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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> reporter: -- >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads getting over to certified meteorologist brian shields and we have the heat and we will see a bit of change. >> a flight chance of a shower on st. patrick's day. happy st. patrick's day to you. we will get you out, it is warm, but with your shorts and short sleeves, 60s and 70s rock, 68 and kissimmee over toward st cloud. 68 in orlando and audubon park, 72 through the villages lady another warm start. visibility has improved. it's a little bit thicker by the airport but patchy fog and we have seen some scattered clouds moving by and we will see more in the way of clouds. still a warm day, rain chances limited but it is there so backseat. you see have a chance of rain is not too high so clouds increase, 79 by noon and then this afternoon, about a 20 popping up.
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rumble of thunder possible, too, temperature well into the 80s. county by county with temperatures and we will get into the weekend and we will see a front work in and a changing temperatures and the change in the rain pattern as well. we need to get rain in here and we will go over that in this half hour. 5:31 am looking at i 4, i believe colonial near downtown here is deneige. >> coming into downtown orlando, looking good in both directions and really the same story all across i 4. and that is part of your morning commute this thursday morning you are looking good at this point. we have construction still a volusia county, i-95 northbound at state road four you are looking good at this point. we have construction still a at state road 44. you have one lane blocked off good at this point. we have construction still a volusia county, i-95 northbound at state road 44. you have one lane blocked off and about 7-8 miles away you have another spot, i-95 southbound just after the boulevard not causing issues just given time -- q money have cones. breaking news in lake county this morning, firefighters said they could not save a person trapped inside a burning house.
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mineola street in a rural part of the county. eyewitness news this morning the house. the city has already asked for help for the family. >> reporter: the city manager tells us this morning a donation drop-off is already being planned for this family battle -- not only lost a family member and devastated by that but now is homeless. we walked back to the area. the road is blocked off at the front of the home is completely charred. the family has lost the home. 9:00 when the fire departments from agencies and medical units arrived to help fight the fire and responded to the 911 calls when crews arrived they found the home engulfed in flames and we're told first responders found the person inside and they worked on the individual or some time but were not able to revive the person and they died on scene. we do not know if the home had working smoke detectors as the fire marshall's office
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homeowners to check their detectors and make sure they are indeed working. we will continue to talk with officials this morning as more updates come out and bring those to you and that includes the identity of the victim that has not yet been released. in mineola, angela jacobs eyewitness news this morning. osceola county inmate who broke out of the county jail in 2010 is set to get a new a judge decided to delay sentencing for michael rigby being held on attempted first- degree murder charge when he does his way out under a toilet and was on the run for three months before being caught in new jersey. originally sentenced to 22 years in prison but a judge ruled it was not a fair punishment because he had only
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the family of a young man who was murdered to prevent him from testifying and a home invasion case has the latest appeal for one of his convicted killers has been denied. letters were posted online yesterday showing the court's decision against gottfried. prosecutors say he, okafor and wallace shot readable in 2012 including alexander bar. he died. a volusia county woman has been reunited with her dog who ran away after carjacking in a fiery crash. happy to say it darted when a carjacked her at a stoplight near deland while her golden retriever was in the backseat. not long after 18-year-old andre crash the truck and it went up and saying -- claims that he was pulled from the truck, can be run with it last night the dog was found safe with only an injured leg. investigators in orange county say a woman accused of driving the wrong way on state road 50 had methamphetamine, marijuana and a cat in the carpet we read through a police report stating when they asked her why she was going the wrong way, she told them she was coming from canada and try to explain how traffic works
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she was arrested on multiple charges including possession of methamphetamine but not bonded out. up to governor. scott to decide the state will help families we bury loved ones whose remains are found at a reform school and jackson county. researchers found 51 bodies in 2013 at the dozier school for boys and marriott hotel they believe the boys were abused and buried there for decades. tuesday, at marietta. asking for money to a very bodies. 9 investigates digging into fraud allegations in one of the largest foster care agencies. based in winter park, it is accused overbilling for medicare and medicaid payments. a spokesperson admits to making more than $80,000 in billing errors and they say the problem billing and records system. plans for a schoolmate to county has been shut down. renaissance charter school
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near west road and found two w. would have gone up near west road and found 2 west blvd. in accord with commissioners voted against it on tuesday. opponents said they brought too much traffic to the area. people living and up county neighborhood will express opinions about who moves in next door. the catholic diocese of orlando sold 200 of 500 acres they owned. in 2014, the county scrapped plans for the diocese to build a senior community center on the property. a new developer plans to create a high-end residential community taking up less space than the previous plan and developers are planning to hold a meeting in the next month with representative that -- with residence. cripple creek residents hoping to -- a woman young hit by car along the road while walking to work on monday. 30 people have been hurt in accidents as last year. osceola county spokesperson tells us they plan to add bike lanes and sidewalks.
