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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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good for the economy and that's a good idea. america this morning. >> have a good one. breaking news rainout on eyewitness news this morning. investigators are trying to find out what caused the fatal fire at a home in mineola. what they did to try to rescue the person trapped inside. my time is valuable i worked hard yesterday. >> hundreds of election workers will line up to get the money they are owed. their checks bounce. >> 5 am thursday, march 17, saint patrick's day and somebody got the memo. >> we have an excuse.
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>> the lucky i'm dressed. >> oh, my goodness. >> let's get to brian. let's get on camera. heating up clouds increase, 87 today, a shower or storm will be possible nothing widespread but i want you to have your umbrella just in case you run an dash into the pop-up evening. we will see changes. 60s, 70 this morning, 69 separate, 60 titusville, but patches of fog hunter's creek, lake nona, fog boggy creek, narcoossee, st. cloud, watch for that. we will monitor the fog it will get thicker. clouds around more clouds than sun today and this afternoon here's your planner, 20 percent chance of a shower developing around schoolbus time through
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we will run well into the 80s today is going to be really want coming up we will show you who will feel better chance of rain in the forecast county by county. 5:01 am first check of the drive this morning with deneige. >> i 4, ivanhoe in the last five minutes they cleared out cones at i 4 westbound so you do not have to worry about having one lane blocked by the construction cones but along the turnpike we have construction. turnpike southbound before osceola parkway one lane is blocked. i will breakdown spots of construction volusia county. breaking news in lake county this morning. one person is dead after a fire destroyed a home in mineola. >> it happened on mineola street rural part of the county. angela jacobs is outside of the house firefighters rushed into the burning home but could not state the person. >> reporter: in the fire chief
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attempts this morning a heroic effort picked this home is off of mineola street on this durden lane you can see through the trees a fire truck with light blocking the road and we walked back in the face of the house and it is charged. we can tell you carl's began coming in before 10:00 a two- story home off of mineola street. medical units from agencies responded to fight the fire and officials tell us this morning when crews arrived they found the home engulfed in flames and we're told first responders who located the person inside word on the individual or some time but the person was unable to be revived. they tell us others in the home were able to escape with minor injuries. it is also not known if the home had working smoke detectors and fire marshal's office confirmed for us its investigation into the cause of this place is already underway. we will be talking with
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we will bring that to you coming up in the next half hour including the help the city is now asking for for this devastating -- devastated family. angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning.. one person dead following a shooting at an apartment complex in orange county. here's a lot look at the chowder bay apartment complex west of obt, deputies were there around 10:00 last night one person in custody but they have not said if he is a suspect. we will be in touch with the investigators to find out what led up to this. will lead to the orange county supervisor of elections for answers after hundreds of polk workers receive 1400 bad checks. supervisor of elections as the scrub ties back to the company who handled the election day payroll. county put money into an account to pay coworkers but says the company never asked -- access the funds that he's scrambling to fix the problem. >> each one is telling us what
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i think it is safe to say adp will only money -- will owe me money to pay for overtime for the staff, cost of checks and that. >> poll workers can pick up checks this week at the elections office or have them mailed. osceola county woman says she did not get a chance to vote for florida's primary because another group changed her party affiliation. stacy harris says she's been registered as a republican for 22 years and when she went to a polling place tuesday she was told she could not vote because her affiliation a change from republican to no party. >> i wasted my time and i wasted my vote it will not count. >> we found that having some third party affiliation such as league of women voters can turn into -- documents were your affiliation changed as long --
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document she sign petition but did not think that could take or change your party affiliation. 3 million registered voters did not vote in tuesday's presidential primary because they are not affiliated with the major party pics of people say that is not theirs is tax dollars i used to fund elections. florida is one of 28 states along with district of columbia that has a close primary. it has been a close primary state for more than a century. president obama has nominated federal appeals court judge merrick garland to fill the spot of late justice antonin -- antonin scalia. he's a expected to appear today after the photo report senate republicans are bowing to block the confirmation. >> reporter: this morning supreme court nominee merrick garland will feed -- meet face- to-face with senators by the republicans who control his fate. >> at the time when politics to polarize, this is precisely the time when we should play it straight. >> reporter: the showdown over helling -- feeling the vacancy -- the rose garden moment he emotional.
