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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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according to a new poll just released today, donald trump tops florida senator marco rubio in florida's republican primary, 46-22%. despite the polls, he was shocked the country by pulling off a win here in florida. >> rubio has already said florida is make or break for him and stopping donald trump. abc's kenneth mouton has more on how florida is key for the race for the white house. >>reporter:the battlegrounds -- ground state of ohio and florida. >> tomorrow's a day we are going to shock the country >>reporter:this country is not about us tearing one another down, or having fistfights at a campaign rally. two different gop candidates
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to be donald trump in their home states. today, all eyes are on trump's campaign event scheduled in three states. security has intensified around the republican front runner in the wake of violent protests and israelis over the weekend. scenes of unrest have taken over the campaign trail, trumps rivals on the democratic side counts >> he is trafficking in hate, and fear. >> donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. >>reporter: today 2012 a gop nominee, mitt romney, has been called into help john kasich, like reinforcements in the race for delegates, the winner take all state has become the epicenter of the stop trump movement >> if he wins ohio he is basically going to be the nominee. if he loses ohio we are going to have an unbelievable time in cleveland it will be a contested convention. >>reporter:john kasich is
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trump in ohio were marco rubio is trailing by double digits in his home state of florida. donald trump will be in florida tonight. sanders is working to pull in those young voters to deliver cleveland, ohio. >> former president bill tonight he will be a roll of college campaigning for wife hillary clinton. the event starts at 7:45 p.m., doors will open at 6:45 p.m. model rubio will be in central florida in the next few hours, himself. he will be in melbourne at 2 o'clock for a meet and greet at a place called, that little road. team coverage tomorrow night from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. on our sister station on tv 27. the manicures and a deputy involved shooting at the wwe
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under -- undergo mental health evaluations. we were in court this morning as the judge ordered the test. to determine if he is competent to stand trial. deveney said he charged at them outside the facility force enough to shoot him. he told investigators that he was shooting a reality show and expected to be tased, not shot. the melbourne woman accused of leaving a suspicious package at a local movie theater was just booked into the brevard county jail. jail. police say don laughlin left a bag in the bathroom of a premier theater -- premier theater in melbourne last month. the theater was evacuated, the bomb squad determined the package was not a threat. she is being held in lieu of a $50,000 bond temperatures will climb close to 90 degrees in some parts of central florida today. warmer weather is on the way. certified meteorologist, brian shields is tracking the latest for us. >> those temperatures are heating up, even with the showers we had this morning with a slight chance is afternoon.
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the 80s, and a windy day, good luck -- good mix of sun and clouds. 81degrees now, look at those winds, south-southwest at 80 miles per hour. we have guests over 25. we are mainly on the dry side right now, we are tracking rain seen a few sprinkles in southern sections of orange, and into osceola counties. toward lake wales we will monitor that. again about a 20-30% chance of a pop-up shower. even a storm as we go throughout the afternoon especially in our southern zones. a lot of rain from this morning has moved off. a mix of sun and clouds without slight chance of a shower, but again on the windy side. the winds coming in out of the southwest and west and that is going to heat us up, 81 in sanford and claremont, 77 now in new smyrna beach, 83, already submitted
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there are the winds coming out of the southwest. really heating us out, we will see those numbers getting well day. watch out for the winds they will get a little because the are the next three hours. to the day, claremont mix of sun and clouds, a stray mix of showers. by 4 o'clock right around 79 and still in the 80s by 6 o'clock. sunset is later because of that time change we had this weekend. the sun does not set until just after 7:30. temperatures again we will be in those 80s, all of us topping out -- topping at -- topping out around 80 degrees. coming up it is one to going to get even hotter over the next 24 hours. we will track that and timeout our next storm system that will be moving in. >> you can always track the wftv. c om/weather. daytona beach police chief mike chitwood officially announced that he is running for volusia county sheriff.
