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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the clock is ticking at sea world without shambled. >> behind the scenes orcas have been involved in a breeding and artificial insemination program for years. >> whether a movie or customers, there is no doubt the mindset of society has changed. it. >> reporter: ceo tells abc threats of legislation in california in the generation of millennials would rather see animals left in the wild sealed the deal. on the phone he tells me artificial insemination and natural breeding will both be off-limits. >> we have to stop both practices and we know how to control breeding we do it today. >> reporter: part of the strategy involves putting wheels on both control and monitoring interactions and it will go on for years as they continue caring for all orcas in captivity with number 30, the last about to be born. >> no whale were under human
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>> after joining him for an interview humane society says his 2 million members setting a message committing $15 million to animal rescue and rehabilitation. >> a real history with the issue and excited about sea world redoubling the commitment to rescue in rehabilitation.. >> on the no matter how long the whale survive at the park, changes are on the way in a few years and i've been asking park leaders what we can expect and i will let you know about the timeline for this park on eyewitness news at 5 mac. live in orange county field sutton channel 9 eyewitness news we contacted sea world officials to get an update on "tolikum" selfie we told you the order was sent from an infection in today sea world tells us "tilikum" is a guarded condition and they say he's been eating well and showing improvements in blood work.
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decision will help or hurt the theme park? join the conversation now at facebook .com/ wftv. breaking news out of brevard county where another case of zika has been reported. there are 66 cases of zika in florida, four are pregnant women. another three cases were reported in alachua county. nearly all patients were infected out of the country in florida and one of the cases and polk county was sexually transmitted. health officials do not believe the virus is affecting the local mosquito population. the millionaire with the overturn murder conviction staying behind bars. bond was denied. attorneys say they will appeal. he was found guilty of shooting and killing his wife back in 2009 and there are worth mentioned but just last month it a judge granted a new trial on the grounds of ineffective counsel.
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teenagers charged as an adult for allegedly trying to kill a deputy will face charges to market or to schedule for a session this morning yesterday we told you the state attorney charged him as an adult for attempted murder the investigators say he hit sergeant. marcy pierce with amar -- car last month when she got to taken on burglary charges. she is recovering from a fractured foot and head injury. a lake county teenager died in a tragic house fire. >> this afternoon that have questions about exactly what happened inside the home before the flames broke out. and why he was not able to escape with investigators say the fire started about 9:00 last night inside the 19th century house near e. mineola st. roy ramos has spent the day. out there, though boy was alone when the fire broke out. >> reporter: i just spoke with the fire chief tells me 17-year- old victim was feet from the front door you are looking at right now. firefighters had to knock the
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while investigators have yet to determine the cause of the fire, the tuesday that it started in the rear of the home. >> it was up, it raised up. >> reporter: cell phone give you -- given to eyewitness news show the flames ripping through a century old home just after 9:00. firefighters pulled a young man from the house but despite attempts to revive him he lost his life. >> to see that happen. >> reporter: clyde was one of the residents that watched as mineola fire with the help of 4 other agencies battled the blaze engulfing the home surroundings by threat -- surrounded by brush ted cruz putting out hotspots while the state fire marshal investigated the cause. >>. that is where the fire originated from the back. >> fire started on the first floor of the two-story home
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room wall the fire chief tells me the 17-year-old victim was found within feet of the front door where firefighters had to force entry to pull him out. >> i feel sorry because i know the parents are going through because i went to the same thing. >> reporter: the 17-year-old victim was a lake minneola high school student and we got a chance to speak to fellow classmates and i'm going through the interviews and have them for you at 5:00. roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. a shooting in orlando ended in a crash and with police capturing the wrong guy. a man was shot near dear rock drive victim giving details about the shooter and the officers as they found a driver matching the description and followed him however the driver ended up crashing and one police captured him, they realized he was the wrong guy. a reporter is gathering details about the mishap and we will have an update in less than 30 minutes. it's been hot today but summerlike temperatures are letting out because rain is moving in. checking in with chief
