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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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in the wake of terror attacks in belgium, presidential candidates are giving their two cents. >> this is not an isolated incident, this is not a lone wolf. >> reneed to move aggressively against isis. >> some of these candidates are now being accused of trying to use this tragedy to help their campaigns. it's been more than 1 hours since two bombs went off in the airport and a third blew up in the subway in the heart of brussels. >> dozens of people were killed, hundreds more injured, and now, the search continues for whoever is responsible. abc news is reporting at least 34 people were killed in the attacks, 180 wounded. belgium police have searched several houses. they found the makings of another bomb and the isis flag. they are looking for a man in a white jacket who was captured in surveillance video at the airport. >> you can see smoke out of the building, and when he left work, this afternoon, he said that
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just looked look a war zone. >> back here in the u.s., security has been beefed-up at airports and train stations across the country. homeland security insists there is no imminent threat. however, the fbi is currently monitored 100 people who they believe could be inspired by what happened in europe. the terrorists attacks in brussels brought swift reaction are the presidential candidates today. this is the third major terrorist attack since the campaign begin. christopher heath continues the story. politicizing a tragedy. >>reporter: martha, reactions in the wake of the violence have been across the board, you can see some of it here behind me, senator ted cruz who this afternoon said we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure neighborhoods, muslim neighborhoods. hillary clinton who cautioned against abandoned our values. trying to fight this threat.
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brussels, republican leader donald trump was on twitter, writing: i have proven to be far more correct about terrorism than anybody, and it's not even close. trump, who saw a spike in his support after the paris attacks and shootings in san bernardino, was joined by his republican rivals, first, by ted cruz, who suggested implementing some sort of police state around american muslim neighborhoods. >> today's a tabs in brussels -- attacks in brussels underscores that this is a war. this is not an isolated incident. >> it does seem unseemly to use a tragedy to engage in political warfare. >>reporter: wftv political analyst says reactionary statements from cruz and trump, may play well in the short-term, but they do so at the expense of american liberty. he points to republican john kasich and democrat hillary clinton, who both suggested cooperation from the international community and the sharing of intelligence.
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friends in the arab community who know that radical islam is also intent upon destroying and threatening them. >> we have to continually be learning and getting ahead of the thugs and criminals in order to prevent them from doing what they did in brussels. >>reporter: now, bernie sanders released a statement today calling the attack a rebrutal reminder that the international community must come together to destroy isis. it is overshadowing tonight's primaries in utah and arizona. >> bill nelson is speaking out saying america and the presidential candidates need to stand together. >> some candidates are going to use this for short-term political gain, trying to stoke fear, saying that we have to do this or that. that's not america. >> senator nelson said we need to stand on our principles and stand tall as americans, and he repeated the phrase we've had so
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attacks, if you see something, say something. meanwhile, the search for the third bomber is going stroing strong in belgium, authorities search, people across europe and around the world, have come together to show their support. me moirs have popped up -- memorials have popped up in several countries, from the eiffel tower, to flowers and candles covering a public square in belgium. how president barack obama plans to honor those who were lost in today's attacks. the decision to charge a 15-year-old girl as an adult, this video from december, shows the seminole county student being arrested, accused of slashing her ex-with a steak knife at school. channel 9's tim barber obtained the girl's interview with the detectives. >>reporter: this dash cam video, being arrested for attempted
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the 15-year-old seems -- the new discovery shows the steak knife she sneaked into skill in her pink backpack. investigators say she used it to slash her exboyfriend after second period. the teenage victim survived but the attack soaked his clothes and the high school hallway with blood. she cold the detectives her ex-had threatened her and called her names and told her he was seeing someone else. >> throwing it in your face. >> yeah, called me a [ bleep ], i was like, okay. >>reporter: she was also charged with break r bringing the knife to -- bringing the knife to school. her friend was charged. she was spotted by a school employee. reporting in seminole county, tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news. now, the friend who helped her was charged as a juvenile. the next court appearance is scheduled for april 13th. a 19-year-old murder suspect in a pine hills home invasion
