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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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right now, on eyewitness news at noon, i am tracking some very heavy rainfall that is pushing into central florida on a day where we have many outdoor activities. i will give you the very latest on the timing hour by hour and when it will hit your neighborhood the hardest. breaking right now, one person was taken to a local hospital.
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this is channel 9 eyewitness news at noon, coverage you can count on. the weather is impacting a lot of major events happening right now in central florida. the rain is coming down right now in parts of orange county. usa live look from our dot camera on stock for. you could see traffic is it back -- is backed up. we are tracking it all and the severe weather center 9 she has been tracking this rain since 5 o'clock this morning when it started off just like sprinkles. it's heavy rain enveloping all of central florida. on a day when we have a lot of outdoor plans.
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gulf coast and that is where we are seeing a lot of thunderstorm action. in central florida, it's just rain. marion, sumter and oceans of lake and polk county that is heading into downtown as we speak. the heaviest is to the west but moving in quickly. downtown orlando, we have light to moderate rainfall. we move this further to the north and there is that heavy rain pushing out of marion county into portions of lake, volusia and flagler counties. you head down to the south and this is where we have seen the heaviest rain and the best dynamics for the potential of strong thunderstorms to push in. so if you are traveling along start for all went to kissimmee kissimmee. we will be on-air giving you the very latest for the next 30
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that information in the palm of your hands for the rest of the afternoon because it looks like that will last with us until about 4 o'clock. a lot of rain out there, in the upper 70s, lower 80s. i will update hour by hour as we head into the rest of the day. you can make your plans when the rain does finally looked up. breaking in orlando, police are searching for a man who shot someone in a -- in an apartment complex. ryan has been watching the investigation unfold and investigators are searching for the suspect and have a description of a vehicle they are searching for. >> reporter: they do. i am working to find out how serious the victim's injuries are. we will get to the vehicle in a moment first, i want to show you what is going on. we are starting to see activity. you can see a crime scene investigator on the upper landing. that is where the shooting actually took place. this is where the victim lives and the shooter apparently rolled up and opened fire.
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sketchy. this was at 10 am this morning when an unidentified man drove up and hit the victim. it's clear that this could've been worse. there are dozens of small children outplaying this morning. none of them were hurt. investigators are describing that shooters car as a burgundy chevrolet and paula with stock rims and very dark tinted windows. he is on the run and officers are out looking for cars that description. meanwhile, i am working to find out from police if this is a random shooting or if they believe this victim was somehow targeted so standby. live in orlando, channel 9 eyewitness news . accused of killing another teenager that he could be charged as an adult michael morning. deputies say he shot the 15- year-old in the head last weekend. julie was in court this morning
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out of jail for at least a few weeks.>> reporter: he will likely spend at least the next 21 days in the juvenile detention center waiting to find out at the state attorney's office will charge him as a juvenile or adult. >> state your name for the year-old accused of shooting and killing another teenager but -- appeared before a judge today. the judge told michael anderson the murder charge he is facing could mean the rest of his life in prison. eyewitness news was there friday after anderson was arrested. his girlfriend who was also arrested for tampering with evidence led deputies to anderson who was hiding in the woods. antoine davis was shot in the head and left on a sidewalk. officers say davis met anderson to buy marijuana.
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weekend and i spoke to them. anderson's father was in court today standing next to his son. i tried talking with him after, he did not say anything to me but broke down in tears. anderson will spend 21 days in the juvenile detention center. waiting on a state attorney's office to decide if you will be charged as a juvenile or an adult. we check anderson's past criminal history. he had several charges including burglary, grand theft and aggravated battery. reporting live, channel 9 eyewitness news . the president is heading to cuba tomorrow. the visit is part of his efforts to normalize relations in the area. the first family will tour landmarks and have dinner with castro. the president will also give a cuban tv.
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parade kicked off. silk bedding devry university throughout orlando. we were there this morning as teams field -- build funds for new together art, education, health, sports and technology. the parade will go down. board -- paramore avenue. marina jerrica is in severe weather center 9 and a lot of rain is moving in for that parade>> that's right. very heavy rain just about to push in to downtown orlando. we are tracking where we are going to see the storms and who is going to see the heaviest of rain throughout the next few hours. the accused mastermind of the deadly paris attack has
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our camera. right now, you are looking at i- for -- format your -- i-4 . you can see some vehicles off on the side of the road that another car is stalled right in the middle of the highway. just as emergency crews show up to respond. you can see orange county fire and rescue showing up on the scene. we will continue to monitor what caused that but no doubt,
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likely a factor. a seminole county mother accused of shooting and killing her daughter will -- pled guilty to killing her daughter she previously requested the death penalty and rejected a plea deal of 30 years. her attorneys say she is mentally ill and won't get the help she needs in prison.>> the man who drove his truck into a group of people on horseback has to pay thousands of dollars. christopher todd intentionally drove his vehicle into the riders. he has to pay $7500 worth of medical bills and compensation. he will also spend the next five years in prison. the
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unveiling a new app, part of the one-year pilot program the city will pay 20% that starts and ends in the city and 25% of the ride that starts and ends in the sun rail station. leaders want to reduce congestion and boost ridership. right now, the 57th annual sidewalk in winter park is underway. if you're heading over there right now, you may need an umbrella as the rain continues over the area but this was the scene yesterday. artwork for more than 200 artists is on display. tonight. the festival will start at 9 am tomorrow and close at 5 o'clock. the irs has schemes to get your -- the irs and what you have to look forward to.