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police chief since 2006. ) most was there when mike ring. announced that he would be running for volusia county the chief spoke to 60 supporters and touched him what he would bring to the county he described his movement more technology to the department and be actively involved with deputies and be a policy. the current sheriff and johnson would put his support behind the current deputy chief. he is hoping it will bring big changes to the county. >> if you elect measure sheriff, you are going to have a share of the worst 24 hours a day, who is accessible, transparent, passionate, and hard-working. i am going to be engaged in our community >>reporter:as you already know, the chief is known for being out and about in the community, he says if he is to become chief he hopes the
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their homes. in volusia county, roy ramose, eyewitness news at noon unemployment dropped 1% in orlando over the last year. the governor highlighted the numbers on his jobs victory tour this morning he also talked about cutting taxes. >> we are going to continue every year to let how we can reduce taxes to get more companies are more jobs here and also take care of our citizens. the state. and biscuit's are is working to solve three weekend murders in orange county. 15-year-old antoine davis had ongoing disputes with boys in avenue in ocoee before he was sunday morning.
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shot and killed 33-year-old jones at silver hills apartments in orlando on friday night, deputies to a woman shot and killed her boyfriend in apopka. investigators have interviewed that woman but no arrests have been made. to orlando police officers ended up crashing into each other when they were both trying to find a driver in a stolen car. you can see this k-9 unit vehicle ended up on its side in the crash. it happen overnight on mcleod road near surfside way. the driver of the stolen car drove off during a traffic stop. the two patrol cars went after it, what officer had minor injuries, the other was not h urt. the manicures of opening fire outside a bus station could get out of jail on bond. today, a judge sets peers bond that more than $5000. investigators say yesterday he fired a gun in the air at the links bus stop near the greyhound bus station of john young parkway. orlando police were able to catch him when he ran off. no one was hurt, if he does get out he is barred from having a weapon or any ammunition. checking with orange county deputy's today to out if they have any more clues in the
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was found over the weekend. the medical examiner's office is still determining how and when that person died. the body was found yesterday morning on the east side of the lake near 1792 in winter park. there is a troubling new report out this afternoon about missiles on a passenger plane. why us officials believe warheads designed to shoot helicopters were heading to the us. why officials believe this plan will work. the reason governor scott is not a fan of texting. it has been pretty breezy today, some of the winds gusting close to 30 miles per hour in titusville.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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federal investigators are headed to the scene of an amtrak train derailment in kansas. 29 people were hurt when the train went off the tracks in dodge city. >>reporter:the national transportation safety board is investigating the latest train derailment. this one in rural kansas where local teens -- local teens were the first on the scene. >> we found amtrak had overturned 2.5 miles west of cimmaron >>reporter:the frightening
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>> the trained aroma, unknown amount of patients at this time a mac at least seven train cars jumped the tracks, at least 29 people reporting injuries. a medical chopper team airlifting at least one injured patient. there were a total of 142 passengers on board, most landed at this makeshift evacuation shelter. many still shaken by what they had experience. >> one gentleman just talk to me, in the darkness of the field and said friend, friend, what's going on? you said is there any blood? i shine my cell phone light in his face and it was very bloodied. cause of this accident, though they will certainly be looking at factors like speed, and possible obstructions on the the 5-year-old sister of laundry barton will now live with her mother per the girl has been with her grandmother
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-month-old disappear last july. you could end up paying for an expansion at orlando international airport. this wednesday, the greater orlando aviation authority is scheduled to vote on weather to approve construction for a 1.8 billion dollar terminal expansion. the terminal at oia would partly be paid for by passenger facility charge you already pay when you book a flight. the airport two biggest carriers southwest and delta have opposed the expansion, they say it is unnecessary and could drive up ticket prices al qaeda is claiming responsibility for an attack on a beach resort in ivory coast that killed 60 people and wounded 20 others. it happened over the weekend at the resort in western africa. the attackers shot at beachgoers, six assailants were
