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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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impersonating a police officer. >> he was seen, you know, he was just doing all the requirements a police officer would. >> now the victim is thanking good samaritans that may have saved her from a dangerous situation. >> reporter: tonight clermont police want drivers to be on the lookout for a man they say is pretending to be like one of them. >> the woman who came face-to- face with the man posing to be an officer, even issuing his own gun, is giving a warning tonight. she sat down with jeff levkulich. and, jeff, she told you the guy was convincing. >> reporter: she said he was wearing a brown uniform, asking
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but people here at this beef obrady's scared them off. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: at the time she was pulled over last night, she didn't realize the person that pulled her over wasn't a police officer. >> it looked like the standard procedure of what a regular police officer would do. >> reporter: he approached her car in the home depot parking lot, complete with a fake badge her questions. >> what's my name? and i told him my name. what's my parent's name. i told them my parent's name. and he asked me where i lived. i told him my address. and -- [ chuckle ] >> -- i'm thinking he'll ask for my driver's license. apparently not. then several from beef obrady's witnessed what happened and spooked him. >> it just seemed like, you know, he was just doing all the requirements that a police officer would. so he may be an impersonator, it's a little shocking. >> reporter: she's warning
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if you don't feel safe, drive call 911 to confirm it is an over. >> if he did try to do anything after that, you know, the best thing to do was just to, you know, take your seatbelt off, move to the passenger seat and run. >> reporter: tonight police are looking for a man with silver hair. he's around 5-foot, 6 inches tall. between 35 and 55 driving a crown victoria with those flashing lights inside. if you have any information, police. reporting live from lake county, jeff levkulich, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> and, of course, we'll be staying on top of this story to see if police ask find this imposter. on our website, and during eyewitness news 5:00. breaking right now, a late night crash in longwood has shut down a major road and knocked out power for several homes in the area.
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until after midnight at least. longwood police say four cars were involved. one person was seriously hurt. you can count on eyewitness news to let you know when the road is back open and power is restored. tonight we're working to find out if there's a gang connection of a shooting that took the life of a 15-year-old boy. someone left antoine davis' body on a sidewalk. they believe they know who shot davis but haven't arrested anyone. jerry demmings told us the boy hung around with a group of teens that played a role in his death. >> reporter: your investigators have said that the victim was involved in what we call ongoing disputes. but haven't elaborated. is that another way of saying that he was involved in some kind of a gang? >> well, i'm not going to say that about the young man. but he was a troubled youth. >> reporter: demonstrating says we should know about specs coming up. we'll keep you posted. a growing heroine battle
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six months of meetings and debates spent to create the heroine task force. some of the ideas, higher bond amounts and stricter penalties on those transporting heroine. tomorrow central florida decides as voters head to the polls starting at 7:00 a.m. for the florida primary. candidates have been crisscrossing the state, stopping on the i-4 corridor to get votes. >> tonight former president bill clinton made a stop in winter park where he just a few hours ago. channel 9's ty russell was there as he took the stage for his wife hillary clinton. >> and martha, all quiet now. but just about 2t hours ago, former -- 2 1/2 hours ago, former president bill clinton was talking to about 1400 people inside this gym at rawlins college.
