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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thank you for choosing good day virginia. and i'm january keaton blacksburg for a missing teen last seen early wednesday morning. take a good look at your screen right now: this is 13 year old nichole madison lovell... police and her parents are desperate to find her! what makes matters worse, she needs to take medication for a liver transplant. blacksburg police, virginia state police, and the f-b-i have all become involved in trying to locate the 13-year-old. investigators have been chasing down any possible leads that can help bring her home. they say right now, the circumstances of her disappearance are still unclear at this time. "whether it's a run away or foul play we're not sure" once again everyone! please take a close look at your screen. this young 13 year old girl needs your help! if you have seen her
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police in roanoke need your help this morning to find 26-year-old alan kent. his co-workers reported him missing and say he hasn't been heard from since january 20th. kent drives a 2015 grey honda crv, with license plate vec-7717, police are not saying if foul play is suspected. if you know anything that can help the investigation, call police. michigan's governor put together a 17-member panel and asked them to solve the water problems in flint. one of the members is the virginia tech professor who first researched the water.marc edwards will now monitor the city's water testing efforts. michigan govenor rick snyder wants 28-million dollars in relief funds from the state.if approved, three-million directly go to paying water bills. new this morning: wendy's is investigating waht it calls "unusual activity" related to credit and debit
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restaurants. the fast food chain launched an investigation after being alerted this month by the payments industry to possible fraudulent charges being made elsewhere after cards were legitimately used. right now, it's unclear how many cards or restaurant locations may have been affected. wendy's encourages it customers to watch for cards. year, local shriners are hosting the kazim shrine circus right here in roanoke. the jody jordan world circus from las vegas will be performing . wfxr's taylor kanost is live at berglund center where all of the fun will be happening starting
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good morning! there may be a bit of new look to this year's shrine circus, but it will still be lot of fun and a lot of laughs. annual event. you'll have six opportunities to check out this year's circus over the next several days. the first performance is this
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through this sunday. you can purchase tickets if you but would still like to donate to shriners shrinershospitalf later in the coming up coming up later in the coming up later in the show, our paris holmes will of spectacular acts you can see
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roanoke, taylor kanost wfxr news midnight. pressure over the great lakes to midmississippi the mid atlantic by
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caring for cows during the caring for cows caring for cows during the this morning's ag-life report:how one farmer kept his herd safe during last week's monster snow storm. there is good news and bad news on the coffee front this morning...the good news... the price of coffee beans has hit a two year low today.but the bad news, your cup might not cost you any less. we will returns.
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the for days we've warned about the need to prepare last week's winter storm ... but those warnings aren't just for today's ag life report.... wfxr's sophia borrelli checks in with a local cattle farmer ... about how he kept his livestock safe.s 0:23 - 0:320:33 - 0:44 nat of cowsthese cattle are trying to stay warm in the hay after the snow storm.i caught up with albert epperly on the farm.he says because of all that preparation, the cows were fine this weekend.albert epperly/cattle farmer: "couldn't get here on friday, got here late on saturday to check on them. they were fine, they needed nothing."standup: because cows need more energy in the winter time to keep warm, they can get that nutrient from hay or from
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one." albert epperly/cattle farmer: "and they are picky, if it's really good hay, they will eat it. if it 's low quality hay, they'll pull at it and lay in it, those kinds of things. so we try to give them what they want and what they need."albert says they were lucky because the wind for the snow to stick and pile up on the buildings.epperly/cattle farmer: "it kept these barn roofs and house roofs and everything with just a minimum amount of snow on them and so with that we didn't have to worry about the structures collapsing under heavy weight snow."now the albert will be battling a different element. epperly/cattle farmer: "oh the mud! trying to get around with tractors and everything in and out of these pastures, sometimes gets going through snow."he would rather have the mud any day. reporting in
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for more ag life stories you can head to our website at the commodity crash is coming to your local cafe.but don't expect to save any money. prices for coffee beans are at their lowest point in nearly two years. a pound of arabica coffee -- the type starbucks buys and serves to customers -- has fallen by about a third in just the past year. officials in brazil forecast that coffee farmers will have a huge harvest season this year, creating an oversupply of beans,. that has led to the drop in prices on the whole sale level. but no one expects latte prices to come down. states and cities across the country have been increasing the minimum wage. that affects all stores -- from your local coffee shop to the mcdonald's and starbucks of