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the president meant -- plans to meet with the cabinet today to figure out how to respond to the attack. two people arrested in maryland accused of shooting a police officer in an unprovoked -- attack. police fired back, hitting one of the suspects. the other ran off but was caught. a third person was -- it was not an officer mcdonald's is ready to start cooking again. the iconic donald you have seen has drawn in millions of tour since it opened for years ago. it closed in december for a massive remodeling project. the old restaurant was 12,000 going to be 19,000 square feet day. depending on permitting it could open tonight or tomorrow. families in louisiana are after storms caused record- setting floods over the weekend. >> you can see a car here
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submerged underwater from the river. people who live in the area can still be dealing with floating debris for days. they are already trying to think about how they will move forward >> my neighbors, you know, they get water in their houses now, and they are going to lose a lot of stuff. i hate to see them go through it. we will rebuild together and take care of each other. >> floodwaters are expected to stick around at least through the end of the week. they have had tough times. they have these massive floods and people get blindsided. she so positive though. it's amazing, they all come get through it. we have some warm weather headed in for us today, 87 degrees. our average high 78, way above average, and it is going to stick around for the next couple of days. 88degrees for tomorrow. that is going to be our high temperature tomorrow. a couple of us heading about
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some puffy clouds around, moisture in the atmosphere. we can spark off a couple more showers or even a rumble of thunder this afternoon. drive right now in downtown. breezy and warm, 82 with the winds out of the south- southwest at 60 miles per hour. sunrise 7:35, that is when it came up this morning. it was later due to the time change, sunset later at 7:34. i look at the radar, couple of showers popping up through polk county we will watch these as they get a little bit closer to osceola county. he did have spring goes over toward st. cloud and even lake nona toward orange county. 83 cocoa beach, 79 daytona beach, 79 as we get into deland, and there are the winds coming out of the southwest and gusty. winds up to 30 in titusville for those gusts. we had rain this morning, a little left over energy, a pop- up shower or storm through the
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around just a gradual drop off. 2o'clock today, here's her timeframe through 5 p.m., we will see tom terry tracking a spotty shower, for tonight clearing out. the winds wind can so we can see some patchy fog for tonight. water temperature 60s and finally some 70s warming up it will be choppy because again the winds will be with us. 87 wendy and warm we will get an isolated storm chance today. 82 daytona beach, 83 leesburg and clermont. and for tonight we will be in the 60s, as i mentioned if the winds settled we will see patchy fog developing especially north and west of i- 4. the waterways are usual suspects . we will be tracking some of t hat. take a look at this for tomorrow. kissimmee and st. cloud, southern zones right near 90 degrees. tomorrow is going to be our hottest day of the year, so far, in orlando and sanford close to 90. upper '80s around and even along the coast we are going to be in the mid to upper '80s.
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heat us up both tuesday into wednesday. here's your five-day -- your 5 day forecast, with your weekend always in view. on wednesday a lot of son, mix of sun and clouds, and then we will keep an eye on our next storm system. it will slowly drop in from the north, on friday we will see a 30% chance of a shower or storm. highs around 85. right now 50% chance and on saturday and no big cooldown this time of year but we will be less warm i the time we had sunday. sundays highs in the mid 60s. we will find two more on that storm system coming up in the next half hour. the european space agency has begun the first age of a two-part mission to explore mars and hunt for signs for life on the red planet. take a look at this rocket, launched this morning it is expected to reach mars in october. the rocket is carrying an orbiter and a mobile roble -- rover rover will launch later in 2018. the goal is to locate pockets
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i look from inside a small plane that crashed in lake county killing two people. clermont police say dane cause were inside the single engine plane when a question and feel behind southlake hospital on saturday. james posted pictures to his facebook page showing the view the faa and the ntsb are working together to find out traffic was backed up for
