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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight family and friends are mourning the loss after a teenager gunned down in the middle of a crowd. >> when is it really going to be too late? when everybody done lost their child? >> and now, investigators are still searching for the gunman. >> orange county deputies say they are no closer to finding a killer who opened fire on a crowd of people this afternoon. >> we've been following developments in this story since it was breaking on eyewitness news at 4:00. only we talked to the victim's girlfriend. kim letterly, she told you her -- kimberly, she told you her boyfriend was targeted here and it happened near a playground. >> reporter: the bullet near the playground hit 18-year-old dre bryant. his girlfriend tellses me he tried to get away but couldn't -- tells me he tried to get away but couldn't run away. it will take help from witnesses to track down the killer.
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>> reporter: pictures on his girlfriend's phone show 18-year- old dre bryant just one week ago before witnesses say someone pointed a gun at the teenager this afternoon and pulled the trigger four times. >> i'm going to miss my baby! [ crying ] >> reporter: bryant's girlfriend who asked only to go by shay was steps behind him when the gunfire started in a field near 18th east street. >> you saw this? >> i saw this. >> reporter: the crowd about 30 people took off running as bullets flew. but bryant fell near a playground about half a block down the street. that's when witnesses realized he'd been hit. friends say the teenager was targeted after ongoing problems in the neighborhood. tonight whoever fired the shots is still on the run. in an area known for violence, deputies are pleading for witnesses to talk while the victim's friends plea for an end to the gunfire. >> when is it, like, going to
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when is it really going to be too late? when everybody done lost their child? you know, it's too many kids! >> and we will be checking in with deputies overnight to see if they developed any leads on the shooter. we'll keep you updated starting tomorrow morning on eyewitness news at 5:00 a.m. on channel 9. reporting live in orange county, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> this is the second deadly shooting in apopka in three days. this one here involved a teen victim and a teen suspect. investigators say 16-year-old quashun massey shot and killed destiny bargman inside her bedroom yesterday morning. they say he was playing with the gun he got from someone else when he shot bargman. temperatures are falling in central florida as we get ready for the coldist night we've had in weeks. you're going to feel it. >> many will see temperatures in the 40s. chief meteorologist brian shields tracking the changes. and, some folks have already seen a 15-degree drop!
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big one this afternoon. this could be our last cooldown of the season. that winter into spring season, today being the first full day of spring. marion county, if you're in a cold spot, protect the plants. don't forget about the pets tonight. it's already chilly. 49, daytona beach. 53 in clermont. 58 in melbourne. there's that 24-hour temperature change. some spots 20, 25 degrees cooler. so for tonight, we'll see some of the frost forming. temperatures in the 40s. we'll go city by city with the temperatures and take a look at that fire threat just ahead. >> we'll see you then. at this hour, orange county fire crews continue to monitor an avalon park neighborhood where earlier today flames got so close to homes it melted the fences. right now, conditions, as brian said, drier than usual. crews are making sure all the hot spots are out after 20 acres went up in flames this afternoon just off of wild tameron boulevard. fortunately, none of the homes
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>> with the wind out of the northwest, it looked like it was going to hit the homes there. and it burned right up to the homes. but then the fire spread west. so i didn't think it would reach our backyard. >> reporter: fire officials have not determined what started this brushfire. breaking news in orange county where a s.w.a.t situation brought a neighborhood to a halt this evening. investigators surrounded a home on garwood drive and busted through that front door. jeff levkulich is live there. and, jeff, at this point deputies aren't seeing much. but neighbors told you there's been a lot of activity there recent. recently. >> reporter: well, jorge, in the last hour we have learned that this raid this afternoon was all because of a tip from one of the neighbors. now inside they found drugs, guns and money. tonight, it's all boarded up and shut down. >> come out with your hands up. >> reporter: tonight
