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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Sunday 500am  ABC  March 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is sunday, march 13th, mime darlene jones. the time is 5:00 we'll have more on your top stories. but first, let's get you outside to look at downtown orlando. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9 >> as this sunday, we are starting out cloudy this morning. showers staying to our north, but they are just about the clip our viewing area. as we head out, our chances for showers will be increasing. we could see a couple of scattered light sprinkles,
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it's this afternoon that the main game starts. 71 in cocoa beach. 68, daytona beach. much milder start to our day. wind speeds are quiet out of the south, 5-10-miles per hour. but they will be up to 10-25- miles per hour as we head into the afternoon. we have a 50% rain chance as we head into our day, today. mainly after 2:00 p.m. and that could last into your evening and start to taper after midnight, tonight. it will be scattered, not widespread, but enough to see heavy rain and thunderstorm action as we move into the day. highs in the mid-80s inland, we'll be looking at the 80s along the coastline. a warm day overall as the southern wind pops moist air into our direction, darlene. >> >> new from overnight, deputies are working it get more details about the shooting death of a man shot and killed in orange
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investigators found the 33-year- old on the ground cecillever hills complex near silver star road. right now, they are still searching on a suspect and a motive. >> >> a fatal crash between a car and pedestrian on ormond beach. it happened u.s. 1 at 12:30. right now, u.s. 1 is blocked. we'll let you know when the road reopens. >> >> we now know the names of the people killed in a plane crash in a behind south lake hospital in claire mon. neighbors in the area rushed over to help after they heard the crash. >> i got emotional when i realized there were two and they were gone. >> the faa and ntsb will investigate and try to figure out what caused it. >> >> this morning, still
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blame for the violence at donald trump's rally. a protester tried to rush the stage yesterday. >> donald trump campaigned in kansas city. hecklers determined to keep him from speaking. >> we will take our country back from these people. >> reporter: earlier in dayton, ohio, the bowlest effort, yet, when a protester charged the stage. trump's secret service details sprang to his defense. >> it was a different story friday fight, when trump laters crashed a trump rally bent on disruption. >> donald trump is not welcome in chicago.
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cannesed the rally, citing public safety. trump blamed bernie sanders supporters. sanders called trump -- > >> a candidate that has encouraged violence. >> hillary clinton agreed >> that is not -- >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. campaign trail lines through friday l five states where voters decides who gets hundreds of delegates. for some, tuesday may be make or break. both candidates are lagging badly rand face voters in their home states. >> last night, florida press declared marco rubio the winner of the republican caucuses.
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delegates. ted cruz won 10 -- >> senator marco rubio will make two campaign stops in central florida, today. he will be -- about 3:00 he has a meet and greet with volunteers at his orlando campaign headquarters downtown at 7:00 tonight. >> >> senator bill nelson of florida is expected to be in eat tonville this morning for a campaign stop to support hillary clinton. senator nelson scheduled to attend a church service on east kennedy boulevard at 11:15 this morning. >> >> mean while, state election officials are denying donald trump's claims about dishonest early voting happening here in florida. he said he heard some republicans are trying to get the vote. trump's campaign has not provided any examples of
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the state electionion officials said there have not been any problems. >> this morning, orange county deputies say they know who killed an apopka man as his family mourns his death. investigators say williams shot and killed her boyfriend. 23-year-old shawn outside of his house on 13th street. right now, williams has not been arrested. deputies say she cooperated state. >> i told him "leave her alone before she kill you." >> deputies won't say why williams won't face any charges or if this is a case of self- >> >> an accidental shooting at a
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it happened on 231st avenue in ocala. a man was loading happen antique shotgun when it fired, -- had hit six people, foury juveniles, everyone is expected to be okay >> orange county deputies working to fine find out what happened in a shooting. deputies say it appears the victim is a teenager. >> reporter: deputies say the victim appears to be the ages 15-18 years old. medical examiner arrived on the scene 15 minutes ago. right now, we will not show you any closeups of the scene. let's look at some of the video we got when we arrived earlier. before midnight. police got a call about a man lying on the sidewalk with a