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terry tracking it all from severe weather center 9, daytona is getting hit. >> we had so many people on the beach we had problems earlier today and now mother the moment. rain is showing up now in fact it is just about everybody off the beach with rain and lightning in the distance zooming in mainly in northern zones offshore daytona beach had shelf cloud earlier, as far south as new smyrna beach with scattered rain mainly in the northern sections of lake in volusia county west of 17. including heavier downpours just north along 75 including gainesville, some strong storms lining up south of palm coast could get over 1 inch of rain approaching flagler beach in the next 15 minutes. more big changes ahead for the weekend. when you talk about the summerlike temperatures, spring breakers loved it. volusia county beaches packed all they had commented rain is rolling in and spring breakers
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alive look in daytona beach beach patrol says the crowds have grown so much this week especially in the morning and early afternoon they are asking the sheriff's office for help. >> only this week while patrolling the beach officers noticed right away this is a much larger crowd than years past so they did something about it nearly doubling the number of officers on the beach. >> beach safety officers have confronted thousands of teens for a little alcohol on volusia county beaches. >> most of them are being compliant so they had alcohol we give them the opportunity to pour it out and if they are compliant move -- we move on. if they do not want to follow rules, we take it to the next level. >> reporter: more than 120 times there was taken to the next level. handcuffs, detention and arrested yesterday an officer shoulder was injured. >> we had an officer hurt and i want to have more presence
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are enforcing rules your. >> reporter: tuesday, a college student arrested when he jumped grabbing her. the vast majority of law with only talk. >> yes. >> reporter: they are going to officers they need. in volusia county, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news. more than 130 spring breakers have been arrested for alcohol violations along volusia county beaches but the county is forcing a zero- the beach. during our ride along we saw spring breakers bring order to dump out there and they did the same today, law enforcement says they want everyone to have a great time and get home safely. in volusia county, we have an update on the homeless problem, daytona beach made it easier for local groups to city parks. in 2014, the city was sued for past 12 years. a couple said the constitutional rights were
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out of the park for feeding the homeless. that lawsuit was settled yesterday four $35,000 and now groups can feed the homeless at parts once a week for three hours. you recall a makeshift homeless grant temporary shutdown an office in daytona beach math -- last month leaders are working for plans for new shelters. advocates a one of the options daytona beach city leaders had to help fix chronic homelessness is ineffective. volusia county says harbor shelter model will have 250 beds and will temporarily provide shelter for the homeless but last night at a city commission meeting a letter from the national coalition for the homeless was red saying there needs to be a long-term shelter and programs created to help homeless. we are following major national news as washington dc gets ready to face off regarding a new supreme court nominee. >> judge merrick garland is meeting with top grammar -- democrats tried to plead the case and republicans are doing the new president and not president obama should be the
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white house chief of staff says they should not refuse any president formal nomination. >> he should be afforded that same constitutional set of responsibilities. >>we are told judge merrick garland will meet with senator. -- senate republicans in two weeks. parents and students on edge after learning a teenager trying to bring in ar 15 and ammunition to school in marion county. >> i could not imagine the possibility. >> who spotted the teenager and stopped him before things went awry. a firebreather sends students and fat -- staff running for their lives in of florida high school. ahead the accident that could have burned down the entire school. a rant -- way up to get out to 408 is closing tonight and will stay for at least three years. how you can get where you are going next. we talked about the change
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a ramp a lot take to get onto 408 is closing. orange avenue red tube westbound 408 will be shut down for three years. starting tonight. denise broom looked into the options you will have now to get onto the east-west expressway. >> reporter: that is bound to be confusion soon like this guy who tried to take the ramp from division avenue to 408 today even though it has not opened yet. tomorrow they could be more headaches. >> the rent 2408 westbound from orange avenue across from the doctor phillips ctr. is closing as of 9:00 tonight and will stay closed for three years. it's part of the i 4 ultimate construction, project leaders have told me the downtown area and the interchange with 408
