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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sheriff's office where they were questioning him. they arrested shirley this morning and she led them to anderson, hiding in the trail. she faces a charge of tampering with evidence. anderson faces a second degree murder charge. investigators found davis's body on a west sunday morning. they now tell us that dave was there to buy marijuana from the suspect when something went wrong. investigators say the suspect has a history with law enforcement. >> the most recent arrest was in january by the orange county aggravated battery. so he does have some arrests, priors. >> we know this won't bring antoine back. but we hope this news will bring a measure of
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prepare for his funeral. >> reporter: and the funeral for antoine davis is scheduled for tonight, in less than an hour at 7:00 . if you want to see what else the sheriff said about the case, you can go to wftv click on the video tab, raw video section. some harbor house supporters are wondering if the former ceo's lawsuit could stop the organization's fundraising in its tracks. >> they're worried abused men and women could be the victims of this lawsuit. >> reporter: a unique perspective. on the one hand, he has $1 million on the line in this project. yornd he is an attorney, has a very good
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aspects of the lawsuit that will play out here at the orange county courthouse. >> reporter: harbor house's facility hinges on fundraising and pledges. >> when we give money, we look at no. is it an organization that can be around for a while? >> reporter: john morgan told me leadership is a key part of nonprofit. and when it comes to the way an organization like can be reality. >> if the perception by the public is the money is going to a lawsuit or to lawyers or for whatever, money can dry up. >> if we win, harbor house is going to be responsible for my attorney's fees and costs for every hour i put in. >> reporter: after he announced the lawsuit, eyewitness news asked wick's attorney if this is a case of trying to take money from the people who need it most.
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something that's going to harm anyone. >> reporter: morgan is worried the situation between wicks and harbor house is like a divorce where no one wins. >> people are so angry with each other that they fight and fight and fight, and the only real winners are the lawyers. so even though i'm a lawyer, let's make sure the larceny don't win. let's make sure the charity wins. >> reporter: the cochair of mayor theresa jake obvious believes the organization is going forward. deputies are crediting neighbors for speaking up and helping them pull off a major drug break in arc pop ca --
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the narcotics unit swept in and arrested 11 adults and two teens. >> neighbors called in, they were cooperating with our investigators, providing this information. this is not only drug activity but also affects that area. >> deputies also plan to investigate other drug activity in that area. at this hour, police in leesburg are working to identify the people involved in a large brawl outside leesburg high school. videos of that fight have been making the rounds on social media. the aunt of one of the teens in this fight told us she's upset that some adults showed up and joined the fight up. >> they were kicking her, face. and these are grown women. >> reporter: police have reviewed this video with the state attorney's office and they
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one adult will probably face charges. a newly filed order demands documents to see if people selling and financing westgate time shares violated federal law. west gate was founded by david siegel who stepped away from its day-to-day operations last year. conditions are right for fires to spread. and palm bay rescue says that's what's been the department has responded to more than 100 brush fire calls since and some of them are suspicious . >> reporter: some of these fires have also been in residential areas. palm bay fire rescue has gone so far to ask
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surveillance cameras to help them keep an eye on things. after more than 100 fires since january, images like these are becoming far too frequent around palm bay. >> a couple days ago, it flared back up. then yesterday it flared back up. and of course the fire department responded quickly. >> reporter: wayne smith lives off waco street in palm bay. fresh fires have left their mark. and like a fire last week, the cause here is still undetermined. on wednesday, there were at least three separate fires burning in an undeveloped area here known as the compound. these fires are considered suspicious. just because they don't believe all this occurred naturally doesn't mean someone set the fires intentionally. >> there's also a lot of atv activity out there, and they run all the time out there. it's not
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-- day but at night. >> reporter: they are coordinating their efforts to police and forestry. >> they can keep looking but it's just gonna keep happening. >> reporter: the fire department has also upgraded its response. >> we've upgraded instead of a two brush unit response, we do a three brush unit response. >> reporter: investigators have to look at everything as they try to determine the cause of some of these fire s. new legislation aimed at fast tracking a vaccine to fight zika may come soon. it can't come soon enough. right now, there are 67 cases just in florida. the latest reported today in broward county. bill nelson cosponsored the legislation which gives his drug companies incentive to develop a
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>> this is the financial incentive for a drug company for a number of tropical diseases. now zika is added to that list to speed up the research and development process. >> the bill passed in the state senate late last night. the house is expected to look at a companion bill next week. this weekend president obama will become the first sitting president to visit cuba in 90 years. they will tour landmarks and have dinner with raul castro. the president will also give a speech broadcast live on cuban tv. orlando international is expected to be the busiest spring break airport in the country. travellers are being asked to plan for extra time in screening lines.
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expected to be up 13% over last year. lake county's sheriff announced he's retiring and withdrawing his candidacy for his third term as sheriff. in a recent e-mail to employees, he said he is retiring from law enforcement next january. he served the community for more than 36 years. three new fire stations coming to east orange county. the mayor wants to spend $18 million to build them. the locations have not been picked yet. >> i think it's a great idea. it's important that they have a quick response time. so as long as it's gonna ensure that, it's a great yet. >> commissioners have already selected a company to design the stations, which are expected to be finished in four years.