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feel 15 minutes after paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead. this is in the jury dickion of the sheriff's office, so deputies are out here, analyzing the crime scene. this is still an active scene, the neighborhood is roped off. there are several sheriff office deputies still out here. again, the victim appears to be in the ages somewhere between the age of 15 and 18 years old. we are waiting for more details from sheriff's office. >> >> police working to identify a man who died in a fiery crash on i4. it happened saturday morning. one lane of i4 was blocked for several hours there. police say the driver lost control and slammed into a concrete sign. florida highway patrol is investigating that crash. >> is there state road 407 back
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part of that road to shut down. we were there friday as fire rescue crews worked to contain the fire. firefighters are still monitoring the area. a few calls from drivers that say they spotted low lying smoke. crews say the fire is contained and no building is in danger. >> >> parents and students in orange count will be able to share their ideas of public testing in a forum. critics say overuse and misuse of standardized testing may be hurting children. the forum, today from 2:30 to 5:00 >> school officials will sit down have volusia county teacher's organization for the first time since last month's meeting that ended in a gridlock. teachers say they are being paid less than other school districts, but officials say
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year. >> >> this morning, we are keeping an eye on six states "wb" flash flood watch were issued last night, from louisiana to tennessee, waters that went top two feet. more than 1,000 homes have flooded and nearly 2100 people have been rescued in the last five days. but the governor remains optimistic things will get better. >> we can overcome this. i'm thankful. we take care of one another. >> flood warnings in several states are expected to be lifted by 8:00 this morning. we'll keep you updated. >> >> time now, 5:10, meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. >> we'll look at showers and thunderstorms developing as we head into this afternoon and evening ourselves. we'll see some issues along the coastline. later in brevard county, that folks will see the showers and
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a lot of people flocking to the coastline as we see alot of sunshine until 3:00 today. seas, three to five feet. high risk remains through the day. make sure if you are swimming near the atlantic, swim near a lifeguard station. chance for thunderstorms increase as we head during the day, today with a high of 83. i4 corridor, we'll be seeing the sunshine to start, but showers and thunderstorms developing afternoon, today and then in titusville, you can see that we salvage the bulk of the day until 3:00. that we start to see the storms push in with a high of 80, there. darlene. >> >> neighbors say they can only watch as a massive oak tree fell onto two houses, nearly crushing people inside. >> deep crack in every direction. >> next what workers think caused that collapse.
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good morning, it's 4:15 on this sunday, and i hope that you are having a great weekend so far. we salvage the bulk of the day yesterday with a couple of scattered sprinkles and it was very warm. today, it will be warm again. looking at our satellite radar this morning, the rain will stay north of our viewing area and it will slowly, but surely, push into our neck of the woods, keep that in mind. the system is well off to our north, but with the strong southerly flow, it is pumping in so much moisture into our day, today. it's almost like a summer setup. we'll be looking at a lot of afternoon showers and thunderstorms develop because of all of the warm moist air
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rainfall as we head into the latter part of the day, but it is much warmer out there this morning. you will you feel it. we are in the low to upper 60s, even a 70 already in cocoa beach. wind speeds are out of the south, 5-15-miles per hour. we'll be up to 20-miles per hour as we head into the day, today. mostly cloudy, but mild start, we might see a couple of sprinkles, but it's really later on this afternoon that the rain and thunderstorms develop. now, the rain will end by tonight, but it probably won't be until midnight where we will start to see the scattered showers move out and a warm overnight into monday morning let's get you set up with this 11:00. northern and southern counties are starting to see showers and thunderstormses develop. and heavier rain at 4:00. when we can see more of the thunderstorm action. by 10:00 tomorrow, 10:00
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us, becoming very isolated into monday morning. that is good and then we'll start to dry out as we head into the rest of our we can. we are going to be unseasonably warmer, average high for this time of the year, 77 degrees. we wouldn't get anywhere near that as we stay for the mid-80s weather. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. we'll be looking at the 50% chance of showers heading into the day, today, 20% tomorrow
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>> zach said the dash in his 2008 nissan started melting a year ago. it looks bad. but that's not all. >> going in the direction of the sunlight, i can hardly see the road in front of me. >> reporter: the glare from the now shiny melted dash can be blinding. zach said after repeated complaints, nissan agreed to replace it only if he paid half, about $1,000. >> so many others complained, a class action lawsuit was filed against nissan >> it feels like somebody has poured syrup on the dashboard. >> reporter: steven said his dashboard melting too. inside of this 2007 toyota camry. >> the dash began to dissolve in front of my eye.