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the home in the 1,800th block of garwood drive. they found a box with 15 pounds of marijuana inside. estimated street value at $45,000. they told me the pot was in the kitchen when they found it. just before 5:00, we were there as orange county s.w.a.t teams surrounded the home. >> come out with your hands up. >> reporter: a flash grenade was detainedded when they busted the door -- was detonatedded when they busted the door and -- detonated when they busted the door. investigation. they told me the s.w.a.t team was brought in out of an abundance of caution when they went to make contact with the person inside the home. one neighbor i talked to that witnessed what happened says streets like this are more commonplace. >> i won't say it's normal but every neighborhood has its issues and didn't think anything of it when i -- i met a few of them. they seemed like nice guys. didn't have any issues and it
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>> reporter: now at this hour they're bringing several vehicles from out in the backyard. they're towing them away. neighbors tell me several people have livid here over the years. but after today i don't believe those people will be coming back here. reporting live in orange county, jeff levkulich, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> and we're going to be in touch with investigators throughout the night on this one to see if they'll give us anymore details. we'll have the latest on eyewitness news "this morning" at 5:00 a.m. seminole county deputies are searching for a missing 12- year-old not seen since yesterday. deputies say jaden ramirez is believed to be without her medication and cellphone. she was last seen in lake mary. her picture is already getting a lot of shares on our facebook page. you can help bring her home by sharing this post, too. just go to
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been stripped of his gun and badge following a road rage incident in clermont while off duty. richard value intine did not want to show his -- valentine did not want to show his face but says that gallala tailgated him and pulled his gun. 911. the case has been handed over to fdle. an orlando pharmacist will be sentenced in june for distributing oxi illegally. his drugstore was raided by dea agents. today he was found guilty of illegally selling more than $1.3 million in oxycodone to people investigators say were either drug addicts or dealers. daytona beach police need your help tracking down a man they say tried to lure a 14- year-old girl into his car. here's what happened. they released his computer generated sketch of the guy in a blue jaguar. the girl said she was walk ago
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approached her in his car, demanded to come closer and asked where she was going. the girl says she was frozen frozen in fear. >> just standing there, like, what do i do? what do i do? what is he going to do? will i get kidnapped? a bunch of questions. >> she told us she screamed. good for her. and the man drove off. new tonight, lawmakers in washington will hold a hearing tomorrow about the heroine epidemic here in central florida and all across the country. a national oversight committee will discuss what they can do about the growing heroine issue. orange county mayor teresa jacobs will testify about her recently work with the heroine taskforce. >> i think that the federal government really needs to focus a lot of their emphasis on stopping the flow of drugs into our country and into our states. there's also treatment component that's extremely important. >> of course we'll let you know
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right now, president obama is in cuba prepping to talk directly to the cuban people in a national televised speech tomorrow. he spent the day with razl castro, even speaking together in a joint news conference. obama says this is a new day putting decades of tension in the past all toward a better future for the cuban people. the two leaders talked about possible business opportunities. also the likelihood of ending the trade embargo. president obama says despite today's success, there's still a lot of work to do. >> i do not believe president castro wants to upend the ruling party or the system that they have. >> earlier don't the president and first lady sat down with a state dinner with razl castro. the state attorney's office is reviewing the cases of three kissimmee police officers who may have given false testify in court.
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tevaria and taylor fehely are being investigated. their testimony did not match what was found on surveillance video. it's unclear which officers are in the video. >> every time an officer is alleged to have done something like this, it makes everybody else to work harder to show they're not that kind of person and makes everybody's job more difficult. >> it sparked an internal and criminal investigation. they dropped the marijuana charges against the man who was arrested. tonight state biologists are trying to figure out why thousands of fish in the indian river lagoon look like this. people from titusville to wildlife. so sad to look at this video. right now the agency is collecting water samples and calling in a harmful algae bloom team to take a closer look. >> it's unexpected, you know. you wouldn't think it would be like this right now. it would usually be in the end of summer, middle of summer when you see it like that.