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most the 1400 delegates up for grabs. but we talked to students tonight who are not yet sold. >> nobody's path to the white house can avoid going through the i-4 corridor. >> reporter: tonight that from bill clinton stopping to fire up supporters for his wife. he spoke to college students in winter park. and clinton wanted to hit home to a demo his wife struggles to energize. >> we need a serious commitment to make college affordable for everybody and make it debt free for everybody! [cheers and applause] >> we talked to some college students and one told me democratic hopeful bernie sanders has swept up supporters her age already. >> reporter: have you decided yet? >> i have not decided and tomorrow's election day. >> a lot of people are supporting bernie. but i think a lot of college women are getting behind hilary. >> reporter: now today bill clinton made two stops in north florida before coming to
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as for his wife hillary clinton, she's scheduled to be in west palm bay tomorrow for the primary. we're live tonight in winter park, ty russel, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> meanwhile republican presidential candidate marco rubio also made a stop here in central florida. he is looking for a surprise primary win here in his home state where donald trump is leading in the polls. rubio's bus tour stopped in melbourne this afternoon. he was met with hundreds of supporters at that little restaurant. he told them he had a chance to reshape the race. >> i hope americans will choose optimism over fear and hope for anger. and that's what we'll offer tomorrow and in the months to come. >> he's made stops in jacksonville, west partly cloudy and miami ahead of tomorrow's primary. and the gop frontrunners making a quick stop in florida today. donald trump speaking to a large crowd in tampa. polls show he has a large lead over marco rubio in florida. tonight trump is campaigning, though, in ohio who also has their primary tomorrow. and, of course, you can count on eyewitness news to bring you
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florida decides tomorrow after . -- tomorrow. after you cast your ballot, join us on and our in depth analysis will continue florida's tv 27. orlando police tell us they're seeing a lot more people flashing guns lately. just this past weekend, police arrested two armed suspects. one at an orlando greyhound station. the other at an apartment complex. both ended with arrests. no shots were fired. the problem of too many guns right now is so bad on average orlando police say they deal everyday. >> it's a fast happening dynamic situation. so it's very, very tough to deal with. and thank goodness we have officers out there willing to risk their lives for our community. >> last year orlando police took about 700 guns off the streets. most of those cases were resolved without force. dumping a suspected bomb at a melbourne movie theater is out
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dawn lockland right there as she left the jail yesterday afternoon. her wife turned her in. she told authorities she had mental issues, felt as if the church of scientology will be hacking into people's personal data. the investigation continues into the deadly plane crash that killed two people over the weekend. they crashed their plane into an empty field saturday morning near south lake hospital. we went to the scene today and found the plane will be taken away to be examined. right now, no word on what caused that crash. a former access lynx bus driver accused of kidnapping and kissing a disabled rider against her will won't be facing any charges. we were in court today when a judge decided to drop charges against gustavo rellano back in 2010. he was charged with kidnapping, elder abuse and battery. but several evaluations found him incompetent and unlikely to regain competency. that doesn't mean he can't be charged down the road.
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prejudice to the state meaning we can come back in the future should he be determined competent and still face those charges. >> a judge dice decided to dismiss the charges today because his incompetent has spanned a period of more than five years. lake county deputies are expected to meet this week to come up with a plan to keep weapons off of school campuses. recently one student brought a bb gun to an elementary school. two teens brought knives to their high school. and deputies found a gun in a different teen's car. in each case, deputies say students tipped them off. roughly $50 million in extra funding may not be enough to give orange county teachers the raise they're hoping for. they approved a 1% increase for all in the state budget. but we learned most the money is set aside for students and retirement costs. the teacher contract expires in june. they received a raise last year. the union says they want the district to review the budget and see if any other money is available.
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find the person who shot their dog in his own backyard. 3-year-old riley -- there he is! belongs to a special needs child. the grandmother says the pair is inseparable. riley was in his backyard when two shots rang out. one struck riley in a back paw. now doctors say they may need to amputate. cocoa police department. someone comes forward. >> cocoa police told us they got a vague description of the two suspects seen running just after that shooting. investigators don't yet know if they are connected to the incident. a brevard county family is on edge after they received a disturbing letter in the mail filled with racial slurs. david fuller is married to a white woman and they have three
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they live in the port st. john area. the letter tells them they are bringing down property values and do not have -- and to not have anymore, quote, ugly kids. >> i care about my kids more than anything else. i thought racism was over with -- or maybe not over but calmed down a lot more. >> reporter: even though it was filled with hateful language, the sheriff's office said it can't do much because there was no actual threat in the letter. people in a central florida neighborhood on edge after something killed their animals. >> and it had attacked all our sheep. it killed one of my lambs. and it had just jumped the fence very easily. >> still ahead, what they say is to blame for the gruesome attacks. >> more record heat possible again tomorrow. in fact, the hottest weather of the year continues to pour in. i'm updates why we're getting this week. >> and another road closure thanks to the i-4 ultimate project. tonight, the major highway
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you're watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00 with greg warmoth, martha sugalski, and certified chief meteorologist tom terry. all new tonight, owners in seminole county are on alert after a series of deadly dog attacks there. >> and now they're worried that a child will be the next victim. and kimberly, they're hoping to trap the dog before it kills again. >> reporter: and it's already killed five sheep and goats and wounded ten other animals along this stretch of osceola root in rural seminole county.
