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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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they have had over the weekend. at the bus station, one man asked another to bum a cigarette. apparently the man did want to give up cigarettes and started firing into the air. for the police this is a situation that could have escalated into something more dangerous.>> you are charged with aggravated assault with a firearm.>> reporter: the air luis jocks appeared before a judge facing charges he assaulted an officer with a gun. it started at the greyhound bus station where passengers called 911 for help. that led to a foot chase and physical takedown of a man with a gun stuffed behind his wait -- waistband. >> we wanted to point out that these incidents happen all the time and many times are officer
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man drop -- dropped the weapon when the officer pulled his police urge shots fired at the venetian apartments and track down two men. reached for a gun but gave up before shots were fired. police released photos of this gun and the marijuana they confiscated.>> our officers go through a lot of training. they follow our policies. it is a fast happening, dynamic situation. it is very difficult to deal with. thank goodness we have officers willing to risk their lives for our community.>> reporter: the police chief told me they take so many guns out of the hands of criminals that it is rare that shot sendup getting fired. coming up, i crunched the numbers and you might be surprised to find out how many
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compared to how many times guns go off. steve barrett, channel 9. the temperatures hit record levels today. tom terry is tracking showers this afternoon. >> it's like we skip the whole season. look at daytona. a bit busier today. the west when getting you to a record 89. we are still 87. talk about warm beach weather. look at the temperatures now, -- now, down a degree. 88 in palm coast, the warmest you have been. the heat index on the edge of 90 degrees. i have been tracking an isolated shower but we are quieting down rain wise. i am up dating tomorrow's even warmer temperatures in just a minute.
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candidates to win over voters because florida and four other states go to the polls. >> today's focus was on protesters and stirred up violence at weekend events. george estevez has been following the candidates as florida decides who to send who to white house. >> reporter: a significant part of the process is the delicate spend florida. rubio is hoping for a come back. they are some of the biggest battleground states. first florida, then ohio. >> this country is not about tearing one another down or having fistfights at a campaign rally.>> reporter: rubio is spending the day in his home state including jacksonville.>> the republican party will not allow itself to be hijacked by fake conservatives and dividers.>> reporter: all eyes
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it is a lovefest. >> reporter: there have been violent protests at events. today mitt romney campaign for john kasich. the buckeye state has become the epicenter of the stop trump movement. >> if he wins ohio, he will be the nominee. if he loses, we will have and unbelievable time. will be -- it will be a contested convention. >> reporter: walker rubio trails by double digits. for the democrats, clinton is leading sanders and all five states. we now know sarah palin was forced to cancel a rally today because her husband was in a bad accident. just before noon, the former governor pulled the plug on the event to be with her husband who had an accident with a snow machine. todd palin was hospitalized, but no word yet on how badly he
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continued to work hard to win over voters in his home state. he hosted a meet and greet at a jacksonville breakfast spot and said he was proud to have the support of jacksonville's mayor. he also remarked about rallies becoming violent and that we should be able to peacefully we cannot have a country where everyone hates each other, where we can't have an honest, serious debate about public policy.>> we showed you yesterday when rubio came to the villages, he tame -- told voters he was the only candidate who could be trump in florida. two hours earlier, rubio arrived in miami. a busy time in florida. you are in the right place to get complete coverage for tomorrow's primary. central florida decides who is going to the white house. our reporters will fan out across the state. coverage begins at 7 pm tomorrow.
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that it goes on television on w already cute tv 27. we will broadcast from 8-10 tomorrow. so far, no new cases of zika reported in florida. the latest case was in orange county riding. the total concern cases -- confirmed cases is 689. one of the cases in polk county was sexually transmitted -- transmitted. three murders reported. it was a busy weekend for orange county investigators.>> deputies say antoine davis was shot and killed after he had ongoing does needs with boys near n. lakewood ave. with boys near n. lakewood ave. investigators also say someone shot and killed 33-year-old jones in orlando. friday, deputies say a woman shot and killed --'s -- someone in a costco.