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think the fish kills may be bloom. but for the past few days, scientists have been monitoring river lagoon. today a judge ruling michelle parker's ex-fiance dale smith will be charged in the missing person lawsuit against michelle. trash problems continue in orange county months after the service began. >> they're dumping the crash on the ground. it doesn't make sense. >> the penalty they'll face for leaving garbage behind. >> and a frost advisory up. how cold it'll be in the return. >> plus, this 12-year-old says she was playing a game when she
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you're watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00, coverage you can count on. >> after nearly three months of a new trash service in orange county, we're still hearing problems with the haulers. and today orange county said it's working to add up administrative fines for the service. the solid waste department said it'll fine the three haulers they hired for messy service and damage it doesn't repair. we found homeowners still
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service in the meantime. >> that's not the first time it's happened. it's not the first time they threw the trash bag down and just left it. >> reporter: he told us when his trash was filled beyond the rim of the can, workers threw the excess bag in the street and didn't pick it up. the county said haulers are not expected to pick up excess trash. tomorrow we'll be checking on the results for water samples of lake rose in orange county. thousands of gallons of raw sewage poured into the lake. a doctor's office dangerously close to the mess was closed down and deemed unsafe. until those results are in, residents are asked to stay away from the lake. a 12-year-old girl is taking steps to clear her record after she was charged for battery for pinching a classmate's behind. >> it's just like a game and, like, i don't take it seriously. but i don't get why he should. >> 12-year-old breanna evans
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-- milwee middle school and arrested after pinching the boy. his mother wanted to press charges even though the boy wasn't hurt. they enrolled evans in a diversion program to remove the charge from her record. >> it's way extreme. and, you know, what can i do? i have to do what the sheriff says. or they'll lock me up for not doing what she's supposed to do. >> reporter: we wanted to speak to the mother of the boy who opted to press charges. but because she's a jail nurse, her contact information is removed from public record. tonight we're hearing about another case of sicks in osceola. -- of zika virus in osceola. nearly all the 71 patients in florida became infected while traveling outside of florida. health officials believe the virus hasn't infected our local mosquito population. >> that's a good thing.
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will launch tomorrow. a spacex spacecraft is set off to launch at 11:05 tomorrow night. it's carrying 8,000 supplies and experiments. and students at ucf built one of the experiments. it'll study soil found on asteroids, come kept the moon. you can watch -- comets and the moon. spacex is planning a resupplied mission for the international space station. it would be the first one in nearly a year. it's scheduled for april 8th. the capsule will deliver 7300 pounds of cargo. it'll be the 23rd launch of the falcon 9 rocket. a program between altemonte springs and uber means you can spend less ride sharing in that stay. this is cool. as of today, anyone getting an uber ride between the altemonte city limits and the sunrail station will get a 25% discount. they unveiled the feature inside the app that will give you the discount. enter the word altemonte in the
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it'll only last one year. disney is trying to figure out what caused a float to cause fire at animal kingdom this afternoon during a show. a viewer posted this video on social media. you can see a lot of smoke and people trying to quickly get out of the theater. no one was hurt. >> wow! >> brian here new with a look at our forecast. >> uh-huh. chilly out there for some folks. >> a little chilly. you don't like it cold? >> i get offended. >> you get offended? downright offended? >> that's why i moved to florida! that's why we all did! join me! >> we have some warmer weather for those who take offense to my forecast. >> i don't. i think it's fabulous. >> thank you! >> i got your back. >> at least someone does! [ laughter ] downtown orlando. again, it's a gorgeous night but a colder night. 54 degrees. and, again, we're still dropping. we're only in the 60s today. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. get a look at the temps around. a lot of 40s now and 50s. and where we have the 50s, we're going to trade those for
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the morning, head off to work. kind of a split day tomorrow. cold to start. but 54 now in kissimmee by the loop. and 58 in melbourne. and the winds -- it was windy today adding the extra bite to the air temperature and watching out for the fire threat. but calm winds now. that will allow patchy frost to form. we're looking good. it's dry. we'll monitor the fire threat the next few days j. high and county. you see a peppering of fires around. nothing too crazy but we'll watch out for that the next few days. so kissimmee after the cold start, quickly warming by lunchtime in the 60s. by the afternoon, temperatures in the low to mid-70s. a nice finish to our tuesday. so through the day, there's but about midday, early in the afternoon, dry conditions. plenty of sunshine. that will continue through the evening hours. and again, tomorrow night, not as cool. eventually down the road into thursday, i'll show you the expanded version of futurecast. our next best chance of rain will be thursday into friday. spring breakers, at the
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later and let it warm up into the 60s. seas are elevated 3 to 4 feet. and the rip current risk is on the higher side the next couple of days. so turning chilly tonight. we'll get patchy frost developing. look at the numbers. 49, titusville, merritt island, 34, signature. daytona beach. ocala. but if you're one of those typical cold spots, again, pets and plants for tonight. and then tomorrow, a gorgeous afternoon. quickly warming. low to mid-70s around winter garden toward plant street and orlando. temperatures running in the mid- 70s by our tuesday afternoon. your weekend always in view. there are some 80s by wednesday. another good-looking day. and then thursday and friday when the front approaches, a 30% chance of showers. and warmer with mid-80s. by the weekend, a better chance of rain with another storm system. about a 50% chance saturday and sunday.