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a cold front will swing listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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high the great lakes to mid mississippi southeast over the mid atlantic saturday morning...then southeast coast saturdaytoday...mostly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. light and winds...becoming southwest around 10 mph this .tonight...mostlyscattered flurries after as cool with lows in the winds 10 to 15 mph. mph after midnight.sunny. a slight chance of snow morning. highs around 40. northwest winds with gustsup to 40 mph. 20 percent..friday clear. lows in the mid 20s. 10 to 15 mph. gusts up to 30 evening. .saturday...sunnywith highs in the lower 50s. and variable winds...becoming 10 mph with guststhe afternoon..saturday night...mostly clear. lows in the mid 30s..sunday through night...partly cloudy. highs in 50s. lows in the upper 30s. sunny with a 30 percent chance of showers.highs in the upper 50s.and wednesday...showein the lower40s. highs in the upper 50s. chance of rain 70 percent. and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news
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the protestors arrested during a traffic stop for occupying the federal wildlife reserve in oregon made their first appearance in court on wednesday.they all face federal charges of conspiring to impede officers through use of force and intimidation.they originally occupied a building on the preserve to protest what they call "government overreach" on federal land. milita leader ammon bundy also told the remaining supporters still occupying the building to go home because their fight was over. the federal reserve leaves its key interest rate unchanged, saying the u-s economy lost momentum at the end of last year. last month, the fed raised rates for the first time in nearly a decade. at the end of its two-day meeting, the u-s central bank said the job market has improved, but it acknowledged that economic growth slowed at the end of 2015.the fed gave no sign that it will change its plan to raise interest rates at least four times in 2016....but it says it will
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economic and financial developments." the results are in from a new study and according to the findings, the personal loan market is booming. the study indicates more than 20-million americans will take out a loan this year. . a lot of times what you're seeing is people who are coming up with a car that needs to be fixed or a roof leaking or all kinds of different reasons for unexpected needs for money to consolidate that debt." the survey found at least 30 percent of people did not have any savings to take care of any emergency costs. everything is bigger in texas...except for the price of gas. 39-cents a gallon!it's part of a promotion by a-g producers co-op, a co-op for grain farmers.crude dropped to around 30-dollars a barrel if you're wondering when you could last buy gas for 39 cents a gallon-- 19-69. we're heading to hollywood next on good day virginia....
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contestants are preparing for their version of rush week.
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as this is the last season for american idol... and now the show is done with the auditions and moved to hollywood week. but that doesn't mean things are any easier on the contestants as the judges look to make some the story. :15-:20american idol pulled back the curtains on hollywood week with solo performances taking center stage.snd full: lopez says: "hollywood week is the is really the contest that separates the boys from the men...."connick jr says: "it is kind of a nerve-racking time but it's interesting because some of the people who are prone to nerves continue to be nervous all the way through the very end and some
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affected by the nerves. we've seen a little bit of everything." nearly 200 best of the best singers took turns in front of the judges wednesday night. many proved they were ready for the spotlight......snd full: rox says: "just this moment alone that i'm feeling right now this crazy sense of of oh my gosh i did it is worth it."carrier says: "we want this so bad and we would do anything for it and so i'm in that same boat. i mean i would do anything for this. to win be life changing and yeah i can't am here." others didn't make the snd full: the judges were also feeling the pressure. snd full: lopez says: "we brutal in our cuts and we hate letting people go and we're finding that we're not this year as we did last year so we're like ugh ok you like him. you don't. i'm kind of on the fence. what are we going to do....."connick jr. says: "you kind of lobby for people. there was one particular young lady that i talented, certainly talented enough to be heard one more time and jen and keith didn't think so, so when it was time to put them through i said this is somebody i would fight for a little bit. i would really like for all of us to hear them one snd full: continues thursday night on fox. in hollywood, michelle pollino, fox michelle in hollywood, on fox. continues the competition continues thursday night on fox. in hollywood, michelle pollino, fox news.
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hollywood, michelle in hollywood, on fox. in
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's thursday january 28. i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin. more trouble for norfolk southern this morning. the railroad says its profits are down and its going to cut more jobs. the railroad reported nearly a 30 percent drop in 4th quarter profits yesterday. in an effort to combat the down numbers... the company plans on cutting 2 thousand more jobs. no word yet on where and when those cuts will happen.
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election headquarters.and this morning we are learning that donald trump is standing firm he says he won't be a part of tonight's fox news channel debate. now trump will hold a competing event, benefitting veterans. fox's caroline shively is in washington. :00shively says: "pundits are split on this move plus side for him, all anyone is talking about today is donald j. trump... but candidates like chris christie say... america doesn't want someone who'll 'walk away'." trump says: "i don't like being taken advantage of." donald trump pulling out of tonight's fox news debate in iowa, maintaining fox news host megyn kelly treated him unfairly in the first g-o-p debate back in august, when she she asked him to explain past disparaging remarks about women. kelly says: "you once told a contestant on 'celebrity apprentice' it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound like the temperament of the man we should elect as president?"