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killarney. the corner is still determining where and how the person died. we will update you and investigators release more information. after six months of meetings and debate, orange county thinks it has a plan to tackle a rapidly growing heroin problem. >> this is an epicenter for the drug. we spoke with leaders about what to accomplish to spread -- slow the spread of addiction and how much it will cost you.>> reporter: with nearly 300 heroin related deaths the past four years and three this past weekend, this task force believes it finally has a plan to curb an epidemic this is the scene leaders want to avoid, heroin overdose. this facebook audio recorded the first response to another od last night.>> people need to be aware, citizens need to take responsibility. it was -- it is literally a disease.
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way.>> reporter: the task force boiled down the research into 37 recommendations, including continuing joint operations to attack the supply on the street. evident in this massive bust. john mina has said the progress of 372 arrested three quarters of a million dollars of see's product.>> in the city of orlando, before we started the task force after we started the task force in the last six or seven months, we did see a decrease in overdose deaths.>> reporter: the chief also recommended high bond amounts for dealers and to make sure first responders have overdose antidotes. finally, extensive education and training to spot abuse for everyone from individual families to school resource officers, local businesses, and government agencies. the biggest question is how to pay for it all.>> we need to
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end. we will save lives. >> reporter: while they work on funding, leaders will look at what's available in new state and federal grants. angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. volusia county is looking for a new sheriff. daytona police chief mike chitwood said he would run for that role. he spoke to 60 supporters today. he said he would focus on adding more technology to the department and being actively involved with deputies. the current sheriff has already thrown his support behind his current deputy chief. brings changes. sheriff that works 24 hours a day, who is accessible, transparent, passionate, and hard-working. i will be engaged in our >> reporter: the chief is known for being out and about in the community. he says if he becomes sheriff he hopes families invite them
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changes they would like to see. a decision for students to wear jeans to school has been rethought. last december, the board agreed that students could wear denim. now they are considering changing it to khaki pants only with an oxford shirt. some board members say there's nothing uniform about jeans. the rules will take effect next year. the school board is also considering changing is no pass no play policy. right now, student athletes cannot play if they flunk. under the new proposal, they could continue playing as long as they maintain a 2.0 average. that moves could boost graduation rates. volusia county was the only district with this policy. we told you when specific -- suspicious package forced moviegoers out at a theater. >> we learn why a investigators just arrested a suspect even though they had tracked her down weeks ago.
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crashed in lake county, killing two on board. what 911 calls a revealing about the crash. the i-4 alternate project is about to affect the commute. coming up, i will tell you where some people will have to
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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you're watching channel 9 eyewitness news at four with greg warmoth, vanessa echols, and tom terry. the i-4 project is still on schedule. that's the latest update from project leaders today as construction like this ramps up in the next several years. they are looking to hire hundreds more construction
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we found out some 408 drivers will need an alternate -- the week. >> reporter:@is up alerting drivers soon they will be able to use this ramp to get on the 408 westbound and will have to drive a few more blocks. the ramp drivers use is closing.>> temporarily buffered extended period of time. a new replacement ramp is reporter: crews are hard at work building that new temporary ramp off of division so they can close the orange ramp down the street later this week. project leaders have not said how long the ramp will be closed, but it's one of the many changes drivers are having to get used to. err it's more important than ever to be aware. yesterday, it may lead completely -- yesterday may look completely different from today because we have shifted 6 inches.>> reporter: next summer, the city is looking to hire 600 more construction
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and train minority workers to fill those spots. we also found out minority workers to fill those spots. we also found out rd., rangers are responding to 1500 incidents each day. there are no crashes, but the volume has product designers -- project designers trying to add space.>> if they can, they will defined -- design an 8 foot shoulders to get vehicles off the roadway.>> when that ramp closes, there's a good chance that those metered spots won't be available, either. deneige broom, channel 9 news. project leaders said that at dump truck ran over and killed a worker at site last month. they didn't directly address that incident today, but they told city leaders that anyone needing to enter the works own needs of for our safety
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during the changes during the project. click on the i-4 ultimately, on our website. new numbers show florida leads the nation in job growth our unemployment graced dropped to 5.1% in january. lake county has the same unemployment rate. in brevard county, the rate is 5.5%. to check your county, log onto our website and click the yellow web links box. while residents wait for volusia county and daytona beach to work out their based group will look for a commitment to solve homelessness and other community problems. organizers will demand more accessibility to healthcare for the uninsured and money for a homeless safe harbor. -- harbor. the daytona mayor agreed with the message.>> it will help get people enrolled in the affordable care act. we receive awards for how many people we can enroll.