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toyota agreed to replace more than four million melting dashboards in older toyotas, including stevens, but he claims the automaker is not scheduling repairs. >> it has been a year. >> reporter: he recommends a temporary basic safety fix. >> cheap way, take an old towel and lay it across the dash, killing the glare coming through the windsheild. >> reporter: nissan said there is no recall. no safety issue and zach's car was out of warranty and offered to pay half to replace it as a goodwill gesture. >> i would say it's a safety issue before a cosmetic issue. >> toyota extended warranty covers -- from 2004-2010. the company said replacement
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they will honor warranties. >> >> if you have a story you would like to todd to check
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a flagler county pan is banned as working as a nursing assistant. he is said to have taken two pictures while they were naked. they just removed his license on friday because it took time to conduct interviews at the facilities and review the records. >> it's a sick person that does
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i'm surprised that would happen there. >> seaside manor's attorney told us the facility conducks all required background checks for employees. police investigated, but victims declined to press charges. >> >> mowments leading up to an attack of a contractor at a park. it happened at islands of adventure on new year's day. investigators say tor rose stabbed ferguson because he was fired the day before, somehow, torres managed to get through the employee entrance. orange county deputies say a young man was found shot to death on a sidewalk.
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for a suspect >> we are going to look at showers and thunderstorms develop as we head into this afternoon. make sure you have the umbrella ready, i'm updating future track 9 to tell you about the timing of those storms. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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right now, orange county deputies working to find the person they say shot and killed a young man overnight. good morning, it's sunday, march 13th, the time now is just about 5:30, let's get you outside to get a live look over downtown orlando this morning. if you haven't already, be sure hour. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9. some rain is moving in. >> that's right, we'll see showers and thunderstorms develop and move in on this very early sunday morning. it's a beautiful start, we are piled, but we'll see the storms track in late tore day. 1:00 this afternoon. you can start to see some of the scattered showers push in, but it's not until after 3:00 that we get more widespread this is 5:00. as we head into 8:00. it's starting to push off the coastline.
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tonight midnight. we will see isolated showers, but the bulk of it will be in the late afternoon early evening. afternoon, today, a chance increasing for the showers and thunderstorms with a high of 83 and college park and the i4 corridor, starting out sunny as well. our chance for showers and thunderstorms mainly after 3:00 will become widespread. new smyrna beach, we are looking with the chances increasing as well with a high of 82. darlene. >> >> orange county detectives are trying to figure out what lead to the shooting of a young man. julie is live where the victim was found. deputies are still working to get a description of the shooter. >> reporter: deputies are still searching for the shooter. active investigation behind me. area behind me. neighborhood is roped off, several deputies down the street.
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closer look. the medical examiner arrived 45 minutes ago. let's look at some of the video we took when we arrived. this morning, police got a call about a man laying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound. nearly 15 minutes later, paramedics pronounced him dead. police determined the anderson place the jurisdiction of the sheriff's office, so deputies are working the crime scene and the investigation. they have not released any details about what lead up to name. right now, they tell us the victim is between the age of 15- 18 years old. again, they are still searching reporting live. >> >> orange county deputies still looking for the person that attacked a man. eyewitnesses say happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. see bassian, who you see here,
5:33 am
tavern on the creek on john young parkway. last week, his friends told us he happened to walk up to a fight in a parking lot and was attacked. we will let you know if the police found the person that attacked him in orange county, a man involved in a shooting at the wwe training facility, scheduled to hear have a hearing to determine if he is kent for trial. deputies showed up at the scene to arrest him, but they had to shoot him when he charged at them. he toll deputies he was taping a reality show and expected to be tasered, not shot. >> >> on friday, deputies reached out to rangers in texas in hopes of finding a two-year-old and her four-year-old brother. investigators say their father, patrick earl scott junior took
5:34 am
deputies say he has a house in texas and they think he could >> >> deputies tracked down a boyfriend. cooperating with the investigation, but as "eyewitness news" this morning arrested. >> reporter: shawn wear's family lit candles and remembered a man that leaves behind two young children. >> he was a nice person, caring, loving. >> reporter: it was enough to bring the victim's nephew to tears. the victim's sister told me she is shocked, but not surprised that orange county deputies say her brother's girlfriend is the one that pulled the trigger. >> i always told him "leave her alone before she killed you." >> "eyewitness news" was there as deputies closed the area and tried to figure out what lead up to the shooting.