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that president?" this week that escalated into a testy back and forth of media statements between trump and fox news. so now, his closest rival, ted cruz, has challenged him to a one on one debate =saturday= night, and a backing cruz says they'll donate a million and a half dollars to veterans if trump shows up. cruz says: "he doesn't want to have to answer questions from the men and women of iowa about how his record doesn't match what he's selling," but while some of trumps rivals are critical of his move... at least one seems happy.paul says: "to me i feel like i've got a double win. i am in the main debate and i don't have to put up with donald trump."shively trump twitter followers if he 56 percent said yes but he still in washington, caroline shively, fox news." today marks the 30th anniversary of challenger tragedy. nasa will pay will tribute to the crews of apollo 1 and space shuttles challenger and columbia, as well as other nasa colleagues, during the agency's day of remembrance. seven members of the challenger crew died on the
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when a booster engine failed, causing the shuttle challenger to break apart just 73 seconds after launch. 9-eleven is a day none of us will ever forget. fifteen years later, many people are still brought to tears just thinking about the attacks. in roanoke a magical meeting took place that started with some words scribbled by a child right after the towers fell. this reunion of sorts all started after famous anthony's kicked off their... "what's your story campaign." as wfxr's charlie cooper explains, the campaign is designed to bring people together, through the stories of their customers. 10:21-12:1936:30-39:15 56:13-1:00:11track 1at first glance it looks like your typical family meal- but two of these people are perf strangers brought together by a work of art.wendy jones 9-11 was a very difficult time for me. when i went into anthony's and saw this picture with the words they can destroy our big famous american building but they cant famous american pride that just really spoke to track 2she didnt know it at the time named aaron lyles was the artist behind it. it
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kicked off their campaign to share customers' stories that it all came together. bonny viar - vice president operations, famous anthony's she started telling me about the picture that she had hanging up that was drawn in the back of a coloring sheet she had asked to the famous anthony's and so we decided to use that as our kick off story with the hopes that finding aaron would just with the hopes kick off story use that as our we decided to the famous anthony's and so we decided to use that as our with the hopes that finding aaron would just be the icing on the cake.track 3and fortunately-- after months of searching-- they found him.aaron lylesi had no clue when i drew that that it was going to impact somebody so deeply.track 4he says it was upbringing.aaron lylessome of the values i was instilled with from a very young age were love of god love of country. so the fact that something from way back when is having an impact now is great but for me it's just about trying to live out the values.wendy jones this has really done a lot for me. kids are really powerful. they're a lot smarter than we give them credit for.and now famous anthony's can be credited for creating this new bond between
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copes ifo the drawing are habging around the restaurant. famous anthony's staff say they hope it will also give someone else comfort during hard times! the greatest show on dirt is opening at the berglund center. now finally.. .it's time to talk about the fun of it all! wfxr's paris holmes is joining us now from the berglund with one of the acts. the shrine circus is opening at the berglund center today at thursday, january 28th at 6:30. the show runs until sunday, january 31st. tickets start from $16 to $26. parking is $5. the circus will acrobats, clowns, and animal performers. the affordable and animal-friendly. roanoke,
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a cold front will swing across us this evening and off by midnight. cold high pressure over cold high by midnight. evening and off across us this evening and off the coastcold high pressure over the great lakes pressure over by midnight. the coastevening and off will
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a cold front will swing do you use wear a fitbit? some people say the little wristband doesn't work.we will look at the test results coming up
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fitbit is arguably the fitness tracker on the market. it seems like everyone has those bracelets that track your steps -- and in some cases your heart rate. but does fitbit really work?
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his year -- the word health is almost synonymous with the word fitbit.not only do you brightly colored bracelets at the gym or work -- commercials run get you in shape -- but do the wearable trackers work?fitbit was hit with a class alleging fraud. according to the the company's heart rate fitbit charge h-r and the fitbit surge -- don't accurately measure your heart rate.and that could be potentially dangerous. especially for people looking to push their heart rates past a certain mark.the suit surprised -- who tested and recommended the fitbit charge h-r and -- consumer reports retested and compared fitbit's products with another device that has proven accuracy -- the strap.the consumer reports testers fitbit models were on point. and if there was a variance between the polar device or the fitbit -- it was no more than three beats per minute. which isn't big.but consumer one exception.the fitbit charge h-r would give more inaccurate higher intensity workouts depending on where that strap arm.if you follow arm.was put on the depending on workouts higher intensity inaccurate give more charge h-r would the fitbit charge h-r would give more inaccurate readings at higher intensity workouts depending on where that strap was put on the arm. if you follow fitbit's directions and wear the device in the place it recommends -- the monitor is accurate.while
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lawsuit -- it says it will continue to recommend the fitbit surge and the fitbit h-r trackers.for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney.