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shelter, i behind that as well.>> organizers want better protection for children who are first-time criminal offenders. it's hot. >> it is a warm day.>> even in the shade, the temperatures were still high. you can tell something is happening. >> someone flipped the wrong switch. it is mid-march. the spring break season really kicks in this week. we are way ahead of schedule. 88 in dell tone and sanford. downtown, i checked, we're down from 87.6 287.1. we are making progress, but it still very hot. we have a southwest wind, and that is almost always a warm flow of air. we don't get the sea breezes involved, lots of land area to heat up as the winds sweep across. we are still 87 and daytona, down from 89 today. the heat index has been on the
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kicked in the wet season mugging us yet. that's all we are lacking. temperatures are only going to get a little bit warmer this summer than today. it can see a sprinkle or two. we have been expecting an isolated shower and of dryer pattern from this weak storm system. baldwin park, very nice weather tonight. temperatures in the upper 60s. uptown altamont taking a picture tonight. after dinner, temperatures around 67. in downtown orlando, an isolated shower may be to the east of town. otherwise, partly cloudy and very mild. future track shows an isolated shower notwithstanding, mostly dry tomorrow with clouds and sunshine. a bit more sun tomorrow. that should boost temperatures to where they were today at least, maybe a degree warmer than that. is still well above average.
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morning, we begin the mostly dry pattern. temperatures well above our seasonal average. temperatures tomorrow, 80 degrees at noon. that should be the hottest day of the year. we're waiting on the climate data from today, but we hit at least 86, which would tie the warmest of the year. cocoa beach, a little cooler, down to only 83 degrees during the afternoon. winter springs by the high school at 89 degrees. there is 89 for altamont springs. another 88 on the beard -- board for sanford. the highs tomorrow could even hit 90 in kissimmee. we will have on average about 115, 120 days in the 90s each year. we have a lot of that to look forward to. this is a little early on the county. -- calendar. the weekend always in view, a hot day on wednesday. a highest rain chances we have had since the first of the year with rain coverage going up
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the next half-hour, more on the big changes ahead for the weekend. new at four, brevard county family says someone shot their dog in their own backyard. >> they missed him the first time, they shot him the second time. -- >> why they say this little boy will have to pay the price. people were killed when a small plane crashed in lake county. what we found when we went by
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this afternoon, we're learning more about the final moments before investigators say a small plane came down and killed two people long board. the plane crashed in a field behind southlake hospital saturday. today, myrt price has been working on finding out more. what did neighbors talk about today?>> reporter: many are still in disbelief. they couldn't believe saturday
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windows and saw a plane had crashed a few hundred feet from their homes.>> i heard this boom outside my window. there was a plane crash. >> reporter: 911 calls came pouring in saturday morning shortly after this plane crashed into an empty field behind southlake hospital. after neighbors witness the crash, they rushed to the plane to help. they also discovered the plane was leaking fuel. crews were on the scene in no time and found two on board. they say the pilot from port orange and james costs were killed. today we returned to the crash site to see that the plane had been taken away to be a day examine. hector suarez lives a few hundred feet from where the plane crash. he said he was sorry the two people lost their lives, but he believes without the pilot's
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much worse.>> he did a great job miss the homes and landing aircraft without any further damage.>> -- >> reporter: i we reached out to the ntsb to get more details, but they say they have nothing else to release. live in claremont for channel 9. a group says the city of kissimmee is violating their first amendment rights.>> public officers are elected to represent everyone.. mac -- >> who they want to remember with a special statue. the ties to terrorism that investigators uncovered in the
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who's here. she has to take a brand name
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1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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coverage you can count on. investigators say a woman left us suspicious package in the bathroom at this theater, forcing evacuations and the bomb squad to be called in. we just learned what she a rigidly -- allegedly wrote on the package that sent moviegoers scrambling. this afternoon she is out on bond.>> brevard county detectives couldn't bring her here sooner because she was evaluation. you also learn more about the message left on the back.>> reporter: that bag urged to ever found it to call homeland security. the home -- employee found it inside this bathroom, prompting the building and surrounding restaurants to be cleared out. don laughlin and a woman who picked her up from jail had
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charges for planting a hoax bomb. the arrest affidavit provides more information on what caused such a scare. more than 150 people had to be evacuated from the theater and surrounding restaurants february 26. police say the woman was caught on surveillance video leaving the bathroom. she is accused of leaving the bag that said, not a joke, call homeland security. that prompted police to bring in the bomb squad who used a robot to open the bag. they found an unknown item wrap conduct a. the device was labeled not a bomb and urged authorities to not blow it up. authorities located laughlin and had her examined.