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that would have sent him to prison for 40 years. >> [ inaudible ]. >> victor was 16 years old in 2012 when he was arrested along with two others for breaking into the pine hills home. stealing his 42 inch flat screen he will face trial next month, he's the one investigators believe beat the victim, the two others have taken 15 year plea deals in exchange for testifying against him. we're taking a closer look at the condo complex where an innocent bystander was hit by a stray bullet. >> and today, we found out deputies have been called to the magnolia court condos nearly 120 times in just the past 12 months. neighbors previously told us that the new tenants moving there were from the timbers scan apartments, and today, channel 9 talked with people now, questioning whether they're bringing that crime with them. >>reporter: walking through the complex, you'll see lots of
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trash littering the ground like this. but now, neighbors say the crime is making it even worse. >> it was kind of really bad. >>reporter: alexander sue says when he bought a condo last yeeshg he hoped the complex would get better pt but current tenants tell me that's not the case. >> in a year and a half, this garbage everywhere. activity here. month or so. >> it makes me sad because, you know, it's the -- the hoa, you can see the money is not put in the properties. >>reporter: we talked with the handful of people who live in the condos but none were willing the to show their faces, because they say it's too dangerous. >> seems like there's
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of shady activity going on. >>reporter: we told you in november, deputies arrested 7 suspected drug dealers in a raid here. neighbors told us then that the people causing the trouble previously lived at timber scans, where the county demolished apartment in an effort to cut down on crime. we tried calling the property manager, who neighbors say also owned the condo. but got his voice mail. when we went to the front office, to try to reach the hoa the two employees left when they saw us coming and instead of answering our questions, they locked the office doors and left the property. >> people here don't care, the hoa doesn't care, this place gets run down more can and more. >>reporter: in orlando, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> of course, we'll let you know if we do hear back from the property manager t. family of brian morton son, the innocent bystander shot friday at the complex, says he is still in icu and continuing to fight to recover. a high-tech -- the state will provide 15 million dollar in funding for the advanced manufacturing center near highway 192. the governor vetoed the request last year. the extra money is expected to
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paying jobs over the next decade. >> we are that next big thing that's going to be happening. >> the county is covering more than 72 million dollars in construction costs, the project is expected to be finished by next year. it's the government agency is in charge of protecting the environment. the epa. but it's wasting millions of pages of paper and millions of tax dollars by printing and storing documents that nobody ever reads. channel 9's justin gray is live in washington, d.c., and justin, we're talking about a warehouse full of paper. >>reporter: we're talking about full of paper that nobody's ever booklets, manuals, ordered by the tens and hundreds of thousands. it adds up to millions of pages will ever read. and for year, much of it ended up boxed up and stored at this
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million items, nobody ever even looked at. >> the epa's attitude of print first and ask questions later, has cost taxpayers millions of dollars. >>reporter: the inspector general found the epa printing large numbers of documents and paying a million dollars a year to keep them. the epa staff believes it is cheaper to print in bulk and then store the material. the epa has made some major changes to address this problem. they're in-house printing facility at the water headquarters printed on demand, meaning there's less need to store documents. and this is what that epa warehouse looks like now. after the inspector general raised concerns. nearly empty after 8 million items were recycled. 8 million documents the epa decided nobody would ever read. >> the epa is a great proponent of recycling. unfortunately, they've been doing too much recycling of their own can and it's burning tax dollars in the process.
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planning to save case cash by reducing the size of the warehouse space. >> the inspect tor general says the epa's guidelines of how they print things, well, it's more than 20 years old, before the digital revolution and can the way people read and share documents. reporting live in washington, justin gray, channel 9 eyewitness news. a man who witnessed a teen being shot and killed in apopka, he's too afraid to tell the deputies what he saw. >> new at 6:00, the plan one county commissioner told us is already this the works to stop the violence in apopka. and another brand new story, is straight ahead at 5:00, deputies say a central florida man was attacked over a tax refund. what a report shows happened moments after that confrontation. >> and florida is expanding the rules for medical marijuana. but critics say the state still
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patients who say they need the drug might not be any closer to getting it. .