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intense work. we told you on monday when fdot announced it would be closing the ramp took ted cruz more room to work on the new interchange. it will replace the current one which has been problematic for years. crews of the building the temporary ramp to 408 westbound on division avenue to get people direct access. we were rolling today when a driver tried to use it even though it does not opened until the morning. >> this is how you can get to the rent from downtown orlando orange avenue check the south and take anderson street and anderson street can take you on to division and get to the ramp. another alternate would be to take south street to division and then yet to the new ramp. you can take the indirect route to 408 by getting onto i 4 downtown and loop around the interchange to head west. they could be a gap tonight into tomorrow morning when both the orange avenue ramp and the new ramp at the vision will be closed. leaders called the change temporary it will be lasting
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orange avenue opens. deneige broom channel 9 eyewitness news. >> remember we have you covered during the six-year long i 4 ultimate project we posted the doors as well as upcoming projects at . click on the traffic to have and then i 4 ultimate project. we have shown you many times you see of students changing the lives of children with missing limbs. >> they had surprised the cheerleader with a new arm 10- year-old juliana langton suffers from a congenital birth defects forcing doctors to a- ticket part of the left arm the students with limitless solutions made her a 3-d bionic arm at no cost to her family. yesterday the cheerleading team helped deliver the arm. rock paper scissors. we've seen amazing things the prosthetic have done for 15 children. the first recipient seven-year-
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arm and the orlando city soccer club help you see of students present six-year-old from brazil with a new arm and we showed you in january when nine- year-old alvin got an arm with a star wars theme. i don't know where to begin. i have met them and watch them make the arms is amazing and you are -- they have released schematics for free. >> is not about ownership is about helping. >> anybody can copy them. >> we need more. folks on the beach it was jammed earlier today, steve barrett try to get real estate and we had rain moving in and folks trickling out, daytona beach in between downpours, orlando could get rain to fall in the next hour we will update that through 6:30 tonight on social media 24/7 and our app you can download them for free
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86 right now is a high so far today in orlando we told you it would be warm and gradually with cool things down and a big cool down behind the front on sunday and right now the weather is active here to the north where the best rain coverage will be tonight we track the rain that just is now moving offshore daytona beach and that is on its way south of port orange but we have a hefty line of rain and thunderstorms here along west flagler beach, the new lightning strikes are popping up between palm coast and beverly beach slowly pushing toward the east southeast toward the flagler beach area and more scattered rain all the way to the north of ocala, still getting sadder -- scattered rainfall and a good blob of thunderstorms south of the land over deltona. the atmosphere is relatively dry from a weeks worth of no rainbow we had cooled air in the upper atmosphere anything that develops will likely generate thunder. something we will track with a lot of teenagers and college folks and yourself out there trying to enjoy the sun.
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developing and pushing for the east coast but also working farther south. as we head to the evening we will see some widely scattered rain and heavy rain totals will be to the north along this stall the frontal boundary so for the next three days northern parts of the state will be the best chance for rain and tomorrow mostly dry during the day. tomorrow night, friday night, early saturday, the rain moves in the fight to the north and by the weekend saturday does not look by -- bad but saturday afternoon evening and sunday morning it is going to be 18 our time period from saturday afternoon to sunday morning and that's what we see another round of rain as a cold front passes in. look at the difference rainfall makes. only 66 palm coast, 86 orlando, showers around 8:00 tonight and then clearing out and patchy fog in the morning and ray more likely to the north tomorrow but generally a pretty good day on friday. future track keeping us quiet.
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of energy this is friday night. i said into the evening hours and that is when the better chance of rain will be this is early saturday mornings. if you head out to the winter park sidewalk art fest will take your umbrella with you now to watch out for the first part of saturday but if you are going to be heading toward the coast, watch out for lightning and take our free weather app with you. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. : widely scattered late day shower or storm and saturday into saturday night that is the best chance for rain over the weekend and we start out with showers and look at the 70s and 40s, vanessa, probably for the last time until later this fall. two orange county students duking it out at the same school where we have been reporting problems for weeks. coming up, we asked administrators what is being done to stop the violence. citrus greening has central florida citrus growers scrambling for alternatives. the unexpected drop you can be tasting in the future instead of orange juice.
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working with automakers toward preventing a third of all future car crashes.