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with law enforcement on security measures. laughlin's wife identified her as a suspect. coming up, we are working to find out what her wife believes we're live in melbourne. eyewitness news. a chase for a driver in a stolen car turned dangerous for two police officers who investigators say ended up crashing into each other. look at this canine unit which ended up on inside. this happened overnight on l mcleod road. the driver of the stolen car drove off during a traffic stop and the two patrol cars followed. that's when the crash happened. one officer suffered minor injuries. the canine was not hurt. a man involved in a deputy involved shooting will now be evaluated mentally. this morning a judge ordered tests for armando montalvo to determine if he is competent to stand trial.
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outside the facility, forcing him just -- them to shoot him. a man told investigators he was there because he was shooting a reality show. from osceola county, the hispanic association says the city is speech. they wanted to pay for a public statue depicting a founding father of the dominican republic to they downplayed the idea saying if they let one group do it, they live to let everyone do it.>> we are a group that promotes education and cultural diversity and we organization. to reconsider. the next meeting is tomorrow week, the volusia county sheriff's office will consider spending two and half million dollars on body cameras.
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they want to buy 225 cameras using money seized in criminal cases. to land lease will try and teach church leaders how to better protect their congregations. officials say there has been growing interest in church security -- security since last year's shooting in charleston. nine people were killed during a bible study. the five-year-old sister of a jacksonville toddler who disappeared last summer will live with her grandmother. the mother, will spend five years in prison for role and her son's disappearance. barton's boyfriend claimed lines he drowned in a bathtub woods. the child's remains were found in january. e braun agreed to a lead deal for 20 years in prison. next week, riddle aeronautical university will hold a memorial for the recent graduate killed
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police officer. last month, she was killed while responding to a domestic dispute. the memorial is tuesday. if you live in marion county and want to protect your home or garbage from bears, officials are offering bear proof trash cans at a discounted price. a grant is helping drive down the cost. a 64 gallon trash can is being offered at $40 because of the grant. for more information on prices and where to buy the trash cans, head to links. sounds like a good deal. we've been telling you how leaders are pushing to ban bear hunts in the future. last year, state bear hot only killed four bears. that -- in seminole county. county leaders are hoping the bear proof trash cans will keep
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need for a hot. wildlife officials of not said if they will respect a local ban on bear hunting if they decide to hold another hot next year. an employee at orlando international has been identified as having tied to terrorists. >> that's according to documents obtained by the washington bureau. how your safety could've been compromised.>> reporter: documents we obtained exclusively through a freedom of information act requests reveal 70 employees were flagged for potential ties to terrorism. one was at orlando international. the tsa did not have access to all terrorism related databases allowing the databases -- employees to get credentialed.>> it might be somebody like supervisors of stores because people who were passing through securities worked in shops inside the secure area of an airport. in some cases it might be airline people.>> reporter:
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consumer advocacy group. he says he is dismayed the databases were not linked up. >> if anyone gets caught at a checkpoint or is working at an airport, then we have failed on so many different levels. it would be catastrophic. >> reporter: the tsa says none of the employees are on a consolidated watch list and they don't believe any are threat. tsa says since the report came out, they have been given access to all terror related databases. they are vetted and re-vetted. the tsa did not know how many of the employees are still on the job. george kiley, channel 9 eyewitness news. a spokesman deferred all questions regarding our story to the tsa. the tsa is being criticized for lack of staffing at airports as the busy string --
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the agency for long lines. seattle tacoma is posting warnings on twitter about long wait times because the tsa is not keeping up with the number of passengers passing through. minneapolis-st. paul also aired frustrations recently. folks there are saying they have seen 10% more passengers but fewer screeners. national security officials are trying to determine if warheads were headed here to the us. a european news report said the missiles were discovered by belgrade airport on a flight headed for portland. bombs sniffing dogs found them in coffins during a search of cargo on a plane from lebanon. officials are now trying to figure out who in the us was going to receive them. the has begun the first stage of a two part should to search mars for signs of life. this massive rocket launched is expected to reach mars in october.