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-- in 2019 and 2020. >> you people teetering on the road between road and bridges and road and words and the road and the guardrails and there is no way for them to walk or ride bikes and it's really dangerous. >> county leaders also tell us they would be open to a joint project with the city of st. cloud even sooner than 2019. house committee in dc is debating a bill sparked by a viral video of a veteran stuck on the phone trying to make an appointment with the va. we first showed you the video last month that has been seen more than 1 million times. the faster care for veterans act would authorize va to develop a mobile app for veterans to make appointments that the bill does have bipartisan support and veteran who sponsored the bill says he is optimistic it will get voted in. central florida leaders are looking for ways to help our local veterans. the concern veterans for america will hold a town hall and winter park. plenty to discuss long waitlist at the va and delayed access to care and the meeting starts at
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$2 billion south terminal compex and oia has been given the green light. this is a rendering of what the new conference will look like. the greater orlando aviation authority signed over the project yesterday. they say they were encouraged by the rise in the number of passengers coming to the airport. construction on the first phase could start as early as next year. lake county fire department is hoping they will be able to get more firefighters to respond to your emergencies faster. earlier this week county commissioners voted to allow the public safety director to apply for a $1 million grant. it will cover the salaries of 15 new firefighters for two years. right now most of the 24 fire stations in the county only have two firefighters per shift. superheroes took a break from fighting crimes to do good in orlando. >> i love the story. >> the hulk, captain america and ironman stopping by alma palmer hospital for children. they hung around outside to wash windows and even did tricks.
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they say there is no way to put into words the feeling they got from seeing the kids faces light up. >> i love it. the experience and feeling you get from doing it, to see their smiling faces, they come to the window anyway so it helps to see them and it's really cool. >> captain america in the background. >> window washers tell us they took their time so that the kids could get a good look. and get their cell phones and take pictures. >> awesome. >> those are the real heroes. >> no doubt.. >> that was deep, jamie. >> that was good. >> meaningful. storms possible and another warm day flagler county, 84, palm coast and the hammock, 83 tour flagler beach it is warm. clouds and a pop-up storm toward independence, winter
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could see water and some of her 80s and the southern tier as we get into osceola county, st. cloud narc oossee boggy creek, 80 degrees for today. rain chance, 20 percent chance that tomorrow winter park sidewalk art festival kicks off all day. it will be great for that rain chances around but not hide it out, 40 percent chance for tomorrow. check out for the information on what is going on and winter park this weekend. plenty of events 540 coming up i will track a better chance of rain in the forecast and right now let's get to the nation -- deneige. >> if you are leaving you are looking good. will have spot of construction so starting off right now turnpike southbound before osceola parkway you have one lane blocked off by construction normally they clear out by 6:00 so we don't have much longer. stable for 17 southbound, approaching 408 one lane is blocked and in volusia county, i-95, as our 44.