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animals, i want to barn you some of it is photographic. -- warn you some of it is graphic. they're keeping their livestock and kids closer until this dog is caught. >> i'm so happy that he's alive. >> reporter: the wounds are still fresh not just for the two sheep and three goats battling bite marks and maimed legs at the compton farm. >> and he just ripped to the bone. >> reporter: but for their young owner, teenager conner compton. >> these are my babies. [ crying ] i wouldn't want anything to happen to him. >> reporter: compton and his family found the five animals injured and four others dead after their dogs started barking sunday morning. conner's dad got a glimpse of the attacker as it jumped over their four-foot fence. he says a rottweiler. the animal spotted down the road at the geiger farm. nicky says she heard the dog before she saw it. and we saw a rottweiler in our pasture. and it had attacked all of our
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>> reporter: it left one dead and five hurt in her pasture. now surrounded with hot wire to prevent another attack on her sheep and baby goats [ goat baaaing ] >> reporter: they will have dog traps. the comptons say nearby parents fast enough. >> not only for their animals but small children at this point. >> reporter: animal control officers say they'll also be patrolling this stretch of osceola road looking for that dog reportedly responsible for the attacks. neighbors tell me they don't know if it's someone's pet or an abandoned animal. reporting live in seminole county tonight, kimberly eaton, channel 9 eyewitness news. if you use i-4, you'll have to find another route. it's another closure brought on by the i-4 ultimate project, the ultimate headache if you will. to the 408 westbound will be
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that right-hand turn. a ramp lane will be opening up as an alternate route. they plan on hiring 600 additional workers by next summer. that's the good news. >> building bridges, any number of things along the roadway. >> reporter: they will be trained. it's on time despite having the entire project shut down after a worker was killed on the site. we have all the details on on the i-4 ultimate link in the traffic section. tonight the daytona beach police chief is throwing his hat in the race for volusia county sheriff. during his announcement, chief mike chitwood says he plans on being more actively involved with deputies in the community. chitwood says he can take the department to new heights. >> sheriff johnson has built a pretty good organization there over the past 16 years.
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organization where it needs a leader to take it to the next level. >> chitwood is going up against 7 others for the top spot. and tom, you're here with our ever increasing forecast! getting close to 90! >> oh, so close today! >> uh-huh. >> very close. 88 downtown. 89. no 90s officially today. but i think we will -- [ knocking ] >> -- knock on plexiglass -- [ laughter ] >> very close to 90. sanford, just i few degrees shy of your record. the hottest day so far this year for most of us. 89 in daytona, a record breaking day. i think we'll make it to another 89 and record-tying high for daytona beach tomorrow. for the spring breakers, welcome. 74 degrees downtown. 76 along the coast. and that westerly flow giving us a very hot pattern from today all the way through thursday. we'll be warm even by friday. but we'll have a better chance for rain cooling us down a bit
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early warning future track. ucf campus, upper 60s for tonight. then we hit the accelerator. 88 at 3:00 and 5:00. so it'll be close to 90 degrees for several hours in the amp tomorrow. clermont in the citrus county area over by citrus tower, lake county, 87 degrees at 4:00 p.m. orange county tomorrow, some areas will hit 90. i expect 90 for bithlo. 89 downtown. one degree warmer than today. 90. our forecast model updated. it's going 91 for the attractions. universal down by disney. seaworld. boy, it'll be hot for all the folks in for spring break. temperatures in the upper 80s along the coast. in brevard county, 89 in deltona and 87 to 89 again for daytona beach. just pristine beach weather. temperatures well above average, at least 10 degrees warmer than normal. water temperatures, still cool. but, heck, get out there.