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after randomly drug testing employees, seminole leaders are accused of violating laws, what the county manager told me when i confronted her about this audit. >> only the at 6:00 on channel 9 eyewitness news. another step forward for medical marijuana in florida, or is it in for the second time in two years, florida has expanded the rules for medical marijuana. >> but as investigative reporter christopher heath discovered, patients who are looking for a cure say this move won't help many of the people who need the drug. >> xanax as needed. >>reporter: living with multiple sclerosis wasn't her plan when
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adult diagnosis changed that. now, this cocktail of >> look. i'm not making my hand do that. it's a tremor. >>reporter: as christina deals her disease. >> as you start to move back and it starts to hurt, then you >>reporter: ted norton is paying for a life of playing tennis, arthritis and three knee surgeries. >> i'm the case to where certainly, it would be wonderful, i'd love to have it. >>reporter: ted says he benefitted from medical marijuana while living in california. but now, like christina, he's unable to get the drug that may help ease his conditions. >> different joint in my body get inflated and helped with that. >>reporter: enter the florida legislature n the waning days of this year's session passed a medical marijuana law, the law would make the drug available but only to people with terminal illnesses, like stage four cancer. not ted with his bad knees and arthritis, and not christina, with her multiple sclerosis is.
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program that we're invebting out -- inventing out of the air is working. >>reporter: florida for care, the group pushing for a constitutional amendment for a full legalization of medical marijuana. daniel says the move by the legislature is window dressing, a week response that will help a few, but leave thousands in pain. >> it's been almost 7 years. and it has been a hell of a 7 years. >>reporter: back at christina's apartment, she's learning to deal with ms, the constitutional amendment would allow her to receive medical marijuana can and replace many of these drugs, but the state won't help, since she's not dying, only dealing with a disease that runs her life. governor scott has not yet signed the marijuana law, his office has not said which way he's leaning. it needs 60% of the vote to become law. bob and martha.
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perspective, thanks. prescription pain medications will have new labels,s misuse, addiction, and death. the food and drug says it will require a black boxed warning label, the most severe kind there is on immediate release drugs. additional safety labeling changes will also be required. well, construction is now complete on busch forwardens roller coaster -- gardens roll er coaster. >> the final track piece being installed. the new attraction will be a one of a kind family roller coaster, riding cobra's curve, you will travel as fast as 40 miles per forwards and freely. phase. the coaster is expected to open sometime this summer and that screams, put the kids on board. >> after lunch. >> cobra curse. >> exactly. >> great weather is going to stick around, warming up? -- >> it will be warming up. thursday. we have the warmup on
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a look on downtown orlando. we had a lot of sun all day long. and finally, warming up, sunset time at about 7:38. if you like the colder weather, you did like this morning. apopka, 77. winter park, rollinses and full sail, 73. comfortable weather, a light jacket this evening as once the sun goes down, we'll be dropping off, 73 sable point and longwood. deberry, volusia county, towards the coast, a mix of 60s and 70s now. looking awesome outside. clear skies, not as chilly as last night. by the morning, this is sanford,s most of us waking up to 60s around. mainly clear sky, a couple of more clouds along the coast. tomorrow, 9:00 o'clock, dlu the day, mostly sunny. still staying on the dry side for tomorrow. thursday, let me stop it at thursday, more moisture around. going to see a 40% chance of
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so a good night on the way. clear skies. temperatures around 55. over the numbers for you, 47 in ocala, nothing like this morning. it's still going to be cool over towards sanford and the riverwalk. 54. 52 palm coast. and 57 degrees in titusville. let's go county by county, with the highs tomorrow. celebration, by the water tower, 81 by the loop in kissimmee. orlando, sky lake taft, hunters creek, all in the low 80s. a beautiful day. temperatures around 81. in swinging back through volusia county, after again the cool start, up to 79, in pierson, and deland. it's going to be a picture-perfect wednesday on the all right, your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. by thursday, we covered that. storms. a 30% chance on friday. another system works in by the weekend. not a complete washout, but a on sunday. bob. >> see you then, brian.