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green beer is big for st. patrick's day but it could be the future for florida citrus industry. last month we told you about some growers turning to all is because citrus greening continues to devastate the jamie holmes reports other growers are turning to another unlikely crop in florida, hops. >> reporter: on the stretch of road known as the green mile, u. s. research ctr., apopka there is a plant grown they should not be here. >> most people cannot believe it is being done and the first thing people generally take and with them in small them and take them and want to get a sensory evaluation. >> reporter: is talking about hops. the kind that go in there. a plant that typically grows and far northern states like washington but for the last four years researchers have been successfully growing it here in producing a hop with a distinctly mild flavor. >> where having a plant that gets influence in terms of aroma and flavor from the soil,
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it is a unique crop and flavor and could -- aroma >> next phase of the operation hops plant going 20 feet up a telephone pole like that putting off 2.5 pounds of hops citrus growers in particular are very interested in the possibilities of this being a cash crop. because of citrus greening, growers are becoming desperate to find alternate crops. hops could become a booming business. craft beer business of florida has gone from growing 100,000 barrels per day to more than 1 million barrels in just two years. most of those growers -- brewers pay top dollar washington state grown the most. this could mean florida brewers use florida hops for a distinctly florida beer. >> it drives passion and interest to revive the product that would make the product unique to florida and be able to showcased to the nation internationally a unique problem that florida's favor and aromas. >> reporter: jamie holmes eyewitness news. a researcher at uf will plant has been two years
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care and grow hops plants for professionals and brewers. the sky's the limit when it comes to how successful the plan can be for our dion -- economy. for a map of microbreweries go to and click on the web links button on the home page. folks have oranges and beer. i wonder if it has orangey flavor and you won't have to. >> still had a shooting.orlando police tracking down the wrong guy. what was decided to arrest him even though he was not involved in the shooting. it was mostly a pep rally to get florida high school students excited. the fire performance that instead sense to have the students to the hospital. investigators say family stopped a 13-year-old form bringing a rifle and ammunition to a school. >> without a doubt for a young person to have a weapon on campus whether handgun, rifle
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marion county investigators say and alert parent stopper could've been a tragedy at this middle school. >> a young man trying to take a weapon to school it will never be a good thing. >> how they say a ,15 family for the plan to bring in ar 15 and ammunition to campus. >> we learned the teenager is now in a mental health facility. >> the beauty still channel 9s myrt price he tried to bring the weather to howard middle school yesterday but his father and grandfather noticed before he left home. they noticed the teenager was apparently annoyed with classmates. >> reporter: yes, school officials say he was not believed they say he was annoyed by some of his classmates here behind me. today, police were on extra police were on campus and
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still frightening. >> would've been a disaster. >> reporter: howard middle school parents tell us yesterday it was scary after school officials left a note -- let them know a 13-year-old student was trying to sneak in ar 15 similar to this one out of his home and school officials they plan to take it and the ammo to school. fortunately family members to discovered the kid hiding a gun away. >> nowadays you do not know what kids are going to do and i think it starts with bullying. >> west marion county school officials is a 13-year-old student was being bullied. >> he was annoyed upset with a number of students on campus but it was not necessarily a bullying issue. he was just annoyed at them and i guess he felt like he was going to do something to take care of that annoyance. >> reporter: school officials will not tell us how many students were in the group but they told us the kids and parents met with police and were told about the incident and offered counseling.
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>> i know some of the kids at the school placed in danger. >> reporter: because they say the student was never able to get to campus with a gun. investigators at the students parents took the gun away they took him to a hospital to have a mental evaluation. >> i am very grateful because that is what i am saying, have they not known this would have been a different situation. >> reporter: so far no one is facing any charges and officials say the gun belongs to the family of the kid and right now officials say the gun is still in their custody and they were allowed to keep it. in marion county, myrt price channel 9 eyewitness news. it has been weeks without rain until today. >> at the top of the hour we told you i showed you spring breakers in volusia flagler counties have had to duck for cover dodging thunderstorms. chief certified meteorologist tom terry is tracking it all from severe weather center 9 and what a difference a couple hours makes. >> let me show you this we had a nice shelf cloud, scary looking cloud due to gusty
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but right now the rain is about to move back in over daytona beach. let me show you early warning doppler 9 hd megawatt live radar heavy downpours oversensitive and delighted heavy showers also bite along the coast near daytona beach getting pretty good rain moving back toward the coast and good downpours along lake helen, enterprise, near 44 if you travel up i 4 we have not seen rain in the evening commute in a while. the heaviest thunderstorms still rolling through palm coast over 2 inches of rain expected as the storms continue to move in over the same real estate and as you get the picture, it is mainly to the north. vanessa, we will get a chance for rain farther south over the next three days coming up. south florida pep rally in a high school ended with this, a ball of fire one a performance meant to get -- get kids excited says some to the hospital. take a look at the cell phone video, 20 people hurt in the
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pep rally and develop -- delray. they hired a firebreather to blow fire and get students excited for the stats -- test fsa, the performance was engulfed in flames. students thought it was part of the routine at first. >> he put on protection from it and was supposed to be a great laugh and everybody was running and try to put out the fire. we realized an actual situation happened. >> the powder from the extinguisher caused students to suffer from inhalation problems and the performer suffered burns and is in serious condition. classes resume for the day. that is frightening. a morning shooting in orlando sent police after the wrong guy. they spotted the vehicle matching the description of the car so they decided to follow them but they say the driver ended up crashing at the entrance of the 408 a long north kirkman road.