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jorge? >> a local woman says she's dealing with plumbing problems and rodents right in her apartment and she can't get any help. coming up, the response the owner had when we tracked them down. >> and we're getting you ready for tuesday morning. i'm marina jurica. tomorrow on eyewitness news "this morning," it'll be our coldest morning we've seen in over a month with the 30s and . i'll detail the chilly air and warmup in store.
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so we have dead rats, plumbing leaks and holes in the walls. that's when an orange county woman says she's dealing with in her own home at the eagle apartment complex in orlando. we found there were 40 code violations within the past six months but the woman in this apartment says the owners aren't doing anything about the problem. >> it's sad. very sad. behind this card board, they've patched up that hole. but that's where the rat came through at. >> reporter: we tracked down the complex's owner at his home in a gated community. we hold us the problems would be fixed within a week. we'll follow up to make sure that happens. a surge in sexual assaults in orange county has victim advocates issuing a warning right now. the victim service center of central florida says there's been 16 sexual assault cases in orange county alone. they think one reason for the spike may be due to spring break and st. patrick's day.
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your phone. you can get more information by going to and clicking on the web links button. right now, bioevening nears at ucf -- bioengineer at ucf are a step closer to creating 3d hearts for models for doctors performing surgery. more than 40 better please pythons have been captured within the -- berm -- burmese pythons have been captured within the past few months. one was, oh, about 16 feet. weighing, oh, about a buck 40. they believe it's the largest male snake caught. and the season for the orlando magic have been a
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the playoffs all but in reach. magic in boston tonight. second leg of a four-game road trip. 1st half, super mario doesn't get the highlight dunk. but the ball doze in anyway. and the celtics doing their damage. mother cuss smart get it is bucket here and the foul. celtics had 24 fast break points in the 1st half. then in the 4th, kelly olynyk lines it up. 20 minutes now, elfrid payton can't get the layup. but andrew nicholson is there to help his buddy. and then evan fournier for the scoop. and how about victor oladipo for the 17-footer? 25 for oladipo. magic only down 4. but isaiah thomas shuts it down there. the all-star with 28 points. 107-96.
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another game for 13 days, hopefully enough file to get their captain healthy. kaka missed the past three games with a strained thigh is but is expected for april 3rd at the citrus bowl. cyle larin tied with the league lead with 3 goals. but left after taking identify minutes earlier. antonio also left the game before the final whistle. adrian heath says neither injury is considered serious will you everyone happy to get the win. win. the season. first game away and getting the first win of the season. so that was pleasing. >> larin won't have much time to rest. the canadian forward was killed up by his national team. he'll play in two world cup qualifiers march 25th and 29th. kevin molino also called up by his home country of trinigdad. and tommy redding playing for
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team usa's team for the dallas cup. orlando city is off but orlando city insider goes on. new episodes every saturday night, 10:35 on wrdq tv 27. you can watch last week's episode on the sports page of as for baseball, tampa bay rays will play cuba's national team tomorrow at 1:30. first time a major league team
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on the chilly side, cold in the morning for sure. quickly warming up. sunrise, 7:26. eventually by the afternoon, we'll have 70s moving in. hope you have a great night! stay warm! martha? >> we will, brian. thanks. and be sure to watch eyewitness news "this morning" starting at 5:00 with weather and traffic every ten minutes. and you, my friend, need to bundle up because you know you won't like the cold. >> it'll be a cold walk for chewy in the morning. >> put a sweater on your dog! >> good idea! [ laughter ] >> and you too. [ laughter ]
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and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harrison ford, elizabeth olsen, and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones! and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel!


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