hour at 5:00 with the rainfall. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. losing one hour of sleep and into the evening with outdoor activities 60 percent range as of sunday and as you can see we dry out and we stay unseasonably warm. much more with future track zooming in closer and i will see you at 5:00. several of the nation's mass shootings and violent encounters about people struggling with mental illness. the special training lake county deputies received to defuse encounters with mentally ill suspects and do it safely. we told you how eyewitness news helped to identify the same teenager who was listed as an anonymous patient in a coma at ormc.
4:51 pm
>> his parents just talked with us and told us what they went through before an observant nurse help to connect the dots by watching channel 9. now that there's a new case of zika in orange county, the need for a vaccine is growing
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we learned this in the case of the zika virus in orange county and health officials have been asking congress to approve emergency funding to research a cure. lawmakers are budging. doctors explain why the money is urgent and what is holding it up. >> the. >> reporter: health experts call on congress to come up with cash to contain the zika virus before it is too late to back supplemental funding is essential. >> reporter: tom friedman and
4:55 pm
reporters they need the $1.8 billion imposed by the virus. the mosquito-borne virus is believed to be linked to serious birth defects. >> the complication microcephaly is unanticipated potentially catastrophic and permanent the definition of the need for emergency supplemental response. >> reporter: despite several trips to capitol hill by doctors, lawmakers are not willing to cough up cash segment originally set aside for ebola should be dispersed. >> one of emergency funding approach like the $6 billion for ebola participant demonstrates a reactionary posture toward public health preparedness rather than a strategic one. we want to strategic posture. >> reporter: -- >> no one expected zika to emerge the weighted. >> reporter: the kaiser family foundation says the urgency may not be felt until babies here are born with the tax. public perception may change and him may be more of an incentive for the disciples cdc
4:56 pm
to using funds but fighting both disease will require more money from congress but in washington, george collie, channel 9, eyewitness news. 33 states reported cases of the virus. florida sending a 59, 4 patients were pregnant women. find everything you need to know about zika on our website had to , news tab and zika virus. ahead at 5:00, chilling video from the attack on an employee in the middle of a local theme park. what guests tell us they told us before the victim was stabbed in the head. deputies say a father is on children. >> please, please, i just want them back with me. >> what the mom tells us about the man and where deputies say he is headed. there are plans for mosque
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
4:59 pm
show you the vicious attack that played out in front of guests at universal orlando. this video shows a suspect chasing down his former boss before he stabbed and nearly killed him. when frederick torres was arrested on new year's day -- >> he is accused of ambushing a victim the day after he was fired at universal. we're hearing what police say prompted this attack. >> reporter: the security video is chilling. you can see the accused attacker chasing the victim around islands of adventure until the victim ended up on the ground and nearly lost his life with tourists all over the place. >> reporter: police say the yoofrl orlando security video shows victim dwlen ferguson in -- glen ferguson in dark pants being chased by torres, wearing a hat and shorts.
5:00 pm
partial view of the stabbing. ferguson backed away, pocket dialed and left this voicemail when he was he was talking to torres. but ferguson went to the ground and was stabbed with this 3-inch blade from a pair of scissors. this happened on new year's day. torres was fired the day borrow after he -- before after he mouthed off to ferguson and another manager for being late for work. he came back to work anyway. ferguson alerted a manager who calledtoryis and said torres threatened to slit glen's throat. he almost did. he cut through ferguson's skull and an artery in his neck. after watching the attention in horror and -- attack in horror, a tourist photographed ferguson in


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