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this is another live look from our fdot camera as we continue to monitor conditions outside. rain is hitting all of central florida right now. afternoon. curve. you can see the a haze. traffic is backed up and you can see emergency responders. trouble. so if you're heading out, you may want to avoid this area and you may want to grab the umbrella because of the rain will continue throughout the afternoon.
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accused mastermind of a deadly paris attack is in custody. the suspect involved in all of this says he will fight the efforts to extradite him back to france as we report, he had another attack plan that night.>> reporter: gunshots ring out as swat teams moved in. cell phone videos showing the resident -- residence -- one of the most wanted men in the world finally cornered. the man in the hooded sweatshirt league to be salah abdeslam and sing to limp after being shot in the leg. the 26-year-old, salah abdeslam , is the so-called a attacker. the only surviving terrorist of novembers deadly attacks leaving 130 debt across paris. the french citizen grew up in belgium. a childhood friend of the alleged terrorist mastermind.
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car carrying the suicide bombers. he also rented a car and dropped off the attackers. the american band was performing. authorities believe he planned on carrying out another attack that night. he got cold feet and call to friends in belgium to pick him up. the ultima authorities launched a massive manhunt. conducted more than 100 rates, arresting 58 people. meanwhile, his friends told abc news that he was trying to get to syria, worried that isis supporters in europe were unhappy he did not detonate his suicide vest that november night. >> that was alex reporting. a lot of students are on spring break and
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national airport. one of the busiest in the country according to tsa. if you have a flight over the next couple of weeks, you should arrive at least two hours before your flight. traffic is expected to be up more than 13% compared to this time last year. it may be -- the weather out there may be causing delays.>> hundreds of people are expected to attend the honored -- arnold palmer event this weekend. teatime is moved up because of weather. we will continue to monitor the situation but we have a lot of heavy rain and looking at our doppler radar, there is no one escaping the rain. and you can see that this is it. it could be a lot worse. we will keep a close eye in brevard county as we head into the next couple of hours. very heavy rain pushing into downtown orlando right now. and the i-5 corridor into kyla springs -- kyowa springs. and giving me broader
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rainfall for now but that is pretty much in developing the entire flagler and volusia county coastline. you head down to the south and this is where we have seen the heaviest rain and the best dynamics for strong in. you can see from winterhaven heading up into kissimmee, that rain. bay hill has seen a lot of rain for the last 16 minutes. and i will track this for you in just about 30 seconds. low pressure is still off to the north. cold front is behind it and it will take its sweet time entering into the panhandle and into central florida by tomorrow afternoon. we will see unsettled weather for about the next four or five hours. isolated action tonight into tomorrow morning and sunday afternoon, as this front passes through, we will see another bout of showers and storms. a live look outside right now, we can see that the wind is whipping up and we definitely have a lot of rainfall.
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it will remain mild as we move into the afternoon. we will be yet 10 to 50 miles an hour and when does -- wind gusts embedded into the rainfall. this is 2:00 and you can see the entire area for the next hour and 40 minutes. we will be looking at showers and storms. this is where we could see some heavy shower and storm action. polk county, osceola. we are still up and down the corridor. as well as portions of eastern orange and brevard county. we will continue to see that rain push through. it's only isolated action into tomorrow morning. we are tracking showers as well. as the front pushes through,
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with a much cooler weekend. just know that this is the worst of it today. once we head into tonight and tomorrow, it will be isolated sunday. behind it, if you like the color weather, here it comes. lows in the upper 40s. if you have still not filed your taxes, you may want to be extra careful when you do. the irs says it is seeing more companies. they say there have been about 400% increase in incidents this year compared to last year. they say you should not open any texts or emails asking for your personal information. irs officials say they generally do not email anyone for that type of information. coming up next on eyewitness news at noon, the new bill that lawmakers are
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some lawmakers are pushing a bill that would help
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the zika virus. the measure would put the virus on a list of diseases that can be added to a program that would allow it to be approved faster. the bill has been cosponsored. >> tonight, buddy dyer will join more than 7000 cities across the world for earth hour. the city will turn off the lights. it's all in an effort to raise awareness about energy conservation and climate change. earth hour will last from 8:30th so 9:30. we are tracking rain all afternoon. we will monitor the seven counties as we head into the afternoon because of the potential for that thunderstorm
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rain. you can see it's moderate to heavy rainfall and that will be the case for at least the next two more hours. and of course, the arnold palmer tournament is there. you head up to winter park, art festival, the heaviest in this area has moved up north. don't forget, you can track all of this and track it down to your street level so that you know when the storms will hit your area. we will update throughout the afternoon to let you know when the heaviest of rain is about to push out of here. this is the bulk of it. as we head into the post 5:00 timeframe, we're going to be looking into some isolated action. and tomorrow, as the actual front pushes through, we will see a chance of more showers and storms. here's another
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danny lipford: this week on today's homeowner we're renovating a small living space with a tremendous view. i came here this weekend... (whirring) ...wanting to see results. and all i've seen is destruction.


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