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ss s a cold front will swing across us this evening and off the coastby midnight. cold high pressure over the great lakes to midmississippi valley shifts southeast over the mid atlantic bysaturday
6:31 am light and variable winds...becoming southwest around 10 mph this afternoon. .tonight...mostly cloudy. scattered flurries after midnight. notas cool with lows in the upper 20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph.gusts up to 35 mph after midnight. .friday...mostly sunny. a slight chance of snow showers 40. northwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gustsup to 40 mph. chance of snow 20 percent. .friday night...mostly clear. 10 to 15 mph. gusts up to 30 mph in the evening. with highs in the lower 50s. winds...becoming southwest around 10 mph with gustsup to 20 mph in the afternoon. .saturday night...mostly clear. lows in the mid 30s. .sunday through monday night...partly cloudy. highs in the upper50s. lows in the upper 30s..tuesday...partly sunny with a 30 percent chance of showers.highs in the upper 50s..tuesday night and wednesday...showers likely. the upper 50s. chance of rain
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24
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it's probably safe to say - most kids have definite opinions on what they are willing to eat.... and sometimes, those favorite foods aren't necessarily the healthiest.the cdc says one in 6 kids are obese ... and it's a growing epidemic.martha shade, takes a look at how reading labels - might just be the nudge, a kid needs ... to make better choices. :17-:22 :36-:45 --reporter pkg-as follows-- "so if you're going to have a rainbow on your plate what do you have to do? you have to have a lot of fruits and vegetables. bingo awesome.these children are getting a crash course in nutrition called "kids n fitness" at childrens angeles. for six-weeks, the kids spend 90-minutes a week learning ways to live a healthier
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how to read labels a way that is meaningful to them, they go on a grocery store speaking of back to the future.... we are setting the time machine are setting the future.... we are setting the time machine back to the 50's as fox prepares for one of its largest live events on good day virginia, we will tell you why it takes a lot of grease to keep this production moving.
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- "good "good girl" sandy falls for "greaser" danny. america instantly fell in love with the story, the sound track, so much that it's been revived on broadway several times. now, it's coming to fox as a live musical movie this sunday night. julie chang takes us behind the scenes of "grease: live"! :46-:52 aaron tveit / danny, "grease: live"1:18-1:22 kether donohue / jan, "grease: live" 1:52-1:57 carly rae jepsen / frenchy, "grease: live" 1:58-2:00 julie chang / fox news/ burbank, ca 2:34-2:39 keke palmer / marty, "grease: live"2:48-2:50 david del rio / putzie, "grease: live" _________________ _________________ _________________ grease live is soaring to new heights when it comes to *live t-v musicals! vanessa hudgens dons the part of tough girl rizzo.hudgens
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before. we're filming on three different stages, stepping into a musical number." and there's going to be live audiences at those 3 different stages in addition to the millions watching at home. broadway veteran aaron tveit steps into the skinny jeans of danny zuko. and julianne hough lands the coveted role of sweet but sexy sandy, which comes with this iconic line: hough says: "tell me about it stud".tveit says: "this is more than a broadway show. this is a live movie. you don't get take after take, but we get to do it once." zach woodlee, who worked on glee, is choreographing the dance numbers. we got a behind the scenes look at what they call "blocking". which is when a director tells actors where they should move for the proper dramatic effect. now, since grease live is on stage...and on tv...two directors are involved. tom kale, who directs the critically acclaimed hamilton on broadway and alex rudzinski
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donohue says: "brusha brusha brusha...laughing." kether donohue snaps into the jan.donohue says: "when i go onset, i put on glasses and i have to snap. then i'm jan." attitudes on...and fresh paint on the sets...grease live will be mixing old with the new. del rio says: "this is our version...there was no ethnically ambiguous people in the show. this is a very diff approach to what the film was. there's a brand new song written for carly to sing." carly " reporter q: "how fun are the costumes."jepson says: "william ivy long..i worked with him on cinderella...he hand makes most of the costumes...into...everything being right." so much of the magic behind grease live is about the costumes... ...thanks to keke palmer." palmer says: "this is my fav part. doon doong. i really like doing the hips.palmer says: "i play marty
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girl..but totally wants to be." and don't worry fellas...there's plenty of "coming of age" story lines regarding the guys as well. i met up with the t-birds at their autoshop. del rio say: "this is where the guys get to be themselves...doing my best straight outta compton thing." straight outta rydell and straight to you live! tveit says: "we wanna have a big party on 31st.!" in burbank. julie
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