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get a live team coverage on the day's major story at 6:00. we already showed you how local airports have raised security now, following the terror a k tos in brussels. >> -- attacks in brussels. new for 6:00, what we're learning from more passengers who unknowingly avoided the attacks. deputies are searching for a gunman who killed a teenager in apopka. what county leader says the adults in the area need to do to curb the violence. >> and a story you haven't seen yet. 9 investigates claims that seminole county violated federal law.
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it is tax season, and deputies say a flagler county man resorted to violence when he did not get his tax return. and as channel 9 reports, deputies say he came close to killing another guy, over a $2800. >> several flagler county deputies showed up to this home here bind me to what they described as a chaotic scene, they learned that there were shots fired here, and it was all over a $2800 tax return. there wasn't a sound when he stopped by the road, but last night, deputies say arguing and fighting over a tax return boiled over. deputies say 19-year-old stephen was so angry over missing a $2800 tax return, he opened fire on this man. 33-year-old napoleon lord. >> the victim watches the suspect grab the gun from around his ankle and her hears a gun discharge. and what he believes to be something whizzing by his head. >>reporter: deputies are piecing
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investigators believe they may have been filing a tax return. he beat him up and tried to shoot him. >> a simple disturbance over approximately $2800 tax return resulted in one man shooting at another, because of hostilitiess because of anger. >>reporter: told the deputies he suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome and occasionally blacks out, but did not say why. the shooter is in jail, with no bond, assault with a deadly weapon and battery. the victim was also arrested, he had a warrant out of volusia county, for misdemeanor drug charge. reporting in -- blaine news. flagler county deputies are investigating another person who shooting. a florida mother who was shot by her 4-year-old son, misdemeanor. putnam county deputies the little boy unbuckled the seat belt and shot his hom in the back.
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allowing a child access to a firearm. dcf is also investigating. reports show a new program to help people collect unpaid wages from employers in osceola county is costing more than it's returning to the workers. the county recovered $1300 in wages in the past yeeshg but the cost of running the program totalled more than $7,000. a spokesperson says the program was never intended to generate revenue. ten complaints were submitted since last march. new, for eyewitness news at 6:00, what we're learning from passengers on board a brussels flight. >> we've been looking into the problems with the orange months. 9 investigates the fines being levied by the county against the companies behind the mess. >> what local researcher are
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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 6:00. right now, at 6:00, this plane full of people landed safely in sanford after narrowly avoiding the deadly terror attacks in brussels. >> just told us, you know, there was a situation. >> only when they were greeted on the tarmac by the police, did they start to realize what happened in their home country. and the lives that were lost. >> there was a bombing like maybe ten minutes before the plane took off. right now, there's an all out man hunt for at least one suspected isis fighter, believed to be on the run. >> it is 11 p.m. in brussels and no sign things are quieting down now. the attacks were a series centered in brussels, the capitol of belgium. two blasts ripped through the brussels airport, while another
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more than 30 people were killed. can and another 180 hurt. we have a team of anchors and reporters work on this major story, one crew just spoke to in sanford. while another crew at oia saw visible signs of heightened and martie salt has been monitoring this new information coming in straight from belgium, new this hour, martie, police there are now reaching out to the public for more help. >>reporter: yes, they are, martha, investigators are asking anyone who may have recorded images in the subway to hand over the pictures and videos. authorities already released this impaj of 3 men, they believe planned the attack. investigators think two of them died in suicide bombings, but the third, seen here in the white jacket on the right hand side, got away. now, officers hope images from the chaos can help move their investigation forward. we know that dozens of people were killed, hundreds more injured, of those hurt, there were at least 9 americans, including these three, mormon


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