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the goal is to locate methane, a gas that is created by living organisms. a new trial to set legal boundaries for settlements over faulty ignition switches. the trail is in a manhattan court. it started with an accident two years ago in new orleans. two people riding in a saturn want compensation for injuries resulting from the brakes not working. brake issues have led to a new issue affecting nissan leafs from 2013-2015. risk. the national highway traffic safety administration says cold weather can make a break mr. fail. breaks could still work but be harder use. nissan is letting owners know they will repair the cars for free. bike sharing is becoming more popular. push out of washington woods force taxpayers to support
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a bill to put a gas tax to fund them has just been approved. taxpayers should not be on the hook to ridesharing programs according to some. the orlando pride is preparing for their inauguration into the national women's soccer league. >> they have some nice players. a man with a history of latest arrest. orr how the sheriff made an example of him using social the hottest day so far this year in orlando, hotter tomorrow. i'll explain why coming out. a dog to help to brevard county
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stocks finished today without much change. the dow gained 15, the nasdaq rose by two. the s&p fell by two points. cocoa police are trying to track down suspects who shot a beloved family pet. >> he is riley. he looks happy, but he is hurt.'s owner say someone shot him saturday night. today, channel nines melonie holt's spoke with riley's family who hope police can find who is responsible for another pet is injured or worse.>> reporter: jonathan and riley are inseparable. so much so the boy's grandmother can only be grateful he wasn't in the
4:45 pm
someone opened fire on the chow mix.>> they are like brothers. they are really really close. we didn't explain to him that he was shot with a gun. we just told him that he had been hurt.>> reporter: jonathan is a special needs child. today, rally helps them communicate. it is jonathan trying to help riley get back on all four's. >> we don't know if they will have to amputate his foot.>> reporter: the family does not know how much the bills will cost them. they already total hundreds. >> i am praying that someone will come forward so it doesn't happen somebody else's dog. we thank god jonathan wasn't in the backyard when it happened.>> reporter: melonie holt, channel 9.>> such a sweet
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up on leagues. to see more video of riley, to tv. we would like for you to share the story with your friends. a county beach is pristine school students. this is what the beach look like after a party. when voters were posted online, students with the national honor society organized the the beach is part of the canaveral national c-store -- seashore. some youth sports league will soon have to pay to use the fields. a new set of fields range from seven dollars-$14 an hour. they are much higher than initial feelings -- these last year. some leaks cannot afford the cost. the fees take effect october 1 and will increase over the next two years. sheriff grady judd is drawing attention with a facebook post about a career criminal.>> the criminal
4:47 pm
media. the sheriff made a before and after listing all the charges. he was arrested on felony warrants. he and another man both have lengthy criminal records. >> judd is something else. >> he has.>> this feels a whole lot like summer.>> i was outside a little bit today. it was too much.>> folks are elated. a lot of folks come down here for the heat. a tournament this weekend, too. a little rain possible by this weekend. big changes in the offing. the average, 78. today, 87 the high in orlando. daytona also tied your record in 1985. it is been a while.
4:48 pm
for a lando, today's 87 not the average for march or april. more the average of about the 10th, 15 may. we are way ahead of schedule right now with the southwest warm temperatures. today is no exception. 87.3 when i walked over to the news desk at downtown. it's awfully warm. 88 sanford, the hottest so far this year for you. one of the warmest days for all of us, especially on the coast, with 87 in cocoa beach. it's so warm because there's an offshore wind that is so powerful, up to 30 miles an hour. is keeping that seabreeze in the 60s. it is not letting the marine layer come on shore. you are awfully warm for the spring breakers. this very warm pattern will last not only for the next day or two what all the way through thursday until we get some picture by friday.