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addition as the world. the last piece of a roller coaster that will become the tallest longest and fastest in orlando. not something kayakers expected to see an wekiva state park. symbols of hate painted on trees. it will be difficult to clean up. people who live in west orange county do not want a large mosque built in backyards. zoning issues they make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting,
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breaking news out of lake county investigators tried to figure out what caused the house fire jacob brissett mineola. angela jacobs live outside the house and the house is fully involved when firefighters got there. >> reporter: that was just after 9 am last -- 9:00 last night when they a lot to it two alarm fire off mineola street. fire and medical units from 4 different area agencies helping to fight the fire. crews rushed in and found one person inside and they brought the present out and worked on them for some time in an effort, fire chief this morning calls a look but they were unable to revive the person and other people in the home were able to escape and we're told this morning the investigation
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office continues. >> the mother accused of abandoning her newborn after giving birth is set to appear in court. we're the following the search for baby willow since she disappeared last month. her mother susan richardson is in the orange county jail on child neglect charges. investigators say she claims she left the baby outside an apartment because she did not want the child and baby willow still has not been found. we will have accrued today and let you know what happens at eyewitness news at noon. overnight state troopers or try to figure out what led to a crash that sent to prison to the hospital and the crash happened on john young parkway and your eastbound entrance to the 408. you can see the damage to the front of the car, the white car in the center. troopers say two vehicles were involved and what is a was taken to the ormc and they do not -- did not say what the drivers injuries were or the condition. tensions flared at a meeting to discuss plans to discuss to build a mosque near a residential community and whenever. >> a packed house at the sunset park elementary school last night and the owner of the
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road is donating it so they can center. property is zoned residential and they voice concerns about traffic, noise and the environmental impact. >> a lot of them were just concerned with zoning but there was another angle of muslims and what is a mosque and what do you do and a mosque and we are not welcome as , christians which is the opposite. >> the developer has not submitted an application to the county just yet. seminole county officials are try to find vandals spray- painted hateful symbols on nearly 1 dozen trees and a popular state park. kayakers tell us they saw kkk and swastika symbols on the trees. rangers tell us they have notified the fwc who's also investigating and we spoke to visitors of the park who says symbols ruin the experience. it is the facing a beautiful piece of river and has no
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message it makes it more disgusting as officials tell us they are trying to figure out how they can review -- remove markings without damaging trees. dozens and border patrol agents at oia suspected busted drug summer -- mother. officers have novices and that's a the 38-year-old can you fight the mexico city. they say the street value of the drugs is $170,000 in customs officials say on a typical day they seized more than 9400 pounds of drugs. >> automatic emergency braking could soon be standard equipment on cars for federal safety officials and major automakers are expected to make an announcement today automatic emergency braking uses cameras, radar and other sensors to look for objects in the way and slow or stop a vehicle of the driver does not react that it is already available in many cars as an option and expected to be standard by 2022. nasa astronaut jeff williams and two cosmonauts are set to blast off to the international space station to
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authorities rather from kazakhstan. tuesday and orbital atk is set to launch cigna space freighter from cape canaveral air force station carrying a few new science experiments, spacewalk here and a lot of other supplies -- supplies. once done, there's unusual mission scientist will set it on fire to see how flames spread in weightlessness >> that will be interesting. >> who was next to push the button? >> feeling the fire and heat. >> he is on fire this morning. >> it's been a chore. downtown orlando, looking up to the north, checking in at 68, it is warm, winds out of the west at 51 patches said it temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 70 degrees now in clermont and
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-- scattered clouds and we will later in the day a better chance of rain and storms and through saturday night wrapping up early sunday and leaving and we will see some cooler weather.
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seas 1 to 2 feet water temperatures running in the 60s and 70s. low tide time by midmorning. temperatures in the 80s today not as warm as yesterday but still 80s around and 86 and the land and 88 sanford and lake mary heathrow winter garden apopka, zellwood mount dora in the mid-80s. rain chance at about 20 percent for today. and tonight, isolated chance of a shower mostly cloudy temperatures in the mid-60s and tomorrow we will see generally a mix of sun and clouds and some spotty showers and ranges tomorrow at 40 percent. five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. not a washout the scattered showers and storms are possible friday into saturday especially later in the day saturday wrapping up early sunday and then we get cooler weather, 75 on monday. look at early next week. another cool down on the way and we have to enjoy it while we have it 72 degrees monday sunny conditions 550, chapter time with deneige.