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life other than when she agreed to marry me 20 years ago. >> the native of chicago dedicated his life to the law. the top prosecutor and the oklahoma city bombing, nearly 2 decades spent serving the dc court of appeals. he is also known as a moderate, compromise in the heat of this partisan election-year. >> the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold his consent. >> reporter: top republican holding his ground saying the next president should take the next justice but mitch mcconnell took a call from garland reiterating his feelings before wishing him well. his fellow republicans falling in line. >> any chance of changing your mind? >> non-. >> we found in the six republican senators who are open to meeting with garland including senator. orrin hatch who was praised garland. >> i did not say -- he
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senate judiciary republican says he is open to meeting with garland but there are no signs any of the meetings will lead to actual confirmation hearings. former millionaire convicted of killing his wife is set to appear in court later bob ward's lawyers are working to get him on after he was granted a new trial last month. this follows claims his lawyers made mistakes in 2011. his new trial is not expected years. orange county teenager accused of trying to kill a deputy has been charged as an adult. state attorney's office to file charges including attempted murder against ortiz yesterday. investigators say he hit sergeant. marcy pierce with his car when she tried to take him into custody on burglary pic she is still recovering from a fractured foot and head injury. fans across the country mourning the death of frank sinatra junior this morning that the son of the legendary singer who also had a musical career of his own died at a
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in daytona beach for a concert at the peabody auditorium and officials say sinatra became sick and died of cardiac arrest. he was 72 years old. cocoa neighbors are fed up with the noise coming from the brevard county sheriff's office gun range near their homes. skywitness 9 flew over that has been sitting over the property east of 95 -- i-95 since 1985. homeowners have filed a lawsuit claiming the range is just too noisy for the quiet neighborhood and they want it shut down. >> we have tried everything, trying to work with him but they are a bad neighbor and no respect for other people or as a community and it's time for them to check out. >> they reached out to the sheriff's office but have not heard back at lawyers for the county say the gun range does not violate any noise ordinance. a judge has not made the decision. 5:10 am we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 to have the heat but we are slowly turning a corner.
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and storms by the time we hit the afternoon at bay hill, 79 degrees today, golf in action and that slight chance of a shower or storm is popping up this afternoon still very warm. we will have temperatures in the 80s and even with more clouds. volusia county, and to flagler, we will see a better chance of some showers and storms so if you are in the northern zones north of orlando, there is a slightly higher chance for a couple of afternoon storms, beach in daytona beach and ponce inlet. you may have developing. showers and storms possible to seminole county and again well into the 80s and most of us should avoid 90 today and we will be in the mid-80s brevard county, melbourne at about 85 and a pop-up afternoon storm. we will track a better chance of rain as we get close to the weekend. 5:10 am deneige. >> the only thing we have on the roads are some spots of construction on i-95 volusia county i-95 northbound, right at state road 44, you do have
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far from there about 8 miles i- 95, after elton boulevard southbound you also have one lane blocked and of course i will let you know if anything pops up but right now, it is some lanes blocks. polk county woman decided to keep her beloved effect -- pet 15 years, a six-foot alligator. >> he's my baby and i know what he does. >> why she may be forced to give him up. investigators say what was happening in this mansion before it burned to the ground.
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jamie holmes 5:14 am on live look over downtown orlando. mild hum a decent start the weather will warm up again. we have changes for the weekend especially with the full wet every ten minutes. orlando mom facing jail time after accused of hitting a teacher at her child school. >> calendula bradwell reached out to us after we first reported the story on tuesday. police say she refused to wait at princeton elementary to verify her id when she wanted to pick up her son from school. schools that says she did not
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that is why they asked for the idea. from the committed to only grabbing the teachers on. >> -- the teachers arm. >> how do you feel? >> i was not in the wrong. only way i say i was in the id. school until after spring break. she's been charged with battery on a school employee. listen to the rest of them interview go to and click on the video tab. marion county deputies say a teenager is now in the mental health facility after trying to take a rifle to school. deputies say the 13-year-old try to take in ar 15 rifle and ammunition to howard middle school yesterday that family members saw him and stopped him before he left the house. the school's principal sent out an automated phone call to parents to let them know what happened. two central florida priests are saying -- facing charges after that you say they did
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abused. he worked in the san pedro and mount dora. they knew another priest was a sexual predator but did not keep him from having access to children. both men facing charges in pennsylvania and have stepped down from the positions at the orlando diocese the daytona beach city leaders are considering an abandoned school to help solve the city's homeless problem. we have been telling you about the homeless issue a volusia county since january and leaders are trying to decide whether to buy first elementary school on right street. they want to transform it into housing for 300 people. school were caught -- carson county 200,000. >> finding out the median of six months to one year before any more work in orlando fashion sq., mall is done. plans to transform the 44-year- old mall and bring a seven- story hotel to the space are on hold. we spoke to the developer up development and they say plans are moving forward just waited to see what will happen to sears a macy's before they continue with the project.