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is -- chris biele and ran. julie salomone has been gathering details. even though the guy was not involved in the shooting police arrested him. >> reporter: they arrested him, greg, because he did not stop for officers when they asked and this is where he crashed the car that you can see the tire marks here and instead of stopping, he takes off toward the bushes and hops offense and does a lap around the medical building before hiding under a car. orlando police say 24-year-old mechanic ditched a mercedes after crashing it blowing out the tires and unmarked police truck was following him and once he crashed, an officer yelled, police, stop, but he took off. the crash happened on the 408 on-ramp next to kirkman road. police said he hops offense, ran for a bit and then they found him hiding under a car. at the time police believe he was a suspect in an earlier shooting but it turns out he was not involved.
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email the car -- he was driving -- the car he drove with the same model vehicle as the students a shooting suspect that he was in the same area at the same time police were searching for the suspect. orlando police do not know why he ran from them but arrested him for resisting arrest. he does have a criminal history. police tell me that have identified the shooting suspect that they have not caught him yet that the shooting happened earlier today on cornelia court and the victim involved is expected to be okay. live in orlando, julie salomone, channel 9 eyewitness news . volusia county deputies also be outfitted with body cameras starting next month. county commissioners voted unanimously to spend $2.5 million on 225 body cameras used for crimes in progress, arrest, traffic stops, crashes, and foot and vehicle pursuits. the city of port orange unanimously approved body cameras earlier this week daytona beach officers use them
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we have a look at what a statue honoring a mayor is in florida. john land surveying for 60 years and mayor before passing away in 2014 at age 94. the city in apopka community trust will pay for two statues in front of city hall that city hall and of park bench. they told the statues cost $120,000. it was iconic when you thought of a pocket you thought of me a line. >> a long time to leave the city. this afternoon testimony in a water scandal that shocked the country. >> governor of michigan tells congress he had no idea what's water was heavily tainted with light numbers of the panel were not buying the story. >> you will were not in a medically induced coma for one year. and i have had enough of your false contrition and your phony apologies. >> they went at it.