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you can see a ford f1 50 facing the wrong way the eastbound lanes right there. the driver was driving recklessly, hitting a construction barrier and was thrown from the truck when it overturned. he is in critical condition this afternoon the attorney of a two-time daytona 200 champion accused of attacking a daytona beach police officer is set to be a court in court later today to get the charges dropped. they say he pushed officer gregory quinn. quinn tried to detain them after some sort of altercation with a woman. he was suspended from racing this past weekend. the mayor of daytona beach and several faith groups are expected to announce plans of a homeless shelter. mayor henry has not released any details. the county decided last week not to go with the city's plan for a homeless shelter. we will let you know what the mayor says later today on eyewitness news windemere families will continue their fight this week against plans to build a mosque in their homes. a landowner wants to build the windemere religious center on
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the land -- the land is owned residential. some people are concerned about the extra traffic, noise. a community meeting will be held wednesday at 6 p.m. at sunset park elementary. it is quieter this afternoon in daytona beach because bike week is over. this year's event was the biggest and bike week history, and with so many people out on the roads, state troopers and daytona beach police say safety was a huge concern. there were some crashes, before the most part the 75th annual event was a safe one. the event is in more than $2 million to the local economy. winter park leaders are expected to decide later today how to pay for a piece of land to expand a busy intersection. on fairbanks avenue were a bowling alley once stood. the city needs nearly $2 million for the project, and
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land and get rawlins to get the amount needed to expand the turn lanes at fairbanks 1792. orlando will need to become more energy efficient if an ordinance is approved. eyewitness news undercut -- uncovered a draft ordinance that would require 1100 businesses and building owners to disclose their ratings each year. if it's below 75 owners will need to complete an energy audit or retrofit the building to retrofit their score. >> this information will help improve the overall energy and water usage within our city. >> the energy star process audits are free, retrofits will not be required but some fear a low efficiency score may result in families paying more for rent to offset improvements. the 25th annual tour dq are raise more than for hundred $45,000 for the fight of
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we know more this afternoon about a how an orange county drug task force will fight the growing heroin problem. angela jacobs was there for the
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it's a very detailed plan. >>reporter:it is, because there are just so many areas the county says to address this problem, where the number of users and victims are just keep growing. since january 2015, until now, there have been 82 heroin overdose deaths up from 75 the year before and three just this past weekend. for the past six months this committee has been working to put together a plan >> oh, my gosh, no that is the best question. and so often we focus our resources on the tail end, after the problem is in our community. we have people locked up in our gels and they are going through our court systems. our law enforcement are risking their lives in dangerous situations because we are not dealing with it on the front end. the front and is helping our citizens know heroin is very dangerous you do not go there. we need to spend the money on the front end. we will save money on the
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we will save lives. >>reporter:for the past six months, this committee has worked to put together a plan to bring down those numbers that we mentioned it. the mayor is talking about education, prevention and treatment, and also stepping up law enforcement efforts. today orlando police chief explained how joint operations with orange county and dea and saw decreases in the amount of drugs and dealers on the street. citing 372 a reston $750 million and sees product. he wants to equip most first with narcan. if you heard the mayor figuring recommendations, will be the next challenge and pays for the plan. but, they feel like they cannot afford not to spend that money. coming up today at 4 p.m. they are telling us they are going to be adopting all options as far as new states and federal g rants, we will
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hopes to figure it all out, and combat this growing epidemic. orange county, angela -- angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. temperatures are going to climb close to 90 degrees in parts of central florida. certified meteorologist, brian shields is tracking the latest. >> that will be the case over the next couple of days. a very warm week that will be with us. winds are really scooting in out of the southwest, and that is keeping us very warm, close to 81 and daytona beach. a few more folks on spring break, enjoying the beach, winds out of the south- southwest at about 13. here's a look at the doppler, we had rain this morning mainly on the dry side now. i am watching a batch of showers back to polk county. we did have sprinkles over toward st. cloud and kissimmee earlier.