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about property you have to do, there's infrastructure, access and coordination. we will have alltel on the frontage in may move around but there's alltel coming to fashion square. >> we reached out to macy's and sears to ask if they plan to move from the mall but we are waiting to hear back to orange county employees were able to get a free ride to work on fund rail yesterday that the free ride as a result of a partnership between office and community and environmental services and software, both hope to encourage workers to use the service more often. drivers will have to use another rant to get on the 408 downtown orlando starting tomorrow. the ramp from orange avenue to westbound 408 will be closed until 2019. if you use the ramp, you will be able to use a temporary ramp onto division avenue just south of anderson street and the closure is part of the ongoing i 4 ultimate project. >> a busy area. they said would we -- be
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>> in the monument perspective >> warm the showers and storms return if it changes as we get into the weekend and a cool down, jamie, insight. looking at downtown orlando north 68 downtown, 69 deltona, shorts and short sleeves again today with 60s and 70s this morning. 72 in the villages, 71 in cocoa beach. another warm start to our day. winds light coming out of the west and we was he the westerly flow keeping us in the 80s today and we have seen some patchy fog and it has not been widespread but we will watch over the next hour or two and that is why they pay me to come and. satellite radar picture you see some extra clouds that have been filtering and, a few more from the west and then later today with a heating from the day we are going to spark another couple storms. ray chance overall 20 percent so when you see tom terry later, we will see a hit or
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street and well into the 80s through the afternoon. future track, timeframe 9 am, still low clouds and fog and looking great around midday as we take it to the afternoon you see a little bit of action popping up and there is a 20 percent chance of a shower or storm developing. not too high. isolated shower tonight and tomorrow as we head into friday, not a washout but you see more clouds around and about 40 percent chance of storms for tomorrow. water temperature 60s and 70s seas 1 to 2 feet, good shape again aside from the late chance of a shower or storm. titusville, 85 leesburg, clouds are building with a 20 percent range chance and tonight an isolated shower and mostly cloudy and temperatures around 65. tomorrow, still -- still extra clouds of spotty showers and storms not a washout for friday rain chance at 40 percent for tomorrow. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. hitting saturday rain chances slightly higher, 50 percent
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storms and highs around 82 and on sunday, the system sweeps away and cooler, 75 sunday. after a morning shower, look what happens early next week, a lot of sun into next week and definitely on the cooler side. beautiful monday. daytime highs will be running near 72 and overnight lows early next week will be down in the 40s and 50s. 520 looking at construction with deneige. >> that's all we're dealing with four 17 southbound, approaching 408 you have one lane in the area blocked. they should be clearing it out soon but heads up, and the turnpike southbound before osceola pkwy., saint george is one lane blocked off right now. checking in on other spots near the turnpike, i 4 at the turnpike, looking good both eastbound and westbound along i 4 and northbound and southbound across the turnpike. ucf is ready to build a new campus in downtown orlando. what people who live nearby
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force them out of their own neighborhood. a fatal house fire in lake county is under investigation this morning coming of what firefighters discovered when they first arrived on the scene. there needs to be police patrol, maybe, i don't know. make an example out of someone. >> apparent says -- and a parent says cars drive pastor
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investigators are trying to figure out exactly what sparked the massive fire that destroyed a cocoa beach home and it could take them several more weeks. this happened tuesday night at the pumpkin center fire crews said the flames rose as high as 75 feet. there is not much left of the 10,000 ft.2 mansion. it was under renovation at the time of the fire and the fire caused some $5 million in damages. neighbors say imagine brought many memories over the years. >> i have lived in cocoa beach 30 years and have been hanging on this beach for 25, 27 years. it's just been a part of my life. >> luckily firefighters say no one was inside the home at the time. in orange county, another parent is fed up with drivers who speed past stop school
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majority she caught on camera. for the past three months, the mother has been reporting -- recording videos of her daughters bus stop it almost every day, cars pass up the stop line and flashing red light on the bus that she contacted us after we showed video from another bus stop of drivers doing the same thing. >> hey, i have been single since january. like, we have a real problem here. you do not know what kids will run out in front of the bus or get dropped off on the other side because the parent was running late and had to run across. you do not know. >> the sheriff's department says they do regular patrols around bus stops but they believe it is a countywide problem and more awareness will help. the apopka police department who revealed the name of the newest a nine agent today in apopka middle school. >> students for apopka middle and wolf lake middle school were asked to help pick the name last month, dozens of students sent in entries with suggestions like sawyer, four, student with a winning name he
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will get a pizza party to share with other classmates. >> my money is on tour -- that name. >> orlando international busiest airport in the country. >> a huge new product that will help more people come to central florida. angela jacobs, mineola, a deadly house fire devastates the family coming up the help the city is now asking from neighbors. tracking a warm day the where storms could pop up and a change in temperatures by the
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good morning 5:30 am. if you look through the trees you can see some flashing lights. this is alive look at mineola, lake county on scene of a fatal house fire. firefighters have been out there overnight and angela jacobs and we will have an
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>> reporter: -- >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads getting over to certified meteorologist brian shields and we have the heat and we will see a bit of change. >> a flight chance of a shower on st. patrick's day. happy st. patrick's day to you. we will get you out, it is warm, but with your shorts and short sleeves, 60s and 70s rock, 68 and kissimmee over toward st cloud. 68 in orlando and audubon park, 72 through the villages lady another warm start. visibility has improved. it's a little bit thicker by the airport but patchy fog and we have seen some scattered clouds moving by and we will see more in the way of clouds. still a warm day, rain chances limited but it is there so backseat. you see have a chance of rain is not too high so clouds increase, 79 by noon and then this afternoon, about a 20 popping up.


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