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dangerously high levels of lead after the city switch to river water in 2014 in an effort to save money. at whose expense? governor. snyder says it's not going to point fingers or blame for that water crisis -- crisis pittsburgh this was a failure of all levels, local, state and federal officials, they failed the families of flight. >> members of congress are calling for snyder's resignation. orlando international airport among 20 u. s. airports that have seen more drones getting dangerously close to airplanes. lawmakers in washington say there is a potential solution to the issue called drone interception technology. justin craig jaws of life from washington now. there is a bill designed to use the technology to stop the dangers encounter. >> reporter: florida senator. bill nelson wrote the bill the idea is to use the technology , use new technology to be able
4:39 pm
airspace around airports. >> ( indiscernible ). >> reporter: close call between passenger jet and drone but more than 1000 similar incidents faa recorded last year and a bill from florida senator. bill nelson passed the senate commerce committee this week will create a pilot program to test new technologies to intercept or shut down unmanned drones flying dangerously close to airports. >> the bottom line is we need to do everything that we can to protect the flying public. >> among the idea is the faa is looking at technology that spots not just drones in the air but also the location of the person piloting it on the ground that we told you before about close calls in orlando, spirit airlines flight spotted a drone at 11,000 feet outside oia. assessed and reported coming in 200 feet of an unmanned aircraft. no questions have occurred yet
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nelson says it is a growing risk. >> you can imagine what plastic and metal can do if it is of engine. >> reporter: two major companies are already partnering with the faa to develop a technological solution to the drone problem. the bill passed committee with bipartisan support and goes on to the full senate and will have to make its way through the house of representatives. live in washington, justin gray channel 9 eyewitness news. very interesting story. $2 billion worth of changes are coming to orlando international airport greater orlando aviation authority signed off on the new south terminal project yesterday. this is a rendering of what the new complex will look like. officials say they are encouraged by the rise in the through oia. construction on the first phase could start early next year. trans at orlando international we write to being upgraded. these are model pictures of the
4:41 pm
be a service by fall 2017. the current ones have been in use for more than 35 years. following breaking news right now out of orange county where investigators are working to get a car out of the water. here's alive look from skywitness 9 over the area. you can see the car. this is near universal boulevard i 4 in orlando. from what we have been told everyone was inside the car and made it out. we will follow this and have the latest for you throughout the newscast and on eyewitness very murky water. >> made it out. >> car industry's biggest safety development since the seatbelt. >> the new equipment automakers plan to install in your car to keep you safe. rain is back in daytona. umbrellas are replacing some sunscreen we are using earlier today. i am tracking more rain right now with early warning doppler radar. only eyewitness news can show you the shocking video of another fight at a troubled
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stocks up across major indexes tonight. doubt of more than 150 point. nasdaq s&p 500 up by more than 10 points each. a lot of green on the st paddy's day which is what we like. >> we have an driver -- uncovered video of the fight between students on the campus of an orange county middle school where we have been reporting problems for weeks. >> you can see a female and male student throwing punches as students russian and everyone has a cell phone so they recorded it. karla ray spent the day pushing for answers from school administrators about the problems at may the middle school and what is being done
4:46 pm
five for the 5 took pl. here yesterday put students and parents on high alert before spring break. we should warn you the video you are about to see may be considered disturbing to some people. you can hear screams and chairs as two maitland middle school students take a fifth right to the ground. what you cannot see on the video taken on campus are teachers or administrators breaking the kids up. >> i'm appalled. >> reporter: his sixth-grader was her in a different right weeks ago and still has not gotten any answers from school leaders about what they are doing to keep them safe. >>i that they could up security like it more people watching to see what is happening. >> reporter: maitland police tell us they are stepping up their presence on campus while investigating the latest right. we reached out to principal stephanie shanes hotels us -- to a robocall the students were
4:47 pm
she never called us back. the right thing. >> reporter: this is the latest in a string of incidents here at the school that we have covered in the last month and suicide of a student and another big fight and even threats on social media prompting a big pta meeting. we are asking the school board member representing the school or she is doing to keep kids safe and we will have that coming up in the next hour. karla ray, channel 9 eyewitness news . you will not have to apply any pressure on the brakes of your car in a matter of years part of a new safety tool announced today. automatic emergency braking is a new feature transportation officials say will correct about 20,000 accidents in the u. s. working like this, sensors installed in the vehicle will detect eminent crashes. the vehicle will then warn the driver, you, but the system will apply the brakes automatically if the driver does not stop in time. >> this could be an important step in fighting new ways of
4:48 pm
safety and fewer fatalities. >> about 20 automakers representing 99 percent of the auto industry are committed to installing the system and on the cars within six years. >> marla sklar has that. there is a sound that goes off and applies the brakes. >> it gets your attention. >> or what you should be doing. >> daytona, steve barrett was there to go days in a row. >> he was in the scrum of people and mother nature has come to the rescue and thinned out the crowds a bit that is alive look and it is coming down in torrents and daytona and it will be on and off not a washout and we will salvage some very nice days for spring breakers now dealing with rain and 86 downtown, no rain here in the metro but we may get some in the next couple of hours tonight. the bulk of the rain as we talked about yesterday future track had this painted nicely in the northern zones where there is some energy with a front to the north.