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this morning, if you don't have any showers right now we have that mix of sun and clouds. we are warming, low '80s sanford and orlando back to clermont. 77 kissimmee, the hotspots in the villages we are checking in at 80 for degrees. really warm as we get over toward the villages and there are the winds coming in at about 10-20 miles per hour and we will have those higher gusts. for today 87 the high, average high 78, running well above average even warmer tomorrow, a couple of us could touch 90 degrees tomorrow he will still be soaring through the 80s on wednesday. coming up we are going to track a better chance of rain returning to the forecast. open a rick scott says he and his employees do not text about state business. as part of a nationwide initiative to show transparency in government, all text messages sent and received by scott and his chief of staff requested. scott produced no records and
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text message received on her phone. some senators say they always call scott, or his employees because they know that text messages will not be accepted. there is a frightening report about missiles on a passenger plane. authorities are trying to determine if two hellfire missile warheads designed to shoot down helicopters were headed to the us. the fbi's investigating, we have more. >>reporter:the european television network reporting that two hellfire missiles are discovered by siri -- serbian officials allegedly bound for the us. according to bomb sniffing dogs on the missiles during the search of cargo on the plane that is flown in from lebanon. the lethal missiles used to engage a variety of targets way roughly 100 pounds. equipped with explosive tips and radar guided systems. >> you never want a weapon,
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>>reporter:this morning, the critical question, if these missiles were being sent to the receive them, and what were they going to be used for? >> the most important issues for the fbi, is tracking the origin of these two hellfire missiles, and what was the initial intent of sending them a mac us military official tell us that no hellfire missiles are known to be missing from the us inventory. the fbi is aware and looking p air thomas, abc news, nissan is recalling 50,000 cars because of a problem with the brakes. the recall includes leaf electric cars may between 2 013- 2015. ivers may have to put extra pressure on the brakes because of the brake booster. no far -- so far, no accidents are injuries have been reported. general motors started the first of six trials to settle hundreds of lawsuits around faulty ignition's wishes. the switches can flip out of the on position causing the
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power steering and turning off airbags. gm has fixed the problem. the trials, come after an accident in new orleans two years ago. researchers say they are on the cutting edge of a breakthrough for heart health. the technology behind a chip that works like a real organ. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight she speaks for a city poisoned
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we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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a growing trend in breast cancer treatment may not be
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a new study out of harvard shows more women with cancer are choosing to get a double mastectomy even if only one breast is affected. many women feel it will lead to a longer life. a study shows women who have both breasts removed have the same chance of being alive less later. experts a double who have a very high risk of strong family history or a known genetic mutation. scientist in canada have found a way to grow human heart tissue that beats like a real heart. if you look closely, very closely, you can see blood flowing through those tiny vessels. those blood vessels are about the size of a strand of hair. this is called organ on a chip hr technology. the chips are tiny scaffolding structures built to house mid -- millions of blood vessels. >> it allows us to ask biological questions that we could not ask using an animal
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happen in a very realistic setting. >> that is truly fascinating. scientists say the chips can be used to test new drugs for dangerous side effects, reduce the need for animal testing and produce more accurate information. not getting enough sleep and i can cause a lot of health problems and now doctors say could increase your risk of in a new study, researchers found a slight increase in the number of people suffering a stroke, and the two days following the switch to doctors say a change in your sleep routine could disrupt your body's natural rhythm read if you have underlying medical important. factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle >> doctors say the best way to reduce your risk of stroke is try to maintain a regular sleep/wake cycle as well as a because we lost an hour of sleep this weekend, today is the day you're supposed to make
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is national napping day. it is observed, the day following their return to daylight savings time. a nap can be just the thing to give you a boost if you can find the time. >> great idea. a scandal has hit march madness, even before the first tipoff. why the ncaa is investigating itself over the brackets 1.5 years ago we exposed the state department of environmental protection. 9investigates why those problems have still not been fixed.
12:42 pm
9 investigates was the first to expose >> a year and a half after new data suggest the florida department of environmental protection so has the same problem. investigative reporter,
12:43 pm
the numbers show. >>reporter:the job of the florida department of environmental protection is to protect our natural resources, this means keeping the water, soil, and air clean. it also means inspections and records show that is not happening. >> there is a wholesale advocation of the agencies obligation to enforce the law. >>reporter:jerry phillips is with the environmental group looking at 116 stores across florida. the record show 199 violations for everything from record- keeping to handling and disposing of drugs. in almost all cases there are no signs, when there are fines imposed they are later reduced. you would come to the end of a report, and the violations would either be changed to be called in areas of concern, or the facility would be told we