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and that will be very close to our record. near 90 in kissimmee. here are the records where they stand for tomorrow. we'll be very close to our record going back to 1971. we'll tie in daytona and we'll be on the up again for brevard county as well. we will have a front nearby as early as friday. the fronts don't have the you were this time of the year. we're way -- umph this time of year. we are expecting more rainfall during the afternoon friday and saturday and still scattered activity on sunday as well. we need the rainfall. here's your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. near record heat the next couple of days. you think we'll set more records tomorrow. primarily in daytona. thursday, still warm before rain chances increase. 50% storm coverage with afternoon sea breeze activity. why not? feels like summer, right? 50% storm chance on saturday before we cool back down. a little on sunday. greg? >> all right, tom. got golf this weekend goal as well, bay hill. local leaders say they're
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a local group disagrees sayings that's not enough. next, what they're pushing for now. >> and getting you ready for your tuesday morning. i'm brian shields. tomorrow on eyewitness news "this morning" starting at 5:00 a.m., one of the warmest starts we've had all year. plus some fog around. and we'll track the temperatures, how quick he we warm up.
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beach leaders have yet to reach an agreement to solve the homeless problem in the city. but a local faith-based group are determined to find a solution. they gathered tonight at the bethune cookman university to demand more access resident for health care for the uninsured in daytona beach. they want better protection for children who are first-time criminal offenders. we dug through newly released documents that show dozens of private employees at several you weres around the u.s. were flagged for possible ties to terrorism. since the tsa didn't have access to all databases, this allowed workers access in secure areas. >> some of the people that were passing through the airport security worked in shops inside secure area of an airport. and in some cases, it may be airline people. >> the tsa says none of the 73 private employees were on a terrorist watch list.
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and tomorrow, one of the baggage handlers at oia accused of stealing from luggage will be in court. daniel diazallegeedly stole a laptop from -- diz allegedly stole a top from a passenger's bag while another -- a laptop from a passenger bag. the international speedway lost its fight for tax dollars. lawmakers didn't include that money in their budget. the money would've helped offset the $400,000 daytona rising project already complete. speedway officials said they'll try again in the next legislative session. the world's largest mcdonald's is back and bigger than ever. >> you want some burger and fries? >> fries, please! >> the mcdonald's on i-drive has drawn millions of tourists since it opened 30 years ago. it's now expanded to 19,000
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hours a day. this is your 11:00 sports presented by lexus of orlando. >> most the orlando pride started training camp today. their most prominent star was busy scoring goals against the rest of the world. so she gets to be a little bit late. that's fair, though. the pride held their first official practice this morning in sanford. canadian star kalen kyle and hagan. alex morgan not in attendance, recovering from helping team usa go 3-0 in the she believes cup. central florida native ashland harris also expected to be the pride's starting goaltender was also with team usa. the rest of the team under the guidance of thomas sermanni hoping to take a step in what's their first playoff run. >> the first impressions are good. i think there's nobody out there that looks like they're out of place. there's nobody out there that looks like they're in bad shape.
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condition. players are in good condition. >> just coming into this first day, i think it was really important for us to kind of -- get a feel for each other, get a feel for the field and kind of ease into it. >> you want to know more about the orlando pride, four out of five recommend watching "orlando city insider." we'll let you ask the questions for cyle larin. that's on wrdg tv 27. former ucf defensive back josh robinson is back in the sunshine state. the former viking signed with the buccaneers today. he spent four seasons in minnesota. had five interceptions. he'll be playing along with former dolphins defensive back brent grimes introduced by the bucs today. as for the current knights, the first day of learning how to fly like a duck is tomorrow. scott frost hoping the offense he built in oregon can get the knights off the bottom of the conference.
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last year in the country. ucf fans will get their first look at the knights in the spring game april 16th. meanwhile, in gainesville, austin harden, no longer kicking for the florida gators. head coach jim mcelwain says harden will still graduate from the university of florida but he has left the team. harden missed 9 out of 14 field goal attempts in 2015 but did vanderbilt that helped them championship. as for baseball, no. 1 florida and no. 11 florida state meeting gainesville tomorrow. seminoles trying to hand the gators their first home loss of
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called
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this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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so briefly in the upper 60s in the morning. that's it! then the heat returns. temperatures warming back up. back around 88 degrees tomorrow. and again wednesday. rain. and until friday. good chance for afternoon showers, martha. >> i think we've automatically gone to summer. >> uh-huh. >> 90! >> be sure to tune into eyewitness news "this morning" starting at 5:00 and get weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> so much for winter! >> exactly! >> we'll see you back here tomorrow for the tuesday edition. and it is the primary!
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>> goodnight. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! top night, bachelor ben and fiance lauren b. maria menounos. and music from sia in austin, texas. with cleto and the cletones.


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