4:49 pm
the next few days. 5:00 tonight, we are still in the mid to upper 80s and slowly falling back into the mid-70s when i join you on tv 27. that starts at 10:00. tomorrow morning, upper 60s and quickly warming backup. 83 degrees at 1:00. now we're back to daylight savings time and we are going to be pushing those warmer temperatures back during the day to around 4:00, 4:30. tomorrow, 89 degrees orlando. we could get the first 90 of the year across the area tomorrow. that's just a little bit too hot. we don't have the high dew points yet. i'm not talking about heat indices in the upper 90s, which we will be towards the middle of summer. we will have a storm system bypass us close to the north waterfront will layup over central florida and slowdown. this is usually how we get heavy rainfall amounts in the month of march as these front slowdown. i've rainfall starting friday, saturday, even rainfall left
4:50 pm
spring breakers, enjoy the first few days of the week. we will be dodging showers later in the week. here is the five day forecast, the weekend always in view. very close to records tomorrow. i will update how close we will get in the next half hour. 89, 87, still warm thursday. we ramp up the rainfall chances with 2% coverage at least on friday and for saturday. with heat like that building up, we will be watching a few thunderstorms for the summer. a two day long pirate -- pilot summit started today. boeing critics over the next 20 years world will need almost 560,000 new commercial airline pilots. the meeting is focused on finding solutions to the current shortage. during the summit, the school will host a national training aircraft symposium. charges against the bus driver accused of kidnapping a
4:51 pm
the man who has been found legally incompetent could still be charged with the crime. a brevard county family has received hate mail field with racial slurs. why deputies can't go after the but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. because together, we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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a nasty new scheme is targeting the elderly around the country and emptying their bank accounts. clark howard shows you how you can protect the seniors in your family.>> i am in the midst of our team clark howard action center. you can get off fared buys for free 45 hours each week. something that we've been hearing repeatedly from people
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you may have been ripped off and then months later you get a call from an organization for sending to be a consumer organization that will help you get the money back that was stolen from you by the first set of con artists. but guess what, it's called a reload because it's the same con artist that try to gets -- tries to get more money out of you to pay them for the cost of recovering the first money. this principally targets senior citizens. if you're an adult with aging parents, you need to be nosy and make sure people are not ripping off your parents. by the way, if you want free off the air advice, go to clark and we'll call you.>> clark howard helps us lookout for consumers like it you -- looked -- like you. he has information
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for the white house continues. trumps campaigns have led to violent protests. how police disarmed gunman in a greyhound gus station. -- bus station.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
a chance to live his life. this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00. coverage you can count on. this 15-year-old boy is dead tonight, after someone shot him in the head on a sidewalk. and right now, as deputies work to close in on a suspect, we're hearing from a woman who heard the whole thing. >> that boy didn't have a chance to live his life. investigators have been searching for the killer since early yesterday morning. when the young victim was shot in ocoee. >> mike is live at the scene along northlake wood avenue and mike, you spoke with the sheriff today and he told you his deputies are closing in on at least one suspect.
4:59 pm
sheriff told me that his investigators now think they know who pulled the trigger in this case. the boy was left dead here shot in the head, early sunday morning, you can still see this growing memorial here and now investigators also say that they're looking into why that boy was skipping school before this all happened. florence was asleep early sunday morning when the sound of a gunshot woke her up. >> i didn't think anything of it. until i heard the police sirens a few minutes later. >>. >>reporter: she soon found out the sound she heard was a gunshot. a block from her house. >> it's a shock that it's a 15-year-old that boy didn't have a chance to live his life. >> orange county investigators say they got leads overnight and now think they know who pulled the trigger. >> we are certainly focussing at this point, on a primary suspect. >>reporter: the sheriff told me his investigators haven't arrested the suspect because
5:00 pm
evidence. and that's something he says is tough to do especially when the case is involving children. >> no one wants to be deemed a snitch, if you will, and sometimes there is a threat of violence. >>reporter: he also told me his investigators are looking into why the boy hadn't gone to school for sometime. he says the victim hung out with a group of teenagers who had a negative influence on the boy. >> this is a young man that got >>reporter: now, investigators say that that victim had what they call on going disputes, their words, with some other teenagers in this neighborhood. tonight at 6:00, i ask the sheriff if this means if this was gang related. hear his response in less than an hour. channel 9 eyewitness news. orlando police officers say


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