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a chance to voice their concerns about the v.a. concerned veterans for america is hosting the event at the hilton orlando. this comes after an investigation found v.a. employees in orlando and daytona beach changed wait lists and held up veterans' access to care f. you're interested, you still have time to attend. the meeting ends at 8:00 tonight. more fights at orange county schools, recorded on cellphone video. the response we got from district officials. >> and the fire that destroyed a lake county home and claimed the life of a teenaged boy. what we saw total strangers doing today to help that family. >> big changes coming with that next storm system. how rain
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one day after we exposed this fight at a local middle school, another parent reached out to us to show us the same problem happening at her child's school. and even with the violence in these videos getting more severe, getting answers getting easier. [ screaming ] >> reporter: after eyewitnesses obtained this video of students showing punches and falling to the ground in the middle of the school day, district leaders told us in a statement today they're monitoring minor discipline issues at the school. >> i was very frustrated that orange county public schools have not taken this serious. >> reporter: the video upset attend. >> i called channel 9 immediately. >> reporter: she called us because her kids told us across
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video recorded an even worse fight a few weeks ago. a student can be seen flipping another over onto the concrete. >> that kid was slammed to the ground. that could have been deadly. >> reporter: her son has been attacked in other fights in the school. and like this father who says his son was attacked during pe, getting a hold of someone who can force a policy or leadership change hasn't worked. >> are you voted in? i think. >> reporter: we asked staff about safety at both schools. we're told additional support will be provided. but if violence continues, both parents might take their children out of the district all together. >> that is on the table for me. i can't continue this.
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fight we uncovered at lockhart was stopped quickly and handled through the proper procedures. we posted video of those fights online. a man is fighting for his life after he was struck by a stray bullet in an orange county apartment complex. a man and a woman were arguing at the complex in orlando. the man went to shoot his girlfriend, missed, and struck an innocent man working on a fence. neighbors said there are break-ins and shootings around the complex. but it's heartbreaking someone who wasn't involved was hit. >> two people were fighting. down there at end. and a stray bullet hit him. a sad situation. >> the victim had surgery and not doing well. the shooter is in custody. another major downtown orlando ramp has been shut down
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crews shut down the ramp from orange avenue to the 408 westbound. it's going to remain closed for three years. there is a temporary ramp a few blocks away. the american legion post 107 received $100,000 out of a new budget. it was established in 1948 when african americans in 2004 hurricane. the sixth annual runaway country music festival kicked off today. it runs all weekend. ends at 10:30 tonight and picks
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strangers are stepping up to help the family who lost a tragic fire. >> trevor ross was killed when the family's home went up in council chambers are open so people can people have brought in clothing, food, and money. >> i'm sure they could use some help. >> they do still need clothing and shoes . george has a look at the forecast. >> a lot of people on spring break. big changes, tracking a bit of everything, including a cold front. 11 straight days of 80s, and one more time. then a
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morning. before that, one ear two rounds of rain will be possible this weekend, especially tomorrow evening and again on sunday. no rain, beautiful shot here down the boardwalk. and it's 75 degrees. a little warmer in orlando. beautiful evening, very slight chance you'll see any rain. there is a sea breeze though, you can see the front. it almost acts like a mini-cold front as it drifts through maybe a stray shower this evening . bottom line if you're in volusia county, flagler county, you have a higher chance of rain. but this is one of several batches of the front right here will pass sunday morning. between now and then is
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chance for rain. in orlando, just a slight chance this evening. by morning the 60s. hour by hour, tomorrow, saturday, 8:00 am. most of the rain offshore. so we have a dry morning tomorrow. by two youngest 2:00, between 4:00 and 9:00 pm, some passing showers and isolated thunderstorms that will dry up for the evening. here's that front. sunday morning. a few scattered showers. the front clears and then we get colder. mainly dry in the morning with the highest chance for rain downtown orlando, winter garden, winter park. late in the afternoon. lake county, same thing. a few late-day storms
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mid-to upper 80s . we're watching any isolated storms that can develop tomorrow late in the day for a wind gust over 40 miles per hour and some small hail. if we get any warnings, download the wftv weather app. if you're going to the beaches tomorrow, watch out for rip currents. rain chance tomorrow 50%. late afternoon, evening, most likely timing. and sunday morning, cooler air. 50 on monday, 49 by tuesday morning. some people are stepping in to make sure the florida black bear is protected. after that
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year, they want the rules to change to keep the bears alive. what a new petition is asking
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breaking news, the dramatic shootout, the most wanted man after the paris terror attacks caught and you'll see it. donald trump hacked, the threat sent to his son. and the famous actress who lured in one of the most hunted men in the world. orlando city wants to reach the playoffs in their 2nd season, the lions will have to perform better on the road. tonight they get their first test away from home, travelling to yankees stadium to face nyc sc. lions were just 5, 9, and 3 away from the citrus bowl. nyc has scored the second most in mls.
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system you're gonna play which is difficult because they play a couple different systems. but i'm mainly concerned with the south. >> kaka will miss his third stlat due to injury -- straight due to injury. orlando insider comes your way tomorrow night at 10:35. at the invitational this afternoon, the no. 3 devolver in the world, jace -- golfer in the world just trying to run away with this thing. drops the bomb for birdie. has the aussie at 13 under heading into the weekend. and a great match-up in the nba. san antonio hosting golden state. neither have lost a home
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about 30 minutes. >> thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. >> world news is up next. for updates in between our
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breaking news this friday night. captured alive. the most wanted man after the paris terror attacks, trapped during a dramatic shootout. how they got him. we take you inside the tense raid. also breaking -- a nor'easter set to hit. severe weather across the south at this hour. the system then moving right up the east coast. several major cities, up to eight inches or more. the two air scares -- the lightning strike. the flight from raleigh to new york. passengers describing the jolt. and breaking now -- the drone, the jet --


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