5:35 am
cooperated and gave a statement, but they did not say what she said about the shooting. >> she tries to play the victim of what is going on. she's not the victim. he is the victim. >> "eyewitness news" this morning. >> >> still trying to figure out why she hasn't been charged and if this was a case of self- defense >> we are still working to figure out what lead up to a wrong way wash in hillsboro county that killed two people, including shooting investigators. macbeth died at the scene and the deputy died at the hospital. sheriff's office employees couldn't hold back tears while talking about the tragedy. >> this is a loss, not only to office, but all to law enforcement men and women that are trying to do their job and get home alive. >> reporter: a procession of
5:36 am
body to the medical examiner's office. he was with the sheriff's office for six years. >> >> tomorrow, more details about how an orange county heroin task force will fight the growing problem. committee members will present their recommendations. they are focused on how to convince addicts how to get treatment. according to the medical examiner's office, there were at least 82 heroin overdose deaths last year. on wednesday, wind mere residents are expected to speak out about plans for a mosque in their neighborhood. the landowner wants to put the property.
5:37 am
and the owner is trying to convince the county to rezone it for those costs. neighbors say they don't want the extra traffic and other things around their homes. >> >> special training some local deputies have received. >> >> and we are much warmer this morning. even with a frontal system bringing us storms, we will be warm for a stretch.
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time, now, 5:39. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center -- >> we are continuing the warming trend as we knew we would be, but we are getting really socked in with tons of moisture, strong southerly wind will bring all of the warm moist air into our neck of the woods, a perfect environment, very summer-like for showers and thunderstorms to develop as we head into the afternoon. so, we are about up to nine degrees warmer than we were yesterday morning at this time and we have a 50% rain chance. any time after 2:00 is fair game, northern counties might start to see it earlier than that, but everyone in the low to mid-80s. it will be a warm day.
5:41 am
morning and afternoon, our chance for showers and thunderstorms will start to increase with a lie of 83 for you. i4 corridor, a nice morning and then we'll be looking at our best chance for storms starting to move in after 2:00 with a high of 84. melbourne, you folks are salvage a good part of the morning and early afternoon and after 2:00, a chance for storms moving in with a high of 82. >> >> we are getting a look at training deputies are going through to diffuse situations with the mental ill. including a mentally ill person with a knife, a real situation some deputies experienced in 2014. deputies say exercise like these help them emthat advertise with persons they are trying to help. >> some of them are dealing diagnosed. >> reporter: deputies are
5:42 am
someone suffering from a mental illness and how to talk with them to calm them down >> orlando city soccer club, heading into the season without a win. who the head coach is blaming. >> the the new plan to encourage businesses to go green and why some say it could
5:43 am
5:44 am
the city of orlando wants to turn all of its buildings downtown green and more energy efficient. only "eyewitness news" got a copy of the draft -- owners will have to complete and energy audit or take steps to retro fitting. >> buildings that contribute electricity contribute to the majority of our energy use and
5:45 am
pollution that is coming from our power plants >> the energy star process and audits are free and retro fits would not be required. some residents worried a lower energy score will cost more. >> >> today, the last day of this year's bike week. florida -- state troopers and police are on high aletter as thousands of motorcyclists head home from the events today. so far, state troopers say it has been relatively with only a few crashes. tourism officials say the annual event brings in $200 million to the local economy. >> >> time, 5:45. don't forget to set your clocks ahead. >> i know, it's always a little tricky. you have to make sure you get up on time. it's really 5:45 this morning. even though you think it's 45:00.