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morning pop-up intellect, i 4 westbound, before state road 44, does not to be -- seem to be causing issues. this is westbound traffic and i have not noticed slowdowns. they are on scene and looks they probably got it to the shoulder. give them extra room if you pass the crash. orange county election workers got a paycheck on primary day coming up why hundreds of the checks bounced when workers try to get paid. he is like my kid, one of my kids. ramble the alligator rides a motorcycle and has his own chair in a house.
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5:54 am. people living west of i 4 worried there will be forced out of their home because of governor. rick scott announced he would not veto the final funding for ucf downtown campus. a new soccer stadium and entertainment complex and school are in the works nearby. residents worry they will have more no choice but to move out of the area. >> there's no place, where will everyone go. >> ucf says the new campus will not displace any residents pick the school is working with community leaders to address neighbors concerns.
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roller coaster is one step closer to opening day. the final piece has been installed and his look from skywitness 9 as the two of them make a roller coaster yesterday. officials put up an american flag is the final piece of the track was put in place. when it opens in the summer it will be the longest, fastest, tallest coaster in orlando. did the world officials offered another option to tired, park is at the end of the day. visitors may be able to pay more for a closer parking spot at the disney world theme parks. officials are only testing it out now. for an action $15 add to the current fee of $20 you will be able to target designated areas of the lot. preferred parking will not be available in animal kingdom or hollywood studios. eyewitness news family joined them make a foundation to make more dreams come true for children with life-threatening conditions. we went on a walk for we should last night at lake eola, orlando. the money raised at the walk will go directly to make a to grant wishes for children in need. two months ahead of the
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espn want what sports to tour the menu contains include various athletic events for active and veteran military members from all around the world to compete in. we caught up with games ceo saying orlando is the perfect venue for the event they begin on may 8. today's the first day of the arnold palmer invitations at the top eight golfers prepare for the first round of the tournament. two-time defending champion that every back on the field this year along with adam scott, up against when mcelroy, second-ranked player in the world in the tournament and sunday. here's another bizarre florida story for you. a liquid woman may need to give up her pet gator. >> she says she has had him for a decade. rambo, 15 year i don't gator. rescued from someone who kept it illegally in a closet. she has the paper to own the reptile but once he grows longer than 60 sheep must have
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we will try to get the video but will he can ride in a tv. hang -- he hangs out on his own la-z-boy. you can see him plenty of people sharing stories on social media go to our facebook page. people who live near a gun range wanted to shut down. >> issues neighbors have with a gun range which has nothing to do with safety.. >> reporter: a deadly house fire leaves a family grieving and homeless. what investigators know now about the cause. tracking a storm system
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work breaking news eyewitness news is morning investigators are trying to find out what caused the fatal fire at a home in mineola. what firefighters did to try to rescue the person trapped inside. >> my time is valuable. i worked hard yesterday. hundreds of election workers will line up again today to get the money they are owed. the mistake that cost checks to
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breaking news out of sea world. big developments. the company says starting today, they will and all orca bree ding. >> we are getting the details into the newsroom. orcas currently in sea world care will be the last generation at sea world. sea world says guests will be able to see the last generation of orcas at a new educational encounter and viewing areas of the park. they say they will introduce more natural worker encounters instead of the detachable shows that we have seen over the years and they are coming to orlando 2090. sea world is partnering with the humane society to protect the oceans and animals that live in it and sea world has always done a lot of that work and they will continue to do that but major changes coming to the theme park and we will stay on top of the story and keep you updated on air and online. 6 am checking the forecast. >> looking on the warm side


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