4:49 pm
doppler nine radar. heavy downpours over port orange, ponce inlet coming up to you, sam sulla and 44, west of new smyrna beach so not much rain at new smyrna by rain showers on the way for you. the showers continue to develop and it is right on top of daytona beach. that is where that camera were showing the rainfall on the coast. still heavy rain and flooding going on in the flagler beach area. it is due to heavy rainfall that continues in flagler county. one of these abrupt turnarounds in the northern zones, 8:00 tonight, showers are spreading farther south including titusville, sanford and a sprinkle around orlando did nothing heavy for us but we will continue to see a slight chance for rain and this front to the north is the focal point for rain in the next couple of days. it is stuck to the north and the best chance for rain will also be to the north of central florida until we get to saturday night as the front approaches. in between them, we will have some scattered showers 8:00 tonight altamonte springs,
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very mild and back in the mid to upper 80s again tomorrow. better chance for rain in the northern zones. future track again, tonight is clearing out the rain and tomorrow looking pretty good. we have the winter park sidewalk art festival, arnold palmer invitational bay hill looking good over the afternoon to market tomorrow night, as we head toward midnight, here is saturday, midnight through early saturday morning, clausen scattered showers and the front is still to the north. saturday night into sunday, you can see the rain getting closer so it looks like we would keep the rain during the late-night hours and try to salvage are david five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 30-40 present rain coverage and favoring the evening hours and i think the best chance for rain across metro orlando will be early sunday morning as we start to cool back down. greg former head of a domestic violence group in orange county is now suing her former employer. how the legal battle could hurt the organization's resources. with the brevard county men's moderate chop on hold we are
4:51 pm
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best part of thursday is forever family series. >> children come into foster care through no fault of their own are now hundreds of local children waiting for loving adoptive families including the special boy channel 9 anchor martha sugalski will introduce us to. >> vanessa, greg children with special needs weight the longest including stephen. i got a chance to spend time with him at a salubrious game. >> -- solar bears game. >> stephen is the brightest little boy. if you ever see him smile he
4:55 pm
what does he like to do? does he go to school? the steel exports? >> he's in the third grade and he loves interacting with other children. if you put him in a social environment he drives. like any other child his age he also loves watching tv. if you put him in front of mickey mouse, he is that he loves it so much you can see him smile and light up when he sees anything like that. >> why is it important for stephen at this age to belong to a family and to have a mom and dad? >> 110-year-old would not want -- what 10-year-old would not want that. that is something every child on this earth deserves more than anything. if you have a passion for children and you want to be there for someone and give them all the love you possibly can, stephen is the perfect child for you. >> to learn more about adopting stephen or any other children we feature call the
4:56 pm
adoption from foster care is free and any medical services or training you might need are provided. vanessa? he will steal your heart. with sea world moving from orca shows how soon will changes reach the park. >> breaking down the company's plans announced for a major shift in a new direction for sea world. the central florida congressman karen brown is urging -- preparing for a court battle. she's asking for support in a legal right. since dropped as the head of a local domestic violence the head of a local domestic violence ctr., carol rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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you wouldn't waste money so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. this show is seawoshld. but shows like this, and these iconic killer whales will all be gone. we're asking seaworld what its ghosts can expect in the future.
4:59 pm
park will no longer perform the shows that many grew up with. >> all seaworld parks, ending whale breeding after years of major backlash. when you will start to see those changes. >> reporter: we're gonna have to wait and see for a lot of this. the park has a loose schedule for many of these changes. we're expecting renovations here in 2018 and a very different seaworld by 2019. >> people come to florida just to see them. >> reporter: visitors were shocked to find out this is the end of the road for the park's famous killer whales. the decision to stop letting thome reproduce goes back to a whale made famous for killing one of its trainers and sparking an investigation. >> that was a horrific moment for our company. don's death is
5:00 pm
>> reporter: this morning the ceo told us the orcas will continue to live in the parks until their deaths. but their roles will be reduced. they'll stop doing traditional performances in san diego, san antonio, and in time for the 2019 season in orlando. >> i think that's very sad. >> reporter: all breeding and artificial insemination stopped at 29 whales across three parks with one waiting to be born. leaders expanded a plan out of california for turning oh,ace into an educational -- orcas into an educational exhibit. >> to recognize this and say hey, this is something we need to address. certainly big props to them. >> reporter: the humane aside announced it too believes seaworld is on the right track.


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