5:46 am
-- springing forward, meaning we will get more daylight as we head into the evening. that's always a nice treat even though who lose an hour of sleep. satellite radar, nice and clear, rain to our north, the rain will not hinder us until we head into the afternoon. keep that in mind. afternoon, fair game to see scattered showers and thunderstorms. a huge plume of moisture moving into our direction. southerly wind is drawing in all of the warm moist air. it will be a very summer-like environment. conduciver with the tonight to our north to have that lift and that thunderstorm action moving in later on this afternoon we'll keep you posted. george will be in here later on this evening tracking storms for you. we are in the 60s, much warmer out there this morning. wins are driving the warm moist air into our neck of the woods out of the south, 5-15-miles an hour, moving to 20 as we head
5:47 am
future track 9 hour by hour, as we head into the noon 1:00 time frame, isolated action moving in. by 4:00, pretty widespread, some areas much lighter, some areas heavier with storm action moving toward the coastline. some left over light showers as we head into tonight and into monday morning. brian shields will be tracking a few showers starting at 5:00 am for your workweek tomorrow as we head into the noon, 1:00 hour, everything should completely clear. we are dealing with a high rip current risk a lot of the beaches will start out beautiful and sunny. in the afternoon. storms develop. if you are you heading to the coast, make sure you swim near the lifeguard stations because high rips will be with us. 84 in titusville. 84 in daytona beach. 83 flagler beach. so, as we head into the day, today, breezy, storms later on,
5:48 am
67, a few scattered showers mainly ending by midnight with a low of 67. five-day forecast showing we are way above normal for this time of the year, 77 is our normal high. we'll be rocking the mid-80s all the way through the extended period, darlene? >> orlando magic just wrapped up a west coast trip. they were shorthanded. two were out with injuries. victor scored 18 points for the magic, but they were blown out by the trail blazers, 121-84. magic's next game, tuesday at the amway center against denver. >> >> orlando magic will be working to help put an end to homelessness. they are teaming up with fan dual for an awareness campaign. for every treat using the #
5:49 am
denver, fan dual will donate $1 to the cause. campaign begins at 5:00 p.m. tuesday and runs two hours >> >> orlando city soccer club is fogging war a win. christian has more with your morning sports. >> reporter: in excess of 90,000 people have showed up for the first two orlando city matches, all of them hoping to celebrate three goals and two draws. lions offense has been rather pedestrian to start the 2016 campaign. friday night, orlando city had an advantage for more than an hour, but couldn't find the game winner against chicago. they have been out superstar mid-fielder caucaw. >> i felt the quality was not good enough. some of the decisions were right. the quality and the execution of the finals was not good
5:50 am
at the end, we are with three or four or five men and still don't pick anybody up >> around palmer invitational returns to bay hill. no tiger woods, but six of the world's top eight golfers will be teaming it up. this weekend, pga tour hanging out on the gulf coast of florida for the championship. rule number one, jordan speith, looking to defend his title. gets this absurd eagle putt to drop. just ahead on the 15, charlie hoof hoffman in the bunker, hoffman is five un. 60, the best facial hair in the game. check that out. pretty good iron game. sticks it close. 7 under.
5:51 am
everyone looking up at this guy on 15. -- >> he posted a second straight 667. he will head into the final round with the lead. >> >> in daytona bike week wrapping up, daytona 200, part of the unofficial closing ceremonies. a few scary moments, luckily, no one was injured >> michael barns has a look over his shoulder and he likes what he sees. the 47-year-old becomes oldest rider ever to win the day tone that 200. didn't go to victory lane, just to celebrate with some of his friends on top of the school bus. >> >> athletic director shaking things up in east orlando. this past week, he fired men's basketball coach and women's basketball coach. baseball coach terry rooney, if he can keep his name out of the cross hairs with an ncaa tournament appearance in 2016. >>
5:52 am
damage in the second. two on for anthony george and see ya'. first homerun of the season for george puts ucf in front 4-0. that was all of the run support robby howell would need. the junior went seven and a third, struck out five, only gave up one. ucf takes the series with a 5-2 win. they will go for the sweep of the black birds this morning at sock. that's going to do it for your morning sports v a great day. >> >> thanks, christian, here is a live look from downtown orlando. coming up, meteorologist marina jurica will have another check of our weekend weather. >> >> remember, can you interact with marina jurica and myself, this morning. you can find us both on twitter and facebook. >>
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>> some local celebrities are doing their part to help encourage other men. the 12th annual better man event. darryl strawberry, orlando city players caucaw -- attended the event. sharing stories about courage and character, hoping to encourage other men in the community. >> we are just so excited, we talked about taking courage as a man. we talked about stepping up and not running from fear, but running into fear. >> the event has grown, when it started, 48 men attended. yesterday, there were about 4,000. >> >> there is a recall for frozen pizzas in some en, it res that
5:57 am
check the 10 digit code on products. on wf tv. com, to find a list of the >> >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" this morning -- >> reporter: a teen shot and killed, orange county deputies still out here working the investigation, coming up, the latest on the search for a shooter. >> >> i'm updating future track 9 to let you know the timing of the showers and potential thunderstorms that will be
5:58 am
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right now, on "eyewitness news" this morning, orange county deputies investigating two different shootings from overnight. what they are telling us about the death of a man and the search for the person that shot and killed a man at an orange county apartment complex good morning, it's sunday morning, i'm darlene jones, more on our top stories in a minute, but first, a look at downtown orlando, it is 6:00. we have set our clocks ahead this morning. meteorologist marina jurica is in severe weather center 9.


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