12:44 pm
>>reporter:in a statement to 9 investigates, they say dep continues to focus on taking a proactive approach to protecting florida's environment through education and outreach. our first goal is always to help bring a facility back into compliance as quickly if possible. the flaw in that argument is assuming that a public industry comes to dep before they act >>reporter:former dep attorney, left the department in 2013. in the five years he worked for dep, the department's budget fell by half a billion dollars with a focus the focus shifting from active enforcement to passive regulation. >> i >> at what point to read return to sensibility. >>reporter:environmental accurate -- activists say the -- allowing industries to police themselves with the state, unwilling to act. >> cps --
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security lines are only getting longer at the airport on the timing could not be worse for the spring breakers. tsa staffing shortages on a record number of spring break travelers are contributing to the weights as long as two hours. or the 140 million are expected to fly during march and april that means a 300,000 more people per day going through security checkpoints. >> one of the great tips is actually flying when nobody else wants to fly like sunday or saturday morning. of time by checking online for tsa delays, get to the airport flight. the ncaa says it is looking into how a copy of this year's march madness racket leaked online during an extended selection show last night. the bracket was being shared on twitter about 20 minutes after the broadcast started. it is not clear who posted the first tweet, but the account at a kansas jayhawks logo as its icon. that account has since been
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>> the show does go on for 200 hours. >> it takes forever, that show. sorry. [ laughter] >> you especially need a nap today between data daylight savings time. no doubt. it's going to be lighter later, it's going to be harder for me to get to sleep. we will get you outside, and sometimes it is, downtown orlando looking up to the north you see scattered clouds around. chance of a pop-up shower, we had showers rolling by, somewhat rose for the morning drive. but now a pretty decent shape, 81, it is warm and breezy, winds out of the south- southwest at 18 miles per hour. a couple of dying showers down through polk county. we will watch these as they get closer to osceola county. we have not had much more than a couple of spring was over the last few hours. a hit or miss shower possible with the heating from the day. he will get to that with future track in a second. 80 for in the villages, 75 palm coast, 80 melbourne and palm bay.
12:47 pm
southwest and gusty. gusts over 20, 25 orlando, 23 in kissimmee. the satellite and radar picture showing that chance of a couple of sprinkles and some of the clouds. through the afternoon that pop- up shower or storm a possibility and be in the 80s. 3o'clock today, hit or miss shower you see green on the map tracking that through the afternoon. then into the evening, later evening hours main -- mainly on the dry side and patchy fog for me for tonight. each as we go, water temperature 65-72 moderate side. intercoastal because it is 87degrees today, there are the numbers, 85 sanford, lake mary, titusville, mems, port saint john's mid 80s, we are going to be warm. tonight partly cloudy, in the 60s
12:48 pm
enough, they will in some spots, we are going to have patchy fog for tonight especially our northwestern zones and around water ways. we could have patchy fog again by tomorrow morning. tomorrow itself it will be hot, near 90, claremont near 90 in kissimmee, 88 degrees in orlando and waterford lakes, and 86 degrees in leesburg. your 5 day forecast, with your weekend always in view. a couple of beautiful, but very warm days, tuesday and wednesday. wednesday mostly sunny heiser on 87, then by the end of the week on thursday, 85, a stray shower but by friday, into the weekend we are going to see a system -- sag into the north 30% chance on friday, a 50% chance on saturday. we will fine-tune those rain amounts, rain chances as we get
12:50 pm
but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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here's a look at the stories we are working for you on eyewitness news at 4 o'clock. presidential candidates are piling into florida today ahead of tomorrow's primaries. in the next few hours marco rubio will hit melbourne on the campaign trail. clinton will be in orlando on behalf of hillary clinton. just before noon, sarah palin canceled her rally in the villages is a part of donald trump because her husband was involved in a snowmobile accident last night and is currently in the hospital. more on all of this today at 4 o'clock. florida is a busy pace -- place. mike chitwood announced his plans to run for volusia county sheriff he will have to go up against the seven others.
12:52 pm
. and helped one couple to their family, here's how to by the way, it is a boy. the couple says they did not know the baby's gender because get the results from their doctor, for them. and from there the gender was technicians who lit up the wheel with blue lights to surprise the family, and the soon to be parents. donna wall street this afternoon, here's a look at the
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it's not just warm, some places may climb up to 90 today. >> hotter over the next 24 hours. here is certified meteorologist, brian shields. >> we are going to make a run at 90, especially tomorrow. a mid- to upper '80s today. we had a little bit of rain this morning, otherwise a decent day and windy. 88degrees tomorrow, plenty of sunshine on our tuesday. temperatures become the big story and then by the end of the week we're going to watch out for our next storm system. but her chance of rain by next saturday, and then by the weekend a slight drop off in temperatures. have a great afternoon. thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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